Chapter 22

Mystery-Maverick Jim McCambell
Takes On The Dulce-Bennewitz Enigma

The following document [among others] originated from a U.S. Intelligence worker who has been missing for quite some time.


Concerned family members discovered this document in a locker in which the missing Intelligence officer apparently kept some of his papers. This document as well as others in his possession may have had some connection with his disappearance, although exactly what connection this might be, is uncertain.

Copies of this and other documents eventually ended up in the hands of several researchers as a result of one investigator who was approached by the family of the missing agent and given the documents. This source stated that this family was extremely disturbed not only about the disappearance but also about the nature of the documents themselves and the role they may have played in connection with the disappearance.

In the copy of the document which is quoted here, some annotations were made. These seem to have been 'corrections' on various points related in the ms. made by Paul Bennewitz himself.


These corrections will be indicated by an [*]:


"This is Jim McCampbell making a recording of a remarkable episode on July 13, 1984. It has to do with a UFO base, cattle mutilations, advanced weaponry, contact with aliens, etc.

"The episode began about a week ago when I received a little semi-annual periodical titled STIGMATA. It is number 21, the First Half of 1984. This little bulletin is prepared by Thomas Adams at P.O. Box 1994, Paris, TX 75460... (Tom Adams is the ex-husband of Christa Tilton, by the way. - Branton)

"He has a rather lengthy article. One finds point of interest on page 9 and I suppose the only way to pursue this is to read what he has here as it is fundamental to the entire story.


'In May of 1980 a most interesting event occurred in northern New Mexico. An event similar in many respects to the Doraty Case. A mother and her young son were driving on a rural highway near Cimarron, New Mexico. They observed two or more craft and as Judy Doraty did, they observed a calf being abducted. Both observers were themselves abducted and taken on separate craft to what was apparently an underground installation, where the woman witnessed the mutilation of the calf.


[* Woman witnessed mutilation in the field - dead animal taken with them.] It has been alleged that she also observed a vat containing unidentified [* cattle] body parts floating in a liquid, AND ANOTHER VAT CONTAINING THE BODY OF A MALE HUMAN. The woman was subjected to an examination and it has been further alleged that small metallic objects were implanted into her body as well as into her son's body. More than one source has informed us that CAT-scans have confirmed the presence of these implants.

"'Paul Bennewitz, President of his own scientific company in Albuquerque and an investigator with the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, has been the principal investigator of the case. Interviewed in his office in April 1983, Bennewitz reports that through regressive hypnosis of the mother and child and his own follow-up investigation [including communications received via his computer terminal which ostensibly is from a UFO-related source], he was able to determine the location of the underground facility, a kilometer underground beneath the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico. [Since 1976, one of the areas hardest-hit by mutilations coincidentally or whatever].

"'...The mother and son, by the way, were Returned back to their car that night. Since the incident, they have suffered repeated trauma and difficulties as they attempt to recover from the episode. We pass this along because the account is, of course, most crucial if true; but we are not in a position to confirm the alleged findings. Hopefully, more information regarding this incident will be aired in the near future. We can only consider such reports while continuing to seek the evidence to refute or confirm.'


"That's the end of this remarkable quotation from STIGMATA.

"...I got in touch with Dr. Bennewitz by telephone and indicated that I had seen this reference to him and his work and I wanted to find out whether he was being misrepresented or whatever... It is rather mind boggling and here is the substance of that telephone conversation.

"He is a physicist and he started four years ago to determine in his own mind whether UFOs exist or do not and he has gotten much more deeply involved than he ever intended. IT HAS CAUSED HIM A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE FROM THE GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE GROUPS. He has pictures from the location. He went with a Highway Patrol Officer and they saw a UFO take off from the mesa at the location. He obtained photographs and what he calls launch ships were 330 ft. long and 130 ft. across.


The cattle rancher named Gomez and he went back to this location which is a mesa and saw a surveillance vehicle which was about 5 ft. by 10 ft., like a satellite, he said. He had been using a Polaroid camera and then got a Hausel-Bladd to produce much better pictures. He set up a monitoring station and observed that UFOs are all over the area... He has been dealing heavily with a Major Edwards [somebody] [* Security Commander] who was with Manzano Security and two [* My wife & I] of them saw four objects outside of a [nuclear] warhead storage area at a range of about 2500 feet and obtained movies of them. He now has about 6000 feet of movie footage, of which 5000 ft. is in Super Eight. THE OBJECTS HAVE THE ABILITY TO 'CLOAK,' that's the word, spells CLOAK like cloak and dagger, like cover up and he says that they can cause themselves to go invisible by a field that caused the light waves to bend around the object and that one sees the sky behind them.

