by Ed Komarek

Spanish version
January 30, 2008
from ExopoliticsBlogSpot Website

There has been quite a bit of debate recently within the UFO/ET community as a whole and exopolitics in particular about cooperation with mainstream media's seemingly orchestrated UFO/ET disclosure process. Some folks believe that they need to tone down the extraterrestrial angle so as to play into the mainstream media's disclosure or propaganda operation as an initial first step toward public recognition of exopolitical realities.

Other folks believe collaboration with mainstream media is similar to collaboration with an occupying power and that collaboration only strengthens the occupier's position and weakens the resistance to occupation. I am reminded of the struggle during World War Two in occupied France between the Resistance and Nazi collaborators. Some of the French people decided to collaborate with the Nazis and accepted occupation as a reality that was there to stay and decided to cooperate so as to ease their suffering under occupation. Other French people argued against his and created the resistance that eventually helped free their country from the tyranny of the Nazi occupation.

Over the past several months there seems to have been a shift in tactics by the mainstream news and entertainment propagandists in regards to UFO/ET realities promoting a more open acceptance that UFOs are indeed real and that what they really are is unknown.


This would represent a change of propaganda policy instituted at the highest levels of government and supported by the special interests that control government and who own most of the mainstream media. These new developments encourage more people in our field to seek to cooperate with those that maintain the UFO/ET cover-up in the hope that this is a first step toward full eventual disclosure.

The apparent shift of tactics by the propaganda press from flat out denial and ridicule to a more benign acceptance of UFOs is sure to continue and expand the debate between those that favor collaboration and those that favor resistance. It is certainly a step in the right direction that much of the mainstream media seems to be cutting back on the use of depreciating words and phrases like, UFO buffs, believers, crackpots, amateurs, conspiracy theorists, lack of evidence, lack of credentials etc. we should not let our guard down. The propaganda game may only be moving from denial to spin where the occupiers continue to remain in the driver's seat gaining strength as more collaborators hop on board.

Many of the public are now becoming aware and understand that entrenched special interests have gained secret control over global governments, mainstream media and finance. This secret elitist control could be rightly called an occupying power. Even more disturbing yet much harder for the general public to understand are the many reports now coming to light of secret extraterrestrial alliances and treaties between these various very secretive and deceptive elitist factions.


It would appear that secret alliances have been made not with just one ET race but with several different races of a similar predatory mindset as the entrenched interests that govern earth in secret and behind closed doors. This should come as no surprise as it seems to be a universal law that like attracts like. Such an alleged alliance between ET predatory special interests and earth human predatory special interests could be the driving force behind the covert implementation of a sophisticated global Orwellian world order.

So if the above is indeed true then we could say that we are experiencing a secret covert gradual occupation and takeover by as yet unknown extraterrestrial powers aided and abetted by our own home grown elitists. If this is true this would certainly be high treason of the most serious and dangerous kind putting all of humanity at risk of enslavement and eventual overt occupation.

Many would wonder how can we to fight against this kind of sophisticated very advanced psychological and technological attack. Fortunately there is hope because the universe seems to be a very diverse place where evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation play out in many diverse ways just as here on earth. I have taken it upon myself to identify and focus on those extraterrestrial races that favor cooperation over competition and predation. I am well aware of the predatory ET races and their treasonous global entrenched autocratic allies. However I feel hope and salvation from such an enveloping dark future lies with the more cooperative and ethical races particularly the celestial humans in which we seem to have much in common.

The best that I can tell is that some of the celestial humans, the same as recorded in ancient religious texts in both the east and in the west, are not party to and do not cooperate in the covert enslavement of humanity. Perhaps religious people may be the first to catch on to the overall state of affairs because sacred texts like the bible outline the struggle between cosmic intelligences of both predatory and cooperative nature.


In the end times the struggle comes to a head with the predatory both exposed and defeated.

The problem is that the bible was written thousands of years ago and extraterrestrial reality was perceived in a more primitive way than in our modern enlightened scientific time. The bible seems to have gotten it right but now needs to be updated and brought into alignment with modern scientific discoveries. What was known in the past as the heavenly host can be more accurately described as the extraterrestrials of modern times. Just as in the past, the struggle between cooperative ET species and predatory ET species continues as to the fate of earth and its humanity continues to remain in the balance.

We each have to make our individual decisions as to cooperate or resist the enveloping Orwellian occupation.


In order to do that we need to understand the environment in which we are operating and choose accordingly. It's a fine line between cooperating in a public disclosure process being orchestrated by an occupying power and not having our actions strengthen that covert occupying power. As UFO/ET disclosure and its spin progresses we all have to continuously monitor the situation and adjust our actions accordingly.


The last thing we want to do as the collaborators in France did, is strengthen the occupier.