Reason 26:

With movies like Zeitgeist, Farenheit 911, and numerous YouTube videos the modern soldier is well informed of the internal plots and "Black Bag" jobs of the Elite.


Soon the true Hero, which is given another name entirely, will rise from amongst their ranks turning the tide against the negative forces. Injustice will not continue forever. Even a broken clock is right at least two times a day. The HERO-HORE-WHORE was a temple prostitute esoteric story character. We are much greater, encrusted seven fold with positive energy as armor, the Mighty.

The biggest issue we have with overpopulation is people seldom greet each other anymore. When passing by on the street, jogging in a park, walking on the beach or pretty much anywhere unless people are drinking and then nothing is clear. Truly if we are prepared to see a one-eyed green Alien and accept them before we can see our own neighbor who may be of different ethnicity but a Human nonetheless, we have missed the mark.


There was a time that if you happen to see another Human while in transit you immediately greeted each other with hugs and kisses of astonishment as you tried to communicate by first giving gifts and showing them things you had found on your journey as they did the same. You would explain to them the various territories you have crossed, what resources were there, and what to be aware of.


Often times you learned their customs and came to respect their individuality marveling at how the Creator made things so diverse.


Now that has faded away and people are looked at as expendable, some even as worthless by others as racism increases. They have forgotten if you have climbed up on the ladder you are in a perfect position to help the person below you. Instead they give them a boot in the face knocking them down further. We must reestablish communication. When you look around you if you see someone is lonely or troubled, speak to them.


I find it amazing men will speak with devils, demons, and brutes but not their own Kin.


Reason 27:

The unique blend of ethnicities is one of the greatest assets of Earth. We have so many things to share with one another while religion has kept us divided, teaching us not to mingle with one another.


Our souls are all unique and none are the same thus we operate as a team with multiple functions endowed with splendor and beauty, it is only the blind that cannot see this.

People, no matter the color, never overcame and they still face a constant barrage of self degrading tactics especially by the sell outs of the Music industry bombarding the world with low frequency sounds.


This is not just exclusive to the African Americans but all races that have members who in thinking of only of themselves have become the catalyst used by the dark Elite to deceive their people. The Brotherhood of Ma sent "Ma"hat"ma" Gandhi a firm contact of the Theosophical Society, as the Mahatmas and "Ma"treiahs have always been. They where sent to quell the disturbances in India with a pro-peace movement so the British could regain control as the uprisings began.


The Indians, a people tired of being enslaved on their own territory by the British, finally reached boiling point. They pacified them through Mahatmas pro-peace teachings and kept them from taking back Persia until England could regain strength from spreading itself too thin in its hasty plans for complete world domination.


Now they have turned their country into a giant telemarketing call center.


Reason 28:

Modern research in behavioral science and gestures has shown all the individuals on the left to be insincere. The latest Lord Matrieya positioned in the center of Globalist Benjamin CrŤme is scheduled to make his advent once the U.S. Economy collapses.


Lord Matrieya has already appeared in several countries of the Orient and all the Spiritual leaders are endorsing him. Matrieya says he is the Matrieya, Messiah, and Mahdi that all religions have proclaimed to be awaiting the arrival of. His miracles so far have been magnetizing water in which people can enter and become healed.


There will be no limit to these types of deceptions in the last days as the science and energy of the body produces what appears to be miracles to people who donítí know they can do the same thing.

If you ask me did these men and women know how they are being used, I will tell you that I believe some do not. It seems they believed in peace so much it filled them completely beyond understanding of bigger pictures.


They could not be themselves if it was under some type of false pretense, to me this is no different from the Pastor of the church, the Congressman with the beautiful family and the great smile, the Bartender, or the inspired Musician who bring forth the works of degradation.


Reason 29:

Media Mogul Shawn Combs is actually wearing the Maltese cross which symbolizes a heavier involvement in the Zionist Agenda. This cross cannot be worn unless you are an Initiate.


Even Rapper Jay-Z under the label Rockafella Records could not use that name without some type of "granted" affiliation by civil law. They are willing puppets selling out to the Illuminists to push "Rape Music" that gradually destroys the mental and physical moral of the listener. Rock has always been a Tool and right now the pieces fit on why all this is coming about.

There are others who are very conscious of what they are doing. We find people like Emperor Haile Selassie still revered by the war torn Ethiopians of Nubia who are clueless to the paramount role he played in subduing that once rich fertile country. He turned their remaining resources over to the Queen who he was in constant retinue with. You see the Jamaicans jamminí to Rastafarian tunes with little if no knowledge of who Ras is.


Ras is another form of Ra/Marduk a God introduced into Nubia by Ramses II on his maddening mission to be the greatest Pharaoh to bring about conquest of the whole world. That position he never achieved thus he defaced the Temples and Shrines of the Egyptian ancestors removing the names and bodies of the previous inhabitants.


Surely this was a dark man that would do anything for his personal gain thus he prostituted the people to the Gods of the Underworld more than any in his lineage.


Reason 30:

First Haile Selassie was exiled from Nubia and reared as a child by Zionist.


He is given a first class education and then reinserted back into Nubia where he becomes Emperor. He then proceeds to divide the land and relinquish its resources to the Monarchy. He is seen here with a Young Queen Elizabeth, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Pope.

When you see and study all this you begin to realize why not much progress in the right direction has been made for Humanity. The people we are taught to idolize, our Revolutionaries, Presidents, Dictators, Religion Leaders etc. are placed in front of us like a carrot dangles in front of a rabbit. We want to believe we can elect one person to handle all the troubles of the world so we can go back to our daily programs.


It is decreed that until we come together and take control of our world, those in power now who do not care about Humanity like me and you, will continue to decimate it. As long as we keep trusting them and remaining lazy and insolent to what we get to do, which is take our world into harmony, we will not feel the yoke lift. As good people we want to believe that someone like Obama could change our course although every indicator told us he would not.


