Even though several years have passed, Dale Alfrey continues to try and recover his lost Tesla notes. He feels that somewhere there exists additional papers and notes, perhaps forgotten in someone's basement or attic. Alfrey has spent a number of hours scouring the Internet seeking people who may have the information he is looking for. Unfortunately, nothing has been found.

It is certain that other missing Tesla documents are still "out there somewhere." According to the book: Tesla - Man Out of Time, in 1928, Tesla's friend, John O'Neill happened to see a legal advertisement in a New York newspaper announcing that six boxes placed in storage by Tesla would be sold by the storage warehouse for unpaid bills.


Feeling that such material should be preserved, O'Neill went to Tesla and asked permission to try and obtain funds to reclaim the material.

"Tesla hit the ceiling," he recalled. "He assured me he was well able to take care of his own affairs. He forbid me to buy them or do anything in any way about them."

Shortly after the inventor died, O'Neill got in touch with Sava Kosanovic, told him about the boxes, and urged him to protect them. He was never able to get a positive statement from Kosanovic that he had obtained the boxes and examined the contents.

"He gave evasive assurances that there was no reason for me to worry."

Despite the incomplete notes that Tesla left behind, Alfrey thinks that he has been able to put together a rough idea of what Tesla was researching and why.


Some of these notes were Tesla's work in vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, strange drawings of unusual vehicles, reactive jet dirigibles and hovercraft and also combination helicopter/airplanes that the inventor designed. Clearly, Tesla is one of the forefathers of both the Harrier jet, which can hover and take off vertically, and the Osprey helicopter-airplane.

After his initial Colorado Springs experiments in 1899, Tesla started experimenting with better radio transmitters and receivers in order to repeat his reception of the anomalous signals he picked up in Colorado. Tesla considered his methods of reception and transmission utilized not Hertzian waves, or what we now refer to as transverse electromagnetic waves (radio), but another type of signal transmission.

He described them as faster-than-light (FTL) longitudinal wave transmissions. Tesla may have been receiving on the ELF spectrum (Extremely Low Frequencies). The ELF spectrum is below the 10 KHz. boundary of internationally regulated frequencies. It is usually considered to be the spectrum of 3 Hz. to 30 Hz. (VLF-3 to 30 KHz.) (ULF-300 to 3000 Hz.) (ELF-3 to 300Hz.). The wavelengths in the ELF range are from 100,000 Km. to 1,000 Km., and the wavelength for the earth's 40,000 Kms. circumference falls within that spread.

Tesla obviously succeeded to such a degree that he was soon receiving voice transmissions. These transmissions he speculated were originating from people on other worlds. Tesla gave a few public hints about these interplanetary transmissions, such as in 1937, he announced:

"I have devoted much of my time during the year past to the perfecting of a new small and compact apparatus by which energy in considerable amounts can now be flashed through interstellar space to any distance without the slightest dispersion."

(New York Times, Sunday, 11 July 1937)

A degree of confirmation of Tesla's interplanetary communications came from Arthur Mathews who claimed that Tesla had secretly developed the "Teslascope" for the purpose of communicating with Mars. Matthews' father was a laboratory assistant to the noted physicist Lord Kelvin back in the 1890s. Tesla once came over to England to meet Kelvin to convince him that Alternating Current was more efficient than Direct. When Matthews was 16 his father arranged for him to apprentice under Tesla.


He eventually worked for him and continued this alliance until Tesla's death in 1943.

"It's not generally known, but Tesla actually had two huge magnifying transmitters built in Canada, and Matthews operated one of them. People mostly know about the Colorado Springs transmitters and the unfinished one on Long Island. I saw the two Canadian transmitters. All the evidence is there.

"The Teslascope is the thing Tesla invented to communicate with beings on other planets. In principle, it takes in cosmic ray signals and eventually the signals are stepped down to audio. Speak into one end, and the signal goes out the other end as a cosmic ray emitter."

With the exception of Matthews statements, there has been no concrete evidence that Tesla managed to communicate with extraterrestrials or whoever was transmitting to Tesla's ELF receiver. It seems that Tesla was on the receiving end only. Nevertheless, Tesla managed to glean a substantial amount of good information from these transmissions, enough to influence his research and inventions for the remaining forty three years of his life.