"He confirmed the fact that the woman was picked up when she accidentally observed the calf being abducted. He has paid for a pathology work and medical doctor work. The pathologist is a former head of the microbiology department of New Mexico University. They have done CATscans to show that the woman and her son did in fact have implants in their bodies. [* We confirmed the woman - not her son] She has a vaginal disease like streptococci-bulbie[?] and tried many antibodies to destroy the bacteria. That it has survived off the antibodies themselves. THE ALIENS KEEP HASSLING HER. [* Still true to date].

"Paul kept the woman and her mother at his house and the UFOs were flying overhead constantly. THERE IS NO ESP INVOLVED, BUT IT IS JUST PLAIN PHYSICS.

"They beam down [* They send a beam down - not 'beam down']. They can communicate THROUGH THIS BEAM. She picked up their transmissions. He devised a means of communication based upon her alfbic [?] code; one is equal to 'no' and two being 'yes.' Through this code he has been able to talk to the aliens. He then computerized a system that would reject extraneous inputs. HE SAID THAT THEY CAN BE VERY THREATENING AND MALEVOLENT...

"He then told the O.S.I. OF THE AIR FORCE and he has been requested to give [* Did give] several presentations to HIGH LEVEL Air Force people in briefings on the subject, WING LEVEL Command and many others including this fellow Edwards. And he took a helicopter to the site [* No - Twice to site - 1st by OSI agent, 2nd by a Col. Carpenter]. It turned out that the WING COMMANDER, after a presentation that this fellow made, then took a helicopter to the site and made photographs.

"He says that you can see saucers on the ground. He says there is a kind of cone - a large cone and the larger vehicles come and land on top of the cone with the top of the cone fitting into a hole in the bottom. There is an elevator inside of the cone and that goes down into the mountain or ground about one kilometer. You can see the aliens running around the base getting into the vehicles and stuff.


They use small vehicles to get around that have no wheels. They are rectangular in shape and they levitate. They do not show up in color BECAUSE THEY ARE HIGHLY REFLECTIVE, but in B & W they are visible. He says that there are beam weapons that are floating in strategic locations and there is a road into the base. He obtained infra-red photos of the area from an altitude of 14,000 Ft. There is a level highway going into the area that is 36 ft. wide.


IT IS A GOVERNMENT ROAD (i.e. part of the off-limits road that goes through Colorado's Ute Reservation and then south across the border? - Branton).


One can see telemetry trailers and buildings that are five sided buildings with a dome. It is standard military procedure. There are many guard points and 'stakes' and there are launch domes that one can see. Next to the launch dome HE SAW A BLACK LIMOUSINE AND ANOTHER AT SOME DISTANCE OFF [* Apparently]. The careful measurements showed that the limousine was the same length of his Lincoln Town car. IT IS A CIA VEHICLE. ALSO THERE WAS A BLUE VAN. He has been cautioned about these limousines as they will run you off the road if you try to get into the area and in fact somebody has been killed in that manner. To the north is a launch site.


THERE ARE TWO WRECKED SHIPS THERE: they are 36 feet with wings, and one can see oxygen and hydrogen tanks. There are four cylindrical objects Socorro type -- two carrying something while flying. The whole operation is based upon a government agreement and a technology trade. We get out of it atomic ships that are operated by plutonium. The Cash-Landrum case was one of them. The doors jammed open and neutron radiation came out.


They are based at Kirtland AFB and Holloman AFB [* No - only know of one based at HAFB] and some place in Texas [possibly Ft. Hood, Texas - a guess only]. He said the government is paying the hospital bills for the Cash-Landrum victims [* OSI Input - found out later unless someone covering - not true]. Refueling of the plutonium is accomplished at Los Alamos. He had... pictures of this base back to 1948 and it has been there starting in 1948. Pictures in 1962, you can see many saucers and the base and truck... The road was 'passed off' to the local inhabitants as a lumber contract.


He has photographs [* I believe] of the firing of a beam weapon that [fires?] in two directions. [That would be necessary on a flying saucer. The reaction forces would impede the vehicle] He has computed the speeds of [the] flying saucers at 15,000 mph and indicates that THE PILOTS [* of ours] ARE FROM NSA, THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY. The aliens have had atomic propulsion system for 48 years (or rather one particular 'alien' group, probably native subterranean? - Branton) and the saucers themselves operate on an electric charge basis having to do with crystal semiconductor and [* Maybe] a super lattice.


I think he said 'as you increase the voltage, the current goes down.'... At present there are six to eight vehicles, maybe up to ten over the area and sometimes up to 100. THEY CAN BE SEEN IN THE CLOUDS. They go into cumulus clouds and produce nitrogen nitride. [* I assume or speculate it is this] YOU WILL SEE BLACK SPOTS IN THE CLOUD. They eat holes in the cloud. If you can see black spots in a cloud, then you can tell that a vehicle is in there.

