Now to shift the emphasis a bit, and look at the impact on some "normal" strategic systems and concepts.
        On this slide we show the basic idea of suppression attack against an enemyís ground-based missile force in fixed-site silos.  The attack uses multiple maneuverable re-entry vehicles (MARVs) delivered by a single carrier missile which acts as a "bus." The bus ejects the MARVs at the appropriate time, and each of the MARVs heads toward its predesignated target, maneuvering as it re-enters the atmosphere and proceeds to the target. The maneuver makes conventional intercept of the MARV by conventional anti-ballistic missiles more difficult.
        In this manner, missile silos without defenses may be caught by surprise and destroyed.
        The "bus" concept actually multiplies the number of targets a single launched missile can attack, and the maneuvering of the MARV increases the difficulty of defending the target area by orthodox means.

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