by Sean David Morton

from Delphi Associates News Letter





Dateline: 1559, Yorkshire, England


Ursula Sontheil reputedly was born in 1488 in Norfolk, England.


From an early age she exhibited stunning psychic gifts of foresight and prophecy. She was a contemporary of Nostradamus, but, being a woman, was not allowed his level of education and lacked his medical and astrological training and the forbearance of royal friends at court to nurture and protect her. At the ripe old age of 24 she entered a difficult marriage to Toby Shipton.

She correctly predicted the dissolution of the Catholic Church under Henry VIII, the fall of Cardinal Wolsey, the untimely death of Henry's son Edward VI, the horrific reign of “Bloody” Mary I, and the ascent of Queen Elizabeth to the throne of England. Many of her visions came true with shocking and specific clarity within her own lifetime and then in subsequent centuries as she peered down the corridors of Time to view the fate of Earth and all mankind. She became the feared and revered prophet of Tudor England.


Her name was spoken in low, hushed whispers, as if the very mention of her name would bring the disasters she spoke of down upon the head of he that spoke them. She eventually became known to serf and lord alike as Mother Shipton.

Like Nostradamus, to capture the public imagination and most likely to also avoid persecution for the crime of witchcraft, she published her prophecies in rhyme and verse. Still, she saved her penultimate work for her later years just before her death. And so in 1559 she published an epic poem for which she would become best known down through the ages. She died in Clifton, Yorkshire, in 1561, five years before Nostradamus.

This rare collection of Mother Shipton's prophecies was published thirty years ago. They were found by a woman who painstakingly transcribed them and managed to smuggle them out of the Mitchell Library, in Sydney, Australia (now the State Library of New South Wales).


The originals were kept in a locked room, along with many other volumes of prophetic writings deemed unsuitable for viewing by the general public. In light of recent world events these rare verses from Mother Shipton seem to have prophetic indications for our times, but, of course, are open to interpretation.


My brief interpretations and explanations are in { }:

And now a word, in uncouth rhyme of what shall be in future time:

  • Then upside down the world shall be And gold found at the root of tree All England's sons that plough the land Shall oft be seen with Book in hand The poor shall now great wisdom know Great houses stand in far flung vale All covered o'er with snow and hail.

  • {The advent of the printing press and the mass distribution of books, a dearly expensive rarity in her day, seemingly to herald an age of knowledge and enlightenment even for the very poor. But this also leads to the mass migration into festering cites, leaving the great houses of the countryside bare and forlorn.}

  • A carriage without horse will go, Disaster fill the world with woe. In London, Primrose Hill shall be In center hold a bishops sea.

  • {Motorcars and trains and their accidents, and the formation of the Church of England by Henry VIII as its sole head.}

  • Around the world men's thoughts will fly, Quick as the twinkling of an eye. And water shall great wonders do, How strange, and yet it shall come true.

  • {Telephone, radio, television and the internet. The building of massive dams and the harnessing of waterfalls, like Niagara, for hydroelectric power which then lights the world.}

  • Through towering hills proud men shall ride, No horse or ass move by his side. Beneath the water, men shall walk, Shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk.

  • {Cities with canyons made of skyscrapers. Submarines, the aqua-lung and SCUBA gear allowing man to work and even live beneath the sea. Aquatic cities in our future, maybe.}

  • And in the air men shall be seen, In white and black and even green. A great man, shall come and go For prophecy declares it so.

  • {Modern aircraft. There have been many great men since Mother Shipton's time. But she points to a great prophet that may be yet to come.}

  • In water, iron then shall float As easy as a wooden boat. Gold shall be seen in stream and stone, In land that is yet unknown.

  • {Ships made of iron and steel and probably a description of America and its wealth. Certainly an accurate description of California in the Gold Rush days.}

  • And England shall admit a Jew, Do you think this strange? But it is true! The Jew that once was led in scorn, Shall of a Christian then be born.

  • {Help in creation of Israel in 1948 by the British and the United Nations.}

  • A house of glass shall come to pass, In England. But alas, alas!
    A war will follow with the work Where dwells the pagan and the Turk.

  • {Describes the building of a gigantic glass atrium in London called The Crystal Palace for The Great Exhibition of 1851. It was a huge iron Goliath with a million feet of glass housing over 13,000 exhibits. It was destroyed by fire November 30, 1936. The rest could describe any number of British wars or adventures in the Mid and Far East after that, and the massive expansion of the British Empire under German Queen Victoria Hapsburg. The Afghan, Indian and Boer wars.}

  • These states will lock in fiercest strife, And seek to take each other's life. When north shall thus divide the south An eagle build in lion's mouth Then tax and blood and cruel war Shall come to every humble door.

