Exopolitical Analysis of US policy towards Iraq



Sumerian Stargate

If there is a Stargate existing in Southern Iraq that will play a role in such a 'prophesied return of the gods', then it is most likely that clandestine government organizations that greatly influence or control the Bush administration, are aware of the existence and the role of this Stargate.


Iraq's President Hussein is most likely also aware of such a Stargate's existence as might be inferred by his architectural projects intent on reviving the grandeur of early Mesopotamian civilizations, and cementing his place as the restorer of Iraq's past glory. (37)


More significantly, his permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping, suggests that this may be the location of the Sumerian Stargate. This knowledge of a buried Stargate, may also be part of the reason why the German government has been publicly opposed to a US preemptive war against Iraq. If in fact both the Hussein regime and the Bush administration believe that a Stargate lies buried in the sands of Southern Iraq, then there most likely exists a race to gain access to it and to control it. William Henry's thesis is that this is indeed the political underpinning of the continuing military conflict in Iraq. (38)

From the perspective of the Bush administration, control of the Sumerian Stargate would enable clandestine government organizations to continue their global campaign of non-disclosure of the ET presence.


This is strongly implied by the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy and overturning many of the Freedom of Information initiatives from the earlier Clinton administration. Control of the Stargate, in addition to any other Stargates that may have been established in the capitals of other civilizations, e.g., the Egyptian, Incan and Aztec; would presumably give clandestine government organizations greater leverage with ET races that are presently interacting with the planet, or are predicted to arrive on the scene in some event associated with the 'prophesied return of the gods'.


At the very least, control of the Sumerian Stargate would allow clandestine government organizations to dictate the pace of global transformations that ET races promise to introduce to the Earth with their advanced technology, superior knowledge and heightened psychic abilities.

On the part of Hussein Regime, control of the Stargate would allow him to activate it and to fulfill prophesy by facilitating the return of an advanced race of ETs, the elite Anunnaki. President Hussein probably imagines that in return for his loyalty to the elite
Anunnaki, he would be rewarded with a position of great global authority. Perhaps he would even see himself as some kind of human savior facilitating the return of the gods who would solve all of humanity's problem, and end the rule of clandestine government organizations perpetuating non-disclosure of the ET presence.


Significantly, European governments such as Germany, and perhaps even France and Russia, may be giving themselves greater leverage in the future control of the Stargate by offering diplomatic cover for the Hussein regime as a quid pro quo for allowing the resumption of archaeological digging in Uruk. These governments and the clandestine organizations associated with them that have access to knowledge over the ET presence, most likely have deep suspicion over the willingness of the US to share information and control over the future of the Sumerian Stargate and any other ET technology discovered in Iraq.

Sitchin's thesis of an ancient ET presence in Sumer combined with the notion of a variety of ET transportation devices described by other authors in their research of ancient civilizations, and resumption of archaeological excavations of the first Sumerian capital Uruk in 2002, give support to William Henry's thesis of a Stargate that lies buried in the sands of southern Iraq. This provides important contextual information that is helpful in understanding the true motivations of the Bush administration in launching a preemptive attack on Iraq.

It may be argued that the Bush administration and the Hussein Regime are both in a race against time to gain access and control of the Stargate in the ruins of Uruk or some other location in Iraq, before the prophesied return of the Anunnaki. At the moment, a stalemate exists.


Hussein controls the ground in Southern Iraq, and is permitting the German led excavations in Uruk, while the US led coalition controls the sky and is monitoring the situation. The Bush administration wants control of Iraq territory to take control of excavations of Uruk to uncover its buried Stargate, and closely monitor and control it. In contrast, Hussein wants to find and activate the Stargate for his greater glory and presumably the benefit of humanity.

The primary evidentiary support for the above discussion is admittedly thin for conventional public policy experts and may sound better suited to a fictional thriller than serious public debate.


From a conventional perspective, a scattered assortment of independent archeological authors, radical exegetical interpretations of biblical texts, the writings of 'channels' of ET knowledge, speculative papers from astronomers hardly constitute a persuasive source of information for understanding the motivations of US foreign policy. The prevailing explanations of a Bush administration as either devoted to eradicating Weapons of Mass Destruction, and/or being driven by oil interests and imperial ambitions would predictably prevail for those unconvinced by the above sources.

There is however some important circumstantial evidence which lends plausibility to the Henry thesis of a Stargate as the true focus of the Bush administration or at least key interest groups behind it.

  • The first piece of circumstantial evidence, are the overwhelming whistleblower testimonies confirming the existence of clandestine government organizations responsible for suppressing public knowledge of an ET presence, and which controls all official interaction with ET races. (40) From an exopolitical perspective, then, the clandestine suppression of a contemporary ET presence, supports the conclusion that there is also an active clandestine suppression of an ancient ET presence which also has significant public policy implications.

  • The second piece of circumstantial evidence, is the powerful diplomatic support given by Germany and France to the Hussein Regime in warding off a preemptive military strike. So powerful has been this support, that the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, disparagingly referred to them as the "Old Europe" in response to a reporter on January 22, 2003:


    • "You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's 'old Europe.' If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the East. And there are a lot of new members. And if you just take the list of all the members of NATO and all of those who have been invited in recently -- what is it, 26, something like that? [But] you're right. Germany has been a problem, and France has been a problem." (41)


    Rather than backtracking on what was a diplomatic bombshell, the Bush administration has instead continued to go to extraordinary lengths to isolate the German and French positions on Iraq. For example, the administration encouraged the leaders of Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic, to write a letter to the Wall Street Journal on January 30 that said "the Iraqi regime and its weapons of mass destruction represent a clear threat to world security.'' (42)


    Rather than merely an intense diplomatic debate over different policy positions on Iraq, the striking language and positions taken in this debate suggests a more fundamental conflict over issues hidden from the public view. It is likely that there exists a factional struggle between clandestine government organizations set up to deal with the ET presence in the US, with rival organizations created in Germany, France and also Russia.

