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From: Dr Michael Salla
Date: 12/28/05 15:29:06
Subject: [exopolitics] James Gilliland on Censorship

Aloha all, here's a message from James Gilliland with many important insights about the kinds of reports the UFO community is willing to investigate. The extensive number of UFO sightings at his Mt Adams ranch are routinely ignored by the UFO community regardless of the documentary evidence he supplies for these.

James will be speaking at the June 2006 ET Civilizations and World Peace Conference. 

In peace,
Michael E. Salla, PhD





More On Censorship

by James Gilliland


I have written a lot on censorship especially concerning the field of UFOs.


What is sad is it is not coming from outside the UFO community it is coming from the inside. ABC, FOX News, The History and Discovery Channel have all aired the ongoing UFO activity here at the ranch. In fact next to Mexico it is probably the most well known UFO hotspot on the planet. There is a long history of UFO activity going back to the Native American Lore, Kenneth Arnold sightings where the UFOs descended on the western slopes of Mt Adams followed by the honorable Dr. J Alan Hynek with a myriad of investigators.

There have been so many investigations in the area they are to numerous to mention. Now with over 3000 eyewitnesses and a boat load of physicists, air force design engineers, air traffic controllers.


Pilots and professional people from all walks of life seeing the UFOs first hand one has to wonder why this is not getting any air time in the UFO community. The abduction, government cover-up as well as the black projects and long distant past events keep getting air time while what is happening now goes ignored. We have beaten Roswell into the ground.

Over 80% of the people now believe UFOs are real and there is a government cover-up but who and what are they covering up? It has gone far beyond whether UFOs are real it is time to take the next step and awaken to who they are and what are their intentions. Keeping it dark and in the past is the cover-up and the ones with the real knowledge usually get a one time shot to give their message and then the jealousy, the disinformation and the censorship takes over.

If I were to say they are abducting people, sticking needles into their brains, inserting straws and sucking their brains out then making a human soup I would be speaking everywhere.


If I were to write about the past cover-ups or tell everyone they are going to beam you up and take you to another planet where you will have all your desires met and don't worry about the mess you made of this planet they will clean it all up I would get top billing. People want to know the rest of the story. There are extremely spiritually and technologically advanced ETs out there better known as the greater family of man. They have watched us for thousands of years.


They are living within the Earth, walking among us in some cases, some are interstellar while others are ultradimensional.



The Earth was a colony


Atlantis and Lemuria or MU were colonies initiated from the Pleiades and added to as time went on joined by other Star Nations.


There was a human developing naturally on Earth, a knuckle dragger while all this was going on. When the Earth went through its cataclysms some left and are now returning. It is the Earth's destiny to reunite with the greater family of man throughout the universe. In the beginning some of the contacts were with lesser evolved ETs yet that is coming to a close.


Your government participated in this and is well aware of it. Many within your government are not aware of the more advanced races. Even many of the psychics and remote viewers fall short of connecting with these more advanced entities.

The mind you use establishes the mind you connect with. Those with pure intent which are service oriented are the ones that do make contact. If you have ego desires, the need for acceptance and approval outside of self or desires of fame and recognition you will not be able to rise to the level it takes to contact the spiritually and technologically advanced ETs.


In other words your knowledge will be limited yet there are those out there in their pompousness who want you to think their truth is the end all concerning UFOs. They will attack all other truths that go beyond their box. It takes an open mind, a loving heart and pure intent to maintain contact with the higher entities. Self aggrandizement and arrogance does not cut it in this arena nor does wallowing in ones own self importance. The me and I did this and that has to give way to we and service to others. Those who are for real and carry the knowledge are a threat to those that do not.

Those who keep the censorship and disinformation going, love the fighting and competition. They love those willingly and in ignorance who are giving the misinformation. They want to keep it all in the past, dark and ominous and you will see those who play this game getting all the press. Why?


Because they own the press and unfortunately have infiltrated almost every UFO group and reporting center on the planet. The one thing they forgot is your soul memories which are coming forward. Guess what? You know all this on a soul level. In fact you were once them. Yes, little old you once lived in the stars, other planes and dimensions.