  • {Probably describes a war between the Northern & Southern countries as above, describing joint US (Eagle) and British (Lion) forces. It could also allude to the American Civil War.}

  • Three times shall lovely sunny France Be led to play a bloody dance. Before the people shall be free Three tyrant rulers shall she see.

  • {The different French Republics. The French Revolution under Robespierre, however Napoleon had two successors, Napoleon II and III.}

  • Three rulers in succession be Each springs from different dynasty. Then when the fiercest strife is done.

  • England and France shall be as one.

  • {World War II - England & France as allies}

  • The British olive shall next then twine, In marriage with a German vine. Men walk beneath and over streams Fulfilled shall be their wondrous dreams.

  • {Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were German Hapsburgs, who later changed their name to Windsor, supplanting the rightful heirs of the House of Stewart. Post Second World War scenario}

  • For in those wondrous far off days, The women shall adopt a craze To dress like men, and trousers wear And to cut off all their locks of hair. They'll ride astride with brazen brow, As witches do on broomsticks now.

  • {Craze in women to dress like men, wearing trousers and cutting their hair, adopting various hairstyles and riding horses, and bikes straddle instead of side-saddle (Nice description J )}

  • And roaring monsters with men atop, Does seem to eat the verdant crop. And men shall fly as birds do now, And give away the horse and plow.

  • {Crop harvesting machines & tractors, and the mass exodus from farms into cities}

  • They'll be a sign for all to see Be sure that it will certain be.

  • Then love shall die and marriage cease And nations wane as babes decrease.

  • {Failure of marriages and divorce. Decrease in population (in Europe) and wholesale abortion in America. Could be a future time when birth rates plummet due to radiation, earth changes or volcanic ash.}

  • And wives shall fondle cats and dogs And men live much the same as hogs.
    {Sounds like a very female point of view here!}

Mother Shipton's next prophecies continue on the outer wrappings of the scrolls.

  • I know I go, I know I'm free, I know that this will come to be, Secreted this, for this will be Found by later dynasty.

  • {Describes how her prophecies written on scrolls will be discovered at a later date after her death.}

  • A dairy maid, a bonnie lass, Shall kick this tome as she does pass And five generations she shall breed Before one male child does learn to read.

  • {For five generations these scrolls will be held by a family of a girl and then the fifth generation male child will learn to read and understand them.}

  • This is then held year by year, Till an iron monster trembling fear, Eats parchment, words and quill and ink, And mankind is given time to think.

  • {Nice description of a printing press, which “eats” papers, “words” and ink. With the burden of manual copying of books removed, this brings about a new age of learning and enlightenment when man can devote more time to thinking.}

  • And only when this comes to be Will mankind read this prophecy. But one man sweets another's bain So I shall not have burned in vain.

  • {After the invention of the printing press her prophecies will be printed and man will read this.}

Mother Shipton's next set of prophecies are found on a scroll in another jar.

  • The signs will be there for all to read;
    When man shall do most heinous deed Man will ruin kinder lives;
    By taking them as to their wives.
    And murder foul and brutal deed:
    When man will only think of greed.
    And man shall walk as if asleep;
    He does not look - he may not peep And iron men the tail shall do;
    And iron cart and carriage too.

  • {The greed of modern man}

  • The king shall false promise make;
    And talk just for talking's sake.
    And nations plan horrific war;
    The like as never seen before.
    And taxes rise and lively down;
    And nations wear perpetual frown.

  • {False promises by politicians, wars between nations, increase in taxes and perpetual tension among nations.}

  • Yet greater sign there be to see;
    As man nears latter century.
    Three sleeping mountains gather breath, And spew out mud, ice and death. An earthquake swallow town and town;
    In lands as yet to me unknown. And Christian one fights Christian two And nations sigh, yet nothing do. And yellow men great power gain;
    From a mighty bear with whom they've lain.

  • {Volcanoes, earthquakes (in unknown land - America?) destroying town after town, fighting between nations. Speaks of a Chinese (yellow) - Russian (bear) alliance against the west. Most of China's current weapons have come in deals with Russia.}

  • These mighty tyrants will fail to do, They fail to split the world in two. But from their acts a danger bred;
    An ague, leaving many dead.

  • {Failure of this Russian/Chinese alliance, indication of war leaving many dead. The word “Ague” means flu plague or epidemic of disease.}

  • And physics find no remedy;
    For this is worse than leprosy.
    Oh many signs for all to see;
    The truth of this true prophecy.

