THE ACHILLES HEEL OF THE ILLUMINATI - “Ether Physics” and Flying Saucer Propulsion

Since so many of the Trilateral/IllumiNazi/Coercivists’ ill-gotten gains are in the motor fuel and transportation fields (ships, autos, trucks, trains and planes), I believe the truth concerning flying saucer technology, and use of it by the public, is their “Achille’s Heel”. Why else would they have labored so diligently for over fifty years keeping such technology secret, ostensibly under the guise of “national security”, except to perpetuate their coercive socio-economic, technological and political monopoly?

This conspiracy is illicitly, thoroughly, and often brilliantly enforced and propagated by the Office of Scientific Intelligence (“OSI”, CIA), coordinated secret political police, the military, the local police, and the judiciary. The OSI takes a more “active” covert role than other government counterparts, in the dissemination of false propaganda, the creation and orchestration of “UFOlogy” and other front groups, and control of ‘key’ individuals through subterfuge.

The most obvious, stupid flaw in the propaganda, disseminated under cover of such T.V. series as The X-Files and Sightings, is the fact that, if all the paranormal stuff pushed by such programs were really so damned secret, why would prime-time T.V. programs try so hard to convince you it is true, or even tell you about it? Since when does government disclose, or allow the disclosure of, its biggest secrets, on prime-time, big-network T.V., which is all owned and controlled by the Illuminati, and policed by the OSI/CIA? In respect to “military secrets”, what you see and think, is what they want you to see and think, they think.


Unfortunately, everything on national media is under FCC control and subject to “national security” screening, to insure that “classified” information is not disclosed Each transmitter has a specially trained N.S.A. employee, in a remote room which contains a listening post and a switch to the transmitter. The job is called “transmitter watch”. The employee’s job is to listen, with orders to turn the transmitter off whenever anything ‘prohibited’ by N.S.A. guidelines is being attempted to be transmitted. I had a friend years ago who prepared for the job, after a stint in U.S. Army Intelligence communications, in Southeast Asia He really wanted the job so that he could get paid tor sitting around playing his guitar, while supposedly listening to broadcasts and checking for classified leaks or other ‘no-nos’.

The OSI objective is to exclude what I call the Most Rational Alternative (“MRA”)—the conspicuously missing third alternative which I have interposed between the Two Big Lies (“TBLs”), in the very narrow space in which the truth has been crushed almost to death. They carry this out by promoting the TBLs and excluding the MRA. I am expanding this third alternative, creating a Wedge of Reason, to be driven between the TBLs, to expose how the MRA has been buried, confused, ignored, excluded and obliterated by the TBLs, which are:

1. That flying saucers do not exist; and,
2. That if flying saucers do exist, they are extraterrestrial.

These two (false) options—propagated by two supposedly opposing factions—are unmistakably like an answer to a legal complaint in a lawsuit, in which the defendant first denies all allegations (a demurrer), thereby challenging those who allege the existence of flying saucers, to prove their existence. Having anticipated the plaintiff’s (our) traversal of this denial, the defendant (the OSI) enters the second false option, through “UFOlogy” groups, which is equivalent to the form of pleading known as a “confession and avoidance” (or “traversal”), which conditionally confesses to that part of the allegations alleging the existence of flying saucers, admitting that (if) they are true and exist, then the diversionary defense (the “avoidance”), traverses and moves sideways, completely off track from the original issues, by introducing the false and contemptuously frivolous idea of “aliens spacecraft”.


If one examines the complete past liturgy on this matter, they will see that it was the government which first introduced the “alien plea” at 1947 Roswell, as a fraudulent “dilatory pleading” intended to expand the issues into irrelevant areas, to create delay, confusion, and wasted effort, and especially to evoke a response from us. This gets us involved in a dialogue over issues which are entirely impertinent, to exhaust our energy, and in summary, to completely avoid the merits of the issues, getting us absolutely nowhere for years insofar as the real truth is concerned, just as they planned.


The fact that these two options clearly show the “badges of fraud” typical of a quasi-legalistic deceit, should have long since alerted rational thinkers to their design by a single control group, the CIA, on behalf of the IllumiNazis. The reason the options bear unmistakabte similarity to legal pleadings, is because the CIA likes to hire lawyers, because the CIA thinks—as one official put it-that “ school teaches a future employee how to think”1. The frivolous, impertinent, long drawn out and dilatory pleadings of the last 52 years, shows the indelible marks of “lawyers at work”. And if sabotage of rational thought is your desire, by all means hire a lawyer!

The frivolous “prosecution”, made on our pseudo-behalf without our consent, is joined by the ridiculous counter-allegations of the (Secret Government) “UFOlogists”—such as those regarding “advanced alien technology” and “abductions”-and the phony debate is protracted ad infinitum. Under the circumstances, these “pleadings”, and all their spurious combinations and variants, are knowingly false and fraudulent, since their proponents have access to the truth, and fail to plead to the merits of the issues which they clearly seek to avoid, as a fraud upon us and the ‘court of public opinion’.


They also fly in the face reality, since they are inherently contradictory. There are no contradictions in reality, only confused facts and false premises. While the rules of civil procedure allow a defendant to make contradictory defenses, a knowingly false defense, entered for purposes of a sham, can be stricken by the court (of public opinion), and the defendant held in contempt.

One popular false (combination and variant of Options 1 and 2) option, posits ‘terrestrial’ saucers, based on “alien technology” which is so expensive and far beyond our comprehension that we should forget about it, or, since it is being shared with our government—so the story goes—we must wait until the government decides to ‘share’ it with us, their damned bosses. All these allegations are not only outrageous, but completely false, and people should wake up and realize that they have been hypnotized.

Options 1 and 2 are both repugnant, since any reasonable, knowledgeable person realizes that the distances to earth from the nearest habitable planets (perhaps millions of light years) is so great, that the ‘alien’ possibility is ruled out for frivolity, but (in the complete absence of the MRA), Option 1 is often accepted. This conclusion is fraudulently induced by the Secret Government’s heinous mind-control lies.


1From the text of a speech of M.B.Wood, 9th Reg. Dir. CIA, to my law class, U.T. School of Law, 1966.

Water skiing on the dark side of the moon? Really! More Big Lies, ad infinitum. Should I laugh or puke?

The way the UFOlogy field is controlled is obvious, and my knowledge of this is buttressed by actual personal experiences. If you are “on the right track”, the O.S.I. gang pretends to befriend you You naturally want to promote your material and your career, so you go along with it so long as the effects are positive. They invite you to participate in one of their “expos” as a speaker, to promote and sell your books or other materials, and to give a ‘workshop’. If your stuff is still out of sync with their plan, they go to work on your mind.


But if you don’t abandon your stuff, or adapt it to their ‘party line’ and help them spread their phony shit, they blacklist you from speaking, and try to obliterate your message. They ‘pick you up’ and ‘drop you’, to coerce your adoption of their party line, so you will be asked to speak again.


This only works on unethical people who have nothing valuable to say, or who are so weak and stupid that the party line looks feasible.


I: The Most Rational ALTERNATIVE

The third alternative—the “MRA”—is as follows:

3. That all saucers are real, man-made flying machines, invented and flown by human beings for over fifty years, there being no alien contacts whatsoever on earth. This option comports with what philosophers call “Ockham’s Razor” (a test which cuts between bullshit and reason). Furthermore, I reiterate that saucers are based on relatively simple, long-known electrical technology, consummated in the late 1930s, when technology was comparatively primitive. This alternative challenges the OSI/CIA to prove—through their agents and dupes—what it falsely asserts. They have failed to do so after over 52 years, and can be presumed to be liars and huxters (since “dupes” is reserved for civilians).

Since the OSI doesn’t even want my MRA to exist, it will never be seriously or consistently argued by (their) proponents of the TBLs, who will not plagiarize me, or even risk addressing the issues. They have attempted to conglomerate some of my ideas with some of theirs, or to “steal my thunder”, but the truth is not compliant to such a corruption of ideas. My alternative is immiscible with their lies, and even mentioning it would only create more self-contradietory (“repugnant”) ‘pleadings’. Like quicksand, the more they wallow, the lower they sink.

In my first version of SPACE ALIENS, I called the proponents of Option 1 the “Philip Klass Psychophants”. I hereby dub the proponents of Option 2, the “Adamski Psyehophants”. The OSI “Alien Abductions Hoax” of Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, and Dr. John Mack of “Haaavad”, is not a separate saucer option, but rather a part of Option 2, which is inseparable from its counterpart, Option 1, all of which are mutually repugnant OSI BIG LIES.


Proponents of Options 1 and/or 2 are either.

1. witting Secret Government agents and liars; or,
2. dupes.

Some truly innocent dupes are not stupid, just naive. Considering this, I point out the incredibly devious route the Secret Government takes to “manufacture witnesses”. A case in point is a woman I later mention, Vicki Landrum, who may still believe that a NASA employee named John Schussler is her “friend”. Schussler has been transferred’ to the OSI, and now propagates the abductions-by-aliens scenario.


