Here we show the orthodox concept of response to a surprise counterforce nuclear strike when the surprised force has no defenses.
        A great percentage of the attacked missile silos are destroyed. The surprised side thus is able to mount only a limited strike in retaliation. Perhaps he is able to launch some remaining silo-based missiles that escaped destruction. He is also able to launch missiles from any of his underwater nuclear submarines that escaped. Some of his strategic bombers may have escaped destruction on the ground or while airborne on station; these surviving bombers can be directed to proceed with strategic reprisal against the enemy.
        As can be appreciated, this entire concept is now totally obsoleted by the Soviet possession of scalar EM weapons.
        The "mutual assured destruction" capability -- or MAD concept as it was so aptly named! -- is no longer mutual. And for two reasons:  (1) the Soviet surprise attack could destroy essentially all our Triad forces wherever they are, in the first attack. (2) Even if a very small number of our strategic forces survive, the puny strike we could attempt to launch could be repeatedly decimated from launch to terminal phase.
        The restraint on the Soviets is not because of our Triad forces. The restraint is twofold: (1) a second nation has scalar EM weapons, and would undoubtedly unleash them upon the Soviet Union with great violence if such a massive world-wide destruction of U.S. forces occurred or was threatened (is it really "accidental" that six major Soviet missile ammunition storage sites mysteriously exploded within seven months?); (2) the closed-loop scalar radiation exchange system of Earth-Sun could be inadvertently "tweaked" in the feedback loop from Earth to Sun, so that a large solar scalar resonance was stimulated. In that case the Sun could emit a mighty resonant "burp" that would simply wipe out all life on Earth in a fiery shower.
        The "terror" in the "balance of terror" between nations has just increased by many, many orders of magnitude.
        The biblical prophecy that the Earth will be wiped out by "fire and brimstone from heaven" is very near fulfillment now.
        Put another way, the pucker factor -- even on the Russians who may contemplate unleashing Armageddon -- is higher than any Western strategic analyst has ever imagined, even in his wildest nightmares.
        Truly these weapons are "more frightening than the mind of man has imagined," as Brezhnev put it in 1975.
        The frightening scalar EM weapons can be used, but only very, very gingerly indeed. If a slight mistake is made, everybody loses everything.

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