God save us from religion

It has served us well, this myth of Christ.
Pope Leo X

Religion is the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented and it has been the most important weapon in the reptilian agenda for thousands of years. It has imprisoned the minds of the masses and kept them in perpetual fear and servitude. They accept their, often grotesque, plight on the word of men in long frocks who tell them it is "God's plan".


Take the shit today and you'll have paradise tomorrow.


It's always tomorrow.

Babylon to Rome

The blueprint for control by religion was honed and polished in Babylon, in the lands of Sumer in Mesopotamia. Babylon is also the location from where the global financial scam was foisted on the world. This scam involves lending people money that doesn't exist and charging interest on it. It just so happens that Babylon became the new headquarters of the Anunnaki bloodlines after the Sumer Empire collapsed.


Their operational centre later moved to Rome and it was then that we had the Roman Empire and the founding of the Roman Church, which, understandably, was a copy of the religion of Babylon. It uses the same methods, symbols, and stories. It is interesting to note that the word basilica, as in St Peter's Basilica in Rome, would appear to originate from a term relating to both a deadly serpent and royalty. A basilisk was a "mythical serpent, lizard or dragon, the "King of Serpents", whose hissing drove away all other reptiles, and whose glance and breath were fatal", according to Norman Lewis in the Comprehensive Word Guide (Doubleday, New York, 1958).


It was the "king snake" that all other reptiles feared. The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language, Fourth Edition, 2000, reveals that the name basilisk comes from the Latin/Greek terms basiliscus, basiliskos, and basileus, meaning king or "little king". This evolved into the Old French word, basilisc. Here we have the connection between royalty and the serpent yet again.


The basilisk is mentioned in Psalm 91, but by the time of the King James translation, the reference has been changed to an "adder". Later the basilisk became associated with the cock and became interchangeable with the term "cockatrice". St Peter of basilica fame is connected to the cock, as we shall see.

How appropriate should the centerpiece of the headquarters of the Babylonian Church in Rome be named after a royal serpent.

Rome to London


When the Anunnaki bloodlines moved their operational centre to London after William of Orange arrived in 1688, we had the emergence of the British Empire. In fact, the empires of Sumer, Babylon, Rome, and Britain were all created and controlled by one force. In Babylon they used the same structure they had in Sumer with the priesthood acting as the go-between or middleman for the "gods", and this gave them enormous power over the people.


During the Babylon period the Anunnaki were seeking to rise from the ashes of Sumer and develop their strategy for taking over the world covertly through their bloodlines and front organizations. To do this, they needed to take out of circulation the true accounts of history, especially their own role in humanity's suppression, and the esoteric knowledge that would allow the people to understand the magnitude of their own power and potential.


John A. Keel, in his book Our Haunted Planet says that they chose religion as the "battleground" on which to conquer the human mind:

"...The para-human Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America. ...In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the super-intelligence [God]. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered on human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America.

"...Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something (probably an undetectable mass of intelligent energy) could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind ... The human race would supply the pawns ...Each individual had to consciously commit himself to one of the opposing forces ...The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul."1

By choosing to give yourself to a deity or "god", you open your psyche to possession by the force that deity or "god" represents. And deities like "Mary" and "Jesus" represent very different forces to those perceived by their "believers". It is so important for people to get out of religion and start recovering control of their own minds. There is an important point to make before we proceed because the symbolism of the Sun is about to become very significant.


There is a general belief that the Sun represents the male and the Moon the female. That's understandable because that's the way it looks and on one level it's true. But there's a twist. There came a time when the global religion of worshipping the goddess was replaced by the male "god". However, that was only on the surface, for public consumption, control, and ignorance.


To suppress the ancient knowledge, not least that of true history, it was necessary to destroy the outward expression of goddess worship while its initiates continued with business as usual. Therefore, religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were created to give the appearance of being dominated by the male, while, in truth, being secret vehicles for the worship of the goddess.


This involved taking female deities like El and depicting them as male.

The sun goddess

Way back in history the Sun was portrayed as female.2 In Japan, a country with a long history of serpent worship, the ruling clans claimed descent from the Sun Goddess. Japanese tribes in AD238 were ruled by Queen Himiko, who was called the Daughter of the Sun. The goddess Aditi, the Hindu Great Mother, was depicted as the Sun. She was said to be the mother of the Adityas, who was symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac.


The Sun was the "garment" of the goddess, who was "clothed with the Sun". When Christians made Mother Mary their version of the goddess, they said that Mary was a "woman clothed in the Sun". Tantric Buddhism had the goddess as the Sun. The ancient Arabs worshipped the Sun as the Goddess Atthar and referred to her as the "Torch of the Gods".


The Celts had a Sun goddess called Sulis, a name that derives from Suil, meaning both "eye" and "Sun", both of which appear on the dollar bill and the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. She was also known as Sul, Sol and Sunna. One of her shrines in Britain is the biggest human-made mound in Europe called Silbury Hill, which is part of the complex of standing stones and earthworks at Avebury in Wiltshire, England. Sul was worshipped from the high places, just as El and her derivatives were associated with mountains. Hills overlooking springs were the most sacred places in Britain for the Goddess Sul, places like Glastonbury Tor and Bath.


Overlooking Bath, for example, is Solsbury Hill, and Salisbury in Wiltshire is another important Sun goddess site and the location of a famous cathedral much beloved of Prince Charles. When the Romans came to Britain they worshipped this goddess as Sol Minerva. Her symbol was an owl -the symbol of the rituals at Bohemian Grove in northern California. The road system around the Congress Building in Washington DC is also shaped unmistakably as an owl (see The Biggest Secret). The lion became the symbol of the "male" Sun when the open became hidden, but once again the lion had more commonly symbolized the goddess.


The Mother Goddess Hathor was depicted as a lion-headed Sphinx.

Mystery Babylon

The Mystery school/secret society network designed to advance the reptilian agenda expanded rapidly from the time of Babylon after 2000BC. In this same period the Royal Court of the Dragon was infiltrating the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the other structures of power. The Jewish historian, Eupolemus, said that giants built Babylon after the deluge -the usual story. According to a Babylonian text, these giants were the Anunnaki.


The Anunnaki priesthood in Babylon began to invent a whole new history and religious "truth", through which they could control the people mentally, emotionally, and, as a consequence, physically. In doing so, they replaced spiritual truths with fairy tales about mythical people, which the masses were told to take literally At this point, they were still referring to "gods" plural because the Illuminati's manipulation had not yet reached the stage where the Anunnaki and other gods could be transformed into one "god". When that change came it would eliminate the more obvious records of their existence.


The Hebrew priesthood would achieve this, together with the English translators of the Bible. The religion of Babylon created the mould, even the detailed stories, for those that followed. For example, where have you heard this before? In Babylon they worshipped a trinity of Nimrod, the father, symbolized as a fish; Tammuz or Ninus, the son, who was said to have died to save humanity on December 25th; and Queen Semiramis, the Babylonian "Isis", who was symbolized as a dove. They said that Nimrod and Tammuz, the father and son, were "one".


When Tammuz died for the sins of humanity, the priesthood said he was put in a tomb and, three days later when they rolled back the stone, he was gone. All this was thousands of years before Christianity and it is just one of so many versions of the "Jesus" story that were told long before "Jesus" was supposed to have lived. Oh yes, in the spring rituals to mark the death and resurrection of Tammuz/Ninus, they offered buns inscribed with a solar cross - the hot cross buns of the much later "Christian" festival called Easter.


Christianity is just recycled "paganism" that condemns "pagans" as evil. What hypocrisy. Even the term "Testament" is the entomological confirmation that it is literally all a load of balls.


Lauren Savage, the Webmaster at davidicke.com and a long-time researcher of ancient history, tells me that the root of Testament is "testes". Apparently, tradition says that the ancient Hebrews used to hold the other guy's balls, sorry "testes", while hearing an oath.


Funnily enough, they do the same in some of the Illuminati rituals today, I am told. Lauren says that in the King James Version of the Bible, Abraham has his servant swear upon his "thigh" according to the translation when, in Hebrew tradition, it would have been his dangly bits. It certainly gives new meaning to the term: "Got you by the balls".


Staring at a penis was another way to "God" in these times, I understand, and in some way this related to "remembering" the covenant. All it does for me is make me remember that I am not as young as I used to be. So the Old Testament means "Old Balls" and the New Testament means "New Balls". When we testify in court is the judge symbolically holding our testicles? You're right, don't lets go there.


Good thinking.

Suns of god

Tammuz was a name for the Sumerian god Dumazi or Damu (the "only begotten son" or "Son of the Blood") who provided the blueprint for all the later sons of God, including Jesus. The Hebrews inherited Tammuz (also known as Adonis) from the Babylonians and the Roman records refer to Tammuz as the chief god of the Jews. The Jewish calendar still has a month named after Tammuz, who was known as "the serpent who emanated from the heaven-god, Anu."3


And Anu was the head of the Anunnaki, the Sumerian tablets say. The Mesopotamian kings were said to be of the bloodline of Tammuz, just as Sir Laurence Gardner claims that the Merovingian "true" royal line is the bloodline of Jesus. It was said that the land was given life by the blood of Tammuz and he was a healer, saviour, and a shepherd who looked after his flock of stars.


He died wearing a "crown of thorns" made from myrrh. Tammuz was symbolically sacrificed on the Day of Atonement in the form of a lamb. He was worshipped in Jerusalem where his exact story would later be re-told using the name "Jesus". And, take a deep breath here vicar, the cave in Bethlehem where Jesus is said to have been born, is the same one where the ancients claimed that Tammuz (Adonis) was born.


The Bible "translator", Jerome, admitted that Bethlehem had been a sacred grove dedicated to Tammuz, the fertility god or "spirit of the corn". Bethlehem means "House of Bread" or "House of Corn". Horns, the Egyptian Son of God, was born in the "Place of Bread" and Jesus said he was "the Bread of Life".

The priesthood took the ancient Sumer Sun religion, esoteric, astrological and astronomical knowledge, and the stories of their reptilian gods, and buried them in symbolic fables. This hid their real meaning, except to initiates, while introducing the rigid beliefs of the prison religions. Every major religion, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism all had the same basic origin: the knowledge and beliefs of Sumer, which inherited the knowledge and beliefs of Atlantis and Lemuria. The major religions were all founded in the lands once occupied by the Sumer Empire.


They may have emphasized different elements of the Sumer beliefs, but that was the mould from which they all came. The priesthood's job was to withdraw the true knowledge from circulation and they twisted their manufactured religious texts until the knowledge that would set the people free was portrayed as "evil". Look at Christianity. Another goal of the priesthood, or the "Long Frocks" as I call them, was to develop stories and themes that made the people feel powerless, insignificant, and in awe of invented religious deities.