  • {No remedy in science for this coming plague.}

Mother Shipton's last prophecy:

  • In nineteen hundred and twenty-six Build houses light of straw and sticks. For then shall mighty wars be planned And fire and swords shall sweep the land.

  • {Mistimed prophecy for World War I or WWII? Of course she may still be correct, as this is the period of time in which the NEXT great war is being PLANNED. In this same approximate time-frame, Hitler and Rudolph Hess are in jail together writing MEIN KAMPF.}

  • When pictures seem alive with movements free, When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea. When men like birds shall scour the sky. Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die.

  • {Television ! Submarines, aircraft and then death through War.}




The following are prophecies on our future:

  • For those who live the century through In fear and trembling this shall do. Flee to the mountains and the dens To bog and forest and wild fens.

  • {After the 20th century is over, people will live in fear and flee to mountains, dens & forests for refuge.}

  • For storms will rage and oceans roar When Gabriel stands on sea and shore, And as he blows his wondrous horn Old worlds die and new be born.

  • {The Last Trumpet. The Biblical Revelation. The destruction of this civilization and creation of a new one - the so called “End Of The World”.}

  • A fiery dragon will cross the sky Six times before the earth shall die. Mankind will tremble and frightened be For the six heralds in this prophecy.

  • {Appearance of a series of six comets and a probable collision with earth as indicated in the Bible and by Nostradamus. In the last 20 years alone we have seen at least four spectacular comets or “fiery dragons”: Halley's, Kahoutek (a bit of a dud), Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp. But it appears here that she is referring to a SINGLE OBJECT that grazes the atmosphere before a collision, like the near asteroid miss we had last week, looping around us six times over seven days before a collision with Earth.}

  • For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken. To bite away the shores and then The mountains will begin to roar And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

  • {After asteroid hits in the oceans, huge tidal waves will strike followed by awakening of volcanoes and earthquakes.}

  • And flooding waters rushing in, Will flood the lands with such a din That mankind cowers in muddy fen And snarls about his fellow men.

  • {Tidal waves and wars continue.}

  • He bares his teeth and fights and kills And secrets food in secret hills And ugly in his fear, he lies To kill marauders, thieves and spies.

  • {Continuation of wars in spite of disasters. The storing up of secret food supplies in underground bases.}

  • Man flees in terror from the floods And kills, and rapes and lies in blood And spilling blood by mankind's hand Will stain and bitter many lands.

  • {Continuation of the World War}

  • And when the dragon's tail is gone Man forgets and smiles and carries on. To apply himself - too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate.

  • {War and natural disasters will abate for a brief period of time after the dragon's tail of a comet or asteroid disappears from the heavens. Peace will seemingly return but man's fate is already sealed.}

  • His masked smile, his false grandeur, Will serve the gods their anger stir And they will send the dragon back To light the sky—his tail will crack. Upon the earth and rend the earth And man shall flee, king, lord and serf.

  • {When peace has returned and man is complacent, suddenly an even greater disaster happens. Could this be symbolic of those who escape “The Pit” at the bottom of Great Pyramid in 2005, only to be washed back into it by “The River of Firebetween 2012 to 2014? Is this the famous 3 Days Of Darkness of the Judgment day?}

  • But slowly they are routed out To seek diminishing water spout And men will die of thirst before The oceans rise to mount to the shore. And lands will crack and rend anew Do you think it strange? It will come true!

  • {More earthquakes, floods and death.}

  • And in some far—off distant land Some men—Oh, such a tiny band Will have to leave their solid mount And span the earth, those few to count.

  • {Survivors coming out from their hiding places underground - the Biblical phrase “dead will come out of their graves.”}

  • Who survives this (unreadable) and then Begin the human race again.
    But not on land already there, But on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare.

  • {Survivors start a new civilization, not on lands which are poisoned due to war and nuclear radiation but on lands rising out of the sea after the Great Tribulation.}

  • Not every soul on earth will die, As the dragon's tail goes sweeping by, Not every land on earth will sink, But these will wallow in stench and stink, Of rotting bodies of beast and man, Of vegetation crisped on land.

  • {The existing lands will be littered with bodies of humans, animals and burned vegetation, although all humans will not die during the “Judgement Day”.}

  • But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free. Of mankind's dirt and therefore be, The source of man's new dynasty. And those that live will ever fear The dragon's tail for many year But time erases memory You think it strange? But it will be!

