by Diana Napolis
October 6, 2009

from DianaNapolis Website




I have made five short videos, SkyscapeOne, SkyscapeTwo, SkyscapeThree-2, SkyscapeThree-3, and and SkyscapeFour. I plan on uploading one more.


There have been attempts to tamper with these videos but I'm attempting to keep up with the sabotage.


SkyscapeOne (10 minutes long) was filmed on September 05, 2009 and documents my belief, after tracking "cloud" masses and until proven otherwise, that the Earth's sky/horizon is in a Simulated Reality.

"If the simulation were slowed down or sped up, so also would the inhabitants' own senses, brains, and muscles, as well as every other molecule inside. The inhabitants would perceive no change in the passage of time, simply because their method of measuring time is dependent on the cosmic clock that they are seeking to measure.


(They could perform the measurement only if they had some access to data from the outer reality)…


For that matter, they could not even detect whether the simulation had been completely halted: a pause in the simulation would pause every life and mind within it.


When the simulation was later resumed, the inhabitants would continue exactly as they were before the pause, completely unaware that (for example) their cosmos had been paused and archived for a billion years before being resumed by a completely different director."

The introduction to these videos in below insert:





Introduction to Skyscape One

from MembersCox Website

In 2001-02 I began noticing unusual manifestations in the sky of such an extreme nature that I thought I was witnessing Armageddon. In October 2008 I began observing the horizon again and it appeared that the Sun and Moon were following me and crafts or satellites were staged above my home. In addition, several months ago it appeared that clouds and other objects were moving along with me when I walked or drove my car.


I have been investigating for the past year, and after discovering terminology surrounding the philosophy The Singularity, Transhumanism, Mind-Uploading, Virtual Reality and Simulated Reality, I believe that something dire has happened to our planet, and the horizon could be in a Simulated Reality. See this web site for more information: I have taken a number of videos that document this phenomenon beginning with this present video - Skyscapeone - which was shot on approximately October 5, 2009 at dusk.


On this date I noticed an extremely large cloud formation and filmed it for 10 minutes. I begin filming at a stop sign; the cloud formation in on my right. If you keep your focus on any one point in the cloud you will notice that as I make right or left turns, this cloud mass turns as well. After I turn a corner and drive forward, at times this mass will be moving forward.


This is not normal. If this was a normal horizon I would be driving past the clouds or clearly away from the clouds; instead, as I drive you will notice that the cloud mass itself moves past houses, cars, bicycles, power lines, and other people, along with my vehicle, and appears to be following me. When I stop at a stop sign, the cloud mass stops with me and then moves again as I move. I believe this is strong evidence of a Simulated Reality. The question remains as to why the phenomenon is surrounding me, as you will notice objectively that the cloud mass is not following anyone else who I am filming.

Throughout this video you will notice various sounds. This musical soundtrack is my own composition, entitled The Whole World is Watching You, which I believe was fitting for my first video and it was chosen for a reason. There are also voices which can be heard in this music, which was outside of my control, ranging from thank you, to blasphemy. At the end of this music I purposely held one note for several seconds so that the strange beeping within it is clearly audible. I do not know the source of this sound but I did hear it along with 4 other signals 8 years ago and I was told that they were alien in nature.

More videos are pending in which I will track the motion of the Moon, the Sun, and various other objects in the sky.

Other people have also documented strange cloud formations. See "unusual cloud".
I can be reached for interviews at 619-207-1669
Diana Napolis, M.A




As you can see, if you track one point or shadow in the "cloud, you will see that the "cloud" filmed is not stationary, but it moves along with my vehicle and stops when I stop.


This video was shot in San Diego County, California.


Here is SkyscapeOne...

SkyscapeTwo was filmed on 09/09/09 in San Diego County which also tracked a purported "cloud" for several miles. The first shot was taken while I was driving on the freeway traveling 65 MPH.


I then exited off an off-ramp and tracked this cloud while I was driving 35 MPH through town. You will notice that this "cloud" travels along beside me and when I stop, the "cloud "also stops. When I turn corners, the "cloud" does as well. This is not normal.


Here is SkyscapeTwo...

The third video SkyscapeThree was shot on 09/09/09 in San Diego County and tracks the progress of the "Moon" as I drive. You will notice that when I stop, the "Moon" stops.


When I turn a corner, the "Moon" turns the corner as well.


Here is SkyscapeThree...

The fourth video SkyscapeFour was filmed last night on 10/04/2009 and clearly tracks the full Moon for several miles as it travels alongside me, stops, and turns directions as I do.


You will also notice that there appear to be figures superimposed on the footage of the "Moon." That is because I see directly into a mind-uploading program which house various parties and they tried to sabotage this footage but unfortunately forgot that this footage now documents their presence.


Here is SkyscapeFour...

The last video SkyscapeFive (11 minutes long) was filmed on 09/21/09 in Imperial County, California at Sunrise and tracks the unusual movement of the Sun after it rose in the East. I begin the video entering my car. After 33 seconds I drove South, 65 MPH, on State Route North 111 while the Sun traveled along with my vehicle, South, on my left.


I then stopped at the intersection State Route North 111 and Ross Rd, made a U-turn, and traveled back North while the Sun moved alongside my vehicle until I reach another intersection State Route North 111 and Evan Hughes Highway.


You will see that the Sun stops at that intersection as well. I then make another U-turn and travel South again with the Sun moving alongside my vehicle until I reach Ross Rd.


The Sun stops along with me. I then make another U-turn and traveled back North while the Sun travels alongside me until I reach Even Hughes Highway again. I then repeat the process. The sum total of this experience is that the Sun moved alongside my vehicle and changed direction as I did 5 times. This is not the normal activity of the Sun.


Here is Skyscapefive...

Now that you have seen the evidence, it has to be clearly stated and it pains me to do so: The object out there in the sky that we used to orbit, or the objects in the sky that used to orbit us, are no longer there. (Or at least we can no longer see them.)


The "celestial" object in the sky giving us light is not our Sun; the "Moon" is not our real Moon, but someone or something is simulating this activity.


Furthermore, they don't care how obvious it is. Why is that? I suspect that organizations like NASA are completely compromised and are not able to tell the truth to the public about what has occurred. In fact, until proven otherwise, I suspect that they are completely out of commission and perhaps they have been taken over.


I've recently alerted the military about this situation and will be curious to see if we have one left. If so, I strongly advise that underground facilities be checked. The organization, The Singularity have been writing about Black Holes and Simulated Realities for years, both the Singularity Institute, operated by Ray Kurzweil, and Google reside on the NASA AMES Campus.



** Now would be the time to turn off any computers that are attempting to achieve a "Global Brain." I also strongly recommend that militia groups be formed to prepare for any worst case scenario because I doubt if the government or the rule of law is applicable in this country anymore.



