Deconstructing Idolatry in the Stage World




General concept - what is idolatry?

In general terms, idolatry can be defined as the act of attributing to or giving some person, people or entity an alleged position of superiority or "importance", either because he/she is idolized or often mentioned by the so-called "media" around you in the STAGE WORLD, or because he/she is idolized or often mentioned by the persons (characters) around you in your social group.


By 'media around you' I mean all the news that penetrate your perception field, that is, that very news that you see, hear, read, watch or hear someone else referring to. It is generally the media of your region or country.


By 'social group' I mean the characters present in your routine that have some similarity to you in the STAGE WORLD : the same job, same course, same family, same age, same ethnic origins, same nationality, etc..


Due to a series of factors that will be analysed, the illusion of idolatry is especially strong when applied to actors (actresses), singers, models and sports icons in the STAGE WORLD, although you may consider that it can also be applied - albeit in a restricted scale - to persons belonging to several careers, jobs, social or religious groups, and occupying positions of power in these groups in the STAGE WORLD and/or of leadership in terms of THEIR media exposure.


So now let's dissect comprehensively the illusion of idolatry in the STAGE WORLD, as well as some means of deconstructing it.



The same importance of every one of us

First of all, your brain may need a generic anchor to help you deconstructing all the facets of idolatry in the stage world. This anchor may be the notion that every one of us has the same importance, either in the STAGE or in the BACKSTAGE reality.


No character in the STAGE WORLD is more important than YOU, and YOU are not more important than any of THEIR characters in the STAGE WORLD. These two basic concepts are very important.


Now that the hurricane is practically over in the entire STAGE world, you can say that the character of the President of the United States, for instance, is as important as that of a vegetable street vendor in Korea, which is as important as the character of an architect in Italy, or as the character of a corrupt banker in New Zealand. You name it, provided that you are talking about a character, that is, someone with an activated crystal and therefore part of the 95 % of the STAGE WORLD population that are characters.


What is a character? Well, from the point-of-view of a FOREIGNER, a character perhaps could be defined as a collection of attributes (including a shell) that pretend to perceive reality in a certain way. That's what Carlos Castaneda would call a pretended assemblage point.


By 'attributes', I mean every aspect of a character : physical attributes like age, race and voice frequency; patterns of behavior or of emotional reaction; little manias and idiosyncrasies, gestural expression; general opinions, likes and dislikes; belief system; level of knowledge in this or that area; manual skills; even consumer preferences.


For them, shells are just modeling clays. Changing characters is just like changing clothes. That's a very ordinary fact. That's why the keyword CLOTHES (2) is used to refer to shells.


THEY sometimes borrow shells here and there, and you don't even know who is inside each character (apart from your beloved one), if it's a stunt, a foreigner or its original occupant. You probably have seen something like this occurring already, perhaps during the passage of the hurricane years ago. Exercise your memory.


You may realize that even without being a foreigner, anyone of THEM may change characters, keeping the same shell or changing it slightly. After a certain period of training, everyone is free to change characters, assuming a new character guideline in the STAGE WORLD, or leaving the STAGE WORLD forever, or yet disappearing from the character without being noticed and returning afterwards (or not). Every nagual is free.


If you're a PAN, remember that you will be allowed to assume definitively your original shape some day in the future, so that you'll have the genetic capability of changing shells easily, as well as characters.


In a certain way, characters are just specific and pretended assemblage points. They are just a particular way of perceiving reality and no one of these ways of perceiving reality is better nor worst than the other.


As a consequence of all this, a famous character in the STAGE WORLD is just one more character, as important as any anonymous character. The famous character is NOT a 'special' person, a 'divine' or 'superior' creature to be put in a pedestal and worshipped. He/she is human too, he/she is also a citizen in the STAGE WORLD like anyone else.


Although you probably won't see these images anywhere, the famous character in the STAGE WORLD also defecates, picks his/her teeth after a meal, has a hole in the socks and a tousled hair after waking up in the morning (no second-meanings here please). The difference is that they have the attention of the media circus, and the anonymous doesn't. But if it's a circus, what difference does it make after all? It's their misfortune, not yours.


Remember : the BACKSTAGE has no "media circus", no idolatry and no mythology. After the arrival of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY', there will be no "media circus" anymore.