Many of you actually lived in the colonies and built the monuments that to this day modern man cannot duplicate. You once had very advanced technology the knowledge of which is also resurfacing. This is all coming forward in what we call the quickening or vibrational lifting process. Your books will open to you and you will remember that you are truly vast eternal beings and have a legacy that is outrageous.

Enjoy the journey. It will come one way or another despite the petty attempts to censor it. Now you know why I have not been appearing at many of the conferences and have built my own conference center.


It is for those who want to go forward, realize and become self aware and self empowered with out all the distractions.

Be well

James Gilliland

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Serpo and the Ebens Nestingwave

Group Message  17763

by Roy Smith




From: Roy Smith <nestingwave@...>
Date: Fri Dec 30, 2005 7:34 pm
Subject: Serpo and the Ebens nestingwave

Hello Michael and all,

Thanks for the (above) article by James Gilliand. He has a sentence that is of extreme importance in understanding what's going on.

"The mind you use establishes the mind you connect with."

This is the universal principle of "like attracts like."

ET is a mirror and the connections we make come from the conscious, the sub-conscious and the super-conscious. Sometimes when we see ourselves we reel in horror - other times we catch an ecstatic glimpse of our infinite potential. In any case, we are stretched beyond our limitations by this UFO/ETI phenomena. We are dealing here with past, present, and future ALL AT ONCE. This requires quite a bit of dimensional expansion and requires practice and exercise and most of all (as you have said) DISCERNMENT.

The first time I saw "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", I excitedly declared,


Deeply inside, I was sure of it. After contemplating it for several years, I am now more cautious and less reactive.

Looking back on this, I am quite surprised that I reacted in this way. My "gut" feeling was that there was a message in CE3 intended to permeate our collective consciousness - we used to think that way about the Beatles too. Why did I react this way? Did it have anything to do with my own CE experience in 1967? On some level, I desperately wanted it to be true. Everyone knows we absolutely must have a new perspective. Our very survival is at stake. Is the answer to look outward - or inward? Or - is the answer to learn the relationship between the outward and inward and learn to balance the two? That seems reasonable.

Along comes revelations about project Serpo and the Ebens. Are they revelations? Or disinformation with a purpose?

Here's why at the present time (until confronted with better info) I consider Serpo to be very strong (and negative) disinformation: there are keys in this story put out on the internet that indicate a cunning setup. I could make a list of the ones I see, but you probably already have your own. For example, can you imagine a scientific exchanged program in which the scientists do not carry a single microscope with them??? Isn't that bit of disinfo obvious?

Michael, you recently said,

"Many informed insiders agree that the general story of an alien exchange is based on actual events but that details have been deliberately falsified."

May I ask? WHY do these "informed insiders" (whoever they are) agree that actual events are at the basis of this story? Leading up to this is a mythology AND A MOVIE that has absolutely NO hard evidence at all. Could this be a part of the "spin" of "government" disclosure that you spoke of? Any so-called "government insider" is suspect to me.

It is probably obvious to you and others that the story being told about "Serpo" is, in many respects, ridiculous and contradicted by the experiences of other contactees, not to mention just plain horse sense - and - it appears that there are "clues" woven into the story which any astute researcher will recognize that prove this to be disinformation. What's going on?

I would be willing to bet that if any documents about this eventually show up, they will also contain the same story. Disinformation abounds. Documents are faked. Pictures too. Why?

Here is a possible answer.

Michael, you have said in the past that disclosure revealed by government sources is SPUN to psychologically direct public belief.

What spin?

Simple. The "belief" that UFOs and ETIs represent a huge LOMING THREAT to planet earth. This is to justify spending billions (if not trillions) on SPACE WEAPONS. What kind of weapons? PARTICLE BEAM weapons. hmmm - the same type weapons that reportedly the Ebens used to recently DESTROY their enemies - i.e. WIPE THEM OUT.


Interesting that the aliens reportedly had a huge space war and KILLED their enemy. We also know from the story that they recently MOVED to Serpo, which is not their original planet.

