Opening the "Iron Curtain" that separates realities between the Stage and the Backstage

and making possible for survivors of this spiritual hurricane to contact each other and to organize in groups


My apologies - I think I owe you - readers of this page that are survivors - my sincere apologies. This page has been on-line since April 02, 2000 (it's been around a year since then), and all this time I was so obsessed with the idea of creating a fog around myself that I didn't realize that this could be fueling their speculative system instead of help breaking it. Now, after the pages of Josh Nevada and Helen Canterbury, I learned that I could take this step forward. Thank you, Helen and Josh.

I don't know what type of delirium THEIR characters have created for your brain regarding this homepage or what type of image or fantasy they have produced over your mind about my person, so that today I'm going to talk a little about myself. I'm going to tell you a little secret : I'm not a foreigner. I'm not a Martian. Like the great majority of survivors, I'm also a pan. And I'm also a survivor. I don't have my crystal activated yet. And although I don't know if this makes a good difference, I also need to say that unlike the majoriry of pans, I'm not a pan fifty : I'm a pan fifty-one.

General purpose - The purpose of this section is to open a new set of possibilities for survivors of the spiritual hurricane, and to make possible what was before considered unthinkable and unimaginable : establish a point of nagual contact between survivors through the Internet and optionally off-line; and help organize survivors in groups - nagual groups, according to the amount of time we've been living in this condition as linguistic prisoners, to our present geographic location and to the languages we speak. Finally, it can create the conditions for a coordinated action between survivors that - if we use the foreign logic - can in the future contribute to bring about the very occurrence of the Global D-Day (Global Intervention).

Mapping the spiritual hurricane - I'm also willing to draw a worldwide chronological map of the passage of this spiritual hurricane, including the main countries, states/provinces and dates, so that we can figure out in a consistent basis how this "quiet revolution" evolved over the last decade. This map will be available for everyone here in this website. I can't do this map alone. I need the participation of the other survivors. If you wanna cooperate with this map - even if you do not intend to participate in the formation of the groups, please just fill out the participation form regarding this specific section and click "Submit".

Why establish a point of contact between survivors - Survivors are alone, isolated and spreaded all over the world. Our brains and perception fields are bombarded thoroughly with descriptions of reality that don't correspond to the truth. Their characters perform an ongoing sleep-inductive and self-pity-inductive brainwashing over our brains. By creating a bridge of contact with others like us, we realize that we're not alone, and we provide our brains and perception fields with a new and repetitive description of reality, a true one. Their characters have this complicity of one another while operating in the Stage World reality and also the friendship of one another while in the Backstage. We don't, because we are isolated and we don't have our crystals activated yet.

We can also have contact to a multiplicity of new situations that otherwise we wouldn't have the chance to. Although for some of the groups there may be setbacks or even traitors (like Cypher in "The Matrix"), I suppose the general result will be much more positive than negative. Everybody will learn something.

Open system - What I'm proposing here is an open system, not a closed one. It means that I'm not your leader, and nobody else is, either. Your heart is your leader. I'm just an initial organizer. An open system must be designed to perpetuate itself even in the casualness of auric death of one of its members, including the organizer(s). It must be designed to protect each one of the members of each group from each one of the others, and at the same time enable the contact between each one of them. Security protocols must be established and followed to make this possible.

The validation process - So how could this be implemented in practice ? To help starting this process, I have created an on-line form that I hope you fill out in order to make it possible. In the beginning of the form you'll see four questions whose goal is to validate your condition as a survivor of the spiritual hurricane. All forms that don't present the correct answers for these questions will be summarily discharged. Characters or even sporadic neutral persons are not allowed in the groups.

Except for these initial questions for the validation process, nothing else is mandatory in the form. You don't need to fill in all the other fields. It depends on what you want to do and what you're willing to do in the future.

Once correctly filled out, the form will be sent to an e-mail address [NOTE] I've created specially for this purpose. This e-mail address will appear in the next screen with a message of acknowledgement for filling out the form. Please write it down.

On-line and/or Off-line Groups - I've imagined two levels of contact for groups of survivors : a generic on-line level via e-mail and/or via websites, where bigger groups can be formed by language and also by the amount of time inside the linguistic prison of each one, and additionally - for those willing a personal, off-line contact with the others - the formation of specific groups separated by country and region/state.


The basic idea is that, once you provide me some nagual information about you - and also your e-mail address, I can put you in contact - anonymous contact via e-mail - with other survivors, either those who speak your language, or those living in your area. For instance, if 7 survivors living in Pennsylvania (USA) and 4 in northern Italy fill out the form, I'll send a separate e-mail to each one of these groups containing the e-mail adresses of the other members of the respective area, but not of the members of the other groups. Or if for example 75 survivors speak German and 42 speak French, I can put the members of the each group in contact with each other, no matter in which countries they live (French speakers for instance can live not only in France, but also in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries).

For security reasons - in order to protect one survivor from another, it is strongly recommended that you don't provide me with your "real" e-mail address : I suggest you create a new and separate e-mail address (web-based and free) just for this purpose. There are dozens of companies offering this service.

In order to validate also my condition as a survivor, I will provide each one of you via e-mail with some additional nagual questions and its correct answers.