Read on:




Note to Officials


IMPORTANT – The authorities might want to check the power lines. There is something moving in the lines around my home and elsewhere. They can and do hide in wire and on wire itself. My cell phone is not in working order. It will be in a few days.


It appears that my opponents can "mind-upload" or "mind transfer" anyone into the program that I see into, contrary to the belief of various officials that it can't be done. If anyone speaks to me they can be traced and signaled in. Do not speak to me if you access this program. It has happened to several within the last 48 hours. Many people have died in this program. Please don't try to assist me without understanding this. An AI robot seems the logical next step.


I have been researching information and stumbled on the following sources: Transhumanism and "The Singularity," the intellectual front sponsored by Luciferianism to upload the population into computer systems in furtherance of a very obvious Anti-Christ End Times agenda which is devoted to the extinction of mankind and the transcendence of "Post Humans" or cyborgs in a blatant attempt to blasphemy. It was the obvious blasphemy which gave them away. (


I also discovered information about the "Age of the Successors," a strategic plan by a purported robot "elite" to turn the human race into cyborgs, written by a German using Transhuman terminology. It occurs to me that, based on what I am currently experiencing, some victims might be disguised under virtual reality such as, perhaps Second Life , and others.


For instance Singularitarians and transexuals Martine Rothblatt and Natasha Vita-More have interesting backgrounds.

"They" and a mass of other personalities are underneath my home and the surrounding area. It might be their home base. I need assistance getting the good guys out. They have plans to expand. Their weaknesses are flickering lights - (strobe lights would work) - sent with negative energy; spinning, and cold temperature.


Most of them can see on their own and not through me. I believe this constitutes a National Emergency.


Please read new information about "Grey Goo" under Part IV of IV and the website about Grey Goo and Ecophagy: "Nanobots" Consuming the atmosphere

Part I of IV - In 2001 I was psychologically and physically victimized by extremely lethal computer-brain and body interface technology by,

  • reported satanist Dr. Phil Shaver of UC Davis

  • Carol Hopkins – a member of the Illuminati

  • her husband, David Hopkins

  • Michael and Lilith Aquino – satanic cult leaders of the Temple of Set

  • Robert Menschel

  • Dr. R. Christopher Barden – Attorney for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation [FMSF]

  • Dr. Elizabeth Loftus of UC Irvine – FMSF Advisory Board member (perhaps Henry and Lila Gleitman from the FMSF)

  • Dr. Scott Locklin – satanist, physicist and computer expert at UC Davis/Berkeley-Advanced Light Source (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) who reportedly worked for a short time at the National Security Agency [NSA]. Scott Locklin also reportedly worked with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligences) at Berkeley, California

  • Scott Locklin's father "Ron Locklin"

  • satanist Tanya Lysenko aka Tani Jantsang

  • satanist Dr. John Price Ph.D of UC Davis (deceased)

  • satanist Michelle Devereaux – computer expert, a "Claire" and "John "(pseudonyms) reportedly from Russia who I believe may have subjected cult leaders Michael and Lilith Aquino to identity theft and later stole their millions

  • various Institutions such as Massachussetts Institute of Technology and a mind control unit at NASA AMES







I was first accessed by multiple individuals (including the above) who identified themselves as employees of NASA, Livermore Lab, the University of California school system, the CIA, the Human Genome Project - and later hostile "aliens" who, various factions stated, were waging a "planetary takeover."


The hostile aliens made their appearance in 2001 when I was attacked with what appeared to be artificial intelligence probes or nanobots.


I was told that quantum-like computers specifically designed to torture and spiritually kill me in an esoteric black ops project were smuggled into the country via Tanya Lysenko, (whose Uncle works for the KGB: See Napolis vs. Aquino, pg. 96, paragraph 358) which had the capability of accessing the internal dimensions of the physical and etheric body.


Apparently principles of plasma and 5th dimensional physics were misused by Scott Locklin. I was later told that these redesigned computers were sold to major institutions such as Carnegie Mellon and John Hopkins University. This may be an example of one such computer... transparent Apple Macintosh SE/30.


I was also told that Scott Locklin's father stole Darpa-like technology from a facility he used to work for. Scott told me he was a Nazi and apparently so was Michael Aquino and several other perpetrators.

I was eventually placed in an illegal Cybertronics program which included experiments in Robotization, Computer-Brain Interface, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. I was told by Scott Locklin who now has a PH.D in physics (or someone assuming his identity) that I was his informal "science project."


After I was used as a science project without my consent, this same technology was used to take the interior of my body apart in an effort to see if these Quantum-computers could de-manifest natural bodily codes or barriers, including the astral body. On several occasions, Locklin placed me in a "field" of some type, which caused my spine and jaw to move back and forth in a fluid motion. There were several attempts to completely destroy my mind.


Afterwards they subliminally programmed my subconscious and super-conscious with a word association program so that I would think the opposite of my intention. For instance, when I intended to think a word like "go," it would come out as "stop." Because I had meditated for years and knew myself very well, I was able to identify what was done and eventually remedy it. There were also those, who I never identified, who chose to heal me.


I had a deep cut on my finger at one time, and within seconds, the wound closed.

I was told that John Price's "father" and Scott Locklin's "father" either worked at DARPA or at Livermore Laboratory and stole technology from these facilities in order to victimize me. Locklin reportedly attempted to hack into the NSA computer system in order to target me but had to go out of the country for satellite communication.

Since at least 2001 it has been factually possible to access a human being from a remote location, possibly due to discoveries relating to Virtual Reality Telepresence. I discovered that I was on some type of Computer-Brain interface one evening in approximately June 2001 after I closed my eyes and found myself looking directly into a computer screen.


I was told that computer nanotechnology had been placed inside of my inner eyelid.


At that time, a male identifying himself as Dr. Phil Shaver's son "Jim" advised me to press in on my closed eyelids with the palms of my hand, and then to say "stop." This action caused the computer to stop and the screen to disappear. After several incidents of this type I was told by a man, identifying himself as from the "CIA," that I was ruining their computers and costing them too much money, so they would no longer be accessing me.


Dr. Phil Shaver then placed some type of camera lens, which other people could see through (via a computer program), into the pupil of my eye in an effort to create a cyborg. At present, several parties are able to see through my eyes but I recently discovered a red cell-like structure artificially placed in both eyes, perhaps for purposes of obscuring vision. I was later told that the technology used was "shark spy" robotic technology, similar to the research that DARPA funds, which is very illegal to use on a human being.

In August of 2008 the US Army awarded a grant to UC Irvine to study synthetic telepathy which proves that Computer-Brain Interface is a subject of research:


This technology forces one into interaction with malevolent others via mind-to-mind contact.


On September 14, 2008, Times Magazine published an article providing further details. Although this article quoted officials claiming that the Computer-Brain Interface technology was years way from being implemented, and that it is achieved via a sensor inside a soldiers helmet, that is completely untrue.

