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Dr Wolf on screen as presented by Paola Harris at X-Conference

Paola Harris signing books at X-Conference

"I have had a continuing nightmare. There may be answers to questions I have yet to understand how to posit, postulate. They are clues taking me in the directions me of connections to even more nightmares. These too may be connected to other beings as we are all connected as if by brain wires. Always connected. And I know the answer to the question my nightmare poses: The Earth Must Survive"...

And that is kind of dedicated to you. And I just know the Earth must survive and that is why I have been having all these nightmares. That's maybe what I learned in Fifty years."



The Michael Wolf Tapes II

April 1999

Paola: Hi Michael, how are you?

Michael: I'm fine. Did you get the magazine I sent you?

Paola: Yes I did. The one on Lambda energy?

Michael: The American Association for the advancement of Science calls it the discovery for 1998. Actually it was discovered a long time ago. Einstein couldn't define all the properties of gravity without it, and yet tossed it out. He knew that I had ET experience, as had he. Once he knew this he warmed up to me. Well, he was warm to begin with, but then he really warmed up to me.


And I said,

"May I ask you a question sir?" And I said "why did you discard Lambda?" and he said, "Well, I discarded it because I didn't think it would fit in. But now you know I'm working on gravity and time and space and how gravity figures into it; and the expansion of energy developed by the expansion of galaxies is the one thing I think I missed and, you're right, I think I should've kept it. "

Paola: I understand but Michael, how are you feeling?

Michael: How am I? Well I just been to the doctor, the pain doctor. And he said "you're a very sick man."

Paola: Well, anyway, thank you for doing the conference call on TV in Pescara. It was on a major television network. We had so many calls. They tied up all of the lines. They used my film that I took of you last Christmas. There is such a huge response. Robert Dean who was the other guest talked about you on the show too. It was a TV show where you could call in. And the people were all nice. Nobody was mean. The poor reporter who was doing the interview was in shock when you talked about the firefight at Dulce.

Michael: Oh Well. It's one of the reasons the Alphacom team was given the additional mission of re-establishing diplomatic relations, that this had not quite wiped out, but certainly hurt. You see they didn't take it as badly as we did. ETS cherish their lives, too. Don't be silly. They do. Very much so.


I think this gave the military a kind of taste that things were not going to go well unless we accepted the fact that they were not our prisoners. They volunteered to help us. And that when they make a request to disarm, although it wasn't an order, they believed enlightened enough people would do it.

Paola: That seems reasonable request to me, especially of higher technology people. They would have killed us a long time ago if they really wanted to.

Michael: The thing is, people mistakenly think they're creating a race to knock us off. No! They're creating it for worlds in their own area that have been unclaimed and that there may be atmospheric processing on these new ones, and that there have been generations of them. But this other idea, this colonization business, is straight out of the X files. .

Paola: I know, I know. Michael, I tell you, this is a battle that's going really badly. There is good stuff and there's bad stuff.

Michael: I know. People are waking up all the time, especially if they've read my book.

Paola: Did you hear about that terrible letter against Corso?

Michael: You see, I'm not into ufology. This is something people don't understand. They start reading it and say, my God, what does this have to do with ufology? Where are the documents? Where are the photos? You know that kind of mentality misreads this book. If the Italians are so interested in reading this book, then there should be an Italian translation of it.

Paola: Michael. Maurizio and the Futuro group are doing it! I have to spread the word about you.

Michael: Are you making the arrangements for Corso's book to be published?

Paola: Yes, I already did. But I went through hell to get it translated and out there but the word is out and the people understand all the implications of back-engineered technology.

Michael: The thing is, my book is time sensitive. And all the things that are in the book are now coming out.

Paola: I know, Michael. I know.

Michael: People have to look at the original copyright date of 1993. I should have even put in there, copyright applied for 1987, for God's sake!

Paola: I know, Michael. I know. I'm fighting. I'm having all kinds of problems. But there's another problem I need to talk to you about. I don't want to upset you. But the American labs told Bill Hamilton that the UFO piece is just some piece of silicone and man-made but 100 percent silicone. We are preparing a counter attack from Italy. We have three labs here that looked at the piece, one at the University of Pisa.


They corroborate Michael Hesseman's German analysis. And they say it is 99% silicone and 1% extraterrestrial. It is a super conductor because it exhibits those properties. Very strange! Our labs are more honest than their labs.

Michael: Yeah. But I refuse to believe this happens here. I want to tell Bill Hamilton that silicone is not a conductor. They use it in chips so that the gold wires don't spark. You know, create fields of energy that touch each other.

Paola: 0h Well, I'll tell you what. I'll send you a Xerox of the analysis of it.

Michael: Of what?

Paola: Of the piece you gave Adriano and me to take to Italy . The report that just came out. I'll send you a copy in your mail.

