by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

March 29, 2010

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President Obama announces New Start Treaty on 3/26/10.

Photo: AP

On March 26, President Obama announced at the White House press briefing room,

“that after a year of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia have agreed to the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades.”

The agreement aims to cut the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia by up to 30%, and represents the first of a series of agreements on nuclear arms reduction.


The agreement marks the first tangible achievement of Obama in his long term foreign policy goal of a world without nuclear arms first outlined in Prague in April 2009, and reaffirmed at his December 10, Nobel Prize Acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway. An event one day before his Oslo speech, may have contributed significantly to Russia’s acceptance of Obama’s nuclear disarmament goals and a future world without nuclear weapons.


On December 9, a one-mile wide Pyramid UFO appeared over the Kremlin shortly after a giant spiral of light appeared over northern Norway.


Did the appearance of the UFO pyramid influence Russian and US military negotiators to move forward with nuclear arms reductions and their March 26 agreement?

Norway Light Spiral

Photo AP


The Norway light spiral was immediately linked to the unsuccessful test of a rocket by a Russian submarine.

  • Most expert commentary speculated that the rocket caused the spiral.

  • Others claimed that the spiral was linked to a HAARP facility in northern Norway, EISCAT, that was operational that day.

  • A few even speculated that the HAARP facility may have caused the failure of the test rocket and signaled the end of nuclear missiles as a strategic weapon.

  • A fourth possibility exists that directly connects the Norway spiral with the simultaneous emergence of the UFO pyramid over the Kremlin.

The ‘test’ rocket was fired, AFTER the appearance of the light spiral, to prevent the passage of a UFO THROUGH the spiral.


Was the light spiral in fact an interdimensional doorway through which UFOs appear?

Pyramid over the Kremlin


This remarkable possibility directly emerges from four related factors.


  1. First

    The emergence of the UFO pyramid over Russia on the same day (December 9) as the Norway light spiral appeared - one day before Obama’s Nobel Prize speech emphasizing his commitment to a world without nuclear weapons - implies a connection between the issues of UFOs and nuclear weapons reduction.


    Such a connection has been demonstrated multiple times over the last six decades where UFOs regularly appear over and even interfere with nuclear weapons facilities.


  2. Second

    The appearance of the UFO pyramid over the Kremlin - Russia’s nerve center of military power. Was this a power demonstration by an extraterrestrial civilization to signify displeasure at recent Russian military actions?


    Arguably, Russia’s firing of a rocket at the Norway spiral to prevent the appearance of UFOs shortly before Obama’s nuclear disarmament speech was such an act.


  3. Third

    Russia’s Pravda newspaper unsuccessfully tried to delink the Norway spiral from the UFO pyramid by giving a false appearance date of December 18 for the latter in a story published that same day.


    Were Russian authorities anxious to prevent the public from linking the mysterious pyramid appearance to the light spiral and the rocket launch on December 9?


  4. Finally

    A whistleblower, Aaron McCollum, has recently emerged claiming that an interdimensional doorway has emerged over the Gulf of Aden, and the world navies are monitoring what is happening in the area.


    McCollum claims that international piracy is being used as a cover to prevent the general public from learning about events in the Gulf of Aden.


    The Gulf of Aden scenario, if McCollum is accurate, suggests that major naval forces regularly monitor and/or take military actions against interdimensional doorways when they appear in different parts of the world. This strengthens the possibility that the Norway light spiral was in fact such a doorway, and the Russian navy was taking military action against it to prevent the passage of UFOs through it.


    The appearance of the pyramid UFO over the Kremlin was therefore an extraterrestrial action to make evident to the world public that such a possibility was in fact very real.

The possibility of extraterrestrial visitors in UFOs passing through interdimensional doorways and the military of different nations acting in ways to monitor/prevent this is something that directly arises from events related to the UFO pyramid over Russia.


The fact that such an event occurred one day before Obama’s Norway speech suggests that UFOs can appear at significant world events to promote certain policy outcomes such as nuclear disarmament.


Indeed, the appearance of the light spiral may have been initially designed to encourage the Obama administration to disclose of extraterrestrial life as many had predicted was being planned behind the scenes for the end of 2009, and early 2010.




At Obama’s March 26 White House press briefing, no mention of events just a day before his December 10 Olso speech was made. Obama simply referred to the common security interests of the U.S. and Russia on the issue of nuclear disarmament.


This was emphasized by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who pointed out the importance of the agreement:

"Through the trust it engenders, the cuts it requires and the flexibility it preserves, this treaty enhances our ability to do that which we have been charged to do: protect and defend the citizens of the United States."

Certainly, the U.S. and Russia have common security interests in reducing their nuclear weapons stockpiles, and working towards a nuclear weapons free world.


What perhaps they aren’t revealing is how they are being encouraged to do so by extraterrestrial visitors who have for over six decades taken an active interest in nuclear weapons and their elimination.