This is no different than thinking Christopher Columbus discovered America when there where already entire maps conscribed before he was even spermatozoa detailing the whole world from an aerial view and it was not flat.



Reason 31:

As shown on CNN Obama has more Elitist in his lineage than most Presidents in U.S. History. Zionism is not a color. It is an idea that is not even Hebrew.

It is safe to say that what is put directly in front of us, especially through popular media, needs our personal investigation and common sense before it can be trusted. The shear energy of crowds envelops all who are in the midst. As hearts begin to sync up all are in the hands of the so-called world leaders and in the past, few have lead in the right direction as they grope about the darkness of Kali Yuga gathering all the resources for their private groups consuming far more than the average citizen and never loosening the yoke.


We cannot continue to be looked at as resources rather than Human Beings.


Taking the mainstreams word for it seems to always prove unintelligent, they are liars and they will say and do anything to make the masses disbelieve in what we have felt for so long which is that Religion, Politics, Social, and Educational structures are developed to hinder, not free the people less they raise the whole Earth which can be seen itself as a large ship, into the higher heavens that those that have fallen cannot ascend because it burns away all impurities.

The Gods need not money, it is man who needs the money while the Gods divvy up what is more precious to them, the Gold or the Soul. With taxes taking 40% and church taking 10% what is one to do about the baby? The religion of Christianity has done enough on its own for anyone with a keen eye to see something may need to be questioned.


Even the scripture says "the proof of wisdom will be within the type of people it produces".


As I often say many of those who are in church are only there because of the "con"viction of the Lord, whatever that statement really means, it sounds more like a jail sentence. Anyone who does not see religion as simply stairs to the top will often get stuck on one level or another thus never entering complete enlightenment and only perceiving its premature phases.


Enlightenment itself comes with having a firm foundation of truth, unshakable, not able to be moved as it is fortified in exactness. That exactness comes when the real truth of whatever faith you elect falls upon your ears. At least at that moment you have an opportunity to really serve the God you claim to worship.


You will now have the hidden doctrine of these faiths which is generally reserved for the Priests.


Reason 32:

When Rome merged with Egypt they borrowed the Rites of Isis casting Jesus known as Iesu as the new Horus.


We are not saying this individual did not exist he in fact did, however, what we are questioning is the final destination of the Christian soul which is the Underworld just like it was with the Rites of Isis. Ra is ruler of the Underworld he is better known as Amen-Ra. This is why all Christian p"ra"yers are concluded with Amen. The Latin word for prayer which is Oration indicates their power is in Orion.

In 1999 a movie titled the Matrix was released and made its way to the top as the box office churned the propaganda machine with numbers rivaling Star Wars.


The city of freedom they gave the name Zion, blatant Zionist propaganda as even churches pride themselves on being called Mount Zion. Just as Bob Marley heads sway to the tunes as he sings about Zion the city depicted as having no worries and this is anything but true.


The defeat of the mind of the masses was subtle, not by force, when the flutes, cymbals, and lyres play then the formidable human force is lulled to sleep.


Reason 33:

Many love the flow of Bob Marleyís Rastafarian music, never once noticing the Zionist connection. When the shields of the mind are down the enemy is sure to invade.


The New Age movement now insists there is no enemy and this is just a figment of a mental hologram, poisonous vipers their words are sly. We need to take back Earth or get ready to leave it entirely. What is to come can not be escaped this was set in motion a long time ago and does not reverse so we must work beyond it. They say humans unlock their true abilities under the scenario of fight or flight through the adrenals. Learn to simulate those expressions and began to work on you.


Remember what is happening does not come from a particular race of people it is an idea that many are aligned with and has consumed their rational senses.

There were of course many things hinted and eluded to in the movie the Matrix itself that we now in fact find to be true from various levels. It leads one to ponder the exact design of what we are really faced with currently and in our not to distant future.

  • What kind of force would show us in something we are supposed to find entertaining, that it has us trapped in an Oz like mechanical Netherworld where our senses and abilities are limited and our energy harvested?

  • It beckons one to ask "Are we really in a Matrix"?

  • Can we be pulled out of the Matrix?

  • Is there an actual Code to the Matrix?

This book will show beyond the shadow of doubt that the answer to the questions being proposed above is yes, and that is not all.

This book will awaken your memory and quicken you thus causing your DNA to reformulate which I will prove to be possible by the end of this composition. DNA itself is manipulated by the mental state, surroundings, and acquaintances of the individual subject. When any these are altered for a constant period the DNA itself also alters and reformulates according to its environment.


This means that once you become firm about what you know to be true, especially about your special abilities that have been dormant, the DNA will reconstruct itself to make what you will believe again to be possible, happen. That is one of the main secrets of creating the Superhuman, you have to give it "Reason" to activate itself.


This takes consistency and as we talked about earlier a firm foundation grounded in truth to what reality is, not what Maya or Illusion attempts to make you perceive.

The value of this to your future would be of catamount benefit especially in the world of today where knowledge is power. You can thus remove yourself from the cubes known as the hexagon or the bee hive. At one point long ago a jealous force recognized that certain types of knowledge meant unlimited power to those in possession of it thus much of the valuable knowledge was removed.


All written copies were burned although at least one copy was placed in the 5 mile library under the Vatican.


In replacement we received lies mixed with truth which does a horrible job on the mind as we watch the masses plug about clueless, still searching for themselves because religion has fulfilled almost none of its promises.


Reason 34:

The Elite depict the world full of worker Beeís, trying to be something but they are trapped in Hexagonal cubes.


This Platonic knowledge introduced the dark square or cube. Pythagoras introduced several methods of trapping Organic Spirit into Matter/Cubes. We will speak more of this later.

We are talking about the level of foreknowledge which gives you the ability to know what will happen before it takes place, this is the time it is most useful as things speed up. You will be able to do this without the aid of books and scholars thus you will be placed back in the driverís seat of life exiting the checkered cab.