It was during this period that Tesla found himself ostracized by most of the scientific community. His efforts to interest others in such wild inventions as free-energy, beam weapons, wireless power transmissions, antigravity devices, anti-war shields, resonation and a plethora of others, no doubt led to him being considered a crackpot. Sadly, Tesla had become the apothem of a mad scientist.

Yet, it was obvious that his letters to the government and military had aroused some interest. A young American engineer engaged in war work consulted Tesla on a ballistics engineering problem because he could not get time on an overworked computer, and Tesla's mind was known to offer the nearest thing to it. Soon he became fascinated with Tesla's scientific papers and was allowed to take batches of them home to his hotel room where he and another American engineer pored over them each night. They were returned the next day, a procedure which continued for about two weeks prior to Tesla's death.

Tesla had received offers to work for Germany and Russia. After the inventor died, both engineers became concerned that critical scientific information had fallen into foreign hands and alerted United States security agencies and high government officials.

Just how much of Tesla's work remains hidden in the top secret bowels of the military is unknown. It can be deduced that Tesla's theories of extraterrestrials and global warming were taken seriously by some in high-levels of authority, because it is now known that the United States government and military were the first to give credence that UFOs were spacecraft from other planets.

It is interesting to note that between 1945 and 1948 an exchange of letters and cables occurred among the Air Technical Service Command at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, Military Intelligence in Washington, and the Office of Alien Property.


The subject? Files of the late Nikola Tesla.

On September 5, 1945, Colonel Holliday of the Equipment Laboratory, Propulsion and Accessories Subdivision, wrote to Lloyd L. Shaulis of the OAP in Washington, confirming a conversation and asking for photostatic copies of the notes and papers of the late Tesla. It was stated that the material would be used "in connection with projects for national defense by this department."

Shaulis made the material available to Air Technical Service Command, but there is no record of how many copies were sent. Nor was the material ever returned. These were full photostatic copies, not merely the abstracts. The Navy has no record of Tesla's papers; no federal archives have records of them.

Four months after the photostats had been sent to Wright Field, Col. Ralph Doty, the chief of Military Intelligence in Washington wrote James Markham of Alien Property indicating that they had never been received:

"This office is in receipt of a communication from Headquarters, Air Technical Service Command, Wright Field, requesting that we ascertain the whereabouts of the files of the late scientist, Dr. Nikola Tesla, which may contain data of great value to the above Headquarters. It has been indicated that your office might have these files in custody.


If this is true, we would like to request your consent for a representative of the Air Technical Service Command to review them. In view of the extreme importance of these files to the above command, we would like to request that we be advised of any attempt by any other agency to obtain them.

"Because of the urgency of this matter, this communication will be delivered to you by a Liaison Officer of this office in the hope of expediting the solicited information."

The "other" agency that had the files, or should have had them, was the Air Technical Service Command itself. On October 24, 1947, David L. Bazelon, assistant attorney general and director of the Office of alien Property, wrote to the commanding officer of the Air Technical Service Command regarding the Tesla photostats. They had not been returned and the OAP wanted them back.

Obviously at least one set of Tesla's papers had reached Wright Field because on November 25, 1947, there was a response to the Office of Alien Property from Colonel Duffy, chief of the Electronic Plans Section, Electronic Subdivision, Engineering Division, Air Material Command, Wright Field.


He replied:

"These reports are now in the possession of the Electronic Subdivision and are being evaluated. This should be completed by January 1, 1948. At that time your office will be contacted with respect to final disposition of these papers."

They were never returned or even acknowledged to have ever existed at all!

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request in 1980, Wright Patterson Air Force base stated:

"The organization (Equipment Laboratory) that performed the evaluation of Tesla's papers was deactivated several years ago. After conducting an extensive search of lists of records retired by that organization, in which we found no mention of Tesla's papers, we concluded the documents were destroyed at the time the laboratory was deactivated."

