The psychologist approach : "debunking" true love in the world of thought control




In a desperate attempt to anchor your perception in the Stage World and also to make you believe in a variety of illusions (like in the so-called "ego", for instance), THEIR characters may try to use the psychologist approach.

So in the sentences THEY use all the time to speculate over your brain, THEY may include something like this :

"He (She) needs a psychologist."

(variation) : "He (She) needs psychiatric treatment."

Well, THEY are trying to subliminally inculcate in your brain the demented idea that you're sick. In other words, according to their description of reality, you have a disease that must be "treated" by THEIR "specialists" : the disease of feeling true love in your heart, the disease of thinking for yourself, the disease of not following everybody else like cattle.

"Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague, and we are the cure."
(Agent Smith brainwashing Morpheus in the movie "The Matrix")

That's it : a complete inversion of values. In reality, it's not difficult to perceive that THEIR characters are a disease that should be treated urgently. THEY need desperately a treatment in order to learn how to feel true love, how to transcend dichotomies and how to live a more truly spiritualized life, more connected to the heart, and not to the brain. As a matter of fact, the 'Matrix' reality itself is a disease that needs to be treated through the arrival of the "GLOBAL D-DAY". But that's another story...

True Love is something that cannot be theorized, discussed or analyzed in a divan, let alone in round table debates or workshops. After all, it's free, it's universal, it's for everybody and it doesn't produce money or titles !

Can you conceive Neo being analyzed in a divan by a psychologist of the Matrix reality, a certain "Dr. Smith" (i.e. Agent Smith) ?


The seed of psychoanalysis was planted in the last decades of the nineteenth century and in the first decades of the twentieth century by the two known icons of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, amidst an environment in which foreigners and agents from BOTH SIDES started infiltrating themselves in the Stage World, carefully disseminating certain ideas over neutrals in order to prepare their minds to what would come over the following decades of the twentieth century : a dispute to control the Earth, having to respect the free will of each neutral individual.

Freud created the concept of "ego", and later on he perfected his theories to reach more elaborate concepts like the "splitting of the ego" into several sub-categories or particles, each one of them to be blamed by the problems generated by unresolved dichotomies in one's brain, or in the case of linguistic prisoners generated by THEIR speculation (doubletalk, association of ideas, artificial synchronicity, thought control, etc.).

Destructive concepts were elaborated, such as :

"The ego is inherent to the human being" (or "to the human condition")
(scientific variation that appeared afterwards) : "Badness is genetic"

There is not, there never was and there will never be an "ego". It's an illusion that is not inherent to the human condition. We are spiritual beings. Since the day a neutral human being is born in the Stage World, his or her brain is told how the world should be, how the apparent reality that permeates society should govern his or her life, and which are the descriptions of reality that he or she should consider as being valid.

The so-called "ego" is just an illusion created by the dichotomies present in one's perception field. It's just like a mirage in a desert. Could you imagine yourself theorizing about a mirage and even dividing this mirage in little pieces, comparing these pieces, and then theorizing again ?

The more you talk about the mirage, the more the size of the mirage to your brain. And further you are of deconstructing the illusions and freeing your brain from their speculation.

So whenever THEY try to attach an ego-based "explanation" to your acts or to the very acts of THEIR characters in the Stage World, you can mentalize : "PRESUMED EGO THEORY".


Carl Jung, by his turn, wrote in 1958 a book called "Flying saucers : a modern myth of things seen in the skies", where these objects were presented as a projected manifestation of the "collective uncounscious"... And before that he wrote a lot about the naturalness of synchronicity (in "Synchronicity : an acausal connecting principle", where he coined the expression "synchronicity"), and about the role nightly dreams and archetypes in general allegedly have in projecting one's "uncounscious".

These ideas were purposely created with the intention of putting the human species to sleep, to blind them from the truth. And with the intention of transforming the linguistic prisoners in particular into slaves that should conform themselves to the speculation, to the brainwashing and to the idea of marching into a slaughterhouse like cattle in order to make their auric payment.

Can you see how deep the rabbit-hole goes ?

These ideas were created to reinforce the false notion that you're not the owner of your destiny. By accepting these ideas, the brain of a linguistic prisoner is encouraged to follow the external signs of guidance, whether through their sentences, through the orchestrated movements of their characters artificially creating "coincidences" around him or her, or through the "signs" that appear in a nightly dream.


The fact is that THEY manipulate your perception field, artificially creating a counterfeit synchronicity all the time around you. THEY also clone (imitate) your behaviors and conclusions in an attempt to cheat your brain making it believe that they are assuming responsibility for your acts and decisions regarding your life.

