Security protocols - Suggested guidelines

"- What the hell is this ?"
(Neo in "The Matrix", inside the car heading to Morpheus and the others, on the fact that Switch was pointing a gun at him)

"- It's necessary, Neo, for our protection" (Trinity)
"- From what ?" (Neo)
"- From you." (Trinity)

"(...) - Right now there's only one rule : our way or the Highway." (Switch)
"- Fine" (Neo, moving to leave the car)
"- Please, Neo, you have to trust me" (Trinity)
"- Why ?" (Neo)
"- Because you've been down there, Neo. You know that road. You know exactly where it leads. And I know that's not where you want to be." (Trinity)


1. Why security protocols

- Security protocols are necessary to protect one survivor from another. Why ? Because everything that each one of us - survivors - do or say while communicating to each other can potentially be used later against us. For each one of us, each one of the others can potentially be a character some day in the future - including myself.

The force of the Matrix cannot be underestimated. Survivors are not auricly immortal. If the casualness of auric death happens to a survivor that is one of the members of a group, he or she will probably become one of them : a character. And not only a simple character : a strategic character, one who knows officially about you and your condition as a survivor. I say "officially" because you have first told him or her about this. So now he or she can use this element against you. That's one of their rules : they can only act against you if you first let the door open.

Security protocols are also necessary to protect survivors against the ambiguity of their characters, in order to push the axis of "coincidences" and statistical distortions to the extreme point of unbearableness. This may be necessary for energetic reasons. They like to put the label of naturalness over their artificial movements, even when it is something unusual that happens. But what if something unusual have to happen several times repeatedly ? Will it still happen ? Will your brain still be deceived ? Probably not.


2. Suggested protocols for on-line groups


2.1 - Anonymity - Because of the reasons explained above, it is highly recommended that you protect yourself from the other members of the group under anonymity, and also that you use a new and different e-mail address specifically created for this purpose. You may also create a nickname or an alias just to operate on the Internet.

If you're committed about your anonymity, it won't fall unless you first want it to fall. That's the way they work. They are all characters, they clone your beliefs, they have to respect your free will and can only use what you first give them against you.

Free e-mail and web hosting companies, for instance, are committed to keep the privacy of their clients. They won't disclose your information for the public unless you first allow them to do it or unless it was already part of their policy regarding all clients, and not only you. And since you're not doing anything illegal, if you prefer you may use a nickname in the application form.


2.2 - Mirror sites - In order to avoid the manipulation of dubious situations - like deliberate errors, artificial accidents, strange system "failures", absurd interpretation of policies, etc. - all homepages should preferentially have at least one mirror site. The mirror site(s) can also be submitted to some search engines in order to keep the information available. Finally, you can list the URLs of your mirror site(s) in your website so that others can take note of them and don't miss your page in case it goes off-line.

And if your homepage is unexpectedly removed from its URL against your will, I suggest your files return to the Internet stronger than before, building more and more mirror sites if necessary.

For example, if this very homepage is removed from this URL, I can assure you that I will make a complaint to the web hosting company that removed it, that all files will return to the Internet in at least 10 mirror sites, and that two weeks later you'll be able to find one of them if you search for the string "artificial synchronicity" in the main search engines. (And by the way, to avoid the risk of waiting two weeks, you can print out the files now, or save them to a disk or yet into your hard drive (HD).)

It's only a question of will, patience and persistence. If we want, they want too : that's one more of their rules.


2.3 - Links - In order to protect the perception fields of the other survivors of this spiritual hurricane that are visitors of your homepage (about nagual issues), it is recommended that for energetic reasons you do not put a link in your page to another page (about nagual issues) that has been made by one of their characters.

"But how can I distinguish pages made by survivors from those made by characters ?", you could ask.

Well, you have to learn to read between the lines. A character commonly rationalizes your perception in terms of terrestrial logic, creates diversionary illusions, explores mathematical similarities and literalism about nagual issues, deliberately plants doubts in your mind, reduces reality into compartments and tries to anchor your perception in the reality created by the other characters. A character will probably include some of the links of his or her web site to pages made by other characters. Possible additional behaviors of a character may include praising himself or herself, praising his or her own homepage (about nagual issues) or selling products through his or her web site (about nagual issues).

Depending on the guidelines established by your group, you may want to restrict the links of your homepage(s) only to the pages built by your groupmates, because these ones have been filtered through a validation process.

Or, alternatively, you or your group may put links in your pages to pages maintained by survivors of other groups. In this case, it is suggested that a security guideline is followed in order to assure that the other pages are of survivors. My suggestion in this case is that you use your imagination and create your own validation process so that you can put a link in your page to a page of a survivor of this spiritual hurricane that is an outsider to your group.

Another option is to keep an eye regularly in the section of links of this homepage. From now on, all the links added to this section will obey the validation process of the Add URL Form or the validation process of previously listed members of a group (survivors of this spiritual hurricane that filled out the Participation Form).

Moreover, if you and/or your group believes it is more strategic not to have a link in my page to yours, so as to build an independent system or group, please let me now through e-mail and don't tell me what is your URL. Remember : nagual warriors sometimes need to stalk each other.

When placing a link in your page to the page of another survivor, it is also recommended that you verify if the page that will receive your link has one or more mirror sites. If it has, it is suggested that - as a security measure - you also indicate in your site the URL(s) of this (or these) mirror site(s).


2.4 - Security of information - All information must be kept safe on disk and/or printed material in at least two different places, and preferentially in one more on-line copy. Some companies - like Yahoo, for instance - offer free on-line storage for everyone. This is to avoid the loss of energy due to trial balloons involving "natural" burglaries, accidents, mistakes, etc.

If other persons have physical access to your house, additional procedures may be implemented. Remember : they can only act if you first let the door open.


2.5 - Government physical investigation - Due to the nature of the issues we're talking about - foreigners operating on Earth, Global D-Day, Operation Centers, their helicopters, paranormal powers, advanced foreign technology, etc. -, your brain may be tempted to believe that it is impossible for someone to participate in this process without being investigated by the military intelligence, the FBI, governmental secret agencies, "Men in black", and God knows what else.

Well, that's not true. They're all characters and they are all pretending. They always treat you as a survivor and they're forced to respect your free will, so that they can't do anything but insinuate themselves through trial balloons, delirious fantasies, mathematical similarities, and fear inducement. In order to act, they need first to plant the seed of doubt and the seed of fear inside your mind, in a consistent and repetitive way. They need first to convince your brain to believe in the rationality of reality. They need first to rationalize your perception.

"Believe in the floor"
(A.T., in the movie "Crossworlds")

Remember : they are not slaves of their characters, and they're not slaves of the neutral persons or of the lizard characters. If a neutral investigator of foreigners on the other side of the globe (Taiwan, for example) is "alarmed" by this very homepage, for instance, and avidly "alert" their characters in Washington, D.C., instead of investigating myself, they'll generate a mini-hurricane over this neutral person.

