Dr Bill Deagle - Prognosis for Planet Earth - Part 2
Vista, California

September 2008

Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Letís go from exactly where you are... because youíre before the Council. Theyíre making a decision.

BD: Right.

KC: And are they conscious that youíre there? Did they invite you in?

BD: Oh, they bring you right in. Itís like a courtroom, you know, so that we will understand it, of course. But what they do is they give you a surrounding that you can identify with. So for me, I was in a physical courtroom.

KC: Sure. OK.

BD: And thereís all these other human beings that are actually like in the witness box, 24 of us. And they were being brought forward one at a time, and then our consciousness would be uploaded for all of those beings to actually see all our life experiences and the information on the world and so on. And you see all these images. And actually, because we were in the box, we could actually see what was being witnessed by the others.

KC: OK. But youíre also being given a message to take back.

BD: Right. The message to bring back is, if you want to call it, itís almost like a Biblical message, because my calling is virtually identical to the calling of Moses, who is my ancestor, and to Elijah and Jeremiah.

Itís basically: Repent. Get back connected with the creator God. Donít set up a set of rules, i.e., stone commandments. Get people so their heart is so they donít do things wrong because itís written on their heart.

Itís the message of ďThe Kingdom,Ē which is, in other words, for mankind to be an advanced civilization with advanced technology that doesnít get absorbed by the technology like Ray Kurzweil and many ďLuciferiansĒ talk about, is to transcend it spiritually so that technology is our servant and not our master.

BR: Right.

KC: Absolutely.

BD: And thatís whatís happening, is whether itís genetic technology that could relieve illness, and stop many of the pains of fragility as people get older, and we want to lengthen human lifespan. I belong to the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

But I donít want them to do things like create cybernetic chimeric super-soldiers, that then become a plague upon the planet, or super-weapons that are used to kill or destroy others so they can get control. And so it could be used for good or incredible evil, and our problem is right now that most of the funding is toward evil.

KC: Right.

BR: Whatís the outcome of this meeting that youíve just been describing?

BD: The outcome of the meeting was a somberness, a seriousness that, if we didnít get the message through to the people, that the planet of Earth would be annihilated, would be allowed to be annihilated.

A lot of people think, for example, a lot of the space-based weapons platforms we have around the Earth - Right? Because I worked with U.S. Space Command - are weapons to knock out spacecraft, to knock out asteroids or meteors, to, you know, basically shield Earth against geomagnetic super-storms that may occur from Solar Mass Ejections and other things, and to control the climate. In other words, theyíre trying to create a kind of, like a terrarium, of Earth so as we pass through the galactic plane...

KC: Right. Except that some of those weapons are located on the Moon and aimed at Earth.

BD: Right. And in fact, most of the weapons there could be aimed at Earth very easily and have been, and have been used for great evil - just like the geotectonic weapon that triggered off the Sichuan earthquake, or the earthquake that was struck on Nagata, Japan, and broke the reactor core of the largest reactor in Japan. And it was told three days before to Ben Fulford that his finance minister, of course, had been warned that he had to pass over authority to the Rothschilds, or their banking system, or they were going to hit Nagata. And they did.

BR: Yeah.

BD: I mean, it just shows you that the abuse of this power is not just under circumspection of human beings. If you want to invoke the Biblical terms, if you want to call the word... angel just means, in Greek it means messenger. It means these messengers are always watching everything in the higher planes of existence. Right? And theyíre here right now.

KC: Absolutely.

BD: Theyíre here in this room right now. Right?

KC: I was going to say...

BD: Right. Theyíre here in this room right now.

KC: So what do they want you to tell people, you know, that has to happen now?

BD: Well, itís wrapped up in one word, and it sounds kind of trite but itís true. Itís called Repent. OK?

KC: Mm hm.

BD: And it says in the Book of Malachi, which is one of the last books of the Old Testament, it says: Repent before the great and terrible day.

And what itís really saying is: Reconnect with the Creator God, become a Child of God, take your scepter.

And we have authority. Youíre no longer just a little bug down here, a worm on the planet Earth and a small dwarf, yellow dwarf star. You are the Voice in this plane of existence of the Creator God. The spirit in you is not a separate spirit. It is the I AM. OK?

You have the authority to create your own future. You have the authority to destroy disease and poverty, and not have pollution, and have limitless energy and information and to spread peacefully and interact with other civilizations throughout the cosmos without disrupting or destroying them, but maybe being almost like, if you want to call it, midwives to other civilizations...

KC: Absolutely.

BD: ...that will then advance to the level where theyíll understand and come out of the Petri dish and the crib of civilization and become another advanced culture themselves.

BR: Iíd like to add an anecdote to this, which you may have heard, and Iíve also said before on another interview but itís worth repeating. Bill Birnes, the editor of UFO Magazine was privileged to talk with Admiral George Hoover of the office of Naval Intelligence before he died.

BD: Right.

BR: And he asked Admiral George Hoover: Whatís all this big secrecy about? Whatís the real deal? Whatís really going on here?

BD: Right.

BR: Because, whatís the big deal about Roswell and little guys from wherever theyíre from or whenever theyíre from? Why canít we tell the people this? And the long story is that, according to George Hoover, the biggest secret that the people must not realize, itís not this data about the technology or the visitors, or the existence of the visitors. Itís our own power. This is the biggest secret.

BD: Itís our own power. Exactly.

BR: Itís our own power that we must not realize, because the greatest secret is who we are, what we can do, what we can be, and theyíve got to keep us in our box. Otherwise, their game is over.

BD: Right. In other words, the comment made by Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus is: Surely you know you are gods. And they misinterpret the word. In other words, you donít replace the Creator God of the universe; it means youíre an extension of it.

KC: Sure.

BD: And youíre only an extension of it when you hear. The Hebrew word is shemah, hear and do.

In other words, the problem I see right now is that we have a society that thinks, by external rules and controls, we can create this Luciferian world of order in chaos, so they can create a world of ďpeaceĒ which is totally an ordered world that is completely under, if you want it call it, you know, scientific control. Itís a scientifically-controlled society, not ruled by spirit.

The very nature of what we are, though, is a spirit being passing through a matrix of energy that creates worlds. We are literally creating our own timeline in our name.

BR: Yes.

BD: And the thing is, corporately we are creating our own timeline in our name. Thatís why, for example, I tell people on the show repeatedly: Donít drink the Kool-aid of fear.

KC: Mm hm.

BD: Because fear itself creates, if you want to call it, a backburner or an atmosphere that allows them to create the web of destruction that occurs next.

BR: Yes.

BD: In other words, they can think themselves into bombs going off in cities. They can think themselves into a release of plague. They can think themselves into a grand depression, where thousands of people starve to death and start cannibalizing. They can think themselves into...

One of the things they try to do, is that want to have this fear worship. They want to elevate you so then you become almost like another avatar, rather than, no different than, that. Iím not any different than my little daughter, or the pert little, what they call them in the military when theyíre shooting íem, ďrag-heads,Ē over in Iraq. I am the same. Iím just another incarnation of the I AM.

BR: Yep.

BD: And the point has to be this: That if we donít start getting back to that connectedness, weíll think itís OK to have this thermonuclear / scalar / biological warfare; itís OK to kill most of the population of Earth; itís OK to create a new cybernetic super-army, and replace the military, and destroy them in fact when we release these damn things.

As I say, one person said to me: If half of what you say is true, or even 10 percent, weíre in a lot of trouble.

BR: Oh, weíre in big trouble!

BD: I have a very special calling, not because Iím special, but because I hear and do the will. And people need to understand that. One of the things they try to do is, theyíll say, you know, ten years or a century or a thousand years from now, theyíll try to say: That guy was so special. No one can ever be like him.