"He says that they come from six different cultures and in his communications (via accessing the information system of the underground base by tapping-in to their ship-to-base communications frequency using a radio-computer-video setup he developed. - Branton) [he learned that] SOME come from a binary system, possibly Zeta Reticuli and from distances up to and larger than 32 light years away.


They also [* appear to] have one to three [carrier?] ships in earth orbit at 50,000 KM altitude [* Based upon data]. He had to form the words to try to communicate and he produced a vocabulary of 627 words in a matrix form and used a computer. The Flying Saucers [* we see] are limited to operation in the atmosphere.

"Now with regard to the cattle problem, the aliens are using the DNA FROM CATTLE AND ARE MAKING HUMANOIDS. He got pictures of their video screen. SOME OF THE CREATURES ARE ANIMAL LIKE, some are near human and some are human and short with large head


(Hu-brids? It would seem that if this is the case, not all of the so-called 'hybrids' are infused with reptilian DNA, but rather cattle DNA or a wide variety of other DNA sources available in the 'Nightmare Hall' level of the base. - Branton).


They grow the embryos. After the embryos become active by a year of training presumably that is required for them to become operational. When they die, they go back into the tank. Their parts are recovered.

"In 1979 something happened and the base was closed. There was an argument over weapons and our people were chased out, more than 100 people involved. [Someplace later he indicates further details on this point] ...


(this 'may' be where the 66 -- 44 figures come from, that is 100 special forces who were sent in and forced to face literally THOUSANDS of Grays, 66 of whom fought to their deaths while 44 out of the hundred managed to escape back to the surface. - Branton)

"The base is 4000 ft. long and our helicopters are going in there all the time. When it became known that he was familiar with all this, the mutilations stopped. [* True] They are taking humanoid embryos out of this base to somewhere else. I asked if it was Albuquerque or Los Alamos, but he said he didn't know. [1/8/86 - looks like it is Albuquerque]

(Note: Subterranean bases below Albuquerque? Thomas E. Castello also stated that much of the Dulce activity was being extended into a MAJOR 'Gray' basing area below the Los Alamos region. One team of scientists who were investigating some newly-found ancient pictographs that depicted 'alien-like' scenes in or around the Santa Fe National Forest, insisted that they had seen in the early morning hours while camping in the area several dozen discs in the skies over the mountains, and shortly afterward a very large caravan of 'cattle trucks' -- which entered the area and seemed to leave hours later, after unloading their cargo.


This whole situation seems to 'imply' that the secret government may be 'feeding' the Grays at Los Alamos, which is apparently the largest 'nest' in North America outside of other known 'nests' near Madigan - Fort Lewis, WA; Lakeport-Hopland, Mt. Lassen & Deep Springs, CA; Area 51, NV; Dugway, UT and the Major NEXUS below DULCE, New Mexico.


This may all be part of an elaborate operation to 'appease' the aliens. The scientists stated that black helicopters, apparently having spotted their vehicles some distance away, flew over the area for some time in an effort to locate them, but apparently could not do so. They said that an almost identical scenario was repeated the following night and early in the morning. - Branton)

"He said there are still quite a few helicopters in operation. They fly at night. [* all unmarked] HE WENT UP THERE HIMSELF IN A HELICOPTER AND THE O.S.I. BRIEFED THE COPTER PILOT AND HE THOUGHT PERHAPS THE COPTER PILOT HIMSELF WAS AN UNDERCOVER MAN. They saw helicopter pads up there - Viet Nam type, with bearing markers and trees pushed off away from the location. It is such a wild area he said. He agreed to send me the coordinates of this base.

"Regarding abductions of people, they pick out medium to low IQ personnel.

(Note: They have also -- according to my information -- attempted to abduct people with higher-than-normal IQ's, with photographic memory, etc., in order to either utilize them on an unconscious basis or neutralize their intellectual capabilities if they appear to be a potential threat. - Branton)

"They are able to scope out each one [so we can do the same thing with electro-magnetic spectrum analyzers]. [* I don't know this part - word mix-up - drop]. They pick up these people and then put implants into them and then take tissue samples, including ovum from the women, sperm from the men and DNA.



Hynek (that is the late J. Allen Hynek, who worked for the Air Force's Project Blue Book in the early years and later became a civilian 'Ufologist'. - Branton) knows about all of this and has been in contact with Coral [Lorenzen]. He regards Hynek as a threat. [* Not really - I just think he is still a Gov. cover] At his house, he showed Hynek films and out in the back yard a flying saucer. He asked Hynek about his view with regard to abductions as to how many people might have been abducted. HYNEK, UNHESITATINGLY SAID ABOUT ONE OUT OF FORTY.

