From Reflection magazine

Issue No.9 July/August 1998

ISSN 1326-8414, page 22

In 1942 the famous scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla said,

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

The whole of the Universe is energy and each basic element of the known atomic chart consists of energy at different rates of vibration. The difference between any two elements is the difference in both atomic structure and vibration rates.

There is a frequency or vibration of energy that fills the Universe. This energy is not only beneficial, but also essential to all living cells whether human, plant or animal. Man utilizes this energy with his mind. Every thought is transmitted by this energy. Every aspect of life in the physical depends on this basic energy or power of the Universe.

Spiritual growth is our only purpose and reason for being alive on earth. Each individual must learn how to utilize this energy for spiritual growth and constructive purposes. Constructive use (positive use) of this energy raises the level of consciousness of man and in turn raises his vibration rate or frequency. Every individual has a different rate of vibration. All of manís earthly problems are created by his thought projections. What we project from our mind in the form of thoughts, we create and receive. Spiritual growth requires the elimination of all negative thought, which dissipates "the life force" or vital energy.

Every individual, knowingly or otherwise, makes use of this energy. Our bodies use this energy to heal injuries, to reduce stress and fatigue, and to grow both physically and spiritually. Without exception everyone has the ability to attract as much of this Universal energy as the individualís body and mind require. Unfortunately the seemingly hectic pace of modern life has most of us looking after day to day cares with precious little time to concentrate on attracting sufficient quantities of the vital Universal energy to meet our needs.

Fortunately for millions around the world a gentleman named Ralph Bergstresser had an experience in the 1930s. Ralph was the guest of a maharaja in India. The maharaja had an eight-month-old son that was very sick. Ralph asked his host if he was going to get a doctor. He said, "No, we have sent a man to obtain some holy water from the Ganges River." In three days, the man returned with one gallon of water. They fed the water to the sick child and like magic the child was healed and back to normal.

After the incident Ralph commented:

"To me, a miracle is the inability to understand a scientific fact. How could the water cure the child? That was the problem. It was this incident that triggered my curious mind to find the answer and this led me into the present knowledge."

Ralphís experience with the maharajaís son led him to Dr. Nikola Tesla in the early 1940s. Using the insights gained from Dr. Tesla, Ralph spent the next thirty years experimenting with, and finally developing, a technique of using electricity to alter the resonance of certain materials. Over twenty-five years ago Ralph produced his first "Purple Plate."

The energized plates are to help mankind raise his vibrational rate. Says the inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, the positive energy products attract an energy field around themselves capable of penetrating any material substance.

"This energy is very beneficial to all life Ö plant, animal, or human," he says.

Such energy takes different forms. For instance, scientific research tends to support what a great many gardeners already know: that projecting the positive energy of loving thoughts can make plants thrive more vigorously than usual. Another example of positive energy takes place when a mother lays her hands on a childís injury. Some devotees of Yoga call this "prana," a release of energy, and the pain is relieved. A great many users of the Purple Plates are emphatic that the plates can do the same thing when placed on an injured area of man, plant, or animal.


Most wear them all the time to raise personal energy levels and protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment, and from EMR-producing equipment, e.g.: computers, TVs, etc. They point out that injuries, a burn for example, involves a sudden change to the normal vibration rate of tissue - with accompanying pain. The theory is that the plates help to quickly return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration, so relieving the pain. Users report that when the plates are placed upon burns, cuts, aches and pains in the human body, healing appears to be accelerated, and the pain lessens or disappears.

Two authors have thought so highly of the efficaciousness of the Purple Plates as to break from their tradition and direct their readers to sources of supply of the plates.

After giving details of where to obtain the Purple Plates in her book Linda Goodmanís Star Signs, Linda wrote,

"Under normal circumstances I donít believe itís proper to include this sort of information in a book of this kind, but since I believe itís important to plant the seeds of such Tesla-inspired high frequency harmonics of the golden Age of Aquarius, I know my readers would be cross with me for sharing these esoteric secrets and ancient mysteries without also sharing the knowledge of how they can obtain them for personal experimentation."

In Beyond Ascension - How To Complete The Seven Levels Of Initiation by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D., when referring to "The Purple Positive Energy Plate" Joshua wrote,

"How can you afford not to get one?" He also wrote, "I do not own stock in the company, nor do I know the person who invented them. I am just excited about all the ways this Positive Energy Plate can be used."

Then went on to give address details for obtaining the plates. The Universal Energy of Vibrations is at the very foundation of physical existence, and through scientific innovation, millions of users worldwide are experiencing the help made available through the concentration of this "life force energy."