And what I want to tell them is I have had many opportunities to go to the dark side, and I could have been one of the greatest evil-doers that ever lived on this planet.

BR: And you were approached a couple of time, is that right?

BD: Numerous times.

BR: Numerous times.

BD: One of the most serious was 16 years ago, where I was sleeping in my home. I was actually back from working in Georgia at a burn unit and trauma unit, and having a practice there, and I had come back for family reasons to Infield, Nova Scotia. And I was sleeping in a different part of the house because I was snoring.

So I woke up in the middle of the night, bolt upright, and I sat up. And I had all the lights on because Iíd have to periodically go to the restroom or whatever. I had all the lights on. And this guy was standing in front of me with what I call a $5,000 tuxedo, not a gray hair in his head, mid-50s, slim and trim.

I said: How did you get in here?

And he says: Itís wonderful to see you, my son.

I said: Youíre not my father.

And I looked at this guy, and he looked like French nobility. Right? And I said: Who are you?

He says: I am the Baron Guy de Rothschild, the Pindar.

And I had this really kind of, what I call a check or a kind of a cringe in my spirit. And I knew right away, because I have this gift. Right? Without getting into a big long discussion, I knew right away.

I said: I know who you are. Youíre the representative of the Luciferic power that controls Earth.

He says: Yes, I am the CEO of Earth, Inc., and I am the man that sits in the 13th chair of the Druidic Council. I want you to be my understudy, and when I transcend I want you to take over my job.

And I said: No, Iím not going to.

He said: We know your bloodlines; we know your genetics; we know everything about you and youíre a perfect replacement for me.

And I said: No!

And after I rejected it, he said: Iím going to kill you for writing these two books, which I received supernaturally facedown on the concrete, you know, about six years before, which no one knew about because it was in my study.

KC: What do you mean, you ďreceived supernaturally facedown on the concreteĒ? What do you mean by that?

BD: Basically I was ďout,Ē if you want to call it, and I was told to write these books, and I wrote them down, which I released back in 1999 with a group called The Prophecy Club.

And he said: And Iím going to touch your baby daughterís heart.

I said: I donít have a daughter, and my wifeís not pregnant. And he started laughing. And I thought he rebuked me because I serve the God of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

And you could see his countenance change. He got really nasty looking. And then all of a sudden, literally Ė four feet - as far as youíre away from me, in broad daylight, he just ďpoofĒ and disappeared, like in a vortex.

And I went upstairs shaking, and I could hardly talk, you know. I told my wife what happened. So the next morning I went to my office to do a pregnancy test, and of course she was pregnant.

And like six weeks later weíre sitting in the ultrasound room. During medical school I had worked with Dr. McMillan and I actually did some of the background research on ultrasound before any of the doctors in North America actually had it for analysis, so I could read ultrasounds.

So Iím sitting in the ultrasound room and the techís moving over my wifeís abdomen. And as she scans over the abdomen, the technician, you could tell... Her lips dried right up, and she had this kind of stark look on her face. And I knew right away. I could see nuchal thickening and the center of my daughterís heart was stopped.

BR: Wow.

KC: Is this the young girl we just met?

BD: Right. Now youíve got to understand that some of the things that have happened to me are so remarkable that they just, you know...

She was born through C-section. I was told supernaturally, I had visitations that told me that she wasnít going to die, even though the surgeons said: We donít know why sheís even born alive. Because her heart was... Literally the center of her heart was gone. She had almost a single chamber heart. Right? Which is a miracle.

And they did the first surgery at six and a half months. By the way, weíre pro-life. We knew that she was going to be born with Downs Syndrome, and of course we hoped that it was going to be somehow miraculously healed.

But I was told, basically, donít be fearful, that sheís going to survive, and sheís going to have this surgery. She had her first surgery. She had already lost four ounces from her birth weight by the time she had her first surgery.

And then at two and a half years, her heart started to enlarge again. It was now the size of an adult heart and she was about to die. So we had oxygen tanks, you know, oxygen pumps concentrating oxygenated air and it had a 60-foot long tube going to her bedroom with a little mask before her surgery.

And so I had a... because I have visitations all the time. They told me: This is the words the surgeon will say to you, that I donít know what I did, but I put in only four sutures, and her heart was miraculously healed.

Thereís not even just a grade-one mitral valve defect. They didnít have to replace the heart valves. But literally, with the Dacron grafts that he had done earlier, and with just a few sutures, sheís healed. She never even had to be on a heart drug, never been in a hospital, hasnít even ever had a cold, which is amazing for Downs Syndrome. Right?

But the key issue to me... And I think that I was permitted to go through these experiences - this is one of the many ones - is to understand the issue of the sacredness of all human life, whether itís the disabled, the elderly, people of different faiths, skin colors, intellectual powers, whatever, that weíre all in a sense the continuous incarnation of the Creator God, which is the message of The Kingdom that Yeshua Jesus was trying to give.

The other experience I want to share is back in... October 10th of 1993, I was face-down praying and I was brought supernaturally by, if you want to call it, the term, archangel, which is one of the senior messengers.

I was brought by this archangel, and he announced his name. He said he name was Gabriel. Right? And the word Gabriel means one who has a message from the voice of the Most High God. Gabriel means one who can speak for God. Right? Thatís what it means.

And he brought me to an underground facility. He brought me to some satellite facility. And we didnít just walk around and he kind of said: This is that, and this is whatís been happening. He actually explained the technology to me in great detail. We spent, if you want to call it in the spirit realm, I spent hours and hours and hours with him.

And I said: Well, where am I?

And he wouldnít tell me. He said: Youíre going to know because youíre going to go to the place where this pastor is.

And I thought it was Dallas. Right? So I called up. No, no heís already left here. Heís gone to Colorado Springs. It was a pastor by the name of Pastor Doug Sheets.

So my wife called, and she checked with a placement agency. She said: Well, thereís no jobs available in Colorado Springs.

So three weeks later, she got prompted to go and start calling around. And the second hospital she called, she talked to a lady by the name of Joyce Wolf, who is the head of CCom. Oh, we need an Op-Med doctor. Your husband does occupational and environmental medicine? He has a background in...? And, you know, I was a charter member of Greenpeace, and had a background in toxicology and chemistry and biochemistry. Oh good, weíll fly you up this weekend. And four days later I had the job.

KC: Hm.

BD: July 10th of the next summer, which was July 10th of 1994, I walked through the same facilities underground and the same satellite-based engineering stations and classified projects as I had with the angel.


BD: OK? Thatís just one of hundreds of experiences. OK? So people need to know that we are being watched. The reason why the Earth is not an engulfed mass of biological weapons release, even though we had 347 accidents just last year in Class Four installations. Thatís not even Fed-Ex Couriers. We have no idea how many times weíve been saved from cataclysm.

BR: Yep.

BD: We have no idea. The number of interventions is just... I say making angels gray-haired. [laughs]

BR: Yes..

BD: And if you want to call them ETs, angels or whatever you want to do, but we are being watched and weíre being watched over very, very diligently because itís such a desperately late time.

BR: But these guys... Are you saying that theyíre not going to step in forever, or thereís certain things they canít do?

BD: No, they can step in only if thereís a transformation of the heart. You see, itís not going to be space-based technology to knock out, you know, to shield the Earth from the collapse of the magnetosphere. Itís not going to be space-based particle weapons that can hit an incoming meteor. Or a solar storm.

Itís going to be a change in the heart of mankind that we will not harm any other race. Weíll not invade a country, like what weíve done in Iraq and kill 1.5 million Iraqis. We will not put poison in vaccines and call it fine.

We will not go to third-world countries like Poland two months ago and do tests on Polish vagrants and kill them. There were 300 tests and 23 died within minutes, and 200 more were very seriously sickened.

