by William Henry

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Reconstruction: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq)



A lot of wild speculation in metaphysical circles these days concerns the possible return of Planet X, a mysterious roaming planet that swings to the far side of our solar system, and is expected to return to our part of the solar system soon. In Sumerian mythology, Planet X is called “The Lord” and is the home of a group of beings that the bible calls Shining Ones. According to my interpretation of Sumerian myths presented in my book Ark of the Christos: Thee Mythology, Symbolism and Prophecy of the Return of Planet X and the Age of Terror, these wise beings, the ‘angels’ of the Old Testament, wielded enormously advanced technology.


They operated a (star) gateway linking Heaven and Earth. They genetically altered the human body as a “resurrection machine” of “soul flower” to operate in conjunction with this gateway. They possessed the secret science of alchemy, the transmutation of the elements, through which they could create weapons of mass destruction and advanced human beings.


The Sumerian Sun god enters Earth through a gateway.

The Shining Ones of Planet X were last here in 3760 B.C., which is the time of Anu’s, the ruler of Planet X’s, last visit.  In a morning- time ceremony in which Anu departs Earth, E.A. and Enlil, two sons of Anu, await Anu at what is called the “golden supporter.” They hold several objects: “that which opens up the secrets” (most certainly the Egyptian Key of Life), “the Sun disks,” and the “splendid shining posts.” The “golden supporter” device is sheathed in a golden skin.


The Egyptian Pillar or Tree of Life

Anu and his wife, Antu, stand before the golden supporter, which can only be the golden Pillar or Tree of Life, a 45- foot tall device lined with a gold alloy the Egyptians said could ‘drill’ holes in space. This device (left) was mounted on a platform that resembles in form and likely function the Ark of the Covenant.


The device comes alive, the gate swings open and Anu and Antu enter the Abyss (sometimes called the Fish of Isis). 


Anu entering the gateway to return to Planet X?


When Time Began

Incredibly, Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin has recovered what may be depictions of this scene. In this scene (right) we see two people flanking an entrance to a gateway in which a third person makes an entrance (or exit). The sun and moon symbols can be seen above this gateway.


The two guards hold devices, long poles with circular tops, which Sitchin concludes served an astronomical purpose. He also equates them with golden pillars at the entrance to Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. 1


This being so, can we see these devices as “golden needles”? Is the story of this golden needle woven deep into the mythology of the ancients? Is the ‘silver thread’ woven by this needle actually a wormhole linking Earth with the Planet of the Lord?


While it is uncertain if Planet X is headed this way in the immediate future, one thing is certain. The return of this planet centers on the recovery of a technology once housed at Solomon’s Temple that is used to open a gateway linking Earth with far off regions of space.


Recent military and political activity suggests that the world powers are jockeying for position as if the return of Planet X is imminent.


The stakes are high. This planet is at the center of a biblical prophecy known as the “Day of the Lord.” The man in the catbird seat of this milieu is Saddam Hussein, the mass-murdering Iraqi dictator with the Cheshire cat smile.


Sitchin, one of the few experts on Planet X, indicates that, according to prophecy, the last time Planet X was visible was in the 6th century B.C. The “Day of the Lord” (the return of Planet X) occurred c. 550 B.C. when prophecies said that Planet X was visible. 550 B.C. is an extraordinary date. In 576 B.C. the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar looted and leveled the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, took three temple wise men hostage, and as I will detail momentarily, appears to have negotiated a deal with these temple priests to open a gateway to Heaven.


As the book of Daniel describes, 2 he put the three wise men from the Temple of Solomon into a “fiery furnace.” When they reappeared not only were they in pristine condition, they were not alone. They had the Son of God in tow.

I have interpreted this ‘fiery furnace’ as a zone of frequency or vibration that is the mouth of a stargate or a wormhole. When the three wise men entered this gateway they traveled to a distant place, possibly to the center of our Milky Way galaxy, or possibly to Planet X, and returned with the Son of God. This remarkable story is of far greater significance in the Age of Terror than most realize.


It is well known that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has connected himself with Nebuchadnezzar, spending over $500 million during the 1980s on the reconstruction and the re-establishment of ancient Babylon, the capitol of Nebuchadnezzar. Over sixty million bricks have been made to place in the walls of Babylon, each engraved with the inscription,

“To King Nebuchadnezzar in the reign of Saddam Hussein”.

