The uses of the complex grid, scanners, and scalar howitzers is limited only by human ingenuity and state-of-the-art of the technology developed.
        By shifting to the scalar-carrier mode and transmitting in the surface layer of the earth, the interference zone can be established in a distant region of the earth, beneath the earth’s surface.
        Suppose we establish a very small interference grid in the earth at and around a distant fault zone. Then by steadily depositing energy in the zone in the continuous exothermic mode, the stress in the fault area is steadily and gradually increased. Eventually the plates on each side of the fault will slip, and a "natural appearing earthquake" occurs. If the energy is deposited slowly and gently, a gentler quake can usually be effected. If the energy is deposited fairly rapidly, a higher peak stress can usually be reached before the rocks slip, and a larger, more destructive earthquake results.
        By making a wider grid in the earth in a larger area, a strange kind of earthquake can be induced, whether or not a fault zone exists in the area. By pouring energy out of alternate cells and extracting energy from the others, a "wave-like" buckling tensile and compressive stress is created throughout the zone. As this continues, the entire plate area will try to oscillate, moving and causing an anomalous sort of "rocking, flat earthquake" throughout a large area.
        Not too many days after the destruction of the Challenger on January 28, 1986, such an anomalous "flat earthquake" occurred in the U.S., near the Great Lakes, involving some 10 states. This was probably the subsequent testing of an additional weapons mode of the same Soviet scalar EM system that destroyed the shuttle.

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