Landrum thought he had been “fired” by NASA for backing her up, but this was part of a “good cop/bad cop” routine, intended to create his ‘cover' as a ‘sympathizer’, in his new job with the OSI. Landrum is smart enough to figure it out. At the time Schussler sidled up to her, Landrum was in dire need of help. While pretending to help Vicki Landrum, Schussler was spying on and misleading her for NASA and the OSI, his new boss.

In order to understand all this, many need to do some self-assessment and careful examination of the facts, during the time they became unknowing tools. There are a few people who have just jumped on the ‘UFOlogy’ bandwagon, saying whatever it takes to sell books or establish themselves as “witnesses” or “abductees”. Then there are those who were unwittingly used by the OSI, through the use of such drugs as scopolamine, chloral hydrate, sodium amytal, or even more exotic techniques and drugs, combined with hypnosis.


The dupes are usually chosen by personality profile, epistemology (must be Platonist), religiousity (also Platonist), as well as possibly neurological abnormalities such as certain sleep disorders, any or all of which may render them especially vulnerable to the ‘manufacturing’ process. There is no guilt for having been conned Dr. John Mack1 sociopathically concentrates on narcoleptic patients.


The “abductions” scenario came into general use around 1975 (just prior to the Travis Walton incident in Arizona), when the CIA realized their Old Big Lie program had become stagnant and needed a new, more bizarre twist. The scam incorporated new special effects, fancier props, better acting, better drugs, and more professional sets.


A documentation of some of the inner workings of some of these scams was sent to me2 in early 1994. In my first edition, I mentioned that a book had been stolen from me before I had an opportunity to read it, having forgotten its title and author, but in a phone call from author Walter Bowart, I was able to determine that it was a first edition of his Operation Mind Control, because it had a red and black cover, and was published in England The female OSI book thief had lived with Dr. Jacques Vallee for two years, and was the same woman who stole two photographs (one showing three rhesus monkies in G-suits, and the other showing a rather corny and poorly fabricated fake “flying saucer”, in a hanger) which had been sent out to area newspapers by the Army Air Force Intelligence P.I.O., Walter Haut, in the initial Roswell Hoax.


These photos, and my Peiltochterkompass, were sufficient physical evidence—originating with the government itself—to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U. S. government had Nazi flying saucers, and had executed the Roswell Hoax to conceal their terrestrial origin, followed by the Pentagon’s “Weather Balloon Hoax”, designed to conceal the first (bungled) hoax.

Because of the connection between Vallee and the OSI she-thief, I had realized that the theft was engineered by the Secret Government, and now realize that the thief worked under Vallee, whose main job has always been to straddle the fence, continually vacillating between the questions, “are UFOs real?”, “are UFOs illusion?”, “are aliens here?”, or “are UFOs secret government aircraft?”


1John E. Mack, Abduction - Human Encounters with Aliens
2Letter from Walter Bowart to Wm. Lyne, 1994.

This is so they can maintain a balance between both sides of the phony debate, which does not even consider the fact that the UFOlogists and people like Vallee work for the CIA. Since my evidence could have tipped the scales completely off the balance, they had to steal it. They refer to such thefts as “retrievals”.
For an intelligent person who has never seen a saucer, there is always the lingering possibility in the back of the rational mind, that they simply don’t exist, like ghosts. Once a person has made a broad daylight, close range sighting, there is no longer any doubts as to their existence, and the person should be able to confidently proceed to solve the remaining questions, if not suckered into falling into one or the other side of the phony debate.

By the time I was eight years old (1946), I had already interviewed many reliable witnesses who had observed “flying discs” in the vicinity of Roswell (130 mi. N.W.) and Alamogordo (180 mi. W.N.W.), so I knew they existed, and had probably been brought under Operation Paperclip to Ft Bliss with Wernher von Braun and his 116 top scientists, in September, 1945, when von Braun was appointed Chief of Research, U.S. Army Ordnance 1.


In the spring of 1947, 1 had caddied for my father’s first 36 holes at the Roswell Country Club, and caddied another 18 holes there a few weeks later, in a professional tournament in which he was “first runner-up”, winning a new Remington electric razor, and a set of Samsonite luggage. While observing the sky while waiting between shots and putts, I saw a few dime-shaped disks glinting in the sun, but wasn’t sure they were flying saucers until my 1953 close-up sighting, in which the saucer departed in a trajectory directly toward Ft. Bliss, at c. 9,000 mph.

If there was ever alien contact, I would probably have known it, and if anyone has proof, here I am baby! Just hit me with the evidence (and I don’t mean a bunch of government documents, or pseudo-interpretations of ancient Sumerian clay tablets)! I have been waiting a long time, and I’m still waiting, but I don’t expect proof this late in the game, especially since I know any “proof would be a fabrication of the OSI “MYTH FACTORY”.


If this statement seems blunt, I have no apology, and my feelings won’t be hurt if you continue to insist on the Ridiculous Big Lies—that there are aliens from outer space, manipulating the human race—since I know these “aliens” are really Pentagon-created delusions, and that those of you who really think you believe the alien stuff have been made jackasses of by the OSI. Feel your ears growing longer? It is impossible to “believe” a lie. Why? Because, in order to “believe” something, one must have some “means by which they know it to be true”. Since a lie is untrue, the means is non-existent, and what is purported to be the means, is first a lie to oneself, an agreement with the self to believe a lie.

To the witting agents out there: How does it feel to be a traitor to your people, who conceals technology which would improve the quality of your life and that of your children, and ultimately extend human life on this earth? How does it feel to be the pawn of a warmongering gang of mass murderers?


1Current Biography. 1952: New York Herald Tribune, p 14 D 4 ‘46.

II: The O.S.I. Myth Factory

Many have never heard of the OSI, or are confused by the fact that there are at least three OSIs. The first one was the Office of Special Investigations, supposedly set up to investigate Nazi war crimes and criminals after WWII, and was appended to the Tribunal at Nuremberg and the U.S. Department of Justice 1. This O.S.I, was compromised by helping to protect or conceal many war criminals through its complicity with Operation Paper Clip. The second OSI is the Office of Special Investigations, USAF, which was set up to pretend to investigate “UFO” sightings, having as its real purpose the plugging of leaks about flying saucers connected to the Air Force.


The third and most important OSI is the Office of Scientific Intelligence, a branch of the CIA’s Science Directorate 2, Clandestine Services, set up to gather ‘strategic’ scientific information, to disseminate classified ‘strategic’ mis-and-dis-information, and to run programs designed for such purposes, which includes fomenting domestic “UFOlogy” groups and related hoaxes. Its most important function is plugging any and all leaks regarding flying saucers, by whatever means necessary, on behalf of its IllumiNazi bosses, and to prohibit the development of such resources by private individuals. This particular OSI was and is the most secret of the three, and use of the same “OSI” tag was probably intended to maintain this secrecy by confusion.


It has worked pretty well until now. Imagine a group set up to protect Nazi criminals, named the same as one set up to prosecute them. The OSS and Reinhard Gehlen’s Amt VI, SS RSHA had a baby, called the CM. I have always believed that the purpose of all three OSIs involves the Nazis and flying saucers. The first OSI not only investigated war crimes, but also insured that independent post-war investigators looking into the Nazis, did not probe into flying saucer technology, or the secret technological and political deal entered into at the war’s end, between the Third Reich, the U.S. government and certain CFR/Trilateral/IllumiNazi-owned corporations, all neatly concealed under Operation Paper Clip 3.

The OSI maintains numerous teams of Ph.Ds. The procedures followed by these teams in the production of appropriate propaganda, are identical to those used in movie production or political campaigns. The scenarios for their scripts are based on the old pre-generated scenarios, as they apply to ‘intelligence’, gathered from the public, such as what writers like myself are saying, and the public’s reactions. After evaluation of current intelligence, false propaganda counter-strategies to be used in the dissemination stage, are designed by OSI clandestine operations personnel.


OSI think tanks’ brainstorm on plans and proposals, to generate ‘new’ possibilities on the old themes which are used as ‘guidelines’, and some of these possibilities are incorporated in proposals. The writer teams then prepare numerous scripts, based on current strategies recommended by evaluators. Final proposals, including scripts, budget breakdowns, potential producers, production schedules, etc., are then reviewed, with approved projects advancing to the production stage. “Script writers” are chosen to ‘front’ the scripts, and money is provided to producers.

1Victor Marchetti and John Marks, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (Dell, 1980-84).
2John Marks, The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”. WW. Norton & Co., New York/London.
31 (supra) compared to related information in Charles Higham’s Trading with the Enemy (Dell, 1983).

Over the years, the OSI has created avenues into the Hollywood world and all other potential propaganda media. A review of previous Hollywood, or CBS/NBC/etc, productions, reveals that the OSI tends to use the same producers, ‘writers’, actors, and staff, to limit the possibility of leaks concerning their covert backing. A review of flying saucer propaganda history will show the method in their madness.