Although they are characters, they are really supporting survivors and they are really on our side. They have to clone our beliefs and respect our free will : that's one of their rules. No one will ever come after you unless you first become frightened and start believing in their distorted logic based on mathematical similarities. If you become frightened, they will have the right to clone your fright. If you stay calm, they won't have this right.

"You have to let it all go, Neo : fear, doubt and disbelief"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

If you have doubts about their condition as characters, about the nature of reality in your perception field, about their mind reading capabilities or about the very passage of the spiritual hurricane through your area some time ago, I suggest you don't take part in the groups. But anyway, it's your decision.


2.6 - Terminology - There's another detail I need to reveal here. You might have noted that this homepage follow a specific terminology, using terms like foreigners, helicopters, "YOU KNOW", "THEY", "THEM", etc., instead of the real terms (YOU KNOW WHICH ONES). The only reason for this is style. It's the policy of this homepage not to admit to be talking about THEM (THEY WHO ?), once THEY don't admit to be talking about us. The goal is to make their characters feel like we feel under their speculation, creating the same ambience of hypocrisy that THEIR characters create all the time over our brains.

Someone could argue : "But it's obvious you're talking about aliens among us and ufos". Then I could reply : "Is it ? How did you reach this conclusion ? That's only your interpretation, your foregone conclusion. Aliens don't exist !".

Or someone else could say : "But in one of your pages you've mentioned a book of Carl Jung about flying saucers". Then I could reply : "Well, he wrote the book, not me". And perhaps a third person could still argue : "In the participation form - Questions 1 and 2 - you're talking abbout life on Mars and about life on other planets of our Solar System". I could then reply : "Well, I didn't say what was the correct answer".

On the other side, Helen Canterbury and Josh Nevada, for instance, have followed another pattern. What I need to say here is that the terminology of this homepage has nothing to do with the fear of being investigated. There's really no impediment in talking about anything. As A.T. would say, "Believe in the floor".

I know how difficult it is to be outside of something hearing all their sentences inducing you to believe in their malicious subliminal messages and rational descriptions of reality like : "the page is avoiding certain words just to bypass tracing programs of governmental agencies" or "the page is Echelon-proof" (referring to the super-software launched by the U.S. Gov. with the intention of monitoring the Internet).

Please, my dear friend, don't believe in this type of fantasy. They are all characters, and these tonal technologies are created and made public with the intention of repressing the will of nagual survivors.

"It's not the spoon that bends, it's only yourself"
(boy to Neo, in "The Matrix")


2.7 - Protection after a group is formed - For security reasons, the system must be designed to perpetuate itself and generate self-sustainable groups. The validation process that appears in the participation form aims at filtering who is who in the very moment that the form is filled out, separating characters from survivors.

The nature of reality, however, is dynamic : even after the formation of a group, there are no guarantees that all your groupmates will remain in the survivor condition forever. Someone occasionally may pass through the eventuality of auric death and begin being a character, with an activated crystal. So how could you then be able to know who is your friend and who is your foe inside your group ?

If this kind of exception occurs to your group, it will be virtually impossible to distinguish it with precision so that you have to use your sixth sense and your pan side.

There are some signs that are characteristic of a character's behavior and that could give him or her away. For example, if a member of the group :

Beware of this person. It is very likely that this person is an infiltrated character in your group.

On the other side, THEY may induce you to take foregone conclusions about your groupmate being a character : THEY may induce practical behaviors over the brain of your groupmate just to synchronize them with what you're doing or thinking about. THEY may try to put one against the other.

If everybody is sure that one of the members has became an infiltrated character, then one of the possible concrete actions is everybody else simply changing e-mail addresses and continuing the group without the character. Links pointing to the homepage of the character can be removed. And so on.

Well, that's one of the reasons why nagual warriors, as Castaneda would say, need to stalk each other. Nagual survivors, specifically, cannot do or say anything that potentially can be used later on against him or her by another member of the group.


2.8 - Protection against organizer(s) - The organizer(s) of any group may also pass through the illusion of auric death. Because of that, all the procedures listed above must also apply to the organizer(s) of a group. Besides, everybody can participate as an organizer. An organizer is just like any other member of the group, the only difference is that he or she is a more active member of the group.

Additional security guidelines may also apply to organizers, including myself. For instance, in order to validate my condition as a survivor, as said before, I will provide each one of you via e-mail with some additional nagual questions and their correct answers. At any time, you'll be able to send me or to send the organizer of your group your nagual questions to be answered. I will never publish your e-mail address on the net without your previous authorization. If I do this in the future, please suspect me. You can just change your e-mail addresses and continue with your group without my knowledge.


2.9 - Sending and receiving e-mails -
They like to produce deliberate errors and manipulate exceptions like weird system failures, truncated messages and so on. They like to blame naturalness for their artificial movements. This is one more of their rules. As Fox Mulder (from the X-Files) would say, "nothing is white or black anymore : everything is gray". Using elements that are strange or unusual, and producing statistical distortions, they can try to turn one against the other. Because of that, security protocols must be established to implement a certain level of bureaucracy inside a group.

It is recommended that, to all messages that you receive from another survivor, that you generate an acknowledgement message, replying to the same sender in a short confirmation just to say that his or her message has been received. This acknowledgement message must preferentially contain the date and time of the original message.

Example : "This is just to confirm that your last message dated of Sept. 11, 2001, 04:30 GMT, about .... .... has been received".

As you can see, this is a bureaucratic security guideline. However, it is important and necessary, in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusions.

It is suggested that you do not use an automatic responder software, because automatic systems are more vulnerable to their speculation. It is suggested that you manually reply all your e-mails, one by one, personalizing each one of them.


2.10 - The risks of using pop-up windows inside a homepage to send e-mails ("mailto") -
You have already seen them hundreds of times in websites. They're practical. They save your time. Maybe you have already used them. I'm talking about the HTML tool called "mailto" : a pop-up window that opens in a homepage enabling a visitor to send e-mail to the person responsible for the page. A window like this one : [Note: this is only a simulation].

But what's the problem with "mailto" ? Well, depending on your computer software and on the configurations of the browser that you use, this tool will automatically fish (one of) your real e-mail address(es) from your HD and this e-mail address will be seen by the addressee when receiving your mail, in the field "From" of your e-mail. If you have two e-mail addresses and a homepage (or a page in your HTML editor) that uses "mailto", you can test this to see what happens.

If you're looking for anonymity, this is not good news. If you're going to write to other person about nagual issues, a security guideline must be established to avoid the use of this type of method to send e-mails.

It is recommended that every time you send an e-mail, that you go to the page of the company that offers this service for you, log in into your account, write or copy and paste your information, and then send your e-mail. This is a suggested guideline.


3. Suggested protocols for off-line groups


3.1 - Advanced survivors - For those willing to take a step forward, there is also the possibility of forming off-line groups that could promote physical meetings between its participants, either on a regular basis or not. Because of the nature of their speculation over our minds, this level of contact should only be implemented for more prepared survivors. This is a suggestion. But who is "prepared" and who is not ? Well, you are the judge of yourself. You're the owner of your destiny, aren't you ?