THEY can easily read your mind, analyze your thoughts and scan your aura. And THEY do this in a speed hundreds of times faster than the speed of their characters in the Stage World. Everyone of them reads carefully and with precision each little word, idea, symbol, image or archetype that goes to your mind.

THEY project images during the night inside your dreams. These images are artificially created in THEIR Operation Center(s) and carefully studied to fit the goals of their speculation.

Their speculation is based on the structure of the human brain, especially the structure of the memory. You only have to have a human brain to be manipulated. The human memory is organized in the form of a relational database : placing similar information on top of each other, in categories - like an Internet directory -, and establishing internal pointers between connected issues.

Recent information are accessed first (because they are on the top of that memory stack), as well as unusual information (because even being old they are still on top of that memory stack, once those elements didn't happen again yet).

THEY know exactly what are the facts, words, ideas and archetypes that are on top of each one of your memory stacks, so that THEY can manipulate your thoughts just by associating the ideas that are on top of these stacks with their distorted sentences.

Notice also that by cloning (imitating) your behaviors, THEY not only try to assume responsibility for your acts : THEY also erase your own acts from the top of your memory stacks, placing theirs on top of these stacks, so that you will remember easier their acts instead of yours. THEY want to confuse your brain. THEY want to control your life.

Additionally, your aura is like a library containing all the facts of your past. They can access all the information they want just by looking at you. It's like performing a search through a search engine in the Internet. Love has no secrets. And what one of them knows, all the others know, just like in a community of dolphins in the ocean.


Another function of psychoanalysis is to anchor your perception in the reality of the Stage World. Psychologists work over false premises like for instance the ones showed below. Let's take a look at them.

a) "You have to accept the reality of the world as it is, and conform yourself to what society expects you to be"

YOU KNOW that the world where you live is a Stage, just like in the movie "The Truman Show". The difference is that there are some hundreds of thousands of Trumans - survivors of the hurricane - living in the Stage World amidst over five billions characters, and not only one Truman Burbank. (if you have any doubt about it, read section Denying the Truth - Remembering the hurricane).


But even before the hurricane, over the last 120 years or so, the society values of each decade have been so contaminated by the manipulation of foreigners of BOTH SIDES; by the official "happenings" and official "news" in the Stage World - artificially induced by the performances of their characters; by their idols artificially placed in positions of fame; and by their characters occupying positions of authority defining reality for neutrals' minds (the media reality makers, the science reality makers, etc.); that you can say that during this period the society values of the Stage World merely reflected the result of the sum total of antagonistic foreign forces involved in the process of defining reality.

So society values were never "genuine", at least in the last 120 years. They have always been a result of foreign forces disputing spaces in the Stage World...

b) "You have problems that were created by your mother and by your father when you were a child"

Well, notice first that "mother" and "father" are important keywords within their second-meaning "vocabulary", and that blaming them for your alleged "problems" is really very convenient for their scheme of speculation. And if you're a PAN, observe that your official parents in the Stage World are NOT responsible for the traumas the OTHER SIDE may have placed in your mind through horse movements and the association of ideas, nor for the possible blockage of some of your chakras deliberately (and wisely) conducted by OUR SIDE.

The more you analyze your alleged "problems", the more you do what they want you to do : to dive in an ocean of illusions, like self-pity or the "going back home" disease, for instance.

Realize that in reality you have no problems. The only problem you have is their brainwashing, their linguistic speculation over your brain, their distortions, false dichotomies and false premises, and the illusion of vampirism they have created over your mind through years of doubletalk, association of ideas and mathematical similarities.

That's chiefly a question of control, 'Matrix' style. They have a problem : they want to control your life. So you must solve their problem. You must tell them that you're the only owner and master of your own destiny.

c) "You have a personality that says who you are and that can hardly be changed."

Well, a "personality" is something that can be pretended in the Stage World, it's something that can be faked or artificially produced. It is part of a character guideline, along with several other attributes, like little manias, "preferences", likes and dislikes, "opinions", emotional reactions, and so on. The day you have your crystal activated and also access to your pigeon-holes, you'll learn all you need about what Carlos Castaneda calls the "art of stalking" (that is, pretending skills). Then you'll able to pretend any character in the Stage World, including any emotion and "personality" necessary to fulfill the character guideline.

The majority of foreigners (it varies according to their places of origin) are able to occupy up to three shells (and therefore pretend up to three characters) at the same time. Now think with me : wouldn't psychologists say of them that they have a "mental disorder", or a "disturbance" caused by "triple personality" ?

