by Len Kasten
from Atlantis Raising - Number 41

September/October 2003



An Australian Researcher Offers a Startling Explanation for World Events

Imagine this scenario.


The U.S. government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki "gods" of ancient Sumeria.


This is a device that employs time travel technology and permits individuals and equipment to pass into another dimension outside of the space-time continuum. Once there, it is possible to travel across the galaxy, or into another galaxy, instantaneously, and then pop back into space-time on another planet.

Consider further, that the government also learns that Nibiru, the “12th Planet,” is due to make its return passage through our solar system on its 3600 year orbit, in a matter of months.


In this scenario, when Nibiru is closest to earth, the Anunnaki, the ancient huge hominoid “gods” of Sumeria who built the stargate, would, it seems likely, take the opportunity to travel to earth through that same stargate, and will set up their encampment in Iraq. By default, this will have the effect of propping up the current regime.

U.S. government leaders know that such an eventuality must be prevented at all costs, so they decide that with the help of extraterrestrial allies, they must invade Iraq and close the stargate.


The Russians, Germans and French, however, having been intimately involved in Iraq’s archaeology, know what they’re up to, and prefer that the stargate remain open, thus preventing American domination of the world. With time running out, President Bush invades Iraq.


American scientists raid the museum, and close the stargate, thus frustrating the grandiose ambitions of the self-styled reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, Saddam Hussein, and making the world safe for the New World Order.



The ruins of the ancient ziggurat of Dur Kurigalzu (present Aqar Quf) near Baghdad.

Has an ancient link between Earth and the stars been found nearby?


Is this the sequel to the movie Star-gate? Is it a new episode of the TV series? Is it a new Star Trek movie?


No, it is none of these.


According to Dr. Michael Salla, it is probably exactly what actually happened! Such a fantastic theory would not be expected from someone whose entire career has been spent in academia, pursuing rather conventional political and diplomatic studies.


Dr. Salla, an Australian national, obtained his M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, and then his doctorate in Government from the University of Queensland in 1993.


After spending two years as an Associate at the Centre for Middle Eastern and Central Asian studies in Australia, he joined the faculty of the Department of Political Science at Australian National University in Canberra, as a lecturer. In 1996, he came to the U.S. and gained an academic appointment at the School of International Service at American University in Washington, D.C. where he remained until 2001.


He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace at American University.



The Missing Factor

Dr. Salla’s Iraqi stargate theory is expounded in a paper written for publication.


Several other research papers by him exhibiting what seems to be first-rate scholarship and elaborating on his intriguing views about world events, can also be found here.

Salla is among those who think that the extraterrestrial presence should be a major factor in all political decisions and actions. Like the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ the alien factor, he believes, is just too big to be ignored, and therefore it seems highly unlikely to him that it is being ignored. But what goes on in clandestine meetings is not public policy, so Dr. Salla brings the subject out into the daylight by reviving the previously obscure concept of ‘exopolitics,’ dusting it off, and giving it new life and meaning.


The “exo” prefix has become established as a reference to aliens, e.g. “exobiology” refers to the study of alien physiology and biochemistry. Dr. Salla formulated his exopolitical theory when, in his work in international conflict resolution, he became convinced that there was a missing piece. Some external agency was not accounted for.


When he factored in the ET influence, it all came together.

In a 10,000-word research paper titled The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers & Global Peace, Dr. Salla says that exopolitics,

“can be defined as the policy debate over the choices governments and populations need to make in formulating and implementing legislative and policy responses to the presence of ETs in human affairs.”

He claims that exopolitics is actually already being practiced in secrecy by the major world governments.


In this paper, though, Dr. Salla gives a good example of how public exopolitics should be conducted. As our government should be doing, he reviews all the sources of evidence of the E.T. presence to date, and then uses this reported information to try to comprehend the nature of alien intentions.


He does this by identifying four possible perspectives and evaluating the strength of the evidence for each category.

  1. According to the Intruder Perspective, the aliens are here for their own purposes, and their abduction and hybrid program activities are intrusive and callous to human concerns. Although they pose no direct military threat, this attitude would tend to justify defense concerns and the development of weapons with which to confront them.