The issue we all individually face is that we wait to see what is going to happen next before we react; this is called reactionary. This leaves you with no preparation and little time or ability to shape the future. I say that one should confront danger and fear before they become closed in by it instead of allowing it to greet you on your doorstep while your loved ones are inside. Run and face it so you may prevent it or at least prolong it. This may in fact give those you care for the edge they will need to prepare.


Again think of the 7 year old who will have to live at least another 10 years in this world and what they are to face in those 10 years. What kind of monsters have we left for them to battle? Supplying people with this information will at least allow you to say that you did the best you could, which is also why I write this to you before my departure.

When comprising this particular work what came across my mind, since I had long since discovered "The Code", was to write a book that even when the reader is finished they could continue to write their own unique personal novel of experience.


Due to the fact that we are all entwined in some way or another to what we are experiencing now in the world you will find amazing syncs in your life that all roll into why you are here.


Just because few are using the collective consciousness channel does not mean that it is not always broadcasting, we are always linked to it. In fact it is more like two lovers who have both fallen asleep on the phone and the lines remain open although there is no one speaking.

It is time you begin to unlock all the mysteries and most importantly yourself. Often I began lengthy writings only to leave them incomplete, pieces of these writing you will find in Italics throughout the book they serve as tidbits of poetry to ponder. The rabbit hole is far deeper than I expected in the beginning, not to mention the fact that after you get deep into the rabbit hole you must climb back out, which they forgot to mention. You do not want to be in any hole, trust me.


When you learn the whole system, you will have so much knowledge you will not be incapable of fitting it all in one book. What should be kept in mind is once you start to "unlock" you will see what used to remain hidden, everywhere in plain view. This also means that everything is not contained here, only the framework that is needed for you to build your own ladder out of the Cube of Flesh into the Sphere of Spirit.


After that the statement will come true that if the oceans were ink and the trees were pens you could still not write about everything that you will know in fact to be true.

With that being said I have done my best to narrow the book down to what is of highest worth to know. It was originally meant to show how words themselves play one of the most valuable roles in your individual awakening. That later morphed into a detailed story of our true past, present, and future.


Even the Elite cannot simply say "the old language is no good anymore so from today you will use this new language".


That only happened one time in history in the confusion of Babel, when tracing the story of Babel or "The Gates of Ishtar" a far more complex story arises than the brief chapters dedicated to it in the Bible. In the ancient texts one story holds about Babel. This Tower or Ziggurat had multiple purposes and it was also connected to a Gate, the two went hand in hand.

In most ancient tribes some type of structure was built to serve as the portal of communication between the presiding God/Goddess and the people. You will find a precise geometric layout of some type of construction whether stone alter, pillar, temple, hollowed tree, or various other portals. You will learn that the geometric structure, especially its number of sides, has everything to do with the type of energies being evoked and from what dimension, plane, expanse, or abyss they hail from.


In Reason 35 you will see a rare picture of pre-historic London now synchro-mystically called Babylondon. It seems the Atlantian style art deco is preferred. The Pyramids have four sides because they are massive Gates to the 4th and 8th dimension. These dimensions although very different from the 3rd, are functioning and highly populated unbeknownst to the masses.


It is time to inner-stand that multiple worlds exist already functioning, some far worst then the one we are currently in, and some in complete harmony (Harm Money) like a Utopia but not by that word, letís get there.


Reason 35:

Ancient London was more like a rather large Stonehenge/Atlantis.


Few know of this part of Londonís history and the ongoing attempt to restore its sacred layout. Notice the model of Atlantis as seen on the right. Later you will see this particular design can be found everywhere you find Atlantis affiliates especially in Government and Parliament.

What is most amazing is how the obvious goes totally unnoticed, this would mean that we are out of focus and we need to actually zoom in or scale down to look at what is right in front of our face, for example: Christmas is a anagram for Mithras once you remove the "C". Mithras Day was December 25.


Do you think it would be of value on various levels to at least investigate who this individual is?


What I find is those who think an inkling about their souls want to prepare it for afterlife. This would mean knowing as much as you can about what that involves rather than just imagining that being a servant in the afterlife forever would actually be a reward. This is what determines whether or not you end up in a place that will mean total freedom, or the opposite.


Servants are always slaves to something. It is already obvious that our current Overseers seem to be very detached from the people, so this means you must build yourself to learn of the higher things. The future can only be the future for so long and then it becomes the present.

Another ploy is the fight we get dragged into all the time with these Two Brother Archetypes that appear in many religious texts whether itís the Astrological Jupiter Vs Saturn, Sumerian Allalu Vs Anu, Egyptian Osiris Vs Set, Hebraic Ishmael Vs Israel, and my all time favorite classic mind job Cain Vs Able. This is the roots of Duality.

After reading hundreds of Testaments, Vedras, Hieroglyphs, Steles, Tablets, and spending months in meditation on what had been gathered a very clear picture began emerge. When this quest began it was in earnest desire to find God. My ideas have never been to disapprove the existence of God or other Beings, only to create a clear path that I may enter in constant communion with them. There can be no benefit in falsely disapproving something that could emancipate us all.


In addition I not only studied these faiths I immersed myself in them. There can be nothing more unnerving than someone ousting a religion that they have not even studied, much less participated in. What I did also since I was very serious about the quest was I sought to become the highest in each faith I was deluging in.


So while I was a Christian, I was a Pastor and Prophet, while I was a Muslim I was also an Imam and Sufi, etc.

There can be nothing more positively life changing then following the truth even when it goes against everything you have been taught. I believe many headlong in their religion have discovered through one book or another the true origin of their proclaimed faith. At that moment and subsequent times after, the person enters a strong duality phase.


One side insists that it is the Wicked One who is trying to steal their faith. This side tends to use no facts only emotions barraging a person with memories of past divine experiences. The other side finds constant facts that debunk what the emotional side is suggesting. It often shows that paranormal experience should not be the only gauge of determining if something is true or false, especially positive or negative.


Sadly the emotional side tends to win because a person has also gained friends in the religion, a home or fellowship place, and all these novelties weigh heavier on making the correct decision to disavow.