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Afterthoughts on Nikola Tesla - Alien Among Us

by Diane Tessman *

* You can write to Diane Tessman at P.O. Box 352, St. Ansgar, Iowa, 50472. Ask for a free Star Network Heartline newsletter. You can also log onto Diane's Star People Homesite on the Internet:

If you have any information on the whereabouts of other "lost" boxes of Nikola Tesla's notes and journals -Please E-mail your story to the Conspiracy Journal at this address: 

You can also send a regular letter to: Global Communications P.O. Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Be sure to visit the Conspiracy Journal website at: for all the news and information that everyone else is too afraid to print.

Nikola Tesla was an alien in a tough, cruel world.


He was a gentle, humble man and the gaudy objects which money can buy, did not impress him in the least. He was out of place and out of time. And he was brilliant! No one since has equaled him in sheer scientific creativity and genius.

Tesla disliked the compromises, greed, and lies of "big business" in his day. Just think how much worse it has gotten today. Many of us feel as Tesla did, but the individual's lone voice echoes in a vast wasteland. We may keep our soul, as Tesla did, but we also feel like aliens in this greedy world.

Tesla possessed integrity, dignity, and an innate sense of fair play. Injustice made him furious. However, if his amazing inventions were to be used by large corporations in promoting electrical energy and his other unique scientific innovations, he would have to bend to their self-serving ways. He did not!

He suffered greatly for his stand against big business and greed. He was virtually homeless, living in fleabag hotels, and had to watch as others became wealthy and famous for inventions which were not the equal of his; some highly successful technology was directly stolen from him. Tesla lived in poverty and anonymity but he kept his integrity. His soul was his own.

W.B. Yeats writes of a "pioneer soul" and this term applies to Nikola Tesla. He was an individual ahead of his time; even today, he would find the world greedy, ignorant and cruel. He belongs to the future, a time when humankind will learn to feel, think and act on a higher, more enlightened level. He belongs to the future day when we will indeed do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.

Many seekers of truth, both scientific and metaphysical, have been drawn to Nikola Tesla. He speaks to us. We are awed at his inventions and knowledge, and we are inspired by his gentle enlightenment and strength of character. Tesla possesses an immortal, mysterious persona which intrigues anyone who does not accept anything at face value.

Albert Einstein felt that true scientific genius is based in the mystical world; as we are drawn to Tesla and as he speaks to us, we perceive this truth again: Tesla's scientific brilliance has its foundation in the spiritual and the mystical.

I have been a channel for 18 years and have received transmissions from a variety of interdimensional beings.


At this time, Nikola Tesla sent through me, the following message for humanity as the new millennium dawns across the face of the planet:

"Humankind, this is the being you know as Tesla. I greet you in the light of good intent. I am no longer in that "Tesla" physical form, having gone on many of your Earth years ago, to a different world in Space/Time. I am happy here; I am home.

"I came to your world, as you did, to make it a better place. You may have lost sight temporarily of the fact that you came to Earth to make it a better place. Why? Because you are so busy just trying to survive there. You are fatigued much of the time, and speaking of time - it just flies by! I had this problem as well, and there were many times when I felt lost and depressed. But I did live my human lifetime to help enlightened its people, and you have also chosen this path.

"If you can leave your problems for a moment, and fly above the trees, you will see Earth and your lifetime there in a clear perspective. Your higher perspective of "the forest" tells you that you are there for a reason -to make a difference.

"Do not lose your integrity, therefore. Gather your dignity about you, and never stop having that sense of fair play. Your power base is within yourself, not in the big corporations which attempt to run your life. They can never own you if you keep possession of your soul. They can never control your mind if you continue to allow your mind to be free and enlightened.

"The time is soon coming when "their" day will be over! The big international corporations are not eternal. Their greedy, cruel ways selfishly trouncing on other humans, on nature's creatures, on the environment, and on the planet herself, will soon come to an end.

"Our day is coming, my fellow pioneer soul. My spirit, my persona hovers around Earth in these days, assisting you when and where I can. This is partially why you feel intrigued with my character and my work. I attempt to channel messages to budding inventors and scientists, and I attempt to inspire spiritual seekers as well.

