by Wes Penre

September 2, 2012

from WesPenre Website

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1. Some Initial Hidden History behind the Continent of Mu

People have discussed the location of the continent of Mu/Lemuria since the day some started suspecting that there had been a highly developed civilization on a huge landmass that today has been swallowed by the Pacific Ocean.


I am not going to spend time arguing where this lost continent was located; I am going to present a location which to me seems the most plausible (fig. 6-1).


Figure 6-1

This seems to be the most plausible locations for both Mu and Atlantis
based on my own conclusions. In the West, it could even have stretched as far as to
India or further, engulfing Australia and the islands close by. The Americas (in black)
probably looked similar to this map, while the rest of the world is drawn the way it
looks like today, because it's easier for the viewer to locate the lost continents.

I think it's fairly safe to say that Mu stretched out all the way to the Americas in the east, and almost to east Asia in the west.


When it was destroyed in a cataclysm, allegedly around 11,500 BC, it was engulfed by the ocean and sank. The water rose to a level that it swallowed almost the land all the way to the Andes in the east.


Left were only a few islands here and there, which are still there today, filled with statues, statuettes, landmarks, that are witnesses of a long forgotten time.


Figure 6-2

James Churchward

It is quite astonishing that here on Earth, people can go through a decade or more of schooling without Mu even being mentioned in their classes.


Still, it's a big part of the mythology among the Australian aborigines, the Polynesians, and the Native Americans. [1] Both Atlantis and Mu have also been a big part of the occult tradition, spoken about by, among others, Madame Blavatsky and the 'sleeping prophet', Edgar Cayce.


The mystic, Rudolf Steiner, whose teachings inspired the setup of the famous Waldorf School, talked about colonies of the 'Third root race' who established themselves as far east as the Easter Islands. I think that if a person really wants to know the truth, without letting themselves being biased or having preconceptions, they will find overwhelming evidence for the existence of both Mu and Atlantis.


At last, now the Indian government has gone public with that they have started looking under the ocean for a lost civilization. The ruins are there all over the Pacific Ocean (and the Atlantic Ocean if they look for Atlantis).


Many of them have been found, and a quick Google or YouTube search should trigger the curious mind.

We can't talk about Mu without mentioning James Churchward, how is probably the most famous writer on Lemuria. During his lifetime, he wrote books and held a number of lectures on the subject. Although many researchers today discard some of Churchward's research, much of it is still held as very plausible.


On his website, Mark R. Williams talks about Churchward and the Continent of Mu, which Churchward called the Motherland:

"James Churchward, in books such as The Lost Continent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas.


Churchward considered the Nan Modal site on Pohnpei Island one of the seven sacred cities of Mu. Today its ruins sit on a swampy lagoon filled with mangrove trees. Rising about 30 feet in height, black volcanic stones weighing many tons are stacked crisscross like a child's frontier fort.


It's one of the more enigmatic sites in the entire Pacific, yet archaeologists cannot explain how it got there." [2]

Mark. R. Williams writes further about the feminine principle, which ruled in Mu:

"Yet most sources claim Lemurians were much more like modern humans, living in an idyllic paradise, largely agrarian with lush forests and an abundance of flowers and fruit trees.


Feminine principles of sharing, cooperation, and creativity produced a society virtually free of crime, strife, and warfare. Lemurians were vegetarians and lived in harmony with nature and other creatures, and they had a highly developed psychic and telepathic senses, which were applied in practical endeavors such as horticulture.


People believed in 'mind over matter' and were adept at manifestation and other 'reality creating' techniques. This tradition survives, some claim, in the Polynesian concept of mana and various fire-walking ceremonies throughout the region." [3]

Williams is spot on in this section of his article, and is further backing up some of what I have said so far in my papers.


The Lemurians, led by shamans and High Priests/Priestesses, building a Lemurian Priesthood, could easily connect with the Goddess Universe, at least to begin with, until their colonies were infiltrated, and the man-dominated principle started taking over again.

I think Williams is also correct when he talks about the destruction of Mu in his great article. He says that scientists disapprove of the idea that a whole continent can sink under the ocean, like Mu did.


Still, this catastrophic event (or series of events, actually, which seem to have started already around 35,000 BC, according to some studies), [4] is widely supported by mythology in the Pacific region of the world, from Australia all the way to the Hopis in Arizona.


A Hopi Indian legend says:

"Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas, and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil..." [5]

Many people and strange creatures succumbed in the disaster, but some fled underground, while others set off across the ocean on reed rafts, using the islands, sticking up over the surface of the ocean, as stepping stones.


These tales are told by many cultures in the widespread area of the Pacific; each one seemingly independent from the other.

An esoteric group which is mentioning Lemuria quite a lot in their teachings is the Rosicrucian Order; particularly the San Jos Lodge. They say that the destruction of Mu started with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the collapse of subterranean gas belts. Magnetic waves began to move around the globe, which made the continent sink.


It didn't happen from one minute to another, and fortunately there were those who were proactive and hid much of its wisdom inside crystals (and likely in the 'Crystal Skulls' that have been found in the area and are said by some have belonged to the Aztecs and the Mayans, which would be post-Lemuria). [6]

Interestingly enough, like Williams points out, America's oldest human artifacts have been found on Santa Rosa Island off Santa Barbara, dated around 25,000 B.C., which corresponds pretty well with when the continent of Mu was still existing.