Some of THEIR characters are stubborn idolaters or idolatresses. So every time these characters use idolatry-based values around you, you may just mentalize as an initial archetype : "IDOLATRY IN THE STAGE WORLD" or "IDOLATRY IN THE MATRIX" or yet "IDOLATRY IN THE TONAL". If you want, you may add : "SAME IMPORTANCE" and/or "MEDIA CIRCUS".



The creation of idolatry and its mesmerization in the social groups

Since the ancient times, neutral people have had a tendency to "describe reality through misery and suffering", as Agent Smith (from 'The Matrix') would say. This occurs due to a series of factors, including religion and its role through the times. Part of this description of reality can be credited to the 'idolatry' issue.


The practice of dividing the STAGE WORLD reality into little pieces, attributing values to each piece and thinking in terms of false dichotomies and external judgement has established a fertile land for idolatry to grow. And the neutral people selfish wish of "receiving" and of "wanting more" of something to oneself than to the others has become the perfect seed.


By 'false dichotomies' I mean "right versus wrong", "winner versus loser", "sin versus virtue", "rich versus poor", "beautiful versus ugly", and so on.


By 'values' I mean everything valued in the STAGE society (like the so-called "beauty", money, richness, fame, intellect, honesty, professional "fulfillment", trophy or prize in a competition, etc.) or unvalued (e.g., manual jobs, the so-called ethnic "minorities", the so-called "ugliness", baldness, fat, poverty, physical disabilities, etc.).


And by 'external judgement', I mean an external force 'measuring', 'rewarding' or 'punishing' you in terms of your own 'values'.


Over the last six decades or so, THEY have manipulated the pre-existent tendency of neutrals to idolize people that fulfill their values of "right", "success", "beauty" or "happiness", and their willingness to imitate these idols' behaviors and follow their acts or opinions.


THEY have artificially placed people pertaining to THEIR SIDE (i.e. YOUR SIDE) in positions of power in terms of fame and media exposure : famous actors and actresses, musicians, TV anchors , newscasters, talk show hosts, writers and artists. The OTHER SIDE did the same, but they have concentrated more on businessmen. Money was their language.


Notice that the majority of people pertaining to one of these categories above were not neutral people. They were from one side or from the other. Practically all the cinema and music icons of the 50's and 60's, all the TV series' main characters of the 60's and 70's, the main TV anchors and talk show hosts, and so on.


And there was a permanent hurricane over the remaining famous neutrals in such a way that he/she would probably be forced to choose one of the SIDES of the WAR and therefore would not be a neutral person anymore.


THEY have also manipulated the cohesion rules inherent to all social groups and friendship circles to best serve the purposes or strategic movements of the WAR in each moment.


Generally speaking, members of a social group need to share a minimum code of values to be accepted into the group, and may be induced to express these values in order not to be isolated or even expelled from the group.


THEY have infiltrated a vast number of social groups and friendship circles of neutral people. Using idolatry and THEIR artificially-placed idols (among other elements), THEY have had the means of evaluating and analyzing - through thought reading - the wishes and desires of the other members of the group, as well as their weaknesses.


And THEY have actually created idolatry in the minds of their groupmates or circlemates by praising THEIR own idols and inducing the others to like them and even buy their products stuffed with keywords. Neutrals in general are very suggestible and vulnerable to similarities.

"Man is infinitely malleable." (from the book '1984', by George Orwell; phrase said by the character O'Brien - the brainwasher - to the character Winston Smith - the brainwashed)

An additional element is the fact that some of THEIR characters occupying idol positions in the STAGE WORLD were also used as examples of behavior, influencing patterns of life for entire generations and describing reality in a way that tried to "push" ideologies and dichotomies to a positive angle (albeit yet dividing reality into pieces), rather than the movement of pushing it to a negative angle perpetrated by the OTHER SIDE.



Mind reading and artificial fame

Using THEIR main satellite to analyze and evaluate the overall state of mind of neutral people and their willingness to accept this or that idea in each moment, as well as performing person-to-person, individual thought reading, THEY have managed to transform anyone THEY wanted into a famous person (character) in the STAGE WORLD.


THEIR characters who have been assigned missions in positions of fame in the STAGE WORLD simply had to say or perform or sing or be whatever neutrals expected to hear or see.