3.2 - Measuring your risks - Even considering yourself as "prepared" enough, you have also to ponder whether it's a strategic option for you.
Remember : the other members of the group will see you, will know your face and will be able to recognize you in the future. You're going to talk about nagual issues in front of them. Everything you say, write or do today can be used tomorrow against you if at some point in the future one of the others become a character.


3.3 - Erasing your personal history - It is highly recommended that in these physical meetings every member of the group don't say a word about his or her personal life to the others. You only say about you what is necessary to say. This may be difficult for some of you. Remember : in the tonal society where we live, we're induced to exchange everything about our lives with our interlocutors (interlocutrixes) during a social event.

Nagual survivors, however, are not exactly part of this tonal society. At least while we don't have our crystals activated...


3.4 - Refraining your joy - After a considerable amount of time living isolated and suffocated inside your linguistic prison, you may feel really happy when you meet someone who recognizes the existence of their speculative system, of their artificial synchronicity and of their language manipulation. These meetings can really be historical and memorable moments for your life and for you spiritual path.

However, you must remember that each one of the other members of your group is actually being mentally bombarded by their characters and by their mathematical similarities, and is potentially a character in the future. I suggest you refrain from exteriorizing your joy and enthusiasm in these reunions with the others. You must not take a jot of pity on yourself or on any of the others.


3.5 - Protecting the others from your doubts or losses of energy - If you're going to take part in this kind of meeting, it is strongly recommended for the sake of the system that you do not have any micro-particle of doubt about the fact that you live in an artificial reality, about the fact that everyone around you (with the exception of the other survivors) is a character with an activated crystal that is pretending in a stage (the Stage World), about the fact that they are capable of reading your thoughts, of producing an artificial synchronicity over survivors and of performing a linguistic manipulation.

Your feelings of self-pity, doubt or disbelief - even if they are sporadic - must not contaminate the others. If in the specific day or time marked for the meeting, your mind has been significantly bombarded by their doubt or disbelief inducements, or if you're not feeling well because of their speculation, or if your assemblage point has moved down and you can't figure out why, it is recommended that you do not go to this specific meeting.

Never talk about your illusion of vampirism or about any other personal issue during a meeting. This is a suggested guideline.


3.6 - Obstacles for being present in a meeting - In the nagual world, no explanations are needed. And new meetings can be combined via e-mail in future opportunities. There is no need for anxiety or eagerness. Even if you are an organizer, your presence is not absolutely necessary, either. You may also be mentally bombarded.

They can also try to create all sorts of obstacles to impede the realization of a meeting. They can create and synchronize events of the personal lives of each one with the date and time marked for the meeting. If this is the case, ask yourself : a) do you really need to do what they want you to do ? b) how much do you want to go to this meeting of survivors ?


3.7 - Physical elements to strenghten the assemblage points of survivors during a meeting - These are suggested complementary elements that may help you protecting the position of your assemblage points during a meeting :

3.8 - Unexpected physical contacts outside the meeting place -

If you're going to participate in off-line groups (the more risky ones), you must take it very seriously.

"The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy"

Their sentences are capable of subliminally inducing practical behaviors. They can manipulate your agenda in order to delay or anticipate your routine. They can try to synchronize your physical movements with the movements of your groupmate. They can try to arrange for an unexpected physical contact between you and your groupmate outside the meeting place. This could lead to turning one against the other.

First, one could think that the other member of the group is appearing in his or her perception field intentionally and that therefore this groupmate is probably a character. This would be a foregone conclusion, but not because it could be something "natural" like a "coincidence" (remember : they manipulate everything around you), but because this synchronization of survivors could have been induced without the knowledge of any of the parts.

Second, depending on the situation one could find out something about the personal history of the other : where you live, work, study, work out, and so on. It's not strategic that one knows personal details about the other, because it could be used in the future against him or her.

A security guideline must be established to foresee this possibility. A member of the group must not take pity on himself (herself) or on the other members. If one of the members of a group recognizes another in the streets, for instance, he or she must not try to be "gentle" when passing his or her groupmate. It is recommended that they act as if they didn't know each other. They must ignore each other.

And if they are artificially attracted to the same social event, for example, they must not only act as if they didn't know each other : they must also avoid talking directly to each other in the presence of third persons, and they must avoid to be physically near one another. Any of the above could lead to knowing personal details of your groupmate and vice-versa. And that's not strategic : it can be used later against you, if and when your groupmate becomes a character. Another option in this case would be simply one of the members of the group leaving the place so that no risks are taken.


3.9 - Physical records of the meetings - It is recommended that no physical records are made. No photographies, no filming and no voice recording should ever be allowed in a meeting. If you're going to write something down with your own hands to be xeroxed and distributed to the other members of the group, keep in mind that - depending on what you write down - that that piece of paper with your caligraphy can be used against you in the future. So in order to protect yourself you may have to type your notes or you may have to use a different caligraphy. You may even change the hand you use to write if you want.

If some day in the future an infiltrated character in the group secretly records one of these meetings, you have the option of denying everything. If it's a voice recording, for example, it is fake, it was edited, the words were not those ones, the record was illegally obtained, and so on. If it's a video recording, then the voices are edited. Are you really there in that video, or just your double ? Does the video show the present time, or was it made three years ago, when your beliefs were different ? If your lips can be seen, you were rehearsing a play, or preparing a book, or discussing an esoteric subject in a study group, for example. Keep in mind that, as Carlos Castaneda would say, reality is only a description.

Realize that nagual survivors are not criminals. That's what they want you to feel and to believe using their distorted logic. Remember : since when following your heart and persecuting freedom is a crime ?

They can try, however, to use the fact that you apparently believe that you're inside some sort of linguistic prison, that you apparently believe that everybody is pretending around you, etc., against you. Their speculation cannot be proved, and they can call you a crazy person and try to ridicule or belittle you. If you confirm your beliefs and try to discuss the subject with them, then they will try to rationalize your perception in tonal terms, denying their very condition of "guardians of the visible world" (as Plato - the philosopher - calls them) or "gatekeepers" (as Morpheus in "The Matrix" calls them).

They could take practical measures against you, like saying "humm..., you need a psychologist" or "I cannot give my money to a nuts like you", or "Are you involved with drugs ?", or "you're watching too many sci-fi movies", or "you're becoming paranoid just because of some coincidences, this is the magic that we call synchronicity !; it happens to me all the time !".

You can lose energy if you take this path (to assume officially that you know the truth about them : that they are all characters acting intelligently under the command of foreigners' Operations Centers on Earth, etc.)

And what happens if this character infiltrated in your group "casually" becomes a friend of a relative or workmate of yours and show this person the content of the record ?

Well, I can imagine three options : a) you deny everything using one of the techniques above; b) you ignore everything saying : "I have no comments about it" or "Excuse me, you're crazy", or perhaps (ironically) "Yeah, so I'm crazy, and that's none of your business"; c) you do what in the field of ufology is called "to shoot the messenger" : disqualifying the merits of a subject by disqualifying its source. In other words, if you are a crazy person, what about this character who made the record ? Isn't he or she also crazy ? Wasn't he or she also there participating in the meeting ?