Mu eventually, just like Atlantis, sank into the ocean in the Deluge.



2. The Religion of Mu

David Icke says in his book, 'Children of the Matrix' that in both the Lemurian and Atlantean societies they worshipped the Mother Goddess (the 'Serpent Goddess') and her 'Serpent Son' (EA/ENKI), often represented by a Bull.


EA, however, is not the only god who is represented by a Bull, which is also the symbol for the constellation of Taurus, in which the Pleiades is located.


It is known, and has been mention in many places, that EA spent quite some time in the Pleiades, and this may very well be the reason why he is sometimes connected with bulls.


Otherwise, here on Earth, the Bull is a 'Pleiadian' symbol.


Figure 6-3.

Model of the Temple of Artemis/Diana


Not only was the Mother Goddess Religion practiced almost everywhere during the Lemurian era, but was then spread further west to today's Asia Minor and Europe, which is now Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and Crete.


There, temples were built to praise the Queen of the Stars.


The most famous is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Turkey; one of the world's Seven Wonders. Looking at the structure of this temple (fig. 6-3), we can clearly see that humans, no matter how skilled they may have been and however hard they worked, they would never be able to build with such precision.


This was a temple constructed by the gods, who had the proper technology.


That's quite a safe observation. At that time there was a secret society in existence, built in the ordinary Sirian hierarchal structure, away from the Aryan principle of non-hierarchy. This society was called the 'Sisterhood of Daughters', dedicated in worship of the Goddess Hecate. [7]


Interestingly enough, at that time, dogs were sacred animals, sacrificed to Hecate. [8]


Dogs are of course symbolically connected to Sirius, and by sacrificing these animals to the Queen of the Stars, the Sirian Overlords sarcastically paid tribute to the Goddess, whom they once served but now despised.

Hecate was truly another name for the Mother Goddess, often also served by eunuchs; men who castrated themselves in a distorted form of worship of the Goddess. As we've mentioned earlier, in Orion, when presented before the court of the Goddess, men address themselves as females in order to connect to the universal energy that is eminent in the presence of the Goddess.


Here on Earth, this ritual became distorted and misinterpreted, leading to that men castrated themselves to get closer to the Divine Feminine. Of course, castration didn't make any difference in that respect.

In Mu, however, the shamans, high priests/priestesses, and the rest of the tribes, lived fairly isolated from influence by the Sirians and EA, the Aryan Prince.


Prince ENLIL was busy digging for precious metals and building smaller cities for his slave masters, his Sirian brothers, so they could live more comfortably and be served by human slaves, who had to abide their smallest wish. EA, on the other hand, dedicated himself to further genetic engineering; both of humans and of plants and animals.


Thus, well programmed humans, more intelligent than the miners, now spread all over the world.


Until things were settled and the new humans had built up the right energies for the Dark Lords to take real advantage of, many humans were quite free to build their own tribes and societies.


However, luring in the background was always the Aryan/Sirian agenda, unbeknownst to even the highest initiated shaman, to build up divine energies and to create a control structure that would work to rule mankind under one umbrella and collect enough divine energy to challenge the Queen of the Stars.

Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree Freemasonry of Honor, [10] who was a great Mu and Atlantis enthusiast, wrote quite extensively on the subject, also inspired by the Rosicrucian, Sir Francis Bacon, who wanted America to be the '
New Atlantis'.


He wrote that the most secret rituals of ancient initiation was done underground, in deep cavern, in subterranean crypts, away from the distractions above the surface.


They were called the 'Caverns of the Mysteries' [11]



3. The Multidimensional Lemurians

With a lot more of their DNA active than the common human of today, the Lemurian people soon learned to become quite multidimensional.


Free from stress and major outside influences they developed quite extraordinary psychic abilities. Although the Sirians had put the Grid in place and closed the stargates, the Lemurian Priesthood could still astral travel, in the beginning only far enough to get to to outside boundaries of the Grid system, but they advanced with time.


If it wasn't for the Grid and the lock-in of planet Earth, the early Lemurians would probably have reached the same, or similar level of multidimensional abilities as their ancestors, the Naml'u.


However, after perhaps thousands of years of shamanic practice, the female shamans (sometimes in conjunction with a male) could break the boundaries and access the 96%, albeit, without full potential.


This was noticed by the Sirians in the astral, and they fed off the energies, which prevented the humans from reaching their true potentials.

The Lemurian people were quite telepathic and used this ability to communicate between each other, which limited their need for vehicles to travel between tribes; they discovered they could simply nano-travel.


Advanced technologies were therefore in many ways obsolete and not even something the Lemurians were particularly interested in.


Instead, they lived close to nature from which they were born, and understood that Mother Earth and the Sun were sentient beings whom they respected at first, and showed gratitude towards, but as the societies declined, they started worshipping.


The same thing happened when practicing the Sacred Rituals of the Goddess Religion; after some time, the rituals turned into worship of the Goddess, including sacrifices, instead of connecting with her and realize they were one with her.


This decline created a disconnection with both the elements and the Sun herself, and their psychic and multidimensional abilities diminished with time. This process, however, had outside influences, as we shall see.