Curious - WERE THE "ENEMY" the original residents of Serpo? Are the "friendly" aliens from planet Serpo actually hungry predators who eye planet earth as an even better future home and thus promote global warming (they hate the cold) ? WAR OF THE WORLDS propaganda is preparing us psychologically to FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR - yet once again. DESPOTIC BULLSHIT! That's my opinion.

This could be the propaganda of the present NWO to convince earth population that we need to spend a few trillion to protect ourselves. It would be TOTALLY FALSE. It would be nothing but a continuation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, N. Korea and who knows where else. In fact, it could easily replace all those and "unify" the human race - as Reagan imagined out loud in his childish pre-Alzheimer's sort of way.

Is the government plan to release this disinfo to the public and then FAKE A UFO INVASION because the "Eben" had been deceiving us all along? Why would the government do that? -- for much the same reasons that the present wars have been initiated?? That makes some sense to me. How about you?

Hasn't anyone yet figured out that ETI has us completely OUTGUNNED and if the earth human concept of "warfare" where one faction does their best to kill the other faction was the issue - WE'D ALL BE DEAD ALREADY. Yet - the truth is - WAR IS PROFITABLE FOR POWER AND $$$ which is the tyranny of those who CONTROL the wars which are NEVER about what the advertisements say.

What does the word "Serpo" closely connect with in the collective consciousness of our western culture?? WHO is the deceiver??

Yep, thars a snake in the woodpile somewhere!

One thing I've learned about the occult - they always insert "hidden" messages into their writings that disguise but allude to - the real truth. It is a kind of mocking of us inferior genetic low lives. They really get a big laugh out of it. Some researchers have compared it to an enjoyable video game for merciless (but very smart) reptiles.

Anyhow, this looks to me like a part of the government disclosure propaganda to produce a FALSE THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. Our government IS controlled by secret societies you know.


This, of course, is in the interest of those trying to establish a tyrannical one world government - a "new world order" where human liberty is no more and genocide of "useless eaters" (which is already underway) becomes the open and accepted method of population reduction and control.


Also, in such a NWO, every citizen would be CHIPPED for "national security" reasons. Most will gladly accept it without question - those that do question it can become part of the population reduction. With beheading, the organs can be harvested and transplanted to "save" others who are more willing contributors to the whole NWO plan. There are actually insane people who think this way. Some of them are at the highest levels of government.

I know this is a part of the plan because I've read the documents put out by the Club of Rome clearly stating it. Here is a direct quote,


That's pretty clear isn't it? Condoms and family planning won't do it any more and planet earth is being swamped by sheer numbers breeding like flies and being encouraged to do so by religion.

You see, the "threat" is not from "outer-space" but IS ALREADY HERE. So, the question is: what are we going to do about it?

Also, evidence seems to indicate that AIDS was a genetically engineered disease with those same goals of population reduction in mind. This is the fare of cold and calculating self-serving reptiles - clever, smart and even beautiful as they may appear.

This "Invasion from Outer Space" scenario overlooks the fact that planet earth has ALREADY been invaded by deceivers long ago and taken over to a large extent by certain elitists in collaboration with specific alien reptile species who need our assent and collaboration to carry out their control. This may be the final push to get ALL of mankind ready to accept the great deception. Our collective consciousness is READY for some kind of UFO "disclosure" - and - we are GULLIBLE - a perfect setup for the new conmen.

I and a few others are expecting a HUGE UFO DECEPTION to manifest soon. Even Billy Meier believes in that possibility and I agree. To many it will be the "disclosure" they have waited for - but - IT WILL COME FROM THE GOVERNMENT.


Any truthful disclosure will have to come from the benevolent ETs themselves.

Of course, there are still quite a few people who actually BELIEVE what their government tells them. In the UFO community they tend to believe anyone who claims to be a rebel "government insider." People who believe this propaganda seem to have no idea that the controllers take BOTH SIDES OF EVERY ISSUE and thus CONTROL the direction of the issues and create chaos and confusion in their wake to hide their true intentions.

I'm sure you and many on this forum have heard of NESARA - the National Economic Security And Reformation Act. It seems (on the surface) to have ALL the answers to this present tyranny - BUT - WARNING my friends. Is NESARA actually the NWO plan? Is NESARA a lake of truth to disguise a pint of poison?