These characters have also had all the doors open for them, through the artificial movements and performances of a number of supporting characters in the STAGE WORLD, infiltrated in the industries of motion picture, TV series and film production, music and recording, news and media, and so on.


The characters occupying these positions weren't really worried about being "famous" in the STAGE WORLD, as their values came from the BACKSTAGE reality. THEY had their crystals activated, their helicopter trips and got used to describe reality in non-dichotomous and more profound ways.


THEIR goal was to use these strategic positions to fight the OTHER SIDE and to try to influence neutral people in a positive way.


The fate of the STAGE WORLD was at stake at that epoch, as the two sides were fighting each other in the BACKSTAGE. And the neutral people were the key to define the results of this WAR : whether the majority of neutrals chose one side or the other (and therefore stop being neutrals), the balance of power would tend to one group or to the other.



Idolatry and the media reality makers

You were born a neutral person. Since the day you were born, your brain has been bombarded with a specific description of reality, coming at first from your neutral parents and then from the society around you.


Your mind was bombarded with things it should believe in. Naturally, you were given no other option than also believing in this specific description of reality, which Carlos Castaneda used to call the 'tonal reality' and which now, after the hurricane, you may call the 'Matrix reality' or the 'Stage World reality'.


Idolatry is part of this particular description of reality, now after the hurricane in its "pretended mode". You were given no other option than believing in the pre-existent idolatry, the same way you were given no other option than believing in the pre-existent 'values' of the society you were born.

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. It's as simple as that." (Christoff giving an interview in 'The Truman Show')

From the beginning, neutral minds are induced to believe in these values of society as being 'real' (values that may vary in some aspects according to regional particularities, such as the predominant religion and culture in a certain area). They are induced to idolize famous people (or characters) that fulfill their ideas of "happiness", "right", "success", "beauty", etc., as well.


Generally speaking, nobody wants to be isolated, so there's a natural tendency for neutral people to conform themselves to the particular description of reality represented by these society 'values' that everybody apparently shares. There's a natural willingness to imitate or follow the subliminal code of values or collection of premises that apparently permeates society as a whole.


The idolatry machine within the media and advertising industries is organized in such a way that everybody is induced to believe in the stamp of 'importance' given to an idol or famous person by the media reality makers, and thus to behave in society as if this 'stamp' was 'real'.


The majority of THEIR characters (and formerly of neutrals) have the habit of chatting on subjects that are present in the media (and therefore that are given the stamp of "importance") rather than on more profound and personal issues, the true ones. Issues linked to the heart.


You can say that the media and propaganda reality makers define for your brain what is important and what is not important in society, either by influencing your mind directly or by influencing the minds of the people around you.


They create lifestyles and 'ways of life'. They create social behaviors, night life points, entertainment patterns and leisure habits. They create fashion. They create consumption dreams. They associate the stamp of 'importance' with issues like politics, economics, money and professional success. They praise or criticize anyone they want.


They make the rules of 'reality' in society. You watch.


The OTHER SIDE used to describe the Stage World neutral population in general as a giant herd of cattle. Do you remember? Well, from this specific point-of-view, perhaps they were not far from the truth...


I'll give an illustrative example about idolatry and these "reality makers". Let's say you're going to open a new restaurant in your city. You live in a large metropolis that is also a cultural center. Nobody knows you or your restaurant. What do you need to promote your restaurant?


One of the options you have is just calling the media (preferentially a journalist of your relations) and inviting a group of famous people to the inauguration event.


The media will take a few pictures, interview you and also the famous persons (e.g. actors, writers, sporting teams players, singers, etc.) about their "impressions" on your food, the decoration of the place, its ambience, etc. You may notice that not a single famous person will openly criticize your restaurant or your food to the media, even if everyone of them actually has hated the food and/or the place.


Why? Because each one of them is an interested part : either he/she wants to appear often in the media or feels embarrassed because he/she was invited and is having a free meal paid by the owner of the restaurant (that is, by you).


That's the very nature of hypocrisy in society : people in general and economic groups in particular (including the media) don't tend to talk the truth. They tend to omit what they know and just talk what is more convenient in each moment to maintain the status quo of the system and/or defend their own interests.