By being the "middlemen" to the gods (later "God") and interpreters of the "law" laid down by these make-believe "deities", they could control the people for their masters, the reptilian and other demonic entities. To stop the people rebelling against this suppression, control, and poverty, the priesthood stories had to promise a paradise in the afterlife for all those who obeyed "God's law". In other words, their law, the law of the Anunnaki. And for those who did not obey this "law"? Eternal hell and damnation.


Even the term "sin", as I have pointed out, comes from the name of an Anunnaki "god".

Out of Babylon (1): Judaism


The texts that formed the Old Testament of the Bible, a foundation of Judaism and Christianity, were written after the Levite priesthood of the Hebrews were held in captivity after 586BC in... here we go... Babylon! I think the term "captivity" is less than appropriate, also. The early Hebrews worshipped the serpent god of the Sumer Empire and the Levites were called "Sons of the Great Serpent".4


Their god YHVH was depicted as part human, part serpent, and their sacred book of esoteric (hidden) knowledge, the Kabbala, means "Serpent Wisdom".5 The Levites or Sons of the Great Serpent (bloodline) worshipped YHVH as a dragon called Leviathan, hence Levite.6


YHVH's serpent form was also known as Nehushtan or "Brazen Serpent" by the Levites and they placed golden and brass images of this deity on the altars of Hebrew temples.7


Excavations have discovered bronze and copper serpent symbols in former Levite temples. The mythical story of Moses and the Brazen Serpent set upon a cross is symbolic of this same theme. The Babylonians had inherited the stories and myths of Egypt and Sumer, and now they would reappear in a twisted form in the texts that would later become the Old Testament. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, which together make up the "Jewish" Torah, were all written by the Levites, or under their supervision, during or after the captivity in Babylon when the Levites joined forces with the network of the Babylonian reptilian priesthood.


So you find the Sumerian story of King Sargon floating on the river in a basket of rushes rehashed by the Levites in the account of the mythical character called "Moses". And the Sumerian Edin, the "abode of the gods", became the Garden of Eden in the Levite tales. The Book of Genesis is an edited version of the Sumerian accounts and it is a mass of goddess symbolism. The "mana from heaven", which the Moses-led Israelites were supposed to have received from "God" or YHVH/Jehovah, is actually a name for the goddess, Mana, who, like El, ruled the underworld.8


The Romans knew her as Mana or Mania. Her ancestral spirits were called "manes", as in the mane of the lion, so associated with the serpent cult, and of the horse, so connected with the Amazons or Valkeries. From the names Mana and Mania we get the word to describe crazed behavior. This is derived from worship of the Moon goddess, as in Moon-madness or "lunacy". Mantra, the Sanskrit term for projecting vibrations by chanting words or sounds, comes from the same root. Manu was the name for the Indian version of Noah, who survived the deluge with the help of the Great Serpent Vasuki.


In earlier times Manu was the womb of the goddess.

The Levites, those Babylonian Mystery School initiates, invented an entire history for the Hebrews to hide the real story and create a fiercely imposed structure of religious control. The Rabbis continue that tradition to this day. There is far more about this story in The Biggest Secret, where I have highlighted the way these texts were coded with esoteric knowledge and why the vast majority of people who we call "Jewish" today have no genetic connection to Palestine or Israel.


They originate, as Jewish sources have confirmed, from the Khazars, a people from southern Russia and the Caucasus Mountains, who had a mass conversion to Judaism in the 8th century. The terms "Jewish" and "Hebrew" have become mixed up. Some people we call Jewish go back to the Hebrews of the Middle East, but most do not.


They come from the Caucasus. It shouldn't matter where they come from, its just a body, but if people are being told a fib they have a right to know. So much of the "Hebrew" knowledge also came from the Egyptian Mystery schools and this is where the Hebrew language originated. The classic "Hebrew" or "Jewish" name, Cohen, comes from Cahen, the Egyptian name for priest and prince, and there are fundamental connections between the Hebrews and both Egypt and Babylon.


After all, the people who became known as the Hebrews came from within the same Sumer Empire that included the lands we now call Israel or Palestine. They were just an expression of the same empire and doubtless the priesthood of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Sumerians, and Babylonians, were connected by the same brotherhood networks going back to Atlantis and Lemuria.


The Sumerian priesthood were the middlemen between the people and the reptilian "gods" and so, in the end, were the others. The invented story of the "Exodus" was written to obscure the truth of what really happened in Egypt and there is no historical record outside of the Levite texts, nor any archaeological evidence, that any such "Exodus" ever took place. Between 1967 and 1982 when the Israelis occupied the Sinai Desert, they instigated a massive search for evidence of the 40 years the "Israelites" were supposed to have lived there.


What did they find? Nothing.


The loss of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea is not recorded in any historical document and this is utterly ludicrous if it had actually happened. The Greek historian Herodotus (C.485-425BC) traveled and researched the lands and history of Egypt and the Near East and yet he heard nothing of King Solomon, the mass exodus of "Israelites" from Egypt, or the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea. Neither did the Greek philosopher, Plato. L.A. Waddell, a fluent reader of Sanskrit, Sumerian, and Egyptian, researched that whole region in great detail.


He concluded:

"There is absolutely no inscriptional evidence whatsoever, nor any ancient Greek or Roman reference, for the existence of Abraham or any of the Jewish patriarchs or prophets of the Old Testament, nor for Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, nor any of the Jewish kings, with the mere exception of two, or at most three, of the later kings."10

Nor was there any claim for the existence of any of these people until the Levites were taken to Babylon where the plot was hatched. The same stories that were told about Abraham, like the near-sacrifice of his son, can be found in India. Earlier versions of "Moses" appear all over the Near and Middle East and the Mediterranean region under different names.


In Babylon they said that God gave "Nemo the Lawgiver" the tablets of the law on a mountaintop. After the Levites left Babylon, they turned Nemo into "Moses". In Syria, they had a guy they called "Mises", who did all the things the Levites attributed to "Moses". Like the Sumerian King Sargon, "Mises" was found as a baby floating in a basket of reeds or rushes.


Mises went on to part the waters with his magical rod and he was the guardian of the law, written in stone. Another "Moses" was the Egyptian hero, Ra-Haraldhti, whose alleged life was also copied by the forgers of history." The "Ten Commandments", so associated with Moses, are a copy of the laws known as the Code of Hammurabi. These were written at least a thousand years earlier.


Of course they were, the Code of Hammurubi came from... Babylon! But this code of Hammurabi goes back even further to our old friend Indara/Thor/St George, the first king of Sumer and his "Ten Commandments" of some 5,000 years ago. These were called in the Edda the "Hug Runes" with the word "hug" meaning affection, love, and good heart.


Hence hugging.

The real Bible code

Another fact that is vital to understand if we are to see the forest for the trees is that these Levite texts were written symbolically in codes and parables. When we take them all literally we lose the plot. Before the prison religions, the ancients were worshippers of the Sun and all three syllables in Sol-om-on are different names for the Sun. King Solomon's Temple was not a real location, it is symbolic.


The Freemasonic historian, Manly P. Hall, wrote that King Solomon's 1,000 "wives" and concubines were symbolic of the Sun, moons, asteroids, and other "receptive bodies", within his "house" or "temple" -the solar system.12 The stories attributed to Solomon and David can be found long before in India. And if there was no David or Solomon, then how can they have provided the bloodline of "Jesus"?


Answer: they didn't.


That genealogy was invented to serve a purpose, as were the Old Testament genealogies back to "Abraham" in Sumer. They were part of the manufactured history, some truth mixed with endless lies and deceit, which was created to hide what really happened.


Edouard Dujardin, in his book, Ancient History Of The God Jesus (Watts and Co, 1938) documents how Judaism or the "Jahvehists" took the gods of other nations and turned them into mythical Hebrew leaders, heroes, and prophets:

"Where Judaism fully succeeded, the ancient Baals of Palestine were transformed into heroic servants of Jahveh; where it gained only a partial victory, they became secondary gods ...Many of the old Baals of Palestine were assimilated by Judaism, which converted them into heroes in the cause of Jahveh, and in fact many scholars agree that the patriarchs of the Bible are the ancient gods of Palestine."13

The Hebrew gods, er, sorry... God

The idea that the Hebrew religion was based on "one God" is outrageous nonsense. They worshipped many gods and in the Old Testament texts they refer again and again to god in the plural, as with Elohim. The Jewish singular "god", El, comes from the name Elohim, which is plural. The Elohim were the Anunnaki, and the serpent goddess, El, in the Edda relates to all this.


But in the English translations the plural gods are turned into the singular God. The first line of Genesis "In the Beginning God created the heaven and the Earth" actually reads in the Hebrew:

"In the beginning the gods created the heavens and the Earth."

The word Elohim, plural, is used 30 times in Genesis and 2,570 times in all.14


These include the terms:

"And the elohim said let us make men in our image";

the elohim said "come let us go down" in the story of the Tower of Babel;

and "Behold, the man has become like one of us, to know good and evil" in the Garden of Eden.

Also in Genesis we have:

"And elohim said, 'Let us make Adam'".15

Terms like Yahveh-elohim or Yahveh of the gods, is translated as Lord and Lord God to hide the truth. It was impossible to eliminate "the gods" when these texts were first written because the whole of the world was worshipping a vast range of gods, representing the Anunnaki and others under different names, and the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and natural forces.


The move from gods to God advanced rapidly with the advent of the Illuminati religion of Christianity and when the Bible was translated into English. The King James Version of the Bible, the most used translation of them all, was sponsored by King James 1st, the first king of England and Scotland, who took the joint throne after the death of Elizabeth 1st in 1603.


Even most of the "new" Bibles are only updates of the King James Version. The "King James" removed a lot of marginal notes included in its predecessor, the so-called Geneva Bible, published in 1560. The king wanted to revise the Bible text because, like his mother, Mary Stuart, he believed totally in the "divine right of kings" in which the monarch answered to no one except "God" (the gods).


The Geneva Bible included phrases he did not like in relation to this "divine right" and so he had them removed. James was a Satanist and reptilian bloodline going back to the Egyptian pharaohs. His sexual desires preferred young boys, as recorded in numerous books and public records, and his lust for blood appeared insatiable. When he killed an animal he would literally roll in its blood, and he was responsible for the death and torture of thousands of "witches". He suggested many of the tortures himself.16


This is the man who decided what the Bible does or does not say! I am sure that the mass slaughter of "witches" by King James and the Christian church is connected with destroying certain bloodlines passed on through the female DNA. Sir Francis Bacon oversaw the translation of the King James Bible. He was from the reptilian bloodline and a high initiate of the secret society network as Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order.


