by Wes Penre

September 9, 2012
from WesPenre Website

Spanish version


1. Abstract

Not only archeologists, but even locals around the world have found skulls, bones and relatively intact skeletons of strange beings, giants and dwarfs that should simply not exist, according to scientists. Still they do.


Some of these findings, to make matters worse, should especially not exist in the part of the world where they were found. Still they do. Not only one or two of them, but sometimes whole graveyards, like in Peru.

There have been many cataclysms in Earth's history, and many, many different species were genetically engineered, manipulated and abandoned. Some of them, once they didn't get any support from their creator gods anymore, moved underground and to inaccessible areas of the world (like jungles, remote areas, and up in the mountains), and many of them still live there.


If people only knew how many different species are dwelling in Earth's interior they would be stunned, and some of them look very different from us.

In theory, I could have summarized what I wanted to say in maybe 50 instead of 1,000+ pages (Level I+II), but it's very important that we know our true past, including how we've been (and certainly still are) manipulated, so we can understand present time and make good decisions for our future.


We can't understand the present alien agendas if we don't understand our true past, leading up to our current situation (which has everything to do with alien agendas). This is why history is so important, and also one of the most altered subjects in school. The manipulators know that if we know next to nothing about our origins, it's a piece of cake to control us.


Therefore, if they give us amnesia between lives and alter our history, they can do almost anything to us.

It was in Atlantis things started going extremely wrong with the Sirian Experiment. To understand what really happened, we need to understand the legend of Atlantis and what really occurred there.

There is a lot of karma involved when comes to the Atlantean Era, and this is why people still aren't able to let go of that time period. The 'New Atlantis' has been planned for a long time, and in recorded history we know that those plans and dreams were common in the work of such prominent people as Sir Francis Bacon, who was a high initiate in the Rosicrucian Order.


Freemasonry in general have promoted these plans as well, and Atlantean symbolism is found everywhere in this particular secret society.


The Founding Fathers of the United States were those who were chosen to implement this dream in America, and many of them were either Freemasons, or in other ways closely connected to them.

In many ways history is repeating itself now as we are approaching the end of 2012 and beyond, so that our karma can be played out and hopefully resolved. However, it's up to us if it will, or if we are going to build up additional negative energies. If we let history repeat itself because of ignorance, we're going to end up with a new catastrophe; this time even bigger than the last one, because now our very souls are at stake - literally so.

We think that nuclear power and weapons of mass destruction is something new, but remnants of ancient nuclear wars can be found in many places around there world - even in Scotland (the British Islands were the northeastern part of Atlantis, which remained above sea level after the Deluge).

  • Why are so many abductions being reported?

  • What is it in our DNA that they want?

  • Did the genetic 'upgrade' of mankind ever stop, or is it still going on in places like Area 51 and off planet?

These are all important questions which we shall discuss over the duration of these remaining papers of the Second Level of Learning. And Atlantis is the key.

It's important to realize that just like with the Lemurian civilization, Atlantis wasn't restricted to a continent in the Atlantic Ocean, but was more of an era than a location. To me, Atlantis was the part of the population which eventually chose technology before spirituality and nature, while Mu was the opposite.


The similarities between Atlantis and Mu and today's world are sometimes stunning.


We have to make the same decisions today as people did back then, but hopefully this time we stand a better chance to maintain and build on the positive energies many of us have worked hard on building up within ourselves. This time we have a few advantages we didn't have then; one of them is the numbers (7 billion people) and the other the intense gamma rays bombardment from the Sun and the Galactic Center.

The Deluge happened approximately half of a 'full year' ago (13,500 years ago), and now we are completing a 'full year' (a full circle around the Zodiac). Although the energies were strong at the Atlantean time as well, they are much stronger now.


This doesn't prevent those who want to destroy us to do so if we let them, so again, it's up to us.



2. Atlantis and the Orion Heritage

There is a lot of confusion over whom was in charge in Atlantis.


Some say it was the Sirians; the 'Pleiadians' say the karma they are working on when being in touch with us humans in present time originates from Atlantis, and others say Orion ruled in Atlantis.


So, who is correct?

As strange as it may sound, it was all of the above. The island of Atlantis had been sparsely populated already long before the focus of our story, but not in the sense it was about to become.


When EA [] decided to let the tribes split up, and many of them went eastward and ended up in Mu, EA and a lot of enhanced humans, with the Fire of the Goddess, were heading westward and settled down on the Atlantic island where they eventually built cities of the special structure we are so used to see in pictures from that era.


Later city constructions, such as Babylon, were built with similar architecture in mind.


Figure 7-1

A reconstruction of Plato's Atlantis.

EA picked out his ten favorite human hybrids and let them become kings over ten different Kingdoms, roughly spread out over the island area.


Contrary to the Lemurians, who were left without an alien commander, the Atlanteans were ruled by Kings, not by Queens or shamans. They shamans, however, were instructed to build their own Priesthoods (more correctly, 'Priestesshoods') where they could dedicate themselves to shamanism.