Security Protocols - suggested guidelines - Click to open in a separate page.

Helping demolish the Iron Curtain that separates realities - In the long run, there's also another purpose for all of this : helping demolish the Iron Curtain that separates realities and somehow produce a chain reaction that - like a snowball - may contribute to the Global Intervention itself, by creating an increasingly unbearable environment in which their characters can no longer sustain their lies. This may sound a little utopic for some of you, but this very homepage would have sounded utopic for me just two years ago. All we need is our courage and our perserverance.

"You have to let it all go : fear, doubt and disbelief"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

It's an interactive process. They respond to our will, our actions and our beliefs with theirs. If we want, they want too. If we don't want, they don't want either.

Do you believe that freedom is something that we receive or is it something that we have to conquer by ourselves ?

What I'm proposing here is that we build an on-line community of survivors, establishing an on-line network of homepages, in several languages and countries. You don't need to write Megabytes of texts, if you don't want it or if you don't have the time for it. But if each one of us write just 5 or 10 Kbytes of texts (one or two pages), and upload it to the Internet, admitting the very occurrence of the spiritual hurricane and the existence of the mental prison, as well as of the artificial synchronicity and of their thought reading abilities, this would be a huge step forward. People who don't know each other, coming from different regions or countries and using different languages, talking about something that their characters don't recognize as being true, and perhaps ignoring what they may be saying or thinking about us...

You could argue : "But you already have done everything, there's nothing left to be done", or "The homepages that are on-line today have already said everything", or "Your homepage is so big that I'll never do anything similar".

Please, my dear friend, don't believe in size. Size does not matter. The system that I'm proposing here is like a human body : each one of its parts must operate harmonically, and each one of its parts is vital for the existence and functionality of the other parts and of the system as a whole.

In other words, a system that has a good torso and nice legs cannot walk if it has no feet. A nose or a tongue, for instance, albeit small in size, are vital for a system to work. What would be of a system that cannot smell, taste or chew ? What is a system for, if it has a strong arm and a healthy forearm, but no elbow to join them ?

A system is like a live entity. Every one of its parts must be integrated and cohesive.


What to write about - Well, use your imagination. There is virtually an immense amount of nagual information that can now be made public. And because our trainings probably are not exactly the same, the information can even vary from case to case. Ask yourself : what could I say that can help other survivors and what could I say that might contribute - like a brick - to build an anti-Matrix wall ?

Building a parallel and independent system : beware of labels -

This open system that I'm proposing here must be always understood in the light of the own system. The system must not be created, compared, described or explained in the light of any terrestrial doctrine or compartment of reality, like psychology, philosophy, religion, science, political movements, community-based associations, military ranks or support groups. The system is not any of the above, and it is not anything else based on terrestrial logic. This is an invented system, based on the existence of the Backstage reality. The system is the system, and nothing else.

All the alleged "criticism" and supposed "opinions" coming from their characters must be treated as a threat to the system. They don't recognize to be talking about you, do they ? So we don't consider at all what they say. Their characters are the foes of survivors. They are not our friends. All their sentences must be multiplied by minus one.

The system is not critic-proof, but it should only be criticized by the members of the group(s) (in other words, by survivors).

Would Allies in World War II let a Nazi envoy come to the meeting and give his "opinion" ?.

"If you're not one of us, you're one of them".
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")


Some of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent from the [Matrix] system, that they'll fight to protect it".
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

All the mathematical similarities with the group(s), the organizer(s) or the system itself that are explored by their characters must be treated as a threat to the system. These similarities must be deconstructed. Differences should be explored in our minds. The elements no longer represent something else, remember ?

Any dubious or ambiguous situation involving their characters must be treated as a potential threat to the system. Do they always presume the ego ? So now we always presume the artificiality of coincidences or synchronicity involving their characters. They don't recognize to be talking about us ? So we never accuse them of artificiality.

"The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy".
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

If you establish a point of access for their characters - like for example publishing your e-mail address in your homepage -, all attempts of their characters to rationalize nagual issues or to induce you to want to "prove them" something about these issues must be treated as a threat to the system. They are all characters, remember ? They already know everything about the nagual issues you're talking about. They only want to turn what you say against you and probably presume a tonal and "ego"-based explanation for your acts.

Because of the nature of their speculation over our minds, structures involving leadership or hierarchy should preferentially not be allowed inside a group. This is a suggested guideline.

Every member of the group should be given the opportunity to perform any action (or non-action) in order to fulfill the goals of the group, like present ideas, organize things, etc., according to the availability of time of each one, disposition, motivation, etc.

Except for security protocols, nothing should be forced, coercive or imposed. All actions must be voluntary.

Anyone should be free to leave a group or to return to it at any time, and no questions or explanations are needed. For the sake of the group and for the sake of the system as a whole, it's more strategic that its members stalk each other.

Anyone should be free to organize new groups in any language(s) or country(ies), with or without the knowledge of the organizers of other groups, including myself. It's an anti-Matrix military approach.

It's like producing holes in the structure of reality , in the structure of the "Iron Curtain" that separates the Stage World reality from the Backstage one.

The holes do not need necessarily to communicate with each other. Each one of the groups should be as self-sustainable as possible, in order to avoid dependence from other groups.

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