Now let us rapidly give some unique capabilities that one can do with scalar EM in smaller things. Not only can scalar EM weapons be used in the big "continent busting" strategic weapons, but they can also be used for a variety of smaller defense tasks.
        For example, one can establish a zero reference anywhere one wishes in an ordinary carrier. Inside that zero, one can establish as many independent "carriers" as one wishes, and hide them completely from ordinary detectors.
        The way to do that is easy. Take as complex a signal as you wish. Subtract it from zero. That gives a "complement" which, when summed with the original signal, will produce the zero. Then only a scalar detector can go inside the zero and pullout the individual components.
        So take a carrier wave. Let the enemy jam it completely, with gobs of power.
        Your scalar communication channel stays serenely there, calm and unjammed. The enemy thinks youíre jammed and canít communicate. Meanwhile, you continue to communicate just fine.
           Or be real smart. Take one of those components inside the first zero. Pick a zero reference inside it. Hide still more carrier components inside the second zero. Do this as many times as you wish.
           You can put all the telephone calls in the United States of America on one carrier. And you can keep them clear, right through total jamming.

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