For example, suppose three cold explosions, each 50 miles in diameter, are placed upon the front-line strength of NATO.
        In seconds there is no longer any "front line strength" of NATO. Every living thing is frozen into a block of ice.
        A few more of these things placed on selected rear area installations, and the battle is over before it gets started. Say in about one minute flat!
        Suppose NATO is quickly defeated -- say in two days. And then the Russians offer us a "Dunkirk." They agree to allow us to evacuate the beaten remnant of our forces.
        Are we going to evoke a strategic nuclear exchange, or are we effectively "decoupled" from Europe? Particularly if the Soviets also offer sweeping accommodations to the Europeans, and they accept? If we punch the strategic button, we guarantee our own absolute destruction. (MAD doctrine and all that, old chap!)
        Whether or not we could do anything to the Russians is a matter of conjecture.
        For a demonstration, they could even invite us to launch a couple of missiles, and destroy them over our heads shortly after launch.
        And they could take out a few submarines under the ocean, just to make it believable.
        And destroy some SAC bombers that are orbiting on station.
        Or take out a U.S. Naval Task Force, with a nuclear carrier, as
a demonstration that they mean business.
        Would a sane President go ahead and destroy us, or accept the Sovietís "Monroe Doctrine" and an "armistice"?
        If the Soviets. thought he was seriously contemplating ordering a nuclear strike, they could immediately destroy all our nuclear armaments where they sit. Our own weapons would obliterate us!
        What would Congress do -- after the Soviet Union had demonstrated its absolute power, offered a Dunkirk and armistice, and threatened our total destruction if we "reached for the holster," so to speak -- when it realized the President might actually be contemplating evoking assured national suicide?
        What would you do if you were a Congressman? If you were the President?

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