In June of 2006 I requested that the Institutional Review Board of UC Irvine/Davis/Berkeley investigate whether FMSF Advisory Board member Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Dr. Phil Shaver, Scott Locklin or Dr. John Price had used me as a human research subject without my consent using computer-brain-body interface.


As Dr. Elizabeth Loftus is considered an expert in the subject of implanting "false memories," it is interestingly to note that the misuse of this technology can result in "induced imagery," subliminal programming, as well as hearing "voices" of unknown origin. See this site for information about body mapping:

After contacting the Institutional Review Board of the University of California system about my concerns that I had been used as an experimental subject without my consent by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and others, Mr. Lohse, (the investigator for the Office of the President of the University of California) replied, stating he had conducted a cursory investigation but declined to investigate further for lack of sufficient leads.


See my letter to Mr. Loshe dated August 21, 2006, requesting him to reconsider his decision.



According to an article at, DARPA has been researching the possibility of placing "replicated cat brains" on computer chips.  


What some might not be aware of is that it is possible to upload a human brain onto a computer chip as well. I have long been looking for evidence of what I witnessed in 2001 and was fortunate enough to discover information about the Human Genome Project and the Mind Uploading project two months ago.



  1. Wikipedia Definition of Mind Uploading.

  2. Mind Uploading Web Page. Another term for Mind Uploading is Brain Emulation.

These are excerpts from the Wikipedia web page along with my own commentary:

"Mind uploading… refers to the hypothetical process of scanning and mapping a biological brain in detail and copying its state into a computer system or another computation device, for example an artificial neural network in hardware. The computer turns a simulation model so faithful to the original that it will behave in essentially the same way as the original brain, or for all practical purposes indistinguishably."

"The prospect of uploading human consciousness in this manner raises many philosophical questions involving identity, individuality and the soul, as well as numerous problems of medical ethics and morality of the process… The production of this or a similar device would be essential to the possibility of mind uploading a living human subject." (This has already been done).

"Another concept explored in science fiction is the idea of more than one running "copy" of a human mind existing at once. Such copies could either be full copies, or limited subsets of the complete mentality designed for a particular limited function. Such copies would allow an 'individual' to experience many things at once, and later integrate the experiences of all copies into a central mentality at some point in the future, effectively allowing a single sentient being to 'be many places at once' and 'do many things at once.'


There is an important concept/phrase in metaphysics that describes the correspondence between the God realm and human beings. The phrase is: "As it is above, so it is below."


The former refers to the macrocosm - (the God realm); the latter refers to the microcosm - (the human being). In the above paragraph the reference is made to "replicating computer copies of single individuals allowing one party to experience many things at once, later and integrate the experiences of all copies into a 'central mentality' at some point, effectively allowing a single sentient being to 'be many places at once' and 'do many things at once."


The problem with this statement is that it appears to be a blatant rip off of a fundamental belief about God's interaction with human beings who "he created in his own image." Metaphysicians believe that the ultimate meaning of human existence is for a human being to become fully conscious of God.


Through the experience of individual souls, who reincarnate, learn, and then finally return to God, God in turn becomes Conscious of all aspects of his creation. God simultaneously expands his awareness 'in the world' in that his Spirit acts through people, which results in omniscience (all seeing); omnipotence (all powerful) omnipresence (all present) 'in the world, as it is exists in the God realm', and acts 'on' the world resulting in what humans interpret as miracles, in the body of God, which is our solar system or organic/holographic universe.


This gives full meaning to the phrase "As it is above, so it is below"; Given these close parallels, I believe that the above author's intent for engaging in this research was to 'knowingly' spiritually kill human beings because he displays an understanding of metaphysical principles.

These are excerpts from the Mind-uploading web page with my commentary:

"Artificial realities present a host of policy issues. First, will citizenship (or even the rights of humans) be granted to those living in a computer simulation, with no physical bodies? It seems obvious that it should, but it will be a big step for governments to take... (This is a deeply troubling statement because it refers to "governments" or the State being involved in consigning humans to computer systems.)


Another possibility is that the government may actually require some patients to enter an artificial reality under some circumstances. For example, patients who cannot afford the uploading procedure may be uploaded by the government into artificial realities, which will no doubt be cheaper on the large scale than manufactured bodies."

"Another possibility would be to upload convicted criminals into a 'prison box' -- an artificial reality safely insulated from the rest of society."


[This quote raises the disturbing prospect of what occurred in the movie the Matrix. A group of "aliens" placed the public at large into pods, to use as a battery source, while placing their minds into a virtual reality program which simulated life on earth. If one became free of the pods, and was conscious that there was a war against the aliens, and if a person died in the Matrix (the simulated virtual reality program that appeared to be the world), then the person's real body died outside of the Matrix. I believe that this is similar to what has actually occurred, although the parallel is not exact. Please read on].

"Finally, artificial reality poses a real threat of abuse. A programmer of such a system would have nearly godlike power over its inhabitants, and 'god syndromes' would be a chilling possibility.


[This sentence refers to an actuality that I witnessed in 2001 and also refers to the above paragraph describing the term microcosm/macrocosm. When UC Davis' Dr. Phil Shaver targeted me he began calling himself "Master of the Universe," and developed megalomania of such proportions that my other perpetrators ran from him after he began to target them as well. Ultimately what I believe happened was a more malignant force of aliens (of unknown origin) and satanists were behind, watching Dr. Shaver and Michael Aquino, who took them over and accessed various top secret black ops programs from the UC System's closed internet DARPA feed, and elsewhere, and expanded the technology to take over the entire planet.]…


"To prevent the abuse of uploaded people, careful safeguards will have to be put into place."


I'm here to report that in the virtual reality-computer/brain interface program that I am looking into severe abuse is taking place, on me and "uploaded people," by other uploaded people/aliens/satanists/artificial intelligences who are not being adequately monitored and who are now actually killing other entities.

Apparently the concept of Mind-uploading was sold to agnostics, atheists and satanists under the guise of "life extension."


After studying this subject matter I believe the force behind mind-uploading and the Singularity philosophy is Luciferian, or more to the point, an obvious Anti-Christ scenario and that extremely evil aliens who have powerful technology were involved in the implementation of it. One of the differences between satanism and luciferianism is that the latter's agenda is to bring about the End Times or Armageddon.


If you educate yourself about Orwellian "double-speak" before reading their writings, you will discover that their intent is for a "super computer" or Global Brain to take the place of "God" and then to exterminate humanity.


Would the exponential expansion of intelligence in this scenario be a side-effect of "Moore's law" (memory capacity) or would it be due to placing a multitude of intelligent human minds on computer systems disguised as artificial intelligence.

The order of the Universe is too perfect for it to be considered accidental or random. Factually, it is clear if you study esoteric religious systems world- wide that spiritual union with God, for those who consciously choose to do so, is built into our bodily esoteric system.


