by Dr. John Chang

October 10, 2008

from TheCanadian Website





Manipulative Extraterrestrial fractal pattern

of a sentient inorganic intelligence




Arguably, the greatest challenge to humanity may be to re-affirm an invigorating context of empathy and peace with one another. Researchers suggest that this human challenge may very pivot on the ability of humanity to overcome regressive alien intrusions and deceptions.

The historical testimonies of ancient communities, indigenous people, and modern eyewitnesses suggest that there is some kind of genetic program that is being directed against humanity. This has been linked to accounts of alien abductions.


Furthermore, scholars like Zecharia Sitchin suggest regressive aliens travelled to Earth during an ancient era, to pursue the creation of alien-human hybrids as a "ruling caste". David Icke, supported by the testimony of African elder Credo Mutwa, suggest that these alien-human hybrids continue to preside over Earth's institutions.

However, before dismissing outright such claims, the unprejudiced "scientific mind" would tend to critically query such a representation.

Indigenous knowledge along with the insights on "pagan" (pre-Christian) Gnostics suggests that humanity, all living things on Earth, along with the Earth itself are all one. If we at least for a moment, embrace such an insight, then, what accounts for the apparently spiraling decent of humanity into social and environmental destruction? Most people, it would seem, would love to protect the environment, and ensure a context for social justice among people, that affirms human quality-of-living.


If that is the case, then what is holding humanity back?


Humans seek the protection of their environment are also seeking a context of peace and social justice, because apparently at least subconsciously, humanity does in fact recognize its "oneness" with one another, and with the Earth in general.



The fact that there seems to be a group(s) on Earth, that seems to operate with their own ego-driven agenda, separate from the overwhelming majority of humanity, supports the hypothesis of the operation of some kind of regressive alien consciousness, that operates through "human hosts".


This idea was further elaborated in Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion.

John Lash, suggests that the alien tampering of Human DNA, that is alleged by Tsarion, may have something to do with fractals.

A word on fractals: although fractal-like patterns appear in nature (in ferns, for instance: the disposition of the leaves on a stem is repeated in the form of the stemmed branches), the self-similar forms produced by high iteration are not natural, strictly speaking. Fractals such as those pictured here result from feeding a mathematical formula into a computer and having the formula reprocess itself, over and over again.


However, the forms so produced do resemble the famous "paisley" seen by many people who took LSD in the 1960s. I would argue, first, that fractals are consistently seen in altered states, and second, that the patterns thus seen may also represent real, though supernatural processes in the cosmos at large...

Thus the tensile forms morph from semi-rigid seahorses into rounded fetal forms with tails, but the tails, it seems, keep falling off and turning into other embryos.


By this bizarre process of self-repeating generation, the neonate horde of the Archons emerges.

Scientists have found fractal patterns in human "junk" DNA, that are consistent with the fractals that the Gnostics linked to "regressive aliens"

Now add DNA to the catalogue of things fractal-like.

'There is some magical phenomenon going on that we just do not understand,' says H. Eugene Stanley, a physicist at Boston University.


The image on the top shows DNA molecules that have self-assembled into a Sierpinski triangle pattern.

The graphic on the bottom shows the fractal pattern.

Physicists backed the suspicions a few years ago, when those studying fractals noticed certain patterns in junk DNA. They found that noncoding sequences display what are termed long-range correlations. That is, the position of a nucleotide depends to some extent on the placement of other nucleotides.


Their patterns follow a fractal-like property called 1/f noise, which is inherent in .many physical systems that evolve over time, such as electronic circuits, periodicity of earthquakes and even traffic patterns. In the genome, however, the long-range correlations held only for the non-coding sequences; the coding parts exhibited an uncorrelated pattern.


Those signs suggested that junk DNA might contain some kind of organized information. To decipher the message, Stanley and his colleagues Rosario N. Mantegna, Sergey V. Buldyrev and Shlomo Haviin collaborated with Amy L Goldberg, Chung-Kang Peng and Michael Simons of Harvard Medical School. They borrowed from the work of linguist George K. Zipf who by looking at texts from several languages ranked the frequency with which words occur.


Plotting the rank of words against those in a text produces a distinct relation. The most common word "the" in English occurs 10 times, than the 10th most common word, 100 times more often than the 100th most common, and so forth.

The late Harvard scholar John Mack studied alien abductions.


He remarked:

"The idea that we could be reached by some other kind of being, creature, intelligence that could actually enter our world and have physical effects as well as emotional effects, was simply not part of the world view that I had been raised in..."

Dr Mack's research documented on-going alien abduction experiments consistent with an ego-driven eugenics agenda against humanity.


These documented abductions were cited to involve:

"[P]robing of their body, their body orifices; and a complex process whereby they sense in the case of men, sperm removed; in the women, eggs removed; some sort of hybrid offspring created which they're brought back to see in later abductions. That's the sort of literal experience.


Now, the effect of that is—or what seems to be going on there, in a number of abductees — not just people I see, but the ones Budd Hopkins and other people see — is to produce some kind of new species... [that] will populate the earth or will be there to carry evolution forward, after the human race has completed what it is now doing."

The ancient Gnostics recorded the attempts of regressive aliens called Archons to inseminate the human species:

The theme of alien insemination of the human race also occurs in archaic narratives from ancient Sumeria, dating to the third millennium BCE, and it is rampant in contemporary ET/UFO lore. Sumerian accounts describe an alien species called the Anunnaki, who are credited with producing the human species by genetic engineering, and also with inaugurating civilization.