And theyíve now imported to America 500 million doses of the Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine made on contract for Homeland Security.

Now itís not to scare people. Itís to make them understand that the reality that I try to present on the show is both the technical, scientific, public information, you know, in the public domain, as well as classified. But youíll see an overall picture. But then on this other side thereís the spiritual dimension to that.

And they have to understand that, whether thereís... I get people all the time: Should I leave North America? Should I leave America?

I say: No, now is the time for us to confront this because you canít go far enough away.

And they say: Well, what do you mean? How far?

And I say: Well, Mars isnít far enough away for these guys.

KC: Right.

BD: I say: You have to understand...

You know, one of the talks that I had back in July of 1994 was, of course... The Senior Commander of the US Space Command comes up, and heís a very sharp, this-is-the-way-it-is kind of guy.

He says: Docs, I come to Jesus-talk for you.

And I thought: Oh-oh, whatís he going to say to us?

And he has this real serious look. He says: Youíre one of our guys now. So youíre going to hear stuff, because youíre working with these guys who are working on all these weird projects. These guys are the brightest guys in engineering, cybernetics, physics, space-based weapons, everything. And youíre going to get exposed to things.

And so you wonít hear it from somebody else, so Iím going to tell you right now. We control every cubic centimeter of space between here and Mars.

And I said: What? I said: You mean between here and the Moon.

He said: No. Mars. Weíve had a colony on Mars since the early 1980s, and we found evidence of previous civilizations of human life on there going back a long time.

Weíve had an entire city on the Moon for mining operations for Helium-3.

We have entire fleets of space-based vehicles, and we have more advanced sub- and above-light vehicles that are interstellar. OK?

You need to know that. Even though we have entire rings of space-based platforms around Earth, we have collaboration with advanced civilizations. And if you donít know this stuff, you might as well know it now. And if you have questions about anything, ask me, because otherwise, if youíre not in the loop, youíre going to freak out.

KC: OK. When was this? What year?

BD: July 10th, 1994. OK?

BR: Yep. All of this corroborates... all of this is... Let me start that sentence again. Nothing we know contradicts anything that you have just said. The information that weíve got from other sources completely supports everything you say.

BD: Right.

BR: This is just testimony for the people watching this.

BD: Right. I know, and Iím saying this straight out.

BR: This is the way it is.

BD: Yeah. Now youíve got to understand that the number of convergences... When I traveled around to The Prophecy Club, to 42 cities in Israel, and I tell my story, people said 100 individuals couldnít have been in all those places, but I was supernaturally told, just like I was told to call you guys.

KC: Mm hm.

BD: I was the exit examining doctor for the Special-Op forensic team that came back from the Murrah Building in í95, and my boss, Major George Schwinder, was not available because he was getting extra air time at Fort Hood, Texas. So all five Special-Op agents, I had to examine íem.

One of the five broke down and told me in great detail how they removed two unexploded fourth-generation U.S. Army Corp Engineer micro-nukes, thermite, RDX, and high explosive cores, and the buildings were brought down by the FBI and ATF.

I kept that information hidden. And as I was driving down the street in Littleton, Colorado - because I had my practice in downtown Denver, and I was living in Littleton and down on the Highlands Ranch.

KC: And this was after...

BD: This was after. This was back in 2003. Iím driving down the road, and because I do have this gift, literally I hear the voice of God, just like Moses.

KC: Right.

BD: You know, what it talks about in the Bible? Iím the bloodline descendent. OK?

God said: Turn on the radio. And I turn it on.

And he said: Turn to this channel.

And I do, and Iím hearing this guy talk about financial things. I say: Oh, thatís boring. Why am I listening to this?

And then all of a sudden... Donít turn it off.

And then a guy comes on and itís Alex Jones. And Alex comes on and he starts talking about this New World Order stuff, and I got this real kind of pinge in my spirit because Iíd kept this information hidden since í95 to 2003. I said: Iím going to release this information. So I called into the show a couple of times and I told them I have information about Oklahoma City.

And the guy who asked me to do a really extensive interview was a Pastor Butch Paugh on Genesis Network. Well, after that, the network called me back and said: We want you to do the show. So in February of 2004 I started doing a radio show on Genesis.

Now, before that, I had done a kind of, like an entertainment show, called Laughter is the Best Medicine on Clear Channel. So Iíd go there on Wednesday nights with Mark Alan Curry. We used to have a fun time going down to the Clear Channel studios in Denver and just crack jokes back and forth and talk about wellness and toxicology and environmental medicine, and anti-aging and things like that.

Well, since that time... You really need to understand... Iíve been in so many places... at the wrong place at the wrong time. [laughs]

I was the doctor for the Englewood Fire Department and the ladder truck that was actually there on the scene, including a number of the other people there, so I know exactly what happened. It was a complete government op at Columbine.

I was the doctor for the first kid shot in Columbine. And I had one pediatric patient, and he had only started working there, going to school, because he had a special-ed need - Mark Taylor - three weeks before. Right?

And when he came out of hospital after two 14-hour procedures and 57 units of blood, his mother asked me to put my hands on him and pray for him. And I have an intuitive gift of discernment thatís very unique. So I put my hands on him.

And I knew right away. I said: You have an abscess in your chest that they missed, and Iím going to put you on a specific antibiotic and in three days to the hour youíre going to call me in pain and Iím going to put you in hospital and drain it.

And to the hour he called me. OK? I put him in the hospital and I told the radiologist, I said: Now, when you go and do the CT scan, put this catheter into the abscess.

He said: Well how do you know that?

I said: Well, when you do the CT youíre going to see the abscess. Put the catheter in, drain it, and call a thoracic surgeon. OK?

So he did and he said: How did you know that?

And I said: Itís a long story. OK? So donít get... [Bill laughs]

Three weeks later heís walking around with a PCA pump getting fentanyl. So he can press the pump every so many minutes and the pump will then remember so he canít press it too many times, and he gets a little burst of fentanyl. And heís in agony.

And this abscess is about the size of a fist, and the thoracic surgeonís itching. He says: OK, well, weíre going to have to cut this out, because if we donít the abscess will expand or itíll go septic and heíll die.

So I told Mark. Heís sixteen-and-a-half; heís not really bright; his mother is kind of emotionally a basket case, and he said: Well. I want... They were, you know, they were ďbelievers,Ē you know, Christians. They donít believe in miracles. They donít believe that we have the authority to take authority over reality, whether itís our physical bodies or whatever.

So I said: Look Mark, Iím going to pray for you. I said: And tomorrow morning instead of you going in for surgery, youíre going to walk out of here.

And at first he looked at me like: Whoa, thatís a pretty bold thing to say.

So I stayed up all night and I prayed for him. Next morning I came in about 7.15 and I just put my hand on him and said: God, you saved this kid from seven bullets to the chest. Right? And one to the arm and leg. And the bullets actually went behind his heart and in front of the aorta. One hit the T-9 vertebra and knocked a fragment off.

And this is the way I talked to God, I said: Youíre going to heal him immediately and youíre going to transform his body so heíll be a witness, because if you didnít allow him to survive this without being able to tell the truth of what happened in Columbine.

So I put my hand on him. It was like holding a high-tension power line. All of a sudden it just felt like this energy [makes sizzling noise] coming right through me. And I could see literally with the mindís eye, if you want to call it, The Creator. I could see right down to his cells, and everything, and it was gone.

I said: Mark, get your clothes ready. Weíre walking out of here.

BR: Wow! Yeah.

BD: And I walked up to the front desk to the nurse and I said: Heís not going to surgery for a 7-hour procedure to cut out four ribs and take out this abscess. Heís coming home.

She looked at me like: Oh-oh, this guyís a nut case. How can we get psychiatry down here? Right?