(Note: Other sources claim that more recent figures indicate this to be one out of twenty or even one out of ten Americans, since more abductees are being taken and implanted as time goes on -- most of whom are consciously unaware of the process because of hypno-electro-chemical memory suppression! - Branton)

"He said that many people come to his door to see him, just 'out of the blue' and he sees SCARS on the back of their necks. That previous old scars are easy to detect and that new ones are hard to detect. HE FEELS THAT THIS IS A SICKENING SITUATION.

"THE ALIENS HAVE GONE WILD AND USE HYPODERMICS [and notes a 'parallel four times.'] [McCampbell: I don't know what that means] [* I don't know either]. He has been paralyzed four times and has been hit 250 times by hypodermics. He says they knock you cold and they do whatever they want to do and the above points have been verified medically.

"A man came to see him with a top secret document that was dated in the 50's, indicating if anybody found out about all of this they would kill them. He was asked 'doesn't that bother you?' He said 'no it didn't.'

"He said he had sent some film to Kodak and there were seven rolls. They were Ectachrome G which could not be processed locally, so they had to go to Kodak. He does all of the film work commercially so that nobody could claim that he had 'monkeyed' with the film. His films came back, but one of them -- one was plain Ectachrome, but [* Was missing for 2 months - when received] nine feet was missing and this was close-ups of UFOs that he had taken.


The missing pictures of the nine feet [* The 9 ft. didn't - others known only to me did] IN A TOP SECRET DOCUMENT THAT HE STUDIED AND THE CODE NAME IS AQUARIUS AND IT IS A PROJECT OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY [* I was told NASA]. They are the ones that kept his film and copied it with deletions on Ectrochrome and sent it back [* I suspect].


"THE LOCATION OF THE BASE IS 2 1/2 MILES NORTH-WEST OF DULCE AND ALMOST OVERLOOKS THE TOWN. IT IS UP ON THE MESA. We discussed the similarity between everything we have been talking about here and the movie 'CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND'. He said he speculated that seemed to be a plan of disclosure, that is the movie. The coordinates of the location are not far off and the mountain where the actual base is looks much like the mountain in the movie.

"The next thing was -- Discussing the trade off -- all right. Here is what we got in the trade off. We got atomic technology, the atomic flying ships. Several of them, the first one wrecked on the ground and it can be seen and photographed from the air. A second one wrecked. A third one was wrecked. Apparently this last one was repaired and was the one that was in Houston -- near Houston in the Cash-Landrum case. The second items that we get out of it, are the beam weapons, the beam technology and third [* I speculate] is the thought [psionic] beam.


That is the means by which communication is accomplished. It is electrostatic in character with a magnetic component [* artifact] and it is the only way of communicating with people. They have to have the implants in order to use it. The crash occurred at the base WHEN THERE WAS A DISTURBANCE OF SOME SORT, THE ALIENS KILLED 66 OF OUR PEOPLE AND 44 GOT AWAY. [* Alien computer input - True? I do not know.].


Over an argument -- they turned on us.

"...He was familiar with what the aliens called MPS, which means manipulations per second -- no, manipulations per sequence. [An] electrostatic field that can be manipulated into many configurations and the craft can stall. In order to prevent this, the field is adjusted once every forty milliseconds. He studied the trails from UFOs and they seem to break down into a pulse rate of 62 per second. Based upon the color movie pictures, there seems to be a blast of light and spectral components and composition in there, with a Bow-Wave in front of the UFO with nitrogen showing green and oxygen showing blue, but with the saucer being invisible.


They can run into a car or airplane and this Bow-Wave will destroy them. Rockets can hit this Bow-Wave and be destroyed. They can't penetrate it. At White Sands he was shown pictures of an F-15 shooting rockets with a missile at a target and the saucers came in behind the missile, 30 ft. behind, and then flew through the explosion. He didn't know what the purpose of the demonstration was, but suspected it might be just to show how invulnerable they are. But sometimes the saucers get into trouble and they are all consumed in some kind of way.

"When he went up to Dulce in a helicopter, they landed and left some equipment there, but then when they came back the pilot was extremely nervous. Paul wanted to land on the base, but the pilot wouldn't do that. They came back to Dulce and landed at a small strip there, where they found two large Huey helicopters. The Indian [* Highway Patrolman] in charge there named Valdez went aboard one of the choppers AND THEY FOUND THEM TO BE FULL OF COMMANDOS. THEY ESTIMATED A TOTAL OF 75 COMMANDOS, fully armed with M-1 rifles [* No - M16's] and rockets [* & launchers].