In essence, as has been widely reported by prophecy watchers and international news organizations alike, Saddam is saying he is the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar. He is attempting to recreate and outdo the feats of the biblical king. As we shall see through this investigation, Saddam controls an asset infinitely more important and powerful than oil, or even, nuclear weapons. He controls access to the temples that housed the history humanity’s origins, and potentially, the secrets of stargates.

Buried deep beneath the sand s of Iraq are the secrets of the Shining Ones of Planet X. Saddam’s actions reveal that he knows the political value of these secrets. Before exploring the eye-opening story of Nebuchadnezzar’s opening of a stargate it is important to lay a foundation for this event.


Saddam is currently engaged in a massive program to convert Iraq into a “Disneyland of the ancient Shining Ones” (my term). Included in this program is the recreation of ancient Sumerian temples dedicated to the Shining Ones, the copying of ancient cuneiform tablets concerning the Shining Ones, and the retrieval of ancient Babylon’s famed Ishtar Gate from Berlin.

One of the most startling antiquities moves Iraq is set to launch is a campaign to “revive” the Ashurbanipal Library, the earliest systematically collected and catalogued library in the ancient world. 3 This was the library of the king who said he could read the texts from before the Flood!

Excavated by British archaeologists in the mid 19th century at Nineveh, the 25,000 cuneiform tablets assembled by King Ashurbanipal are almost all now in the British Museum. These include the famous 7th-century BC Flood Tablet, which relates part of the Epic of Gilgamesh and contains the “backstory” to the account of the flood given in the Book of Genesis.



In April 2002 Iraqi archaeologists asked the British Museum if it would allow casts to be made of the cuneiform tablets. Although individual tablets have in the past been copied as casts, this would be the first time that any substantial number had been made. British Museum keeper John Curtis, who received the request during his visit to Baghdad last month, told The Art Newspaper that “the museum would do its best to cooperate.” 4


The proposed reconstructed library at Nineveh would hold copies of all of the British Museum’s tablets, and it is planned as both a scholarly center and tourist attraction. Alongside the library, the Saddam [Hussein] Institute for Cuneiform Studies will be set up as part of the University of Mosul. Plans are also being made to excavate one of the wings of King Ashurbanipal’s palace, in Kuyunjik Mound, where it is hoped that thousands of other tablets lie buried.


There are 10,000 archaeological sites scattered through the country, most of them not fully excavated. In Iraq historical monuments are a matter of national security. This is because they mark the locations of the secrets of the Shining Ones.


Hussein's rebuilt

Ishtar Gate, Babylon

It’s absolutely impossible to get close to the legendary ziggurat of Ur without a letter of authorization. Ur, the Biblical city of the Chaldeans, is the land of the prophet Abraham, father of the three great monotheist religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


What is presented as the ruins of his house from around 4000 BC can also be seen near the ziggurat. The ziggurat was re-engineered by Nebuchadnezzar. A monumental staircase - rebuilt by order of Saddam Hussein - allows the visitor to ascend to the second stage. The facade of the ziggurat still bears traces of American bombing during the Gulf War - or “Mother of All Battle s” as it’s known in Iraq.


According to archaeologists, gang leaders sometimes drive through provincial towns with trucks and shovels, recruiting people to dig at poorly guarded sites. 5 What are they after? As in the example set by a recent robbery the monument robbers want knowledge. Thieves smashed the doors of an Iraqi museum and a glass display case, absconding with cuneiform tablets and cylinders from the 6th century B.C. They left behind gold jewelry that might have tempted amateurs. Cylinders from the 6th century B.C. are more valuable than gold for the information they record.


Sample of early cylinder seal.

The looting began in the tumultuous immediate aftermath of the Gulf War. In the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, and the southern area populated by Iraq’s restless Shiite Muslims, most of the provincial museums were ransacked. Iraqi authorities charge - and their accusations are backed up by some archaeologists abroad - that Sumerian antiquities are smuggled out of the country by diplomats and U.N. relief workers.


Last summer, a landlord was cleaning out a Baghdad villa that had been recently vacated by a diplomat. Inside, he found two cartons of archaeologist fragments. The Iraqi government hasn’t named the diplomat or his country. Saddam believes he is to unite the Arab world under Islam.