  • {Land rising from the sea will be clean and free of all these and this is where the new civilizations will be started. Slowly the memory of the disasters will fade away as time passes and fear will subside.}

  • And before the race is built anew, A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown. To mingle with the earth now grown Cold from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow The children with the second sight A natural thing so that they might Grow graceful, humble and when they do The Golden Age will start anew.

  • {The arrival of extraterrestrials in their space ships who will enlighten the men starting the new civilization. Children will be gifted with special (mental) powers which becomes a naturally occurring phenomenon. Then The Golden Age of man will begin again.}

  • The dragon's tail is but a sign For mankind's fall and man's decline. And before this prophecy is done I shall be burned at the stake, at One. My body singed and my soul set free.
    You think I utter blasphemy? You're wrong! These things have come to me THIS PROPHECY WILL COME TO BE!

  • {Asserts that this prophecy will come true even though people might think of her prophecy as blasphemy.}




So, how do we save the world?

It may now only be possible to save the WORLD, but not our TIME.


Not our current structure, or society or civilization. Any more than it was possible to save the countless people and civilizations that have lived and died before ours.

The needless suffering on this planet is now so immeasurable that it pains the very universe in a way many of you who may lack the focus, intuition, training or ability to tune in to the Creator at Its Source, cannot understand.


When you learn the ability to be centered and still within yourselves, and make the water of the Earth your blood, the stone your bones, and the atmosphere your breath, you can hear Gaia weep. It cries out for an end.




And there will be an answer. Very soon

Our prophets knew this time would come, and wove their awareness into our holiest texts. We now have split the seal on the Great Mysteries. The Book of the Seven Thunders is being revealed.


We have stupendous Thinking Machines at our fingertips that have cracked the very codes of Creation. From within the heart of the enigma, fragmented words and exact dates spill forth from the Torah, the Old Testament, the Hindu Vedas, that now seem to be giving us warnings, cryptic though they may be, for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.


The knowledge is burned within your genes, and now seeps into the superconscious and haunts the dreams of all of the people of the Earth.

I have long done what others have asked. What I felt was necessary. What I thought was right. I have delayed it. Others have delayed it. Teachers, healers and Masters have taken their students, friends, family, and followers into the very center of the maelstrom. At the eye of the hurricane we have used our bodies and focus and power to act as golden shards of light to quell the tide.


Like sparking acupuncture needles into the skin of Mother Earth, to adjust and realign her energy, to force her back into balance so that catastrophe might be averted and deflected time and time again.


Minute grains of salt can preserve a large quantity of food. Never underestimate the greatness of the battle by size of the battlefield. The fate of nations has rested on a few square feet of ground.


But there are powers so much greater than myself, and so much grander than all of us. Those powers do not see death as you do. They do not exist in TIME. They have seen the universe die and be reborn. Again and again.


Even so they mark the passing of a sparrow with as much reverence as the passing of a world.




All that happens, happens for a reason

So much of the past year has been focused on politics, economics, terrorism and holy war, that we seem to forget, or have been purposely led away from, the realities of the real dangers, both geologic and astronomic, that lie in wait beneath our feet or above our heads.

First let us look to the sky and to the past for the wisdom of the Mayans who were obsessed with TIME and the future.

THE VENUS PASSAGE and the MAYAN CALENDAR As I said before, global meditations act to absorb, deflect, direct or transmit energy. And just as a tiny acupuncture needle can be used to alter and heal the electromagnetic system of the entire body, by bringing energy into damaged areas, so can prayer direct and focus energy.


Sometimes the location is important, like knowing the exact place to stick the needle. But on other occasions, the TIMING is predominant, because we can then ride, guide, direct and surf a WAVE of preexisting energy.

So it was with the Harmonic Convergence of August 17th, 18th and 19th of 1987 and the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003. Well, coming up there will be another opportunity to GUIDE and DIRECT a fabulously powerful vibration of LOVE down into the energy field of the Earth. The meditations on these occasions will be on the rare Venus passages in front of the Sun in the years 2004 and 2012.


Why is this? The most important reason is that we may already now know of their critical importance based on the nature of these astronomical occurrences and their place according to Mayan calendrics. Because the Mayan calendar, properly understood, is an expression of the divine plan predictions and based on this calendar we can make plans to utilize and direct this energy several years into the future.

The solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 was the last eclipse of that century, which moved from the Eastern United States, across the British Isles, through France and Iraq to complete its path in India. It created a dramatic Great Cross in the stable fixed signs of the zodiac, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, all of which are found in the Book of Revelation, as the Angel (Aquarius), the bull (Taurus), the lion (Leo) and the eagle (Scorpio).