3.10 - Terminology - A more in-depth solution for the problem above would be establishing - since the first meetings - a new termminology to be mandatorily used during the meetings. Terms like foreigners instead of YOU KNOW WHAT, and so on. That's an option that each one of the groups may want to evaluate.


3.11 - Choosing the place of the meeting : public spaces versus private residences -
I have imagined two types of places where these meetings should take place : public spaces or private residences. Depending on the case, there may be advantages or disadvantages, and each one of the groups should study the better option.

Public spaces theoretically may allow a complete anonymity for everybody, because no one is responsible for formally reserving the space. It could be a restaurant, an empty classroom in a university, a public library or a open area outdoors like a park, a square or a beach. But there may be problems : if the space is public, any character may pass nearby and see the group. Consequently, any one of their characters who knows - even by sight - one of the members of the group can pass the area and greet him or her. Or worst : can stop and talk to this member of the group, and reveal details of his or her life for the other members of the group. If it's an open space outdoors, the characters of the police can ask for the I.D.s of the members of the group.

Private residences, on the other side, allow more privacy, but the member of the group who is responsible for allocating the space can potentially be traced in the future. Well, some people gathering in a residence shall never be considered a crime. However, there is a potential margin for speculation in the future : what if this residence can be identified in a secret video recording ? And what if the meetings take place always in the same residence : wouldn't the neighbors of this residence be able to "conveniently" become close friends of relatives or workmates of each one of the members of the group, in such a way that soon or later several members of the group could be identified to each other when entering or leaving the place ?

At least three security strategies may be implemented to minimize these risks : a) the meetings must not take place more than two consecutive times at the same place; b) the participants of a meeting should always leave the place one by one, at calculated intervals of time (perhaps two minutes between each other); c) if two or more participants meet when entering the place they must keep a distance from each other.


3.12 - Combining physical meetings through e-mail -
In addition to the security protocols suggested above for on-line groups regarding communications through e-mail, it is recommended that, for security reasons, all e-mails combining place and time for a physical meeting of the group should be duplicated (sent twice). And acknowledgement messages to confirm that the original message has been received must be sent twice as well. This is very simple : you just re-send the message again.


3.13 - Practical actions -

After all, what is an off-line group for ? Can't everything be done anonymously via the Internet ? Well, it depends on the group. Each group can establish its own goals.

It is suggested that you concentrate on ideas and practical procedures that may be implemented to open holes in the structure of reality, or that somehow may help the other survivors that live in your area or that speak your language. Some of these survivors have never heard of any homepage dealing with these issues or have never had knowledge of the existence of other survivors. Some of them have never been aware of the artificiality of reality around him or her.

Use your imagination. Actions may vary a lot, ranging for example from placing off-line ads in order to divulge the URLs of your homepages to distributing anonymous prospectuses or mailing lists using P.O. boxes as "senders" and containing key phrases like "they fish your thoughts", "they are all pretending", "your beloved wife is not your mother", "kundalini is not fire", and so on.

Other ideas may include : editing books with your nagual texts or distributing xeroxed material with these texts using ads to call the attention of survivors and P.O. boxes as a point of contact.

It is also important to say that practically all these off-line actions do not imply in losing your anonymity. You can place ads in large scale if you want, without losing your anonymity. Companies need to respect your privacy, and their characters need to respect your free will, so that they cannot cheat, not even simulating "accidents" or deliberate errors. (Even if they cheated, you could deny everything and turn things against them : "how did you get this alleged information about me ?").

The credit card information of a client are treated as a state secret by any company. This includes the name of cardholder, the street address, the phone number, etc. If you want anonymity, you will get it. The post office needs to respect your privacy as well, regarding your P.O. box. They cannot disclose your info to third parties.


4. The risks of real time contacts -


4.1 - General ideas -
A specific type of contact between survivors must be analyzed separately, due to its particularities : the real time contact. It can occur both in on-line and off-line groups, albeit in different forms.

Examples of real time contacts for on-line groups are chat-rooms, programs like mIRC (where you can create your own channels), voice contact via ICQ or similar programs, visual contact via Web Cams, and so on.

Examples of real time contacts for off-line groups are more obvious : phone, fax, pager, cell phone, PX or radio-transmitters, etc.

Real time contacts involve two types of elements that need to be scrutinized : energetic stability and anonymity.


4.2 - Energetic stability -
Survivors of the spiritual hurricane are in different levels in their spiritual paths. Their brains are bombarded day and night by all sorts of illusory ideas and archetypes. The position of their assemblage points can move down and up several times in a single day, depending on a series of factors like the very nature of the speculation, tiredness, an empty stomach, a wave of kundalini, and many others.

Survivors cannot read each other's minds, so that they are not able to know what is happening at this very moment with his or her friend. A survivor cannot know if talking now to another member of the group will be used by the perception field of his or her groupmate against him or her, especially if this groupmate is not alone but surrounded by other persons.

It is a suggested guideline for the groups that preferentially real time contacts should always be avoided (with the exception of previously scheduled physical meetings). For energetic reasons, security protocols must be implemented to limit this type of contact - if it happens - to a situation when it is strictly necessary. This type of contact should only happen if both sides of the conversation are alone and not surrounded by other persons. It is not recommended to use a public phone or a cyber cafe' for this type of contact. But anyway if you're going to use a cyber cafe', you may use a walkman to protect part of your perception field.


4.3 - Anonymity -
Regarding anonymity, the rule should be the same : to avoid that other survivor use against you tomorrow (if and when he/she passes through the auric death) what you give him or her today.

Remember : voice contacts using telephone, ICQ or radio-transmitters, for example, can be recorded by your groupmate if he or she turns out to be a traitor. In the case of visual contacts like through Web cams, your image can be recorded as well.

Regarding telephone, a few more questions need to be answered : a) do you live alone ?; b) do you have an answering machine at home or a voice mailbox for your cell phone ?; c) in some countries, one having your phone number can identify your street address; d) your phone number can identify you for your partner if the conversation is being recorded.

As for long distance and international calls, remember that the ones you make from your house are registered and listed in your phone bills. Additional questions : a) Has anyone else physical access to your house ?; b) Are your phone bills delivered to you in a closed envelope ?

Remember also that faxes that are sent usually identify the name of the sender, and not only the phone number.


4.4 - Interference of third persons -
As for chat-rooms and mIRC, an additional care must be taken against third persons. Nicknames or code-words must be previously combined via e-mail. Private channels should be chosen with priority above open ones.

Finally, if you're going to use PX or radio-transmitters, remember that your conversation may be capted by third parties using the same frequency.


5. Protecting the weaker point of the system : the validation process


5.1 - Introduction -
The weaker point of this open system that I'm proposing here is the validation process. Their characters cannot provide us with the correct answers for the questions of the validation process unless one of us first provide one of their characters inadvertently with them.


They can only use against us what we first give them, and they need to justify their actions in terms of their characters. However, they can try to rampage about in a variety of ways. Let's try to analyze them one by one.


