by Michael Salla, Ph.D

Kona, Hawaii

from Exopolitics Website


There has been much recent media interest in UFO sightings. In particular, there have been a series of interviews conducted on Larry King Live, the November 12, 2007, National Press Club conference, and the Presidential debate concerning UFOs sparked by Shirley MacLaine's revelation of Dennis Kucinich's sightings.


This has done much to raise public awareness of UFO's. There have been those in the exopolitical movement arguing that in the interest of being "media savvy", the extraterrestrial element needs to be downplayed. For example, in January 24, 2008 Larry King Live show following up on the Stephenville Texas, UFO sightings, James Fox explicitly excluded discussion of the extraterrestrial issue and just focused on the UFO sightings themselves as "unexplained" phenomena.


This replicated what happened at the November National Press Club conference that was organized by James Fox and Leslie Kean. The emphasis was on UFO sightings and the extraterrestrial hypothesis was not raised at all. That is a very dangerous strategy since it opens the door to the national security explanation that Michael Shermer discussed on the most recent Larry King show that UFOs may be classified craft that are only disclosed on a need to know basis.


I know James Fox and Leslie Kean mean well and believe that by focusing on the unknown aspect of UFO sightings that the right doors will open. However, they are now actively playing a gatekeeper role in how to best approach the UFO issue with regard to the mainstream media. They are being cultivated as regular guests and authorities on UFOs. It would be a shame if they continue to exclude discussion of the extraterrestrial hypothesis on the misplaced grounds that that is strategically the best way to deal with skeptics, get mainstream media interest, and gain public support for Congressional inquiries, etc.


The CIA has used the national security argument in the past to dismiss the extraterrestrial hypothesis that UFOs are interplanetary in origin (which they claim was exploited as a cover to genuine classified projects), and will do so again to explain away the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Congress plays no significant oversight role when it comes to Waived Special Access Programs so what would a Congressional inquiry achieve if the US Air Force claimed that the sightings involved classified projects that are Waived SAPs?

We mustn't forget that credible whistleblowers have revealed the existence of antigravity craft such as the TR-3B (click image right) that is approximately 600 feet wide, and can replicate the speeds and right angle turns of many UFO sightings.


Also, Ben Rich, former Lockheed Martin CEO, said:

"We now have the technology to take ET home."

That suggests that classified craft now exist that can replicate the performance of extraterrestrial vehicles probably due to reverse engineering as Col. Corso explained in his testimony and book.

Excluding the extraterrestrial hypothesis and focusing exclusively on the UFO sightings themselves may ultimately serve to perpetuate non-disclosure of extraterrestrial life for several more years. I can easily see how the TR-3B can one day be unveiled to the world media, and U.S. Government authorities claim that it has been around for decades, was highly classified, and was what people were mistaking for UFOs for decades.


The Air Force or CIA could claim that they actually cultivated the UFO issue to hide the truth of these very classified projects.


Hence, it would be claimed that the UFO problem has been solved, and the idea of extraterrestrial life is still just the conjecture of conspiracy theorists. James Fox and Leslie Kean current strategy may be opening the door to such a scenario. In short, it's a very dangerous strategy to exclude discussion of the extraterrestrial hypothesis given the likelihood that classified antigravity vehicles have been developed and will be eventually unveiled to the public and used to explain away decades of UFO reports.


Then skeptics like Michael Shermer will claim that they were correct all along and that 'unidentifieds' were highly classified government aircraft not disclosed to the public for several decades.

We might need to accept that we are probably in the midst of a well developed disclosure plan with a clear sequence of orchestrated events, and that the Larry King Live show is part of the process. The plan likely will take advantage of the recent Stephenville UFO sightings and other UFO sightings so as to promote a disclosure scenario where UFOs are explained away as highly advanced classified antigravity technology.


Indeed, we might consider such a scenario as inevitable, coming before a more genuine disclosure of extraterrestrial life, since it will do much to allay public concerns over extraterrestrial motivations and technology. After all, the government can say that we have our own fleet of advanced antigravity craft that can replicate the performance of UFOs, so no cause for concern if extraterrestrial life is found to exist. I believe it inevitable that genuine disclosure will be preceded by a limited disclosure based on the idea that UFOs are classified antigravity projects.


The secret planners may want to sow this idea into the mass consciousness for a few years or more before going ahead with genuine disclosure of extraterrestrial life.


So eliminating the extraterrestrial hypothesis while discussing unexplained sightings plays into the hands of the shadow government planners.

We need to be a little more sophisticated and not play into the hands of such shadow government plans. Ed Komarek's latest article, "Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate," nicely introduces the dilemma faced by the UFO and exopolitical communities using the metaphor of occupied Europe in WWII when it comes to the reality of extraterrestrial life.


The temptation to dampen down discussion of extraterrestrial life in order to get mainstream media support of UFO sightings is very real, and is currently occurring. This must be avoided.


Otherwise, one may facilitate a partial disclosure of UFOs as classified antigravity vehicles that may delay genuine disclosure of extraterrestrial life for years to come.