  2. Taking the Manipulator Perspective, a case can be built that the aliens have been manipulating humans covertly since we first appeared here. There is evidence that this has been conducted through their human proxies via secret societies and support of a human controlling elite class.


  3. From the Helper Perspective, it appears that the aliens are here to help us to grow in consciousness and solve our problems. Much evidence supports the view that the “ETs play an important role in encouraging humanity to achieve peaceful resolution of international conflict, and in preventing nuclear proliferation and the use of other destructive weapons.”


  4. And finally, there is the Watcher Perspective. According to this view, the aliens are agents of a larger galactic organization and are here to observe a “great experiment” that may help other planetary societies if we resolve it correctly. These aliens are all-powerful, and although non-interventionist, are ready to step in if absolutely necessary. Of these four possibilities, he claims that the strongest evidence supports the Intruder and the Helper Perspectives, and therefore government policies should actively address both of these.

Dr. Salla makes five recommendations.

  1. First, we must create the field of exopolitics so that schools and colleges may prepare diplomats for dealing with the extraterrestrial presence, and also the ET’s themselves. This would require highly specialized training.


  2. Second, and perhaps most important, he argues for the pressing need for immediate disclosure so that exopolitical leaders can bring the best academic minds all over the world into the problem-solving matrix, rather than just those now secretly employed by the government.


    He says,

    “This would lead to a more representative decision-making process in contrast to what the evidence suggests is a restricted decision-making process on the ET presence run by a small number of government officials ‘appointed’ in a manner which raises serious concerns over their accountability, constitutional status and lack of congressional oversight.”

    It may be true that the “Military-Industrial Complex” has effective ways of identifying and utilizing brilliant and talented individuals, as in A Beautiful Mind.


    And furthermore, Dr. Salla claims that they have “brain-enhancement” technology which can raise an IQ by as much as 50 points. But, there are obvious disadvantages to operating in a climate of secrecy, fear and intimidation, and we are all being shortchanged by this policy.

    Dr. Salla’s position is that only a free and open discussion can elicit the responses appropriate to the incredibly complex problems and fabulous opportunities presented by the existence of several alien races on the planet, displaying powers and technologies that are thousands of years ahead of us.


    He believes that waiting for official disclosure will cause us to lose valuable initiatives and opportunities for change, and could actually be disastrous.


  3. Third, the government must reveal exactly what weaponry and defense measures they have developed for dealing with the “alien menace.” The military should not be permitted to expend considerable national resources in this effort, without congressional and public oversight.


  4. Fourth, the government should reveal whatever new technologies they have developed by reverse engineering alien craft, and the discovery of new energy sources based on extraterrestrial information. It is strongly suspected that we already have anti-gravity space ships capable of inter-stellar flight, time and/or inter-dimensional travel capabilities, free energy devices that would free us from fossil fuel dependency, and other advances that could eradicate sickness and poverty all over the globe. Clearly, it is presumptuous and immoral for a small group of individuals to keep these things under wraps while there is so much misery on the planet.


  5. And finally, there must be a concerted effort to develop effective congressional and public oversight of these clandestine activities.

As Salla sees it, most observers around the world were upset when the U.S., as some see it, created its own case for the invasion of Iraq, and went ahead without obtaining what they believed was an adequate world consensus, moreover, with active opposition from some of our traditional allies.


Citing evidence for hidden “weapons of mass destruction” as a causus belli, and rejecting the failure of U.N. inspectors to have found such weapons, the U.S. - led coalition quickly over-ran the Iraqi defenses.


To Salla it seemed the operation must be aimed at beating some sort of an urgent deadline. If this was all about oil, why the urgency? Dr. Salla is convinced that the pressing need to invade Iraq was based on a clandestine exopolitical analysis and decision.


He believes that the U.S., Russia, Germany and France have been aware that the Anunnaki left behind some very hi-tech apparatus, and possible weaponry, when they abandoned the earth around 1700 B.C., and that Saddam Hussein had been getting assistance from Russian, German and French archaeological teams for years, in an attempt to unravel, and perhaps reverse-engineer this apparatus, which Salla claims is probably far in advance of any technology we might have obtained from the Grays from Zeta Reticuli who he believes to be our friends.