5.2 - Fishing 'officially' the correct answers of the validation process(es) -
First, their characters can try to talk to a survivor directly about the content of these homepages, and particularly about the validation process of this homepage (or of other one). They can try to fish from any survivor the correct answers for these questions, so that they can infiltrate one of the groups and mess survivors about.

As you can see, it takes only one hesitant or naive survivor to harm an entire group. That's why it is so important to every one of us to be strong and alert. That's why it is safer to have groups that do not contact the members of other groups.

A security protocol must be established also to foresee this possibility : it is recommended that, for security reasons, a certain question used in the validation process of a homepage is not repeated in the validation process of any other homepage.

Groups formed using the validation process of this homepage don't need to have their own separate validation processes, because they have already been formed. A validation process is basically needed to enable the formation of a group. After a group is formed, private validation processes between its members can replace public ones.

For security reasons, at least one of the questions of the validation process of this homepage will be changed from times to times.


5.3 - Open system and totally independent groups -

Due to the fact that this is an open system, any group can be formed at any moment without my knowledge. If you decide to form a totally independent group and therefore to create your own validation process without my knowledge, please do not use the same questions, at least not all of them.

I know that there is not an infinite number of questions to be made in these validation processes, because the questions must be relatively easy and universal so that everybody will remember the correct answers. If it's impossible to avoid repetition, it is recommended that independent groups use different combinations of questions.

For instance, if this homepage uses four questions for its validation process (let's say, A, B, C and D) and an independent system uses two other questions (E and F), then a third independent group or system could be formed using two of the same questions of the others (B and F) and two different ones (G and H).

The problem with independent groups is that if we don't know what questions the other group is using, we cannot avoid the risk of repeating theirs.

Because of all this, it is also recommended that each one of possible independent groups change at least one of the questions of its validation process periodically. These changings must be dynamic enough to complicate the life of their characters. I'd suggest three to four months as a maximum period for using the same questions.

A totally independent group is a group that you create for your own.

However, if you're not willing to form your own independent group, you can simply fill out the Participation Form and you'll be inserted in a group, either with those that speak your language or with those that live in your area.

It is necessary for these groups (formed through this homepage) to be as self-sustainable as possible, so that they can also operate independently and avoid the risk of contaminating each other. And because there is a potential risk that the initial organizer (myself) also pass through the eventuality of auric death, each group can be able to disconnect itself from the system and continue operating for its own. This is a security guideline necessary to help perpetuating the system.


5.4 - Characters posing as survivors - suggested guidelines -
In the second place, everything we do, they can try to imitate (clone) so as to confuse the mind of the other survivors, if these survivors rationalize their perceptions. For instance, their characters can build homepages posing as survivors, but behaving as characters (because they need to justify their actions in terms of their characters). So how can we distinguish between pages made by survivors and the ones made by characters ? See section "Links" above for more details.

You can say : "But you are posing as a survivor too". How can we be sure that you're not one of them ?

Because I'm gonna provide each one of you with an additional validation process for myself, with new questions and answers. After you're confirmed as a survivor, you can also create your own validation process and submit it to me, that I'll be glad to answer it correctly.

And also because I hope you consider that this homepage is really helping you and other survivors in general to strenghten our assemblage points and to deconstruct dichotomies in order to minimize the effects of their speculation over our brains. A character wouldn't do this. A character would try to take energy from you by using the methods mentioned above.

If you have reasons to believe that you have found the homepage of a character posing as a survivor of this spiritual hurricane, it is recommended to be very cautious. It is suggested that you do not try to communicate with this person, not even by mail.

A character like this would be interested in taking energy from you, and also in gaining your confidence in order to fish the correct answers for the Validation Process(es) and therefore infiltrate a group. (For more details on this possibility, please read section below)

Before entering any chat room or discussing this kind of issue (artificial synchronicity, reality manipulation, language manipulation, etc.) in a real time contact with characters, think a thousand times. Characters want to take energy from you, and they can do this in a variety of ways, especially in real time. They want also to fish from your mind the correct answers for Validation Processes like the one presented in this homepage.

They like to rationalize your perception, divide and reduce reality into compartments, and induce you through their distorted logic to try to "prove" them your arguments. The question here is : they already know everything about the issues you're talking about. So trying to "convince" them is pointless. They are really not interested in defending this or that point-of-view : they want to deceive your brain, and to take energy from you; and they want to fish from your mind the correct answers for Validation Processes like the one of this homepage :

"I must get out of here. I must get free, and in this mind is the key. My key. (...) I need the codes. I have to get in Zion, and you have to tell me how. You're going to tell me, or you're going to die".
(Agent Smith brainwashing Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

It is necessary for every one of us to be strong and alert. We don't have time to fear the auric death. And we don't have time to be naive when dealing with their characters. They are professional illusionists and professional information fishermen. My suggestion is : watch out.


5.5 - Characters cloning the validation process - suggested guidelines

And now you could ask again : "But what if a character tries to imitate your page not only posing as another survivor but also repeating the same questions of your own validation process ?"

Well, that would be a real problem. It is very unlikely that something like this happens, because a character like this would have to admit a lot of things and they don't like to do this. Remember : they have to justify their acts in terms of their characters. However, it is not impossible. A security guideline must be established to foresee this hypothesis.

In this case, when he or she started receiving consistent answers for this validation process - answers going in a certain direction -, then this character would officially find out the correct answers and could then infiltrate one of the groups using my validation process - the same as his or hers !

And to complicate a little more, you could still add : "And what if he or she uses the 'Stalinism Technique' (to change the description of the past) to say that in reality you are the one who is imitating his or her 'previous' and 'authentic' validation process ?"

Regarding the 'Stalinism Technique', that's one of their techniques. In this case, this would be also one of their rules : they like to accuse you of doing what they themselves do, of being what they themselves are. In this example they would be producing the retroactivity of reality in order to accuse me of imitating one of their characters.

Security guidelines must be established to minimize the residual risk of the occurrence of an exception like this :

a) at least in the case of this homepage, each new group that is formed will be given a random key. This key is an extra question that I'll present to each one of you : the fifth question of the Validation Process. As a security measure, this fifth question will vary ramdomly from group to group. It is assumed that each member of the group already knows the answer.

In order to receive the e-mail addresses of the other members of your group, you need first to send me the answer for this fifth question. As soon as I receive the correct answers from everybody, I'll send to the group two mails at the same time : one containing the e-mail addresses of your groupmates; the other containing the questions and answers for my own validation process, so that you can confirm my condition as a survivor.

Note : It is highly recommended that for security reasons all e-mails that you send or receive containing these questions and/or answers of the Validation Process are periodically deleted from your mail box. You must check the "Trash" folder of your e-mail manager and delete these mails also from this folder.