He was a Knights Templar, an inspiration behind the creation of Freemasonry and the Royal Society, and a key member of the team of initiates under Lord Draconis, Edward de Vere, which compiled the "Shakespeare" plays.

Out of Babylon (2): Christianity

The Old Testament was joined by the "New" with the founding of Christianity, a religion that was based on the same Levite fables. In fact, there was no "New Testament" until the 4th century AD. That's a long time for the texts to be formulated for a religion that supposed to have been started 300 years earlier. And who arranged for all this? The Roman Emperor Constantine the "Great" after AD325.


He was the official head of a Roman Empire controlled by the very same forces that had earlier controlled Babylon when the texts of the Old Testament started to be written. Just a coincidence, eh? Vendyl "Indiana" Jones, the director of the Institute for Judeo-Christian Research in Arlington, Texas, points out that "primal Christians" had only the Hebrew Torah, the first 5 books of "Moses", the 22 books of the Prophets and Holy Writings that included Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, and the two books of Chronicles; plus the 14 books of the Apocrypha.


There was nothing about "Jesus". They met and worshipped with the Hebrews in the Synagogues and had no "Testament" of their own. Jones stresses that when we see terms in the New Testament like:

"...the scripture saith... it is written... what saith the law... thus saith the Lord... or... as the prophet said..." they are referring to Old Testament writings.

The first "Christians" based their faith on the texts of the Levites, just as they still do today.


As Vendyl Jones says, the writers of what he calls the "Newer Testament" viewed the Older Testament of the Hebrew Scriptures as the supreme authority:

"Much later their writings became the Newer Testament. Their authority was in the Torah primarily. This was enforced by the Prophets and Holy Writings. Their Newer Testament writings never showed or claimed supremacy over the Older Testament! They did all their writing in the Jewish mind-set. This attitude always concedes all authority to the Torah! It never irritates or challenges the authority of the Hebrew Scriptures."17

The big "C" is a big lie

Christianity was just an "add-on" to the texts and laws decided by the Levites and their successors during and after the Babylon "captivity". So what is Christianity and where did it come from? If you are a Christian, I should sit down and strap in. Christianity is largely a Sun religion and "Jesus" is not the "son", but the Sun. Or at least that is part of his symbolism.


We have already seen the similarities between "Jesus" and Balder of the serpent cult also, of course. The ancient Sun religion of Burner, and throughout the ancient world, was written down as a symbolic story, which Christians have been told to take literally. I hope you are ready for this, vicar. The main form of communication in the ancient world was symbolism and parable, and to understand the ancient Sun symbolism is to understand the major religions.

They used the symbol in Figure 32 to symbolize the Sun's journey through the year, or, more accurately, the Earth's journey in relation to the Sun. This is the so-called Sun cross. It can be found throughout the ancient world. They drew a circle and a zodiac (a Greek word meaning animal circle) and added a cross to mark the four seasons, and the solstice and equinox points.


At the centre of the cross they placed the Sun and this is where the theme of the Sun, or symbolically the "son", on the cross originates.

A similar symbol was used in Lemuria relating, James Churchward says, to the primal forces of creation. A long list of pre-"Jesus" deities were given the birthday of December 25th because of this Sun symbolism. The winter solstice, the lowest point or the Sun's power in the northern hemisphere, is on December 21st/22nd. This was the time when the ancients said that the Sun had "died" and gone down into the dark place.


By December 25th, three days later, they said the Sun had begun its journey back to the peak of its power in the summer and so they said that on this day the Sun was born or born again. The ancient Sun gods were given this "birthday", three days after the winter solstice, for this reason. These deities didn't exist, as everyone now accepts. They were symbolic of the Sun and so was Jesus, along with much other symbolism.

The Christian "Christmas" is an ancient pagan festival under another name and so is Easter. On March 25th, the old date for Easter, the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries, the ram or the lamb, and they sacrificed lambs in their rituals at this time to appease the gods and ensure a bumper harvest. Put another way, they believed the blood of the lamb would encourage the gods to forgive their sins.


The story of Samson (Sam-sun) in the Old Testament is the same Sun symbolism. The ancients symbolized the Sun's annual cycle as the life of a man. They would portray the Sun as a newborn baby on December 25th and he would grow up to become a big, strapping, very strong man at the summer solstice. This is the peak of the Sun's power in the northern hemisphere when it dominates the darkness at the longest day. At this time, the Sun-man would be given long golden hair to symbolize the powerful rays of the summer Sun.


As the Sun entered the house of Virgo the Virgin (the house of Delilah) at the start of autumn, this Sun-man would have his hair cut shorter as the power of the Sun began to fade. This is the real story of Samson. He was not a real person, but symbolic of the Sun. Samson, like Jesus, St Paul, and many other biblical characters, was said to be a Nazarene or Nazarite.


Here we have the true meaning of the term "Jesus of Nazareth" or "Jesus the Nazarene". The town of Nazareth did not exist during the alleged life of Jesus. There is no mention of it in any records or on any maps, even though detailed Roman records were kept at that time. It was founded after the Gospel stories were circulating. The Nazarite sect banned the cutting of hair, except in certain solar rituals, because the hair represented the rays of the sun. This could be the real origin of this custom that still continues today in the Sikh religion.


The Nazarenes or Nazarites wore black, as did the Babylonian brotherhood, and this was inherited by the Christian church. Today the Arabic word for Christians is Nasrani and in the Muslim Koran they are the Nasara or Nazara. This comes from the Hebrew word, Nozrim, which derived from the term, Nozrei ha-Brit or Keepers of the Covenant. The Anunnaki covenant, it seems to me.

Christianity was created by rehashing the ancient symbolic story of the Sun, together with Mystery school allegory and serpent cult symbolism presented as a literal story in an historical context. The elite priesthood and other initiates knew what the story really meant, and still do, but they tell the people it is literally true and damnation will befall them if they don't believe it. Some 1,200 years before "Jesus", the following was said in the East of the "heathen savior", (Virishna): he was born to a virgin by Immaculate Conception through the intervention of a Holy Spirit. This fulfilled an ancient prophecy. When he was born, the ruling tyrant wanted to kill him. And his parents had to flee to safety.


All male children under the age of two were slain by the ruler as he sought to kill the child. Angels and shepherds were at his birth and he was given gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. He was worshipped as the savior of men and led a moral and humble life. He performed miracles, which included healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, casting out devils, and raising the dead. He was put to death on the cross between two thieves. He descended to hell and rose from the dead to ascend back to heaven. Just a coincidence, Archbishop? Well how about these, then?


They all pre-date "Jesus", often by thousands of years.

Attis, the Son of God of Phrygia He was born on December 25th to a virgin mother. He was called a "savior", the only begotten son, and died to save humanity. He was crucified on a Friday "Black Friday" - and his blood was spilled to redeem the Earth. He suffered death "with nails and stakes". He was the Father and Son combined in an earthly body.


He was put in a tomb, went down into the underworld, but three days later, on March 25th, his body was found to have disappeared from the tomb and he was resurrected as the "Most High God". His body was symbolized as bread and eaten by those who worshipped him.

Krishna (Christ), the Son of God of India He was born to a virgin mother on December 25th and his father was a carpenter. A star marked his birthplace, and angels and shepherds attended.


The ruler slaughtered thousands of infants in an effort to kill him, but he survived and went on to perform miracles and heal the sick, including lepers, the blind, and the deaf. He died at about the age of 30 and some traditions say he was crucified on a tree. He was also portrayed on a cross, rose from the dead, and was considered the savior. His followers apparently knew him as "Jezeus" or "Jeseus", which means "pure essence". It is said that he will return on a white horse to judge the dead and fight the "Prince of Evil".

Dionysus or Bacchus, the Son of God of Greece He was born to a virgin mother on December 25th and put in a manger and swaddling clothes. He was a teacher who traveled, performing miracles. He turned water into wine (like the Sun) and rode in triumph on an ass (so did the Egyptian deity, Set). He was the ram or the lamb, God of the Vine, God of Gods and King of Kings, Only Begotten Son, bearer of sins, Redeemer, Anointed One (Christos), Alpha and Omega. He was hung and crucified on a tree, but rose from the dead on March 25th.


During the 1st century BC, the Hebrews in Jerusalem also worshipped this deity. J.M. Roberts writes in Antiquity Unveiled (Health Research, 1970) that "IES, the Phoenician name for Bacchus, offers the origin to Jesus". He says IES can be broken up into "I" (the one) and "es" (fire and light). Taken as one word, "ies" means the one light.


He goes on:

"This is none other than the light of St John's gospel; and this name is to be found everywhere on Christian altars, both protestant and catholic, thus clearly showing that the Christian religion is but a modification of Oriental Sun Worship, attributed to Zoroaster. The Christians read the same letters 'IHS' in the Greek text as 'Jes' and the Roman Christian priesthood added the terminus 'us'."

Here are some of the other pre-Christian deities of whom the "Jesus" story was told:

Apollo, Hercules, and Zeus of Greece; Adad and Marduk of Assyria; Buddha Sakia and Indra of India and Tibet; Salivahana of southern India and Bermuda; Osiris and Horus of Egypt; Odin, Balder, and Frey of Scandinavia; Crite of Chaldea; Zoroaster of Persia; Baal (Bel) and Taut of Phoenicia; Bali of Afghanistan; Jao of Nepal; Wittoba of Bilingonese; Xamolxis of Thrace; Zoar of the Bonzes; Chu Chulainn of Ireland; Deva Tat, Codom, and Sammonocadam of Siam; Alcides of Thebes; Mikado of the Sintoos; Beddru of Japan; Hesus or Eros, and Bremrillaham of the Druids; Thor, son of Odin, of Gauls; Cadmus of Greece; Hil and Feta of Mandaites; Gentaut and Quetzalcoatl of Mexico; Universal Monarch of the Sibyls; Ischy of Formosa; Divine Teacher of Plato; Holy One of Xaca; Fohi, Ieo, Lao-Kium, Chiang-Ti, and Tien of China; Ixion and Quirnus of Rome; Prometheus of the Caucasus; Mohammed or Mahomet of Arabia, Dahzbog of the Slavs; Jupiter, Jove, and Quirinius of Rome; Mithra of Persia, India, and Rome.18

The cult of Mithra originates thousands of years before "Jesus" and yet again tells the later Christian story in fine detail. It is even said that gold, frankincense, and myrrh, were offered to him. By the time that Jesus was invented by the Anunnaki priesthood, the Mithra rites and religion were widespread throughout the Roman Empire.


