by Michael E. Salla, PhD
November 27, 2004

from Exopolitics Website

I recently received a message from one of Richard Boylanís lists discussing his views on the Tall Whites discussed in Charles Hallís memoirs, Millennial Hospitality, vol 1-3. (The message is copied HERE).


I find it quite disturbing that Boylan has moved quickly to unambiguously promote the Tall Whites discussed in the Charles Hall book to his various lists. Since Boylan has large lists and therefore has some influence in shaping the perceptions of a quite a number of people about different ET races, Iíd like to elaborate a little on an earlier post in a discussion forum where I discussed the Tall Whites and Boylanís advocacy of them.


Let me also reaffirm my earlier view that Hallís information is an accurate reflection of what occurred at Nellis Air Force base during his Tour of Duty and therefore deserves serious attention.


The researcher Paola Harris has thoroughly investigated Hallís claims and finds him to be credible making this an important case to fully understand in terms of its exopolitical significance.

Hall describes the Tall Whites as quite intimidating in terms of behavior and how they regularly stalked military servicemen on duty at the remote desert location where Hall served. The Tall Whites regularly caused powerful emotions of fear and even terror among the military servicemen who didnít understand these Extraterrestrials or werenít ready to interact with them in a friendly way.


Yet the Tall Whites were also capable of exhibiting friendship qualities and of being teachers as in the case of Hall.

Iíve now completed the first two volumes of Hallís memoirs and so far the behavior of the Tall Whites strikes me as very similar to abductee/experiencer reports of the behavior of the íTall Grayí category of ETs (the following references give the volume and page numbers from his book).


There is an arrogance in the disposition of the Tall Whites and a contempt for humans displayed in their interactions with military servicemen who didnít understand them or were frightened by them. This is similar to how 'Tall Graysí supervise many abductions and control/punish humans who resist the genetic experiments.

Hall for example describes one Tall White female who wanted to kill a military servicemen who unknowingly had hit her child with a stone and broke the childís arm. The serviceman threw a stone at what he thought was a white dog stalking him around his hut based.


Since the Tall Whites often stalked the servicemen, many serviceman thought they were wild animals and were quite frightened of them. The incident led to the Tall White threatening the servicemen with death if he didnít leave immediately and promise to never return.


This is how the serviceman in question described the incident to Hall:

I tried to reason with her. I told her that I hadnít broken any little boyís arm and that I liked to play with kids. She wouldnít hear any of it. She told met that I was too stupid to know what I had done.


Then she told me that the American generals had asked that I be given one warning before she and her friends killed me. She said that this was the warning. She said that if I ever came back out to the ranges alone, their Captain would kill me. (vol 1, p. 247)

Other servicemen had similar negative encounters with the íTall Whitesí. One incident in particular is very revealing since it involved a cook at the Army Base who inadvertently went into the kitchen area on a day where the base was closed. He was threatened with death because he simply frightened some of the Tall White children. So thereís wasnít any broken bones or hurting of the children, he simply scared them.


Hereís how Charles 'Charlie Bakerí Hall described the incident as the cook narrated what happened:

"Theyíre back there, Charlie. Donít go back there. Youíll scare them like I did. Theyíll kill you if you scare them. They told me so. That tall one in the corner, he told me so. He said heíd kill me if I ever scared their children again" (vol 1, p. 469).

Well Boylan makes a point in his post below about the Tall Whites using 8" microwave stun guns to incapacitate people. Well stunning humans is not apparently the Tall White practice as revealed in the following section where a female Tall White is talking about how Charles Hall saved her daughter to an Air Force General:

"You know general, before now, I would have never thought it possible. If my daughter had tried to approach any of the others, the way she walked right up to Charlie today, they would have panicked and we would have had to kill them all" (vol 1, p. 452).

If the Tall Whites are so humane with their stun guns, why would they have to kill all the panicking soldiers rather than just stun them as Boylan describes?

Now Charles Hall saved the life of a Tall White child whose mother was a 'Teacherí and subsequently he became known as the 'Teacherís Petí in a project she started to get Tall White children used to humans.


This is how the 'teacherí introduced 'Charlieí to the mothers of some Tall White children:

"This is 'Charlie Baker,í [Hall]" the teacher stated proudly. "He is just perfect for my pet project. See how gentle he is, and see how easily we can control him" (vol 1, p. 448).