"They did not have any indication of rank [* Valdez says no - not true - my mistake - I did not get that all]. They only HAD shoulder patches on and the helicopters had no identification other than numbers. The helicopters were part of a project called BLUE LIGHT and they were from Ft. Carson, Colorado [* OSI Input]. When they left they were escorted by these two large Huey helicopters. As they were flying along, in the background they saw rise up one of the advanced space technology vehicles that looked like a manta ray with a negative dihedral and projections coming down. It flew vertically past [the] two accompanying helicopters.




So it appears that, for the privilege of collecting the biological materials in the mutilation of cattle and the abductions and the operations on board the craft, the government has allowed this to go on and even to assist for the privilege of getting the nuclear flight technology, plus also the embryos which are flown out of the base. [A rather fantastic story] [Jim McCampbell comment] Paul strikes me as being an extremely conservative, extremely knowledgeable and reliable scientist, who was intimately familiar with sophisticated laboratory equipment. His is thoroughly scientific and reliable. [Jim McCampbell evaluation]

"...I inquired about the other bases that were referred to in the 'STIGMATA' report or article. He said all that he knew [was] that one was to the south, one to the west and one to the east and he doesn't want to know anything more about it.

(Note: That is, in addition to the base north of town, there were other connected facilities west, south and east of town. In fact some sources have claimed that level 1 of the Dulce base reaches under the town of Dulce itself at a depth of some 200 to 300 feet. - Branton)

"I discussed the prospect of using the paper in the MUFON Proceedings to try to find the center of gravity for the mutilation cases from those maps that run from about 1972 to 1982 or 1983. The word gravity triggered in his mind another connection having to do with the Dept. of Interior that has a gravity dept. and they do in fact survey the United States and publish maps indicating the gravity contours. THERE IS A VERY WEAK GRAVITY at the site near Dulce.

(Note: Also another very weak gravity reading exists around Creede, Colorado, which is reportedly a northern extension from the Dulce facility. There are also southeast extensions as far away as Roswell and Carlsbad, New Mexico and an apparent southwest extension that seems to reach as far as the Superstition Mts. east of Phoenix, Arizona. These 'extensions' are not necessarily all base-complexes, but tunnels that have been excavated by aliens, secret government OR ancient cultures -- or all of the above -- via nuclear drills which eliminate waste matter by melting and cracking the rock, and pushing the molten rock as the machine moves forward into the peripheral cracks of the tunnel, where the incandescent rock cools into a super-hard glazed and water-tight lining. - Branton)

He said that the craft are very sensitive to the gravity levels and SUGGESTED THAT PERHAPS THE OTHER SITES MIGHT ALSO BE LOCATED RELATIVE TO WEAK GRAVITY.

"He indicated that the objects fly in a wobbly way. His pictures have shown that. He says 'like the rocking of a boat.' He has measured many right angle turns and also full 180 degree turns in a 20th of a second with the objects still inside the bow-wave. He has also observed and photographed the object or lights moving in a triangular pattern and square patterns.


HE SAYS HIGH POWERED RADAR CAN INTERFERE WITH THEM. I reported on the meeting that we had on Sunday afternoon and raised some of the questions that came out of that meeting. One of them was why not remove the implant? He said that this had been discussed and the lady witness finds that acceptable if she can be assured that there can be no nerve damage. He then went into great detail, which exceeds my knowledge of anatomy, in describing the location of the implants.


ONE APPEARS TO BE ADJACENT TO AND EXTERNAL TO THE CORTEX, WHICH I THINK HE INDICATED WAS AT THE BASE OF THE BRAIN. The image of the CATscan is of a very small helix, like it was joining two major nerves near the spinal column. Then on the lateral right side from the back, there is an implant of perhaps like the one above. Another is on the left side. Two others are on the forward part of the skull, which appear to be small 2 millimeter electrodes AGAINST THE RADIAL NERVE. There is a shape to these things which he indicated is like a baby bottle nipple upside down [* This shape is not the implants which **ILLEGIBLE** the skull], not the cap part, but just the nipple itself. [I raised the question of the U.S.S.R. satellites seeing this Base] He acknowledged that and also that ours can certainly see it.


He had a discussion with some photo analyst [* OSI photo analyst] who indicated that he had seen tracks up a hill and a launch location that was definitely not a rock but some kind of artificial construction. On the hazard of entering [the] area, I asked about that. He said that there is a risk if we went in on foot, but if a person tried to do that likely that the people would 'wack them.' [* I said 'zap'.


The odds are one might be accosted] But he thinks that a helicopter would be safe. But what he wants to do is to do additional aerial surveillance. Then go in with a group, the larger number of people the better.