As a Pastor it was hard for me to walk away from Christianity, however, since I was also infused with the Spirit of Truth it was even more difficult to keep denying the obvious which was its demoniac esoteric doctrine.

Once engulfing the Spiritual terrain there is indeed a common story, it is only the names that change. We will examine this story once and for all because it is the backbone of all belief systems which we will call MEís (pronounced Mays). Belief Systems and Words are MEís. In the Sumerian text it talks about something described as only MEís. If one gains possession of the knowledge of these MEís they can control large parts of this dimension.


All authors on Sumerian religion never present a definition of what these MEís are just that they are very powerful. It is noted that the ME is not a weapon, they describe various weapons that belong to the Gods in the Sumerian text but they are sure to keep the MEís separate. The only hint they give of them is that they are written on Tablets.


The resin of information that remains coated on our Aura of what happened in past existences will always serve as mental triggers for our minds. This is how stories of the our past is linked to religion in order to bring about devoutness, fear, resonance, and loyalty under false pretenses.


I cruel mental scheme designed around ethereal based historical facts.


Reason 36:

The Sumerians inscribed their religion on stone tablets that have survived since antiquity. All the stories of the Torah were first Sumerian minus the name changes.


The MEís were known to be inscribed on such Tablets just as Moses was proposed to receive Tablets inscribed by the God YHVH/Tetragrammaton. Shem, Noahís son, also finds a secret stone with engravings from before the flood and conceals it from his brothers later to use its magical formulas.

I learned that some MEís were certain words of power encompassed by a doctrine that could bee incorporated around those words. The one who controlled the Names could control whole nations. First we will examine the doctrine. There are things that have happened on our Planet that even reincarnations cannot completely erase the memory of and that is the flood.


The flood is mentioned in every ancient text although it was not said to be related to manís sin but rather a natural phenomena. The "punishment for man sins" story did not come about until the Sumerian and Hebrew text which mainly operated on fear and reverence of a Terrible God rather than unconditional love, this is obviously the product of guilt.


The main reason for this being the leaders off these groups were always warring with surrounding countries so love was not a good angle for them, war, vengeance and favoritism was more ideal. The occurrence of the last flood has left residue in our Aura thus all stories that begin with floods are entertained by the subconscious because it knows for a fact the flood was true, the details are of course not available.


Many people have phobia off deep water because of the last flood.

The Ark is the other part of the subliminal entrainment of doctrines. the word itself resonates to escape something that is fearful and impending such as the Dark. It was known that you could traverse the Netherworld on a Bark which meant a special boat. There were few who made it onto the Ark and those that did were given a Mark to show they had been saved. After the Dark came the Sun which we unconsciously assume will rise every morning. The Sun awakes the whole world and gets the next day started. The Sun and Son were made synonymous in English because of this.


The Babylonia name being Sam, Son of Sam or is it Samson?


The Son God religions embed themselves in the natural occurrences of nature. There is always a Mother sometimes two since we are in a binary system this always leads to one good Mother and one Evil or surrogate mother, Eve and Lilith.


The Mother Archetype will always survive because the Planet can never be seen as anything different than a nourishing Mother, thus when a name for the Mother Earth was given all would revere it as they do their physical Mother. The name was spoken as Gaia then Maia/Maya then a thousand more.


Often the Origin of the name was never examined; the people remained always too trusting of their rulers.

The dying and resurrecting Sun theme was all in a days work the Sun died at night and resurrected in the morning. This always left the door open for a host of nighttime nightmare creatures that played the role as adversary to the Son, thus the Devil became night/knights or Set as in Sunset still a Sun God nonetheless with a host of worshippers that gravitate towards darkness. Once this began the idea of a City with eternal light was hatched, a place that was never dark and of course there were requirements of how to get there.


Those requirements where made known by the numerous Prophets, Shamans, Seers, Holy Men, Gurus, Yogis and various others playing the role of predictors of time. They later became just as revered and reversed as the God itself. Notice how in Christianity Jesus is now worshipped more than YHVH, many in church donít even known who that is nor do they care Jesus has it all covered.


In Buddhism there is more discussions about Buddha than the Devine concept of the focal point which Buddha presented, this is no wonder since they say his mothers name was Maia/Maya, all around the world the same song. Various sects of Islam suffer form the same problem revering Caliphs, Imams, and Mohammad more than Ilah at times. The Rabbis get more air time than Ain Soph especially since they are convinced "He" is incomprehensible and cannot be conceived by impure flesh.

Last but far from least comes the chaos and destruction. Since mankind is not immortal in this physical state many assume a time will come for everything to die thus we falsely decree the Earthís time will come also. It should be obvious by now the Earth is immortal and passes through various phases.


We watch it happen everyday as animals die, bugs die, we age, the house or neighborhood gets rundown.


Decay is inevitable, however, the glass half empty approach of modern religion in which the whole world and most of its inhabitants must be utterly destroyed by plagues and horrors falling from the sky distorts an act that should otherwise be looked at as the entrance to a Greater Phase. The truth is the heaven and hell these distorted belief systems propose are one in the same. With their Spiritual technologies they have mastered how to keep the soul in stasis, true Spirituality is the growth of the Soul.


This allows it to become quite the opponent to forces that would attempt to capture it once it escapes the body. Any Shaman can tell you this, when he/she enters the Spirit world there are various things its inhabitants consider before they interact with the Shaman. Many Shaman have various types of protection but their main asset is the strength of their Totem.


The Human soul is a force to be reckoned with when it is fully in tune, this leads to other Beings just leaving you alone so you can live.


Reason 37:

Religion has constructed an entire ideology of afterlife that plagues the believers mind with absurdities giving birth to distorted forms and the imbalance of fear. When consecrated belief is put into such things they are given the energy to materialize and believe me they have already.


Places like Purgatory, the Fields of Elysium, Hyades, Abaddon, the Netherworld, and many others really exist. Remember there are now billions of people who believe in these places and most end up in them.

