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From: Jonatan Bravo <jonatan252000@...>
Date: Wed Jan 4, 2006 5:34 am
Subject: Sala starting to nail it jonatan252000

Dear Mr. Sala,

You have recently posted a message in which you state that:

"Planet Earth has long had a small cadre of elites who have known the truth about the historical aspects of ETs and these elites have been responsible for administering Earth to supply whatever resources required by their ET masters.”

Is that not what Sitchin has said all along?

One cannot look into the ET issue without taking into account the long historical perspective...

Sitchin has however said that the Anunnaki (i.e. ET) have had their own differences and internal fights which brought a civil war within the ranks of their Earth colonists - with a limited nuclear exchange - on or around 2000 BC.

If this fight for control of the Anunnaki Earth colony resources and may be for ultimate control of the Home World (if it still desperately needs some strategic Earth resources) is still going on to this very day, then one needs to look at the ET issue with another entirely different perspective.

Sitchin says that Anunnakis have created and used homo sapiens for their specific purposes (slave labor, slave soldiers, sex slaves, etc...). There were however always very few Anunnaki on Earth at any given time (a few hundreds). Homo sapiens has now had for some time the ability to procreate (it did not initially have that capacity as is the case for most hybrids in the animal world). This capacity was genetically provided by the Anunnaki because it was too resource intensive to mass produce slave labor in laboratory.

Since the beginning of their civil war and because some of them need a lot of soldiers and a whole lot of slave labor (modern sophisticated version of which is tax payer) to support the underlying industrial effort, homo sapiens may have been allowed to recklessly multiply itself in the billions (when in a war you mainly think about winning the war and not about the long term - you can always clean the place after...).

The civil war has however forced the Earth Anunnaki to go “underground”, i.e. not to openly show themselves as they used to do, for simple security reasons (not to be open targets for the other gang and not to be vulnerable to one of those barbarous human soldiers that they have now provided with weapons on increasing deadliness to fight the other clan’s soldiers).

We may have reached a point where on clan (Marduk-Enki?) is trying to prevent the other clan (Enlil-Anu?) from receiving reinforcements from the Home World? Hence may be the reason why some “Earth states” have developed an SDI capability...

Given that the “pure” Anunnaki lifespan is so much longer (Sitchin says that it is over half a million Earth years) than that of their artificially engineered short-term biological slaves (remember the Blade Runner film scenario), they fight their wars over a much longer period (thousands of Earth years). It is therefore very difficult for humans to understand what is going on. Time simply plays against them and “conveniently erases” so much of their collective memory...

Best Wishes for the New year!


Dr Michael Salla <exopolitics@...> wrote:

Hello Roy, another fine post and I’m glad you are sharing your insights with us all. I agree with all that you say so perhaps what I can do is amplify some of the points you make and throw in my own perspective on others.

You emphasize the James Gilliland passage:

“The mind you use establishes the mind you connect with.”

I agree, this is a critical point and is based on the Hermetic law of Correspondence, like attracts like. One of the reasons the U.S. secret government is in such a mess with the ETs it has established agreements with is that they have attracted into their agreements and interactions, ETs who are as ruthless, calculating and as amoral as the decision makers in the military industrial complex. Any individual or organization that thinks along the lines of chess player trying to guess the potential threat posed by others and ruthlessly maximize one’s own strategic position while undercutting the other at every opportunity is going to attract ETs who are masters at power politics at a galactic level.

At the same time, the decision makers don’t want to lose face with the general public who would attract more principled ETs that would genuinely help humanity forward and enter into an age of Open Contact with ETs. There have been many citizen interactions with benign ETs who genuinely want to assist humanity but these have been consistently blown ‘off by’ the military as many contactees have revealed. In short, the military industrial complex and their financial backers have blown it as far as First Contact is concerned and they are doing their best to hide this from the general public in terms of overplaying the threat element posed by ETs.

You say:

“Anyhow, this looks to me like a part of the government disclosure propaganda to produce a FALSE THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE.”

I agree that everything leaked by government insiders has an element of spin with it that plays upon the threat element. So whether it’s planet Serpo and its Ebens, Dan Burisch and his J-Rods, or Charles Hall and his Tall Whites, in each case the revelations can easily take the direction of a threat posed by ETs and the need for a military response based on a budget that stretches into the trillions. The general population will be given the ‘privilege’ of learning a twisted distorted version of the ET presence which will be the ‘official announcement’ of First Contact, so all can fall in line and continue to produce for and approve the military juggernaut being created to deal with the concocted ‘ET threat’.

You then point out the generally overlooked historical dynamic that confront us:

“This “Invasion from Outer Space” scenario overlooks the fact that planet earth has ALREADY been invaded by deceivers long ago and taken over to a large extent by certain elitists in collaboration with specific alien reptile species who need our assent and collaboration to carry out their control.”

This is an important insight and something that many ‘exopolitical/UFO’ researchers overlook who produce their own “all ETs are friendly benevolent spin”. This is carried to ridiculous levels as these researchers dismiss all evidence pointing to some ETs playing a nefarious role in human affairs. Planet Earth has long had a small cadre of elites who have known the truth about the historical aspects of ETs and these elites have been responsible for administering Earth to supply whatever resources required by their ET masters.


The Illuminati represent the human elites who are the front men for this historical ET presence that harvests humanity and the planet. The United States is the new kid on the block and there is tension between those elements in the American military that still believes in a document called the U.S. Constitution, and the European based Illuminati who historically have called the shots when it comes to Earth politics, control global finance, and ready to make their next deal to preserve their power and privileged positions.

There are multiple layers to the ET presence and various human elites and organizations involved in:

  • managing ET affairs

  • coordinating the public response

  • concocting the next threat scenario that will justify more trillions being spent on the military industrial complex

In contrast to the overwhelming advantages in resources and technical knowledge possessed by the military industrial complex and their financial masters/partners (Illuminati, etc.), those of us on the outside bring to bear own personal qualities based on integrity, ethics, compassion, etc. Rather than being ineffective in the grand chess game of Exopolitics, such personal qualities draw into the Earth game ET forces that resonate with these qualities (law of correspondence), thereby helping level the playing field. Collectively, those of us on the outside are far more powerful than we realize and the work that lies ahead is for us to realize this so we can bring some order and balance to an ET presence that has long been mismanaged. As we network and share information we can deal with the multiple challenges that lie ahead as the true nature of the ET presence and the historic control system emerge into the public consciousness.

We have our work cut out for us. However, through the personal qualities we bring into the chess board, we do have a very powerful impact since we draw in like minded ET forces who can genuinely assist us. We should never despair of the transformative power we collectively wield even though we have few resources in the military and financial sphere to challenge the controllers. Transforming the chess game of Exopolitics into something more to our liking is very possible and why groups such as p4c are so important as we sift through a bewildering assortment of information to discern what can help us as opposed to what will entrap us.

So thank you Roy for sharing your insights. I wish you and all p4c members a Happy New Year.