I said: No. Repeat the CT scan. Itís gone. So they repeated the CT scan and an hour-and-a-half later, he was hopping and skipping out of the hospital.

BR: Fabulous.

KC: Now isnít info about this on the web, about this boy and his mother in regard to you?

BD: Oh, what happened is they get involved with... The mother has a problem; sheís a manic depressive. And they offered all kinds of big movie scripts and money and everything and Mark actually...

Right now I just got a contact from her doctor just last week because Iím trying to help the doctor. He called me all the way from Iowa, saying: Please, youíre one of the few people that care for Mark. And I still do, and I care for his mom, too.

But they said a lot of nasty things because they got involved with some pastors, and they got a big possibility of a movie contract.

And what was happening is I was working and my wife was working on collecting a ton of information, because we were going to private showings of videotape that the public didnít see. I got a chance to interview and talk to almost every other child that survived the Columbine shooting.

So there were many of the kids that actually died of SWAT Team bullets. There were at least, probably, we think up to 4 kids that may have died from SWAT Team bullets, from the forensics.

And Mark literally stayed and lived with us for almost a year-and-a-half. He went to vacation with us, even to Las Vegas. Right? Even when they asked me to go up in January of 2000 to speak at the Full Gospel Fellowship, I paid my own ticket. We didnít ask for anything.

So what happened is, the mother had been contacted by a big movie company, wanting to turn this into a Columbine movie, and they got real angry that we wouldnít just hand everything over or do things their way.

I said: No, no, weíre not going to turn this into a sideshow here. This is real serious; we had this kid survive; we had this miraculous thing happen; we donít want this to turn into a sideshow. And thatís where the negativity started.

BR: Yeah.

BD: But itís really unfortunate that happened, because Mark is still, you know, heís very sick right now. Heís been in and out of a psychiatric facility.

KC: Mm.

BD: His doctor, one of his doctors, in Iowa contacted me: What can we do to try to help him?

I said: Well, you know he needs serious help. But a lot of the time they give these young people drugs that I think are patently toxic.

KC: Yes.

BD: We know for example, when you give somebody thatís manic depressive, SS or I drugs like Luvoc, Prozac, etc., they go over the deep end. Unfortunately, his doctors gave him the wrong drugs.


BD: OK? These drugs came out of Hoffmann-LaRoche. They came out of mind control projects in the Soviet Union and Germany going right back to I.G. Farben. They get right back to G proteins. And he had a real bad reaction from whatever they gave him.

BR: Yes. Now if I can steer this back now...

KC: Yes.

BR: Because that was a beautiful story, and itís great to have that on record, but how you were in the right place at the right time so many times that most people would never believe it. But backed up from that youíve been in the right place at the right time for a reason here and that is to give what you would probably call your testimony.

BD: Well, Iím a witness. Iím almost like Daniel in the lionís den. Iíve been in places that most people canít even imagine.

Like in 1977 I was supposed to do research on MS [multiple sclerosis] at the Santa Monica VA Hospital, part of UCLA. And one of the projects was to work on a Ph.D. neurology residency under Dr. Wallace Tourtellotte.

And the other four projects were all classified. Four of them were actually cybernetic projects. One was actually a helmet that would convert thoughts directly to on-flight commands directly to a supercomputer that they already had with command, or symbols, that would be projected onto the canopy of the jet so you could fly the jet by thoughts, fire off ordnances.

And the other three projects were to take prisoners from West Orange and Irvine State Penitentiaries and wet-wire their brains with platinum and palladium micro-wires.

And Dr. Tourtellotte had a custom-made CT implanter that was used with a CT scan that could implant micro-wires in specific nuclei in the brain to actually use supercomputers - that were classified - to convert neural-net stochastic firing sequences so theyíd get particular images. So you could control their behavior, see what they see, hear what they hear.

And I turned it down. I said: No. You people are crazy!

KC: OK, to turn them into Manchurian Candidates.

BD: Yeah, they actually had a thing called the ďRambo-chip,Ē that they had back in the í60s and this is part of Delgadoís research at Yale. They had a thing called the Rambo-chip and what the Rambo-chip was, was a rage-control chip that was in the subthalamic nucleus that could actually control rage. You flip the switch and they would kill, and you would turn it off and theyíd stop.

So this was one of the things the residents would laugh at: Ha, ha, ha. We can do this stuff. But I think thatís pretty ghoulish.

And people donít understand that a lot of the people that they give these projects have 180-plus IQs, but theyíre twisted. OK? Or if theyíre not, theyíre compromised. And if they eventually discover it and they try to pull back, they do things like ďpatchĒ them. You ever heard of what a patch is?

KC: Iím not sure.

BD: OK. A patch is where they give you an intravenous patch. The patch lasts three days. OK? Or a transdermal patch. And if you donít get the next patch in three days you die a horrific death.

BR: Mm hm.

BD: OK? So theyíve got you on a short string.

BR: Gotcha. OK. Now, some of this is on record on the Granada Forum Lecture and a lot of people watching this will already be familiar with that material.

BD: Right.

BR: Weíre nearly two years further on from there. Where are we now? What does this mean for the human race and for the individuals watching this now?

BD: Well the timeline to watch for is actually the nation of Israel. OK? And the timeline to watch is...

And thatís why my calling is particularly important, because Iím going to re-release my book, Clay and Iron, here sometime in the not too distant future. Right?


BD: Yeah. So if you look at the nation of Israel, thereís so much contradiction. All the stuff with Iran is all over Israel. OK?

BR: Yes.

BD: Even American foreign policy. The reason why they went into Iraq was Israel. A trillion dollars spent, the collapse of the economy - itís all tied back to Israel. OK?

And people say: Well, why is Israel so important? Why was there a first holocaust? Why is there planning to be a second?Ē

And itís really pretty simple. Think of it this way: If the Creator of the universe made a people, or a group of people, you could call it a mixed group of people, the ancient tribes of Israel, as an object-lesson to the world, a scapegoat in a sense, a way of explaining to people: If you try to follow The Law you get condemned and destroyed. OK?

And what would happen is that... The original books of the Bible spoke about a God you could not see that was the Creator that created you in his image. OK? And, even if they didnít understand it, they tried to adhere to it. They kept every jot and title. Right?

And so the ďPeople of the Book,Ē which is what they used to be called - they werenít called the Jews or the Israelites - they had to be wiped out because they would tell people. Even if they went off and they went through a reformation or they learned from other religious groups, whether itís Buddhists, or Hopi, or natives, theyíd eventually start getting beyond religion.

As I said in my talk on The Granada Forum, 10,000 years from now will there be anything called ďreligionĒ? Of course not. It wonít exist because weíll have a full knowledge of the Creator Gods and what they are. Because we canít exist and transcend beyond the technology unless we do that. We wonít survive.

KC: Right, but people...

BD: In other words, the two are mutually exclusive.

KC: But to get back to what the role is of Israel.

BD: The role of Israel is a timepiece. Itís actually a detonator. Itís a transformative event. Itís like the ultimate, if you want to call it, death trap for civilization.

So whatís happened? For example, Iíve had on my show numerous times, Barry Chamish. A good example is, the nation of Israel arose, and the holocaust... The greatest lies in modern history have been about the holocaust. Yes, they killed almost 7 million Jews. Yes they killed probably, of others, up to maybe 23 million.

But the real goal was not only a ritual sacrifice to the transdimensional demonic realm. Right? But the real goal transcends that. It was to wipe out the idea of a Creator God and that weíre an incarnation of the Creator.

Because eventually if the reformation and all these other things were to continue to proceed... Since the breakup of the control of the Roman Catholic Church, and all the spinoffs and everybody trying to get into the New Age, and all the other religious things, where thereís a return to spirituality...