When they founded Christianity in Rome, they used the symbols and myths of the Mithric rituals. Mithra's sacred day was Sunday because he was, like Jesus, symbolic of the Sun. Mithra worshippers called this the "Lord's Day" and they celebrated the main Mithra festival during what is now Easter. Mithra initiations were held in caves adorned with the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, symbolic of the winter and summer solstices. He was portrayed as a winged Lion (the Sun) standing within a spiraling serpent.


The lion and the serpent are, of course, major symbols of the serpent cult/Illuminati. The Roman Church encompassed the Mithra Eucharist into its "Christian" rituals. Mithra was claimed to have said: "He who shall not eat of my body nor drink of my blood, so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved." The very site on which the Vatican was built was a sacred place of Mithra worship. It still is. They just call him Jesus. As I have written before, the cult of Mithra simply became the cult of Myth-ra - Christianity.

Mithra was a symbol for the Sun and so was his Christian version. Jesus was the Light of the World (the Sun); he will come back on the clouds and everyone shall see him (the Sun). Jesus walks on water (the Sun's reflection does that); Jesus performed his Father's work in the temple at the age of 12 and started his ministry at 30. The Sun reaches it's daily peak at 12 noon when the ancients, like the Egyptians, said that the Sun was the "Most High God".


The Sun enters each sign of the zodiac at 30 degrees, hence he starts his "ministry" at 30. Jesus is claimed to have turned water into wine because that is what the Sun does by making the grapes grow. There is much zodiac symbolism in the Bible, as with the two fishes (Pisces) and the 12 baskets (zodiac signs) into which Jesus places his multiplied loaves during the "feeding of the 5,000". Jesus was the "fish" and "fisher of men" perhaps because the Earth was entering the sign of Pisces the fish at the time he was supposed to have lived.


But there is so much "fish" symbolism with regard to these solar deities throughout history that we cannot ignore a symbolic connection with the tales of fish gods and amphibious beings - the Nommo or Annedoti, etc. of Sirius. Remember, too, that the Dogon recount the story that the amphibious Nommo said that one of them would be crucified. The translation of the end of the world comes from the Greek "aeon" and refers to the end of the "age" and not the "world". The end of the age is the end of the 2,160-year cycle, during which the Earth passes through an astrological sign. Today we are nearing the end of another age, as we leave Pisces and enter Aquarius.


Here are some more of the "Jesus" myths decoded.

Jesus, the historical character

Outside of the New Testament texts there is no sign or record of Jesus whatsoever. A mention in the works of the "Hebrew" historian Josephus is an obvious later addition in the priesthood's desperation to cross-reference their meal ticket. More than 40 writers are known to have chronicled the events in Israel/Palestine at the alleged time of "Jesus" and not one of them mentions him.


The writer Philo lived throughout the "life" of Jesus and wrote a history of the Judeans, which covered this whole period. Philo lived in or near Jerusalem at the time that Jesus was supposed to have been born to a virgin mother, made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, and was crucified and rose again. In this same period, King Herod is also claimed to have killed all those children trying to eliminate the "savior".


What does Philo say about these amazing events? Nothing, zilch, the big round circle. It is the same with the Roman records and the work of every contemporary author. There is a simple explanation for this.


These events never happened because there was no "Jesus".

Jesus the "Christ"

The word "Christ" comes from the Greek "Christos", which simply means "anointed". The anointing was performed with the fat of a crocodile, menstrual blood, and goodness knows what else. The term was used for any Israelite king or priest and could be applied to anyone who has been anointed.


The Babylonian Tammuz was called the Christos or sacred king and the same or similar terms were applied to many of these pre-Christian "Jesus" figures.


The name "Jesus" is also a Greek translation and if he did exist, which he didn't, his name was certainly not Jesus.

Jesus was born to a virgin

The virgin mother of the Sun God is an ancient theme found all over the world. This could relate to the solar myth that the Sun was "born" in a new or virgin Moon and at certain times the constellation of Virgo rose with the Sun. It is also far from impossible that the artificial impregnation of women by the "gods" may have been an ancient origin to this concept, too. So many "heroes" like Merovee and Alexander the Great were said to be the result of their mothers being impregnated by a non-human entity and not by intercourse with their husbands.


Albert Pike, a notorious Illuminati operative in the United States, wrote in The Morals And Dogma Of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (1928) of the Egyptian myth from which the Christian themes originated:

"At the moment of the winter solstice, the virgin rose (with the Sun), having the Sun (symbolized as Horus) in her bosom ...Virgo was Isis (virgin mother of Horus) and her representation, carrying a child (Horus) in her arms, exhibited in her temple, was accompanied by this inscription: I am all that is, that was, and that shall be; and the fruit which I brought forth in the Sun."19

Writer Gerald Massey reveals that on the walls of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Luxor, Egypt, are portrayed scenes that are mirrors of the far later Jesus story. The god, That, the Annunciator of the gods, can be seen hailing the virgin and telling her she is going to give birth to the coming son. Another scene depicts the god, Knept, impregnating the virgin with the Holy Ghost or Spirit for the immaculate conception. Then the child is seen enthroned and receiving gifts from three spirits (the three wise men in Christianity) and he is adored as the incarnation of the Sun God.


Even the story about Jesus being born in a manger comes from ancient Egypt, as Massey explains:

"The birthplace of the Egyptian messiah at the Vernal Equinox was figured in Apt, or Apta, the corner; but Apta is also the name of the crib and the manger; hence the child born in Apta was said to have been born in a manger; and this Apta or crib or manager is the hieroglyphic sign of the Solar birthplace. Hence the Egyptians exhibited the babe in the crib or manager in the streets of Alexandria."20

The bright star and the three wise men

A bright star marked the birthplace of Jesus, the Bible says. This is the same story told in Egypt about Sirius, the brightest star we can see from Earth. The Egyptians said that the rising of the three stars of Orion's belt (the three "kings", "wise men" or "Magi"?) marked the arrival of Sothis or Sirius, the star of Osiris and Horus. Further symbolism of the "three wise men" is that the Magi were Sun worshippers.


Gold, frankincense, and myrrh were the traditional gifts given by Arabian Magi to the Sun and that's why they were given to Mithra in that version of the myth.21 The birth of Jesus in a stable or cave is repeated throughout the solar-myth stories because the cave represents the "dark place" where the Sun is said to go between the winter solstice and midnight on December 24th. Thus we have the three days in the tomb between the "crucifixion" of Jesus (the Sun) and his "resurrection" or rebirth on December 25th.


The cave may have other symbolism, too, however, because the Jesus story can be read on different esoteric levels at the same time.

Tempted in the wilderness for 40 days

This is another common theme for the solar gods. Author and researcher Albert Churchward says the Egyptians estimated that it took 40 days after grain was sown before it appeared through the soil. This was a period of fasting and scarcity, he says, and so Jesus is depicted fasting in the wilderness and "Satan" challenges him to turn stones into bread.


The battles between light and dark, and when Jesus defeated the darkness, is symbolic of the time in the Sun's cycle when there is more light every day than dark.


The 40 years the "Israelites" were supposed to have spent in the desert was similar "grain" symbolism turned into a manufactured "historical" text.22

The words of Jesus

The words attributed to Jesus are quotes from earlier "saviors" and deities. Horus delivered a Sermon on the Mount in Egyptian myth and the Jesus version is simply sayings from earlier texts, like the Books Of Enoch, weaved together into a narrative. Several of the Jesus parables came directly from Buddhism and Jainism.


The "Lord's Prayer" derives from sayings in the Jewish Talmud and much older Egyptian prayers to Osiris" and earlier it was a prayer to the goddess, the giver of bread or the "Grain Mother.24

The Marys

Mary is an ancient name for the goddess that miraculously gives birth to the savior Sun God. Its forms include Mari, Meri, Marratu, Marah and Mariham. On one level, these names relate to the sea, Mer or Mar, and "Mary" represents the feminine, the Moon, the "Queen of Heaven", to balance the masculine Sun. But they also relate to the Dragon Queens.


Isis, the Egyptian Moon goddess and virgin mother of Horus, was known as Mother Mary or "Mata-Meri" and called the "Queen of Heaven", "Our Lady", and "Mother of God".25 El in the Edda texts was also known as Mary. The Hebrews worshipped a god and goddess deity called Mari-EL or "Mary-God", and the "Mother Mary" of Christianity is just another name for the ancient goddess known as El, Isis, Ishtar, Barati, Artemis, and Diana.


The Christian religion, like its bed-mate Judaism, sought to remove the feminine principle from the public domain, and the ancient trinity of Father-Son-Mother became Father-Son-Holy Ghost.


The grotesque suppression of women would follow, "justified" by the invented words of the mythical St Paul:

"Wives submit to your husbands for the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the Church. Now if the Church submits to Christ so should wives submit to their husbands in everything"...and..."But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."26

Such words were written by the priesthood and initiates to introduce the institutionalized suppression of the female. This attitude can still be seen today. Ann Widdicombe, a very mixed up British politician, even left the protestant Church of England and joined the Roman Catholics when women priests were allowed by the C of E. And this lady claims to be intelligent enough to run the country!


The Illuminati set out to close down the feminine, intuitive, energy, that connects us all (including men) to our higher levels of being. The unrestrained male energy is "out there", expressing itself outward into the physical world and, without the feminine, it becomes isolated from its deeper self. Macho man is an extreme expression of this. They are lost little boys who have symbolically lost touch with their inner "Mum".


But while suppressing the female among the masses, these religions have continued to covertly worship the Illuminati goddess, symbolized as the Dragon Queen or queens and the "Snake Mother". There has been increased pressure in the last few years to increase still further the role of the mother-goddess, Mary, in the Roman Catholic Church. Millions of signatures have been received from 157 countries pressing the Pope to make Mary a "Co-Redemtrix".


They want Mary to be recognized as equal to Jesus, in effect. All prayers and petitions from believers would have to flow through Mary who would bring them to the attention of Jesus (a bit like a doctor's receptionist, really). She would also play the pivotal role in the trinity as daughter of the father, mother of the son, and spouse of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I know it's all bollocks, but it emphasizes the scale of goddess worship within the Illuminati's Roman Catholic Church, which, at the same time, acts as a major suppressor of the human female.


Mary Magdalene, the "reformed prostitute" or whore, is another version of the goddess symbolism. She portrays the Great Whore of Babylon, the goddess, Mari-Anna-Ishtar.27 The ritual of the "sacred harlot" or priestess anointing a savior-king goes back to Sumer and further to Atlantis and, no doubt, Lemuria. It was a pagan priestess who announced the resurrection of Osiris, Attis, Dionysus, and Orpheus, just as Mary Magdalene was the first to see the "resurrected" Jesus. It's all symbolism from the ancient mystery religions and it was used to create a mythical hero for a manufactured prison-religion.