The doctrines of today are combined in more or less a religious buffet based on collected information gathered over time. Some systems more creative and poetic than others although the story itself only served to captivate and implore the Neophyte, it was the names which are vibrations that created the "staying power".


All throughout this work we will be examining various names of power. The commoner is enticed to a place of worship for one reason or another. The High Priest, however, must understand how it all works especially the Spiritual realm. Chanting is a major part of Priestly duties beyond ritualistic observances. What chanting does is bring the body into the frequency of whatever Name is being chanted, once the frequency match is accomplished the portal is open.


We are the fifth element being comprised of Earth/Flesh, Water/Mucus, Air/Breathe, Fire/Blood and the Fifth which is the Devine Breath liken unto fire none can produce save the Most High. Many have tried and reasonless abominations they continue to bring forth when "Practicing" as Doctors and Magicians tend to call their Art of non-perfection.

One of the real reasons this is happening is the Most High has decreed all will eventually return to the Source and it does not exist in time thus it is extremely patient. It also says it is sufficient enough to rule its Creations and does not need representatives that claim to magnify but in all actuality block the way.


If man or woman wanders off the true Path they easily lose focus by being divided amongst Gods vying for power splitting the personís energy at least 3 ways which they call the Trinity. Instead of following these Gods who want sacrifices and servants all the time I went to look for something that is not as petty and sadistic and guess what I found it and Iím giving it to you.


When you give something good out you get the same in return. That is what we were supposed to do no matter what everyone else is doing. Just remember if they donít know "The Code" their entire form as it exist before you is being effected in more ways than you can even conceive so you can afford to give those you have grudges against a pass.

This is pre-history, however, Gods abound across the globe in various lands and they are increasing. This is because the term God is being used so loosely you even have people saying that they are God. I know the popular argument is God is experiencing itself through us. This is another one of those things that just sounds good and is never questioned.


The Most High brought forth all experience from Itself and shared it with us as a gift, there in no need for The Most High to live through us, Iím sure better things are entertainment for an All Powerful Being building multiple galaxies with a spiral force than playing the Sims with Its Human creations.

The truth is sayings like this are fuel for the ego, which can make us think a little too much of ourselves while still not in constant contact with the Most High. We are living in a society where most things related to paranormal and esoteric matters that have been proven are still hidden from us, imagine our maturity rate compared to freed societies.


With the Entities the stronger eventually becomes the victor and they are warlike Gods. The Most High is not involved in such debased and petty things; this is the key to proper distinguishment.


With the Gods their strength comes in numbers, those numbers are individual Souls who get caught up in the religion and die with it freshly on their mind and aura. Its time you finally get the truth so you can be what your dreams used to say you were when you were a child traveling worlds with endless imagination creating things in your perfect undistorted image.

I will make it clear if it wasnít for the brain screwing by those sinister groups that administer Medical Drugs and Procedures, Cartoons, Candies, Toys and Education to kids while they are in their most sensitive growing phases, naturally we would have a beautiful world full of joy. For those that came out ill they would be showered with love and positive vibration.


This would bring up their frequency thus curing them, simple. So there is someone to point a finger at and this is exactly why the New Age movement has hatched, because people once again are rising up as the burden is getting heavy. One now has to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep things going, not to mention their habits and they are tired of this and with just cause.


Silently we know this is not our fault and when I found the Code in the language at that moment I knew it wasnít the peoples fault, before then religion had me thinking that it was because they didnít worship the right God so they were suffering, or it was some past karma form another life so they were paying in this life, I would silently think, what, can we be sure of that?


Reason 38:

There can be no doubt the Elite are implanting the children with corrupt ideas.


They propagate and insinuate war while the child is still growing; thus it becomes more natural later on in life. It is no "Sur"prise to see the Dragon and Skulls mixed in with this poor childís cache of death dealing plastic.

This is what I came to stop, the misinterpretation of the Most High and I give my life proudly exposing everything that I can to make the world better and to restore the power to the people for free. Why not it is a noble deed, what else do we really have if we lose the Earth and donít know where our next home will be?


People expect the afterlife to be some big happy festival where something invites you into a higher realm with rivers of warm Honey and Milk, streets of fine Ophaz Gold with Gems and Diadems running through the current of Sweet Water cool to the touch as compatible Mates are all around you basking in the glow of the God.


You can see how that can lull a person into a deeper sleep then they already are in. What is being described here is something you can have on Earth, the real Heaven is much much more, if you but knew.

Medical drugs are now, according to rehabilitation institutions, far worst than street drugs. This is not suggesting one should use street drugs, however, we should find it daunting that our organization formed to look after our health are actually the orchestrators of a slow mental and physical arsenic death cycle. It is now known that Alzheimerís disease, the disease that makes the elderly forget all their precious memories, is mainly accredited to the cocktail of drugs given to them prescribed by the doctors intentionally.


These drugs contain high amounts of Mercury which melts the brain as chemical ether melts the soul away. Even the word retire (Re-Tire) tells a person to go back to sleep, incredible!


The chemicals in baby formula are mostly metals exhausting the childís natural nutrients like enzymes in which never develop again once they are depleted.


Reason 39:

This man was prescribed all these drugs over time for chronic pain, the more he would take the more they would prescribe. Since the doctor is only interested in billing the insurance company they donít really care. The medicines in fact caused the continuous pain.

Many of the individuals who work for the organizations that administer these things are unaware from the sense that they have been compartmentalized in the mind. The dream of being the doctor with the white coat, sloppy handwriting, Rolex, and BMW infested the grid that we all plug into.


Compartmentalization is done through the language. It takes at times thousands of years to alter a language and since words are really vibration the actual true meaning can never be destroyed, you feel it through emotion. Of course many things will be exposed and made known to the reader that is riveting. I would only ask that one should not concentrate on what they do not know but rather what they will and should know.


When something is introduced that is new it is often times rejected at first, this rejection is really fear. It seems we often forget that this is how we learned everything that we know right now.