The big move right now is not toward religion, itís toward spirituality, whether theyíre coming from a Christian viewpoint, a Jewish viewpoint, a Buddhist viewpoint. And theyíre all starting to kind of compare notes and realize that, even though they use different terms, theyíre starting to understand thereís a commonality there.

KC: Sure.

BR: Yep.

BD: Right.

KC: But still, to steer you back. So the role of Israel at this time...

BD: Well, the role of Israel is primarily to act on the, if you want to call it, on the Luciferian serpentine side, is to act as a detonator for the final annihilation of mankind.

BR: So, in practical terms...

BD: They use it as a final focal point.

KC: You mean theyíre going to attack Iran, and in return...

BD: Yeah, or the threat of an attack will set in motion the peace treaty thatíll partition the State of Israel. Just think of it this way. Logically, if youíre from another world and you were to see a nation thatís the size of, you know, a little tiny strip of land anywhere from 10 to 16 miles long - the third nuclear power... Probably the most advanced in terms of biological weapons on the planet is the State of Israel.

KC: Yes.

BD: Theyíre number one.


BD: They have their own space-based imaging systems, ImageSat. Theyíve got all kinds of weapons, when they were kind of on the outs, that they developed with the South Africans. They even, a lot of the time, buy their own jets and just stack íem right up. They have the number one air force on the planet in terms of rapid response, and killing capacity. Number one, not number two or three.

What happens is, you divide that nation and they have no boundary zone where they can protect themselves. And the only thing they can do is to pull a ďSamson OptionĒ and hit a button. They have space-base platforms. Because Israel has them. Israel has space-based weapons platforms, imaging systems, terrible stuff. They could wipe out every city within 10,000 miles of them. They can just ďbam.Ē Theyíre gone. OK?

BR: But they...

KC: What is the plan?

BD: The plan is... Itís all being set up because, you see, the leaders of Israel are Satanic Luciferian. The entire State of Israel was set up, as Barry Chamish has said, so they could cleanse themselves of any who is a ďTorah Jew,Ē anyone who understands the nature of the Creator God.

Even if they didnít understand the depths of it, they didnít want anybody to understand that they were created in the image of a God and theyíre a spirit having a physical existence on this plane of existence.

They wanted to then replace them with a Luciferic idea, an agnostic idea, a communist idea. So the State of Israel was originally sponsored with the Soviet, the actual Communist Soviet. OK?

BR: Mm hm.

BD: And the idea was to create an agnostic Luciferian society where they follow the highest tenants of Babylonian Kabbalah, which means that they themselves are Gods. OK?

In other words, they replaced God because therefore they are the energetic intelligent force thatís willing to use good or evil, following this Shabbatai Tzvi, you know the false anti-Messiah, 1666, and Jacob Frank, to actually create a world order where ďthese Luciferic cabalists would control the world.Ē

And thatís what happening now. You can see it with the financial system. You can see it with the political system. You can see it with everything, that these Luciferic Satanists...

The two groups at the very top are Teutonic Knights, who think theyíre bloodline descendants through Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus and King David. Thatís one group, which are all the Royals of Europe. And the other group are the Sabbatian Luciferic Satanists - Satanic Jews.


BD: Those people run the world.

KC: Led by the Pope. Right?

BD: Led by the Pope and the Black Pope and the Knights of Malta, and theyíre totally controlling it. And theyíre interacting at such a level that they literally have physical presence of these demonic reptilian beings right even in the Vatican...

BR: Yep.

BD: Right in, you know, and people need to understand.

When you get these deepest underground bases... I had one Canadian engineer who actually controls and engineers and takes care of the Aurora Space Fleet, that fly out of our underground bases in central Germany and the Black Forest and fly to our Moon bases and on to Mars.

And heís terrified to come on the show. And Iíve been talking to him for the last couple of years. But heís showed me enough technical information and facts and sent me stuff that I know that his story is real. Right? So Iím going to repeat it.

After 10 months of psychological testing, they finally said: Well, now youíre in the deepest of the D.U.M.B One Bases and weíre going to bring you down to the final level. And he gets down there and all of these beings are right there in the flesh. OK?

BR: Mm hm.

BD: Just like out of Star Wars. OK? Itís really crazy, but he says itís real.

And I said: Why wonít you come on and tell us?

Because, he said, I donít want to shatter peopleís religious beliefs.

And I said: Well, I do want to shatter them, because itís a sacred cow, and in fact their religion, whether theyíre this group of Christians, or this group of Jews, or this group of Buddhists, theyíre all wrong. Theyíre all wrong.

In other words, I call it [religion] ďreal lies going on.Ē It doesnít mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater, like Bill Marr in his movie thatís coming out this week called Religious, you know, when he says anybody whoís religious is a fool; theyíre an idiot...

KC: Mm hm.

BD: ...because of all the foolishness that religions are doing Ė like, I call them the ďArmageddonitesĒ - that are supposedly Christians that believe that they have to bathe the world in blood and fire.

KC: Right.

BD: Or the Sabbatians who think: Well, weíll just pull the Samson Option and go down to our underground bases. Because they have a ton of íem down there.

BR: Hm.

BD: Or the Illuminists who think: Well, who cares if we blow up the world? Weíll just go to our underground bases and weíll survive and then weíll come back up in a decade or century. Like the Morlocks, you know, of H.G. Wellsí Time Machine.

And itís insanity. Because theyíre not going to survive whatís going to come. Theyíre not going to survive it. OK?

And they need to grasp that what weíre heading for here is, unless they take up the scepter of what they are and the power that they have to decide for life - just like Moses when he took the six tribes in Mount Ibal and Mount Garizin and put between [them] an amount of cursings and an amount of blessings and he said: Today, choose life.

In other words, youíre not taking away their choice. Youíre saying: You need to grow up and you need to stop talking about easy-be-livism, prosperity gospel, all this other foolishness, and you need to start talking about relating to other humans.

You canít fund a country on a credit note to go and kill a million and a half Iraqis. You cannot decide to invade Iran, when we know that they hit the Bashear reactor and 450 targets.

Iíve got my military contacts inside there, and experts have told me in the last 4 to 6 weeks, that itíll kill between 1.5 to 15 million in the first two weeks, and it could be as high as 32 billion plus. And the radiation cloud will go downwind and will move directly through Yemen, all the way through to Saudi Arabia, and heading down toward China and Japan.

BR: And thatís after an Israeli strike? Or the Americans?

BD: Right. Well, what happens is, if they start it, the Americans are already pre-positioned there. So the thing is, what this will do...

KC: Well, how can this be prevented?

BD: It can be prevented... Well the first thing that theyíre going to do is, theyíre going to try to bring us to the brink of destruction, and then set up their peace treaty to divide the land. And what happens is...

Olmert has already promised that heís going to let this go through within twelve months of him leaving, before they could have a transition to the next Prime Minister, which means weíve a time window, probably 11 months now, where theyíre going to actually put in the final treaty to divide the city of Jerusalem and divide the State of Israel.

Thatís setting the detonator. You canít do that. If you do that, you guarantee a thermonuclear war or a chemical / biological / scalar war thatís going to end civilization on this planet.

You cannot divide the land of the State of Israel. You have to have an inclusive government that can include Arabs, and Christians, and Jews, and people from Bahaíi or whatever.

KC: And Palestinians.

BD: And Palestinians. And you have to not make them feel like third-world citizens or that if they intermarry, or if they evangelize theyíre going to end up in jail or whatever. In other words, you have to have dialogue between people and not have apartheid, which is what they have there.

BR: I havenít understood you there, personally. If youíre saying that the State of Israel becomes divided, whatís the connection between that and the inevitability of a huge war?

BD: Because Israel will be pushed to the point, when the conflict reaches its culmination, that it will start the trigger for a thermonuclear conflict.