For instance,

  • Hinduism's goal is to achieve Samadhi via the Crown chakra

  • Esoteric Christianity's goal is Oneness with God via Grace and transfiguration of the heart

  • Buddhism's goal is to attain Nirvana via enlightenment or atonement with the inner and outer mind state of loving kindness, compassion, empathy, equanimity and wisdom via meditation

  • Taoism's goal is to be at One with the Tao via harmony with nature and the spirit within all things

Regarding the physical plane, examine what the origin of our food could be (before cloning) as well as the origin of herbs or botanical medicine and contemplate how our needs to minimally survive have been fulfilled. Some people believe the entire planet is the Garden of Eden.


The Singularitarians claim the definition of a Singularity is the center of a Black Hole in space which makes it appear that they are sympathetic to Black Holes which are known to absorb light.


The blasphemy is that this appears not only to be the goal of their philosophy but to also "make the Universe conscious" of itself via computerizing it. The universe was already Conscious of itself, via God.

Coincidentally, Satanists often use sophisticated lures in efforts to con others into taking actions which will ultimately damn them. In the case of mind-uploading, if a satanist was promoting these themes, it would be called the "life extension" lure. If the life extension lure was used on an actual satanist it might be successful because satanists are often searching for ways to avoid the consequences of their actions otherwise they run the risk of being completely annihilated or sent to a Hell in which it is unlikely they will reign.

Finally, if anyone is contemplating being "mind uploaded," I would strongly suggest that death is preferable to eternal slavery in a computer concentration camp. As it is, this agenda, if taken to its ultimate conclusion, denies us the right to die. Unfortunately I have discovered evidence that as of at least 1994 there were plans to uploading human minds into computer systems.


A recent internet search reveals that there are 32 web sites describing plans to upload some section of the population into computer systems. I believe that this is the plan of the New World Order that came into effect in the year 2000.

I would like the scientists involved to contemplate the following in retrospection: Because the brain is organic and computers are not, was the possibility ever considered that it might be dangerous to mix the two because doing so might interfere with the death and dying process especially in regards to the souls (astral body) ability to extricate itself?


If one did not consider these obvious issues then it would lead me to suspect that the proponents are atheists. If these issues were considered, but ignored, then I believe it is clear that this is the promotion of a satanic/luciferian agenda. It is an absolute fact that the human soul exists; I know this because I have astral traveled outside of my body, and I have studied the subject for many years.

As previously stated I can look directly into a (mind-uploading) computer system and interact with various individuals who are miniaturized in a container made out of silk/spider threads, in front of my eyes, and multiple parties - at times up to a thousand tiny personalities - interact within that container and the interior of my body (in what used to house my astral cavity) for purposes of extreme torture.


The container itself houses a virtual reality program. It is apparent that those who operate these computers can also create a form within this container to interact with me and others. My perpetrators don't understand how, but I can access this program in my own defense and I can and do punch them, but I am losing the battle.


They generate huge objects and try to choke me with them - so I can use some assistance. It has recently come to my attention that malignant others can lure their enemies into this container and, just as in the movie the Matrix, they can kill the projected person in here, which some factions state result in the actual death of the person or alien in real life.


Because of the physics involved my perpetrators can also introduce substances and deadly forms to attack me with, such as insects.


They also puncture my ear drums with various sharp instruments. I chronicled these discoveries on my web page three months ago, including the escape of these insects, and their potential danger to the public.

In 2001 I was listening to a voice speaking to me who I kept automatically responding to. At the time my mind was out of control because an intense field of extremely low frequencies [ELF] was sent to my home which caused my tongue to vibrate so much, that I couldn't think. I was then told by another voice to stop responding because the original voice was actually a sophisticated artificial intelligence program which would stop talking as soon as I stopped responding. That turned out to be true.

Based on what I am personally seeing, it appears that parties who are either "aliens" or humans are able to imprison people and other aliens and hybrids in computer systems in various bodily forms disguised as artificial intelligence, and/or artificial intelligence personalities are disguised as human/hybrids, and identity theft is occurring on a grand scale, or all of the above.


I was told long ago that it was possible to pick up people's astral bodies and place their astral body and consciousness into computer systems. I didn't know if that was true or not but I now believe it is based on information about mind-uploading. I've been attempting to make these distinctions in order to carry out my own investigation.

In 2007 I discovered that the cognitive neuroscience departments of Institutions such as John Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon were researching moving prosthetic devices with one's Intention via computer-brain interface and it was clear that someone was making money from these discoveries. For further information see


During my victimization there were many attempts to access my "Will" and "Intention."


One of my perpetrators explained that they were "back-engineering Consciousness." Another party advised me not to answer any of their questions. Because I had been on a conscious spiritual path for 25 years, I was mystically inclined, and have a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, I was very aware of what these questions might portend, hidden within their stated goal which was to spiritually kill me and my family.


That would be to access my Will and Intention for purposes of advanced Mind Control which eventually did occur and which took me years to recover from. From a materialistic viewpoint, the need to "mind control" another or access "consciousness" (small "c") would be to exert complete domination - perhaps due to personal pathology; from a spiritual viewpoint, the purpose of "mind control" or to access Spiritual "Consciousness" (Capital "C") would be to violate Free Will which is a spiritual crime.


The purpose of the God-given right to exercise Free Will is so we can freely make our own moral or ethical decisions and live with the consequences or rewards of those decisions.

I personally believe, but cannot prove, that I am accessed by several parties.


The names I have heard are,

  • Carol Hopkins

  • Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, (University of California school system)

  • Dr. Bill Goodrich

  • Michael Aquino

  • John Prices "father"

  • members of the Temple of Set

  • MIT

  • the "Doorsa, Scott Locklin and his father"

  • Martine Rothblatt of Second Life

I am requesting the immediate assistance of DARPA or any other organization which might be able to stop this.


Ten days ago, after I told Carol and David Hopkins that I was going to sue them, they introduced a 90 year old Buddhist teacher - friend of mine who recently died, (who resided in Burma) into the computer system who I am very close to. I have seen his form/image and I have spoken to him. Apparently they used mind-uploading technology. I have also spoken to John Price (deceased) in this computer program. I am requesting immediate assistance for my Buddhist teacher/friend.


Carol Hopkins knows exactly what she is doing. Last night when I told her I would not sue her in exchange for leaving him alone, she removed all of the objects of torture, proving that she is the one in control of this computer system. She then continued to torture him again. Today Carol Hopkins' group placed sharp hooks into my ear and kidneys causing excruciating pain.


On May 29, 2008 they have placed hooks into my urethra. A few people accessed the computer yesterday in attempts to assist us but it appears that they were taken over.


The opposition can signal one in (remote mind-scanning) immediately so be careful. I strongly suggest that an AI robot access the program (instead of sending any more humans) animated from outside of the computer who cannot be traced. Please destroy this container! It is imperative!