The "channelers" admittedly HAVE BRAIN IMPLANTS and reportedly receive channeled info via a direct SHORT WAVE RADIO BROADCAST INTO THEIR BRAINS. Is that done by black-ops agents sitting in a van parked a block away? Why is it that those channelers never imagine that such could be the case and utterly reject such a possibility. I've confronted them with this and they completely REJECT such an idea as ridiculous. hmmm...

I don't know about you, but I'm VERY suspicious of anyone receiving so-called "Divine" messages through an implant! As far as I know, God/Creation certainly hasn't needed that up until now and, in fact, WARNS YOU AGAINST SUCH ABDICATION OF ONES HUMAN WILL over to a "trusted" source.

I never read anything about Billy Meier having an implant but if anyone has such info please share it and document it. In my experience and in the experience of many other contactees, ETI uses TELEPATHY - not short-wave. Do I misunderstand something here? If so, let me know.

I respond to much of this information coming from many sources. Does that mean I TOO have a brain implant? Does anyone know of a cheap way of finding out?

Of course, you are familiar with the "Phoenix Journals." Some believe them to be direct from God and the angels, others believe them to be a direct plagiarism of Billy Meier's contacts and especially the TJ which was discovered much earlier than the short-wave "channeling" of the "Phoenix Journals" during the ‘90s.

Both the TJ and the PJ contain parallel "information" as well as differences. Either the persons channeling the PJ stole the info from Billy Meier - or -  there is a universal broadcast going out which is being interpreted (and misinterpreted) by those pondering these questions.

Is there anyone reading this who thinks brain implants are positive??? Sounds like the most evil kind of sorcery imaginable to me but I do concede that most of my feeling about that comes from my Judeo/Christian background which I find to be more and more untrustworthy in many respects. However, I DO NOT want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


The Bible STILL contains tremendous truth. Truth which I and others have verified for ourselves personally. The same is true for the TJ - and for the Phoenix Journals - which is an astounding document no matter where it came from. In regard to the latter, I'm quite a bit skeptical of their connection with theosophy, Mormonism and all those "spiritual hierarchies." At the bottom of so many of these things there seems to exist - ELITISM - ARROGANCE - and - the idea of a "special/chosen" seed - and - the idea of a "bad" seed.


I personally think that any ancient genetic manipulation of the human race - or - a bloodline of celestial genes from "Jesus Christ" - or - the "fall of man" due to genetic engineering does not indicate a spiritual hierarchy of rank - but, then again, I'm very suspicious of ALL POPERY whatever form it takes.

Since my own close encounters verify much of the information along with other sources, I tend to think that there is indeed a "universal broadcast" being poured out upon the earth and it is up to US to discern what it means and that will determine how it effects us. The opposition try's to distort the information much the same way universal truth has ALREADY been distorted via man-made religions of whatever ilk.

One of the main things about that distortion is the creation of a "high/low" clergy/laity system - a true abomination in my estimation. In the end, WE must discern and apply. No one can do that for us. We must ponder both sides of every issue.

This approach seems to be very good for our "evolutionary" muscles. Perhaps this is what benevolent ETs have in mind.



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Project Serpo Reflections

by Dr Michael Salla




From: Dr Michael Salla
Date: 01/01/06 13:43:53
Subject: [exopolitics] Happy New Year and Project Serpo Reflections

Happy New Year and festive seasons greeting to all. I want to share this cross post from the prepare4contact forum that might stimulate some constructive New Year reflections and resolutions. I'm responding to a post by another p4c member concerning Project Serpo, the EBENs and the concoction of an extraterrestrial invasion threat. The member's original post is reprinted above or available online at: http//


Michael Salla, PhD



----- Original Message -----
From: Dr Michael Salla
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 7:18 AM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: Serpo and the Ebens

Hello Roy, another fine post and I'm glad you are sharing your insights with us all. I agree with all that you say so perhaps what I can do is amplify some of the points you make and throw in my own perspective on others.

You emphasize the James Gilliland passage:

"The mind you use establishes the mind you connect with."