  • The third piece of circumstantial evidence is the resumption of excavations of the first capital of Sumer, Uruk, by a German archeological team in 2002. Given the prominence of Uruk and its likelihood as the site for a Sumerian Stargate, then resumption of excavations raises questions over why they were resumed at this time and what is being sought. Given that political tensions in Iraq had not significantly diminished in 2002 with it being a likely source of future military conflict with the US, it can be suggested that there are powerful hidden motivations for what on the surface appears to be a purely scientific dig of an ancient Sumerian capital.


  • The fourth piece of circumstantial evidence was the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia during its final descent on February 1, 2003, at an approximate height of 38 miles and traveling at Mach 18. One of the astronauts was the first Israeli in Space, Colonel IIan Ramon from the Israeli Airforce. Col Ramon reportedly played a role in the Israeli attack on Iraq's nuclear facility in Osirak in June 1981, and there has been speculation that his mission involved intelligence gathering over Iraq during the Shuttle's orbits.


    The destruction of Columbia occurred 16 minutes before touch down when its fuel tanks would have been virtually empty. A likely source of the Shuttle's destruction, given the speed and height of the Columbia, would have been some form of attack from an organization or state possessing military capabilities well beyond any terrorist groups and indeed most nations. The likely cause would have been a clandestine government organization that desired to send an important message to its US rivals over the threatened preemptive attack on Iraq.

When all the primary and circumstantial evidence is put together, what emerges is a very plausible case that supports Henry's thesis of a power struggle that goes to the heart of the ET presence and the continued clandestine suppression of ET related information and its full implications.


The interpretations of the motivations of the Bush administration in launching preemptive war on Iraq in terms of the concerns raised in Bush's 2003 State of the Union address, or the corporate and imperial interests suggested by his critics such as Robert Fisk and Michael Lind, can all be described as part of the surface layer of motivations driving the Bush administration.


At a deeper level, it is likely that there is great anxiety by clandestine government organizations in terms of what would happen if Hussein, with the support of the German and other European governments, gained access to the Sumerian Stargate or other ET technology buried in Uruk, or if the Stargate were to somehow reactivate without clandestine government personnel present to monitor and control the Stargate.


President Bush's State of the Union address outlining the need for a preemptive attack on Iraq, in most likelihood masks a hidden agenda to gain access to the Stargate or other ET technology in Uruk and elsewhere in Iraq.


Such access would presumably perpetuate clandestine government control over global resources and information at a time of increased ET activity and influence.





Conclusion: Policy Implications and Recommendations

If the exopolitical perspective is a more accurate description of the motivations driving the Bush administration in pushing for a preemptive war on Iraq, then the following policy recommendations can be made. (43)

First, the quality of evidence substantiating an historic ET presence and clandestine government cover up has a significant degree of credibility and persuasiveness. This supports the creation a new field of public policy, exopolitics, which would study the historic ET presence in terms of its implications for contemporary public policy.

Second, there is a need to promote official government disclosure of the historic ET presence and/or the impending return of these ETs; and to make more representative the policy making process that has evolved in government responses to such information.

Third, evidence suggests that the present military preparations for a war against Iraq have little to do with weapons of mass destruction, but are designed to perpetuate US clandestine government control of information concerning the historic and present ET presence. Such a preemptive war should therefore be stopped and a resolution between the US, Iraq and interested European governments should be encouraged.

Fourth, evidence suggests that the Iraq conflict and the destruction of the Columbia Space Shuttle mask a deep factional struggle between clandestine government organizations associated with different national governments that were initially created to deal with the ET presence. It is recommended that there is public disclosure of these organizations and their efforts in monitoring and responding to the ET presence, and that these organizations become accountable to elected public officials.

The final policy recommendation is that there needs to be more effort in determining the extent to which congressional and legislative oversight is required for organizations created in different countries to deal with all aspects of the ET presence, both past and present, and on the implications of a projected return of a race of ETs associated with the birth of human civilization.

This paper suggests that the best mechanism for responding to the existence of ancient ET technology in the ancient Sumerian capital of Uruk and/or elsewhere, is a willingness by major world governments and associated clandestine organizations to share information and control over these ET assets. A preemptive war conducted largely for the control of a 'Stargate' in Uruk which pits the US and its allies, against an Iraq which is tacitly supported by key European nations, could be calamitous if indeed the 'prophesied return' signified an actual physical event involving the ancient ET race that played a role in the start of human civilization.


Competing clandestine government organizations struggling through a proxy war over the control of ancient ET technology in order to prepare for those events corresponding to the 'prophesied return of the gods', would hardly send the best example of a mature humanity responsible enough to continue to exercise sovereignty over the Earth's resources.


The Columbia Space Shuttle may well have been a high profile victim of such a proxy war intended to send a message to US based clandestine organizations over the preemptive war against Iraq. Human sovereignty may therefore be at stake at the very time where there exists an opportunity for a rapid movement forward in the evolutionary growth of human consciousness.


It is up to all humanity to decide how we respond to the challenge posed by clandestine organizations struggling over Iraq's historic resources to further their respective secret agendas.






I would like to thank my good friend Yazdi Kaleghi for his insights on the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy and the contents of this Study.

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