The Victor Tausk's "Influencing Machine" used by alien lizards living on Earth


A terrestrial known as Victor Tausk wrote in the tribal year of 1933 a study called "On the origin of the 'Influencing Machine' in Schizophrenia", where he enunciates what would become on Earth the standard by which a tribal science known as "psychoanalysis" examines certain forms of hallucination and suggestion, having been used to conveniently "explain" anything from UFO sightings to conspiracy theories and paranoia, usually ascribing other-worldly events to schizophrenia.

Among other things, he mentions with detailed precision the characteristics of some plasmic, energetic, invisible weapons actually used by the characters of the alien creatures of Dragonia masquerading as humans and living on the surface of Earth.

"The schizophrenic influencing machine is a machine of mystical nature. (...) The main effects of the influencing machine are the following : (...)

It produces, as well as removes, thoughts and feelings by means of waves or rays or mysterious forces which the patients' knowledge of physics is inadequate to explain. In such cases, the machine is often called a 'suggestion apparatus'. Its construction cannot be explained, but its function consists in the transmission or 'draining off' of thoughts and feelings by one or several persecutors".

It produces motor phenomena in the body, erections and seminal emissions (...)

It creates sensations that in part cannot be described, because they are strange to the patient himself, and that in part are sensed as electrical, magnetic or due to air currents".
(source : Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1933, #2)

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