Old scenarios are discarded, and new ones adopted. It is often in their interest to collect old propaganda, and to destroy it, so hang on to all the stuff you have, since old names, places, dates, and scenarios have a way of throwing a light on the present, to reveal the truth behind another Big lie. Besides, the future value of your old propaganda pieces as “collectibles” will only increase, as laughable examples in the future, of Big Brother’s foiled attempts at mind-control of the public, through mass promotion of “parapsychology”, the Platonist epistemology, and false “alien” and mystical science propaganda.


III: Gravity and Tesla’s Work

Some of the most basic scientific facts and principles are being concealed and misrepresented, beginning in kindergarten, so we must each re-examine nature, and question all theories, in order to identify and reject scientific lies and omissions, and to rediscover and propagate “true science”. About 1937, “science” and space propulsion became really schizophrenic.


While Wernher von Braun ostensibly developed rockets, he covertly developed secret Illuminati flying saucers; while Albert Einstein’s relativism and Werner Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principle” were being publicized, the ‘ether physics’ of Nikola Tesla and others was being ridiculed, yet was secretly being used for saucer propulsion and wonder weapons so highly classified that they were never even intended to be used in WW II.

H. A. Lorentz had said that, by simply increasing the negative “moving” charges (orbital electrons), attached to the “stationary” nuclear charges (protons and neutrons) of atoms, that the gravitational attractive force acting on the positive charges of the nuclear mass would be completely neutralized.


Add to this the constant conversion formula—which says that the electrical attractive force is 1039 x 2.2 times stronger than the gravitational attractive force G1 -—by which Lorentz had suggested a scientific hypothesis for an electrical flying machine, such as that already under development by Tesla and supported by his ether propulsion discoveries.

Tesla at first conducted tests 2 (the high voltage experiments relating to the high frequency reactance between two parallel metal plates), to verify his hypothesis. His tests confirmed that at sufficiently high voltage and frequency, the “space” (containing the ether) between the plates, became what Tesla termed “solid state”, verifying the existence of what I call the “Omni Matter” (A.K.A., “the ether”) which behaves under sufficiently high voltage/frequency “Tesla currents”, as if it is a ‘continuous, electrically conductive fluid’, possessing mass, inertia and momentum, which can be ‘pumped’, to suspend or propel the plates in space).


Tesla then carried the hypothesis a step further, and concluded that an electric flying machine could be propelled by electric current and the reactance of high frequency, high voltage electromagnetic waves. This electricity would use the inertia of the ‘continuous, electrically conductive fluid mass’ of the Omni Matter, to be pulled and pushed against, using the Hall effect magneto hydrodynamic (“MHD”) principle.


1R.L. Armstrong and J.D. King, The Electromagnetic Interaction (Prentiss-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffy N.J.
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The ether physics of Tesla was quite different from the theories of others, and was based on astute observations and sound experimental science. In 1876, H. A. Rowland had published the results of his experiment in which a gold foil covered ebonite disk was rotated in a magnetic field, showing feat electric charges on the disk were carried around with it as it was rotated.1 This gave rise to the catchy phrase, “An electrostatic charge carried around is a current”.


Rowland’s student in Baltimore, Edwin H. Hall, based on his teacher’s work, had done an experiment in which he had placed a gold leaf strip in which a current was flowing into a magnetic gap, producing an electromotive force at right angles to the magnetic field and the current, proportional to the product of the two.2 This is called the “Hall Effect”, and we know that it was influential on Tesla, because he mentioned it many times, because it is the basis for MHD (Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic) generators and pumping, and was used by Tesla in his electro-propulsion.

In his 1891 lecture, Tesla stated that the “enormous electrostatic forces” emanating from the earth, “rigidifies” the ether within earth’s electric field, as it moves through space “like a charged metal ball” (due, as he would later say, to earth’s movement through space at over 70,000 mph.). To Tesla, the ether was composed of “independent carriers”, “immersed in an insulating fluid”; while this ether behaves as a solid to “heat” and “light”, it behaves like a “fluid” to solid bodies, which are allowed to pass through it.3


Furthermore, according to Tesla’s analysis, a D.C. brush current could be used on the forward end of a ship, to create a “rarefaction” of, and “rapid exchange” of the carriers, which would stretch the medium and create an inducement of movement in that direction, while a high frequency alternating current would be used on the opposite, trailing end, to cause a “compression” of the carriers, which would block their passage.

According to the later researches and publishings of J. J. Thomson 4, he had mathematically developed the theory of moving tubes of force. Two years later5, Thomson declared that “...the aether is a storehouse of mechanical momentum”. Tesla, in his prior lecture6, had mentioned the tubes of force and disclosed some of his discoveries concerning the ether and momentum Tesla had stated that all his inventions were created in furtherance of his “electric flying machine”7, which he had partially designed before coming to America, carefully carrying the plans under his arm when he arrived on the ship in 1883.

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The rest of his things were stolen on his departure for America. Though literally penniless at the time, his step off the boat was to be worth untold $ billions to America, and he knew it J. J. Thomson had stated in 1893 that if moving tubes of force entering a conductor are dissolved in it, mechanical momentum is given to the conductor, at right angles to the tubes and to the magnetic induction, and is proportional to the vector product of electric and magnetic forces.1


Tesla’s statement in 1891 that the use of high frequency alternating current would compress and block the passage of the tubes was apparently intended to force the tubes being drawn into the conductors of a ship by the D.C. brush at the opposite end, to dissolve in the conductors, and impart momentum to the ship to which the conductors were attached, in the direction of the brush.


Tesla said he had developed his Dynamic Theory of Gravity in 1893 and 1894. He never published it, since to do so would have disclosed the secret to his electro-propulsive discoveries, which he did not want the war mongers to get. In 1942 and 1943, the FBI stole, concealed, or retrieved every known complete copy of the original theory. The theory can be pieced together only from bits and pieces, such as collateral references, in still-available sources. I will give the basic tenets of the theory in this book.

In 1915, in an unpublished statement2, Tesla related his discovery, while in technical school in Graz, Austria, of,

“...a flying machine quite unlike the present ones...”,

“...devoid of sustaining planes, ailerons, propellers and other external attachments, which will be capable of immense speeds...”,

“...sustained and propelled entirely by reaction...”,

“...which will be controlled mechanically or by wireless energy”.

Tesla was never involved in rocketry, so these statements clearly referred to a different sort of electric flying machine, propelled by the reactance of high frequency electromagnetic waves and electric current In 19003, Tesla described how movement of the control apparati could be effected,

“...when they are carried by a vessel floating in the air...”, by “...connection of one terminal of the receiving apparatus” to the ground, “...inductively”.

This pertained to how a flying saucer may be inductively (“virtually”) grounded by the neutral or positive terminal of “p2”. (NOTE: “p2” will be explained later in this book.)

In 19404, Tesla announced his Teleforce, consisting of four already tested inventions, as follows:

(1) a means of producing rays in the free air without a vacuum
(2) a method of producing a very great electrical force
(3) a method of amplifying this electrical force
(4) a new method for producing a tremendous electrical propelling force

1J. S. Thomson, Recent Researches in Electricity and Magnetism, [1893], p. 13.
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4William L. Laurence, New York Times [Sept. 22,1940].

(NOTICE: Number (4) above stated “propelling” force, rather than “repelling” force such as some UFQlogy/CIA misinformants would have you believe, and also note that all four of these inventions were already tested at the time, rather than just the first two, as the CIA would also like for you to believe. In a Dec. 8, 1915 article in the New York Times, Tesla had brought up the same electrical propulsion system—except with a generator on the ground supplying electrical energy to an airborne ship via beam—which he said would travel over a million miles per hour (perhaps its potential velocity in outer space, as this seems exaggerated.)

To show you how insidious the misinformers are, and how easy it is for them to dupe sensation-addicts’, there have been several recent instances where the misinfoirnation regarding the four above listed inventions, from the original 1940 New York Times article, has been misstated in a sly and oblique way that few would suspect, right under the noses of the “Tesla experts”. The four inventions were already tested at the time, and (4) was indisputably a propelling force.
Anyone who ran down the original article to examine it as I did, would know that

Among the several places I have discovered this misrepresentation, was a so-called “patent” on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). The only purpose for such a fraudulent misrepresentation would be for the explicit purpose of misrepresenting the original Tesla material, to those studying Tesla’s work, because it represented one of the few ‘unretrieved’ leaks of Tesla’s discovery of the flying saucer propulsion system. The patent1 is now held by Arco Power Technologies, Inc., under which they purportedly perform “top secret” tests for the government, from the North Slope of Alaska The patent is allegedly one of three patents previously locked up under a Navy security order. To begin with, patents are not issued on inventions primary to secret projects.