This is to protect the integrity of the system from yourself. Don't think you're auricly immortal, because nobody is. If you delete all the mails in your possession that explicitly deal with the Validation Process (either questions or answers), you're eliminating the risk of you in the future using this information against your groupmates in the casualness of your own auric death. You do not need to be paranoid about this, just to make use of this procedure as a routine;

b) before answering any validation process, think ten times : analyze deeply the homepage that is asking for your answers; look for signs that can give a character away : is the page taking energy from you ? has the page links to other pages (about nagual issues) made by characters ? And so on;

c) if you have knowledge of two different pages using the same questions for their validation processes, and you have reasons to believe that one of them is built by a character and the other one by a survivor, then you must alert immediately the webmaster of the other one, so that he or she can change his or her questions;

d) in case a survivor some day in the future inadvertently fills out a hypothetical validation process of a homepage built by a character, as soon as he or she realizes the mistake, he or she must alert immediately the webmaster of any other page of his/her knowledge having the same questions in their validation processes. If you're the one who made the mistake, please don't hesitate a second in recognizing your error. In this case, you must also provide the webmaster of the page harmed by your error with answers for the new questions that he or she will ask you, so that you can be validated again, this time to the real survivor;

e) a more advanced maneuver would be an entire group of survivors coordinating actions to set a trap to a character. This is suggested only for older or more active groups, and therefore could not be implemented now because now the groups are still being formed. How could a group set a trap to a character ? Well, several members of the group could create new e-mail addresses and go to the webpage of this hypothetical character to provide him or her with the same false answers (consistently combined) for his or her validation process, so that he or she would be officially tempted to believe that the correct answers are others, different from the true ones. Maybe this can be called the "disinformation maneuver".


5.6 - Using the "Step 2" of the "Participation Form" to strenghten the consistency of the system and protect the Validation Process -
During the first months, while the groups are still being formed and the results of the "Step 2" (Section "Mapping the spiritual hurricane") have not been posted yet, the consistency of the answers for this Section will function as a supporting element for the Validation Process. This can protect the system against the eventuality of flaws and against the possibility of one of the survivors behaving in a naive way, especially in the beginning when the groups are still being formed. [I hope this never happens, but who knows what kind of pressure the other survivors have to face ?]

For example, if I get 22 answers of survivors affirming that the spiritual hurricane passed through the region of "Miami & southern Florida" in 1997/1998 and 1 isolated answer says it was in 1993/1994, I'll suspect this answer, even if the Validation Process for this person presents correct answers. [Note: the example above is only a simulation]

If this kind of exception occurs, a second Validation Process (with a new set of questions) may become necessary for this person.

Please doublecheck your answers (especially for Steps 1 and 2). If you made a mistake while answering the questions, please send your answers again correcting the errors.

For security reasons, an extra surprise question (the sixth question of the Validation Process) will have to be presented to you if at the time of the passage of the hurricane, you were living in an isolated or low-populated region.

This is to avoid a character that inadvertently manages to get access to the right keys (because one of the survivors was naive enough) from penetrating the system using a low-populated area as a point of entrance. I count on your comprehension and patience, and I apologize for this extra bureaucracy. However, I hope you understand that all potential holes in the system must be closed since the beginning.

Also for security reasons, I won't reveal what is the total volume of answers that I'm receiving in response to the "Participation Form", not even for the members of the groups. I hope you understand this have to be done as an extra security measure.

I will check the answers very carefully, compare them to each other and look for big discrepancies or large statistical distortions. I will compare the volume of answers of each region to the population of the region and to the number of Internet users in the region. I'm compiling statistical data for this purpose.

If for instance a very low-populated area gets more answers than a high densely populated area (knowing that they have approximately the same rate - % - of Internet users per capita), it is very likely that there is something wrong with these answers.

Because of this, it is important that a potential character trying to penetrate the system doesn't know what is the total amount of answers for all regions of the world, or even for each one of them. If he/she doesn't know what is the size of the system, he/she won't be able to know if his/her artificial attempt to infiltrate the system is producing or not big statistical distortions.

The only clue you can have about the (maximum) possible number of survivors providing answers for the "Participation Form" is the counter installed in the main page (hosted in Geocities), only within the Section "Opening the Iron Curtain that separates realities". This counter, however, is not available in any of the mirror sites of this page. And I can make new mirror sites at any moment.

(Note: the same counter - displaying the same number - is also available in, inside this same section.)

Once more as a security measure, bigger groups based on the language their members speak will have to be split into smaller ones.

For instance, if 223 survivors that fill out the form during the period of a year speak English, it's not strategic that one only group is formed (by the way, it's not even practical). So bigger language-based groups will be split into smaller and independent ones - with a small number of participants each one, perhaps 8 to 10 -, to help perpetuating the safety of the system as a whole.


5.7 - Possible futures for the system in the long run -
The goal of all these security measures is to complicate - to the maximum possible extent - the life of any character trying to crack the system. The system have several barriers, but it is not indefinitely unbreakable. It is mathematically possible that at some point in the future the system falls down.

If each one of us always follow with precision all of the security measures presented in this section, or other complementary security measures that each group may want to establish, the system will probably never be broken. Even if a flaw occurs occasionally, it may take years for their characters to penetrate the system, because of the dynamic rotation of questions. On the other side, if several successive flaws take place, caused by naivety or neglect, then the system can be broken in less than a year.

Each group must be as self-sustainable as possible, and as independent from the initial organizer (myself) as possible. This open system I'm proposing here is a decentralized system. If the member of a group passes through the auric death, this specific group will be contaminated by a character, but not the other groups. And if I pass through the auric death some day in the future, then all groups may completely disconnect from myself and continue for their own.

Because of this last possibility, it is recommended that I do not have knowledge of the details of the activities of any group. I'm just putting you together and then you proceed for your own.

Remember : they can only use against us what we first officially give them. It means that their characters can only penetrate the system by exploring our weaknesses. They can only try to fish from one of us in a moment of hesitation the correct answers for the Validation Process(es).

In the world of thought control, "there are no victories or defeats, just actions"
(Don Juan to Castaneda, in "Journey to Ixtlan")

And they usually do this slowly, in order to respect our free will. That's one more of their rules : they first insinuate themselves trying to attract a survivor, and rationalize his or her perception. If this survivor then start believing in the rationality of reality, they increase these insinuations until they finally get you, or get the answers they want from you.

As for chat rooms and other real time contacts with their characters about nagual issues, this could be done more rapidly. Watch out.


5.8 - Disconnecting yourself from the system and acting individually -

The dialogue below is from the movie "Crossworlds", that also deals with the question of manipulated realities and with a war between descriptions of reality (this movie has already been mentioned in other sections of this homepage). Likewise "The Matrix", the movie also approaches the archetype of a group of survivors - the "Resistance" - fighting against a dominant and oppressive system that takes over realities.

"- You're not working for Resistance again, are you ?" (Ferris)
"- They're too organized. Too many secrets". (A.T.)
"- Well, we all have hidden agendas". (Ferris)
"- My only agenda is the truth". (A.T.)

Well, what I'm proposing here is an open system, not a closed one. It doesn't correspond exactly to the archetype of a "Resistance" or something like that. Each one should be free to operate individually or to form new groups or systems.

If you believe that the Security Protocols presented above are too complicated, or have too many rules or guidelines, then you always have the option of operating for yourself : a group of one. In this case, you do not need to deal with the question of a Validation Process : you just make your own homepage or perform any other action that you consider appropriate in order to help demolishing the Iron Curtain that separates realities and/or to help the other survivors of this spiritual hurricane.