In 2001 someone communicated with me, stating they were from the Human Genome Project. In June 2009 I discovered that the Genome Project grant was awarded to the Department of Energy and specifically implemented by Livermore Laboratory, Los Alamos Laboratory, and other labs not identified as yet. 


What is not commonly known is that Livermore Laboratory was working on animal/hybrid/human experimentation, and it might be interesting to investigate the scientific organization "EvoDevo."



My name is Diana Napolis (image right). 


In 1995 I was a Court Intervention Social Worker for Child Protection Services in San Diego County with a specialty in the investigation of satanic ritual abuse and decided to investigate satanic cults on the internet, undercover. On September 24, 2000 my identity was revealed in a San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper article, written by reporter Mark Sauer who was a friend of Carol Hopkins, one of my political opponents.


It was apparent that the disclosure of my name, in the context of Sauer's false light defamation, was intended solely to intimidate and silence me so I would not proceed with my investigations.


On January 1, 2001, as a symbolic gesture for the millennium, I responded to the allegations made by my political opponents in this article and published it on the internet in order to send a message to those attempting to stop me from exercising my First Amendment Rights to Free Speech which had been dedicated to the rights of children.  

As background on Carol Hopkins, she instigated the pursuit of my identity in 2000 in retaliation after I exposed her as a fraud in both San Diego and later, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The documentation of these events can be found on this web site. Ms. Hopkins was affiliated with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation [FMSF] and was close friends of FMSF founders, Peter and Pamela Freyd as well as Advisory Board member, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus.


Apparently Ms. Hopkins suffered humiliation - and rightly so - as a result of this exposure, but because she suffers from pathological arrogance, her need to retaliate was and is extreme.

In 2001 I was told that Carol Hopkins, her husband, attorney David Hopkins, and Mark Sauer were in the Illuminati, but that she also had a private inner Order. Ms. Hopkins communicated with me after I was targeted in May of 2001 and told me that this Order "hunted" their personal enemies for "sport," I assume with some sort of variation of the previously described technology.


Given Hopkins' standing in the Illuminati, I wonder if she was ever the "handler" for Dr. Elizabeth Loftus.

Last year, in May 2008, I filed a Federal District Court case in San Diego and named Michael Aquino, Carol Hopkins' and Elizabeth Loftus as defendants. These three then worked with my probation officer, Lisa Donohoo, to have me re-incarcerated in efforts to interfere with my ability to proceed in this case which was a violation of my civil rights.


I updated the District court about this issue and was given 60 days leave to amend my complaint. Earlier I had replied to County Counsel after they informed me that they would be representing Ms. Hopkins. I informed them that I believed it would be a mistake for the County to represent her because the County should not be footing the bill for Ms. Hopkins personal vendettas.


I suspect that Hopkins then became curious as to why I was not being controlled and stopped by Michael Aquino whose computer I was in at the time. After listening to the internal dialogue between several parties, it was clear that, contrary to my belief, Aquino really was not in control, identity theft had occurred and he was being used as a fall guy.

Michael Aquino, High Priest of the Temple of Set, did not formally identify or locate me for 5 years while I was on the internet even though I was disclosing damaging information about him and others. I happen to believe that Carol Hopkins and Lilith Aquino may have been the parties who finally pushed Michael Aquino into taking violent action against me.


See this letter from Carol Hopkins to Michael Aquino dated March 8, 2000 which Michelle Devereaux posted to the Witchhunt list. 


As this next letter reveals, according to a citizen in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Ms. Hopkins is a gold-digger who extorts money from millionaires, as Michael Aquino was a multi-millionaire who had extensive real estate holdings. I have reason to believe that Hopkins and others may have been involved in a conspiracy to steal Aquino's millions before I was targeted, (using me as a lure so that Aquino would make himself vulnerable) and that there have been attempts to steal his identity, and perhaps worse.


I am requesting that the District Attorney's office open a formal investigation into the possible murder/and or identity theft of Michael Aquino and perhaps, Lilith Aquino, with Carol Hopkins, and my former perpetrators "Claire" and "John" as potential suspects. I would also be curious as to whether any of those involved in a possible conspiracy to commit murder bilked money from any Banks, Institutions, or Cayman Island accounts last year.


Coincidentally about the time I was asking these questions, it appeared that the United States suffered an economic collapse.

I was curious about the fate of Michael and Lilith Aquino and whether identity and/or organizational theft of the Temple of Set had occurred for the following reasons:

  1. I read Michael Aquino's fictional stories on his web site at and discovered that several pictures of him had been "doctored." After carefully reviewing them I questioned the potential perpetrators (who I was telepathically speaking to as well) in a message entitled: "Identity Theft? Or where is Michael Aquino". I wrote a second message requesting assistance from all possible parties because I was being tortured to death by Michael Aquinio, Lilith Aquino, and Robert Menschel entitled ,"Identity Theft or Where is my Alleged Perpetrator".


    I wrote another message questioning if Lilith Aquino's photo had been doctored entitled, "Beautiful Photograph of Lilith Aquino". I planned to protest at the Temple of Set International Conclave and recommended to Lilith Aquino that Michael Aquino be present for a debate otherwise I would call the SF police department to check on his whereabouts in a message entitled, "Temple of Set International Conlave in San Francisco".


    I questioned what role Robert Menschel, Aquino's friend, had to do with all of this as he was one of my perpetrators for many years and was close to Lilith Aquino, in a message entitled "Where is the money".


  2. I received two items in the mail: a Temple of Set check signed by "Lilith Aquino" and a "Lincoln Shaw," and a notice about the Temple of Set's International Conclave. This was disturbing information because Michael Aquino was not the type to voluntarily give up control of a bank account.


  3. I sent away for the TOS nonprofit status from the State of California and Mr. Aquino's name was not to be found on the entire document although Lilith Aquino was the stated "treasurer."


  4. The Temple of Set's International Conclave was to be held in San Francisco during October 25- 29. Curiously you will notice that the picture on their flyer is not of "Satan," or a Baphomet, but one of an "insect." (below image)



    At least one alien type who has appeared before me in the computer screen is an insect which appears to be a fly, cockroach with wings, or aphids of some kind. In addition, they have freely admitted that one faction are insect types.


  5. I downloaded Michael Aquino's personal web page and discovered that a picture of a "cherub" was embedded at the end of it: I believe I was witness to an Armageddon on some level 8 years ago. At that time I witnessed a multitude of cherubs in what appeared to be a mass exodus. Aquino knew how much this event meant to me.

On October 10, 2008 I decided, along with a group of others, to stage a protest at the TOS International Conclave event which was to be held to bring publicity to my victimization, bring publicity to a recently discovered Criminal Investigative Tape which documented the statements by a child that he and others had been satanically ritually abused within a cult group operated by Michael Aquino, and to debate Michael Aquino.