My wife Melissa and I traveled to visit relatives in Vienna, Austria, to see the total eclipse. I wrote at length that the areas where the eclipse touched would be torn apart by disaster and war, that this would be the beginning of the “Crucifixion” of humanity, and the “True Cross” within the hearts of all mankind.

So if we think in terms of what the cross symbolized, it was the way of pain and death into redemption for all and new life. The Tibetans call it the ultimate “Tong Len”, or to take in and give out, in which Christ takes all the sin of the world upon himself, processes, transmutes and transmogrifies that negative energy through the meditation of the Violet Fire, and then gives His godly nature, all that is divine about Himself, back into the world. It is the ultimate message of Easter and The Passion.

The Great Cross in the sky occurred on the tzolkin day 4 Ahau. The Mayan Long Count was began in the year 3114 BC. If we focus on these coincidences we may be alerted, not only to the increasing relevance of the Mayan calendar in the years ahead, but also to the Return of the True Cross.


On January 4, 1999 began the creation cycle of 13 tun, 360-day periods, designed to lead to the completion of the ascension of humanity to a time-less cosmic consciousness and currently we are in the beginning of the first of these tuns of setting seeds for the future (among the Maya the tun, the 360-day year, rather than the solar year of 365 days, was the prophetic year). Seeds are now set in a multitude of ways for what is to follow in the progression of these thirteen tuns.

A seed is set by some now beginning to use the Mayan calendar as a map of time for Revelation and another seed is set for the coming emergence of Christ consciousness, a galactic Christ consciousness, that will be carried by the True Cross. The two, the Mayan calendar and the return of Christ consciousness, are related and in a much more exact way than most people probably realize today.


Not many are yet aware that the Mayan calendar is a calendar of the divine plan, something entirely different from an astronomical calendar. The Return of Christ Consciousness, that is to say the Apocalypse, is intimately linked to the Return of the True Cross.


But the True Cross is not a cross of planets or any other physical, astronomical, objects, but a cross that will dominate not only our own individual minds, but also the entire planet and the galaxy. It is a cross that exclusively exists in the invisible universe but yet will completely dominate the course of events in our earthly reality. This is a cross of Yin/Yang dualities that will provide us with an entirely new framework for viewing the world around us.


Although non-physical by nature it will be visible to some as an inner cross or as a cross in the sky, the Star of Bethlehem. This Holy True Cross will increasingly make its presence known at tuns 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 of the Galactic Creation Cycle that has just began. Since the tuns with these particular numbers represents the periods of the greatest moves forward in a spiritual sense, the pulses of light, the days in the divine creation scenario of Seven days and Six nights, which will now begin to alternate every 360 normal days.

In the past during days 1, 3 and 5 (corresponding approximately to the years 1999, 2001 and 2003) our materialist consciousness continued to dominate over the True Invisible Cross, whereas during days 9, 11 and 13 the roles will become reversed, with the most important breakthrough of the new galactic Christ consciousness taking place in day 9, corresponding approximately to the year 2007.

In day 7 (the year 2005) the True Cross reaches a balance with our current materialist consciousness. The map of time thus created is given by the Mayan calendar through the ancient tzolkin count developed through an advanced resonance with the cosmos. In my view, what the Great Cross during the solar eclipse in the first of these Seven tuns of light heralds is the Invisible True Cross that this divine scenario of creation carries. The incarnation of this True Cross among human beings is what will give rise to the new consciousness of Christ.


The new reversed Yin/Yang polarity is what will give rise to a new way of viewing the world and relating to it. In this emerging Yin/Yang duality the East and the West will switch places, so that the light will now fall on the Eastern, wholeness directed, hemisphere. On an individual level the divine light will favor the right, female, brain half and the qualities associated with this, in women and men alike.


In all of my Spiritual Remote Viewing seminars I first teach the differences between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. That we are two brained, bi-cameral beings. In fact the real mystery is how we evolved an organ that we don't know how to work and that we only use ten percent of. The left hemisphere, which is cross-wired to control the right side of the body, can be related to the “Western Mind”, in that it only exists in a realm that it BELIEVES is reality. It is dominant, masculine and aggressive.


A four-dimensional world of height, width, breadth and time.


All it is good for is measuring things in a straightforward, linear fashion of what it thinks is time. It uses the five senses of the body to gather information (how far, how high, what color, taste and smell) and then uses that information to make judgments of good or bad. First theory, then antithesis and finally synthesis. In Western science we only know the universe around us through what our machines tell us, and the better the machines get, the more of the universe we see. It is all geometry and mathematics.