At first it was new, then you learned and practiced it, and some things you even perfected. New always equals fear at first, something like your first on stage recital especially if you had a speaking role.

I will tell the reader now, nothing will be the same after you finish this book, it cannot be. The world itself will open for you and you will be given back what we have unknowingly given up or lost which is true choice. I will also say that what I offer is the truth, nothing more, it is the persons own unique decision, after it has been restored, that although the facts will be made clear beyond doubt, to ultimately believe and react to what surrounds you at every moment is your own individual responsibility.


The system itself is comprised in a way to make the individual feel a dependency upon it and a false love for it; this is what keeps an Illusion solid. This becomes the key to determining whether or not you are prepared for ascension (Ascend Sion) during this lifetime or whether you need to come around the loop again.


So wasting no time at all you may accompany Us in a journey through the rabbit hole, trust We know our way around as true light does at times pass through the lower regions of Hyades as a box is the final residence of all foolish men, Kings included.


The Word
How this all came about this thing we call the Matrix was through a play of words. Language is the Microsoft Windows or Unix for the brain. The Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word". This did not mean the whole book because it would have read "In the beginning there was a Book" but instead it refers to an actual Word that can create things.


This ability is referenced here in the first book known as Genesis. Since we are in the Image of the Creator we can do smaller versions of the same thing depending upon how well we understand the ability and how to use it.


Although the need to create a new World/Word is now at hand the gap between creating multiple Worlds and creating the things within worlds is vast, thus the original keepers of this knowledge used this ability to form many things after the first creation; we will call them "Secondary Creations".


These Secondary Creations were not created by the Most High but created by the Beings the Most High created, this is of value to remember how to distinguish one from the other. Through the real Kabbalah, that 4 letter Word, and its many formulations were made known to a few men and that gave the original man the ability to step onto the level as baby creators.

The word Kabbalah itself means Oral Resuscitation which means that the true Kabbalah can only be given verbally due to correct pronunciation of these words of power, it is never written.


When this knowledge of such magnitude came to be known across the land two more Kabbalahís where introduced, the first being the Abjad, the Arabic Kabbalah, then came the Kabbalah of Canaan or the Grimores of which the latter can be easily downloaded from the internet, while the former has remained hidden.


Imagine how many people downloaded a copy of the much more common Cabalist Grimores when Madonna proclaimed she was studying Kabbalah.


Reason 40:

YHVH known also as the Tetractys or Tetragrammaton is the Name Judaism and Christianity revere as their Father. Tetra means four 4. Forefathers


Reason 41:

This chart known as Shemhamphoresh survives from antiquity although not very legible. You can see the Name DIOS on the right side of the wheel.


In many Latin countries they refer to God as DIOS however He is but one out of the many Names constructed in Ancient Kabbalah.


Many of these Names are reported to be Ineffable meaning that one should never utter them verbally but should only contemplate them in their mind. Uttering them off the mouth is said to be a sin because the flesh is impure. Such tales kept the people separated from the true Origin of these Beings since when uttered they are enlisted to appear at some point, however when they arrive one must gird themselves too deal with such strange overwhelming forces.

This particular Kabbalah which we will call the Written Kabbalah of Cain was known through circles as the Lesser Keys this work was eventually identified as a text of dark magic responsible for uniting man with horrid beings from the lower dimensions.


This did not stop its reproduction, just as books like the Necronomicon, the Book of Shadows, and the 6th and 7th Books of Moses are easily available and many have become possessed reading books such as Sepher Raziel, Sepher Yetzirah, and Sepher Hashmoth which are still in mainstream production as people are subtly coerced to lend an open ear to the dangerous degenerating Art of Goetia, the evoking of departed Souls and lesser Jinn.


Reason 42:

Various Cabalaís were formed as many descended the inverted tree of life which as can be seen here lead to heavy serpent and beast worship.


It is unmistakably obvious that this has gone beyond some mere hobby for wise men; this has become an Art that has corrupted minds and made men into the pawns of spooks.

Let us keep this in mind, if you are a powerful high vibration Being and someone from Earth is summoning you its obvious you have no time to fool with the Earthlings to do their selfish bidding which generally involves controlling people and making money.


Being very different the lower Forms have something to gain by making pacts and acquaintances with Humans because they are on lower dimensions some of whom have forfeited their chance of ascending, what a loss they have lava to drink.

To sum up Kabbalah for the reader I will give this explanation. The original oral Kabbalah consist of only one word that masters every spirit energy on this dimension. The entire body was put into formulation to pronounce this word. The written Kabbalahs have been proven to a degree to teach the Magus how to control droves of elementals that can be bent to the will of the Magus, however one should keep in mind that the use of these Beings to gain advantage in everyday life rather than doing it naturally always "spells" trouble.


It has been documented several times that these Beings are very different from Humans, being lower life forms they have only one ability, thus their name Elemental meaning simple or base, a controller of one element. They are referred to as Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders which correspond to Water, Air, Earth and Fire.


It is known that they often play tricks on the Magus, hiding things, and breaking things, which becomes a can of worms that the Practitioner wishes they had never opened, those are the normal experiences.


Deeper forms of this Practice have lead to haunting, unknown strangulations and death, as the otherworld will continue to entreat the Magus driving him or her mad especially in Goetia were the departed souls drain the life force from anything alive in the vicinity when evoked, especially the Magus.


Reason 43:

A classic depiction of a Magician who has evoked too many elementals.


The art of magic itself is very real, dark magic is dangerous and leads to encounters that can stunt the Seekers growth. Magicians have been known to also create two part Beings known as Golem to do their biddings, there is now concern in certain esoteric circles in regards to Golem who are said to be revolting because they to are evolving and want to be free.


Stories such as Solomon controlling Jinn has fascinated many into believing that it is mans right to control the Jinn. The attitude of seeking to master something you do not understand will always lead to trouble. There is generally no trial and error or learning curve in magic. One mistake can lead to a lifetime of problems.