A Highway Patrolman, a friend of his, is ready to go in at any time. He says one can't act on impulse. You have to plan out a program. He said four times he had near encounters and one was with this Major Edwards. He had received a mental communication [* No - not received - I asked them mentally - they were apparently scanning me - I don't 'receive' anything mentally.] while watching some UFOs...

"He is president of Thunder Scientific Corporation, a well known operation there, with their specialty being temperature and humidity devices. THEIR EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN ON THE SHUTTLE AND MOST OF THEIR BUSINESS IS WITH THE TOP 500 CORPORATIONS.

"His company is by
Sandia on 1/2 acres and [he is] now building an additional 3500 sq. ft. building. There is another organization called Bennewitz Laboratory which is the research arm of Thunder Scientific Corporation owned 90% by the latter and operated by his three sons. They have invented a hearing device that has no moving parts that makes totally deaf people able to hear and in addition, expanding the frequency range plus 100 HZ on the high side and down to less than 10 HZ on the low frequency end.

"He said that he got involved in all this merely as a hobby and it became an obsession. He simply wanted to know what was going on and to develop instrumentation to measure data, etc. Since THE SIGNALS FROM THE UFOS ARE VERY LOW FREQUENCY, DOWN AROUND 200 [?] HZ and with an analyzer you just think you are looking at some noise. But I believe he said IT WAS A MEMORY SCOPE THAT WAS ABLE TO FILTER OUT THE SIGNALS INVOLVED THERE WHEREAS ORDINARY FILTERS DO NOT. They trigger signals in an on and off fashion, instead of 0 and 1 volt representing that type of communication or signal, a distinction is made between a narrow pulse and wide pulse.


Each communication is preceded by four or five pulses. HE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN IN TOUCH WITH THE OSI which has been verified by [the book] 'CLEAR INTENT.' But NOW HE SAYS THAT WHEN HE CALLS THEM, THEY WON'T SPEAK TO HIM SO HE IS IN A 'SHUT OUT' SITUATION. I pointed out that there were two OSI's [Office of Special Investigation] and the other is CIA [Office of Scientific Investigation]. He assured me that is was not the CIA group. He said the actual title of the group that he was dealing with was the 'Office of Secret Investigation' [or 'Intelligence'].


He says there is also a new pattern or [ILLEGIBLE] called Human Intelligence, that is they investigate the humans, that is, the government. I mentioned to him that in 'CLEAR INTENT' that it said he was under surveillance. That happens to be in error. That information comes from SOMEWHERE ELSE. But he quickly said 'I know that I am under surveillance.' They set up a site across the street from his house with computers and recorders. A girl rented the house.


He had a detective look into this and found that she was operating under an assumed name and SHE HAD NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. HE HAS PHOTOGRAPHS OF PEOPLE COMING AND GOING WITH 'NORAD' LICENSE PLATES, AIR FORCE, A.F. WEAPONS LAB.


HE THINKS NSA IS ORCHESTRATING THIS. For an entirely separate subject, he thinks [* I was told that it was by a Washington source] this whole operation, THE UFO BASE DETAIL IS CLASSIFIED HIGHER THAN THE PRESIDENT. THAT IS, HE THINKS THE PRESIDENT DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS [Not in total depth] [* True].

"He is also concerned that there are two levels of security involved. (1) Project AQUARIUS which is TOP SECRET and another (2) higher than that; where people in charge of the higher level information HAVING THESE NEW VEHICLES COULD SIMPLY TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT. He called the Air Force intelligence headquarters in [Washington] [* Yes - true - AF Intel.] [He didn't say Washington, but that was the idea]


The Commanding Officer was not present but he talked to a Captain who was the adjutant or executive and started talking. He said 'I know all of these facts, and this and that and what do you think about that?'


The Captain said 'JUST WRITE US A REPORT AND TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO.' [* About it] So he prepared a 20 page report and Edwards saw it. He forwarded it by Federal Express and also a copy to the White House in a double envelope, indicating that sensitive material was in the inner envelope. Edwards got a call from Colonel Smith [* Not Smith - Col. Don ____? Have to check files.] who was the White House Liaison to inquire who this Bennewitz fellow was. Edwards gave a positive report. The White House was extremely interested and issued orders 'TO GET ON WITH IT; TO DO SOMETHING, ASSURING EDWARDS THAT BENNEWITZ WOULD RECEIVE A LETTER WITHIN TWO WEEKS.'

(Note: This tends to confirm that TWO groups, both elected and unelected, are working simultaneously within 'government', and that each seems to have different agendas in regards to how 'government' should be run, how the alien problem should be dealt with, and how other issues should be handled. Only a small percentage of the White House executive branch and probably even a smaller percent of the Senate, House of Representatives and Congress know what is going on in regards to the 'joint-interaction' projects.