Like Churchward said in 'The Children of Mu', from the back cover of one of the editions,

"They were primarily socially a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture that worked in harmony with nature and the land, having little use for scientific technology." [9]

Furthermore, he says that there were about 63 million people living in Mu at the time of the cataclysm.

For a very long time they lived in a society of relative equality. The shamans, although having more psychic powers due to their training in the Sacred Rituals and their bloodline, did not use it to control others, but for the survival of the tribe.


Therefore, everybody had what they needed in form of food, clothing, and other life necessities.


There were no wars or conflicts that went out of hand; if there were disputes, they were resolved within the tribe, where everyone's opinion and version of the conflict was heard, and they could discuss and resolve any conflict that could potentially be long lasting.


The fact that they lived lives relatively free from negative stress, rich on love and understanding, they could live for several hundred years.


However, their DNA was differently engineered than on today's humans, which was most possibly the main factor to their long lives.



4. The Citizens of Mu - Great Healers in Harmony with Mother Earth


Figure 6-4

Human and dolphin interaction in Mu

Living in almost perfect harmony with Mother Nature, the people of Mu knew how to heal their bodies by using the Living Library.


Just like wild animals don't hesitate which plants, herbs, and berries they can eat and which ones are poisonous to them, neither did the Lemurians. Their shamans and other sensitive members of the tribes soon learned how to use the Library to enhance their health and to cure the ill.


They even used psychedelic mushrooms, hashish and marijuana plants to get 'high' and move to other dimensions.


Shamans used them all the time; they were planted (and still are) for the purpose of enhancing our consciousness, but in today's world, the governments have been quick to outlaw everything that will make you multidimensional (if used modestly), while the Global Elite use these substances all the time.

If a person was depressed (disconnected from the subquantum world), or had a serious disease, the tribe dug a hole in the ground and buried the person up to their chin and let them sit there for a few days, feeding them water (and herbs and vegetables, if the person still wanted to eat).


After a few days in direct connection with the healing powers of Mother Earth, the sick person usually got much better, often even cured. [12]

In Mu, the coastal regions were quite heavily populated, because they loved the ocean and the animals who lived in it. The Lemurians were vegetarians and didn't eat meat at all, so the animals, either on land or in the waters, did not feel threatened by their energies.


Just like the Atlanteans, the Lemurians had a close connection with animals. It was not quite the same strong connection that the Naml'u had, because due to the lower frequency of Earth in the Lemurian times, the animals had become meat eaters and were not always as responsive as during the First Golden Age.


Still, the Lemurians had built into their DNA to protect the animals, and that was a heritage from the Naml'u.

One could see man and ocean animal playing together in the water; people riding dolphins; sometimes even whales and orcas. But the connection between man and dolphin was not only play; they worked together and communicated on a telepathic level.


Interestingly enough; when we watch dolphins today, we may notice that they are trying all they can to communicate with us, but we've lost the ability, and they never accepted that. They still attempt to open that kind of communication.


Dolphins are much more multidimensional than humans are in today's world, and so are the whales. They are holding the frequency of the planet. Sadly enough, although the frequency of Earth is increasing today, partly due to an increased level of gamma rays hitting the Earth, dolphins float up dead on the beaches.


This is a mystery to biologists, but not so much to the metaphysicist.


Dolphins are one with Mother Earth, and when she gets destroyed, her Helpers (dolphins, whales, and others) won't stay. They will leave the planet and travel through the dimensions to a reality which would much better match their energies, accommodate them, and appreciate their service.

In Mu, dolphins loved to help humans with tasks and carry things on their backs. They knew the humans wouldn't hurt them, and they knew that by their presence they raised the vibration of the humans they interacted with.


This is still true today.



5. Aryan Symbolism in Mu

Another thing which is pretty interesting is the symbolism of the Lemurians.


It shows that they were definitely practicing the Mother Goddess Religion. One of their major symbols was the swastika, which at that time represented the spiraling consciousness of the Milky Way Galaxy, a symbol of the Mother Goddess (fig. 6-5 below).


In the middle of this symbol is the Womb of the Mother, with lightning (symbolizing Creation of Consciousness) spreading out across the galaxy.


The particular symbol shown here is taken from James Churchward's research, a symbol he found on one of the hidden tablets.


Figure 6-5

The Swastika, representing the spiral of consciousness.

In fig. 6-6 (below) we have the '12 Around 1' pattern, which is also a symbol of the Goddess, something the reader may recall from the Metaphysics Papers.


Namely, the number '12' represents the 12 universes in a 'pond', and the '1' (number '13') is the number of the Mother Goddess, the Prime Creator, and the Goddess Universe.


Figure 6-6

'12 Around 1', the Lemurian symbol of

the Mother Goddess and her 12 universes in a 'pond'.

The 'Crystal Link' website has some additional interpretation as of what the '12 Around 1' pattern is:

"Creation begins as vibrating sounds, lights and colors emanating from a pulsating orb we refer to as consciousness or source.


12 spiraling cones (horns, tones, harmonics) burst forth forming a circle around the source consciousness, connecting with it and each other to create endless grid programs of experience following a geometric blueprint we call sacred geometry.