That one Word mentioned above and its correct pronunciation was lost because of abuse and was before then only known by the High Priest who learned it from the High Priest before him.


The Name was said to be pronounced only once a year during ceremony. The Name itself when pronounced responded instantly with no delay thus the Name was alive and not dead like the many slow responding Idol Gods of the time. Although I believe the true Name was removed long before then, the Holy Name possessed by the Hebrews was recorded as lost during the time the Romans sacked the temple of Jerusalem.


It is said in legend that the High Priest was caught up by a fiery chariot into the sky just so the Name could not fall into the hands of the profane. The Arabs protected their secret Name so tightly that few know the Abjad (Arab Kabbalah) even existed.


The Shrinersí, Aleppo and various Secret Societies for Spiritual adepts studied under the Arabs.


Reason 44:

Westerners went to Arabia to learn the esoteric wisdom of the Arabs.


When they returned to America they used what they learned to gain control of the whole country. As can be seen in this rare book, they own all things of importance like the Railroads. Even Forbes grandfather is in this book!

The written Kabbalah of Cain was purported to be the Path of recovering the original true Name of the Lesser God after you descended the Tree of Life like a serpent and met the Pantheon of hosts of whose Names and position could be deciphered by working through combinations and equations.


It is safe to say many became lost and possessed as they attempted to make brutes as allies. Its claim that one could arrive at the original name through contemplation of 72 Letters and Numbers has remained unverifiable. In Holy Languages the letters also double for the Numbers. In the end many became insane moving the letters and numbers around and bringing forth energies untold.


The Art itself gave birth to what we know now as Sorcery the control key being the Tetragrammaton a 4 sided cubic diamond also known as the Tetractys made of letters and Numbers with 18 functions or Luciphers, I mean Ciphers.


Kabbalah is a life study so explaining anymore of Kabbalah here would only be confusing for the reader, but not for me and I will tell you just as you see the word Tetra meaning four, Grams, and Tons, these units of Spirit energies can overwhelm the mind and if the person is not strong their senses leave them forever and the body becomes the host of 4 counterparts.


The have named this state of insanity the Jerusalem Syndrome.



Reason 45:

This is the symbol of the Magus once he has joined the 4 animal traits; he will no longer be the ally of normal men; he feels elated over his fellows.

The deepest and darkest part of Spiritual knowledge lied within the Art of Goetia and Necromancy. Apparently this ancient knowledge from Sumeria eventually spread to the Western schools of thought creating multiple offshoots.


The Necronomicon, the Sumerian Spell book of Marduk/Ra was the Initiated Doctrine of dark occults, few Initiates knew this.


What I find even more interesting is Marduk had three main enemies one was Tiamat.


Tiamat was the old Name for Earth before Earth had its last encounter with Nibiru also called Planet X. One of its orbiting Moons slammed into what is now Earth but was then Tiamat. This indicates even more that a war took place in the past involving these invaders who had some issue with the Planet we now call Earth.


Even known powerful Adepts like Eliphaz Levi who many believe along with himself was the thrice born Hermes/Thoth in his last incarnation advised to stay away from Goetia, and this comes from a man who practiced almost all forms of dark magic.


He purported that this was the worst and had extreme negative results that were far reaching extending into the Spirit planes of past and future.


Reason 46:

This is the Seal of the Necronomicon of Marduk the sworn enemy of man, if you see it, head the other way, Necromancers are lower life forms looking to gain energy.


They are distorted and not fully developed thus they know not what they do and have no guidance save their dark Lord who is blind. We shall use his body to stir the Lake of Fire. The sigil is a series of imperfect pentagrams meaning flawed.

Necromancy as a game entered the U.S. through the Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley who where Illuminist themselves. First it came as the Ouija board and then the game Sťance.


Once the organic portals, "Humans that sometimes have unknowingly formed pacts with Spirits per game instructions" were open, it became something of a greater proportion.


This was the knowledge of the Ghost World which was populated with lost dismembered souls looking for answers and various other 2 dimensional Spirits. These were those who had spent life in vain and thought death was the end, many Warners we sent to them and they rejected them. As you notice in Christianity they speak of a Gospel (Ghost Spell) and entreat the Holy Ghost.


What business does the church have with these Ghosts? Someone call the Ghostbusters.

Again the only one really responsible is the individual person. There is definitely a point of no return and that point is reached at times within the first ceremony. If you could see the spirit world, which some already can, you will see that many are watching and waiting for the opportunity to weave their way into your world.


These days many have already let them in.


Look around your whole habituation and see how much evil is resident manifesting in the forms of skulls, guns, horror, harsh music, and killing games.


All this carries energy and at a certain point it can overwhelm your atmosphere unknowingly if you donít keep balance.

  • Why do you think media is still stored on magnetic disk?

  • What do you think happens when these disks are stacked or even spun at high rates of speed?

Negative magnetic information generates and emits a field of binary aura that fills large areas.


Reason 47:

Most never questioned why these games entered the U.S., who brought them there, and for what purpose?


This dark Art was made to look like fun and was everything but that. All the tools were in the box to open a portal to the lower dimension or your money back.

Looking deeper we find an ancient text explaining the final termination of the first round of early Earth Gods that ruled mortals through Oracles and Pagan practices. Along with the captured Gods more than 8 million Warring Angels were carried altogether to Makavishtu, in hand, the Most High says: We cast them into the unquenchable fire where there was already more than ten million who were in chaos and madness.


For awhile the Earth was clear of the Gods, whose chief labor had been for thousands of years to capture the Spirits of the recently dead, and make slaves of them for the glory of the lesser kingdoms. Their end was swift just as one rises and falls in power, however, the cursed Magicians invited them back into this realm once more, and the people, ever lacking in reason, welcomed them back by their abhorred actions and impurities to no extent.

Some of these Beings are further along the evolutionary cycle than we are, thus they appear as Gods to the primitive. The Art of Deifying or creating Gods was perfected in Egypt. They discovered upon death that if a person knew the secrets of the soul they could become like Gods to the mortals, living on the dimensions below them.