6. Controlling the flow of money between survivors -


6.1 - Introduction -
I know this topic is very sensitive for many of you, because it is capable of anchoring your perception in the reality of the Stage World.

The Backstage has no money. However, foreign characters for example need money to operate on the surface of Earth.

Survivors, on the other side, have different income levels and different levels of perception regarding this subject. Depending on your group, some of the activities may involve (or not) the expenditure of money.

Activities like promoting your homepage through the Internet, placing off-line ads, editing books, among several other possible activities.

Because of the nature of their speculation over our minds, it is suggested that no one should be forced, coerced, convinced, or invited to spend his or her money with the activities of a group. No questions should be made and no explanations are necessary. Each nagual is free to decide whether he or she should do this or that.

"Try not to think in terms of right or wrong"
(Morpheus in "The Matrix")

Depending on how much you earn, on how much - if any - is your surplus money, and on how much you're willing to spend with your homepage or with your group, security guidelines must be established to foresee this possibility.


6.2 - The necessity of anonymity in the flow of money between 'survivors' -
Please note : this is not a church. I'm not asking for you money. For Unab's sake, do not terrestrialize your perception.

On the contrary, for security reasons, it is highly recommended that no money transfer, deposit in bank accounts, money order, credit card transaction, or any other detectable way of sending money should ever take place between survivors. This is to preserve our anonymity from one another. All these procedures involve the identification of the sender or of the beneficiary. It's not strategic that you know the real names of your groupmates, or that they know yours.

So unless you live in a country where bank accounts are not identified by the name of the holder - like Switzerland, for example -, think twice before revealing your bank account number.

Even if you tried to make an anonymous deposit in the bank account of your groupmate, the cashier could ask for your identification or ask you to confirm the name of the beneficiary. Remember also that they can manipulate deliberate errors, weird system failures and create exceptions to try to turn one against the other, so that if someone for instance have deposited a cheque in your bank account, a failure in this process may result in the final identification of the depositor to you, even if you do not want it.


6.3 - Suggested ways of anonymously passing on money to another 'survivor' -
In the case of off-line groups, it is suggested that all money transfers should occur only in cash, during a physical meeting of the group.

Another possibility for sending cash money without identifying anyone is to use P.O. boxes and aliases, so that one member of the group can send cash to the other, enclosing the money inside an envelope and posting it to the P.O. box of the other one. In order to keep his or her anonymity, the sender must also use an alias and have his or her own P.O. box or - alternatively - invent a fictitious address to put in the "sender" field of the envelope.

This last way of sending money, however, is riskier : in some countries, it is illegal to put money in an envelope and post it by mail. Besides, the envelope can be violated or delivered in the wrong place. To minimize the damage, the sender can distribute the money in several little amounts and use several envelopes. It is recommended that you do not register any of the letters, so that the addressee won't have to sign when receiving the letter(s).


6.4 - The risks of incongruity between the income level of a survivor and the amount of money he or she is manipulating -
It is also important to avoid that their characters use the fact that one of the members of the group is manipulating an unusual amount of money against him or her. Depending on the composition of the group, its members can present a large variation in their income levels or cash flows. It is more strategic that each one of the members of a group justify his or her expenditures with nagual issues in terms of their income levels or cash flows.


In other words, if a group is planning to place off-line ads for instance, it is not strategic that the person responsible for directly applying the money (and who will be identified by the company where the ads are being placed) is unemployed and have almost no money for example, but at the same time is spending ten thousand dollars in the campaign of the group !!!

[ Note : the situation above is only a hypothetical simulation. The goal is to show the risks of incongruity between what is and what appears to be ]


6.5 - Spending money to promote your homepage -
In the case of on-line groups, some of the activities of a group - depending on what the group decides tto do - may also involve spending money with the group. Homepages, for instance, can be promoted in a variety of ways, and not all of them are free.

Some important directories, network of directories or search engines charge for listing your website. In the English language, for example, you have the NBCi Directory and the Looksmart network of directories. However, they do not guarantee the inclusion of your page and they do not refund your money.

Pay-per-click search engines can also be used. They can alone double the flow of visitors to your homepage. Some of the most important are :,, and, although you can find others.

But how this system works ? You choose which keywords you're willling to sponsor - provided that they are relevant to your homepage -, and then you specify the amount of money you're willing to pay to each visitor of your homepage : $0.03, $0.05, $0.10, etc.. You only pay for persons who actually click in the link and enter your homepage. Every time a person performs a search using this specific keyword, all pages will be listed in descending order of their bids : pages with higher bids comes first. Depending on your bids for your keywords, some of them may give you a good penetration on the first page of the major search engines or meta search engines.

For more generous budgets, is the most appropriate among them : the bids are higher but the penetration in the major search engines is deeper - Altavista, Lycos, Hotbot, AOL Search, Netscape,, etc., besides an array of meta search engines. Depending on the keywords you choose and on the bids you place, you may spend around US$100,00 a month to promote a homepage alone.

For more modest budgets, you can lower your bids, or use other options like, and

A banner campaign is another possibility. Several companies offer this service for free, but in return you have to place a banner of someone else in your own homepage. If you're using a free web hosting service, your page will then display two banners instead of only one. If you're willing to pay for your banner in the page of others, no banner will appear in your homepage as a consequence of your campaign. Depending on the company you choose, you can pay for the number of exposures of your banner (even if the visitor doesn't click on it) or you can pay for the actual number of clicks on the banner (pay-per-click model).

In all these situations, credit card transactions may take place , but it is recommended that security guidelines are followed, in order to protect the anonymity of the members of the group from each other.


6.6 - Spending money to promote the homepage of your groupmate(s) -
Companies need to respect the privacy of their clients, so that they cannot disclose your credit card info. However, it is NOT recommended that the same URL is promoted inside the same company by two persons at the same time.

In each one of these companies, each account that is created should preferentially be used only by one person. This person may use several different credit cards, but for security reasons the name of the cardholder for all these credit cards must always be the same : his or hers. Also for security reasons, passwords to these accounts should never be shared between different members of a group.

Each nagual survivor is free. This means that no explanations are needed for anything. If you're spending part of your surplus money to promote the homepage of a groupmate using your own credit cards and a separate account that you yourself have created, at any time you can suspend your sponsorship of this homepage.

A same URL CAN be promoted in the same company using credit cards of different persons, but it is highly recommended that in this case this do not happen at the same time. At any time, one person can replace the other in promoting a specific URL in a specific company, but in this case the old account must be first closed by the first person and a new account must be created then, by the second person. This is to prevent one of the members of a group from having access to the credit card details of the other one.

Additionally, one of the members of a group CAN use his/her money to promote not only his or her own homepage, but also the homepages of his or her groupmates, but in this last case, this must be done with the previous consent of the webmaster(s) of the other page(s). And this must be done coordinately so as to avoid duplication of accounts in a same company (this could lead to the termination of all accounts related to the URL).