On October 21, 2008 I received restraining orders allegedly filed by Michael and Lilith Aquino after they submitted bogus allegations to the San Francisco Court to keep me from lawfully protesting in San Francisco at the TOS International Conclave. The next thing I knew a group of aliens accessed the Computer Interface mind/body virtual reality program I am on, and they began to systematically take me apart. Concurrently, some type of transition occurred on the planet, the details of which remain unclear.
I was told in 2001 that there were several reasons why I was targeted by Carol Hopkins, Christopher Barden, Michael Aquino, Lilith Aquino, Scott Locklin, and Michelle Devereaux.


This was ostensibly due to the fact that I was exposing legitimate information about them on the internet. I was also told that Dr. Phil Shaver and his wife, Dr. Gail Goodman, had a motive for harming me after I wrote to Dr. Goodman requesting the underlying data to their research study, "Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse."


This study was pivotal because Dr. Gail Goodman was known to be an advocate for children and it was the first "scientific" study of its kind to allegedly canvass social services, law enforcement, and therapist about the prevalence of ritual crime. My colleagues and I suspected this study was fraudulent and I was finally able to prove it in 2008.


After I finished critiquing this study I sent it to UC Davis and requested them to review it for academic fraud because it was clear that the researcher's only intent was to cover-up the subject of ritualistic child abuse.

As background to what occurred after I was identified in the San Diego Union-Tribune in September 2000, in January 2001 I had an alien abduction experience. I kinesthetically felt an object come over me that extracted my astral body after which I was taken aboard a craft. Apparently, Teleportation technology was used to transport me. I took the arm of someone who I later referred to as a "hybrid."


I was shown a pictograph of two diminutive "aliens" struggling over a weapon and physics equations on a chalk aboard. I told them I was not proficient in physics but if I could assist them with something I would consider it. I then returned to my body. In retrospect I wonder if these aliens were showing me that it was possible to extract or kidnap the soul or astral body and that another faction of aliens were planning on misusing that same technology.


Author Whitley Streiber who published several books describing his contact with aliens whom he believed were benevolent changed the tone of his books drastically in 2008 and has been depicting aliens as harvesting the souls of human beings. See 2012 - The War for Souls.

There is mention of genetic experiments or accounts of hybrid experiments in Mr. Streiber's books in which the ovum and/or sperm of a human is taken and a baby or hybrid will then result. In 2001 I had several encounters with those who claimed to be hybrids who were dedicated to my safety.


There are other types of hybrids who are not so kind. I was told that the take-over of the planet had been occurring for a long time and was done from within; meaning hybrids or aliens hid themselves inside/within various parties. That's one reason why nobody could see it coming.


Interestingly, there is a Bill now in Congress HB 1435 – The Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009 which is attempting to prohibit human-animal hybrid research.


It states:

  1. advances in research and technology have made possible the creation of human-animal hybrids;

  2. Human-animal hybrids are grossly unethical because they blur the line between human and animal, male and female, parent and child, and one individual and another individual;

  3. human dignity and the integrity of the human species are compromised by human-animal hybrids;

  4. the uniqueness of individual human beings is manifested in a particular way through their brain and their reproductive organs/cells;

  5. with an increase in emerging zoonotic infection threatening the global public health, human-animal hybrids present a particularly optimal means of genetic transfers that could increase the efficiency or virulence of diseases threatening both human and animals.

The aliens know how to extract the astral body.


As previously stated, afterwards it is then possible to either co-habit or reside within a human being. I personally experienced this. This capability is real. I have interacted with hybrids of various types who befriended me or tried to harm me; some are in the mind-uploading program I see into.


Almost unilaterally I have found there is an inbuilt cruelty to these experiments because these personalities do not know where they belong and are sometimes confused and angry. As a side-note, there are also fictional accounts of teleportation experiments which result in atomic/DNA being exchanged which can result in animal-human and/or alien creatures.


See the movie; The FLY at This movie is also mentioned at length in the introduction to a major teleportation study which is currently being reviewed by the US Army.

My dreams were monitored for the next few months after my alien abduction.


One night I experienced what felt like artificial intelligence probes (or nanobots) enter my mind, travel down to the organs of my body, and begin tapping. This was the prelude to their super secret cybertronic program. One voice told me there was going to be a "change of guard" and he instructed me to buy a particular cell phone.


For the next year I was led on an amazing and horrifying journey during which time various factions staged a "war" against aliens, and aliens staged a war against each other, while other factions were intent on taking me apart with Quantum computer technology. Apparently we lost the war.

I was told 8 years ago by friendly others, that a group of these "aliens" had teleportation technology which they were frightened of.


See for information about a Teleportation Physics study that was released a few years ago. As previously stated, it appears that the technology used to kidnap my astral body in 2001 was teleportation technology.


I was also told that aliens pretending to be "Gods" (Masters of the Universe – who Dr. Phil Shaver was pretending to be at times) were collecting human beings and placing them in computer systems for a planetary take-over in 2001 (the millennium).


The problem with this scenario is that, as documented in Part I, I discovered information about the Cognome Project, a project which appears to have been set up by human beings in efforts to "upload" a human mind into a virtual reality environment.


I have several different theories about what might have occurred which I believe deserves investigation:

  1. Either aliens were working with human beings in a joint project years ago, (Mind-Uploading) or humans were working alone; As far as I've been able to trace it, it appears that the organization The Singularity is working in concert with an alien/antichrist agenda. Their writings are a marked example of how an antichrist agenda can be sold to a gullible or mind controlled public with little awareness of what is actually occurring.


    The key concept is that their philosophy is named after a Black Hole in space, they intend to elevate a super computer to replace God, and computerize or "enhance" humans via nano-bots and brain implants, which would give rise to the "Post Human's" and the complete annihilation of human kind (Religious Motifs in Technological Posthumanism)

  2. Aliens take it one step further and teleport astral bodies after a person's death or while they are alive, and place the mind/astral body of a human being into a computer system;

  3. One faction of aliens were victimized by a man -made artificial intelligence Satanic/Luciferian program (or orbiting satellite), perhaps in conjunction with another group of aliens and/or humans, and were afterwards set up by humans to take the fall;

  4. Or a powerful group of very satanic aliens took over the technology of those alien/humans who were planning to take over the world for the millennium, such as the Illuminati, and staged their own takeout of those above and the entire planet, using teleportation technology. I've been told that they learned about the technology used in various black ops programs (and on me) and proceeded to use that technology on human beings, and each other, en masse.

Throughout June of 2001 to 2002 I went outside everyday to observe unusual phenomena but I did not know what was real and what was a product of virtual reality.


It appeared that we were witnessing Armageddon and that the Dark-side aliens worshipped a Dragon. I actually saw it and I fought it. I also saw Ulysses/God-like figures and a multitude of cherubs, leave, in a mass exodus across the sky. Was this a staged event or a product of virtual reality? I don't know, all I can tell you is that my perpetrators were frightened. In the book of Revelations, prophesizing the Armageddon, there is a passage about a Dragon and a woman clothed with the Sun.