By recreating ancient Babylon, and by uncovering and disseminating the texts from ancient Iraq he can simultaneously duplicate the feats of Nebuchadnezzar and potentially pull the intellectual rug out from underneath Judaism and Christianity. The pre-history of both of these religions is found in Iraq. Saddam controls the temples that housed the “back story” of Judaism and Christianity. He seeks to retrieve the rest of the story and destroy these religions.

If Saddam launches a storm of ancient knowledge it could turn current biblical scholarship into gumbo, and release a potentially debilitating thought virus into the Global Mind. This may explain why the pace of archaeological work being done by in Iraq is increasing from the little activity of the past decade due to the ongoing international crisis over Baghdad’s weapons programs and the economic effects of sanctions.


Saddam assuredly knows that the release of documentation proving Judaism and Christianity as derivatives or copies of an ancient Sumerian religion could have a devastating effect on global affairs. Millions of people who partake in the Christian ceremony of communion may be surprised to learn that this procedure is derived from an alchemical teaching of E.A., the god of wisdom of ancient Sumeria, modern-day Iraq.

An expedition sponsored this past winter by the Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut (German Archaeology Institute) in Berlin sent a team of researchers to make a partial map of a buried Mesopotamian city using a magnetometer. The sensitive instrument is able to detect the presence of man-made objects beneath the soil and reveal the remnants of walls, canals, and residential districts. (see below report).



The team zeroed in on the legendary city of Uruk, immortalized in a famous Sumerian epic poem -- “The Song of Gilgamesh.”


The poem, which today is the earliest surviving work of literature, tells the story of a Sumerian hero, Gilgamesh, whom many researchers believe may have been one of Uruk’s early kings. In the story, Gilgamesh goes in search of the Stairway to Heaven and the Abode of the Gods.


Akkadian seal impression (2340-2180 BC) depicting Gilgamesh’s journey beyond the gates at the end of the Earth guarded by doorkeepers tending ringed (or ringing) posts. He met Utnapishtim (the Sumerian Noah) at the source of the waters of immortality. British Museum.

According to prophecy, additional primary targets of Saddam’s duplication of Nebuchadnezzar’s feats involve London, New York and Egypt. Each of these locations is home to obelisks known as “the images of Bethshemesh”. These “images” are referred to in Jeremiah 43:9-13. Bethshemesh (literally “House of the Son God”) is in the land of Egypt. “The houses of the gods of the Egyptians shall he burn with fire,” says Jeremiah.

“Bethshemesh, that is in the land of Egypt” is the city of Heliopolis, which is 6 miles NE of Cairo, Egypt. It was the center of an ancient cult of an Egyptian Sun of God, who was symbolized by the phoenix or heron. Heliopolis was the location of the Temple of the Phoenix (or heron), the Egyptian sun god and savior. The symbolism of the phoenix or heron was later attached to Jesus, including the hieroglyph for the heron , which was duplicated in the fish symbol of Jesus


Something of profound significance appears to reside at Heliopolis. Located just across the Nile from Giza and the pyramids, Heliopolis was the center of Egyptian religion. It is a place of enormous mystery. In the Bible the name given to Heliopolis was “On” or “An.” Sumerian texts record this is also one of the names of Planet X, and was derived from “Anu,” the name of the ruler of Planet X. 7


The Greek Heliopolis means “City of Helios,” literally the “city of the sun god Helios” (“light of life”) 8 being the sun/son of An or Anu. Heliopolis, An, or Tula, as it was also known, became the center for the priesthood of the sun god, Ra, sometime around 3350 BC. 9


Thutmose III originally erected the obelisks of Heliopolis about 1500 BC. Thuthmosis III is known as the ‘Napoleon of ancient Egypt’. Historians note that his martial accomplishments matched precisely the impressive resume of the biblical King David, the ancestor of Jesus, and father of King Solomon. His rulership would witness the founding one of the most mysterious dynasties in all Egyptian history, a dynasty that included such illustrious names as Akhenaton and Tutankhamun. According to Laurence Gardner, it was also Tuthmosis III who established a mystery school of the original Rosicrucians, the Essene Therapeutate – meaning ‘physicians of the soul’. 10 The Essenes later adopted this name.