If you do not have money for promoting your homepage, your groupmates can help you. They can sponsor your page directly, they can make a little propaganda of your page inside theirs, or - using one of the anonymous methods suggested above - they can give you money so that you can promote your page for your own.

That's a question of each one of the members being honest with oneself and with one's groupmates.

Remember : that's how foreigners operate in the Stage World using the perspective of the Backstage. The money of one is the money of all. But at the same time one must avoid doing anything that the others could potentially do in the future against him or her, and must justify his or her official expenditures in the Stage World in terms of his or her income level or cash flow.


6.7 - The strategy of building and promoting bridge pages -
On the other side, more than one person CAN promote - at least indirectly - the same URL at the same time in the same company, by implementing a specific strategy.

In the first place, it is necessary - for security reasons - that they use different accounts, so that one cannot have access to each other's personal details. Moreover, they cannot promote directly the same URL at the same time because this could violate the rules or the policy of the company where the promotion is taking place.

But while one of the members of a group promotes one specific URL, the other members of the group CAN create parallel pages that could function as bridges to the targeted URL. Using their own money and their own credit cards, they could promote the URLs of these bridge-pages, putting a link in these pages to the page that was first targeted. These parallel pages should have different URLs from the targeted one, and a genuine and independent content. For better results, they can present brief texts and use several keywords that have a similarity with the content of the targeted URL. The content of these bridge-pages, however, should be independent and genuine enough to avoid the accusation of duplication. They must present some material that is genuinely new and different.


6.8 - Controlling the risks of characters promoting your page without your knowledge or consent -
In the meanwhile, their characters may try to perturb the sponsorship of your homepage, by building bridge pages with links pointing to your page, and then sponsoring these bridge pages using the same keywords that you use. Well, that's their right as consumers.

However, they can try to build a bridge page that is practically a replica of yours, introducing tiny new elements just to be microscopically different from your page. This could lead to a punishment by the company where you're spending your money, if they consider that it is a maneuver to bypass their policy [usually they do not allow multiple mirror sites to be placed by the same person using exaclty the same keywords].

A security guideline must be established to foresee this possibility. It is suggested that, every time a survivor promotes the homepage of another survivor, he or she must first obtain via e-mail the formal written consent from his or her groupmate.

If a character tries to inadvertently promote your page using the conditions specified above without your knowledge or without your written consent, you can always argue to the company that you do not know that person, that that person is doing this without your previous consent or authorization.


6.9 - The risks of traitors taking your money in off-line groups -
'Survivors' of the spiritual hurricane are not exactly common people. They're looking for spiritual growth and happiness, they're following their hearts. They're are stubborn. They're are determined. They know what they want, and they know it very well.

On the other side, survivors are not perfect. No one is. Survivors are constantly being tempted by the characters of Our Side and, depending on the area that you live, by lizards of the Other Side living on Earth as well.

Occasionally it is possible that a survivor inside one of the groups becomes a traitor, like Cypher in "The Matrix". And occasionally a member of one of the groups can pass through the eventuality of auric death and therefore become a character.

"I wanna be rich (...)" (Cypher, in "The Matrix")
"Whatever you want, Mr. Reagan" (Agent Smith)

Because survivors in general are strong people and because their characters always respect our limits - that's one more of their rules - this is not expected to happen very often. However, security protocols deal with mathematical possibilities - no matter how odd they are - and must be established to cover this case.

For on-line groups, no risks are taken, because as seen above you can spend your money for your own, either for promoting your homepage or for promoting the homepage of your groupmates, and you can suspend your contributions at any time.

Off-line groups, however, can occasionally face this problem when dealing with money. In principle, all your groupmates are honest and dedicated like you, but who knows what kind of weakness he or she presents, and what kind of pressure he or she is actually being submitted to ?

My suggestion is : in the case of off-line groups, you have to feel the situation. If unfortunately you have good reasons to believe that one of the members of your group is a character, or won't be able to deal honestly with your money, just don't give your money to this person. That's one of the reasons why off-line groups are recommended only for stronger survivors.

Confidence is something that comes with time. If the group is planning to spend money with some activity, it is recommended that it begins with small amounts of money, that may increase with time (or not).

Depending on the protocols established by the group, the management of this money can be alternated from one member to the other. Members can spend individually their money, or they can join their money altogether and one of the members alone - for security reasons - spend the sum total in a previously combined activity.


7. Final observations

This is an open system. The security guidelines showed above are only suggested guidelines. Their goal is to show what kind of risks the formation of a group of survivors may involve. Each one of the groups should be free to establish its own security protocols, or to adapt them for its own needs or circumstances.

And please note : these security guidelines are not a joke. They are not for fun. They are not entertainment. The force of the Matrix must never be underestimated. If security guidelines are followed, probably nothing bad will ever take place. On the other side, if a group relaxes its security, probably nothing bad will happen in the beginning, but with time their characters will start insinuating themselves. If after that no security measure is taken, these insinuations may evolve to more complex situations that may lead to the auric death of one of the participants.

Realize that there is no time to think here at this zoo. There is no space for tonal rationalism or terrestrial logic anymore.

"You think it's air that you're breathing ?"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

And please, my dear friend, do not confuse your mind regarding these security protocols. They are designed just to protect each one of the members of a group from each one of the others. They have nothing to do with covert governmental agencies, foreigners' investigators, "men in black", foreign lizards of the Other Side and so on.

Remember : "It's not the spoon that bends, it's only yourself".

All these agencies are ruled by characters of Our Side : they are all pretending; they are supporting survivors, they are supporting ourselves. They have a rule : they clone your beliefs and they try to respect your free will.

They will never come after you unless you first let the door open. They try to fish and induce fears in your mind, by exploring trial balloons and fantasies through mathematical similarities. If you believe in these fantasies and become frightened or scared, they'll have the right to clone your fright, and they may really come after you. On the other side, if you stay calm, nothing happens.

If they wanted to use terrestrial logic, they could find your trace and physically reach you in less than 30 minutes - practically anywhere in the world - just by logging your IP address when you are connected to the Internet manipulating your homepage or your e-mail account that deals with nagual issues. The FBI (or a similar agency in other countries) could legally detain you on the grounds of national security. Their characters have access to tonal technologies and approach techniques similar to the ones showed in movies like "Enemy of the State" or "The Net", for example. They could locate your car using GPS and invalidate your credit cards. They could persecute you using helicopters and other techniques. They could intimidate or interrogate you for hours. And so on.

Foreign logic, however, uses a different approach :

"You have to let it all go, Neo : fear, doubt and disbelief"

They are all characters, they are all pretending, they are all nagual warriors of Our Side, all of them has their crystals activated, the spiritual hurricane is over for more than 98% of the Earth population now. All of them are in permanent contact with the Backstage. They are supporting survivors.

And they will never, E-V-E-R, move a finger against you unless you first let the door open, unless you first really believe in their dissimulated insinuations, disguised fantasies, hypocritical trial balloons and cynical mathematical similarities inculcated by their characters over your mind.

Don't forget that we're on the threshold of Global Intervention on Earth. And nagual survivors as a whole may play a decisive role in creating the conditions for this event, by opening holes in the structure of reality.


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