I'm not saying you should "fight hypocrisy" in the Stage World or initiate a crusade against the so-called "Establishment" or a "ideological guerrilla warfare" to try to indoctrinate people around you (I mean, characters around you). Just saying you must be aware of all this illusion. If you want to free your brain from THEIR control, you must demolish their hypocrisy, and lies, and cynicism, and sarcasm and illusions within your mind, piece by piece, over and over. That's all.


In the given example, even if one of the famous guests dares to criticize openly the restaurant, the media probably won't publish his/her opinion, because it's also an interested part. The journalist was first called to promote this new "gastronomical option" in the city or in the neighborhood. And that's what he/she is going to do. In an extreme situation, the media could publish this opinion and reduce it to an exotic or isolated position, associating eccentricity with the public image of this famous person.


The media has the power to select and edit everything, deciding which portions of reality they choose to show or not show. So you will read only "impressions" like "this dish is superb", "it has a cozy ambience", "the prices are accessible" (even that the famous person who said that hasn't paid a cent for the meal).


And because people tend to follow what the media defines as being 'real' and what their idols or famous people do, your restaurant will probably have a good beginning in the Stage World, or in the Matrix.


In this example, idolatry has been used as a multiplying effect to boost the frequency of the public into the place.


People will go there because "everybody goes", "everybody is saying it is good". Well, who is 'everybody' here? Just a small group of media reality makers and a handful of famous people ! That's how social behaviors or habits are created or exaggerated. That's how reality in society is created in the Stage World.


The example given above is merely a simplified illustration, more appropriate to a totally neutral society. The reality of the Stage World is much more complex. The name says it all : STAGE World.


In the pre-hurricane period, for instance, this very restaurant could have been used as one of the entrances of an Operation Center in the BACKSTAGE. Or as a supporting point for military movements against the OTHER SIDE, or perhaps a meeting point for people belonging to OUR SIDE, or yet a watch station to observe the OTHER SIDE's movements nearby.


From the aftermath of the hurricane to the present time, you can still add other variables.


Things have become more "artificially flavored" since then. If you are a survivor of the hurricane and you have actually opened this restaurant in the Stage World, THEY will generate artificial boost-and-drop, roller coaster-like movements in the frequency of your restaurant. THEIR characters will try to judge you and your thoughts.


Even if you don't value money, even if you don't share concepts like "success" or "professional fulfillment" in the Stage World, even so, if your thoughts go in a certain direction after their brainwashing, then THEY may try to allegedly "reward" you with an overwhelming frequency in the place (and describe reality for you deliriously as if you have been "elected" or "chosen").


And if your thoughts (or 'reflected thoughts') go to the opposite direction, then THEY may try to "punish" you with an almost empty house (and synchronize this alleged "punishment" with the inculcation of Stage society 'values' in your brain, with or without their sick keywords, in order to take energy from you).

YOU KNOW. That's the very nature of reality nowadays. In any of the cases you can lose energy if you don't react properly with your own words, thoughts or mentalization.


Idols and idolatry have also changed after the hurricane. Sometimes, THEIR famous characters in the Stage World produce a carnival of performances that is covered by the media and used as part of the linguistic circus to brainwash survivors' minds.


One of these days, for instance, you may see a famous director in the Stage World having a "scandalous" affair with his Japanese stepdaughter ... (by the way, scandalous for whom? For the non-dichotomous minds of their characters?)


And if you're a female PAN survivor, you may well identify yourself with the keyword JAPANESE. Oh, and she has a famous stepfather ! Then your brain may be also subliminally hit by the derived word 'stepfather' (from keyword FATHER), meaning "the guy who would substitute your beloved husband (that THEY call 'FATHER') and whom you should have sex with, in order to reduce your 'vampirism' ". Within THEIR sickly second-meaning vocabulary, it would be a kind of a brother. Not any 'brother', a 'special' brother, one who will substitute your husband ! "Ah, and he is famous !", they add subliminally to your brain.


What a sick illusion, isn't it?




And if you are NOT a female PAN survivor, then this news may be used to brainwash you anyway : using the first meaning of the words and dichotomizing reality between 'right' and 'wrong', THEIR characters commenting on this news would be trying to 'fish' your opinion regarding this case, or yet your criterion regarding the issue "difference of age in a couple".


In this case, mentalize : "OPINION FISHING" or "CRITERION FISHING", according to their apparent intention. (you'll see more on the 'fishing techniques' later on). And remember : that's your archetypes, your exercise, your reality, so you choose how to label, categorize and compartmentalize THEM in your mind.