Michael: They have been attacking me for God knows how long. But I still get letters weekly from people who've read the book four times.

Paola: Right. It was a beautiful piece that I gave Bill Hamilton from you. And I could've kept it but I did not.

Michael: On the Electro or gas spectroscopes if you put it on it , you get spikes of that 1 per cent. I've seen the spikes.

Paola: And you are right. And we've done all kinds of research on it in Italy that we have beautiful results.

Michael: Yeah. And that James Courant found credentials I forgotten I had. And also work that I couldn't put in the book.

*** In a conversation with researcher Jim Courant this year, he told me that initially that he had family corroboration until they changed their story after Michael died because of too much media attention. He also checked Michael's schooling and Michael did work on covert programs according to Jim Courant's extensive intelligence contacts.

Paola: All right. I'm sorry. I'm sick of this.

Michael: It's just going to start the whole thing all over again. Did I read you a letter that I got from Philip Stern? From England? That, yes, I did go to MIT? Did I read you that?

Paola: No.

Michael: You see, this guy has top-secret clearance in England, and he has ways of finding out things.


And he said,

"I apologize for being a little quiet on the phone. I am naturally cautious if it feels as if the conversation may run over the bounds of what is restricted. The company I work for will notice certain key words."

His company is one that subcontracts with the military. Normally when dealing with a customer or colleague on classified work, kind of verbal shorthand naturally develops which keeps telephone conversations within regulations.

"As I mentioned I have Secret clearance, which is regular secret, occasional top-secret. You seem intrigued that I turned up a reference to you on the Internet search, when you had been assured that all such traces had been removed. First I have to say that I turned up that page when your book had just been announced, some time before you became a UFO personalities entree.


I had scant details to go on at the time, but thought it would be reasonable to check on claimed academic institutions of possible published extracts. I initially turned up a radio interview that you had done a few years earlier, at least the same subject area. Then I expanded the search out to any MIT reference in the appropriate range of years, and any mention of Michael, or Mike Wolf Kruvant. Bingo. I finally got to the page I mentioned in the e-mail and took a copy."

This was what his letter said so I reported this to my bosses and said, hey, you didn't get everything.

Paola: Michael, for God's sake! Could we get something?

Michael: Wait, hold on! You wouldn't be able to operate like this guy. He has a top-secret clearance.


Let me continue reading from his letter.

"I did not know that your alleged MIT qualifications were in physics. When I found out it was, you gained a substantial amount of credibility. When I went back to find a page in question, a few weeks later, it was gone."

The government must have sensed the activity and erased it. But it was an invitation by a graduate fraternity to attend a reunion.

"The disappearance of the original page within a few weeks actually reinforced your claims of plausible deniability. Of course, your background may be hidden for other reasons. "

Paola: No, Michael, I believe this. Michael, what can't we talk about any of this stuff?

Michael: Well, because I don't think this is anybody's business.

Paola: No, well, I mean it's about the credibility of what you have to say.

Michael: I've got proof here in my hand. I'm just amused at Stanton Friedman's Ufology by bluster.

Paola: It's got to be said. And we're doing it over here in Italy. But it's got to be said in America. I don't know how to get that through.

Michael: America stopped trusting a long time ago. I mean you know the refugee problem. You know the destabilization of Europe, it's just like the Nazis. Yes, it is important to put this dictator in his place.

Paola: Are you talking about Milosevic?

Michael: Yeah. He slaughters and commits more genocide, because that's exactly how Hitler got away with it, by defying the other countries. They figure, well you know, he is going to sign a peace treaty.

Paola: Well, Michael. All Italy is in panic right now. They've been showing this all night, the NATO bases and the planes taking off every 10 minutes. So, this is what I'm living with over here.

Michael: Well, Italy is in the NATO alliance and they don't want this guy to slaughter thousands, if not millions of people, like he did last time.

Paola: Yes, I know.

Michael: With regard to my attacks. I don't want such a defense. I really don't want you to go out of your way to defend me. It's a brick wall! They'll start giving problems, you know, to my Russian relatives, and all over again. They'll call me a dirty man, who changed his name even. (Michael Wolf Kruvant)

Paola: Those of us who met you know something as portrayed in Catchers of Heaven. We know you worked at s-4 and worked on genetics.

Michael: But Stephen G. my screenwriter, when he read this book he just couldn't get it out of his mind. He kept seeing it as a movie. And for six months he and I worked on this to get it right. Not that I threw gasoline and blew up the lab. But what really happened. In case I was accused, I made copies of all the twice-weekly reports saying that this is dangerous, this junction box. It was shunted because of a $5 fuse. It was on back order for six months.


Possibly I said this is going to spark, and there are all kinds of, of, oh, aqua pura, and all kinds of explosive stuff we needed for Genetics. And you don't have a sparking junction box. All you have to do is open one valve and within five minutes the place is going to go sky high. And they were so compartmentalized they didn't have the records that we had there in an additional place. So when it went up, everything went up.