As I have mentioned, MAG also appears to be code of the reptilian DNA passed on by the female line, the Mitochondrial DNA.

Jesus was crucified

Many of these mythical solar deities like Jesus were crucified for the sins of the people. It is an ancient ritual. Jesus, the "son" on the cross, is the Sun at the spring equinox on one level and the dying Balder on another. The crown of thorns is symbolic of the halo, which the ancients portrayed around the head of all of their Sun gods (see Figure 33).

The points around the head of the Statue of Liberty and other Illuminati deities are the rays of the Sun or crown of thorns. The words attributed to Jesus "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" were taken from the Passover ritual at Jerusalem, according to some researchers. The cross itself is not a uniquely Christian symbol.


It was used as a religious symbol for thousands of years before Christianity, and Jesus told his disciples to "pick up thy cross and walk" before the crucifixion cross even entered the story. Indeed, the man on the cross was so widely used by the pagans that the early Christians rejected it. The Central American god Quetzalcoatl was depicted nailed to a cross. The cross is symbolic of the equinox when day and night are equal and the Sun is about to win its victory over the darkness.


At the moment Jesus died on the cross, according to the Gospel narrative, the land became dark. So it would if the Sun had died, as it was symbolically doing. As for the resurrection after three days, this is more Sun symbolism. In Persia, long before Christianity, they had a ritual in which a young man, apparently dead, was restored to life.


He was called the Savior and his sufferings were said to have ensured the salvation of the people. His priests watched his tomb until midnight on the equinox and they cried:

"Rejoice, O sacred initiated! Your God is risen. His death and suffering have worked your salvation."

The same was said in Egypt of Horus and in India of Krishna thousands of years before Christianity. And Jesus could not have been crucified between two thieves because crucifixion was not the Roman punishment for theft.


The "two thieves" are possibly symbolic of Sagittarius and Capricorn, which cross over at the winter solstice, thus the Sun "dies" between them.

John the Baptist

This guy was invented from the stories of Anup, who baptized the ancient Egyptian Son of God, Horus. Like "John", Anup lost his head. Thor/Indara, the first king of Sumer, was known as "Bil-the-Baptist" on Sumerian seals and he was Ad or Atum baptizing the infant crown prince in Egyptian sculpture. Baptism was introduced by the Sumerians, not the Christians, and appears to have originated, at least in the post cataclysmic era, in the Phoenician/St George centre of Cappadocia.


John the Baptist, and his association with water, further symbolizes the water sign of Aquarius, through which the Sun travels to be "baptized", according to myth. The Sun enters Aquarius at 30 degrees and Jesus is baptized at 30. The zodiac circle was renamed the Crown of the Circle of the Holy Apostles (zodiac signs) by medieval monks and they placed John the Baptist in the position where Aquarius is located. (King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table are also Sun and Zodiac symbolism.)


In the Roman Julian calendar John the Baptist dies on August 29th and John Jackson points out in Christianity Before Christ (American Atheists, 1985):

"On that day, a specially bright star, representing the head of the constellation of Aquarius, rises whilst the rest of the body is below the horizon, at exactly the same time as the Sun sets in Leo (the kingly sign representing Herod). Thus the latter beheads John, because John is associated with Aquarius, and the horizon cuts off the head of Aquarius!"28

The reference to the "man carrying the water pitcher" in Luke's Gospel is more Aquarius symbolism. John the Baptist was an almost exact copy of Bala-rama, the forerunner of Krishna, the Hindu Son of God.

Jesus and the 12 disciples

Is there a universal law that all deities must have 12 disciples or followers? Jesus had them, so did Horus, Buddha, King Arthur, Mithra, Dionysus, and so many other symbols of the Sun. We also have the 12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 gods of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians. This fixation with 12 derives once again from Sun symbolism with their disciples and followers representing the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac.


The Romans openly symbolized the Sun as a living man and the signs of the zodiac as his disciples. And the Christian religion was created in Rome. Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John, the names carried by the Gospels, represent the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. These are also symbolized in Christian cathedrals as a man (Aquarius), an ox (Taurus), a lion (Leo), and an eagle (Scorpio), together called the four creatures of the apocalypse.


Joseph Wheless says in Forgery in Christianity (Health Research, 1990):

"...The Holy Twelve had no existence in the flesh, but their 'cue' being taken from Old Testament legends, they were mere names - dramatis personae - mask of the play of 'tradition', such as Shakespeare and all playwrights and fiction-writers create for the actors of their plays and works of admitted fiction."29

In the ancient Mystery schools, long before "Jesus", the spokesman for the god was called a PETR or Peter. This means "the rock". In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the name of the doorkeeper to heaven is Petra. Peter rushing into the water to greet Jesus is part of a ritual from ancient Egypt. The title Peter was also given to the High Priest in the Babylon Mystery School.


Peter further relates to phallic worship. The cock was a symbol of St Peter and the very name Peter comes from Pater (phallus or male principle) and petra (phallic pillar). The cockerel, which can be seen on so many church steeples, is an expression of this and the Christian churches are full of ancient sexual symbolism. The countless references to "pillars" and "groves" in the Old Testament are also penis and vagina symbolism.


Jesus said that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed and this is another theme of the solar mystery cults. The cock crowing three times was an omen of death. The symbolism of the "gate-keeper" (Peter) denying the Sun permission to rise before its due time was a ritual found in a number of solar cults. The crow of the cock also announces the arrival of the Sun.


Remember, too, that basilisk, the mythical king of the serpents, became interchangeable with the term "cockatrice". It was said that the basilisk was born of the cocks egg and in decorative heraldry the basilisk had the head and legs of a cock, a snake-like tail, and the body of a bird covered with serpent scales. The Roman god Janus, who held the keys, was fused into "Peter" when Christianity was founded in Rome in the form we know it today-Janus was Eannus, a name for Nimrod in Babylon.


Even in the early years of the Roman Church, which was supposed to have been founded on the "rock" of Peter, there is no mention of this guy. He was added to the story as the priesthood continued to put the whole fantasy together. The name Andrew, another "disciple", has the same basic meaning as Pater, Petra, or Peter. This is why the mythical "Andrew" is said to have been crucified at Patras in Greece, where "Andrew" was a local god.30

James, the so-called "brother of Jesus", is a rehash of Amset, the brother of the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris. Amset was a carpenter and James was a carpenter. Amset was a "great purifier" and James was a "great purifier". Disciple John, the favorite of "Jesus", is a repeat of Arjuna, the favourite disciple of Krishna. John is actually known in Tibet as Argiun. John was the cousin of Jesus and his original, Arjuna, was the cousin of Krishna.


Thomas was the disciple who insisted on touching Jesus after the "resurrection" to prove he was in the flesh, hence the term Doubting Thomas. But Thomas is Tammuz, that other savior-god with the Jesus credentials. The Christian Church dedicates the winter solstice, the day the Sun "dies", to St Thomas. The Hebrews still have a month they call Tammuz. Thomas the "twin" is also symbolism. Thomas means "twin" in the Aramaic and Syriac languages and the name Didymus, also associated with Thomas, comes from the Greek "Didymos", which was their name for the Roman "Gemini", the twins of the zodiac.


Acharya writes in her superb work, The Christ Conspiracy:

"It is said that Thomas preached to the Parthians and Persians, but what is being conveyed is that these groups were followers of Tammuz or Dumuzi, as was his Sumerian name. Although it was alleged that Thomas's tomb was in Edessa, tradition also claims that he died near Madras, India, where two of his tombs are still shown. This tale comes from the fact that when Portuguese Christian missionaries arrived in southern India they found a sect who worshipped a god named "Thomas" and whose religion was nearly identical to Christianity.


So disturbed were the Christian missionaries that they created elaborate stories to explain the presence of the St. Thomas "Christians", claiming that the apostles Thomas and/or Bartholomew had at some point traveled to India, preached and died there."31

The missionaries were bewildered by the fact that the religion was "Christian" in virtually every aspect except one: they did not worship Jesus and had never heard of him. The "Thomas" they were worshipping was Tammuz, the hero of the "Jesus" story for thousands of years before Christianity. Signs of Tammuz/Thomas worship have been found in India where, Acharya tells us, he was apparently considered a reincarnation of Buddha!


The villain of the Jesus story is Judas, who represents Scorpio, the "backbiter", the time of year when the Sun is weakening and appears to be dying. He was portrayed with red hair - the color of sunset - and so was the Egyptian figure, Set, who sought to kill Horus. Judas is supposed to have betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.


This represents the 30 days of the Moon cycle and it was the same amount paid to the Great Goddess in Jewish temples for each sacrificial victim.32

St Paul

Here we go again. The only record of the existence of St Paul or "Saul of Tarsus" is in the New Testament texts. It is the same with Jesus, same with all of them, and the same with the key players in the Old Testament stories. The Roman historian Seneca was the brother of the proconsul of Achaia when "Paul" was supposed to have spoken there.


But, although Seneca wrote about far more mundane matters, not a titter is recorded of Paul's public crusade. Who am I speaking about here? He lived in Tarsus in Asia Minor as a youngster; he went to Ephesus, where he spoke to vast crowds and performed miracles, and traveled to Athens and Corinth; from there he went to Rome where he was accused of treason, moved on to Spain and Africa, and returned to Sicily and Italy.


He was summoned to Rome and thrown in prison, from where he later escaped. Sounds remarkably like the story of the Nazarene, "St Paul", but these events were from the life of the Greek figure Apollonius of Tyana (called "the Nazarene" in some accounts). He was also known in Latin as "Apollus" and... "Paulus".33


Long before the stories about "Paul", the Jewish historian Josephus wrote of a terrifying sea journey he experienced on his way to Rome. His story turns up again in precise detail in the New Testament, claiming to be an account of what happened to "Paul".34 The story of Paul (and a story is all it is) also shares many detailed similarities with the myths of the Greek hero Orpheus, who, like "Paul", had a missionary called Timothy 35.


The writer H.G. Wells said that many of the phrases used by Paul for Jesus were the same as those used by the followers of Mithra. The Liturgy of Mithra is the Liturgy of Jesus. When Paul is made to say "They drank from the spiritual rock and that rock was Christ!" he is using exactly the same words found in the scriptures of Mithra.


The author of an Internet article called "The Other Jesus" picks up this theme:

"That the names of the close associates of Paul seem to be an exact match with great figures associated with the mysteries of Demeter in general and with Orpheus in particular, is yet another of those issues that bothers people much less than it should ...


Let us examine the parallels: Orpheus, as a result of the pre-Christian son of God... having 'appeared' to him... mounted a highly successful campaign to spread his version of the mysteries of Samothrace [home of the Amazon female 'serpent' tribe from Atlantis] to mainland Greece.