Whatever the real purpose of the HAARP project, you can bet your booties it isn’t what they say it is. Secondly, the real purpose of planting the false particulars in a ‘patent’ which should never have been issued, is so that the misinformation would end up in publications read by ‘alternative researchers’, to obscure and misrepresent Tesla’s discovery of the ether propulsion system used on flying saucers.


And who is ARCO? ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Company) was created by Trilateral Commission/Council on Foreign Relations member Robert O. Anderson, of Roswell, New Mexico, the creator of Diamond A Cattle Company, the largest holding company in North America, which owns all known oil shale deposits in North America, and almost all mineral rights in the North Slope of Alaska. Anderson was also, at the time the second edition of this book was published, the President of the Bilderbergers, about which I will have more to say later.

Early on, during the ‘fuel crisis’ of 1974, Arco moved to garner a monopoly on solar and alternate energy resources, apparently based on a fear that the reactionary alternate energy movement could cut seriously into future fossil fuel profits. The misinformation placed in the ‘patent’, was repeated 2 just precisely where it shouldn’t have been, but just precisely where the Secret Government wanted it Once something like this gets started, where does it stop? Those who should have known better, did nothing to stop it.


1No. 4,686,605, issued to Barnard J. Eastlund, Spring, TeKas, 1983.
2NEXUS MAGAZINE, April-May 1995; EXTRAORDINARY SCIENCE, Jan-Feb-Mar, 1995 (official magazine of International Tesla Society, article by Dr. Nick Begich, New Uses of Tesla Technologies for global Control).

Where the ball goes, nobody knows. We cannot allow this Trilateralist misrepresentation of Tesla’s work to go unchallenged. If we search the early inventions of Tesla (the later ones are concealed by the government) it appears that along with the Tesla coil, there were several related inventions such as generators and a marvelous turbine, intended to provide a compact and portable means for the generation of power needed on the flying machine---a “prime mover of sufficient activity”—invented to supply electrical current for the coil, as the fundamental device to increase the moving negative charges.


This also explains Tesla’s fascination for such a low weight-to-power in his turbine, using the motto, “20 Horsepower Per Pound”, on the masthead for the “Tesla Propulsion Company”. By “propulsion”, Tesla included ether propulsion.


IV: Dealing with “Equal and Opposite” Forces

If the Tesla transmitter produced negative pulses which “preponderated” over the opposite pole of “p2”, the question as to whether the “equal and opposite” forces would propel the saucer, depended on several things. Since the electrical attractive force is so much stronger than the G force, it would be conservative to conclude that a small amount of electrical power would be sufficient to propel a relatively large mass through space at an astounding speed, relying on the fact that all mass has excessive positive charge, and that the ether has sufficient positive charges and rigidity to provide something for an electric flying machine to “pull against”, as it accelerated in a particular direction.


This electrical attractive force is thousands of zillions of times stronger than the gravity force which pulls it toward the ground! Great care would be required in designing the shape of the flying machine’s surface, since it might cause the acceleration of objects toward itself, as well as itself toward them. By use of a concave parabolic shape, for example, the electric force would be focused at the center of its radius, at a particular distance from the inwardly curved surface. On a machine of large mass, this shape could cause a smaller object to be jerked toward it with fantastic force.


It could literally jerk a person’s head off, were it located at the focal point of the parabola If, on the other hand, one wanted only to “beam up Scotty”, a carefully controlled, weaker force could be exerted with a small, parabolic dish of slight curve, pointed downward, in or on the bottom of the machine as it hovered, to pull an object (or person, or young bull), up into the machine.

An appropriately designed flying machine should have a reminded, gradually curved surface, to prevent the leakage of charges into the atmosphere as much as practicable, as well as to insure that the electric force would be dispersed and radiated outward over a broad area, so as to avoid focusing the force, and to diffuse it over a greater volume of space, containing greater mass (of atmospheric gasses, distant bodies, and the polarized, ‘solid state’, Omni Matter), so the smaller mass of the machine is, attracted forward or upward, with as little disturbance of atmospheric mass as possible. This was the reason for the many Tesla experiments with rounded conductor surfaces, his concern with atmospheric science, and his care to see that the elevated dome-shaped conductor for his Wardenclyffe Tower project was always positively charged (since a shot of negative pulses might have jerked it off its supporting foundation).

There are so many rounded surfaces in Tesla’s designs, that it gave me cause to wonder why Margaret Cheney, in her Tesla biography, Tesla: Man Out of Time 1, using a passe’, post-mortem Freudian psychoanalytic technique, alleged that Tesla had a near psychotic phobia of “rounded surfaces”, evidenced by his revulsion and fear of pearls, based on an underlying “fear of the female breast”. This hypothesis seemed belabored and misplaced, since Tesla’s dislike for pearls appeared to be the result of his well-known phobia of germs, since pearls are essentially the result of a type of ‘infection’ in oysters.


Could this sloppily surmised “phobia of rounded surfaces” be an O.S.I-designed ruse to lead us away from one of the fundamental ideas of Tesla’s flying saucer? Did Tesla realty have an irrational fear of “the female breast” and “all breast-like shapes” (“flying saucers”), as Margaret Cheney said?

Quite to the contrary, many of Tesla’s inventions are a glory to the breast, and a display of his apparati looked like a veritable garden of breasts, to be sure. Howard Hughes certainly had nothing on Tesla in this respect. The final design for his (originally “titty-like”) Wardenclyffe Tower electrode, multiplied the titty motif literally hundreds of times, in different sizes! It looked sort of like a giant donut covered with bras.


There is an unmistakable similarity between the Wardenclyffe Tower electrode, and early German saucers, presumably reflecting Tesla’s original designs, which could just as well have been called “Flying Titties”. “UFOlogists might have been called “Boobologists”. Is the female breast shape the most perfect flying saucer shape? I have to conclude that I think Tesla loved the female breast, and other such shapes. I won’t dwell further on this lovely issue; I should have made my point, so now I’ll cut to the chase.

When Tesla died in 1943, few noted that a great scientist and inventor had died It was as if he had scarcely lived, and that his only contributions were A.C. current generators, distribution systems, and motors. Before what I call my ‘Tesla Revival”, beginning around 1976, there was an obvious attempt to conceal Tesla’s place in history, which I believe was because he invented the flying saucer.


The national security establishment wanted to dispel private Tesla research or experimentation, since the most fundamental discovery associated with him-the Tesla coil—was also the fundamental discovery used to power the flying saucer. It is still against federal law to operate an unshielded spark gap and Tesla coil, or a Ford Model T coil with a spark-gap. These laws, dating from the early ‘40s, are still on the books, and though ostensibly enforced by the F.C.C., I think they were really intended to prohibit civilian rediscovery of Tesla’s’ flying saucer.


Tesla was irritated by Albert Einstein and his theories, and considered himself greater than Einstein. Why? The following comparison may answer this question:


V: A Comparison of Gravitational and Electrical Force, As Applied to Flying Saucer Propulsion

The electrical attractive force is 1039 x 2,2 times stronger than the gravitational attractive force G. This equation is a constant, for converting from the gravitation to the electrical attractive force.

1Margaret Cheney, Tesla: Man Out of Time [1981], Prentiss-Hall.

Example: 1,000 ft. -lbs. of mechanical energy are required to lift a 1,000 lb. flying saucer to a height of 1 ft. above the ground. This is 1,356 joules (1 joules). Divide this by the above constant, to show that only a tiny electrical force will do more work than a ‘conventional’ mechanical force, such as that produced by rockets or propellers.

This is true for work is done by a constant vertical force F, and motion in a straight vertical line in the direction of the force. The work done on a body is defined as the magnitude of the force, times the distance d through which the body moves. Inversely, the power produced by the constant gravitational force G, acting to move a 1,000 lb. flying saucer from a point 1 ft. above ground, to the ground, would be 1,000 ft.-lbs. (= 1,356 joules, the same equivalent work required to pick the saucer up, against the constant vertical G force, to the 1 ft. height).


Since the magnitude of electrical attractive force is the G force times the conversion constant, and the work performed on a body equals the force times distance, then:


or Work = (1039x 2.2x 1,356 joules) x 1 ft.

or W= 40,492,781,690,140,845,070,422,535,211,091,549,295.77 miles.

The above calculation would be true if the G force remained constant for that distance above earth, so it would be much greater, since there would be no gravity to overcome once the saucer was outside the earth’s gravitational field. The work done by conventional energy, when converted in this manner, should theoretically do 1039 x 22 times more work, though in practice, there are inevitable losses, such as corona leakage and electrical resistance reflected as dissipated heat, etc, in the application of power (which, to be conservative, might amount to as much as 30%).


In view of the vast increase in work, such losses are insignificant. This phenomenon is one of the fantastic tricks of nature which can be utilized through science, and its discovery by Tesla in the flying saucer, is definitely the greatest invention I know of. No wonder Tesla considered himself greater than Einstein! After all, the saucer is certainly more important than the atom bomb, though Einstein didn’t invent the bomb, or anything else, for that matter, to my knowledge, other than Big Lie Illuminist Physics.


