by Chautauqua

March 11, 2013
from Augureye Website

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Butterfly Cropcircle - Netherlands


A few years ago I had the opportunity to go back to the "old neighborhood" I grew up in and have me a look around.


I am usually not the type who goes for nostalgia, but it had been so long, and I was a bit curious. The first pass was just a slow drive down 53rd St. to take in the big picture and compare it to the one in my memory.


As I cruised down the street nearly everyone who was outside paused long enough to glance at me. I wasn't driving anything that would draw the eye; it was just everyone knew that car didn't "belong" in that neighborhood. The place was still so familiar, yet so changed. My eyes were drawn to the houses all my friends used to live in, and the memories flowed like Sonoma county wine.


When I got to the house I grew up in I noticed that the next door neighbor was just coming out of the garage to wash his truck... I looked closer, by gosh, it was Mr. Baer, father of my old friend from next door, Jim.


I parked by the curb and slowly got out, Mr. Baer already giving me a good looking over. Across the street I could see Mrs. Hale, looking my way, framed by the front door threshold. It was great to see these old familiar faces, and I felt a warm grin growing on my face as I approached my former neighbor. He had not recognized me yet, and was squinting a bit in the bright sunlight.


He laid down his bucket and brush and in a familiar southern drawl he says,

"If yer sellin somethin ya can just get back in that car Mister!"

I politely removed my shades and ball cap, still smiling, and said,

"Hi Mr. Baer, can Jimmy come out and play?"

It took a few seconds before I could see the light of recognition in his face...the smile I'd expected, missing in action.

"Well I'll be damned" he said, "Once you moved to Alaska we figured we'd seen the last of ya!...whatever brings ya back to the old neighborhood?"

He continued what he was doing as we spoke and before long I was up to date on the recent history of this place which had been my home so very long ago.


I made a point of stopping to briefly visit with a couple more of the old guard neighbors before I took my leave of this sojourn down memory lane, and their enthusiasm was on a par with Mr. Baer's.




I can well remember how I felt driving away from that place for what I knew would be the last time.


I felt disconnected, barely remembered (despite some historic hell-raising as a kid) but most of all I remember feeling that all the 'time' I'd put in there ended up meaning little, or nothing in the long run. With no family still living in that neighborhood it was little more than a hologram of my youth, with no connection to my present, or future.


I recall that feeling so well because it is the same one I'm feeling right now, as we collectively try to get our bearings in this new age of Aquarius.


We are out beyond the reach of history: and the things, ideas, and solutions which helped us arrive here are now about as much help as a burned out booster rocket. With each new day humanity travels deeper into this undiscovered country of the future where the only footprints are the ones we're making.


There are no signposts to guide us, indeed it looks as though WE will be the pathfinders in this new land; and unfortunately the best help history can give us now is a sense of what doesn't work.

That odd, unfamiliar sound you've been hearing in your soul is the noise of the old paradigm collapsing, failing and dying all around us, even as the new world is so close we can hear the wing beats of passing angels and manifesting thought-forms. This is the moment in time just before the chrysalis opens: the time when the caterpillar thinks he's dying and the butterfly knows it's being born.


Nothing that the caterpillar knows is of use to the new born butterfly, so he flies away from the chrysalis, never looking back. Unlike the butterfly, we need to look back upon the path that got us here and understand that to continue on it IS the death that the caterpillar fears.


The evolution of humanity is happening right now; and as we struggle to free ourselves from the cocoon of old, dying thought forms and undying greed, others seek to derail and deny the evolutionary process, and enslave us.




Just as the butterfly cannot return to what it was, neither can we if what we seek is the freedom to evolve as we will in the absence of tyranny.


Those who would capture and enslave us regard us with about the same esteem as a collector who displays those specimens coming out of a kill jar. To them we are as insects who have no right to our lives or futures, here only for their amusement and exploitation.