BR: Between who?

BD: Between all of these great nations.

Itís a bipolar world. We have right now the western alliance of the Illuminati with, you know, Britain and America and all of their allies.

And on the other side we have the Shanghai Cooperation nucleus: Russia and China and all their sphere of influence. So itís not a unipolar world; itís a bipolar world.

BR: Mm hm.

BD: OK? And people need to know this. One of the things that happened back in the spring of 1999, I was taken supernaturally, actually through the ground, and saw the geological formations and the oil at the southwest end of the Dead Sea. And thereís a lot of oil there - 27.2 trillion barrels - and itís renewable. OK?

KC: Wow.

BD: And itís from the fault line that runs all the way from Turkey right through Kenya to Lake Victoria. OK? And the Dead Sea itself was created when the oil came up. The magma... Actually from the oil field, it mainly hit along that fault line when the Earth shifted back at the time of Abraham. It actually hit that fault line and caused an explosion equal to 500,000 Nagasakis.

BR: Mm.

BD: The guy who told me that was the head of the Israeli Oil Company - okay? - who discovered all the oil fields in Zohar, all the oil fields down in the Sinai Peninsula.

KC: Theyíre actually not using that oil. Right?

BD: Afterwards, I was asked to go over there when I gave some of my presentations on that radio show with Stan Johnson, by Hayseed Stevens, and the Israeli Oil Company, and Ariel Sharon. I was actually asked to go over to Israel and say a prayer at the southwest end of the Dead Sea, at the bottom of Masada, which I did on Rosh Hashanah right at sundown, and blow the shofar, and actually say this Hebrew prayer.

And I did that. And I warned them. I said: Now, Iím a prophet and Iím telling you, if you try to expose to the world that this oil is here, youíre going to precipitate an immediate war. Youíre going to have millions of people coming in here. Because thereís more oil there than the whole world put together. Right?

KC: OK, but youíre exposing that right now.

BD: Iím exposing that now because it has to be exposed.


BD: Itís the time now to expose it. Because whatís going on now is... Basically thereís a number of things in motion now that... Probably in less than a year theyíre going to sign the final treaty. If they sign that treaty...

And itís also tied to other events happening around 2012. Because as we pass through the center-point of the galactic plane, thereís a great danger that weíre going to have geomagnetic collapse of the magnetic field around the Earth. Weíre also going to have very, very high risk in the next several years of major Solar Mass Ejections that trigger off super-earthquakes and super-tsunamis.

BR: Mm.

BD: A very, very high risk of that. OK?

KC: Thatís right.

BR: Weíve been told this independently.

BD: Right. So people need to know that, you know, things that happen on the spiritual level also descend and have effects on the energetic and the physical level. And as we get into wrong timelines and make wrong decisions corporately, we move along those timelines toward things that can be very destructive.

So what I tell people right now is, itís not the time to flee, but thereís going to be incredible pain because theyíre moving toward the Amero. I have already talked to people who are very reliable they have already seen the Amero notes in Mexico City.

KC: So youíre here in Oceanside, California. Right?

BD: Because I was told to be here.

KC: And why? Could you...

BD: I know partially why. The way it happened was back in February my wife, who is very intuitive too, she told me, she says: Bill, weíre supposed to move.

I said: Well I donít want to move. Iím comfortable. See, I didnít really want to move from Denver to go back home but I was with my mom before she died in October a year ago.

And so I went to sleep that night and I said: God, tell me why.

And he did. He sent me an angel who told me: Youíre going to go to Oceanside-Vista.

I said: I donít want to go there. I donít even know anybody there. Thereís not even any jobs there or anything that I want to do there. Right? And he started laughing at me. Right? And cracking jokes, because...

People need to know that theyíre watching us and they know the future that we donít know. Right? And a lot of times we probably wouldnít do things we have to do, because some of the stuff we have to do is pretty painful and messy.

BR: So whatís going down that brings you here?

BD: Well, part of it is being here now so you could even do this taping.


BD: Because thereís people here that have to wake up. Theyíre going to have to hear this message to know that Iím called, whatís actually called, ďThe Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.Ē Iím one called ďThe Witnesses.Ē

Now, Iím going to back this up a bit so youíll get an understanding of just how important this meeting is tonight.

In the first century, my family were in this 24-family cycle of the Cohanim (also spelled Kohanim) that actually served in the temple at the time of Yeshua. And a prophecy was given directly by Emmanuel, directly to my ancestor, that was written down in the first century and passed on all the way through to my Great-uncle Michael, who died in the í70s.

That was supposed to be given to me ,because I was the eldest of the eldest. His brother thought he was the one called to give this word, which is to blow the trumpet of Elijah and actually tell people about the coming of the new age, the new world that was going to come, a world of peace, where there wouldnít be lack or all these things.

And that was passed down for almost 19 centuries. Right? That person is me. OK?

And the reason why I know that is because at [age] eight and a half when I had my tonsil surgery done... I had a French surgeon who was operating on me in Colchester County Hospital. They cut an artery in my neck and I bled to death. OK? Thereís a little guillotine-style thing, and they pull the tonsils through with tongs, cut it off. And I had an aberrant artery and I bled to death.

And I went down the tunnel of light. And of course, the way it happened is, all of a sudden Iím floating over the operating room table, Iím looking down, I can see this little boy, and I see blood spurting everywhere. I say: Gee, that looks like me. I didnít feel any pain.

And all of a sudden Iím standing there and Iím walking around, trying to talk to the nurses and doctors and nobody would pay attention to me. So Iím getting very frustrated. So I walk toward the door and I just went right through it.

So I turned right and I walked down the hall, and I saw the nursery, and I saw these babies all bound up tight on their side, and the nurses were trying to keep them, you know, because if one starts, they all start to cry. And they all had little different colored blankets on them. So one baby started to cry and they all started to cry.

And all of a sudden everything started to fade into an inky black, a black so black you could feel it, and I felt like I was being squenched through a pinhole. Right? And then all of a sudden I cried out, you know: God, where am I? Something terrible is happening. Right?

And I saw a pinpoint of light and all of a sudden there was these intersecting crimson lines, and Iím going down this tunnel, and I say: Itís too fast, God! Itís too fast.

And then all of a sudden Iím in this place of light, and across in the other side of this space thereís a man standing there, you know, almost glowing light. And he had a broad golden sash with a double-corded belt, and what I call brass-like sandals.

And his forehead almost looked like there were puncture marks, and it was still swollen, and you could see where his beard was plucked out. He had reddish hair just like a... The best way to describe him would be a Norwegian, only he had olive-colored skin. He looked like a big, you know, rock-hard kind of 3-percent body mass, kind of a carpenter with big hands and big knuckles. And he looked like a guy that could, you know, make anything. Right? Only there was a... they fell to the middle part of his arm and leg.

And as he appeared, there was a big chasm that appeared in these clouds. There was all light all around. And I saw this little wooden bridge.

And he said: Donít cross the wooden bridge or the silver cord will break.

And I said: Whatís that?

And he says: I will bring it into your remembrance. Because, in other words, you know everything, you just have to remember it.

I remember going down the tunnel of light. I can remember this cord that seemed to come out from the base of my brain and my throat and it went down. It was like a cord of water. He called it ďthe cord of living waters.Ē It looked like a neon cord that kind of scintillated with light. Right?

And he said: If you go, you wonít be able to return.

I said: Where am I?

And he said: Youíre at the gates of paradise or heaven, the eternal NOW where there is no past, no present or future but everything that you think immediately is. Right?

So I said: Well, can you show me?

So all of a sudden heís holding me by his right hand, and Iím flying over the Golden City and I can see everything. And I would say, because thereís no time and space, he showed me worlds, beings, planets, civilizations, that Iím going to talk about a little bit today.