I agree, this is a critical point and is based on the Hermetic law of Correspondence, like attracts like. One of the reasons the U.S. secret government is in such a mess with the ETs it has established agreements with is that they have attracted into their agreements and interactions, ETs who are as ruthless, calculating and as amoral as the decision makers in the military industrial complex.


Any individual or organization that thinks along the lines of chess player trying to guess the potential threat posed by others and ruthlessly maximize one's own strategic position while undercutting the other at every opportunity is going to attract ETs who are masters at power politics at a galactic level.

At the same time, the decision makers don't want to lose face with the general public who would attract more principled ETs that would genuinely help humanity forward and enter into an age of Open Contact with ETs. There have been many citizen interactions with benign ETs who genuinely want to assist humanity but these have been consistently blown ‘off by' the military as many contactees have revealed.


In short, the military industrial complex and their financial backers have blown it as far as First Contact is concerned and they are doing their best to hide this from the general public in terms of overplaying the threat element posed by ETs.

You say:

"Anyhow, this looks to me like a part of the government disclosure propaganda to produce a FALSE THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE."

I agree that everything leaked by government insiders has an element of spin with it that plays upon the threat element. So whether it's planet Serpo and its Ebens, Dan Burisch and his J-Rods, or Charles Hall and his Tall Whites, in each case the revelations can easily take the direction of a threat posed by ETs and the need for a military response based on a budget that stretches into the trillions.


The general population will be given the ‘privilege' of learning a twisted distorted version of the ET presence which will be the ‘official announcement' of First Contact, so all can fall in line and continue to produce for and approve the military juggernaut being created to deal with the concocted ‘ET threat'.

You then point out the generally overlooked historical dynamic that confront us:

"This "Invasion from Outer Space" scenario overlooks the fact that planet earth has ALREADY been invaded by deceivers long ago and taken over to a large extent by certain elitists in collaboration with specific alien reptile species who need our assent and collaboration to carry out their control."

This is an important insight and something that many ‘exopolitical/UFO' researchers overlook who produce their own "all ETs are friendly benevolent spin". This is carried to ridiculous levels as these researchers dismiss all evidence pointing to some ETs playing a nefarious role in human affairs.


Planet Earth has long had a small cadre of elites who have known the truth about the historical aspects of ETs and these elites have been responsible for administering Earth to supply whatever resources required by their ET masters.


The Illuminati represent the human elites who are the front men for this historical ET presence that harvests humanity and the planet. The United States is the new kid on the block and there is tension between those elements in the American military that still believes in a document called the U.S. Constitution, and the European based Illuminati who historically have called the shots when it comes to Earth politics, control global finance, and ready to make their next deal to preserve their power and privileged positions.

There are multiple layers to the ET presence and various human elites and organizations involved in managing ET affairs; coordinating the public response; and concocting the next threat scenario that will justify more trillions being spent on the military industrial complex.

In contrast to the overwhelming advantages in resources and technical knowledge possessed by the military industrial complex and their financial masters/partners (Illuminati, etc.), those of us on the outside bring to bear own personal qualities based on integrity, ethics, compassion, etc. Rather than being ineffective in the grand chess game of Exopolitics, such personal qualities draw into the Earth game ET forces that resonate with these qualities (law of correspondence), thereby helping level the playing field.


Collectively, those of us on the outside are far more powerful than we realize and the work that lies ahead is for us to realize this so we can bring some order and balance to an ET presence that has long been mismanaged. As we network and share information we can deal with the multiple challenges that lie ahead as the true nature of the ET presence and the historic control system emerge into the public consciousness.

We have our work cut out for us. However, through the personal qualities we bring into the chess board, we do have a very powerful impact since we draw in like minded ET forces who can genuinely assist us.


We should never despair of the transformative power we collectively wield even though we have few resources in the military and financial sphere to challenge the controllers.


Transforming the chess game of exopolitics into something more to our liking is very possible and why groups such as p4c are so important as we sift through a bewildering assortment of information to discern what can help us as opposed to what will entrap us.

So thank you Roy for sharing your insights. I wish you and all p4c members a Happy New Year.

Aloha, Michael

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