How can we look at all the wholesale rape and pillaging going on in places like Africa, the mid-east, and south America without also seeing that it is, in fact, being done to the planet, and us? Here in the west we drank the kool-aid a long time ago, and with it, the notion that America is immune from the things that plague other countries.

Those who seek to hijack this spiritual evolution know exactly what they are doing.


They have monitored and studied every last habit and preference of every last individual on Earth just as the fisherman studies what makes the fish bite. They bombard us with non-stop images of war, death, disease, lust, greed and hatred to sap our will to resist them; then poison our skies and food to remove us from the equation altogether.


To keep us content in our ignorance we are given an endless streaming of mindless excrement, custom tailored to each person's tastes


It wasn't hard to accomplish. First they ever so gradually reduced the quality of "programming" to a common denominator somewhere between Homer Simpson and Judge Judy; then they determine what to advertise to you by reading your emails and credit card purchases.


Because they don't want us getting any funny ideas about freedom, we are not allowed to see what is going on right now in places like Iceland and Greece, where people are putting it all on the line for freedom.


Instead we get a never ending series of manufactured political crisis's one after another, carefully crafted to demoralize and confuse us so we don't see the magician at work behind the curtain... and don't give voice to any critical or questioning thoughts.




The great science fiction writer Ray Bradbury first brought up the concept of the butterfly effect (in the short story "A Sound of Thunder") as a way of showing that small changes in one location can have enormous effects later in places far distant.


This ripple effect is a sensitive dependency on initial conditions, and much like Fukushima, helps to illustrate that Gaia is a living organism and that what affects one, affects all.


I look around, taking in all that is happening during this Aquarian sunrise, and I wonder if this great spiritual awakening we see is perhaps the first wing flaps as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon; and what mighty winds of change might grow from it.


Not only must we extract ourselves from the now empty husk of the cocoon, we must leave it behind and fly away on new wings into this brave new world we know so little about.

Just as the butterfly begins its new life without consulting the wisdom of the caterpillar, we too must realize that the past cannot guide our decision making in the future, beyond the categories of bad example and doesn't work, anyway.


This moment in time is why we spent so much time working on ourselves, this is what we were all preparing for; it's why we took the course of study which included facing our fears and trusting our instincts.


All the newly born butterfly knows is; that it must fly to survive.


Like us humans it doesn't have a map either, and must rely upon instinct to navigate a world in the upheaval of transformation.




Because we know on some inner level that we're navigating without a map, (much less an owners manual) we're just milling about waiting for the scoutmaster to come along and show us the way, when we should be networking with others to figure out how to hasten the departure of those who enslave us to slow the death of their dying paradigm.


We remain indifferent at our own peril because we falsely believe our silence will somehow magically exclude us from the fate of the masses, and allow us to keep our shiny possessions even as everyone else looses theirs.


Our natural predilection to self deception has proven to be one of the most powerful weapons the powers that be are using against us. We can almost always be counted upon to prefer a custom made lie over the unadorned truth.


As the writer Brendan Gil once observed,

"History records no struggle more noble or long enduring than that of humanity against the truth."

Just as Bradbury wrote in his story, very small changes can yield some extremely big results.


As is becoming more apparent by the day, we are the ones we've been waiting for to clean this mess up, so we'd better all start batting our wings like crazy to stoke up the winds of change.


We know we cannot rely upon the previous generation to save the world because when they had their chance they blew it.


It would just be wrong on so many levels to flush the mess down stream to the next generation, so that pretty much leaves us... those of both the previous and next generations who are spiritually awake, to be the agents of change.


If not now, when? If not Us, Who?




The only map we need for this new world resides within our hearts.


It will tell us which is true and which is a lie, and it will always lead us in the right direction if we will just listen. Our hearts tell us the truth all the time: but as it so often happens, maybe that truth isn't always in alignment with the self deceptions we choose to live with so we subconsciously bury it.