Illusory projection of other people's fame over your brain and its implications

Another consequence of idolatry is the projection of other people's fame over the anonymous' brains and the deviant way anonymous people behave in result of this.


Anonymous neutral persons (in the pre-hurricane period) or anonymous characters in the Stage World (mainly after it) tend to treat famous people (or idols) as "special" or "important" persons, more "important" than themselves. They just repeat the subliminal code of values they see in the media all the time or they hear people saying around them.


Idolatry changes behaviors among anonymous people.


As seen in the previous example, famous people are often interviewed and asked to give their opinions about any subject. They are frequently present in social events covered by the media.


They are given invitations, free tickets, special "discounts" and sometimes even gratuitous consumption in shops, restaurants, night clubs, etc., in spite of the fact that in many cases their salaries are much bigger than the average consumer's and that in some cases their fortunes have already reached many million dollars in the Stage World, in the Matrix.


The owner of the shop, club, restaurant, etc., or the promoter of an event, for instance, wants to take a ride in their fame. He (she) wants people to think of his (her) place as a place frequented by the famous, he (she) wants people to go there because of this fact, he (she) wants to sell more, and he (she) wants to induce the famous person to praise the place, or at least subliminally buy the famous person's silence in case he (she) doesn't like something there.


Famous persons have easy access to the media and this is a power that is feared by shopkeepers or entrepreneurs, especially by those who don't have this same power.


In general terms, no anonymous person wants to fight an idol inside the media idolatry machine. An anonymous fighting an idol in the media would be like taking a portion of meat from the mouth of hungry lions and then trying to argue to the lions that they should be vegetarians ! You probably would feel yourself like a heretic being devoured by lions in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome, under the cheers of the crowd (that is, of the idolaters).


Sometimes, the idolater (or idolatress) simply doesn't know why he (she) is being especially kind or gentle to the famous person. In this case, he (she) just does what he (she) sees other people like him (her) doing with famous persons in the television. He (she) is just imitating a pre-existent pattern of behavior in society.


You must probably have even heard of extreme cases in which an ongoing theft or burglary was suspended when the thief or burglar realized the victim was famous. This is idolatry taken to its last consequences.


Idolatry aggregates 'value' to products and objects.


Famous persons' very lives in the Stage society are sometimes tracked down by gossip magazines and tabloids. People buy them. Idols are trapped into the idolatry machine.


Ordinary objects belonging to famous persons or idols (either present idols or former ones) are given the status of "important" objects and disputed in competed auctions.


A simple signature of a famous person is called an "autograph" and may be put in an album to show friends with pride that you are "important" because you have a microslice of fame that they don't. Or may be negotiated by thousands and thousands of dollars in the Matrix, in the Stage World.



The role of the media as an instrument of power and the creation of sex symbols

The media reality makers do their part. By feeding and sponsoring idolatry in a variety of ways, they also contribute to maintain the system and to reinforce their condition as the definers of reality in society.


Take a look at the definition given to the word 'news' by a dictionary :

"news. noun. spoken or written information about what has happened." (English Dictionary for Students, Peter Collin Publishing, 1999)

Well, although it's not literally a lie, it's far from the truth.


People in general never contest the role of the media as reality makers. They just accept everything passively, because they were educated to believe in the system.


The fact is that the media has the power to select the portions of reality they will show and the ones they won't, as well as the moment they choose to show. They also have the power to transform a tiny local incident into a national frenzy, if they want.


They are the ones who give the stamp of 'authenticity' or 'importance' to a happening, a stamp that people accept passively. They will never confess their role as instruments of power in producing happenings.


I'll give an example. Let's say you live in a mid-size city that already has a reputation for being a relatively violent city. One of these days you may read the following main headline in the front page of a paper :

"Street gangs frighten the city" (headline) and "Crime rate increased by 20% in March" (sub-heading)

What they forgot to say, for instance, is that they are talking about a couple of incidents that took place in the previous day in 2 or 3 (out of 50) neighborhoods and that have produced - say - 14 victims of robbery, not the whole city.


They are speaking on behalf of the city, attributing an alleged state of mind to the citizens as a whole, like if they had carte blanche to do that, but they didn't conduct any opinion poll and the citizens didn't vote for any proposal in a referendum.