If a European-Iraqi alliance were able to back-engineer this technology, and/or strike up an alliance with the Anunnaki when they return, Salla thinks, then whatever military advantage the U.S. has had with its technology, even including anti-gravity craft, would probably disappear, and we would quickly become a second-rate power.


Basically, Salla is claiming that all political decisions are now exopolitical decisions, which must be hidden from the public to prevent the possibility of overthrowing the secret ruling elite.


Salla believes that a covert, intense struggle is being played out behind the scenes against the backdrop of the E.T. presence; earthly political powers are maneuvering for alliances with superior E.T. races to gain world domination.



The Stargate at Uruk

Salla’s opinion that the technology buried beneath the desert sands of Iraq is an actual stargate has been heavily influenced by the writings of William Henry.


Zecharia Sitchin never entertained the notion that the Anunnaki could have set foot on earth through an inter-dimensional portal, although he came very close to that idea in Stairway to Heaven.

A primitive version of that concept had been floating around the sci-fi world since the advent of Star Trek in the sixties. Captain Kirk and friends could be “beamed” down to any planet by a dematerialization-rematerialization process.


Sitchin believed that the Sumerian tablets showed the existence of space-ports at various places in the Middle East from where the Anunnaki traveled back and forth to Nibiru in rocket ships. He wrote that some of the tablets indicated the probable utilization of orbiting craft as well.


But William Henry, with whom Atlantis Rising readers are very familiar, in his recent research paper titled, “Saddam Hussein, The Stairway to Heaven and the Return of Planet X,”  makes a compelling case for the existence of such a stargate in Iraq.


Replica of Solomon’s Temple

This paper, in turn, uses material extracted from his book, Ark of the Christos: The Mythology, Symbolism and Prophecy of the Return of Planet X and the Age of Terror.


While Henry’s essay is of course speculative, he nevertheless takes on an authoritative tone, and makes copious references to ancient mythological texts, as well as Zecharia Sitchin’s works.

The following statement summarizes his argument, and is probably one that Dr. Salla was influenced by:

“The return of this planet centers on the recovery of a technology once housed at Solomon’s Temple that is used to open a gateway linking earth with far-off regions of space.


Recent military and political activity suggests that the world powers are jockeying for position as if the return of Planet X is imminent. The stakes are high. This planet is at the center of a biblical prophecy known as the Day of the Lord.”

An illustration in his article shows a picture of an ancient Sumerian tablet in which the god Anu, the ruler of Planet X, appears to be going through a gate, flanked by two people holding posts or pillars with globes on top.


Henry calls these poles “splendid shining posts,” and claims that they represent the stargate in a simplified form.


Another Sumerian tablet illustrated in the article shows Gilgamesh going through a similar gate.

Gilgamesh was the hero of the ancient Sumerian epic poem, The Song of Gilgamesh, written about 2900 B.C. He was the king of Uruk, a city in southern Mesopotamia, who sought immortality by searching for the “Stairway to Heaven and the abode of the Gods.”


Ultimately, he ascended a ladder and went through a gate, and entered a new world where he met long-dead Utnapishtim (Noah) and questioned him about the gods. Dr. Salla believes the stargate will be found at Uruk, where German archaeologists have been digging for many years at the invitation of Saddam Hussein, and have unearthed an ancient city.


He thinks that the stargate may have already been unearthed, but cannot be used because it probably takes about five years of consciousness expansion training before someone can walk through the gate.


This is consistent with the modus operandi of the now famous Montauk experiments in time travel, which were driven by the enhanced mental power of one man, Duncan Cameron.

At this point, Salla believes, it appears that exopolitics is being covertly practiced by most of the major world powers. Likely secret agreements and alliances with various ET groups have been attributed to the U.S. and Britain, Russia, China, Germany dating back to World War II, France, and very possibly Iraq.


Dr. Salla believes that the weaponry (e.g., the atom bomb) and wars of the 20th century may well have been connected with these alliances.


This trend towards dealing with extraterrestrials as near equals, he believes, is encouraging progress for the human race, since it means we are coming out of our planetary cocoon.


But, if we become embroiled in a weapons escalation race, fueled by competing ET factions fighting for domination of the planet, and are being used as pawns in this struggle, then it is clearly time to make the whole thing public and allow the people to have a voice in preventing their own doom in an apocalyptic war, i.e., Armageddon.