If Tuthmosis III was the original biblical ‘King David’, as some scholars now suspect, 11 this would mean that the descendents of David, including Solomon and Jesus, would have carried the ’sang azure’, the royal blue blood of the Pharaohs. The obelisks in New York and London are the property of this family. In this profound scenario, Jesus, who came from the Royal House of David, potentially emerges as one of the last, if not the last, of the Egyptian Pharaohs. 12 


If the Davids were a group of people (possibly pharaohs) it would not be easy for them to simply disappear. Is there any evidence of their continued influence in worldly affairs, even as absurd as it sounds, in the affairs of America?

As it turns our there is evidence of the pharaohs continued existence as the Celtic Druids. Scholars debate the origins of the word Druid. In Gaelic druidh means ‘wise man’ or ‘instructor’. This is another appellation of the Shining Ones. Larousse’s World Mythology says Druid came from daru-vid, meaning ‘skilled’. One art in which the Druids were highly skilled was the transmutation of the elements. One classical scholar from the third century, Diogenes Laertius, said the Druids were the cult of the Magi, the sect of the Three Wise Men who sought out the Christ child Jesus. Does the Druid connection to the line of David explain why they sought the Christ child?



It was at Heliopolis that the Pyramid Texts were discovered. The Pyramid Texts are hieroglyphic writings written on the walls of the pyramids that contain the instructions for the rebirth and resurrection of the pharaohs. It was also a center of an alchemical priesthood that guarded the secrets of transmuting the elements. Nebuchadnezzar’s expedition into Egypt gave the ancient fulfillment of this prophecy. However, modern fulfillment of this prophecy will be seen in New York City and London.


The “images of Bethshemesh” (43:13) are literally, the “obelisks of Heliopolis”. These obelisks are also known as Cleopatra’s Needles. Cleopatra’s Needles are two ancient obelisks presented by the khedive of Egypt to Great Britain (1878) and the United States (1880). Each weighs about 200 tons and stands about 70 feet tall. The British installed their obelisk on the Thames (River) Embankment in London (1878).


The Americans installed their obelisk in Central Park in New York City (1881). Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of these obelisks by the  “king of Babylon”. 13


The concern the United States must contend with is that this modern Nebuchadnezzar can obtain nuclear weapons - almost at will - through the Russian or Chinese black market. According to the blueprint provided by biblical prophecy, he may choose to use these weapons against these three targets. The primary target is Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar is the only foreign invader to destroy Jerusalem. Saddam believes he must match him.

The United States and Israel is prepared to use nuclear force against Iraq if necessary.


Revelation 18:21-23, in fact, tells of the future and utter annihilation of the City of Babylon,

“And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee; And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee"

Bible prophecies concerning Babylon’s destruction have not yet been fulfilled. Isaiah 13:19 says,

“And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Isaiah’s “burden” for Babylon, in chapter thirteen also included a terse warning:

“Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty,” (verse six).

Sodom and Gomorrah were erased from the map by a premeditated and preventable thunderbolt from the sky of atomic proportions. In a scene reminiscent of the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at dawn one morning, as Abraham looked upon the valley below, fire came down from “the Lord out of heaven.” 22 “The smoke of the land went up like the smoke of a furnace” 23 Sodom and Gomorrah were gone.


God promised Israel that they would someday take up this taunt against the King of Babylon (Saddam Hussein?), “How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!” (Isaiah 14:4.)

Here, the utter destruction of the city of Babylon is linked to,

1.) God’s overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah (a blast of light from heaven) and

2.) the Day of the Lord (the return of Planet X).

If and when such an event took place, every thing Saddam has rebuilt could suddenly reduce to vitrified green glass that no one could even go near for thousands of years.


As we can see, Saddam is a far more complex figure than the comic book head of the ‘axis of evil’ presented on the evening news. He is a man in search of himself and the alchemical secrets of the ancient past. He may also be in a race against time.


If Planet X is due to make a rendezvous with Earth in the near future he does not have much time.


Let us now turn the ultimate quest of this man: the duplication of Nebuchadnezzar’s stargate encounter. Nebuchadnezzar’s stargate encounter began in 576 BC when he conquered Jerusalem, 14 flattened its walls, stripped Solomon’s Temple of all its treasure 15, set the city ablaze, and returned home to Babylon with the treasure of the Temple 16 and a group of royal prisoners of war. 17


The Temple priests supposedly were forewarned before the attack. To save the Ark of the Covenant the priests took it to ‘Solomon’s Vault’ beneath the Temple, sealed themselves inside, and committed ritual suicide so no one would know where they hid it.