Soul sparks of light spiral from the central source, randomly moving into the grids to consciously experience."

"The '12 around 1 pattern' (12 = 1+2=3) or third dimension references physical reality as nothing more than a biogenetic experiment based on linear time to experience emotions. We mark time in cycles and loops following this pattern - clock, calendar, zodiac wheel, alchemy wheel, etc."


The numbers 12 and 13 have been sacred since ancient times, because creation is built around the number 12, and 13 is the number of the Divine (the Goddess).


Then, in numerology these figures can be broken down and mean something else. This also goes for other sacred numbers.


6. The Return of the Titans

Like I've mentioned elsewhere, there were more extraterrestrial races here on Earth during these times than just humans and Sirians, but to keep focused on our story as much as possible, I have just mentioned them in passing.


However, some of these 'extraterrestrials' that people see even today, are not so, but actually native to Earth. They were simply earlier experiments in genetic engineering and manipulation; experiments that later were abandoned by Lord EA and the Sirians, and others before them.


This is the reason people see Reptilians coming out of caves, or otherwise seen near water. Some of these beings consider themselves being the true owners of this planet, because they were here before Homo sapiens.


Most of them still live underground.

These, however, are not the races we are going to talk about here. Over the many millennia Mu existed much was happening behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the Lemurians, who lived their own lives for a long time period. One thing that happened was that the Titans, who had survived the destruction of Old Terra by hiding deep inside the planet, now came back to the surface.


They must have had for long studied the Lemurians by nano-traveling (today we call it remote viewing), and saw that they were practicing the Religion of the Mother Goddess, and the Titans felt they wanted to be part of that society.

The first meeting between the humans and the Titans (the latter large in stature) must have been a shock to the humans.


Some of the Titans could be very tall. However, when the humans understood that the giants came in peace and they could telepathically communicate with humans, they were welcomed into the tribes. During many thousands of years, the Titans helped the humans gain more real knowledge and enhanced their abilities to connect with the 96%, bypassing the Grid.


This could be done by locating the holes in the Grid and disappear through them and into the Goddess Universe while still staying grounded in their bodies here on Earth.


They also learned how to bypass the Sirian monitoring system so that those who watched their progress could not detect them.


So, in all, with help from the Titans, who unfortunately were now very few in numbers, some Lemurian tribes learned how to become truly multidimensional and how to travel through the dimensions and into the 96%. These tribes flourished and prospered in ways that have not been experienced since then.

While interacting with the Titans, some shamans, High Priests and High Priestesses (and even some 'regular' men and women of the tribes) learned that they were older souls, and not created by EA.


They were trapped Titans and Naml'u, who had still been around in spirit when the Sirians locked the planet in and created the entrapment system.


These souls were detected and captured by the Sirians, using technology to do so, and threw them into their recycle system together with the less advanced souls, and those of the Fire.


Of course, both the Titan and the Naml'u souls, the older ones, were also of the Fire.

The Titans, however, at this time did not tell them about the amnesia trap and the true mechanism of how souls are recycled, afraid of the consequences of doing so. Although the Lemurians quickly increased their numbers to eventually reach around 63 million souls, the planet was still not populated enough to be a problem to control for the Sirians when using their technology.


Now, when the planet has reached 7 billion people and the Grid is full of holes, the Dark Lords have lost their tight control and it's possible to escape from this trap (which will be discussed later), but at the time of Mu, this was very difficult.


Although there were holes in the Grid already then, a soul of a dying body could be detected with electronic devices set up outside and on the planet, and the soul was being prepared to be recycled. If the Titans would have told the humans at that time, it could have created a riot, followed by a devastating war - one humans couldn't win.


Afterwards, even tighter security measures would have had to be taken by the Overlords. The Titans most certainly wanted to avoid a warlike conflict, knowing the Sirians, and from have had the horrific experiences with them in ancient days when Old Terra was destroyed.

The Titans arrived in the later part of the Lemurian Era, but a growing area of Mu took on their teachings and started practicing the Religion of the Mother Goddess quite similar to how it is done in the Orion Empire.


However, Mu was a huge continent, and although it could be looked at as one huge country without boundaries, it still had its tribes, who developed individually. Also, tribes from Mu traveled by boat to the American continent in the east and the Asian continent in the west. Therefore, not everybody had the chance to take part of the teachings of the Titans, and this showed to be devastating for the whole Mu civilization.


If further interference hadn't happened, things may have turned out differently, but there was simply not enough time and the Titans were too few to be able to create an impact across the entire Mu continent. It was like hanging on to the last straw, but hope is the last thing that leaves us, the saying goes.


It's probably not different with the beings from the stars.

There were other giants who had a great influence on the Mu cultures in other parts of the massive continent, and these influences were not always in the best interest of the tribes.


This time, the perpetrators were not only the Sirians.



7. Proof of Giants in Ancient Times

Many people have discredited the Swiss archeologist, researcher, and author Erich von Dniken as a hoax, based upon his hottest critics, who are almost always people from the establishment who have furiously attacked him over the years.


We may ask ourselves why.


Some of his conclusions, however, may not hold water when under scrutiny, and those theories are of course the ones that are viciously attacked in an effort to try to discredit his whole work. No one cares to understand that many of his ideas are just that - theories and ideas, in an attempt to put what he has found into context.