The right side of the brain, controlling the left side of the body, is passive, feminine and submissive. It relates to the “Eastern Mind” of thought, meditation and experience. It has no conception of math, it can't add 2+2, does not even understand up, down, right or left. It is designed for outer space. This side of the brain thinks in terms of pictures, symbols, archetypes, color, emotions and music. It is believed that the superior anterior (right, back) section of the brain is where psychic power and intuition exists, because this part of the brain functions in a quantum reality where there is no linear time.


The past, present and future are all the same to it. It can sense when certain events are going to occur, and then tries to communicate that information to the “Conscious” side of the brain through dreams (symbols, archetypes, pictures) when it is asleep and its guard is down.


It is this part of the brain that we have now managed to tap into so successfully with Remote Viewing techniques, and especially with my system which is a combination of Western science and Eastern meditation and exercises.

This new Yin/Yang polarity maintained by the True Cross will amount to a new morality that bases itself on a larger perspective. What effects our actions may have on the larger whole, as this is the perspective of the right brain half that is now to be favored. This emerging holistic morality, and the actions and ways of being that will stem from it is none other than the Returning Consciousness of Christ, and this returning consciousness will then be incarnated in any human being who chooses to let this happen. Maybe this is the true Resurrection as well.

If we choose to become carriers of this new Christ consciousness what can we do to make this happen? We may of course continue along old lines and just practice the morality that we may have intellectually assimilated from the Gospels, but since this would not necessarily lead to an immersion of the new ways of thinking by our entire being it may falter as we encounter obstacles.


Another way would seem to be to seek, through meditation, to put ourselves in resonance with the new Yin/Yang duality and then as a result, become incarnations of the new consciousness in a complete sense of the word.

It is also what the Age of Aquarius is all about. We are now officially standing on the threshold, with one foot in and one foot out. The Grand Man walks across the Milky Way, and tips the great cistern filled with consciousness and bathes us. The WATER is symbolic of this.


Even the symbol for Aquarius is squiggly lines of electromagnetic force. And of course the consciousness is that of ONENESS with all beings, selflessness and COMMUNITY and FAMILY coming first. This is where the Venus passages come in, and especially the first one occurring during seven hours on June 8, 2004.

Venus is the female planet of Love and Mars is the masculine planet of War and Hate. We are of course smack dab between them. Is it any wonder that these are the two most powerful forces on Earth? Love and War? During the Venus passage the planet will pass across the disk of the sun and create an eclipse, and by its very nature it provides an ideal Cosmic Mirror. A Cosmic Mirror, held up for us by Venus herself, for our own aspirations of developing a consciousness of Christ. While prayer is all about TALKING to God, meditation is all about LISTENING to God.

This is a meditative event and about listening to the new message, the new imprint of the Cross, and to God's guidance for developing a consciousness of Christ.


The Venus passage of June 8, 2004, occurring shortly before the True Cross will become powerful enough to balance our present materialist consciousness, will thus by its very astronomical nature allow meditators to effectively assimilate the True Cross in their consciousness, the new Yin/Yang duality favoring a wholeness-oriented creativity and morality, favoring the consciousness of Christ.

To alert people to this unique opportunity to have the consciousness of Christ incarnate among us human beings is thus a crucial task of the present. We may do this by disseminating information about the importance of the meditation of June 8, 2004, but we may also do this by organizing yearly meditations on June 6 (which is the date of the second in this pair of Venus Passages occurring in the year 2012).


The reward for this will be purely spiritual and lies in the joy of having contributed to the emergence of a new human being, a human being who looks for the best of all and to serve the planet and God's creation in its entirety.





There is a story in the Talmud about a king who became very angry at his son.


The king ordered that his son be crushed under a huge stone. But the prince appeared before his father, admitted his mistake and repented before the kingdom. He wept at the king's feet begging forgiveness, swearing that he had learned his lesson. The people were also moved and a great roar went up that he should not be put to death. This softened the king's heart and he took pity on his son. But his word was law which he could not go back on. He had already made his pronouncement and he could not be forsworn.

But then he had an idea. He had the stone that was to crush the prince broken and smashed into pebbles. He ordered his subjects to hit the prince with the pebbles, so his order would be carried out and the prince's life would be spared. So it is with what is yet to come. There are a number of asteroids headed towards us that have our number. Some of them are already in a convoluted orbit around Earth, and the symbology of Mother Shipton could not be more accurate.