Nebuchadnezzar also took captive thousands and thousands of Jerusalem’s citizens, including the holy men at the Temple, and forcibly moved them to Babylon, the ruins of which are buried beneath the sands of Iraq about twenty miles from modern-day Baghdad. During this Babylonian Captivity many strange things happened.


Included among the captives were three wise men from the Temple, a young man and ‘master magician’ named Daniel, and another prominent prophet, Ezekiel (who had visions of ‘the kingdom of Heaven on Earth’ while imprisoned in Babylon and later left the planet in what many consider to be a starship). Surprisingly, the Jews discovered that the Babylonians possessed long sought answers concerning their past. This is because the Jewish and Babylonian histories emerged from the same original source in Sumeria.

From the Sumerian stories the Hebrews found missing pieces to their own Flood story and story of Creation. With a few name changes here and there both traditions match. Most scholars now believe it was here in Babylon during the captivity of Nebuchadnezzar that the first five books of the Old Testament, including Daniel and Ezekiel, were constructed (with a lot help from the original Sumerian stories). Most Christians are shocked to learn the stories that form the foundation of their religion are copies of original stories that belonged to another time, place and people. Only the names have been changed.

As important as it is to realize the context in which these books were assembled -- the captivity of their authors -- it is more important to realize that they are a compilation of actual history, mythology, literary devices and fond memories of a past that never was Hebrew, but Sumerian. Separating Hebrew from Sumerian is crucial.


The original stories provide valuable and accurate knowledge. The marriage between the Sumerian and Hebrew mythologies was a match made in heaven. It was as if each carried the missing half to the other’s message. What both sides apparently wanted was access to the stargate of the Shining Ones. This was the gift of the gods of Planet X. As we shall see, Nebuchadnezzar’s story bears this out.

On entering ancient Babylon the visitor passed the E-mah, the temple of the mother goddess Ninmah or Ninharsag, which has recently been restored by Saddam. 18 E-mah is a highly significant word. It is the Hebrew word for ‘terror’. Beyond the Emah was Babylon’s most important temple, the Esagila, the dwelling-place of the sun god Marduk, the Babylonian name for Planet X. Nebuchadnezzar says that he covered its wall with sparkling gold in order to make it shine like the sun.


In this temple was found a chapel or sanctuary for Marduk’s father, E.A, whom Zecharia Sitchin upholds as the genetic engineer responsible for the creation of humanity.



Model of Babylon



Second only to Nebuchadnezzar’s famous Hanging Gardens Babylon’s most famous monument was the staged tower or ziggurat, Etemenaki, ‘the house that is the foundation of heaven and earth’, situated north of Marduk’s temple.


The Marduk temple housed the golden image of Bel (‘the Lord’) and a strange golden table, which combined weighed nearly fifty thousand pounds of solid gold! Nebuchadnezzar’s Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


Growing on a huge seventy-five-foot high artificial seven-stage mountain known as of the fantastic ziggurat of Marduk, the well-known Tower of Babel, which Nebuchadnezzar restored, the Hanging Gardens could be seen for fifty miles across the flat desert. The seven terraces held trees, vines and flowers and were watered by a system of wells and fountains. King Nebuchadnezzar had this wonder built for his queen who longed to return to her mountain homeland.

Babylon must have been a spectacular, perhaps unbelievable, sight to Daniel and the rest of the Jewish captives, sort of like placing a war-torn refugee child in Disneyland today. In its glory the city of Babylon was the greatest city in Mesopotamia -- the center of the new world order. It was a veritable playground for the gods. Babel originates from the word Bab-li, which in the Babylonian language meant ‘Gate of God’.


This is our first tip-off that Nebuchadnezzar attempted to construct a means -- perhaps even a stargate -- to transcend earth life and travel the cosmos. Our primary interest is in the image of gold Nebuchadnezzar set-up in Babylon. 19


This isn’t some ancient status symbol the king kept on his desk. The image is a massive three score (60) cubits high and six cubits wide. A cubit is 18 inches, making the image 540 inches high (three score or thirty times 18 inches high). 540 inches is 45 feet high, about the size of a four and a half story building! Undoubtedly, this massive structure could be seen from miles around.