They have interviewed half a dozen passers-by who have obviously answered what they wanted to hear, sometimes with the intention of appearing in the "news" or just to get rid of the reporter. "Are you frightened of the gangs ?", the reporter asks. No one will say in cold blood : "No, I'm not, this happens every day of the year in some part of the city with a small number of victims, although in the majority of the cases you - reporters - are not there to report".


And then they come with the subheading : "Crime rate increased by 20% in March". It's true, and they cite the source : the stats provided by the Police Department. And if you go check out the info, it's there : compared to February, crime rate really increased by 20% in March. They interpret the statistics the way it's more convenient for them. Sometimes the same statistical table can produce two opposite headlines in different papers.


What they forgot to say, for instance, is that just three months before, in December of the previous year, the crime rate was twice the rate of this month of March. So the crime rate decreased by 100% when compared to three months before. They know, but they don't mention that, or if they do, it's there on page C-46, in the little box at the bottom corner, where only a handful of readers with lots of spare time will find it.


They knew it since December, but this hasn't been "news" in December, so why it's "news" now? Because now there's an internal political turmoil in the Police Department, and one of the factions has connections to the media, and wants to fry the other politically.


The paper wants to sell more, and the officer who has connections to the media (and who will be protected under the anonymity of the source) wants the position of his chief. That's how many "news" are born in society. That's how the media often manipulates the elements of power in society and/or is manipulated by them symbiotically to produce 'reality' in society.


The more powerful the element is, the bigger the manipulation and the symbiosis.


Now read again the headline and the sub-heading given in this example. You may be impressed : not only the sub-heading was distorted, but also the headline was manipulated, because the paper has transformed an ordinary fact into a front-page main headline. The paper is not lying. What the paper won't ever admit is that it's an instrument of power that creates reality.


Perhaps "news" could be best defined as : "a selected collection of pieces and descriptions of reality, put together by a group of reality makers that decide what is going to be given the stamp of 'importance' in society, as well as the moment chosen to do that."


And by anchoring your perception in subjects connected to power in society - like politics, economics, idolatry, etc. -, and/or linked to more dense notions such as competition (sports), "success" in the Stage World, the "measure-to-prove" premise (science), the "something-to-worship" premise (religion), etc., THEY define for your brain what you must consider to be "real", inducing you to forget about the reality of the Backstage and deviating you from thinking of more important issues, issues linked to your heart.

"The Matrix cannot tell you who you are" (Trinity, in "The Matrix")

In the world of characters, hurricanes and linguistic prisoners where we live, you have to add yet other elements. The so-called "news" nowadays - mainly after the hurricane - are produced purposefully with the intention of : a) creating a linguistic circus to manipulate the survivors' minds; b) of anchoring his/her perception in the 'reality' of the Stage World; or yet c) of maintaining the overall state of affairs in relation to a potential neutral observer.


And if you're a survivor and want to change the world (that is, the Stage World) with your acts or thoughts, then THEY may manipulate the "news" in your city or country just to keep you mesmerized in your reality prison, whether making you feel "rewarded" or "punished" by the behavior of their characters in the media. Through a carefully orchestrated network of performances, THEY can trumanize happenings around you via your local "news".


Once more I must quote Morpheus, from "The Matrix" :

"Welcome to the desert of the real."

With idolatry it's not different. Idolatry can aggregate 'value' to the face or physical body of the famous person, especially if this famous person has a bigger-than-average apparent "beauty" level.


Using advanced techniques of shells production in the Stage World, placing flattering adjectives in association with the image of a certain person, and hammering this image for your brain over and over, the media and propaganda reality makers - along with the entertainment industry - can literally transform any person having a bigger-than-average apparent "beauty" level into a sex symbol.


It means that, depending on the region or neighborhood you live, they can choose 1 out of 3 or perhaps 1 out of 5 persons (especially if you consider a group of apparently young persons) and then "elect" this person to be worked by their reality maker machine.


Maybe your brain is so polluted with their idolatry machine that you may find this hard to believe. But if you dissect comprehensively their techniques of production as well as the flattering adjectives and ideas artificially placed in the papers, magazines, billboards and TV programs in connection with these persons, you'll find out that there's a lot of people in your area, probably in your gym, and/or in your university, and/or in your workplace, and/or in the vicinities of your residence - perhaps including you, even if you don't believe in it - that could perfectly be transformed into a sex symbol by their machine.