On a positive note, what Einstein did invent, however, were many very sweet and ‘profound’ platitudes and anecdotes involving the archetypical “eccentric, genius, absent-minded professor.

VI: Momentum and Applied Force

Simply put, momentum is equal to the overall force required to produce a particular increase or decrease in the velocity of a particular body. The rate of change of momentum is also equal to the applied force. Since an applied electromagnetic force is so much stronger than an ‘apllied’ gravitational force, the rate of change of momentum is also that much greater.

The force applied from a saucer, toward the ether in space, is emanated outward from a curved, convex surface of certain area, and directed toward a much greater area of space, containing an ether which is rigidified by the enormous, rapidly varying electrostatic forces emitted from the earth, which as Tesla said caused the ether to assert its “inertia-resistance”. In addition, there are atoms and molecules of matter such as gasses and water droplets which presents more of a problem than a solution. The total reaction between the saucer and the combined rigidified etheric fluid and carriers (Omni Matter) is apparently more considerable than one would think.

This is partly brought about by the saucer’s shape, which determines how the force is distributed.

Though the saucer is a compact, more solid mass than the atmospheric gases and ether, the saucer is pulled at a high rate of acceleration. The real work done on the Omni Matter is apparently the result of the propulsive force created by the D.C. brush, as it eats up the tubes of force, which are forced to dissolve in the conductors by the high frequency blocking current at the ship’s opposite end. The convex surface directs the force outward along lines which are perpendicular to the curved saucer surface. As the lines of force extend outward, they grow further and further apart, to affect a greater total volume of space and Omni Matter. Considering the density of vacuum space and the magnitude of the force, the interactance by astounding propulsion of a ship by the much stronger electromagnetic force, is the “equal and opposite reaction”.

The etheric fluid and carriers in front of the saucer are ‘stretched’, creating a low pressure (ratified ether) ‘cone’, as the charges also cause the atmospheric gases to become mutually repellant According to Tesla,

“...on the assumption that the independent carriers are of any configuration such that the fluid resistance to motion in one direction is greater than in another, a stress of that nature would cause the carriers to arrange themselves in groups, since they would turn to each other their sides of the greatest electrical density, in which position the fluid resistance to approach would be smaller than to receding.” 1

Tesla has described how the elastic force of the stretched ether has made movement in that direction easier. As the saucer accelerates to perhaps 9,000 mph., the shock wave is dampened by the low pressure cone, thus eliminating a potential sonic boom, as the gasses gradually return to plenum as the corona trail dissipates. The saucer’s negative ion path and ejectment of mutually repulsive Omni Matter to its aft, causes the low pressure gasses also to be mutually repulsive, preventing them from ‘clapping’ back together so quickly, such as with the booms and cracks caused by lightning bolts and thunder.

The saucer I witnessed in 1953 went from almost overhead, to infinity, in three seconds. It was between 35 and 50 feet in diameter. A rough calculation would be 9,000 mph., with no sonic boom or other sound, based on my being able to see it at 7.5 miles distance.


VII: Energy and Time

Neither energy nor time exist, since these are only fictions or concepts we have created, to measure, calculate or predict certain functions and reactions in and between space, matter, light, “zero-point radiation”, “zero-point ultra fine matter”, and cruder “atomic matter” (which may be only a concentrated assemblage of the latter). In 1963, I dubbed the ultra fine zero-point matter, “Omni Matter”, saying it is the source of all atomic matter. This comports with Tesla’s ether.

“Electrical content” and electromagnetic force, in their most finite forms (ultra fine Omni Matter and zero-point radiation in space) are very closely related to light (both visible and invisible). It has been said that this made Einstein and other Illuminists very happy, since it appeared to bring physics and cosmology into consistency with their Kabbalistic, existentialist, Illuminist, Hermetic philosophy and religion. Time is a concept describing the rate at which events in the universe occur.


1T.C. Martin, Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nicola Tesla, 1894, Chapter XXV - Introduction - The Scope, of the Tesla Lectures.

Since one cannot “travel” in a “concept” (which describes a “rate”), it should have been obvious that “time travel” is a physical impossibility, if not an epistemological and metaphysical blunder. The shadows on a cave’s walls can deceive those who are content to sit and watch shadows, rather roan to venture beyond the cave, to discover the true nature of reality outside that little womb of false security.

‘Objective reality’, in the purely physical sense, may consist primarily of electric magnetic force and ultra fine neutral particles, which in turn, compose all atomic mass. Since ‘gravity’ is the result of electrostatic imbalances to the equilibrium existing between ‘atomic’ matter and ether-filled space, rigidified by the effect of rapidly varying electrostatic disturbances, in the space within the proximity of a gravitational body’s electric field, a “super-gravity” force can be synthesized by creating an electric field stress which creates an even greater, overpowering disturbance to the equilibrium, which can only be restored by movement of a body so affected, until its position satisfies the ‘equal and opposite reaction’ rule.


The movement of the saucer satisfies the imbalance created by the gobbling up and dissolution of the unidirectional tubes of force, which imparts momentum to the saucer, along the axis of polarity of the tubes force, in satisfaction of the ‘need’ created. This line of thinking seems to indicate how Tesla considered so-called “nuclear reactions”... electromagnetic reactions which produce powerful, very high frequency disturbances in the zero point “natural media”, which react with atomic matter.


These reactions are deemed ‘stronger’ than normal electromagnetic ones, since their disturbances are of such high force (voltage) levels, and of such high frequencies, as to react strongly (resonantly), with other atomic matter, sometimes to the “critical mass” stage of transmutation, such as that associated with thermonuclear explosions or implosions.

Meanwhile, the “zero-point radiation” (“ZPR”) and Omni Matter interact at much higher force levels, yet to be fully measured. The spaces between the nuclear parts of atomic matter are comparatively so large, and the Omni Particles so small, in relation to the average amplitude of the ZPR, that the transference of force takes place right through solid matter, carried by the Onmi Particles, as if atomic mass isn’t even there.


The use of the term “zero-point” is generally used to describe a system which is in equilibrium According to physicist J. A. Wheeler 1, the density of “zero-point energy” in vacuum-space is 1094 gram/cm3. (Note: This is purportedly the density of a cubic centimeter, and if correct, translates into humongous potential energy, right in the space at the tip of your nose.) I view “energy” purely as a potential, rather than something having an actual physical existence, as asserted by Einstein. I think Wheeler did likewise, since his measurement applied to the energy of “zero point radiation”, not to the Relativist concept, “zero point energy”.

Since I also am an adherent to the wave theory of light (rather than the “corpuscular” theory, or a contradictory combination of the two), I refer to the “omnidirectionally interpenetrating radiation” contained in “equilibrated” space, not as “zero-point energy” (“ZPE”), but rather “zero-point radiation” (“ZPR”). I also believe all space is saturated with ultra fine (normally) neutral matter (which also permeates all atomic matter).


I refer to this as “Omni Matter”; This matter is activated by electromagnetic radiation which is not in equilibrium, transmitting its forces through Omni Matter/space until it is absorbed by some ‘atomic’ matter or body. Likewise, the ZPR is able to interpenetrate almost all mass, because at such high frequencies, its tiny wavelength passes between atoms without resonating with or reacting with them. There is an exception.

1 A. Wheeler, Geometrodynamics, Academic Press [1962].

According to Tesla, so-called “radioactive” elements reacting to the ZPR (are “...targets” continuously bombarded by “infinitesimal bullets projected from all parts of the universe”, without which “all radioactivity would cease” 1), which is the actual source of the radiation produced by them. There’s something to think about: What is the nature of the structure or status of ‘radioactive’ elements, which allows them to react energetically with the ZPR?

It is my belief that during a body’s movement through the space surrounding our earth, the independent carriers—the Omni Matter—, possessing independent ‘tubes of force’, are unified, creating continuously extended tubes of electric and magnetic force, which I call “micro-helices”, swirling in parallel, tubular pathways through the body.


A resistance (called “inertia”) is experienced by a body, against the force of movement, with a polarity of movement, as acceleration progresses. There is a buildup of momentum (due to the very same mechanism as inertia). The inertia-resistance/momentum-perpetuation is encountered only with an increase or decrease in velocity, forcing the stubborn micro-helices into a different pitch (angle of turns) and frequency (turns per distance) of swirling electromagnetism, for each different velocity. There is no friction at a constant velocity, at which the ether “gives back” what it “takes”.

As proof of this concept, the process can be reversed. By placing some paraffin in a “triax box”, with a magnetic field of 10,000 gauss, the atoms of the medium are magnetically aligned, or ‘polarized’. A high frequency electromagnetic field at 90 degrees, tuned to the nuclear magnetic resonance (“NMR”) frequency of hydrogen... 42.6 MHz..., excites the medium. This permits the hydrogen to react with the ZPR, to produce a (radioactive) beam of gamma radiation, which is far above the frequency one should expect from hydrogen.