We would no doubt have to sit powerless as one of these great rocks, looking like a “Fiery Dragon” grazed the upper atmosphere coming closer and closer with each pass before it finally struck us.

In the Delphi Associates Newsletter article called “CHILDREN OF THE BLUE STAR” (March 2002, Issue 91) we spoke of the Golden Age for all humanity beginning “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”


On February 24th, 1987 the light from a supernova which exploded 160,000 years ago in the satellite galaxy of our Milky Way known as the Large Magellanic Cloud, became visible from Earth. A supernova is basically an exploding super-hot star, usually a “Red Giant”. But in this case it was a gigantic BLUE STAR, much older, hotter and far more powerful.

This super-giant BLUE STAR, inside what is called the Tarantula Nebula, exploded and then imploded into a very dense neutron star called a PULSAR. When stars become pulsars, it radiates energy at precise intervals.


The star either pulses like a heart or SPINS, with the radiation coming out only one side like a fantastically huge light house keeping ships off the cosmic rocks. This supernova, which made the front covers of every science magazine and newspaper at the time, was named SN (Supernova) 1987-A.


It went on to exhibit such unusual traits that it is currently under intense scrutiny by the world astronomical and scientific community.


The US, Japan and Russia recorded bursts of neutrinos in deep underground sensors at the same time the supernova was observed. Neutrinos are massless neutral particles that travel at the speed of light.


Our Earth was bathed, in fact saturated, down to its very core in this energy, affecting every man, woman and child and every part of the ecological food chain.

Since we rarely observe a supernova, and this one seemed to fit in with the Hopi prophecies of a BLUE STAR which would be seen before the beginning of the great changes, Bible Code researcher Joseph Noah searched the code to see if this radiation had some impact on our body frequency.


He ran (SUBJECT: HUMAN/LIFE) and found in Numbers 34:14 to 35: 20, revealed that the human life span is increased by the Blue Nova Cosmic Ray in the coming Golden Age.


The follow up Bible Code search:

  • (SUBJECT: BLUE/STAR) Genesis 28:28 to 31:25, revealed that a cosmic ray from the Blue Star supernova of 1987 is beginning a new race in 2011.






“A cosmic ray from the Blue Star Nova explosion of 1987 is beginning a new race in 2011.”

How could a ray from the 1987 supernova initiate a new RACE 24 years later?


Remember that this energy began to bathe us all only SIX MONTHS before the celebration of the Mayan Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, and only 27 months after the prediction in the sacred geometric timecoding of the Great Pyramid of Giza which states that on November 30, 1985:

“Powerful spiritual influences will begin to IRRADIATE THE ENLIGHTENED bringing them closer to spiritual and material (physical) PERFECTION.”

In fact, according to the Great Pyramid, it is the “Coming to Earth” or physical manifestation of the Christ Force that began to irradiate the Earth in November 1933.

But the bursts from the Blue Star Nova (SN 1987-A) are coming in waves every seven years, and are getting exponentially more powerful each time they hit us.



  • February 1987,

  • February 1994,

  • February 2001

  • and finally in what is being theorized as the most powerful blast EVER, on February 29, 2008.

There is no more powerful symbology of the sign of Aquarius than this. The Great Man pouring out the energy of the stars and cosmic consciousness is in fact HAPPENING, LITERALLY, right before our very eyes. Even on the LEAP DAY, as we are to LEAP forward in our expansion and evolution.

The Bible Code states:

“MARK/ G O D / 2 0 0 8 / G I V E N / P R O S P E C T / F I N A L / SALVATION / 2-29”

“February 29, 2008 is the final prospect to be given God's Mark of Salvation.”






It is my theory that this same energy bombarding us, energizing our endocrine systems and pouring BLUE LIGHT into our pineal gland, amping up the hippocampus allowing faster and more accurate transmission from one side of the brain to the other, is also causing a great disturbance in our solar system which may bring about our destruction.

In 1994 in THE VAJRA CHRONICLES, my future incarnation speaking from about 100 years from now, said that a large asteroid would strike the earth sometime in the year 2027-2028 AD that would lead to the last seven year phase of destruction.

To quote from August 17, 1994:

“In our calendar it would be 7 years B.I. (Before Immanuella) which would be from our year ZERO back 7 or 8 years to [about] your year 2027 AD.”

NASA made it official with an announcement in 1998 that there was in fact an asteroid on a collision course, scheduled to hit on October 28, 2028.