Nebuchadnezzar could not make this gleaming image (the Pillar of Osiris) work. This was a major failure. Like the tribal leader David, who ruled Jerusalem five hundred years before him, the king had planned to unify his kingdom, and the golden image was the unifying force. He tried using music to get it to work. He demanded that when the people heard the music play they were to fall down and worship the golden image (as if this act would impress the lifeless heap). 20


If they didn’t they would be tossed into a burning fiery furnace. 21

Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged that Daniel had immense prophetic gifts, including the ability to interpret dreams. In chapter four of Daniel, he is asked to interpret a dream in which Nebuchadnezzar saw:

‘a tree in the midst of the Earth, and the height thereof was great. The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached into heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of the Earth’. 22

There was great fruit in this tree and the birds of Heaven lived in its branches. From this tree the king saw a “watcher” and a “holy one” from Heaven emerge.


They told him to destroy the tree, and leave its ‘stump’ in the Earth. This was a confusing dream to the king, but not to us. The “watchers” is another name for the Shining Ones. It is also the Egyptian name for “divine being” or “god” NTR, or neter, which means “one who watches”. Neter-neter land is the name of the place in the stars where these beings dwell.


Sumeria, another earthly land of the Shining Ones, was known as the land of ‘ones who watch’.

Why didn’t the Watchers want Nebuchadnezzar to join them in Neter-neter land (Peter Pan’s Never Never Land)? Could it be that it was because Nebuchadnezzar was not one of them (but Daniel was, which explains why he could interpret their symbols)? What did they mean by leaving the ‘stump’ of the ‘tree’ in the ground? Nebuchadnezzar wanted to know. Did this dream foretell disaster of a project represented by the tree? If so, what is the specific project that is in danger?


The answer to this question is found in the fact that Old Testament scholars universally agree that Daniel was compiled over a long period of time and does not represent the visions of one particular person. Daniel (‘God is my judge’) was not a personal name. The question who or what then is the Daniel takes on paramount importance.

In her Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, 23 Barbara Walker answers this question by saying ‘Daniel’ was a title used to distinguish a group of people, “a person of the Goddess Dana or Diana”. Dana was Jacob’s daughter, his 13th child. Her name means ‘light of An’. There’s your trouble.


That is exactly the same meaning as the Celtic Tuatha De’Danann (‘Children of the Goddess Diana’). In Irish history, the mystical Tuatha De’ Danann, are described as heaven-sent ‘gods, and not-gods’.


They are compared with the Sanskrit deva (shining one, god) and adeva (Devil), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. The Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi: gods. As we have seen, divas also links with terror.

These connections are important not only for their value in decoding the story of Daniel, but also for another important reason. According to Sir Laurence Gardner, Mary Magdalene, as the Miriam, was the Head Sister of the Order of Dan.
24 Her order appears to be the continuation of the mysterious Tuatha De’ Danann.


Mary or Mari’s title ‘Magdalene’ means ‘she of the temple-tower’, a reference to Jerusalem’s temple and its three towers. 25 Ultimately, as Nebuchadnezzar’s story continues, along came three wise Jews from Jerusalem. 26 Unfortunately for Nebuchadnezzar, they refuse to worship the hulking image or the god of the Babylonian king. What is more, the three insult Nebuchadnezzar by betting the king that their god will save them from the fiery furnace. 27

Clearly, the three wise men from the Temple of Solomon possess crucial knowledge that Nebuchadnezzar needs to make this golden gadget work. He was successful in firing up the fiery furnace component of the ‘image’. But beyond that he was stuck. He needed the ‘open sesame’. What is this gadget, this golden image of which I speak? This holy object is likely the Axis Mundi, the Pillar of God.


If it is correct to associate Pillar with the forty five-foot ‘tree’ bearing the ‘great fruit’ of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, it now makes perfect sense why Nebuchadnezzar would wish to involve Daniel in this project. It was the sons of the Shining Ones of D’Anu, the people of Daniel, who had originally brought this device to Earth. The angel who appeared to the king was related to the Daniel. There is no way in hell they would want Nebuchadnezzar to enter their realm uninvited.


The Trial of the Three Wise Men from the Temple of Solomon. The Three Wise Men are depicted rejecting the Image of Baal -- a head atop a pillar. From the Catacomb of Sts. Mark and Marcellian, Rome, 4th century.