One can produce an output of electromagnetic radiation, magnetism, electric current, or “electromagnetic momentum”, depending on the particular arrangement used and output preferred. With a hovering saucer, the electric field is externalized, with a current passing radially from the top center, across the predominantly horizontal area, and down the sides of the ship. A magnetic field automatically appears at 90 degrees to the electric field, and mass propulsion occurs on the third (vertical) axis, as utilized in Hall effect pumps. The downwardly directed beams of radiation seen on flying saucers may be due to the production of temporary radioactive isotopes of extremely short half lives, which emit photons as they return to their ground states.

Since a permanent magnet is composed of a medium (iron, usually) which has been magnetically aligned or polarized, some of the interpenetrating ZPR is arrested and separated into electric and magnetic components, and converted into magnetic flux, which is really a kind of “radioactivity”. The ZPR is the driving force behind this flux, which is strongest when aligned with the earth’s magnetic field, which in turn has polarized and converted some of the ZPR near or in the earth.


The force of the flux will in turn separate moving positive and negative electric charges, more or less as the reciprocal of the mechanism by which the force of the ZPR has been diverted to create the magnetic flux. A permanent magnet can also be thought of as a “magnetic flux superconductor”, which like an ultra high frequency antenna, receives the ZPR and produces a magnetic flux.

1Nikola Tesla, Letter, New York Times [Feb. 6, 1932], p. 16, col. 8.

Use of permanent magnets by Tesla, across a spark gap discharge, was intended to use the Hall Effect to break the discharge, by separating the positive and negative charges, in order to produce a more perfect sine wave. Inadvertently, Tesla discovered that electric spark discharges in air, ignite and combust atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen, producing 12-million-volt waves.


The oxygen and nitrogen, both, below atomic number 19, are thereby transmuted into alpha and beta charges (stripped helium nuclei with +2 charge ea., and electrons with -1 charges ea) by the powerful radiation produced, having a voltage potential of 12 Mev. Since this is almost three times the Mev level of gamma radiation emitted by radium, it is certainly sufficient to explain the claims of Tesla, as traditional contemporary physics cannot explain such high voltages or radiation.

In an ancient application of this same principle, there were ceremonies carried out in the underground kivas of American Indian tribes in the southwest. Small, white, hand-held, rounded quartz boulders (around 2 lbs. ea.), were held in pairs, by each of a circle of men, and struck together in the dark, to produce powerful electric spark discharges. Such rocks were called “thunder stones” by the Southwestern Indians. You may notice some similarity to the Norse myth of Thor (“Hare”, meaning Osiris), with his hammer.


This similarity was not coincidental, since the Indians called the Great White Hare Waban, an incarnation of the eastern dawn that brings light 1 (which comports with the Norse Odin and Saxon Wotam, literally meaning “east dawn “). The spark discharges produce bright light, and when many are simultaneously struck together, it is enough to light up the kiva, just as the Zuni (“Sun-of-Nu”) Ahayuda’ (“East-Hare (of) Light[ning]”) was thought to do. The Zuni war god can only be carved from the trunk of a cottonwood tree which has been struck by lightning, and a lightning bolt is displayed on the carvings.


The same thing holds true for the Assyrian (“East-Hare-People” or “Aryan”) Ahuramazda (“East-Hare-of-Good-Light”), the carvings of which also display lightning bolts. During these southwestern Indian ceremonies, the unmistakable smell of ozone fills the air, and perhaps the “laughing gas” produced by the sparks, which ignite oxygen and nitrogen and form nitrogen oxide, makes one giddy, euphoric, and intoxicated..


VIII: Thor’s Model T Coil

In my 1979 search for scientific salvage, I found a Peiltochterkompass (German, for “Polar-Slave-Compass”), in a pile of salvage from Sandia Base, in Albuquerque, which turned out to be classified salvage sold to a private dealer, who had bought the stuff without knowledge that the government employee had stolen it from a classified salvage heap at Sandia Base, then sold it for his own profit. The device was part of the celestial or inertial guidance system developed by the Germans in 1943, for navigational use on the Kreisel Teller (German for “Gyrating-Plate”), more popularly known as the “flying saucer”.


Also in that pile of classified salvage, was an old Ford Model T ignition coil (an invention of Tesla), along with a couple of the kind of ignition coils used in chemistry labs. In retrospect, I have decided that the Peiltochterkompass and other items may have been clues placed there intentionally, and that perhaps someone expected me to interpret their use. I have a hunch as to who that “someone” may have been—perhaps an old friend from long ago—but I won’t dare to mention the name here.

1Iron Thunderhorse, The Mysterious Dawnlanders, ANCIENT AMERICAN [July/Aug,, Sept/Oct, 1997], Issue #19/20

The ignition coils suggested ignition of the two or more chemical components—such as oxygen and nitrogen—to create a nuclear/electromagnetic reaction from elements commonly existing in the atmosphere. The Model T coil is an interesting gadget, since it contains a Tesla coil, combined with capacitor and a ‘Faraday buzzer’, which converts D.C, current from the battery into high voltage negative pulses.


The Faraday buzzer was a substitute for a spark gap. All feat is needed for operation is a battery. Tesla may have powered his prototype flying saucer with a battery powered Model T coil, and may in fact have originally developed the Model T coil for that specific purpose. Tesla would often invent a particular gadget for his saucer, then ‘turn it around’ and market it for ready cash when needed, in uses more adaptable to fee relatively archaic technology of the contemporary market place of his day.

In 1948, when I was ten years old, I belonged to a ‘ham’ radio club. I built a ham transceiver and had my Morse code up to speed for the qualification test, but was disappointed to learn that, at that time, under federal law, I could not take the test or operate my transceiver until I was 16. Consequently, a more startling fact I discovered, was the federal law prohibiting use of a Model T coil with a spark gap. The law appeared to come into existence contemporaneously to flying saucer technology, and the coil produces a series of negative pulses.


The conversion formula indicates that it might be adequate to propel a small, man-carrying saucer, such as the early electrical prototypes in which Tesla ventured out of his New York City hotel window at night, making nocturnal excursions over the city in a machine he called his “flivver” machine, which was described as being about the size of a “gas stove” 1. This astonishing scenario must have been what scared the hell out of the oil companies. Most researchers have erroneously associated Tesla’s “flivver” machine to the VTOL-type airplane which he patented in 1928.

When we observe a hovering saucer on a windless day or night, a large electrical flame is often apparent, spreading around the saucer, and growing in size the longer fee saucer remains in one spot. This is because the initial high voltage ‘leaders’—like electrical spider webs—begin to break away from the saucer’s surface, ionizing and igniting oxygen-nitrogen combustion in the atmospheric gasses.


Many observers mistakenly believe that the these ‘lights’ must represent electrical losses from the saucer power system, but this is inaccurate, since the saucers’ electric discharges are only the “matches’, which ignite the gasses, which in turn burn so brightly. On windy nights, saucers hovering high in the sky flicker like candles in the wind, from the action of the wind periodically blowing the corona flames around on the hull.


In a quiet and windless sky, the saucers may hover with a steadier, brighter glow, which is similar in appearance to, but distinguishable from a star, by a skilled observer. All the visible phenomena of saucers are consistent wife this analysis.


IX: Work and Energy

The saucer propulsion system appears to operate “over unity”, as a “free energy” device. The “Law of Conservation of Energy” is said to be “violated” by a device which operates “over unity”, but this interpretation is false when properly analyzed, especially when considered in the light of devices which utilize fuels or forces already existing in ambient reality, to perform work.


1Microfilm letter, Nikola Tesla to Westinghouse Co., July 7, 1912, Library of Congress.

In fact, all energy processes are ultimately derived from “ZPR”, but the great majority of ordinary processes used in the ‘archaic technology’ forced on us by the coercive monopolists, waste so much energy that they operate well below unity. The false interpretation of the law of conservation of energy becomes obvious, when going from weak gravitational to stronger electric and electromagnetic, or even nuclear reactions.


The question seems to hinge on a definition of “fuel”, its origin, and in what form does the fuel for a particular reaction enter into an event. There are several forms of ‘fuel’ which appear to have been intentionally obscured. Just exactly how does a permanent magnet remain “energized”, without any obvious fuel or “input energy”? Formal physics plays with words, accepting certain definitions of “energy”, then canceling those definitions selectively in the case of such things as magnets.

Energy is defined as “...the ability to do work”, and the accepted formula is that “work equals force times distance”. We know that a stronger force will do a greater amount of work on a body over a given period of time, than a weaker force will. The “law” is not violated, where one converts a weaker force into a stronger one, and does a great deal more work, even though there are usually losses in conversions, and even though no more ‘conventional’ energy is added to the process. A powerful rare earth magnet will do more work than a conventional iron one, especially since the electric field required to cancel such a strong field is much greater, and this will be a measure of the output.

