Another neat trick you can do with scalar EM is make an aircraft invisible to ordinary radar.
       Just use multiple transmitters on the airplane to establish a spherical interference shell, in the bandwidth of the threatening radar, around the aircraft.
        When the signal pulse (or continuous wave) from the ground-based radar strikes the "energy bottle" in the shell, it interferes with it and is diffracted, scattered, and partially absorbed.
        The ground-based radar doesnít get any coherent return pulse or return signal reflected from the target.
        Radars donít track aircraft; they track the reflection of their own signal bouncing off aircraft. No reflected signal, no aircraft -- as far as a radar is concerned.
        To shield against a passive radar (one which tracks emissions from the aircraft), just detect and complement your own emissions so that "near zeroes" result in the spectrum of interest.
        Or do both, to protect against both.
        Itís even possible to cool the exhaust and heated surfaces of the aircraft by a scalar EM adaptation of electrostatic cooling. Theoretically itís even possible to cause the aircraft to "disappear" optically. Takes a bit of doing, but itís possible. The basic scheme here is that, when a photon hits the target from a given direction, itís absorbed totally, and a corresponding or "matching" photon is emitted from the opposite side in the same direction the original photon was going. In that fashion, the light emitted from the target from one direction seems to have "passed through it" from the other direction.
        Since thatís what empty space does, then what a distant observer sees is "empty space," so far as he can tell.

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