But literally the amount of things he showed me about the universe... The universe is an elemental particle in a larger universe. He told me about time-space. He told me about quantum physics. He told me everything. Thatís why I was about to go into nuclear physics at MIT. OK?

BR: Yep.

BD: He showed me beings that later on in life Iíd say: Oh, I saw that in Star Wars. OK? Because these things did exist. I saw them, and I was there, to their worlds.

I canít tell you how long it was, but in lineal time it had to be many centuries that I spent there. It wasnít a matter of a few minutes, like some people who have these near death experiences. I was there for an indeterminate period of time. It was so long, you know, and the amount of... and I only talk about a very tiny portion of what I know because itís so beyond the pale of human understanding, of civilizations and worlds and things that people cannot even grasp, so I donít talk about it. So all of a sudden...

KC: OK, so you went to this place...

BC: So after... Iím back. And all of a sudden heís back on his side and now Iím back on my side and Iím thinking: OK. After this indeterminate time Iím back on my side and I say: Look...

And then he spoke to me telepathically; he didnít have to speak. And he said: Well, what is your decision?

And I said: I want to do the right thing. And I said: Well, if Iím going to go back, what am I to do?

And all of a sudden heís holding me with his hand again, and Iím giddy. We must be 400 miles above the Earth and I look down.

This time he had on a thing, a tallit, and I didnít know what a tallit was because I was raised a little Roman Catholic boy. Right? So I saw this tallit and it was splattered with blood on it, this tallit, which is a prayer shawl. And I looked down over the Earth and I could see the edge of the horizon shimmering out across the dark of space.

And he said: Behold my blue jewel, the Earth. Right?

And I said: Itís alive!

He said: Yes! You know. Right? In other words, the Earth is a living thing. Right?

And I heard a voice behind me that sounded like a deep voice, one of the... what we could call ďthe angelic.Ē And he said: Behold the Voice of the Seven Thunders.

So the first time he said Behold he held his hand like this [gestures] - and I donít know what that symbol means - but he held his index and middle finger and pointed down toward the Earth and he said Behold.

And all of a sudden I saw fireballs rising off the Earth everywhere, but particularly across continental America, a lot of them.And I thought: Oh, this is a light show.

I mean, this is great, Iím a little kid here, and Iím still in my little hospital gown from having my surgery and Iím free-floating up in space and Iím looking down over, and I see all these fireballs.

And then he looked back at me sternly, like: You donít get it.

Part of it is, our civilization has been conceived almost like in a spiritual womb - Earth - and the timeline that we are selecting corporately will decide whether or not weíre stillborn or aborted or whether our civilization will move on to join the Ben Elohim, the Council of the Eschaton, the advanced civilizations that are literally the incarnation of the Creator of the Universe, in whatever form, whether theyíre human, nonhuman, or other civilizations...

Because at some point weíre going to ďhave contact.Ē Well, how do we have contact?

What Iíve presenting is that this is the transition point from ďthe past, which is religion,Ē which is based on ignorance. You know, like the Buddhists try to say - a lot of people say Iím a Buddhist, but Iím not - is that all pain and suffering is due to ignorance.

The real problem is that, in a future where we have a total understanding of ourselves and the nature of the universe, thereís not even room for religion because religion is like recipe cards. Itís irrelevant. Itís like: This is my past history; these are my recipe cards. Itís dogma. Itís replacing the ever-present knowledge of what is right or wrong. Because you donít need to be told. Right?

BR: Sure.

KC: Right. But letís get back...

BD: Right. So the key to why Israel is so important is because Israel is an object-lesson for the whole planet. Israel is, if you want to call it, purposely set up to be the nexus decision point of civilization.


BD: And how that is handled determines whether or not our civilization moves forward. If you look at America right now, the trillion dollar debt of these wars, in the last years since 9/11.

The people who put the bombs in the building were under orders from Project Omega, which is, you know, the overseeing agency of all the secret agencies on the planet.

BR: Run by the Vatican.

BD: The ones who put the bombs in the buildings were contract. They could have been any secret agency but they happened to be very experienced Israeli Mossad nuclear agents who put the nuclear bombs in the World Trade Center. OK?

Now they do that because they want to have a hatred of Jewish people. And Iím not an anti-Semite - I have Jewish blood, Iranian blood, Armenian blood, etcetera, so I have...

KC: Why would the Mossad want hatred of Jewish people?

BD: Itís part of their dialectic of control.

BR: Mm hm.

BD: Just like the death of millions of Jews in the Second World War was actually at the hands of not only the Sabbatians who want to cleanse the whole, if you want to call it, the whole people of Israel of anyone who ďhad any religious Torah belief in a Creator God.Ē So they had an anti-messiah, an anti-God, a we-are-God.

The real purpose of the Kabbalah, if you want - the highest level, which is the highest level of all Masonry, is Kabbalah. Right? - is that we are... The revelation is: You are the Luciferic-Satanic power. You donít need to go to a higher God; you are god.

BR: OK. Now...

BD: Which is very different, right?

BR: If this all about Israel being an example, right in center stage for everyone to look at and everyone to learn from, with all kinds of things at stake, what can the ordinary person do to influence these choreographed events?

The people watching this, who are even very aware, very well informed, some of them the most aware, most informed people around, theyíll be saying: Well what can I do? This is already set in train.

BD: Well, the real issue... It comes down to one real simple thing. It comes down to: What are they going to do personally to come out of religion? OK? Religion is the toxic poison of the modern world. And people say: Well, youíre talking in terms of spirituality like a prophet, like Israel. But people, understand, Yeshua himself, Jesus was not religious.

BR: Mm hm. Of course.

BD: He was a spiritual leader. OK?

KC: Yes.

BD: He was leading people away from religion to relationship. OK?

KC: Absolutely.

BR: OK. And any of the great leaders, even if they only had a tiny portion of that, tried to teach similar pieces of it, you know, whether youíre talking about the prophets or people who are spiritual leaders of the native peoples, or in China or elsewhere, theyíre talking about... They all basically had a portion of that truth.

The greatest portion that was ever released was the fullness of the Father in the Flesh, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus, which is why the whole of the Old Testament and New all point back toward him, because he was a great teacher.

Now whatís happening in our world right now, is that everything happening in our world - financial collapse, control matrix, technologies - everything is all centered around Israel. Everything. OK?

In fact, the two great empires of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Western Empire are all meeting there, and the goal of the Teutonic Knights, which are the Knights of Malta, is to have a great temple there where they can set up their world government from their temple. Weird, hey?

But itís happening because itís happening in the spiritual realm above, and as above/below, and itís also descending and happening on the physical realm.

Because we have to answer this question correctly, which is: To transcend technology, we need to transcend religion to a spiritual relationship. And we need to understand that when God is speaking, whether itís through the ancient peoples of Israel, or the Hopi Indians or whatever, heís speaking to them, and they only have their portion.

They have to understand God is speaking in a language of history, a language to their spirits, a language of knowing things. Or, if they do not transcend spiritually, theyíre going to die together.

KC: So what these people can do that are listening to this is basically reconnect with the Creator.

BD: And also stop buying into the Armageddon Night idea; weíre going to have a rapture; we have to be bathed with fire; the Luciferic idea, somehow that I can decide what is good or evil.

That is the foolishness of the ďsuper-scientist,Ē the technician, the Illuminati, the people in these Black-Op projects that think that they can decide for the rest of the planet.

Surely weíre deciding as weíre building underground bases so weíll survive as we go into the galactic plane. Theyíre not going to survive, because I can guarantee you that the Council will not allow them to survive, no matter what they do, if thereís not a transition of their heart.

Itís the exact same message that Yeshua Ha'Mashiach Jesus gave which is: Unless your hearts are changed, your world will die. OK?