Fools will immediately blabber that “...this is impossible, because it violates the law of conservation of energy”, and that there is a ‘difference’ between “force” and “energy”. Really? Then why do they fail to delineate just exactly what that alleged ‘difference’ is, and how the ‘force’ of a magnet is any different than any other force which does work? They are fundamentally wrong in this case.


In 1963, a physics professor told me that a magnet “did no work” when it pulled a steel ball across a table top. The force moved a body (the ball) over a distance. The work performed, measurable in standard units of “energy”, conformed to an accepted definition of “energy”, the same one used by the physics professor in class. I rejected the tortured route of false reasoning intended to counteract my statement of the above, and the physics professor was exasperated.

A weaker force—the alleged ‘gravity’ force between the iron in the magnet, and the steel ball—would not have pulled the ball across the table top. The weaker G force was dominated by the stronger magnetic force. Gravity also does work (remember Niagra Falls?). There are large discrepancies in supposed applications of the “laws of physics”, yet it is generally agreed that “energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed in its form”. This statement is completely consistent to the “free energy hypothesis”.


We know that ZPR exists in a volume of vacuumized space, also filled with ether, otherwise a vacuum tube would not allow discharges. This applies to the space all around us here on earth, together with around 26 atmospheric gasses. We have the gasses and atomic matter, in addition to naturally existing ZPR and Omni matter, to work with, requiring only that we use appropriate means to simply convert the weaker forces to the stronger ones, rendering them “usable”.


In reiteration, we only need to polarize the radiant effects and separate and extract heat, other radiation, pressure changes, electric content, or magnetism, to do work. As a “magnetic flux superconductor”, a common magnet most likely collects the ZPR in something like a ‘reversed’ K-capture phenomenon, and converts it to magnetic flux.

The use of permanent magnets to produce electricity in ‘over unity’ devices, has not yet realty come into its own. The (Hans) Coler “Stromerzeuger” 1 (a “magnetic flux device”, developed 1926-45) was a step in the right direction, and might have produced enough electricity to power a saucer, since the conversion constant shows a small current should suffice. It was not taken under development by O.K.M. until Jan. 4, 1943, too late for the Kreiselleller-p2 Projekt, which appeared to use a helium reactor, and the German saucers had been flying since as early as 1936.

Atoms of iron are a ‘medium’ which have a peculiar capacity to capture and convert ZPR into magnetic flux, which is always a secondary product of current. This means a magnet polarizes and unifies the tubes of force associated with the independent ether carriers. In the manufacture or formation of magnets—either in industry or in nature—the atoms (or molecules) of very hot or molten iron, which are in a state of flux, are aligned by an external magnetic field or electric current, whereupon the atoms are cooled and ‘frozen’ in aligned state, in a semi-permanent population inversion.


Since the magnetic field remains when the external electric or magnetic field is removed, a magnet exists in an unbalanced relationship, ‘needing’ an electric field or current to accompany it. This imbalance continues because the magnet apprehends the magnetic portion of the ZPR, exposing its electrical portion, disturbing its equilibrium, wherever magnetic flux permeates. By alternating a magnetic field perpendicular to a pole-piece, or alternating an electrical current at right angles to a pole piece, an iron core will oscillate magnetically, producing rising, saturating, falling, and reversing magnetic flux which may then be used to create alternating current in inductance windings.


The potential for these processes to operate ova unity is not generally understood or accepted, though there are numerous ways to operate electric and magnetic devices in ways violative of the law of conservation of energy, according to the version misinterpreted by the power cartels and their dupes in the field of science.

It stands to reason that if energy is the “ability to do work”, and work equals “force over distance”, that energy equals “force over time”. These distinctions have been obliterated and concealed by the Illuminati, which has taught us to view energy as something which comes out of a gas tank and is “used up”


X: Forces and Fields

All forces create fields, and vice-versa. Some fields in nature may be unknown in specific detail. For example, we know that certain crystals can alter the frequency of radiation (the “Raman effect”), but some aspects of the process remain unexplained. Electric and magnetic fields, in relation to aligned crystalline molecular structure, are the known fields involved. Since I have not fully developed my opinions regarding crystals and sub-atomic physics, I say no more in this respect, except that crystals generally appear to be transducers of electromagnetic radiation.

Crystals are indeed fascinating and of scientific importance and interest, but have nothing to do with saucer propulsion. Beware of being side-tracked by huxters spewing slyly false OSI propaganda, designed to divert you into pseudo-scientific theories of crystals, so you will neglect your pursuit of saucer propulsion secrets.


1See Dr. Franklin Kilpatrick’s Free Energy Secrets! (regarding a 1946 declassified report of Brit Intel. Objectives Sub-Committee).

While it is conceivable that crystals could be used in some peripheral way to produce or control electrical energy to power a saucer, such as a frequency detector, they are not directly involved in producing so-called “anti-gravity propulsion”, which is really an electromagnetic magnification and redirection of the so-called “gravity force”. I call this “Electropulsion” or “Super Gravity” (also called “electromagnetic momentum” by J. J. Thomson).

Private citizens can do experiments with a minimum of equipment, with exciting prospects. It is often assumed that government/corporate scientists have already explored all possibilities, and that we would know of any important discoveries. But just think about it Patent protection lasts only 17 years. Is some corporation which has existed for over 100 years, going to disclose a discovery which will put itself out of business, liberate people from its power, and render its mineral assets practically worthless, in only 17 years, when they have already projected their future earnings from fossil fuels for at least the next 100 years? How else to guarantee perpetual oligarchic, socio-economic monopoly, acquire and hold ready-made mineral fuels and derived chemicals, while shutting off all avenues of alternative energy, chemicals, and raw materials?

The cartels will riot sit idly by while some “two-bit inventor” produces and markets a device which will demolish their business in 5 years, but will move by hook or crook to nip it in the bud. They will continue to get away with it, as they always have, unless we prevent it and break the cycle of abuse. The only way we can beat them is to make free energy inventions publicly available, and pass our technology all around, so that everyone can use it.


Otherwise, they will hunt down the information and destroy it, along with its authors. It is indeed ironic, that the inventor’s desire to protect his discovery through secrecy, and the patent office’s required secrecy, enables a corporate “stainless steal”. There is no protection in the law for an inventor of such a device, so it just as well be given to everyone. As stated in Chapter I, the inventor should make a discovery public domain, to nullify any future corporate theft, and to manufacture and sell the invention, rather than go through an exhaustive patent application providing the cartels with advance notice enabling them to steal the discovery through the patent office.

Was it not the failure to reproduce and spread valuable knowledge everywhere, which was the greatest mistake of the ancient library at Alexandria? Where the greatest knowledge of the ancient world was collected and virtually concealed in one place, practically all of it was destroyed there, by religious fanatics. This destruction set human technology back about 1500 years, and paved the way for the Dark Ages, during which the only people allowed to possess, develop, or experiment with advanced scientific knowledge were the alchemists, who were exclusively employed by the ruling elite and bound by secrecy.


Those who violated these boundaries were burned at the stake or impaled as witches or sorcerers. Today they are prosecuted into insanity or oblivion by the FCC. Has anything really changed? Let’s change it. Spread all your secrets.

Small and non-energy-related inventions can be successfully patented and marketed without Illuminati interference, so long as they represent only a tiny fraction of the marketplace. Anything dealing with energy or transportation however, will be met with severe suppression and theft by the cartels. The typical delusion of the neophyte independent inventor, of receiving a vast fortune from such inventions, will only lead to incredible pain, after he has exhausted all his resources seeking “patent protection”.


1William R. Lyne, OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It [1997,1998],

It is time for us to spread all the suppressed technology we know of among the people, and to concentrate on manufacturing durable goods of high quality, just the sort of things the cartels hate. Inventors should devote their time spreading, trading and acquiring advanced, free energy technology, developing and initiating production techniques and creating facilities, as quickly as possible. We should also avoid La La Land-type pseudo-science of the type “encouraged” by the Illuminati.

Some will jeer that, if we have such technology, why aren’t we using it? I’ve got news for these naive people. We are using it, and they are using it, but the public doesn't know it. In addition, we are paying for it, while the public service cartels pretend to be generating power with conventional technology, and are being unjustly enriched. A secret free energy system was built into our public electric utility system, by Nikola Tesla.


We pay the cartels for electricity picked up ‘along the way’ to our houses, from the earth-ionospheric source, by the poles, and from the ZPR and Omni matter source, by the electromagnetic fields around the transmission lines. Even more current is generated by the meter on the sides of our houses (a Tesla invention which will function as a meter, a generator, or a meter and generator), depending on the particular equipment and hookups used. This secret is so well guarded that even few high ranking public service employees are aware of it.