I refuse to redesign a person who would take strict military orders and have no soul. Because God put a soul into him when he was defibrillated. And I saw a flash, and I knew, because when he woke up, he smiled. He didn't, you know, grab the first thing, like a gun, to shoot anybody. As a matter of fact, he wouldn't shoot. They had dog in a cage and ordered him, as a soldier, to shoot the dog. He wouldn't do it.

Paola: That is incredible!

Michael: Well, Philip Mantle knows. UFO UK magazine wrote an article on me, a spectacular article, although they called it "cult radar" instead of "Pulse radar". They said, ah, people wondered what the hell is cult radar? This guy Wolf has a cult, and they have their own kind of radar?

Paola: Of course, not!

Michael: No, of course not! Electromagnetic pulsing by microwaves, which was very top-secret. Still is, really. You know, some of the new radar systems are very secret. And that is one of the things that caused the crash, plus the weather and other things, in Roswell. But of course, Stanton Friedman doesn't believe that. He does believe the idea that maybe two UFOs hit each other.

Paola: Colonel Corso told me that had already seen the bleeps on the radar screen .

Michael: My previous recollection was that that particular Roswell researcher was a man in search of the truth. Until I discovered more about him. He was one of the people I dedicated my book to.

Paola: I know Michael. I just wish people could do more in person "field" research!

Michael: So do I. Then he declared me a fraud. He declared the New England Institute a fraud, when it was giving, through Donna Shiller, Secretary Donna Shiller.(Altered Name) We were giving the University of Minnesota practically a million dollars every year for the frog deformities study because it was in the best interest of national health. Because frogs are an indicator of something that could happen to us. Because frogs process poisons and toxins pretty much the way we do. And if it interferes in their genetics, and then it could interfere in ours.

Paola: That's interesting.

Michael: When we were funding it, no one had ever heard about it. As a matter of fact, they sent me a letter thanking me.

Paola: Thanking you for what?

Michael: For the Institute forwarding them money. The letter said, thank you, for funding these and other human services projects.

Paola: You mean, you gave them money?

Michael: No. I didn't give it to them. The institute did. The institute was also operating as a think tank.

Paola: And you were part of that "think tank?"

Michael: Well, I was the chancellor. So, yeah, I was in the decision making. I funded an article, and I can prove it to you because I have the magazine, where they thanked the New England Institute for Advanced Research for a partial funding. It was an issue which also contained Janusz Slawinski's article called, Electromagnetic Radiation and the Afterlife. This was very controversial in Europe, but not here. This was the first attempt by a scientist to understand what an afterlife would be in terms of electromagnetic energy. Conscious energy.

Paola: You brought up a whole new thing that I am just now looking into.

Michael: Well, the debunkers could say "30 people in Michael's tiny apartment. " You know, I mean - ha ha...

Paola: He doesn't know you have a tiny little apartment! He's never been there!

Michael: Yes, I know

Paola: I know, Michael, you're right. But we have gone over an hour now and this is transatlantic and costly.

Michael: I know but I wrote something specifically for you and I wanted to read it to you. You know I am an innocent among savages. I really am.

Paola: I know Michael. Did you really write something for me?

Michael: You might not like it so don't get emotional. It's going to be in the new book if I ever get it done. Let's see Project control Number. Here it is with a little tab.


This is for Paola.

"I have had a continuing nightmare. There may be answers to questions I have yet to understand how to posit, postulate. They are clues taking me in the directions of connections to even more nightmares. These too may be connected to other beings as we are all connected as if by brain wires. Always connected. And I know the answer to the question my nightmare poses "The Earth Must Survive".

Paola: Michael. I don't know why I feel like the "fifth Element". It is a heavy heavy burden for me because at times I feel I don't have a life.

Michael: What kind of a stupid life do you think I have?

** ( He was in a tiny apartment in Hartford Connecticut, mostly bedridden and isolated)

Paola: I just feel at times that I run like an unbridled freight train.

Michael: You are not an unbridled freight train. You bring people together! You are "the answer" to the question.

Paola: But the burden is so heavy for me.

Michael: You've got to wear it with pride. You MUST wear this with pride! Feel privileged that you have a chance of helping to save the world.

Paola: I have lost many of the people that I worked with. I miss Colonel Corso so much and Allen Hyneck.

Michael: That is really what is bothering you the greatest and he did try to do his job and we are all trying to do the job.

Paola: I will miss you. Promise me that you will never leave.

Michael: I will not leave. The body leaves. I will never leave and I'll always be by you. I will be sending you strength and I have a telephone call.

Paola: Ok. We will talk. By-By

Michael: God Bless you. Goodbye

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