So if one of these foreigners is speculating over your brain using the psychologist approach, you can mentalize : "TRIPLE PERSONALITY DISTURBANCE".

And since you have the right training, changing "personalities" is as easy as changing clothes. If you're a PAN, then some day in the future you'll be able to assume your original shape, if you want. From this matrix shape, you'll be capable of shaping any other valid shell in the Stage World, each one of them having a "character guideline", including a specific "personality".


d) "You are your shell. You are your identity. You have a life with this shell and this identity that has a continuity in the world."

(variation) "You have a personal history and a biography that cannot be changed."
(variation) "You have to live your age."

Again THEY are anchoring your perception in this "Matrix" reality. Remember : you're not your shell, and you're not your identity. These things are easily constructed and deconstructed in an Operation Center. Shells are just modeling clays. And identities (along with "family ties", documents, credit cards, etc.) are also fakeable in the Operation Center.

Your personal history or "biography" can be changed, or omitted. It can be easily fabricated. That's how foreigners operate in the Stage World. And even without a crystal activated, you can "create a fog" around you, if you want, at least partially.

And regarding age, do you really believe people should be compartmentalized in age groups, in such a way that each group would be given a specific role in society ? By dividing the social reality in little pieces, the Stage World consumption machine can easily create habits, dreams, values, behaviors, and - of course - markets and profits. Who defines reality for you ? That's your life, your happiness. Not theirs. Are you cattle ?

Realize also that if you're not your shell, then you're not your age, either. And age is also the attribute of a character. It's one of the aspects of your shell (apparent age) and of your identity (official age). Both your shell and your identity can be changed. You do not have any compromise with the idea of continuity in the Stage World.

If you're a PAN, you can live 150 or 180 years (counting on the Stage World calendar), replacing shells back and forth whenever necessary.


Psychoanalysis can also be used to cover-up their speculation. It is considered to be a "social science" and therefore who will dare to contest someone in a scientific position of authority - that is, a "psychologist" ?

(dialogue between Truman Burbank and his beloved one - Sylvia - on the beach, in the movie "The Truman Show") :

(Sylvia) - "We've so little time. They can be here in a minute. (...) Truman, listen to me ! (...) Everybody knows everything about you. They'all pretending, Truman. Do you understand ? Everybody is pretending."
(Truman) - "Lauren !"
(Sylvia) - "No, no. My name is not Lauren. It's Sylvia. My name is Sylvia."
(Truman) - "Sylvia ?"

(man in the car approaching the couple) - "Lauren, sweetheart. Not again."
(Truman) - "Hey, wait a minute. Who are you ?"
(man) - "I'm her father."
(Truman) - "What ? We aren't doing anything."
(Sylvia) - "I've never seen him before. It's a lie, Truman, please. Everything I told you is the truth. It's fake, it's all for you."
(Truman) - "I don't understand."
(man) - "Please, honey. (...) She'll be all right."
(Sylvia) - "Please, don't listen to him. He's gonna lie to you."
(Truman) - "What's going on ? I'd really like to know."
(man) - "Schizophrenia. We tried everything : hypnosis, everything. Shock therapy. It's all right. You're not the first. She brings all her boyfriends here. We're moving to Fiji".
(Truman) - "Fiji ?"

If you dig deep, you'll find out amazing cover-ups for the general scheme of speculation introduced in the Stage World over the last twelve decades by their characters in scientific positions of authority. If you label their linguistic speculation some kind of "mathematical Nazism", then these characters would play the role of Goebbels, the mastermind of Nazi propaganda during World War II.


Victor Tausk, disciple of Freud, wrote in 1933 a study called "On the origin of the 'Influencing Machine' in Schizophrenia", where he described his alleged "schizophrenic" patients as presenting the following characteristics : they felt their lives were carefully observed; their thoughts were commented by the other people; their innermost feelings were combed; as well as the space they inhabited was supervised by strange and external forces...

Any similarity with a linguistic prisoner isn't merely a coincidence. YOU KNOW. The difference is that you're not a "schizophrenic", but only one more citizen with a human brain, the only existing requirement for being targeted by their doubletalk and artificial synchronicity.

Tausk enunciates what would become the standard by which psychoanalysis examines certain forms of hallucination and suggestion, having been used to "explain" anything from UFO sightings to conspiracy theories and paranoia.

In the same study, Tausk significantly mentions with detailed precision the characteristics of some plasmic, energetic, invisible weapons of the OTHER SIDE that probably - if you're a survivor of the hurricane - have actually hit your brain several times during the passage of the hurricane through your city years ago :

"The schizophrenic influencing machine is a machine of mystical nature. (...) The main effects of the influencing machine are the following : (...)