So itís clear how controlling these Tall White ETs are, and the condescending attitude they have for even those humans who have done them a service.


Nevertheless, the role Hall played in the teacherís project gave him a certain value as the "teacherís pet" which meant that the Tall Whites would kill other servicemen who may have threatened the life of Charles Hall in the sensitive security environment surrounding the Tall Whites base of operations.


In the following passage, a Sergeant narrates to fellow military security guard the consequences, according to a Tall White known as íHarryí, if they threatened the "teacherís pet". Apparently, in a security drill they had drawn their guns on someone claiming to be the "teacherís pet":

Harry said the Real teacherís Pet is too valuable for us to ever draw our guns on him.


He said if the Real Teachersís pet were ever killed, he could never be replaced. Old Harry said that if Sam and me had been facing the Real Teacherís Pet, once we actually pointed our guns at him, or once he fell to the ground, both of use would have been killed instantly, before we were even aware that we were being fired on. He said those were the direct orders heíd received from the Teacher. He said both Sam and me would have been killed without warning and that neither of our guns would have ever fired. (vol 2. 179).

Yet despite having saved the teacherís child and being the "teacherís pet" would not save Hall if he inadvertently hurt a child in the teacherís project as evidenced by a mother talking to her Tall White son in front of Hall:

"Alright", replied his mother, "You may join the teacherís pet project. Remember! Do not get too close to him, and remember, if anything ever goes wrong, if Charlie ever touches you, I will ask your uncle Harry to kill him (vol 1, p.449).

Hall was also threatened with death if he in some way interfered with the plans by the Tall Whites as described in the following conversation with a Tall White who was guarding a procession of Tall Whites while Hall was present :

Then the Guard said forcefully, "You know that if anything goes wrong with this plan we can kill you any time we want to."


Standing my ground still shaking in fear, I replied, "Yes, but I haven'tí given you any reason to kill me. Anyway, you havenít killed me yet so you are probably not going to." The guard smiled and replied, "You are quite right. We could have killed you in the shack the other night if we wanted to."


Then he turned and walked back to the procession. Stopping for a minute near the shorter woman he said: "See. Now he knows for sure that we will kill him if anything ever goes wrong. (vol 2, p. 113.)

Finally, if there is any doubt in the readerís mind as to whether the Tall Whites actually kill humans who disobey/threaten them, hereís a section describing what was told by one sergeant to another who were part of a military group that occupied a Lt-General at a high level meeting with the Tall Whites:

"Tell them [a group of sergeants] to remember the teacher has ordered them to stay out of sight behind the lounge. Remember if they disobey the teacherís orders, she will kill them as she killed the others, and there is nothing I can do about it." (vol 1, p. 447)

So here we have a very brutal doctrine of killing military servicemen who disobey orders and that this has occurred in the past.

Now as to the identity of the 'Tall Whitesí. Hall points to Arcturus as their origins as implied in the following passage where Hall is addressing a group of tall Whites:

A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus, some 36 light years away. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, "Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?" (vol 2, p. 147)

However the intimidating behavior of the Tall Whites is not at all consistent with descriptions Iíve seen of the Arcturians. If there is some connection with Arcturus, it may be purely genetic as the Tall Grays have a reputation for extracting genetic material from different races.


The Arcturian connection may have been no more than a period where Arcturians were involuntarily taken on board Gray ships and incorporated into their genetic experiments in much the same way that humans are taken up by Grays on Earth. Thus Gray-human hybrids may be taken to other solar systems and claim to be Earthlings, yet this is purely a genetic connection.

Now as to the Nordic appearance of the Tall Whites, again, this is likely due to some genetics taken from a Nordic race.


For example, George Andrews describes in his book, Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes (p. 153), how a contactee was told how the Grays allegedly took over the Nordic world on Procyon as follows:

"The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groupsÖ.


Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques Ö they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders.


Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed."

Hall mentions in his book that the Tall Whites began to establish a presence in the Nevada area in 1954 (vol, p. 236).


This is the same year that Eisenhower met with and established agreements with the Tall Grays from Orion. My conclusion is that the Tall Whites are closely associated with the Tall Grays from Orion. Furthermore, these most likely come from Rigel, Orion which was a former Nordic world taken over by the Grays. Iíve described this incident in my ET Motivations Report.