These narratives are found on cuneiform tablets dating to circa 1800 BCE, but they preserve late redactions of much earlier versions. Apparently, the story about alien intervention is one of the oldest scripts of our species. Many people who follow the ET/UFO debate are aware of the Sumerian accounts of the Anunnaki, who are easily equated with modern-day ETs, but there is a total absence of reference to the Gnostic scenario of the Archons in the controversy so far.

The Gnostic account of Archon/Anunnaki activities differs on many significant points from what is found in the Sumerian accounts.


For one thing, Gnostics did not regard Archons as superior beings who jump-start civilization. Nor did they consider the Archons capable of accessing the human genome (called by them the Anthropos), although they did grant some role for Archontic activity in our physical evolution.


This point is extremely difficult to clarify, however... By far the most striking difference between the Sumerian and Gnostic accounts is that the former contain no inkling of the Sophia mythos and no explanation of how the Archons, alias Anunnaki, originated. This is a considerable lacuna, to say the least.

In his elaborate reworking of the Sumerian materials, Zecharia Sitchin describes the Anunnaki as a highly advanced non-human species who inhabit the planet Nibiru, an outrider of the solar system with a period of 3600 years. In Sitchin's version of prehistory, the Anunnaki came to earth in quest of gold for manufacturing a colloidal suspension needed to stabilize their atmosphere (for a full account, see Sitchin's last book, The Lost Book of Enki)...

[But] Significantly, Sitchin never describes the physical appearance of the Anunnaki of either type. One of the great benefits of the Gnostic Archon scenario is that it does provide vivid descriptions of these entities.


Is it a coincidence that the embryonic and serpentine Archons described in Gnostic texts present an identical match to the two kinds of ETs most frequently reported in modern times, the Greys and the Reptilians?


If the Gnostics got this part of the intervention scenario right, what else did they get right?

Dr. Lash suggests that even though regressive aliens have not been able to "re-write" the biological aspects of Human DNA, the regressive lower-dimensional inorganic regressive aliens cited by Lash may have inserted a parallel fractal-based artificial DNA, as apparent "Junk DNA" into the overall Human DNA matrix.


If that is the case, then humanity's biological and spiritual consciousness may need to re-connect with each other as a unified communality, in order to overcome fractal-induced tendencies that may have been programmed through historical alien intrusions.

Tsarion elaborates:

Evil [a 'demonic' consciousness] does not come into being due to the flawed mechanics of nature. Nature is in perfect harmony from the largest neutron star to the smallest quantum particle. Nature would, therefore, not be likely to so blunder as to create a proclivity in her highest species so lethal as to undermine her own sublime order.


The human beings who believe this fiction are laboring under one of the greatest of all fallacies, and will inherit perdition as a result of this chronic misapprehension. No, evil does not come into the world because of any organic failure in nature’s laws, but from constant tinkering with, and violation of, nature’s inviolate ordinances.

Lash and other researchers suggest that Programmed fractals within Human DNA might be a pivotal basis that regressive aliens have sought to use, as a "relay point" in order to manipulate humanity into a course of destructiveness, that can be used to serve a regressive alien agenda.

A decade after the idea became the topic of his doctoral dissertation, a researcher at the California Institute of Technology has showed that it is possible to coax short strands of artificial DNA to spontaneously assemble into a Sierpinski triangle.

A Sierpinski triangle is a type of crystal, or structure that regularly repeats. The Sierpinski triangle is fractal - a pattern of triangles that looks the same in zoomed-in or zoomed-out views.

The ability is a step toward embedding programming instructions in chemical processes. This is a corollary to the way computer instructions are embedded in everything from automobile engines to cell phones via microprocessors.

"Programmable embedded control makes things possible that were virtually inconceivable," said Erik Winfree, an assistant professor of computer science at The California Institute of Technology.

Humans who pursue a course of destructiveness that is contrary to their human survival, may be doing so, because they have succumbed for one reason or another, to an alien agenda that has been "programmed" into apparent "Junk DNA", that is acting like a parasite.

Self-anointed “gods” travelled to Earth from another planet in our solar system, Planet "X", a planet with an elliptical, 3600-year orbit that carries it from a perihelion between Mars and the inner edge of the Asteroid Belt to an aphelion well beyond the orbit of Pluto, in the deepest reaches of space.

The Sumerian tablets further contend that the “Anunnaki,” the formal name for the “gods” from planet “Nibiru,” came to live on Earth over 400,000 years ago because they needed gold to repair their atmosphere, which they had damaged during their rise to a high technology.


Because mining gold is such difficult work, at around 250,000 years ago the Anunnaki genetically engineered humans to be their slaves.

If the Gods associated with organized religions are slave-masters, then scriptures like the Old Testament, are texts of domination rather than liberation.

Indigenous knowledge conveyed by African Elder Credo Mutwa, and supported by David Icke suggest human mimicking "shapeshifters" using the same fractal based intelligence, have sought to divide and then rule over humanity, similar to shepherds seeks to coral herds of sheep for "harvesting" and "consumption".


Right now, at least one economist is arguing that the doctrine of capitalism seems to be the herding device which is being used.