Paul, we are told, because the Christian son of God, Jesus, " appeared" to him, mounted a highly successful campaign to spread his version Christian Jesus worship beyond Palestine and westward to mainland Greece."36

This is an excellent example of my theme here. The initiated priesthood took the symbolic stories from their Mystery schools and presented them as historical fact to create prison religions for the people. The rituals, rites, and themes of the Orpheus cults were the same as the later Christian ones. There is so much more to tell about this story and I recommend The Christ Conspiracy, Bible Myths, and other books listed in the Bibliography if you want more detail and sources.


The Bible has controlled the minds and lives of billions and has held much of the world in mental and emotional servitude for thousands of years. Christians laugh at the idea of reptilian bloodlines, and yet believe that their God would send his only son and make him suffer vicious torture and a horrible death to forgive the sins of everyone else. At the same time, we are told this is a god of love. It's nonsense, of course it is, but the writers knew that. It was not the truth they wished to communicate.


The idea was to manufacture strict religions, which would frighten people into obeying and believing. The whole thrust is that if you don't believe their "truth" you will end up in hell. However, to avoid the problem of everyone being nice to each other (the last thing the Anunnaki want) they emphasize that you do not get to "heaven" through good works, but only by belief in Jesus as your savior.


You could cause untold death and suffering during your life and still book your place in paradise, as long as you believed in Jesus. Also, Jesus was the only one born without original sin and there was no way we could be "perfect" like him. You are born a flawed, soiled piece of shit before you breathe your first, so know your place. The priesthood parked their backsides between "God" and the people and made themselves the middlemen for messages between the two. What the priesthood told the people to do was really "God" speaking through them, they claimed. This is why the Pope is called the Vicar of Christ, the deity's representative on Earth.

I look in some detail in The Biggest Secret at how the Gospel story was written and how the Christian religion and the Bible were created, so I won't repeat it all again here, except for some key themes, which are important for new readers to know. There are two main theories for how the original Gospel (Gods-spell) narrative came to be compiled. One is the Piso theory.


This was detailed by Abelard Reuchlin in The True Authorship Of The New Testament, first printed in the United States in 1979. There is also a website called the Piso Homepage, which focuses on this story and the Illuminati bloodlines.38 Reuchlin tells of an inner circle or inner ring, the most exclusive club in history, who knew the "Great Secret". In this circle, he says, are the religious, political, and literary leaders, who knew the truth about Jesus, but didn't want anyone else to know.


He writes:

"The New Testament, the Church and Christianity, were all the creation of the Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats. The New Testament and all the characters in it - Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, John the Baptist - all are fictional. The Pisos created the story and all the characters; they tied the story to a specific time and place in history; and they connected it with some peripheral actual people, such as the Herods, Gamaliel, the Roman procurators, etc. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created (that is fictional) characters."38

The Pisos were bloodline and were related to the King Herod featured in the Gospel story. As bloodline Roman aristocrats, they would have been initiates of the Mystery religions and the symbolic stories that were used to manufacture "Jesus" and his life. The Pisos claimed descent from the founders of Rome, the "wolf-suckled" Remus and Romulus.


Reuchlin details the codes he says were used in the Gospel stories by the Pisos and their accomplice, the Roman writer and statesman, Pliny the Younger. The head of the family, Lucius Calpurnius, who was married to the great granddaughter of Herod, was a close associate of the famous Roman writer, Seneca. Both were killed by the Emperor Nero in the year AD65, Reuchlin says. He suggests that the mythical stories of St Peter and St Paul being killed by Nero in Rome were inspired by these events.


Reuchlin says that Lucius Calpurnius wrote his "Ur Marcus", the first version of the Gospel of Mark, in about AD60 and the others followed when the Pisos became very close to the Roman leadership. After his father's death, Arius Piso, who used many names, including Cestius Gallus, became governor of Syria and took command of the Roman army in Judea. He was involved in the Judean revolt in AD66, which Vespasian was sent to quell. Two years later Nero was killed by a Piso agent, according to Reuchlin, and Vespasian became Emperor of Rome with vital backing from the Piso clan. It was Vespasian who ordered the sacking of Jerusalem and stole the temple "treasures", including the Ark of the Covenant, whatever that was. Vespasian, as a Roman emperor, was an Illuminati frontman.

According to Reuchlin's book, Arius Calpurnius Piso wrote three of the Gospels in the following order: the Gospel of Matthew (AD70-75); the updated Mark (75-80); and, with the help of Pliny the Younger, the updated Luke (85-90); He says that The Gospel of John was the work of Arius's son, Justus, and followed in 105.


Reuchlin is certainly correct when he says that "Jesus" was a composite figure, and the stories include elements of the tales of Joseph in Egypt and other Old Testament characters, plus some writings from the Hebrew-Egyptian Essenes, the characteristics of various pagan gods and Balder of the serpent cult. He also says that the Pisos made changes and additions to some Old Testament texts and wrote most of the 14 Old Testament books known as the Apocrypha.


Reuchlin contends that Arius Piso was the real name of the "Hebrew" historian known as Josephus. This would certainly explain why a "Hebrew" like Josephus, who claimed to have fought the Romans, lived in Rome for 30 years while he wrote books on Jewish history and married into Roman aristocracy. Reuchlin says that "St Paul" was manufactured in the same way as Jesus and it's interesting that "Paul's" hazardous sea journey was a repeat of what Josephus said happened to him. Paul was also portrayed as a Hebrew who became a Roman citizen and Josephus said the same of himself.

Reuchlin writes that between 100 and 105, Arius, his son Justus, and Pliny the Younger, traveled with their family and friends to Asia Minor, Greece, and Alexandria in Egypt, to encourage the poor and the slaves into joining their new faith. Pliny created the first churches in Bithynia and Pontus, Reuchlin says. Pliny had visited these places a number of times in the year AD85 and this, he claims, was the origin of the first name of Pontius Pilate.


The Roman procurator was only called Pilate in Matthew and Mark, the first Gospels written by the Pisos, but in Luke, the one said to be written with Pliny, Pilate suddenly acquires the name, Pontius. Luke was written in the very years that Pliny began to visit Pontus, according to Reuchlin. Pliny's letters, written under his own name, say that Justus Piso was in Bithynia in the years 96 and 98 using the name Tullius Justus, and that the Pisos also located in Ephesus, home of the great temple to the goddess Artemis (Diana).


Ephesus was also one of the birthplaces of the Christian religion. They visited all the locations claimed for St Paul, and Reuchlin says that Justus Piso and Pliny the Younger (military name, Maximus) introduced into their "St Paul" letters and stories many of their friends and codes indicating their involvement. Paul refers to "Greet Herodion my kinsman", a code of the family connection to Herod, Reuchlin says.


It is a notable "coincidence" that the Pisos had extensive estates in Provence in the South of France, the very region where, the myths claim, the Jesus story continued after the crucifixion thanks to Joseph of Aramathea, Mary Magdalene, and the Savior's "offspring".

Other researchers, like Acharya in The Christ Conspiracy, suggest that the Gospel stories more likely came from the writings of a guy called Marcion of Pontus. He was not a believer in the literal existence of a Jesus-in-the-flesh and wrote the Jesus story symbolically. Marcion was a Gnostic (a word meaning "knowledge") and they wrote widely in symbolism and allegory. Gnostic texts referring to the Jesus story which were found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, have been used as "proof" that Jesus existed, but they are not. First they were written long after the "event" and second the Gnostics were allegorical writers.


Moses Maimonedes, the Hebrew philosopher and Gnostic of the 12th century, wrote:

"Every time that you find in our books a tale, the reality of which seems impossible, a story which is repugnant to both reason and common sense, then be sure that the tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth; and the greater the absurdity of the letter, the deeper the wisdom of the spirit."39

Whoever wrote the original Gospel texts, it certainly wasn't the "disciples", Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, as so many people believe. Not even the Christian Church claims that, but by using those names they can give that impression, and the human mind is manipulated and guided through images and impressions at the expense of fact. It is a staggering thought that not one writer of any Biblical work is known or, as in the case of Paul, shown to have been a historical figure. I am convinced myself, pending further evidence, that the Piso family were, at least in some way, involved in the creation of what became the Christian religion.


They certainly provided a number of the early Popes after the Illuminati's Roman Empire founded the Roman Church.

The naked emperor

The man most responsible for the emergence of Christianity as a global force of control and suppression was Constantine the Great. He became Roman Emperor in AD312 after slaughtering his way to power. Constantine, the architect of Christianity, was the same bloodline as the Pisos. In one of the battles for the Roman leadership, at Milvian Bridge near Rome, the Christian legend claims that Constantine saw a vision of a cross in the sky with the words "By this Conquer".


A pig in the sky would have been more likely. The next night, so it is said, he had a vision of Jesus who told him to put the cross on his flag to guarantee victory. Constantine is claimed to have converted to Christianity as a result of his visions, but the truth is that he never did, except perhaps on his death bed as a bit of insurance. Constantine, wait for it, was a Sun worshipper.


His deity was Sol Invictus or the "Unconquered Sun" and he remained to his death the Pontifex Maximus of the Pagan Church. Sol was the name of an ancient Sun goddess. C.F. Oldham in The Sun And The Serpent (London, 1905) says that all solar dynasties were also serpent dynasties. He reads the meaning of serpent differently to me because I think it has a double meaning, but the connection between the two can always be found whichever way you interpret the symbol of the serpent.


The worship of the Sun goes hand in hand with the Illuminati's serpent rituals. Constantine threw his backing behind the Christian religion because to him it was no different to the Sun cult he followed. Christianity began to pick up many followers of Mithra for the same reason and many Pagans attacked the Christians for stealing their religion, so similar were they to each other.


James H. Baxter, former Professor of Ecclesiastical History at St Andrews University in Scotland, said:

"If paganism had been destroyed, it was less through annihilation than through absorption. Almost all that was pagan was carried over to survive under a Christian name. Deprived of demi-gods and heroes, men easily and half-unconsciously invested a local martyr with their attributes...transferring to him the cult and mythology associated with the pagan deity. Before the fourth century was over the martyr cult was universal...pagan festivals were re-named and Christmas Day, the ancient festival of the Sun, was transformed into the birthday of Jesus."

The defining moment in Christian history came in AD325 when Constantine called together 318 bishops of the "Christian" Church to his palace at Nicaea (now Iznik in Turkey) for the infamous Council of Nicaea. I say "Christian", but in fact there were representatives of the Sun and Moon cults of Apollo, Osiris and Isis, Demeter/Ceres, Dionysus/Bacchus, Jupiter/Zeus, and, of course, Sol Invictus.