It's up to his readers and followers to discern and build their own opinions.


That's the whole beauty of it; an opportunity for us to think.


Figure 6-7

Giant footprint on Tarawa,

 here compared to a human foot.

When we look into von Dniken's work, we find a lot of interesting findings which are hard to explain away.


One of those is a follow-up on a previous discovery on Tawara, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean, clearly a part of old Mu.


'The Footprints of Tarawa' was written by I.G. Turbott, extracted from the Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol. 58, No. 4, December 1949, Wellington, New Zealand, on the subject of gigantic footprints that can be found on the atoll for anyone to witness.


Von Dniken was inspired by this piece of work and decided to go there himself, and just like the material said, the footprints were there (fig. 6-7).


Some could even be found on nearby islands, but the main spot is in the village of Banreaba at a location called Te Aba-n-Anti, the 'Place of the Spirits', or Te Kananrabo, 'The Holy Place'. They were there, imprinted deep into the volcanic stone in many parts of the island. The footprints are giant and most of them had six toes on each foot.


Reports say the footprints are pretty clear and often include the full foot, with toes, heels, and outline intact, naturally curved like a human foot. These particular giants, based on the size of their feet, would have been around 10-12 feet tall.[]

There is also clear evidence that genetic experiments were taken place at least in certain places of Mu, probably at the end of its existence, because natives on some of the islands, just like the giants of old, have six fingers and six toes, and even double rows of teeth (fig. 6-8).[#]


Figure 6-8

Natives still show clear sign of genetic manipulation,
having six toes and fingers, and double rows of teeth.


The 'Before It's News' website reports in an article from April 14, 2011, that although some researchers dismiss the presence of giants in the area in the past, the same researchers can't explain away the footprints.


Nor can they explain away the old legends that circulate on the atoll and the surrounding islands that there were enormous giants there in the past, strong enough to move mountains. The natives had to battle these beings of large stature for food and to save their women and children from these creatures, who supposedly were cannibals and ate humans alive. []


This also corresponds directly with what the ''Pleiadian's' say in one of their more recent lectures, who also mention that the Nephilim had a double row of teeth, something the critics can't explain away, either.


How come the natives also have it? Coincidence?


Figure 6-9

A footprint of an alleged giant child

According to the same legends, humans had to go into hiding while hungry giants were strolling around on the land looking for human hiding places so they could get a good meal.


The ''Pleiadian's' tell us that the giants were not cannibals to begin with but developed into such as they genetically degenerated, which would have happened towards the end of the Lemurian Era.


Figure 6-10

Artist's impression of a native fighting off giants.

The above article also discusses the footprints, and in his book, I.G. Turbott writes:

"Here various footprints can clearly be seen in the volcanic stone, some of them so huge as to seem impossible. Most have six toes on each foot."

[One footprint] "is said to be his left foot - it sinks a good inch into the solid rock, a coral limestone, has 12 toes and measures 3-feet 9-inches across the toes and 4-feet 6-inches from the toe to heel.

"Its counterpart, the right foot, is reported to be near the village of Tekanranga on Maiana, a separate island in the Gilberts some 20 miles to the southwest of Tarawa."

"On Tarawa, the main atoll of Kiribati, I found the footprints of a giant, his wife and children in a schoolyard - in the village of Banreaba. They all had six toes." []

When the natives were asked why one of the names of this location was 'Place of the Spirits', they explained that the spirits had nothing to do with the giants, but with the ghosts of the spirits whose bodies the giants had consumed.[*]

It looks quite obvious to me that these footprints and the legends are remnants of the very old story about the Nephilim, Anakim, and Rephaim giants, all mentioned in the Bible. Still, some of the giant footprints found on the pacific islands may very well be of the Titans as well.

Our history and literature is full of stories about giants and genetic manipulation.


Homer's 'Odysseus' is only one, but it actually tells us about both giants and genetic manipulation; the Cyclops and the Minotaur.



8. A Gigantic Visit from the Pleiades

Lord EA seems to have spent quite some time in the Pleiades, like it was a region of the sky he had a certain affinity for; especially the stars Electra and Maa,[**] and had a great influence over a certain group of humanoid/reptilian giants, to such a degree that he managed to bring some of them over here to Earth.


I have studied this connection for a while and found some relevant information on this connection, but the best source again, I have to say, has been the ''Pleiadian's' themselves.

In a lecture in spring of 2012 they told their audience in a channeled session, using Barbara Marciniak as their 'vehicle', [13] that they are in fact the descendants of the Fallen Angels, the 'Watchers'.


Their ancestors were the Giants of the past who descended to Earth, and as the Bible says, found the women beautiful and took them as their wives.


Their offspring became the 'Nephilim', the giants who walked the Earth in ancient days. The effect this created is the 'karma' the 'Pleiadian' group, channeling from the future (in our terms), are trying to resolve, because the effects of what they did have had ripple effects way into the future - even our future.

Speaking of Fallen Angels, we know from old scriptures that they were connected with Lucifer, the 'Light Bearer', and they were 'rebel angels'.