If the kilowatt hours used in a region serviced by certain generators were accurately calculated, the total usage would probably far exceed the power produced by the generator stations. We are told by the ‘experts’ that energy is lost, but Tesla said otherwise. Each power pole is an antenna, having a copper grounding plate underneath it, and adds electric power from the earth-ionospheric source, to the power grid. At your house, the electric meter generates even more power, as it also reads your “consumption”. With certain alterations, a Tesla electric meter can generate as much power as you consume and it can measure, perhaps even more.


Differently oriented, the electric meter was originally one of Tesla’s secret inventions, used as an extremely over-unity fee energy generator, rather than a meter. I have tested this, and I know it weeks. Tesla’s statement as to its potential output was so large that I won’t mention it, for fear you would call him a “nut”.
These inventions are based on standard free energy or ether theory.


Radiation and matter exist in a state of self-restoring equilibrium in which all reactions tend to equal zero, with equilibrium being self-restored when disturbed This tendency to become restored is related to the energy potential existing in fee space, being a property of all matter and radiation. Since free universe is a perpetual motion system, energy, per se, does not exist, and all “work” is done by perpetual universal forces which exist in the environment.

Radiation does not move through space, but is the result of electrical and magnetic disturbances from stored sources emanating into the zero-point system at various points, which activate and polarize the normally neutral Omni Matter, causing transmission in chain reactions, carrying the electromagnetic oscillations from a multitude of points A, to a multitude of points B.

The Omni Matter is so fine that it is capable of super-transmitting electromagnetic disturbances, from particle to particle, at all frequencies, simultaneously, in all directions, while self-restoring is own equilibrium. If we conceive of Omni Matter as tiny, identical globes composed of intertwined positive and negative bundles of electromagnetic force in equilibrium, densely packing all space like grains of sand, while ZPR simultaneously vibrates through it in all directions, it is possible to understand how equilibrium is maintained by the omnidirectipnal ZPR, and how equilibrium can be upset. The equilibrium is upset by polarization of this omnidirectional vibratory mode, and ‘energy’ (the exertion of force through distance) may be extracted from or injected into the Omni Matter and the ZPR, via a proper medium of exchange.

What one may perceive as “light, moving through space”, is an electromagnetic fluorescent reactance of matter, as the forces excite it at particular visible frequencies related to the fluorescence-frequencies of the surface atoms of illuminated visible objects.

The trick is to disturb the equilibrium with a minimum of input, then to appropriate the ‘restoring’ energy, on a continuous basis. Low frequency electromagnetic forces which are transmitted into the system, are transmitted through it very efficiently. Whenever the frequency is increased until it creates disturbances in atomic matter-tending to re-establish its equilibrium—“atomic energy” may be produced.


The potential for matter to be “worked upon” by electric, magnetic or nuclear force, is called “energy”. Whenever a physical body is forced against another body, electromagnetic reactions, binding, attracting and repelling forces between the atoms and molecules of the bodies are stressed The object with the greater momentum usually forces the other body to move or to come apart. On the microscopic level, force is imparted electromagnetically. “Energy” is always an abstract future contingency, which has no present existence in physical form. It is not a substance, and cannot be equated with a substance, but is a property of atomic, electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic radiation and reactions, which occur under certain conditions.

In order for the equilibrated forces of ZPR and matter to be synthetically apprehended for the performance of useful work, a quantity of specially chosen matter (or ‘medium’) may be placed in a “triaxial box”, and subjected to electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic forces (emphasizing that so-called thermal or nuclear forces are really material reactions to electromagnetic forces).

A confusion between “energy” and “force”, in conjunction with a false interpretation of the law of conservation of energy by their scientific dupes, allows the Trilateralists/CFR/Illuminati to conceal free energy and Super Gravity technology secrets from us. We no longer need for them to tell us the ‘secrets’, because the secrets are out. We must apprehend and use this technology to throw off the parasitic CFR.

Nikola Tesla’s discovery of high frequency radiation and its use in the flying saucer, was his greatest contribution to the world. An oscillating electromagnetic wave has a frequency, which is the number of “beats” per second, with which the electromagnetic force is delivered. Within a system, an increase in frequency also increases the voltage or force of each beat, yet this requires no greater power to do so. Visualize a person beating a rug with a certain force, at the rate of one stroke per second. Now visualize that person bearing the rug 10 times per second, at twice the force.


Naturally, the results for a given time will be greater, yet with electromagnetic radiation, no greater power is required to deliver 20 megahertz, than 20 kilohertz, yet the force (voltage) of the former, is greater per beat, as well as the number of blows per second. It is this phenomenon which causes the power radiated by an oscillating electromagnetic dipole, to increase at the fourth power of its increase in frequency.


This is called the “reactance”, and it is exactly what Tesla had in mind when he announced the completion of some tests of his electromagnetic (saucer) propulsion system, in 1940, though he tested it as early as “many years” before 1912, to be specific, in 1894. I call this system “Super Gravity”. It is “public domain”, because of its unpatented secret use by the government for over one year.

Tesla distinguished between six kinds of electromagnetic waves, forces, and particles in space, which are:

  1. “The Ether”, composed of independent carriers immersed in an insulative fluid, permeating all space and matter, and from or to which all matter is ultimately composed or decomposed

  2. “Primary Solar Rays” (“starlight”), electromagnetic waves which travel at C, generated by our sun and other stars—having frequencies far above X-ray, gamma and U.V. rays—which comport with the ZPR

  3. “Cosmic Rays”, particles in space, propelled by the Primary Solar Rays (ZPR), and which, depending on the voltage of the propelling ZPR, can greatly exceed C

  4. X, Gamma and U.V. electromagnetic waves, which travel at C

  5. Ordinary visible and I.R. electromagnetic waves, which travel at C

  6. Rapidly varying electrostatic force of enormous potentials, emanating from the earth and other gravitational bodies in space

It should be noted that the ether is not “radiation” or an “energy source”, but rather particles (“matter”) which carry momentum, magnetism, electricity, or electromagnetic force, and which can be manipulated artificially or by nature to materialize or transmute any form of matter. Tesla did not believe in the interconversion of “matter and force” (“matter and energy”), saying “...without matter there is no force and without force there is no matter.”



For a more extensive exploration of this subject, consult my book, OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System, and the Conspiracy to Conceal it, 1997, Wm. R. Lyne.

Under Operation Paperclip—with full authority from Admiral Doenitz, the German high command, Reinhard Gellen’s Amt VI SS RSHA (including General Otto Skorzeny, whose documents bought his freedom and much more) and every German high-level technical and political authority, including Hitler—all flying saucer “documents” of Germany went into CIA (OSS) hands in 1945. All documents relating to flying saucers and some other things, including the real terms of the “surrender”, since declassified, are either fake or altered, to confuse and obscure Tesla’s discoveries, which I call “occult ether physics”, since “occult” means “hidden”.

Ether effects may be metaphorically conceived as "interdimensional", since invisible ether is incorrectly thought to be imperceptible, but inertia and momentum are perceptible in ‘our’ dimension, which they are part of. I use the ‘other dimension’ reference only because fifty years of brainwashing has obliterated human consciousness of it and many other things in reality. I present it that way to soften the initial effects of facing reality. We perceive the ether effects both physically, feeling inertia and momentum in our bodies as we move, and visually, seeing the effects on objects and life forms as they resist movement, accelerate, fall, tumble, bounce, and come to rest.

Ether physics is the most carefully concealed ultra secret technology of the Illuminati, and is the ‘real’ physics. The academically accepted stuff, where conflicting with true ether physics, is a cover-up for the ‘real’ thing. Again, the answer is right under our noses, masquerading as ‘insignificant effects’ or ‘anomalies’, such as the Hall effect, as illustrated by a magneto-hydrodynamic pump. An electric current creates a magnetic field at right angles to itself, with polarity ascertained according to the “right hand rule”. Fields each have two components. The electric (+ and -) and magnetic (N and S) fields occupy two axes.


The third axis, for lack of better terminology, I call the “reactance field” (the two components of which I call “ether-in”, and “ether-out”):

(NOTE: The theory I propose as Nikola Tesla’s, is different from others known to me or patented by others, such as the “M.H.D. Propulsion Apparatus” of J.F. King, Jr. (Patent No, 3,322,374, of 5/30/67), or patents No. 3,120,363 issued to Hagen, and Nos. 2,949,550, 3,018,393, and 3,022,430 issued to Thomas Townsend Brown. These were all atmospheric “ion thrusters” or “reaction-thrusters” according to Newton’s third law of motion, were feeble, and not for outer space. The King patent used AC rather than D.C. fields.


These devices relied upon feeble “equal and opposite reaction forces” of the propelled masses of electrons and atmospheric ions, much like an airplane relies on pumped air. An accelerated electron will travel only about 4 cm. in the atmosphere. The ions are limited to those near the surface of me ship. No patented invention powers the “flying saucer”. This (my) design pumps the ether, reaches into space and ‘climbs’ through it like a stationary ladder, and is unpatented because it is classified)

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