by Edward R. Dewey with Og Mandino

from 4Shared Website


It is a pleasure to acknowledge the assistance of a multitude of people without whom this book could never have been written.

A grant of $500,000 from the W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation made possible not only the actual preparation of the book but also much of the research upon which the book is based.

Og Mandino - my alter ego - transformed a dull, ponderous volume that I had put together during the preceding three years into the sprightly, fascinating book that you are about to read.

All of the earlier research, and much of the later research upon which the book is based, was paid for by contributions from the members of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. To them my everlasting gratitude, and to Gertrude Roessle, whose devoted service as manager of our membership department raised more than $1,000,000 for our research in the early days. (It is neither easy nor inexpensive to hew out a new science.)

Copley Amory, of Boston, our first chairman, was father to the Foundation and a second father to me.

My gratitude also goes to Chapin Hoskins, who introduced me to cycle study, and to the long list of cycle scientists from the biblical Joseph in the time of the Pharaohs to Great Britain's Lord Beveridge in the present century on whose shoulders I have stood, as others will on mine.



  1. The Mystery and The Stage

  2. The Search Begins

  3. Nature's Mysterious Rhythms

  4. Cycles in You

  5. The Invisible Messenger

  6. The Mob Cycles

  7. The Rhythm of Production

  8. The Cycle of Prices

  9. The Cycles of Wall Street

  10. Why Does It Rain on January

  11. The Patterns of War

  12. Cycles in The Universe

  13. The Ultimate Clue

  14. The Imperative Question