The title 'Lucifer' fits well into the character of EA/ENKI, who rebelled against his own people, and the Orion Queen in particular, and therefore also against Mother Goddess. He is the Light Bearer, because light is information, and he brought information (light) to the early humans and enLIGHTened them.


Furthermore, we could probably say that the Sirians, who followed him down here, would be the Watchers/Igigi, thus the Fallen Angels.


This is one way of looking at it, but the Sirians were not the ones who particularly came down here because they found women irresistible. There were no women here when the Sirians came, only androgynous humans.


Therefore, the real Watchers are 'the 'Pleiadian' group' who rebelled together with EA, Lucifer. They were the ones who found Earth women irresistible and mated with them, and later created the Giants, as we shall see now.

EA, being the genetic scientist he was, wanted to expand his creation (humans) by perhaps adding an extra set of genes to our DNA. So he went to the Pleiades, more specifically a planet which orbits the blue sun Maa, and brought 200 ''Pleiadian's' back to Earth to assist him with genetic experiments and to help him teach mankind, as he did not trust the Sirians with that task.


These were the 200 'God's Angels' whom Lucifer (EA) brought down from 'Heaven the Orion Empire' to the 3rd Dimension of matter, the Earth.


Thus, they became known as the 'Fallen Angels'. This was not peculiar in any way, because the Pleiades was (and still is) a part of the Orion Empire, and EA was the Prince of Orion. He must have had followers on many planets.


On the '' website, the author and researcher also makes the connection between Orion, Lucifer and the Fallen Angels. [^]

Most people think that the Fallen Ones came down here in huge spaceships, or were just giants with big wings, landing on Earth; all males and beautiful to envision. Then they seduced the earthly women, had sex with them, and their offspring became enormous giants.

This was not the case, however.

The whole Bible story about the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim is about genetic engineering and manipulation. The ''Pleiadian's' came here from the KHAA, arriving through stargates in the interdimensional space craft, and took human male bodies here on Earth.


On their home planet they were giants, but as usually is the case, they couldn't use their true biological form to travel the KHAA. If they didn't have the Fire, they were restricted to using stargates and regular space travel, using genetically manipulated bodies to meet the harsh condition in space.


Once they arrived, they found the human females irresistible, jumped bodies into genetically engineered human bodies.

Then, in human bodies they had sex with the human females; something that was considered a taboo. However, that did not create giant offspring; it was just like when any two humans have sex; the offspring were human. However, behind the scenes, the ''Pleiadian's', possibly together with some Sirian groups and EA himself, spent a lot of time on genetic manipulation and engineering.


Marciniak's group has many times confirmed their connection with Lord EA (or ENKI, as they call him). Therefore, it's possible that EA and the ''Pleiadian's' to some degree at least, worked together in the laboratories.

What the ''Pleiadian's' did in essence were to use human DNA (it's unclear if they used the Neanderthal or the Erectus line, or both) and mixed it with their own 'Pleiadian' DNA.


The result became another Experiment, but the new human probably looked very similar to ourselves.

When this new prototype was tested and had intercourse with existing humans on the planet (none of them were yet today's Homo sapiens, who did not appear until after the Deluge), the offspring became giants.


At first, the baby had to be taken out with a cesarean section, or the poor female would split open when the fetus grew in the womb.


So a major part of the fetus' development had to be done in a laboratory. However, once they were fully developed they became giants, just like the Watchers/''Pleiadian's' themselves, which was probably the purpose.


For some reason, EA and the ''Pleiadian's' wanted bodies similar to the ones the ''Pleiadian's' inhabited in the Maa solar system in the Pleiades. According to Anton Parks, the planet which revolves around Maa, which would be relevant to this story, is a giant planet called Dubhe, often mentioned in the Sumerian texts.


Marciniak's ''Pleiadian's' also stress that the Watchers mainly came from Maa (and some from Electra) and later on created the Mayan culture in today's Mexico.

Some people, understandably so, don't believe that the Pleiades can have planets around them that are inhabited, because the star cluster is too young. In scientific terms, most stars in the Pleiades are only 75-150 million years old. [14]


Unfortunately, mainstream scientists in today's world measure time based on how we do it here on Earth; in a linear fashion. Stars don't die, first of all, they transform into another type of consciousness, and they can't be measured, time-wise, like scientists do.


Another thing they don't understand is that when they are talking about civilizations not having time to develop around stars that young and hot because these stars don't stay stable as long as our Sun, they forget one important thing.

  • Who says that civilizations are 'developing' on all planets which have life on them?


  • Why can't star races from other star systems, apart from a particular one we discuss, colonize these planets any time in their development, or seed them, or transport them there from elsewhere if they have the technology?


  • And what time frame are the scientists talking about?

All time is simultaneous, so each planet can be inhabited in its past, present, and future at the same time (to use our concept of time).


And which dimension are we talking about?


Figure 6-11

Giants, compared to a normal size human

We can go on and on, and none of the above questions and comments are taken into consideration by the elite scientists of today.


They are looking for life that is similar to Earth, not understanding that Earth is a rare planet in the Universe. Life exists in so many other forms and in so many other dimensions and densities than 3D, which is the dimension of 'matter'. Albeit, this may not be entirely true.


