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          But thatís still not all.
          You can also communicate with your submarines underwater. High data rate. Chat away as you wish. You can scramble, frequency hop, encrypt, the works. They can also communicate back to you.
          Remember. EM force fields of any appreciable frequency wonít travel through the water. Natural EM potentials grab charged particles and ions, so they wonít travel through the ocean either.  But artificial potentials donít grab onto charged particles or ions. and they will go through the ocean quite nicely.
          Everything -- aircraft, ships, shore installations, submarines, etc. -- can communicate like gang busters if they possess scalar EM technology.
          In fact, you can even build scalar EM underwater radar if you wish.
         The airborne scalar EM radar can see under the ocean with a little adjustment, perhaps as well as a conventional side-looking radar sees distant targets today. The airborne scalar EM radar can detect and track the underwater submarine while tooling along.
         In fact, the airborne scalar EM radar can then destroy the sub, by using a little scalar interferometry. And itís even possible to do scalar interferometry with a single transmitter! How, is proprietary to a friend.
         In fact. you can even use your enemyís jamming transmission as a "wire" along which to establish your scalar EM channels. You can use these scalar channels in the "weakly endothermic mode" to locate his transmitter and "lock-in" on it. You can "walk" the lock-in right past his encryption function to the "clear" input, and receive and record that in the clear. All this from a distance.
         You can then destroy his equipment if you wish, or just continue to monitor him in the clear if itís important to do so. Perhaps now we can understand what the decades-long weak microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is all about. Or why the Soviets are building a nice new Embassy, bristling with antennas, on the high ground in Washington, D.C.

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