It produces, as well as removes, thoughts and feelings by means of waves or rays or mysterious forces which the patients' knowledge of physics is inadequate to explain. In such cases, the machine is often called a 'suggestion apparatus'. Its construction cannot be explained, but its function consists in the transmission or 'draining off' of thoughts and feelings by one or several persecutors."

"Big Brother"-style invisible cameras (either fixed or flying ones) from the OTHER SIDE were the rule everywhere in the streets during the decades that preceded the passage of the hurricane (1993/1996), especially in the big cities. It was virtually impossible at that time to talk so openly about this subject, otherwise the characters of the lizards of the OTHER SIDE operating in the Stage World would precipitate an unprecedented, small but continuous hurricane over your routine, including those machines described above. Do you remember the hurricane ?

So everything had to be "reduced" into distorted compartments and labels that didn't correspond to the truth, like "schizophrenia", for instance. And at the same time this procedure produced the linguistic collateral damage over the minds of linguistic prisoners...


Recently, during the hurricane period (1993/1996), THEIR characters in scientific position of authority introduced another term in the "glossary" of psychoanalysis : "the panic syndrome",meaning "someone who is pannicked by the world around him or her", or "someone who is afraid of the other people". In other words, someone affected by their linguistic speculation and by their artificial synchronicity...

Also in the Nineties, another label was invented to speculate over linguistic prisoners, especially male survivors of the hurricane : the so-called "Peter Pan syndrome", meaning "a man who doesn't want to grow up, living stuck in his childhood or adolescence".

Realize that pan is a very specific keyword within THEIR "vocabulary" of speculation, which is perfect to define the PAN condition of the majority of the present survivors.

And notice that the original story of Peter Pan (as well as many other so-called "fairy tales") deliberately manipulates archetypes and symbols that are part of THEIR very scheme of brainwashing and thought control : fairies (keyword ANGEL), pirates (keyword BLACK), mermaids (keyword SISTER), the dreaded crocodile (keyword ALLIGATOR), the evil Captain Hook, Peter looking for his lost shadow (the linguistic speculation itself), or Peter and his tribe of "Lost Boys" flying home (keyword GOING BACK HOME) to "Neverland"... (Neverland = "never-comes-land". It corresponds to Ixtlan; or Wonderland; or the "Promised Land"; or Shangri-la; or Magonia; or their 'Shell Beach' in 'Dark City'; or 'Fiji' in 'The Truman Show').

Observe that growing up spiritually is deconstructing the dichotomies present in their speculation, and that their speculation is based on mathematical similarities. So if you're a PAN, the name of the character "Peter Pan" hits your brain with a mathematical similarity, but all the rest is a cynical distortion purposely created to take energy from you by inducing you to feel self-pity : after all, you have a disease, THEY say, a syndrome, "the Pan syndrome". You don't want to "grow up", all you want is to "go home" and "relive your past".

Remember : there is no going back home. And your vampirism exists today, not yesterday. It's an illusion that was created by THEIR doubletalk during your linguistic prison. Mentalize : "ETERNAL WIFE IS ALSO A DENTIST" (if you're a man) or "ETERNAL HUSBAND IS ALSO A DENTIST" (if you're a woman). To reinforce, you may add : "INVENTED IMPEDIMENT".

And finally, since 1999/2000, this artificial "glossary" created by their characters in scientific position of authority is evolving again, this time to include another term : "mobbing" (U.S. term) or "bullying" (British term) meaning "workplace harassment", or "repeated attacks at work that humiliate, isolate and belittle". This is one of the categories of the horse movements that has always been used over linguistic prisoners' minds.

These so-called "psychologists" won't ever admit that THEY are also part of the speculation : THEY are also characters, THEY also read your thoughts, THEY also manipulate your behaviors, and THEY also fake synchronicity around you all the time. THEY are capable of brainwashing your mind and your nervous system till the point of panic, THEY are capable of hitting your brain with mathematical similarities that bring distortions, and THEY are capable of artificially producing this "mobbing" or "bullying" over you using not only their acts but also their thought reading abilities.

So THEY are also responsible - as any other character around you - for the very "problems" that they were supposed to "treat". Can you feel the smell and see the mask of their hypocrisy here ?

Read also "The allegory of the alien"

(an allegory presenting an in-depth analysis of the alien intervention on Earth and of the two alien groups that operate living in disguise in the terrestrial society masquerading as humans, including a chapter about their techniques of human mimicry on the "jungle Earth" and about their specific behaviors in order to delude the rationalism of the terrestrial human brain.


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