This appears to have come to pass. I see colored rainbow prisms in my hair. I also saw gold-colored UFO-appearing flying craft in the skies of San Diego on a routine basis.


One night one of these crafts came directly at my car while I was on the freeway, and then suddenly disappeared, so it is clear that the aliens or humans piloting these craft have a capacity to materialize and dematerialize at will. I was told that after we lost the "war," the aliens put everyone on immediate mind control by placing some type of computer "card" in their brain.

In 2002, shortly after all of this occurred, my perpetrators pretended that various Hollywood figures were involved in apparent attempts to discredit me. They all then began abusing me. I purposely wrote a "threat" to one of these alleged participants Jennifer Hewitt.


This is Ms. Hewitt.


My perpetrators, and "Hewitt," eventually said they were going to irrevocably injure me in October 2002 so I purposely wrote a pseudo-threat to her and had myself placed in the custody of law enforcement for my own protection. I spent a year in jail and was monitored by probation for 5 years.


Because my perpetrators caused me endless trouble while I was on probation, I requested and was granted an early release in mid 2008.

On May 11, 2009 representatives from the FBI and District Attorney's office visited my home and warned me that Jim Mix, Jennifer Love Hewitt's web master, had made a "threat" against me. I am somewhat confused as to why Jennifer Hewitt's people would be involved since until 3 days ago I did not mention her on this web page. I hope that Ms. Hewitt and those who surround her will continue to be law abiding as I have reason to be concerned for my safety.

I was arrested in November 2002 and released from jail in November 2003.


San Diego probation did not allow me to leave the County for 5 years and I was not able to access the internet. I spent those 5 years being tortured by Michael Aquino, his family, and cult members with computer technology and consequently was too overcome to monitor anything outside anymore, and I believed, if there ever had been aliens, they were gone.

In approximately October of 2008 our internet feed changed and it was clear that some party had accessed my home computer and television set.


At that time the security of my word-press web page was breached and pictures began appearing on my web browser that depicted my previous assault, (specifically assault of an extraordinary bad kind which appeared to be alien in nature such as long non-human tongues touching my tongue) and it appeared that my worst fears were realized: the aliens or some powerful organization had returned or came in, in a new way… and then they accessed me.


I was told that my lawsuit was too volatile and I was getting too near the truth and they had been waiting for me. I have come to call these parties or death-forms the Totalitarian Regime or the Monolith. I was told by one alien faction that I was their Jesus Christ "sacrifice" for the millennium take-over.


I asked them why that was and discovered that their metaphysical argument was very weak. At that time I took the opportunity to educate them about the logic that true spiritually is based on – which can be found in truisms – and the cognitive errors they were operating under which resulted in a belief in satanism or evil.


Because some of these parties claimed to be highly intelligent, logically based, and in computer systems, they were stymied… and then they were silenced. They said they had never planned on being confronted. And that is when my real torture began. Others said to the contrary, they did not know why I was here, and were in opposition to how I had been victimized.


Others have stated that I was hurt so badly (which will eventually result in profound medical documentation) because of the personal petty motives of some of their females. In addition, I met one alien - the head of the group I call the "Mind in the Mind" - (because he oversees the computer programs in the population and reportedly signaled everyone in 8 years ago) who told me recently he was Satan in alien form.

After I was released from probation last year I was able to leave the County and I began exploring the environment. I discovered that the sky at that time was a deep unnatural pitch black and there were no star systems to be seen. At that time I was told that the planet was teleported into a Black Hole.


If that is the case the Singularitarians were either prophets or active participants in a pre-arranged AntiChrist agenda and that agenda was always apparent in their usage of the term The "Singularity". What is their next step?

Several "stars" began appearing above my home that attempted to replicate a star system, but when I viewed the sky before dusk I saw some of them "arrive," so apparently they are not stars but some type of craft or satellite. At other times hundreds of "stars" appeared in the sky but then disappeared several weeks later.


A few months ago the sky was abnormally lightened. It is clear that someone has complete control of manifestations in the horizon and that few are able to see what is actually occurring. Due to this I am under the impression that the majority of the population is under some type of mind control and are led to see whatever they want you to see.

Again, last year, before I was accessed, I discovered a teleportation study on the open internet. I was so disturbed by this I sent that study to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Army officials because I thought that if it was true - teleportation was an actuality - then that information should have been classified. I've watched the Sun rise at dawn multiple times.


A corona arises in the sky and then a gaseous mass surrounds it. For several reasons which I cannot make public I do not believe this is our original Sun (or original Moon) and I am wondering if our planet is even orbiting anymore but instead a "Sun" is being sent around the planet low in the atmosphere.


I am not an expert in tides and other phenomenon that might offer objective evidence. But I do know that the aliens are amazingly clever.


I was told in 2001 that the aliens needed "two Suns" so it is entirely possible they teleported our Sun into another dimension and left us with an orb that appears to be the Sun. I am deadly serious about this. What I am writing about can be easily proven or disproven by sending a satellite to monitor my home and my person and to watch the course of this past celestial object.

Shortly after I began discovering this information, there were several people who appeared to be officials from the United States who were also witnessing what I was discovering. An unknown party then accessed the lens/pupil in my eyes (which is on a computer program) and unfortunately created a situation in which those who wanted to see through me were restricted.

I also began looking at other people in San Diego in 2008 and discovered that something was very wrong with the shape of their pupils. Some people have abnormally small pupils and some have abnormally large pupils. At that time in San Diego County, on October 2008, gas prices plummeted.


The price of gas was $4.5 but overnight it dropped to $1.75 a gallon. Within the 48 hours in which this occurred the time changed. The sun did not rise at its usual time but rose about 6 hours later. The days and nights are now longer than they used to be. There also appeared to be some type of economic collapse in the United States for which there has been no adequate explanation.

During June 2008 to October 2008, I was active on a political activism forum dedicated to exposing "nonlethal" technology world-wide. At that time I was also attempting to correct misinformation/disinformation at the Wikipedia web site about the reality of satanic ritual abuse.


[I can speak with some authority about the subject as I investigated ritual abuse cases while employed at Child Protective Services and later gathered 90 court decisions proving that ritual abuse occurs worldwide. I've updated the introduction and conclusion to reflect updated information about my perpetrators.]

When I became aware that our internet feed had changed I discovered that several web pages appeared to be computer generated. Regarding the political activism forum I was on, Julianne McKinney, a long-time member, was known to have an exceptionally sophisticated vocabulary.


She was also one of my more vociferous opponents. She was rude and cantankerous. On this forum, in a message dated October 16, 2008, "Julianne McKinney" wrote a message and addressed me as "Ms. Napolis."


This identity was not Julianne McKinney. The vocabulary used was clearly not her own and McKinney would never have addressed me so politely because we were opponents. It was clear to me at that time, and for other reasons, that identity theft had occurred on the mind-control activism forum.