This is the reason so many people are shallow breathers, because when we take in a full breath, fully extending the diaphragm, it somehow awakens those sleeping memories we avoid, and they stir around a bit, distracting us. So we have learned to avoid discomfort by only using the top half of our lungs.


That is something else our dark overlords use against us, our universal aversion to emotional trauma.


They use it to exploit and control us on multiple levels. They reinforce our self deceptions and their own negative conditioning by manipulating our aversion to emotional trauma. That's why so much of what passes for entertainment these days seems to rely heavily on violence and trauma of all kinds, psychic numbing. Conditioning. Programming.


We are in the kill jar and sucking up the fumes! We need to snap out of it as a species and take a pro-active approach to our collective survival. We need to unplug from their TV wasteland and their electronic grid with its smart meters and Orwellian surveillance.


We need to wake up and smell the chloroform before the lid goes back on the jar.




As we gaze around and see the extent to which Earth is being stripped of resources, poisoned, and terra-formed; we cannot help but wonder what sort of fate awaits us in the overall agenda if we continue to do nothing?


Here's a clue.


The same people who dreamed up GMO foods and chemtrails have also quietly been getting patents on the very genes that comprise our DNA! They want to own and control our behavior and our children. By genetic engineering, nano-technology and implants they seek to transform humanity into a more docile and controllable product.


This trans-human agenda is the driving force behind many of the more bizarre things going on right under our noses and over our heads, and we can no longer afford the luxury of pretending we do not know something is terribly wrong here, and has been for a very long time.

Its the old boiling frog syndrome that works so well.


"They" always start small, and innocuous at first, like the drone program for example. Almost nobody in America protested the introduction of drones on the battleground, or even their ethical implications. That would have been the time for public outcry and indignation, but we remained silent.


Nowadays the damned things are infesting our skies and society to the point where people are now asking publicly whether or not the president has the authority to kill citizens on American soil with drones. He doesn't need the authority, he has the drones!


And, because WE said nothing each time the program grew bigger, there is now no way to stop or even reverse it.


Our collective silence gave them our tacit approval, and it will be no different with the trans-human agenda. Because we allowed them to introduce GMO foods and other pernicious DNA damaging elements into our food chain, they will now continue that program to its unholy fruition.


I was going to add, unless we act, to that last sentence, then it occurred to me that it might just be too late.




Because we failed to resist with sufficient vigor when we first saw these dystopian programs beginning, they have now gained all the momentum necessary to fully manifest in time to deny our group destiny and keep us below the threshold of spiritual evolution.


That is what's at stake here, our destiny, evolution... our future.


Back in the days of the Vietnam war Americans filled the streets to protest in such numbers that they brought entire cities to a standstill for hours at a time. If we could manage a turnout like that over a dirty little war, where is everyone now that we really need them, when everything is at stake?


Good question, eh?


We have been drugged, poisoned, programmed and intimidated into remaining silent because the powers that be also saw those many thousands of protestors filling the streets 45 years ago; and they knew that kind of unity could actually defeat them, and their agenda... and therefore must be removed from the equation.


We have now been marginalized to the point where we don't present much of a threat anymore. We are docile, medicated and have cable TV - and so many shiny toys and gadgets to keep our minds full of anything but critical thought.




They say it's difficult to get someone to see something when their livelihood depends on them ignoring it. The way things are going I am beginning to wonder if we will choose to see these things even when it's our survival at stake and not just our income.


We have been conditioned and intimidated into actually supporting those who actively seek our ultimate descent into slavery... we really got to quit doing that.




The way I see things, we might just have an opportunity to escape the kill jar before the lid is clamped down, maybe...


Like I said, we have to unplug from the system and the grid, and then turn their own tactics against them; "death by a thousand cuts" which begins with our united refusal to do anything which benefits the overlords.


If we wish to effect great change during this age of Aquarius we had best start flapping our wings to set those winds of change in motion, otherwise we are likely to end up under glass with little pins sticking out of our bodies.