"A new dawn comes, and a world emerges in which we are not aliens. The vibrations of gentleness, enlightenment, curiosity, integrity and justice will be, THE WAY IT IS. I thank you for you interest. (Transmission from) TESLA."

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Upon the passing of Nikola Tesla, huge boxes containing his private journals and unpatented inventions were retained by the Custodian of Alien Properties and were locked away. From inside information gathered in the years following his death, it was ascertained that officials from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (also the home for many years of Project Blue Book, headquarters of the government's UFO cover-up attempt) hurried to the warehouses of the Custodian of Alien Properties and took possession of all of Tesla's documents and other materials, all of which were classified at the highest level.


To this day, a great deal of Tesla's papers remain in government hands and are still highly classified. There are literally tons of notes, documents, drawings, and plans, as well as over twenty boxes of reportedly "missing" Tesla material. The government distributed false rumors that Tesla never kept notes, which is a blatant he.

Over the course of time - largely in the last decade - some of Tesla's lost journals have been uncovered, and a number of his "secret inventions'' have been privately developed. One of these inventions is Tesla's Purple Harmony Generator - also know as Tesla's Purple Energy Plate. Though the "generators" have been around for a number of years, they are only now starting to receive the international attention they deserve in the alternative energy field.


In an article published in the August 2000 edition of the popular FATE magazine, author Corrie DeWinter mentions that she first became aware of the generators while reading a book called STAR SIGNS by Linda Goodman.

"Goodman mentions that the person who created the plates with Tesla preferred to remain anonymous. However, after the inventor's death, the company which produced the plates decided to give him due credit. The inventor, Ralph Bergstresser was born in 1912 in Pueblo, Colorado, of German parents who immigrated to the United States.


He was extremely interested in free energy, or Zero Point Energy" as it is now called in scientific circles. Bergstresser carefully studied anything written about Nikola Tesla's experiments, and attended many lectures given by Tesla. At one point they were introduced and quickly became friends, due to their shared interest in free energy."

According to the FATE article, Bergstresser continued with his work for many years and following Tesla's death came into possession of several notebooks which helped him further develop the harmony plates. For all intents and purposes the plates look innocent enough.


Coming in a variety of sizes, they are purple in color and are said to be,

"in resonance, or in tune, with the basic energy of the universe. They function as transceivers - creating a field of energy around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. The energy is very beneficial to all life... plant, animal, or human. It might be considered as Positive Energy."

Somehow or other - according to current thinking regarding the plates - the original atoms of the anodized aluminum structures are restructured when put through a proprietary process whereby the vibrational frequency of the atoms and electrons is changed.

Non-approved FDA testing has reportedly shown that the healing process is accelerated for burns and bone fractures when the injured party becomes the focal point of the purple plates' force field by wearing one of the self contained generators. Aches and pains are said to go away, the quality of sleep may be improved, water and food becomes more tasty (to establish this simply put a purple plate on a shelf in your frig.


The quality of cheap wine is remarkably enhanced. Plates have been placed under sick houseplants, and near the food dish of small pets. Corrie De Winter in her FATE article offers several suggestions for the use of the plates:

"Place a small-size plate in a pocket or purse for energy... small plate (is often) placed on forehead to alleviate headache pain, on joints to alleviate gout and arthritis pain, on stomach to stop nausea... Placed on forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams... I have also read testimonials from plate users who claim they help with cramps, headaches, stomach upsets, stiff joints, torticollis, swelling, ringworm, 'clicking' jaw, alcoholism, anxiety, colic and depression."

Probably one of the most influential tests has been conducted by the Perrysburg School District allowing them to stop using dangerous pesticides around the Frank Elementary School pupils and very naturally by utilizing the Tesla generators or plates.


According to the school custodian, the plates where installed in the cafeteria and elsewhere around the building allowing them to greatly control the pest population. One of the most commonly used pesticides was developed by Hitler in World War II to penetrate mustard gas masks... the purple plates provide a totally safe means to attack the problem of pests.


Tesla's Purple Harmony Plates come in a number of sizes and are now available through the publishers of this special insider report.


Test them yourself!


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