The Executive branch apparently knows more than the other governmental branches because of its close ties with the Military-Intelligence-Industrial complex and because of the large number of 'appointed' rather than 'elected' officials operating within... that is, within the 'Executive' secret agencies that have been created to operate outside of presidential awareness for purposes of "plausible deniability" and which have come under the control of the Industrial elite rather than the elected Congress.


One of the reasons why the Congress and the electorate government has lost so much control over the country to the Industrial elite is because they have capitulated this authority over to the President and executive branch of government, when the President according to the U.S. Constitution should serve merely as the spokesman for the Congress, Senate, and House of Representatives. We have unconstitutionally allowed the President to have the power to appoint his own UNELECTED staff, establish Executive Orders without the consent of Congress, and create agencies that are free from Congressional oversight.


For instance Congressional overseers and investigators have been allowed to hold only a TOP SECRET security clearance, whereas many of these secret agencies like MJ12 that were created by the executive branch are classified ABOVE TOP SECRET or higher, in other words they are unelected "secret governments" operating like tape-worms within the elected government, with the potential of corrupting it from within as exemplified by the numerous black projects taking place within the Dulce base, and elsewhere.


The activities being carried out within the Dulce base have gone "out of control", and all manner of unregulated atrocities are being carried out there simply because THERE IS NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT OF THOSE ACTIVITIES. Now that the cloning of large animals such as lambs and monkeys is a PUBLICLY KNOWN FACT, we cannot ignore the many claims of sophisticated and unregulated cybernetic and biogenetic atrocities that have reportedly been taking place within these bases for decades. I should know, since I myself am the product of such cybernetic-biogenetic tampering -- although you might say a 'renegade' product of such black budget projects, and one who they "lost control of" along with whatever sensitive data/secrets my unconscious mind may have harbored at the time of my "defection". In regards to the problems threatening our Constitutional government, giving a U.S. President the power to create agencies which can operate with impunity far from the prying eyes of Congress and the citizens of the U.S.A. is dangerous in the extreme.


This is especially true when we consider the risk that a potential President may be the hireling of powerful corporate interests with strong media ties, and therefore able to bend public opinion in favor of the candidate of their choice while discrediting the opposition. History has shown that powerful corporate entities are more interested in making a profit -- even if it means selling out the rest of us -- than in maintaining liberty and equality.


Many of the corporate 'empires' involved with the secret government hold to the Constitution only to the degree that it serves their own self-interest. This has led America dangerously close to the edge that separates a Congressionally run DEMOCRACY from what we might refer to as a Corporate run MONARCHY, one that is ultimately controlled by unelected corporate interests rather than by elected members of Congress, the Senate, and House of Representatives. - Branton)

"Such a letter was never received. Finally, Col. Smith from the Air Force Secretary sent him a letter eventually just pursuing the 'old party line.' That said 'he should not be troubling the headquarters of the Air Force and the Executive offices of the White House with all of his stuff.'

(Note: As a result of this and other 'pressure' which came from elsewhere in the Intelligence community, nothing immediately came about, and certainly no 'Congressional Investigation' into the activities near Dulce, which was definitely warranted. The 'pressure' may have come from the NSA-CIA-AQUARIUS-MAJI agencies. It seems as if the alleged intelligence agent "Ufologist" William Moore played a major role in the efforts to sabotage the Dulce investigations and destroy Paul Bennewitz' reputation.


Moore was working on behalf of the 'AVIARY' -- a schizophrenic 'Alien Intelligence' Agency operating deep within the murky labyrinthine levels of the 'governmental-military-industrial' complex, an agency which is apparently carrying out the policies and agendas of the likewise schizophrenic MJ12 organization, or the policies of MJ12's superior agency MAJI -- the 'Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence'. Depending on which 'faction' has gained the upper hand in MJ12, in the CIA, and in the AVIARY -- that is the NAVY's pro American CABAL and COM-12 agencies OR the NAZI's [er, I mean the NSA's] pro New World Order MAJI and AQUARIUS agencies -- the policies of these agencies have in the past been subject to immediate change if not absolute reversal.


As a case in point, Cattle Mutilation researcher Linda Moulton Howe was invited to Kirtland AFB in April of 1983 to visit with AFOSI agent Richard Doty. During the visit Doty showed Howe some extremely sensitive documents PROVING the existence of aliens and alien hardware now in government hands. Doty detailed a complex plan for metered public release of the entire UFO secret, and was interested in using Ms. Howe's contract with HBO -- to do a UFO / Cattle Mutilation documentary -- as a springboard for the release of such information.


