by Peter Staheli

October 2005

from RoyalRife Website


Static Electricity is an unaware lethal danger.
Static electricity interferes with the human bioelectrical life process causing nervous complaints, degeneration illness such as Cancer.

Static electricity is not an official science and therefore, still a very 'mystical' field. Any accident in that static electricity is involved is excused as an "Act of God".


Peter Staheli a qualified electrical engineer researched static electricity, made it an open science and is able to resolve any static electricity problem.

There is simply nothing anymore that can not be fully explained.

New science reveals, not radiation, but static electricity produced by power lines interferes with the bioelectrical life process causing illnesses cancer and premature aging.

New science about the real danger of power lines, which is not EMF-radiation, but static electricity that interferes with the nervous system and the bio-chemical life process of the human organism causing diseases.

Research has identified a harmful but ignored energy that is emitted from high tension power lines. Not radiation is the culprit, but an energy known as Positive Static Electricity.


High-tension power lines are prolific producers of positive ions, and such positive ion clouds can cause diseases. Suffering diseases by living close to power lines is a known fact and wrongly radiation is blamed for it.

All over the world, people dispute the adverse side effects of overhead high-tension power lines.

  • Individuals argue that electric radiation from power lines is to blame for diseases to those living near overhead power lines

  • The electricity supplying authorities claim that radiation from power lines are not to blame for causing diseases

  • Research reveals that both parties are misguided in their views

  • Static electricity is the culprit for the experienced diseases

High-tension power lines are essentially nothing else but man-made Chinooks or Foehns, which knowingly carry positive charged air that pesters peoples nervous system. Chinook (wind) or Foehn, strong wind which blows on the lee side of a mountain range, such as the Alps (where it is known as foehn), when stable air is made to flow over the range by a large-scale pressure gradient.


The air is dry and warm at the foot of the mountains; the wind undergoes further heating and drying as it descends the slopes. Such dry air masses are positive charged and feared by people with nervous system is affected through it. Exactly the same characteristic have the positive ion clouds released by power lines. Also is the suffering the same.

How do overhead power lines produce positive ions?


A high tension wire carries an alternating voltage and an alternating current. However, tension and current are never analogous, as there is always a phase shift between them.


The tension amplitude is first, followed by the current amplitude. As a result of this phase shift the surface of the wire is statically positive charged 100 times per second, (USA 120 times a second). This periodic static charge on the surface of the wire milks electrons out of the air that surrounds the wire. The ionic wind that is produced by this ionization process, positive ions only are repelled.


The static charge of the wire is only positive and but never negative as assumed. Measurements on the high tension power lines have revealed that the wire produces enormous numbers of positive ions. Even the electrical power industry is unaware of such an electrostatic occurrence, which causes considerable loss of electrical energy.

As a means to scientifically confirm the above static electricity claim, a miniature three-phase system of 4,000 Volt was built and the following observations were made:

The negative probe of the multi-meter is connected to Earth. Starting from a distance of one meter the positive probe is slowly moved closer towards one live wire. What followed was a positive reading on the multi-meter, showing a DC current, which means an energetic electron flow towards the wire. The closer the positive probe is moved to the live wire, the stronger the electron flow towards the wire.


This experiment has been carried out on all three wires and all three showed continuous electron flow on the multi-meter.


Naturally, if the positive probe would touch one of the live wires, nature’s static electricity rules would stop and be replaced by the man-made ‘alternating current and closed circuit technology’. This, as you can imagine, would be fatal for the multi-meter and its holder.

The above experiment shows and confirms the part that nature plays in the man-made high-tension installations.


It is an absolute ‘direct current event’ and ‘open circuit’ matter. In a second experiment, a person sat at a distance of one meter from a miniature three-phase installation. The air moisture was 10% and the person was well insulated from Earth.


Astoundingly the person carried a positive static charge of close to 4,000 Volt. It can only be left to imagination what the potential static charge of that person would be when living in close proximity of 400,000 Volt power lines.

Peter Staeheli's research has shown that a person lying in bed (asleep or resting) that is insulated from Earth (when the air is dry) always takes on a positive charge. Also the above experiments with the miniature test power lines and the overhead high tension power lines, people and matter always take on a positive electrical charge.

Life that is naturally Earthed and with it carrying the Bioelectric Null has nothing to fear about power lines. A farmer has nothing to fear if livestock is grazing under or in the proximity of high tension power lines. Livestock, animals or humans walking on agricultural land are constantly on contact with earth (electrically grounded) and therefore, are naturally and absolutely protected from any electro static influence from the atmosphere.

However, by living our modern civilized lifestyle off Earth, well insulated from Earth, such a person lives certainly without the bioelectric null and exposed to uncontrolled energy off the atmosphere.

Further experimenting shows how this bioelectric null can change to a lethal voltage. A motor vehicle parked under high tension power lines of 400,000 Volt has shown a considerable positive charge. We know that a motor vehicle is well insulated from Earth by its rubber tires. On days with low air moisture such a cars metal body carried up to 300 000 Volt positive charge.


Surely not deadly at all, but a nice surprise for the one that opens the door of the car. An earthed gadget has been installed close to the car towards that every three minutes a discharge spark evolved. It can now only be left to the imagination what charges people can carry who live in close proximity to high tension power lines when for example, asleep in bed and well insulated from Earth in bed. Such person would certainly not carry the natural bioelectric null for a long time.

A complex investigation about high tension power lines was published in the ASEA-ATOM Engineering Journal POWER (November 1987). However, the whole investigation was centered on electromagnetic radiation. Static electricity was completely overlooked. There was also a mention of a car that is charged when stationed near high tension power lines and it is pictured in this Journal.


However, the text makes out that this car is charged with alternating polarity. Wrong! This is an assumption and not a measured fact!


In our research, the charge measured on any insulated object near power lines showed only a positive charge and nothing else!

The report also offered a Russian contribution. The Russian observance touched on the real problem and supports Peter Staeheli's research. Also for the first time, there was a mention of nervous disorder.


As quoted here from this Journal.

In 1972, a well published report from Russia said, 'people working in high-voltage substations showed a number of symptoms mainly associated with fatigue'. Unfortunately, no one took the article serious enough to investigate what caused this so-called fatigue, as the Russian experiments were attributed to reasons other than electrically related reasons.

Peter Staeheli researched the conditions in high tension installations. A enclosed high tension substation with transformers that heat and with it dry up the surrounding air. As a result, the relative air moisture in such surroundings can be as low as 10%. The workmen wear well insulated footwear (rubber boots) to protect them from possible accidents.


However, such footwear makes the workmen even more susceptible to a charge. Positive ion clouds are continuously produced by such a bare (non insulated) high tension means. A multi-meter indicates that the workmen always carry a positive charge on their body. If they touched an earthed protection railing, a spark discharged over and over again.

The bodies of the workmen never carried the bioelectric null while working in said high tension sub station. All of them have had experiences in matters headache or other nervous oddities.


All their experiences matched and supported the Russian observations.