In the story from Daniel the three wise men refuse to spill the beans to Nebuchadnezzar, what is undoubtedly the ‘open sesame’ to open the (star) gateway.


Furious, the king orders that the three be cast into the ‘fiery furnace’. 28

“The three men put on their coats, their hats and their other garments, and were cast in the midst of the burning fiery furnace” says Daniel 3:21. “Their coats, their hats, and their other garments,” you say? This is an immensely meaningful statement.

Why put on any clothes at all if your body is about to be translated into a toasted marshmallow by the fiery furnace? These garments turn out to be more than just standard-issue loungewear at the Temple of Solomon or the garb of hostages in Babylon.


That is, if they turn out to be anything like the coat, the hat and the other garments the goddess Mari is wearing in The Goddess with a Vase discovered at her temple at Mari in 1934.


Mari is shown wearing her Shugurra helmet (‘a hat’). Literally translated Shugurra means ‘that which makes go go far into the universe’. 29 It may be more than coincidence, or sheer poetry, that Shu-gurr-a resolves to Sgr A, the name of the radio source believed to lay at the exact Core of our galaxy. Also resident at the Galactic Core is a black hole. It is possible this is also the “helmet of salvation” described in Ephesians 6:17.


Mari’s Shugurra helmet.

Mari also wears a heavy full- length coat and other garments. This coat is called the PALA garment. This entire get- up is fantastically similar in description to that described in chapter 6 of Ephesians. There, in addition to the “helmet of salvation,” spiritual questers are encouraged to “put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” 30


The principalities and powers are the angelic spiritual forces that work as heavenly governors and messengers in the heavenly realms (i.e. galactic beings). This is exactly the angelic level of the Shining Ones. Apparently, some of these are harmful creatures that seek to attach themselves to human souls. At Armageddon, Jesus promises to send his angels to sever the wicked from among the just. And then shall cast them (both?) into the fire. 31

Does the “armor of God” uniform here described -- including the Shugurra Helmet of Salvation and the PALA coat -- simultaneously help to protect us from harmful spirits, and make the cosmic connection with a stargate? It appears so, for Ephesians next describes a person standing in front of the Ark of Covenant, the soul-transportation device that opens this fiery furnace! We know this because the person is wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness. Their feet are “shod with preparation for the Gospel of Peace.”


Above all they take the shield of faith, the Helmet of Salvation and the (S)word of the Spirit, which is the word of God. All of these appear to be necessary for soul travel through the stargate to Tula.





What happens to those who don the “armor of God” get-up and walk through the fiery furnace? Where do they go? Through the black hole?


This detail is omitted. However, after the three wise men from Solomon’s Temple entered the fiery furnace, Nebuchadnezzar and all the king’s men cautiously approached the lethal furnace. He asks that the three men appear to him. When they do, the king (and I’m certain all the assembled) stands utterly astonished.


He’s expecting nasty flamebroiled corpses. Instead, he sees the three wise men are in perfect condition! “Did we not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?” asks the baffled king. 32 He certainly did. To add to the high strangeness of this event, a fourth person now accompanies them!

However, this is not just any man. Nebuchadnezzar believes this fourth man is an angel. Not just any angel either. The fourth man is like the Son of God! 33 Is this Jesus, the Son of God? Is Nebuchadnezzar telling us the three wise men returned from their stargate travels with Jesus in tow five hundred years before his appearance in the New Testament?


It is quite conceivable because, understandably, at this point Nebuchadnezzar was convinced: the god of the three wise Jews is the God. He proclaims that if anyone speaks against this God, he will cut them to pieces, and their houses will be made into dunghills. 34 Next, he promoted the three wise men.

The Bible does not say what happened after this Son of God arrived. I believe, however, that tremendous knowledge must have been gained from his appearance. This knowledge is capable of altering the balance of power in the world. If Saddam Hussein truly believes himself to be Nebuchadnezzar, he most certainly would be interested in acquiring this knowledge, which is among the highest secrets of the
Shining Ones.


In Ark of the Christos I take a closer look at this exotic occurrence, and the possible stargate knowledge gleaned from this episode. Understanding the science of stargates makes one a master of the laws of nature. It also provides one the capability of manufacturing weapons systems that make nuclear weapons look like firecrackers in comparison.


This is just one more reason Saddam is in the crosshairs of the world.


















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