Elaborate plans were made and many promises were given, however as a result of a power-struggle deep within the Intelligence community the plans for public information release were shelved and Linda Howe was left out in the cold scratching her head and wondering just what the hell the whole thing was all about. And Linda Howe has NOT been the only one to experience this bizarre type of schizophrenic activity within the Intelligence community, especially in regards to projects and plans for the 'government' to come clean on the alien agenda.


Apparently there are those patriots within government who want ALL of the facts about alien malevolence and infiltration of planet earth made public; those corporate interests who want NONE of the facts made public as they maintain their power through the suppression of truth; and those agents of the aliens themselves who want information made public SO LONG as the alien Greys are presented as benevolent 'space brothers'... I would guess the latter would involve some type of propaganda meant to entice the masses themselves to accept and capitulate their will over to the Draconian Reptiloid/Grey collectivists, who have infiltrated and control certain levels of the military-intelligence-industrial complex. - Branton)

"Bennewitz showed this letter to Edwards WHO BLEW UP AND CALLED SMITH [* Col. Don. ____]. They got an answer from the Air Force that they were not interested and knew nothing about it. On another point: referencing the 'STIGMATA' article where the farmer thought that the two humanoids may have been naked. In the case with which he was dealing with -- the woman and the son, the boy upon being questioned laughed, and said 'they had no fronts or behinds.' I asked no sexual organs?, and he said yes, no organs at all.


He has received information concerning a high metabolism rate of the creatures, even birdlike. One of the witnesses, I think the woman who was being taken by the hand, said the hand of the creature was 'red hot.' And he guesses that it must have been 115 degrees F. The creatures cannot stand uncontrolled environment. THEY WEAR SUITS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST EXCESSIVE HEAT. They are fed by a formula and if they are short of that intake, they will turn green. [* Turn Grey - They are a light yellow green when healthy] The heart is on the right side and they have one lung. Elimination is through the skin. The creatures are very strong...

"He says that the UFOs can be detected by radar detectors and they also trigger highway patrol radar or Police radar guns. His friend Valdez, at his suggestion, was looking for water intake to the site and within about 1 1/2 miles he came upon a flying saucer at a distance of about 300 ft. THE INDIANS OWN THE AREA -- ARE QUITE SCARED AND VERY SUPERSTITIOUS AND 90% OF THEM HAVE MOVED INTO TOWN. The Chief of Police told him about an experience he had. A tribal chief had gone deer hunting on a mesa south of Dulce. Two days went by.


When he didn't Return, a search party was sent out. In the daylight on the mesa, a ship 'hopped up' from down below and came above the mesa. The guys [human] kicked the tribal chief to the ground. Then they got into the ship and disappeared. He had been hunting and had 'fell'. He had a broken leg and he was picked up by these people in the craft. They were blacks... [* No - No - the SHIP was black... black uniforms] He discussed something about some devices called sphericals that are optical in sound [* They have a sound when they move abruptly.] and apparently remotely controlled little vehicles... Spheres from 1 1/2" to 12" in diameter. (These hovering spheres have also been seen in underground bases that reach as deeply as 2 miles below Edwards Air Force Base in California. Some have referred to them as 'spybees' - Branton).


We discussed weapons used by aliens and whether or not they are used to paralyze people. Yes, they consist of a cube about 2" on a side -- called a lens hung around the neck that emits a beam. Another on the ship produces a BLUE light that he has seen. It comes from a device about 4" high and 14" long with grid black lines on it (Is Bennewitz an abductee also? - Branton). The color produced is very light blue which is like ionized oxygen. He has not sought publicity on any of this. He is only interested in getting the facts...

"I continue to get reassurance that the guy is continually on the level and what he has to say should be taken seriously... [Jim McCampbell comment.]"

Ufologist Penny Harper, in the January 1990 issue of 'WHOLE LIFE TIMES', adds an unusual postscript to the Bennewitz affair in an article in which she revealed the following:

"Paul Bennewitz -- whereabouts unknown. Paul was a scientist investigating an abduction case. A woman and her son drove down a road in the southwest, the woman witnessed aliens mutilating a calf. The aliens captured both mother and son, taking them into an underground installation."

The woman observed many frightening things, apparently much of it similar to what abductee Christa Tilton and others have witnessed, yet they - mother and son - also saw:

"...human body parts floating in a vat of amber liquid. After a horrifying ordeal, the woman and her son were taken back to their car. Bennewitz was able to determine that there is a secret 'alien' base beneath Dulce, New Mexico.




He wrote 'The Dulce Report' and sent it to the civilian UFO group called APRO [i.e. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization]. Bennewitz was then committed to the New Mexico State Hospital for the mentally ill where he was given electro-shock 'therapy.'


When he was discharged, he publicly stated that he would not have anything to do with UFOs.


He is a recluse today, but still alive, last I heard."