On this slide we show the impact of scalar defenses against an adversary who possesses only the orthodox nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and makes a "first strike" by surprise against his opponent.
        In this case, the attacked opponent has scalar EM defenses.
        With just the midcourse and terminal scalar EM howitzer defenses, almost all of the attacking missiles and re-entry vehicles are destroyed.
        If for some reason (such as to prevent triggering the sun and destroying the world inadvertently!) the attacked adversary does not wish to attack strategically with scalar EM weapons, he may now launch a massive retaliatory strike on his opponent.
        And if that opponent has no ABM defenses, heís just bought the farm.
        What a funny coincidence! Long ago, we crazy Americans chose to put all our eggs in the offensive basket. That is, we thought the Soviets cannot dare to strike us because we will have enough surviving missiles to penetrate any orthodox defense and destroy them in return. They would also have the same "mutual assured destruction (MAD)" capability, of course!
        The MAD concept was aptly acronymmed -- it was an insane idea from its inception. That is, the Soviets were not supposed to defend their cities and populace, and neither were we. That way, you see, we could destroy their citizenry at will, and they could destroy ours at will. We deliberately agreed to that, thinking -- in our insanity -- that the Soviets agreed also.
        Of course the Soviets werenít playing the same lunaticís game at all. They simply fed our own garbage back to us, and we importantly thought we were negotiating something. Unknown to us, they were secretly building and deploying scalar EM defenses even then. Since we didnít know of any other defense, we assumed the Soviets could not defend their citizenry with ABMs any better than we could defend ours with ABMs.  So we blithely scrapped our ABMs.
        The high government officials of the United States of America grossly violated our constitution and their sworn oaths of office.  Our constitution specifically charges the government of the United States to defend the people of the United States. That means our officials are specifically charged with defending our people. Yet they deliberately agreed not to do so, and they deliberately sacrificed us in advance.
        They committed treason of the highest kind, by deliberately surrendering us to total destruction anytime the big balloon goes up.
        The constitution doesnít charge the government with surrendering our citizens to destruction under any circumstances. It charges the government with defending us against destruction.
        Ronald Reagan is the first U.S. president in some time to see through the MAD concept. At least he stands forthrightly for defense. Itís just a shame that the government and scientific leaders under him arenít aware of the Soviet scalar weapon developments, so they could brief him on these startling developments.
        Be sure you understand what the government leaders before Reagan have been saying. For years, our official policy has effectively said to the Russians: "We will allow each side a token defense only. We deliberately will not defend ourselves, so that anytime you decide to strike us you can destroy us. In return, however, we do not think you will want to strike us, for we believe that -- before we become ashes from that strike -- we can get enough away at you, to destroy you as well. Of course we believe you are in the same sort of boat."
        Then we said, "There! Thatís settled! What a relief! nobody can strike anybody anymore. Now can we talk about partial disarmament and on-site inspection?"
        The Soviets just kept their astonished amusement to themselves and kept building scalar defenses (and scalar offenses as well !). Their deception plan called for imbedding the scalar EM weapons in ordinary systems when possible, and hiding the scalar EM weapons tests in ordinary weapons tests when possible. Of course they had to be adamant in their opposition to on-site inspection; after all, even Western scientists, if allowed on site with the dual-mode weapons, might suspect something was different and possibly things were amiss.
        The Soviet deception has worked like a charm. The U.S. MADmen who created and implemented the MAD doctrine have succeeded in prejudicing two generations of academicians and elected U.S. leaders against the need for effective defense. A vast wasteland of inane paper studies -- learnedly dealing with ABMís, penetration tactics, leakage, force and counterforce, radar blackout, electronic warfare, etc. etc. -- has been churned out by our military, industrial, and university "think tanks" to clog the minds, efforts, and literature of our defense and governmental establishments.
        Our homeland has no effective ABM defense (and very little defense against aircraft or subsonic cruise missiles). Our field army has no effective ABM defense (or air defense). Our naval forces have no effective ABM defense (although they are better defended against air attack than the field army). Yet ballistic missiles -- and to some extent cruise missiles -- have supposedly been our greatest threat for decades, followed closely by the secondary threat of massed aircraft attack.
        A cynic might take the stand that, if our Defense Department hasnít been allowed to defend us (with deployed weapon systems, not by "paper studies") against what we ourselves have proclaimed is our biggest threat, then why is it called the Defense Department? Why not call it the No-defense Department?
        Understand, a great many fine, hard-working people in DoD have certainly tried to get adequate defenses developed and deployed. The sheer weight of the bureaucracy and its mind-numbing entanglements have prevented it.
        But itís even worse. Our bureaucrats -- both in government and in "big, organized science" -- have been so caught up in the "Russians are really just ignorant peasants" syndrome and the "not-invented-here" (NIH) syndrome that theyíve not recognized the greatest scientific and technical breakthrough in history. Such a breakthrough -- far greater in importance that the nuclear bomb -- has been made, developed, and deployed by the Soviet Union, all in secrecy and behind the smokescreen of a masterful deception plan.
        Weíve totally missed the most incredible "secret superweapons" development program of all times, and the worldwide testing of the weapons themselves.
        Hiroshima and Nagasaki should serve as object lessons in the price of ignorance of such technological breakthroughs.
        History does repeat itself. But this time itís not we Americans who got the great new superweapon first.

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