Now suppose some of the scalar EM defenses we have discussed are added to the picture.
        On this slide we show a similar missile field, defended by a Tesla dome and by multiple scalar howitzers.
        The howitzers take the incoming buses under attack during the early midcourse phase, by means of very large spherical EMP globes. Many of the buses -- and their entire payloads, including the nuclear warheads themselves -- are dudded by these midcourse defenses.
        Servicing of dudded vehicles that have penetrated the globe now occurs farther along in midcourse. Each dud vehicle may be serviced, for example, with a small globe in the continuous mode for an appreciable number of seconds. This causes vaporization or fusing of the physical structures of the vehicles.
        Groupings of incoming vehicles may also be serviced by medium-sized globes in the pulse mode. This assures dudding, and is especially useful for clearing away chaff and debris with smaller ballistic coefficients. It also is useful to further insure that the nuclear warheads themselves are totally dudded.
        An additional wrinkle is to place scalar signal patterns -- that affect and transmute a nuclear warhead’s radioactive nuclei -- onto a continuous globe. In short, by the proper scalar signals it is possible to transmute plutonium and uranium into harmless elements, and it can be done at a distance. The 4th and 5th generation Soviet scalar EM technology is probably capable of doing this. This insures that, not only are the incoming nuclear warheads electromagnetically inert, but they are also nuclearly inert and incapable of generating nuclear explosions.
        Still another wrinkle -- particularly useful against implosion-type weapons -- is to utilize a scalar signal pattern that causes sudden generation of neutrons in the active material (plutonium or uranium). This harmlessly explodes the nuclear
warheads while they are far away from their intended targets and out in space. The burst mode is probably the most useful for this tactic.
        Note that, if desired, this same tactic -- exploding the nuclear weapons themselves -- can also be utilized in the Launch Phase ABM system grid against the missiles after launch. This capability converts an adversary’s intended nuclear attack against you to an actual attack against himself!
        Also note that the adapted grid system in the surface of the earth can be used to explode the nuclear warheads in ICBMs while they are still in the silos, or to explode nuclear warheads in storage.  In the underwater mode, the nuclear warheads in the Poseidon and Polaris missiles on-board the nuclear submarines can be exploded in a similar manner. In fact, the nuclear reactor used to furnish the power for the nuclear submarines can also be exploded or disabled in this manner, as can land-based and ship-based reactors.
        Again, this actually turns an adversary’s own nuclear weapons against him. His own weapons can be used to obliterate him.  Without scalar defenses, possessing the capability of nuclear attack becomes a serious detriment!
        But back to our slide. Just in case something gets through this formidable defense somehow, the Tesla Shield (dome) provides the final reiteration that takes care of any residue "leakage."
        The sum total of these defenses fully justifies the 1968 Soviet statement in Military Strategy that the USSR has achieved a 100% defense, and the West has not.

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