This feat involved forever relinquishing a chance to ascend which believe it or not many have accepted. The gravity of dissention at a certain level is too strong to turn around. Notice Grave and Gravity are almost the same word not to mention you go "6" feet down in an 8 sided box.


The "Dimensional Transport Ritual" still stands today in the western world. If you notice in the Arab countries the dead are buried immediately in a white sheet, no box, and faced toward the East.


Reason 48:

The Saturnalian ritual of the eight sided rectangular box insured the departed soul was transported to their dimension or sealed. It exists today without the slightest notice as people are unknowingly being boxed up and transported.


As the scripture says "the day the dead will come out of their grave", because many are trapped there. We should ascend the moment we are released from the body however the disposal of our shell must be back in the dirt, from dust the body comes so it must return.

The God making business set some men up to became Lords of the Underworld and its grotesque inhabitants. Egypt was first known as Kem the descendants of the lost Atlantis then Ogygia in esoteric circles a name long forgotten. Also called Sidian by the Mystics where we get our English word City, then Egypt by the commoner.


Much later it was found out that the word Genesis actually was formulated from the words "Genes of Isis" or "Generation of Isis".


None of these are Hebrew terms. Even the word Bible comes from the word Byblos which is the place Isis set up worship to mourn Osiris. Likewise Ishtar did the same with Adonis long before the Holy Bible and King James were thought of. The Hebrews now refer to their God as Adonai, this is Adonis.


Decoding the Bible you will find that all the prophecies are occurring exactly as they have been foretold.


This is because millions of people believe the prophecies of the Book will come true due to their religious preference, thus they are actually happening because we manifest what we think collectively out of thin air. I for one know that prophecies are for profit and that will become more evident later.


Many have attempted to authenticate when the Books of the Bible were written, after many investigations it was at least safe to say many of the Books were written long after the actual events took place, thus the details are solely dependant upon at least second hand information which is always partial to who is telling the story.

I once read an ancient transcript of a meeting that took place between Kings and Emperors in regards to powerful languages. Being a person that sought to model myself after wise men I was curious of why there was such emphasis put on the formation of languages.


I soon discovered that language codes and directs the mind and this was known at least since the time of the ancient Arabs although evidence proves way before then.


According to the Bible at the Tower of Babel man faces a confusion of languages by the God and that is the word used, confusion. A few chapters later the same God remarks that He is not the author of confusion.


Huh? What is all this about?


This made for quite a puzzle for me that made no sense.


Reason 49:

The Dragon Hath Horns of a Stag, Head of a Camel, Eyes of a Demon, Neck of a Snake, Belly of a Clam, Scales of a Carp, Claws of a Eagle, Soles of a Tiger, and Ears of a Cow, by these symbols you will know them.

Parts of the puzzle we will unravel slowly so nothing is missed. The Ishtar Gate is one of the most controversial relics known to man. Just as the pyramids are gates, the Gate of the Ishtar also known as the Gates of Ilu were first located in Ur.


This was the first gate ever constructed to open the Portal of Inanna/Ishtar/Ashtoreth/Astarte/Asherah/Venus a channel to androgynous vampiric serpents and various other life forms that hang out in Club Shemhamphoresh.


She is Inanna consort of Marduk/Ra also called She-Ra and Rat, connected to the Seven Sisters in the Pleiades their protector the Dog Hyades/Anubis they are Ma, Maia, Maíat, Mag and Mary who give power to the Magus with them is the Serpent Sor who is the Source of the Sorcerers power of Hathor.


This is the Dragon its first depiction then called SUSA our abbreviation USA land of the Serpents who guard the Sedona time portal to SIAM.


Their Art is sedation which brings about delusion and seduction. When approached by these Beings one feels a pressure around the anus they are androgens thus they masquerade as female and male this is God "S", Dragon Queen or Drag Queen.

They falsely Illuminate men to the wisdom of the Serpent thus eliminating them from the Great Race, this is the Gate of Ilu. Many Men have made Ishtar their consort and then have been betrayed such as Sumerian Gilgamesh and Solomon.


As the scripture says,

"Solomon went after Ashtoreth and sacrificed in the Groves and the High Places and after this his wisdom was naught".

This is the Bacchanalia, Temple Prostitutes, the Cult of Yoni.


They have connected with many of the daughters of the Gods called Fates, Ferts, Nymphs such as Morganus, Medusa the Gorgon, Persephone, Europa, Nemesis, Sothis or Sirius, Sekhmet, Saba, Sofia, Nepthys, Nut, Kadesh, they have legions with them they are Succubae draining vigor from their captives.

Many an overambitious power hungry fool has wandered down the path of false Illumination and few have return.


In Ancient times men would war against each other to find favor with Ishtar then erect a High Place in her name to serve as a gate or portal, this is key to know now because you will see them everywhere.


Reason 50:

The Gates of Ishtar the main reason we went into Baghdad above the oil. Who ever controls the main Gate controls all subsequent Gates.


Those on the ground in Baghdad said,

"the first thing they went for was the museum with a team of individuals that looked like they stepped out of a James Bond film. They were definitely looking for something, some type of artifact or relic".

Another use of Ziggurats like the Tower of Babel seen in Reason 10 were as Arks in which several had been constructed through various times to escape floods. People of the time seemed to always have a foreknowledge of these floods whether is was through the Adepts or by records left by previous civilizations.


As said before the Ziggurats had various uses. Our current world leaders have all of the information in regards to not only future floods butt also which land masses will submerge as the world adjusts during the Shift, they will give none of this information to the common people and it seldom leaks out.


Instead they continue to extend the underground caverns for themselves, building space cities, and terra forming other Planets securing their future. The new Tower of Babel is in Dubbai, Mardukk/Ra finally accomplished what he set out too do which was to build the tallest building in the world.


Through ancient geography we learn that many regions that are deserts now where actually oceans before and you are looking at the sandy bottom of them.


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