by Jim Euclid

02 April, 2012
from Regolish Website






The vast majority of humanity are asleep to the reality of how the world operates, this writer included.


We think we know how things work, but if the truth were told to us, it would take a five year full-time university course to gain just a rudimentary understanding of the great Deception which has bestowed itself upon this human race.


So how do we as a collective humanity re-educate ourselves about so many historical lies? The answer is deceptively simple... we, as a people, must no longer lie; to ourselves, to others and as a collective.

Lying is not a simple, one-off phenomenon.


It is a concerted, constant event performed on an hourly basis both personally and collectively.

  • Lies about who we are, where we have come from, who we cohabitate the planet with, what we inherited from the past and what has been hidden from us.

  • Lies perpetrated on a one-to-one level and government-to-its-people level.

Where do we even start unraveling the lies, as complex a web of deception as any spiders web, lies that grow more intricate the further deep we go in the rabbit hole.


Some truths are incomprehensible, for example, that we are inhabiting the planet with sentient beings more intelligent than ourselves. What is most engaging about the methods with which we are kept enslaved with the ideology of Big Brother is the constant need for distraction from free thought.


Society aims to keep us constantly amused and bemused with gossip, fear, porn, tragedy, drama and false joys such as sex, food and leisure.


As Nietzsche one remarked, as he discovered the value of solitude,

'temporary retreats into solitude are the main part of the deconstructive aspect of self-shaping in which one could begin to dissolve one's own entrapment in a 'slavish' identity.'

He was a proponent of abolishing social norms and slavery to social whims, beliefs and ideologies.


The truths he found we anathema to normal social beliefs, which eventually ran him afoul of social standards of acceptance, resulting in him becoming a social outcast. He saw himself emerge from many weeks of solitude as a man wearing a terrifying aspect.


This, he explains, is why society resents, ridicules, isolates and stigmatizes the solitary free thinker.


The truth can be found in solitude, but what we find may be painful for others to hear. One of societies longest held method of concealing the truth is literally to bury it.


From time immemorial, human cultures have developed the hypogeum (underground cave) as a method to hide their valuables from the unwanted or the untrustworthy, the unpredictable or the unperturbable.


Deep underground bases have been recorded across the globe, some arguably because of well-known calamitous events as portrayed in Wormwood. Some date from 3000BC, and some are reportedly military bases (DUMBs) for alien races.


Throughout India, Tibet, Nepal, China, and Japan, have been reports of subterranean inhabitants.


In India there is a strong belief in the reality of the Nagas, a race of serpent-people or lizard-men who make their homes. The latter is said to be under the Himalayas, and from there the Nagas wage war on other, human, subterraneans, from the subsurface kingdoms of Agharta and Shambala.


According to Sherman A. Minton,

'this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door which is covered in bas-relief cobras.'

In Tibet, there is a major mystical shrine said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond.


The Nagas also have an affinity with water, and the entrances to their underground palaces are often said to be hidden at the bottom of wells, deep lakes, and rivers. The Nagas are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology.


They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with, and even to eat.


The interbreeding has supposedly led to a wide variety of forms, ranging from completely reptilian to nearly-human in appearance. Among their many devices are "death rays" and "vimana," or flying, disk-shaped aerial craft.


These craft are described at length in many ancient Vedic texts, including the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana.


Phil Schneider was one of the first Americans to report on the use of deep underground and underwater military bases (DUMBs) for government seclusion/collusion with alien races.



The disadvantage of DUMBS is that it allows for unchecked activity, including:

  • strategic storage of wealth

  • materials and weapons

  • clandestine research and production facilities

  • alternant basing for military personnel and equipment

  • surface environment control systems (atmospheric lensing, synthetic earthquakes, weather modification, civilian population control, etc.)

  • sheltering essential government personnel during time of national crisis or war

  • covert operations

  • alien housing

  • rescue and shelter (Majic projects)

  • cloning

  • alien eugenics

  • occult worship

  • sexual deviancy

Bizarre things happen in secrecy.


For example, in the Dulce Base, New Mexico, some workers have reported tales of multi-legged half-human half-octopus creatures, as if a nightmare from Homer's The Odyssey.


It is even thought that the secret Government is getting ready to stage a contact landing with Aliens in the very near future.


This way they can control the release of Alien related propaganda. We will be told of an inter-stellar conflict, but what looks real, may be fake. Nothing that is real appears that way, and we are entering a new phase of DUMB and dumber, as the nation gears down education and cranks up espionage via a subterranean empire.

We cannot conceal what we are or what we have been, only what we are not. Concealment is the antipathy of true wealth. Concealed wealth comes from money or power. DUMBS may stores great caches of gold or extraterrestrial technologies, but real wealth is measured in health.


The greatest wealth of humanity is its buoyant genetic code, of inestimable value to both ourselves as well as to those who may wish to extricate, emulate or experiment with it.


Our genetic code has the potential for immortality and omniscience, true jewels in the galactic crown.


We are one of only a few sentient species that have the metagene factor; which is a biological variant lying dormant in the human race.


At one point or another, often under extraordinary physical and/or emotional stress, it is activated, resulting in rapid genetic change and enlightenment. The metagene factor is arguably the richest component of human DNA which malevolent ETs attempt to inhibit.


It is this treasure within our DNA that belies the vast impetus behind DUMBs and ET-exobiology.


Concealment has the ultimate effect of lowering the self-esteem of those who are kept ignorant of the truth of others.


We all know what it feels like to be the last to learn of an unfaithful partner when all one's friends have been privy to the truth for months. The soul-destroying revelation can quickly turn to anger against those who concealed the truth, more-so than the original perpetrator of the lie.


This is perhaps the biggest argument for why eventual Disclosure would be a huge headache not for the government agencies who were withholding the truth, but for the government that either allowed or were complicit in its concealment.


We may never learn the truth of our past as much of it is buried deep within the subterranean vaults of earth and the subconscious mind. Although recent disclosure has come forth from agencies such as the NSA, it is merely a drop in the proverbial ocean.


Regardless of whether we do or not, we can at least live within our own truth, whatever we formulate that to be.


A truth that must ultimately strengthen our sense of involvement with the evolution of ourselves in parallel with others, not at their expense. Forgiveness of past transgression by the powers that be is a universal antidote to the anger of concealment and deception.


On a more positive note, I conclude with the thoughts of Nietzsche, who gave a rough manner in which to approach self-identity and personal independence.


His thoughts may help steer us away from that sense of self created by society who attempts to subjugate personal self-esteem into government property.

  1. Avoid bonding too strongly with any one person, even the most beloved

  2. Avoid bonding too strongly to one's homeland, and excessive patriotism

  3. Avoid getting stuck in pitying or sympathizing those 'above' or 'below' one's station in life for all are equal

  4. Avoid trusting too much in science though it may entice us with great discoveries and promises of personal liberation

  5. Avoid worshipping one's own spiritual liberation as if it were more important than anyone else's

  6. Avoid becoming attached to one's own virtues for fear of them becoming a vice

  7. Knowing how to conserve one's spiritual force is the hardest test of independence