So Jesus was naturally given the birthday of December 25th; the birthday of the Sun. Nicaea was the moment when Jesus and Christ were brought together for the first time in the way of the other "anointed" Sun Gods. The Council was convened to end the conflict and squabbling between the followers of St Paul's "Jesus", a supernatural god, and those who questioned that Jesus could be the same as God. The latter were called the Arians after their leader, Arius, a churchman in Alexandria, Egypt. Amid fistfights and mayhem, it was "decided", on Constantine's insistence, that all Christians must believe in the supernatural Jesus or else.


This belief, which is the foundation of Christianity to this day, was "defined" in the so-called Nicene Creed:

"We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of all things, both visible and invisible; and in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the son of God, begotten of the Father, only begotten, that is to say, of the same substance of the Father, God of Gods and Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made, both things in heaven and things on Earth; who, for as men and our salvation, came down and made flesh, made man, suffered and rose again on the third day, went up to the heavens, and is to come again to judge the quick and the dead; and in the Holy Ghost."

That's what they said about Nimrod and Tammuz-Ninus in Babylon, and goodness knows how many other deities in the pre-Christian world. The delegates at Nicaea were told how to vote and those who refused were banished to remote islands.


From this time, the Nicene Creed waged war on humanity as tens of millions were slaughtered in its name and the order went out to destroy all evidence that exposed their manufactured story as a scam. Native cultures (and their records of history) were destroyed in an orgy of genocide and inquisition lasting centuries and spanning the world. The "Holy Inquisition" of the Roman Church was not officially disbanded until the 19th century and today it is known as the "Holy Office".


The Great Library of Alexandria "City of the Serpent's Son" and other centers of priceless ancient knowledge and records were destroyed under the banner of this vicious, arrogant, creed. When the library at Alexandria was destroyed in AD391 by the order of the Emperor Theodosius some 700,000 scrolls, codices and manuscripts were lost forever.


The force behind all this knew exactly what they were doing: selling the masses a myth through which their agenda of suppressing knowledge and rewriting history could be justified.


Behind Constantine, the Pisos, and the Popes were the Babylon reptilian Brotherhood, by now located in Rome.


Their rituals, temples, and symbols were the origin of those used today by Freemasons. These include the black and white squared floors, white gloves and aprons, secret signs and handshakes. Elite secret societies like the Order of Comacine Masters grew rapidly under Constantine (see The Biggest Secret).

The "Christian" bloodlines

The bloodline theme continues with the creation and expansion of Christianity. The major players in the history of Christianity have been the same bloodline, the reptilian bloodline. Among them were the Piso family, Herod the Great, Constantine the Great, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of what we now call Spain, who launched the Spanish Inquisition and supported Christopher Columbus, and King James 1st, who sponsored the translation of the King James Version of the Bible which, according to a survey in 1881, contains 36,131 translation errors.40 All of these people are the same bloodline (see Appendix I).


So are Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the founders of the Mormons, and Charles Taze Russell, one of the founders of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Give me the statistical chances of that. It was these very forces that created the Bible and decided what would be in it. They brought together the texts of the Old Testament with the texts they wrote, or chose, to form the New. They translated it into Latin, English, and other languages. Even the original versions of the biblical texts continued to be changed and new phrases added whenever it suited them.


The philosopher, Celsus, wrote to the Church leaders in the 3rd century:

"You utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them seem likely ...You have altered three, four times and oftener, the texts of your own Gospels in order to deny objections to you."41

Celsus said that the church leaders were forever telling their followers not to examine the evidence, but to simply believe -"Wisdom is a bad thing in life, foolishness is to be preferred."


He also wrote:

"They openly declared that none, but the ignorant [were] fit disciples for the God they worshipped" and he said that the rule was "let no man that is learned come among us".42

It was, and is, a religion to hijack the minds of the masses and to remove all those who knew the truth. But it is not the only myth religion that has been taken literally. So are all the rest. Even Buddhism, which is claimed to be more enlightened, came from the same source and was sold as historical fact. Look at Buddha's background.


He was born on December 25th to the virgin Maya, with a star and wise men in tow. He was a "royal" bloodline and the ruler was told to kill the child to avoid being overthrown. He taught in the temple at 12, was tempted by the evil Mara, and baptized in the presence of the Spirit of God. He performed miracles, healed the sick, and fed 500 people with a small basket of cakes. He died (in some traditions on a cross) and was resurrected to Nirvana or heaven. His tomb was miraculously opened and it was said he would return and judge the dead. Buddha was the "Light of the World", the "Lord" and "Master", the "Good Shepherd", and "Carpenter".


The usual CV. In India, Buddha's consort is said to have been Ila or Ida and this was a name in the British Edda for El, the serpent goddess of the "Edenites".

Group sects

The Illuminati strategy can be seen so vividly in their religions. First, you create the original belief, like the belief in "Jesus". This triggers division and conflict with the other religions around that time. Then you shatter that original belief into an ever-expanding list of sub-beliefs and offshoot "churches". Now you have division between the belief and other beliefs, and within the belief itself. What a perfect situation for divide and rule.


This has happened with Christianity, and the major fault-line was the work of an Illuminati frontman called Martin Luther. In 1517, this Professor of Theology at Wittenberg University listed 95 complaints against the Vatican for selling pardons to raise money to build St Peter's Church. Luther was excommunicated, but he burned the decree along with copies of Roman Church law and launched his own Lutheran Church.


Protestant Christianity was born and it was used to engineer untold war and yet more slaughter. Countries fought each other and justified it as "defending the faith". Defending the agenda, more like. Ironically, the English king Henry VIII first supported Rome and was rewarded with the papal title, Defender of the Faith. But Henry, when he wasn't killing his wives, changed his mind and supported the Luther "revolution". He kept the title, though, and this is the origin of the term Defender of the Faith used by British monarchs to this day.


The British crown is supposed to defend Protestant Christianity, but carries the title awarded by a Pope! It's all such a farce. Martin Luther, who used a rose and a cross as his personal seal, was an agent of the Rosicrucian order, that ancient strand in the Illuminati web. Luther's Protestant creed was subdivided into countless sects.

One was Calvinism, which later became the sickness of the mind known as the Puritan faith. This was used most effectively to instigate and justify the genocide of the Native Americans. The real name of John Calvin, the man who started all this, was Jean Cauin. He came from Noyons in France and was educated at the Illuminati's College du Montagu. This is where Ignatius Loyola, the "Catholic" founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, was educated.


The Jesuits go very high in the Illuminati network. Cauin moved to Paris and then to Geneva, Switzerland, where he was known as Cohen. This name comes from Cahen, the name for priest or prince in the ancient Egyptian Mystery schools. In Geneva, he developed, or more likely someone else did, the "philosophy" known as Calvinism. He changed his name again from Cohen to Calvin to make it more acceptable to the English who now became the prime target of this new religion.


Calvinism was a designer-religion for the next stage of the plan. It focused rigidly on the Ten Commandments of "Moses" and the literal interpretation of the Old Testament texts and it achieved many goals for the Illuminati. Up to this point, the Christian religion had banned usury, the charging of interest on loans, but Calvinism allowed it. This was perfect for the Illuminati bankers maneuvering at this time to take over England.


And when interest on loans became the norm, thanks to Calvinism, one of the greatest beneficiaries was Switzerland, where this "religion" was devised. Another role for Calvinism was to insist on the burning of "witches" and, in so doing, take more of the secret knowledge out of circulation, along with many DNA lines passed through the female that the Anunnaki wished to eliminate.

The Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are two other Illuminati religions, which have emerged from the Judeo-Christian fantasy. I must stress again here that I am not challenging the right of anyone to follow any religion. Good luck to them, and there are many lovely, genuine, people involved in Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, the Jehovah's Witnesses and all the rest.


I am merely seeking to expose the manipulation of the hierarchy and the background that the rank and file are never told. Joseph Smith founded the Mormons, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, after he claimed that an "angel" called Moroni appeared to him in 1823. This Moroni guy, he said, told him of the existence of a book of gold plates containing "the fullness of the everlasting gospel" and "an account of the former inhabitants of this continent and the sources from which they sprang".


The location was revealed to him and in 1827, with help from two "magic stones" called Urim and Thummim, he translated the plates into English. Urim and Thummim were, in fact, the names of knucklebones or dice used by Levite priests, and the kings of Israel were said to follow their prophecies. These knucklebones were used in the Mystery school "holy place" known as the Tabernacle. Here we have yet another religion originating from the same source and another perpetuation of the Jesus myth. The gold plates, Smith said, were written in "reformed Egyptian".


From this came the Book of Mormon two years later and his followers became the Mormon Church in 1830. The pillars of the early Church were Smith, his brother Hiram, and another guy called Brigham Young. They were all high-degree Freemasons and all from the Merovingian bloodline - the same as Piso, Constantine, James 1st, etc., etc. It is no surprise, therefore, to find that the Rothschilds, through their Kuhn, Loeb financial operation in New York, funded the expansion of the Mormons.


Kuhn, Loeb also helped to fund the Russian Revolution and the First World War (see ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The Mormons were an Illuminati creation. Mormons recognize the Bible, but believe that Smith's writings are equally divine. They set up communities called Stakes of Zion (Sion = the Sun) and eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Mormon city from where its sacrificial rituals and mind control programs are orchestrated.


Another sacrifice and mind control sect to emerge from the Judeo-Christian scam is the Jehovah's Witness or Watchtower Society although as always, the vast majority of its advocates have no idea this is so. This worships the Hebrew angry god Jehovah. One of its leading founders was the pedophile and Merovingian bloodline, Charles Taze Russell, a high-degree Freemason. Russell was close to the Rothschilds and, again, Kuhn, Loeb and Company funded his operation.

Islam was created to further polarize the religious divides and in The Biggest Secret I show some of the connections between the secret societies behind "Christianity", including the Knights Templar, and those at the heart of Islam. Among these were the Assassins, from whom we get the term for politically motivated murder. The Muslim faith and the creed of Islam were inspired by the story of Mahomet or Mohammed.


This was very similar in theme to the official version of how Joseph Smith inspired the Mormon religion. In 612, it is said, Mohammed had a "vision" and was told to start a new faith - just as Smith later claimed. The date is interesting because some ancient peoples were told to expect an incarnation of "God" every 600 years and Mohammed came 600 years after "Jesus".


Once again the Muslims encompass elements of the Judeo-Christian fantasy. Muslims see Islam as an updated continuation of Judeo-Christian themes and they, too, trace their ancestry back to Abraham in the Old Testament, the alleged origin of the Hebrew belief system. Muslims believe that Abraham built the Kaaba, the sacred shrine of Mecca, and the focus of pilgrimage for Muslims all over the world.