There are those who start to realize that there is more to things than they have thought thus far. But to be realistic, they have a lot of catch up to do, and it will take time for traditional scientists to fully realize and admit to that they were 'wrong' (this is hard for them) and that the Universe is consciousness.


On the other hand, those who finance them do not want us to know this, either, and therefore, if mainstream scientists want to keep their funding, they'd better conform to what the financers want.

It is plausible that the ''Pleiadian's' with time found another way around having to use their laboratories to host fetuses of the Nephilim. A solution would be to manipulate the DNA of the fetus so that it grew much slower, resulting in that the baby could be born the size of a normal human baby.


Once born, the baby started growing in a much faster speed than human babies and children, and once fully grown, they could grow to become 7-35ft tall.



NOTE: the 'Pleiadian's' mentions some of them were up to 300 feet tall, which is roughly 91 meters. It is uncertain if these enormous giants were discontinued or not, but they must have had a hard time surviving in Earth gravity.



9. The Children of the 'Dark Angels'

Once the 'Pleiadian' genetic experiments took off, giants of all sizes started to roam the Earth from north to south, west to east.


It is said that in the beginning these enormous creatures coexisted quite well with the already existing humans and didn't bother them too much, but the more they noticed their advantage due to their height and strength, some of them took advantage of the situation and began to dominate the smaller and from their perspective, weaker humanity.


Of course, these offspring of the 'Pleiadian Fallen Angels' were the infamous Nephilim, who also found their way to the continent of Mu.

Some of these giants were very wise and gentle and fit right into the Lemurian society where they could be of great help, both from giving a slightly different slant on spiritual matters, knowledge some of them seemed to have embedded in their DNA, and from being able to lift heavy rocks, stones, and to build houses and temples (although none of them as perfect as the ones inserted by the gods. The Nephilim did not have access to that kind of technology. They worked with their hands).


Imagine a 300 foot giant lifting something (if giants of that stature were actually common). A few of them together could certainly lift and move very heavy stones, albeit perhaps not whole mountains, as the legends go.

It's uncertain if the Nephilim coexisted with the Titans or not. It could very well be that the few Titans who had survived the previous cataclysm came in one, or just a few groups and stayed in one area, while the Nephilim migrated to the big continent from another direction, and therefore they didn't really interact with each other.


Another possibility would be that the Titans actually did interact with the early giants, and those who stayed friendly and gentle until the end. Either way, there were others of the Nephilim who were not as friendly, who set themselves up in order to rule over humans. In other parts of the world, this was not as hard to achieve as it probably was amongst the Mu societies, who were 'born free'.


Conflicts must have been quite common after a while, probably even open wars between humans and giants.


Possibly, it could have been during such conflicts the giants got the taste for human flesh and became cannibals, a trait they may have had dormant in their DNA from having some Sirian genes.


Just like the Sirians on the battlefield, the Nephilim liked to eat human flesh raw and while the victim was still alive, according to legends such as those from Tarawa and the Southern Pacific islands.

The interaction between the Lemurians and the Nephilim, however, lasted over a long duration of time, probably ten thousands of years, and this must have been when the cultures of Mu advanced into becoming more urban-like societies (or declined, depending on how we look at it).


With help from giants, cities could easily be built, and giant buildings would most certainly have been erected for the Nephilim to live in as well.


The Lemurian Priesthood became more distant from the rest of the people due to that the whole tribes disconnected from nature to a large degree as they moved into cities or villages.


Thus, the shamans also lost a lot of their natural psychic abilities and could no longer connect with the 96% as easily as they used to. Many communities and cities had also been taken over by males, who wanted the feminine divine powers and changed shamanism forever in their community.


Things started getting more violent and disconnected from the Goddess energy, and the ecstatic Fire of the early Lemurians faded over time.


Figure 6-12

Levitating Lemurian High Priest during early Mu,
developing his powers from being

educated by female shamans.




10. The Destruction of Mu

More and more giants, as they multiplied all over the world, settled down in Mu, and many more of the violent and non-spiritual ones arrived as they noticed that the Lemurian people were easier to deal with because they didn't have an army or any real defense system.


This, of course, was because they never had had to deal with war and violence before to any greater deal.

History started repeating itself, and groups of Nephilim giants invaded cities and tribes and took humans as slaves. Some of them were eaten. It came to a point in certain regions of Mu (I feel, especially in the eastern regions, which now is the North and South American western shores) when whole tribes had to hide in underground caves in order to stay away from preying Nephilim.

All of a sudden, severe earthquakes and tsunamis started haunting the lands, the weather changed drastically all over the planet, and some chunks of the continent fell apart and sunk under the ocean.


It seems to have been a gradual process and not a one event, but many humans and giants died when the volcanoes erupted and land and water changed position. Of course, all this was due to orchestrated events, as a.AM.e entered the solar system and was intentionally setting course towards Earth.


ENLIL was behind it, as many of us know, but the whole story will be told in the next paper, and it differs from both Sitchin's and any other version I know of, simply because certain factors regarding the Deluge have been overlooked.

For the first time in the history of the Lemurians, diseases, plagues, and other serious conditions spread across the land, and many shamans who still had some psychic powers could feel the end was near.


The weather became more and more erratic and new kinds of diseases spread between the tribes. Although the Lemurians were not a technological society as that of Atlantis, there was a lot of wisdom that would be lost if Mu was destroyed, and the leading shamans and their council of Priests and Priestesses were of course well aware of this fact.