This accounts for the Tall Whites Nordic features that Hall describes, and their Gray/Reptilian characteristics such as 4 digit hands with two inch claws rather than nails.

My overall conclusion is the same with all the extraterrestrial races who have struck agreements with the US government and established a presence on Earth in exchange for extraterrestrial technology, and working in joint projects. They should be very closely watched and frankly regarded with much suspicion in terms of their motivations for participating in such agreements.


Now given the disturbing behavior of the Tall Whites as Hall describes them, frankly Iím appalled that a researcher such as Boylan would consider such a race as exemplary Star Visitors which we should befriend, as he is currently advocating.

As Iíve described in my Report on extraterrestrial motivations, there are many other extraterrestrial races who are more honorable and display much more elevated qualities. Reading the 'contacteeí reports of these extraterrestrials Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrans, etc., doesnít leave one with feelings of distrust and apprehension. On the contrary one often feels a great degree of love and joy, coming through.


For example, I recall reading George Adamskiís discussion of the íVenusiansí and how they would rather give their lives when cornered rather than inflict injuries on other sentient life forms.


It sounds very Christ-like, and while I donít personally agree that such an attitude is very practical, it does have an emotional impact to know that some ETs actually practice elevated ethics that most would consider Christ-like. The contrast with the 'Tall Whitesí Hall describes couldnít be greater.

Importantly, contactees such as
Billy Meier, Alex Collier, Enrique Castillo, etc., say that the Pleiadian and Andromedan extraterrestials they interacted with, warned about working with the Grays who have a reputation for infiltrating worlds and taking them over and using the captive population for genetic material.

This finally takes me to
Richard Boylan who is now openly advocating his supporters to establish telepathic communications with the Tall Whites in a series of experiments. As one can see from his post he doesnít mention the disturbing incidents described in Hallís book, and just gives a glowing assessment of the Tall Whites, and the need to get in touch with them.

Boylan has consistently ignored all the evidence of negative behavior by the Grays and other ET races such as the Reptilians, and criticized researchers or 'abducteesí who have pointed out the negative behavior. Iíve written a short piece some time ago pointing out the flaws in Boylanís research approach in doing this, but he has not taken the hint to change tack. (

Boylan is essentially behaving like a propagandist for the Tall Whites ignoring the negative incidents involving the Tall Whites which were reported by Hall himself. This is spinning of the information something Boylan has down with other whistleblowers such as Michael Wolf.


Paola Harris for example interviewed Wolf and found that he responded to a question on the benevolent/hostile ET issue in terms of an 'alien barrierí that quarantines the Earth in the following way:

"The negative ETs might get through occasionally, and that is what anti-alien UFOlogists point out."

(The Earth Must Survive! ... - The Michael Wolf Tapes II - April 1999)

Now Dr Wolf is here acknowledging the existence of negative ETís so it certainly is not disinformation to posit negative extraterrestrials unless Dr Wolf himself is spreading disinformation.


Yet Boylan has been careful not to acknowledge this information or allow it to be distributed on his lists. He has done similar things with other whistleblowers such as Robert Dean and Clifford Stone who refer to negative extraterrestrials.

To summarize, Boylan is dismissing the negative incidents described in the Hall book and giving an upbeat assessment of the more positive interactions of the Tall Whites. Boylan is now acting as a Tall White propagandist, and advocating them as a kind of exemplary model of 'Star Visitorsí that we should eagerly seek to cultivate.

In conclusion, the Tall Whites are likely a genetic variation of the Tall Grays, and most likely originate from the Rigel star system of Orion where a Nordic world was allegedly infiltrated and taken over according to the testimonies of a number of contactees. This Nordic world whose genetic material is used along with other races such as the Arcturians is used to build hybrids that ultimately appear to be Nordic ETs, but are much closer to the 'Tall Graysí and their questionable agendas.

The Tall Whites should be treated with extreme caution and suspicion. I recommend that individuals choose to establish contact with more benign extraterrestrial races such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans who donít have a track record in abductions or intimidating humans.


The thought experiments Richard Boylan is advocating to his members to get in touch with the Tall Grays is based on a propagandized version of the Tall White 'star visitorsí.

In peace