KC: Yes.

BR: And thatís whatís at stake right now.

BD: Thatís whatís at stake. Weíre talking about not just the death of the person that they call ďomnicide,Ē not just the death of the family, not just the death of the nation, not just the death of mankind or every living thing, but the death of the spiritual entities that are incarnated into the beings here on this world.

Itís literally a spiritual abortion thatís being done on the planet, and if you see the transdimensionals, the Satanic/Luciferic transdimensionals, they have harassed, and intervened, and abducted.

And people say: Well, why does the abductions phenomenon seem so malicious? Itís because theyíre demonic. I mean, you might not use the term demonic from the Bible, but in every culture youíll find these things going on.

And theyíre intensifying, including you know... Not only are our vehicles up there, like the TR3 which are these giant triangles, and the Aurora and other ones, but thereís a ton of these other vehicles because theyíre here watching, for the show. Theyíre here for the show.

Theyíre here in the birthing room waiting to see if thereís going to be a delivery or an abortion of the planet. OK? Thatís whatís going on. OK?

KC: Yes.

BD: And they need to grasp that itís not going to happen by a change in politics, or a president, or monetary policy. Itís going to happen with a change of the heart.

For example, let me give you one example of solution. Why do we have a world that can allow usury, which is interest? Why do we allow derivatives? Why do we allow a group of people who can control and manipulate money that causes starvation, where 60% of the cost of food is due to manipulation? And then they make bad policies suppressing energy technology, so that people literally canít truck the food in third-world countries, so they canít make themselves independent, and they starve to death?

Or in places like North Korea, we demonize people so that they then literally exhume their own dead and eat them, which is what theyíve had to do. OK?

And people do not know the depths of how far this is going to go unless thereís a transformation of the heart. It has to happen immediately.

And Iím called as a Witness of Ephraim, and Iím called up today to be a Witness of Yehuda. OK?

The Jews now... and the Jewish people are by and large mostly agnostic, or what I call... They belong to synagogues that are basically either spiritually dead because they donít connect with the true reality of this.

Thereís a very tiny fraction of real Torah Jews who understand whatís going on, and there are some there who are Rabbis who know whatís going on and are fearful because they see the coming second holocaust. And I went through Yad VíShem.

And itís not just the holocaust of the death of the last of the Jews. Itís the death of all humanity thatís coming.

And then theyíre conspiring this through their transdimensionals, the serpentine, these civilizations out there that are hell-bent on destroying mankind.

Theyíre conspiring with these world leaders, who are literally their minions - George Bush Sr., and George Soros, and the Blackstone Group, and all those other organizations are just their minions.

And many of them think: Oh, Iím going to get life extension technology. Iím going to survive whateverís coming. Iím going to get a 50,000-acre farm in Paraguay. Lies!

Or: Iím going to survive in these underground places. When theyíre hit with a force 11 or 12 earthquake that will shatter all their tunnels, no theyíre not. Theyíre going to be entombed into those places.

BR: Itís a good message to give the guys from the Black-Ops who will be watching this.

BD: Right. They need to understand that I walk. They canít stop me. I can instantly walk into spirit, into any of their places without any way of stopping me. OK?

BR: Mm.

BD: We are The Sons of the Most High God. Itís not just me - itís all of us - and Daughters of the Most High God. We need to start taking our authority back, because agnosticism, atheism is just another form of Luciferianism. It is ďI am God; I can decide whatís good or evil.Ē

And we need to get away from all religions, and enter back into spirituality with the Creator. We need to fall down on our face and say: Yes, I am here because I signed up for this.

BR: Now, hereís a question. This will probably be watched by a few tens of thousands of people.

BD: Right.

BR: A few tens of thousands of wonderful people, and every single one of those people is critically important here.

BD: Right.

BR: Is that enough? Itís a tiny fraction of humanity.

BD: Yeah. The real issue, and itís almost exactly like the message that was given by Yeshua, Jesus. His message... He had a message that was given to the general...

Just like when I do my regular radio show, I talk about: Hey! Donít vaccinate your child, because these vaccines have been determined by globalists that want to poison your children with vaccines, and I show them the technical truth.

But itís harder for them to accept the fact that the vaccines, like in sub-Saharan Africa, have plasmids to destroy and cause infertility. Or the Guardisil vaccine now.

I got contacted by Desiree Rover just Friday night. She has a radio show in the Netherlands. She used my material and many others to kind of reference in her radio show to tell people: Hey, this is a policy by globalists to sterilize little girls and destroy their health. Right?

And theyíre testing vaccines on populations that have no idea of what theyíre signing up for. And some of them get multiple vaccines and theyíre malnourished and it destroys their health and kills them. Many of them die.

KC: Yes.

BD: Itís very hard for them to conceive that and then to go to the next stage. If they listen to all my shows and they listen to this message...

I released three chapters of the scroll, and thereís twelve chapters altogether. The first chapter I released in 1999, which was a warning against America, which I delivered to 42 cities in Israel.

The second chapter of the scroll I released in 2005 at Pastor Butch Paughís Conference. And the third chapter of the scroll, which was tied to my talk at Conspiracy-Con 2008, I released this May.

I didnít get a chance to read the scroll but if you go to you can pull up those PowerPoints and those scrolls. And Iím going to have that, as well as whatís called the ďPrayer of the Twelve Stones.Ē

People need to grasp this in their spirit. It needs to ring the bell, just like when you go to a Buddhist temple and you can feel the vibration of the truth. Itís something spoken truthful.

What weíre speaking tonight is not just wisdom and not just knowledge. Itís what I call spirit words. Itís words that need to ring their spirit no matter what religious background or lack of it, to know how desperately bad the times are.

Weíre not just looking at a depression here. Weíre looking at the prelude to a financial collapse thatís a prelude to a false peace treaty that is the startup of a guaranteed thermonuclear, biological, chemical and scalar war that will destroy all life on this planet.

BR: And whatís the time scale? What would the time scale be for this?

BD: I donít have all the answers at this point in time.

BR: Sure. Give your best guess.

BD: But I can give you some of the signs. The first thing... The signs basically are this: When they divide the city of Jerusalem, they - Jewish Rabbis, and this is Rabbinical Law - have to have all the elements, the Kalal, the Ashes of the Red Heifer.

They have to have the Cohanim, and all the instruments. They can set up a tabernacle overnight. They have everything, Sea Cows, and curtains and everything. They can put it on the Temple Mount in one evening. OK?

But once they start that sacrifice, which has to happen on the Feast of David, that starts the final clock ticking. That clock will start on that day. And exactly 1230 days later is the Feast of Purim, which goes back to hamen.

And people say: Well, why would these things be encoded? Like the Bible coded in the Bible? Itís because youíre hearing Voice and Intentions from the highest Creator of the universe thatís speaking down through the higher dimensional planes to our world that imprints on a supernatural book that transcends time and space, which is in the Bible.

Thatís why the Bible codeís there. People say: Well, why are those things there? Itís there because it transcends the dimensional planes of time-space because itís beyond time-space.

BR: Yes. But the Illuminati know all this. Theyíve already got this.

BD: Well, theyíre trying to steer the timeline away from its intention. Because the future is not solid - itís liquid.

BR: Sure.

BD: We have a role to play here. And when I was brought to the Council, they were saying, you know, you need to take this seriously.

Itís not written. Itís not determined at this point in existence, or revelation of the spirit, what will be that pathway, whether we will go into a birthing room and have a wonderful delivery of mankind, or whether we will have an annihilation of the human race. Or something in between, where a great deal of destruction occurs and a tiny remnant survives.

KC: So why are you here in Oceanside, for example?

BD: I donít completely know. I know one of the purposes is to be here.

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