This wisdom had to be safeguarded for the benefit of future generations.

According to Lyssa Royal, who is channeling Germaine, 300 years before the final cataclysm, around 11,200 BC, the shamanic Elders and their Inner Circle started storing information in all different ways possible.


One of the more profound way was that of storing data in 'Seed Crystals'. [15] Allegedly, these crystal were programmed with the knowledge of old Mu.


Reliable and well trusted couriers were then sent out to different parts of the world, rich in crystalline growth. This way, the Seed Crystals could program other crystals with the same information, which would be stored in this fashion for potential civilizations to come, for those of the right consciousness to decode it.


It is a known fact that crystals are transmitters and receivers of information.


Figure 6-13

Depiction on rock walls in the American Rocky Mountains. Notice the swords,
crowns and armors (not very Native American, neither is the geometry)


Other ways the Lemurian Priesthood stored knowledge was by writing on stone and clay tablets, similar to the later Sumerians, and in hieroglyphs on cavern walls in their hidden refuge places.


When all this was done, the Priesthood and sometimes their entire tribes went underground and stayed there through the cataclysm so that they could come up safely afterwards and start reseeding the planet.


Their hiding places were deep inside Earth, away from the continent, on the American west coast. As we know, many Native Americans say they come from underneath the Earth. They, and the Mayans (the people, not the Mayan 'gods'), are definitely offspring from the Lemurian civilization.


We still can see ruins from the Lemurian cultures all the way through Arizona and New Mexico.


Figure 6-14

A 'cenote'; a very deep hole, filled with water...

There are places called 'cenote'.


They are extremely deep holes, filled with water. There is one on the Yucatan peninsula at Chicken Itza. But there is also another one outside of Sedona, called 'Montezuma's Well'.


The latter is one of the major emergence points for those who stayed underground and came out after the final Lemurian cataclysm. [16]


Figure 6-15.

'Montezuma Well',

under which many Lemurian refugees hid.


A lot of giants died as well as humans when the continent finally sank, while others made it to safer grounds; both in mountain areas (which are now atolls and islands in the Pacific), further out west (China, Mongolia, Japan), east (the American continents), and south (New Zealand and Australia).


Figure 6-16

Huge face of bearded man

found on mountain side in Peru - age undeterminable


The "Pleiadian's" say in a few different lectures that within some mountains on the west coast of the American continent there are sleeping giants (of the nicer kind), who will not wake up until a certain level of consciousness is raised on the planet, and sometimes they leave signs or indications as of where they are sleeping.


According to them the awakening of the sleeping giants will be soon. Fig. 6-16 shows the face of a bearded giant, 'carved' out from the mountain side.


Does the inside of this mountain in Peru perhaps house a sleeping giant?


11. In the Aftermath of the Lemurian Cataclysm

When everything was over, millions upon millions of people, and many of the Nephilim giants who roamed Mu, had died.


What exactly happened to the Titans is not known, as no information can be found about them from what I know. A few of them may have survived, however, because elongated skulls of both humans and giants (Titans) have been found, in the western part of South America, and around Peru in particular.


Many of those have been dated to about the 1,500s AD.


(For an overwhelming amount of proof and evidence, visit archeologist Brien Foerster's Facebook, and his YouTube account. His research is enormously appreciated!)

Left were the islands and the spread out landmasses we more or less see today. The oceans calmed down and the extreme weather phenomena subsided. What is now more or less at sea level was during the Lemurian era high ground. That's why we still can see ruins of statues and volcanic footprints of giants, etc.


Giants, as the legends go, preferred the mountain regions and high ground in general, and that's where we find many of the remnants of old civilizations.

There are many places in the Pacific Ocean and on the American continent which still show us the glaring truth that the Lemurian civilization existed, and they are too many to bring up here.


The most famous ones are probably the statues on the Easter Island, the ruins and wall carvings in Arizona and New Mexico, and the history and evidence of the Mayan culture.

We have learned from the Bible, and many other more ancient texts from which the Bible has developed, that the Flood wiped out almost all of the world population.


I haven't mentioned the conflicts that happened behind the scenes between Sirians and "Pleiadian's" which eventually led to that the Deluge happened, because this paper has focused on the Lemurian civilization, while the next one will tell us what occurred in the rest of the world, and particularly on another huge landmass in the Atlantic Ocean, which was taken out by the Flood as well.


I am of course talking about Atlantis. The misuse of energy, abused technology, and elitism that eventually became predominant in Atlantis was the main reason why the Flood happened.

We are now going back to the place where the split between human groups occurred, when EA let his creation spread out over the globe to develop their abilities as a part of the Experiment.


Lord EA himself did not go to Mu. Those who wanted to follow him did so and landed in Atlantis, a civilization which started out much later than that of Mu.


However, while the Mu civilizations concentrated on spiritual matters, EA and his followers ended up choosing technology. Albeit, in the beginning this was not the case, just the result from choices EA and others made along the way.

We are now going to move back in time to when the Mu civilizations were still on the height of their spiritual power, before the Watchers came.


This was approximately the time Atlantis, as we know it, became populated by EA's people.


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