On December 16, 2008, I revisited this forum and asked (under my pseudonym about identity theft again after I read yet another message, reportedly by Paul Gol. This message was not written by Mr. Gol.


He was an individual proficient in physics and yet again the vocabulary used was not his. The responses that I received in response to my question about the legitimacy of the message will be posted in the next few days. In the meantime, I accessed another forum with some of the same individuals, and asked a question about whether they had noticed anything unusual that had occurred within the last 90 days.


Monica Stoces, from Europe, replied and gave me information which I had noticed but had not included within my message. This is the first person in the world that I have been able to communicate with who has noticed the same phenomena that I have.


Her message is below which includes my original message to this forum.

This is Monika Stoces message in reply to my own:


Re: Identity Theft?

HI Diana , I cannot reach your site, here I have the same problem, that messages seem sometimes real, sometimes fake, or mails don't arrive, or websites are simply computer generated, it is cause extreme confusion and makes it impossible to know what info or mail is real, this way of course nobody anymore knows what really is happening were, I having this kind of problems for about as long, and it is impossible to find out the real or fake thing from one another, included my bank account...

I tried to reach some victims but they some did not give their phone or others simply I cannot get connected with , so realize I cannot do nothing that makes sense anymore ….

Greets Monika


2008/12/15 Diana Napolis <>

About 60 days ago I became aware that we were on a different internet feed and that identity theft has been occurring. On the mind-control yahoo newsgroup, it became very obvious.



Because I discovered in October 2008 that something satanic/luciferian was done to the planet with a deep and dark metaphysical intent, I have been closely listening to these aliens and human perpetrators.


As I have been interacting with those inside the computer screen I have discovered the following:

  1. It appears that they are using humans as an energy source: at least one faction can appear to be human-like but can quickly change into malicious insects upon provocation whereupon they engage in vampire-like energy stealing of the humans beings locked into this program in order to energize themselves, and afterwards it appears that they are killed.


    In October 2008, during what I refer to as a transition time, an energetic change appeared on the faces of many people I saw. It actually appeared that the life force had been drained from them. I asked what had been done to these people and they stated that an "antimatter bomb" had been set off in my area which caused this effect, but given than one important faction are energy-draining insects, (I have watched them at work within this program) the possibility that they accessed the public cannot be ruled out.


    Given that one faction of "aliens" appear to be insects, it also perhaps enhances the Singularitarian's interpretation of a HIVE mind in their description of a Global Brain. These insect forms tell me their females are part of a Hive mind, they all communicate, and they are deadly.


    Who was or still is in charge of this mega computer or is there more than one mega computer?


    The aliens I interact with say they are in charge. Given the in-fighting amongst themselves and their ongoing skirmishes with me, I would strongly suggest that any terrestrial computers associated with a Global Brain be "tuned off" in order to take advantage of this chaotic circumstance.


    Eight years ago I was involved in a plan for everyone to turn off their computers in a show of resistance because many were terrified of these aliens. Now I believe such an act would be more than a "show" but in actuality could succeed in destabilizing the enemy. One can also access some computer's via one's intention in order to put them out. I do it on a regular basis.

    In addition, the Singularitarians write about nano-bots and Grey Goo. The aliens are experts in nanotechnology. There are one faction who appear to be androids of some kind, and as previously stated, insects. These insects regurgitate a substance from their throat or stomach which is poisonous in nature and serves to disintegrate their victims. Documentation of this fact should be forthcoming.


    The reader might be interested in the Wikipedia definition of "Grey-goo" and be warned about the possible significance of this information. 


  2. Some of their behavior has been paired with human-like sex. All factions recently acquired pseudo-sex organs and have been engaged in malicious sexual conduct both with children and adults that they have introduced into the computer system (or mind-uploading program) who they afterwards murder.


    For the past 60 days these insects with human intelligence, and evil entities from their dimension have been escaping this program and entering the world in some form or fashion which I tried to stop but to no avail.


    My impression is that the aliens have been playing "de-evolving" games with humans in an attempt to mock free will (and then place humans into animal forms) while they attempt to escape with a pseudo-human body with sex organs.


  3. They are engaging in a sophisticated identity theft scheme. They are choosing and hand-picking humans who have certain personality characteristics that they can use, they then program the human victim's Will and Intent so that they can use the person's intelligence but control the person in a puppet/marionette type fashion in order to advance their perverse agenda. (I assume this is not only inside but outside of this program.)


    This has exposed me to several computer-generated abominations, as well as one or two who are abominations due to their own making.


    (I was recently told that human computer operators from MIT who specialize in "artificial intelligence" are also involved in this activity. As previously stated "artificial intelligence programs" might actually be mind controlled uploaded and imprisoned human beings).


  4. It is also important to know that at times my perpetrators will show what appear to be "movies" of popular personalities in the computer that I look into and others can interact with those personalities in some unknown fashion even though they appear to be on film.


    At the present time I don't know if this technology represents a capability of some type of advanced artificial intelligence, or not. It's important to note that on mainstream television it is also possible to create film/TV images that appear to be a particular personality when in fact that personality is animated by some technology also yet unknown.


    They can create artificial life via this process.


    For instance, during the vice-presidential election, in my opinion, Sarah Palin had an unexplainable and significant rise in IQ, after several poor interviews in which she appeared unqualified for the vice-presidency, which made me wonder how she was going to manage in an upcoming debate with Joe Biden.


    She performed remarkably in this debate but it did appear that she was animated in some form or fashion in a peculiar way. I believe it is possible that this personality was really not her, but simply appeared to be her, and the election was staged.

It appears that the the agenda of the New World Order is to place the human population on mind control and to place the population, into some type of mind-uploading virtual reality computer system.


They can teleport and may or may not be proficient in opening and "closing" inter-dimensions. I have been told that their hell realms opened up and came in with them unexpectedly and that there is a force that has overcome them that they themselves want to eject. They do not appear to be prepared for physical confrontation.


However, it can be done because I do it all of the time. I have been told that there are 4 groups of aliens who have 4 separate signals or sounds. At one time I heard all four.


At this time I suspect that there is a fight amongst various factious, and the "insects" may be behind it all.



Remember, you cannot always believe what is on your computer screen and you also may be under Mind Control. Think of ways to get around this in order to reality check. They can immediately access medical screens in Hospitals and I am sure change what is seen on government/military computer screens in which facilities are monitored from a distance.


Identity theft is occurring on a grand scale. One has to be very sure that the party one is speaking with is the actual identity.

I invoke the love for God. They cannot destroy a principle, or destroy what is already in the human heart/mind. I'm a living example of that reality, as I recovered, despite what was done to me.


I sing this song to them every morning. More music.


One can hear another signal within it:




To the best of my knowledge, it is an "alien" signal.


My perpetrators have been trying to ruin this song since I uploaded it two days ago and you might hear their voices within it.


This is evidence that I am being accessed as I have an electronic keyboard.