In other words, they have the power to create idols and sex symbols in society. And this instrument of power is used to boost the profits of the entertainment industry (motion picture, TV series, videos, sports, music, shows, radio stations, movie theaters, video rentals, etc.), of the electronic industry (TV sets, VCRs, sound systems, walkmans, DVDs, etc.), of the fashion industry, of the propaganda industry, of the merchandising and licensing industries, and of course of the own media industry - where else everybody could reach millions of potential consumers through their advertisements?


What is important to say here is that the person that has been arbitrarily "elected" to be a "sex symbol" within their machine is NOT a divine creature, nor a "megacute" person, as they want your brain to believe. It is just an ordinary person, as "cute" as many people in your gym, and/or university, workplace, neighborhood, and so on, possibly as "cute" as you, if you have a "bigger-than-average beauty level". All the rest is just idolatry.


They first explore angles and colors, lighting and close-ups, sexy clothes and makeups, artificial tan and stuffings under the clothes, depilation and teeth withening, and a thousand ways of professionaly producing the hair (I mean, industrially, using a team of experts). These things artificially produce kundalini for your brain. For further details, take a look at the section "The cheating comparisons technique".


Then the media reality makers create and attach to this image the label "sex symbol", through articles, essays, reports and stories. They show produced pictures of the idol to "corroborate" their flattering adjectives. They create, praise and idolize the image of that person for your brain. They create a fantasy in your mind. They reinforce it through their articles and through the propaganda so many times that you finally believe in it.


In other words, they create reality for your brain. You watch.


Since the day you were born in the Stage World, your brain has been bombarded with an idolatry-based description of reality, and naturally it had no other option than believing in this description, along with its premises.


And people around you usually reinforce this fantasy for you brain. People just repeat what they read or watch in the media. They are idolaters and idolatresses, they are fans. Their characters spend too much time in front of the television - the heart of the idolatry machine - and pretend to believe in the circus. Watch out ! They are all just pretending, especially the ones who have their crystals activated for more than three/four years by now... (year 2000)


Again I must repeat : I'm not saying you should (or should not) fight idolatry in the Stage World, in a crusade against hypocrisy and/or against the entertainment, propaganda, fashion and media industries. Just saying that if you want to free your brain from their control, you must deconstruct also the illusion of idolatry within your mind. You must be aware of every little piece of idolatry that penetrates your perception field.


And remember that in the world of vampirism and anti-vamp exercises, you may want to use this very illusion created by idolatry and "sex symbols" as an additional way of reducing your vampirism.




To help you deconstructing this illusion, you may need to pay attention to some rare opportunities, and save these images or pictures to your files and/or to your memory. I'm talking about pictures of famous people with no production at all and/or totally out of the idolatry context.


This may be - for instance - the snapshot of an idol (or famous person) published by a tabloid or gossip magazine not using special clothes, and not exploring special angles or any other production technique. Deconstruct the adjectives of the text and concentrate on the picture.


Or may be the image of an idol on TV with no production and connected to an institutional campaign ad (non-profitable), for instance.


[NOTE FROM WEBMASTER ZERO LEFT: Seeing is believing. I'm organizing a page that will present many pictures of famous people in non-produced and non-kundalinic moments. It may take several months. Wait.]


Additional reinforcements to your deconstruction process can be found below in the sub-sections Idolatry and the false looking-glass : when he/she is famous and Deconstructing idolatry through physical opportunities.

  • Press manipulation and the formation of fame : putting yourself in the position of the puppet master
  • The money connection : sponsoring idolatry through the media
  • Being in the "news" in the Stage World : deconstructing the circus of distortions, reductions and labels
  • Beauty contests : deconstructing descriptions of reality
  • Model career : deconstructing descriptions of reality
  • Idolatry and the false looking-glass : when he/she is famous
  • Dosing the doors of perception : filtering and pulverizing idolatry-based "news"
  • Deconstructing idolatry through physical opportunities
  • Gurulatry and doctrines : deconstructing religious-based, belief-based and behavior-based idolatries
  • The country idolatry and other geolatries : sponsoring the patriotism in the Stage World

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