This made international news, only to be denied later as a “miscalculation”. A small near-Earth asteroid (NEA), discovered March 15th by the NASA-funded LINEAR asteroid survey, made the closest approach to Earth ever recorded.





The object, designated 2004 FH, is roughly 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter and passed just 43,000 km (26,500 miles, or about 3.4 Earth diameters) above the Earth's surface on March 18th at 5:08 PM EST (2:08 PM PST, 22:08 UTC).

On average, objects about the size of 2004 FH pass within this distance roughly once every two years, but most of these small objects pass by undetected.

This particular close approach is unusual only in the sense that scientists know about it. The fact that an object as
small as asteroid 2004 FH has been discovered now is mostly a matter of perseverance by the LINEAR team, which is funded by NASA to search for larger kilometer-sized NEAs, but also routinely detect much smaller objects.


Asteroid 2004 FH's point of closest approach with the Earth was over the South Atlantic Ocean. Using a good pair of binoculars, the object was bright enough to be seen during this close approach from areas of Europe, Asia and most of the Southern Hemisphere.

Scientists were excited by the flyby as it provided them an unprecedented opportunity to study a small NEA asteroid up close.

This is good news and bad news. The good news is that through the LINEAR asteroid survey, NASA and government agencies are spending more time, money and resources now taking the asteroid threat seriously. They KNOW there are a swarm of these things headed our way, and a great deal of information on this subject is being kept from the public.


And what DOES leak out is later feverishly denied. Forewarned is forearmed, and the more we know about where these things are, gives us more time to do something about it.

The bad news is that an asteroid came within 26,500 miles of us, and we only saw it five days before it flew past us.


Prophecy, and especially the Bible Code, is filled with predictions of numerous asteroid strikes from now all the way through 2027 to 2030 AD, which have been documented by NASA and proving my predictions.





I believe the 7 year Blue Star supernova pulse is responsible for a huge disturbance in the Oort cloud outside our solar system.


This has sent a swarm of asteroids our way. Also that an asteroid strike on Mars in 1998, blew it's moon Phobos out of orbit, and that it is now erratically circling Earth, and may be The Wormwood star of Revelation. In Revelation, the prophet John is shown the contents of seven bowls that are cast down upon the earth.


Their contents represent the holocausts that break out during the later days of the Tribulation from 2005 to 2012 AD, with the worst of the world armed struggle being from 2010 to 2012. It may have to take natural disasters of gigantic proportions to stop us from being completely destroyed by World War III.


Revelation describes stars falling from the sky and the moon becoming red as blood and the sun becoming like the sackcloth of ashes. Joseph Noah checked the Bible Code for this possibility and ran the slid:

  • (SUBJECT:ASTERIOD/CAUSE) and using just these words found in Exodus 10:29 and 12:28 confirms the prospect that asteroid strikes will cause three world axis shifts, commencing in 2010.

Noah then ran:

  • (SUBJECT: ASTEROID/ WORLD) found in Genesis 20:2 to 21:2, that reveals the prospect that seven asteroids strike the world from 2010 to 2012.

  • (SUBJECT: POLE/SHIFT) reveals the first shift is five degrees rotary measure southwest and that the third and final shift comes in 2012. But the question is WHERE will these asteroids strike?

  • Running (SUBJECT: ASTEROID/U.S.) and (SUBJECT: ASTEROID/NEVADA) we find that a single asteroid breaks into three pieces and hits Utah, Nevada and California. Nine more pieces hit the rest of the world destroying most of China, Russia and the Middle East.

Remember the story of the King and his son? The more godly we become, the more mercy and grace we deserve, and the smaller the pieces may be.

I have SEEN the technology available to the military and the secret government Black Ops programs at AREA 51 with my own eyes! I have seen everything from a gigantic space shuttle over 1200 feet long, to antigravity disks that defy the laws of physics. I just find it hard to believe that people in control of this super advanced technology would allow the previous scenario to happen.


With an antigravity beam or device, you could alter the course of any object, no matter how large. I mean they may be evil men with plans to enslave us all, but even a slave master will fight to save his plantation. Even as slaves and collateral I would think we would have SOME value. So as dire as this scenario may be, it is still more likely that someone will step in to stop it.





Here in North America there are four great threats that have lain dormant for many, many years:

  • The Yellowstone Caldera

  • Mount Rainier

  • The New Madrid Fault

  • The San Andreas Fault

But as the old Chinese proverb goes, when you build your house next to a dragon, it should not matter that the dragon is sleeping.


Eventually he is going to wake up. And these snoozing dragons are about to awaken with a major attitude....