But it was originally a Pagan temple to goddess worship featuring the famous Black Stone. W. Wynn Westcott, a founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, wrote in his work, The Magical Mason, that the Black Stone was first used for Pagan rituals. A stone is ancient symbolism for the penis and for this reason many religions were founded on a stone or a "rock", as with Peter the rock and Christianity. In the Old Testament tale of Jacob, he anointed his stone with oil, which sounds like great fun. Must try that one.


The Koran, the Islamic holy book, which is supposed to have been inspired by God, mentions Jesus in 93 verses and treats him as a living person when clearly he was not. Allah, the Islamic god, is the same god, the Muslims say, as the Judeo-Christian Jehovah. They give credence to the Pentateuch, the first five books of "Moses" in the Old Testament, but in truth the books of the Levites. Muslims say that Mohammed was the latest prophet (apart from all the others since) and therefore, the most valid. As such, all Christians and Hebrews should convert to Islam, the orthodox Muslims demand.


The term Jihad is the "Holy War" that Muslims are urged to wage against all of those who will not accept the law of Mohammed. The very word, Islam, means "to submit or surrender" and Muslim means "one who submits".

Islam was another Illuminati creed that was to cost the lives of hundreds of millions in the bloody wars waged with Christianity and Judaism. These are three prison religions ultimately controlled by the same force. Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, was also a vehicle for the systematic suppression of women and the feminine principle. Again we see the connection to Freemasonry.


After earning the three Blue Lodge Degrees of Freemasonry and completing the Scottish or York Rite degrees, Masons can petition to become a Shriner. These who swear a blood oath and confess Allah as God.43 Allah is a Moon god. This is why you will see a crescent Moon at the top of mosques around the world, and why the Shriners have the crescent Moon on their fez hats.


This symbol is on the flags of various Islamic nations and Muslims fast during the month that begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent Moon in the sky.

"I liked your face..."

The city of Jerusalem, the ironically named City of Peace, is the myth capital of the world. I went there in 1993 to see this most sacred of shrines to Christians, Hebrews, and Muslims. What a summary of how religion has gripped and manipulated the human mind for so long. The Old City, although not very big, is still broken in quarters for Christians, Hebrews, Muslims, and Armenians.


After all, we don't want to set a precedent and live together. If you want to buy a myth or misunderstanding, this is the place. They've got hundreds of them. On street corners and at every church or monument there they are, lying in wait, those spiritual used car salesmen, the tourist guides. Many of them wear black leather jackets like some extra from The Godfather. These are the silver-tongued repeaters of make-believe who will sell you a myth tour of anywhere. Even at 7.30 in the morning, as I walked through the Jaffa Gate and into the near-deserted streets of the Old City, I was not safe.


I felt someone touch my arm.

"Hello my friend," a voice said "You from England? I know many people in England. They come from Glasgow. You know Glasgow?"

I knew his game immediately, but I decided to stick with him and see what happened. He said he approached me because "I liked your face". As he had approached me from behind, I had clearly witnessed the latest recorded miracle in Jerusalem.


I have no doubt that it has by now been added to the tourist itinerary. He said he wanted to show me around because he liked me. The money he would demand at the end had nothing to do with it, of course. He showed me the Wailing Wall, or Western Wall, that most sacred of places in the Hebrew religion, where they think they can speak to God.


This ritual goes back at least to the wailing for Tammuz in Babylon. Jews leave little messages for God in the cracks between the stones and they now offer a fax service to believers all over the world. You fax your message to Jerusalem and someone goes along and sticks it in a crack in the Wailing Wall. My next stop was Bethlehem, a short bus ride from Jerusalem. If you have never been there, forget the idea of "O Little Town of Bethlehem". It's a right dump and an extension of the sprawl of modern Jerusalem.


I walked with my "guide" through "Manger Square" to the Church of the Nativity on the site where Jesus is supposed to have been born. It is built over the cave where the Babylonian and Hebrew Son of God, Tammuz, was also said to have miraculously entered the world. Popular place. The travel guide to Jerusalem and the "Holy Land" is in no doubt, however.


It states categorically:

"This Church is situated above the Grotto of the Nativity, a small subterranean chamber, in which a silver star marks the place of Jesus' birth."

At the height of the tourist season, people stand in line for hours to see this grotto; such is the power of myth and mind control. But this, luckily, was the off-season and I walked right in. What a performance unfolded before me. A small group of tourists watched as three men dressed up in various regalia were wailing away at each other.


The only word I could make out was the odd "Hallelujah".


One man in a black hood was leading a ceremonial sing song, while another put on a crown and drank from a goblet in a manner that suggested he had just returned from the desert. The third man, who looked in urgent need of a good laugh, swished around with some object on a chain, which puffed out smoke occasionally. The one with the crown finished his drink and proceeded to read loudly and earnestly from a big red book. In Britain, the most famous big red book belongs to a television show called This Is Your Life.


Personalities appear in front of a studio audience to have their life stories told by a man reading from the said, big red book. The book in the grotto was a sort of "Jesus Christ, this is your life" and if the television show presented the lives of the rich and famous as inaccurately as the Church has with Jesus, they would be sued or laughed out of existence in a month.

Outside the grotto in Bethlehem, the guide introduced me to a friend of his.

"He likes your face," my guide informed me, "and he invites you back to his home for a drink."

We arrived at his "home" after a few seconds' walk. It was a nice home, but strange in a way. It had a large front window, credit card signs, counters, a cash register, and lots of shelves with things on. If I didn't know better, I would have said it was the image of a big souvenir shop.


As I looked around, I didn't know whether to laugh or scream. You could buy holy this, holy that, holy anything. I didn't see any holy toilet paper, but it must have been there. In fact, given all the crap spoken about religion, I would have thought it essential. Among my favorites were little crosses made from "holy earth from the holy land". In case I thought this was a con, the wrapper assured me:

"Each one inspected by a genuine Catholic family".

Phew, that's a relief then. But nothing could surpass the plastic models of Jesus, in all sizes to suit all pockets. If you bought the small version, your Jesus only had a bit of wire for a halo, but really go for it and buy the deluxe model and you too, could have a plastic baby Jesus with three genuine, gold-painted prongs sticking out of his head.


As I surveyed this wondrous sight, the shop owner made his move:

"They are genuine," he said.

"Genuine? A genuine baby Jesus?"

"They are made by local priests."

"Ah, that kind of genuine."

I returned to the Old City and the guide who liked my face wanted his money. Anything I gave him would be acceptable, he said, and then he tried to double it. We said goodbye and I walked around the outside of the city wall to the "Garden of Gethsemane", another "Jesus" site. When I was close, I asked a passer-by the way. He was most helpful and offered to show me. But hold on a minute, wasn't that a black leather jacket he was wearing?


Suddenly he shape-shifted from passer-by into tourist guide:

"This is the very tree where Jesus was arrested...these trees have been here for..."

"Excuse me. Thank you for your help, but I only want to stand here on my own, if it's okay with you."

"You mean you don't want me to show you the church and the tomb of Mary and..."

"No, thanks, all the same."

"I give you good price."

By the end of my trip, I had this nightmare of leaving my physical body at the end of this life and a spirit in a black leather jacket touches my arm.

"Hello my friend," he says "Are you from Planet Earth? I know many people on Planet Earth. I show you heaven. I like your face."

A Muslim taxi driver summed it up when I asked him if he believed all these stories about Jesus. He had no idea, he said, but:

"Jesus is very good for tourist buses and taxi drivers because he moved around a lot."

Religion is a whole bloody industry ripping off genuine people, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Millions are on the payroll. Bishops' palaces, tourist guides, tacky gift shops, entire economies and political systems in some countries. All depend for their survival on this perpetuation of make believe. From the Vatican to Bethlehem, from Jerusalem to Salt Lake City, the cash registers go on dancing to the music of myth.


The Vatican and the other bastions of mind control know the information exists that would bring them crashing down. That's why they have worked so hard to suppress it. Unless they do, the party's over. No wonder there is so much opposition to information that will expose this global con trick when the economic and personal power of church and state depends on deception of monumental proportions.

I must be one of the few people on the planet who can bring together in mutual condemnation all these conflicting religious dogmas - and a few more besides. I have been called anti-Semitic for my exposure of Judaism and people like the Rothschilds; I have been shunned and condemned by Christians for exposing the historical background to their religion and its present-day hypocrisy; from South Africa an "Icke Alert" was sent out across the Internet warning that I was anti Islam; and many New Agers condemn me for being "too negative" (saying what is really happening) and for exposing the "spiritual" charlatans and the Illuminati manipulation of the New Age mentality.


The reason I can unite such apparently opposing groups is that they all have one thing in common. They each have a dogma to sell or defend. As I am challenging all dogmas, impositions, and suppression, I can bring them together as one indignant voice. They are opposames, the same attitude with a different frock on, but more and more people are freeing themselves from these prisons of the mind. The Illuminati-Anunnaki could not care less which religion or mind-prison you choose, so long as you choose one of them.


My philosophy on this is simple: if you can put a name to what you believe, you have built a wall around your mind. It doesn't matter what "ism" or "ianity" it may be. Once you can give it a name you are closing the door on infinity where everything just is and we all just are. There are no names for infinite knowledge. It encompasses all that is, and once we succumb to an "ism" we disconnect from all that is. But then that's the idea, the whole point for religion in the first place -slamming the door on human consciousness.


Even those who claim to have rejected conventional religion continue to be caught in its illusions. In the New Age, which does not believe in the Christian view, the myth of Jesus goes on. The Son of God of Christianity has become the New Age "Sananda", their name for "Jesus". To them he is a spiritual master channeling wisdom from another dimension and, in other versions, he was an initiate of the Essene community in Biblical Israel. Others who reject the official interpretations of the Bible stories also believe that Jesus existed in some form and they seek to construct their own thesis by re-interpreting the texts.


They can read massive implications and revelations in the most innocuous word or phrase. Now the latest spin on "Jesus" is that his bloodline was continued through his children conceived with Mary Magdalene and became the "true" royal bloodline. Yawn. The veil only lifts when you realize that most of the Bible is pure invention. The symbolic made literal. No matter how you seek to interpret the words, it will almost always end up as bollocks because you are trying to literally interpret texts that were bollocks to start with.


Only when we have a blank sheet of paper in our minds, free from this intellectual and spiritual pollution, can we possibly have the clarity to see through the game.

Religion has been a curse on the world, and humanity will never know freedom until this curse has been exorcised. It is the curse of ignorance, which has cast its dark shadow over thousands of years of human suppression by the Anunnaki and their bloodlines.


More than anything, religion has been the driving force behind humanity's suppression of itself.


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