In Atlantis, EA later became known as Poseidon (in Greece) and Neptune (in Rome). The Sirians drew lots, and EA was given the big island to rule as a King; this was his domain, and he was the first and last King of Kings of Atlantis.

According to Plato's story, Poseidon (EA) took and additional wife, Cleito, who was a mortal human female.


She bore him 5 sets of twins, whereof Atlas was the oldest and most powerful (the term Atlantis comes from the name Atlas). Poseidon promised Cleito to make Atlantis a royal paradise. [1]


So he built a city by the ocean and put a temple in the middle of the city. In addition, the legend goes, Poseidon cast down a gift from heaven; a huge, beautiful crystal that he 'gave to the people'.


The people, because this crystal came from 'God', worshipped it, and it gave them longevity. I believe it did, but not in the way the legend tells us.


The genetic engineering team used crystals and quartz in huge quantities when they created and manipulated life forms in their laboratories, and there were certainly labs in Atlantis. Still, Poseidon did give mankind longevity; in fact, he gave them longer lives than humans had ever had and would ever get up until our present day.


They became semi-gods after had eaten both from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

Plato said that according to the Egyptians, the northern parts of the Atlantean Island consisted mostly of mountains, and so did the northern shore lines. In the south there was a great plane of an oblong shape. On the central island, where the main city and a Palace were built, Poseidon and his human wife were to reside.


Atlas, the eldest son, became King of the region around today's Atlas Mountains in the east (today's north and northwestern Africa), where he was born.


His other sons were all to "rule over many men and a large territory": [2]

"Poseidon carved the mountain where his love dwelt into a palace and enclosed it with three circular moats of increasing width, varying from one to three stadia and separated by rings of land proportional in size.


The Atlanteans then built bridges northward from the mountain, making a route to the rest of the island. They dug a great canal to the sea, and alongside the bridges carved tunnels into the rings of rock so that ships could pass into the city around the mountain; they carved docks from the rock walls of the moats.


Every passage to the city was guarded by gates and towers, and a wall surrounded each of the city's rings.


The walls were constructed of red, white and black rock quarried from the moats, and were covered with brass, tin and the precious metal orichalcum, respectively." [3]

So it seems Poseidon chose to build his palace in a mountain (apparently not foreign to Sirians, whose culture EA had adopted a lot of) and the city was created around it with canals extending to the ocean, which was Poseidon's true element.


Today we hear quite a lot about UFOs being seen ascending from water; either big lakes or from the ocean. This makes a lot of sense, because there are many extraterrestrial bases under the ocean floor; protected and secure from snooping eyes.


Figure 7-2

EA/ENKI as Poseidon

It seems like Poseidon rather quickly adopted to the Patriarchal rule, choosing males to rule the 10 Kingdoms of Atlantis rather than females.


The story goes that at one point the firstborn within the ruling Elite (those with the purest Aryan bloodline) was a female, and she was actually supposed to inherit the throne in one of the Kingdoms.


However, before she got the chance, her parents gave birth to a male baby, who then automatically became the successor of the throne. So, in spite of being Aryan and born from the Queen of the Stars, EA/ENKI/Poseidon had become a true Sirian in nature in more than one ways.

Poseidon was very strict with keeping the Aryan/Naml'u bloodline as intact as possible when came to the ruling Elite.


Only the offspring of his own ten hybrid sons were to rule in Atlantis. Poseidon himself intentionally took a human wife of the Aryan/L bloodline and created a hybrid; mostly Aryan blood, and the rest with a lot of L DNA and a little bit of Sirian. But it was the dominant Aryan blood, which ran through the veins of the manipulated, shorter Neanderthals, who had the most powerful Fire of all the humans in the Atlantean Kingdoms.


So his sons, who were the first generation super-enhanced humans (enhanced Project Elohim), having much more Aryan blood, then took spouses amongst the most capable of the existing human hybrids.


This way, Poseidon was hoping he could eventually achieve his goal to create a global event in the far future, where he and his Sirian allies could feed off the KHAA energy from all enhanced humans in the world and use this to gain power in the KHAA Realm, the Universe of the Mother Goddess. This is also why Poseidon, the 'God of the Ocean', spent so much of his time under the ocean floor; he continued his genetic experiments there.

Many researcher has it correct and dedicate Atlantis to the Reptilian, Aryan bloodline, but without understanding the dynamics behind it all.


It gets confusing for most people who try to research this as long as they don't realize that EA was not a Sirian, but born in Orion, and therefore an Aryan. They see references to the Aryan Reptilian bloodline when they trace this back, and accuse the whole Orion Empire for something one Aryan did, namely Prince EA.


There were other Aryans involved, such as ENLIL's consort, NINLIL, but EA was the one being from Orion who did all the work which eventually led up to the scenario we are facing today. Other than that, researchers like David Icke has found correct information but makes the same mistake as everybody else.


I still think he has done a lot of good research on our human past, and in many cases is right on target.


Here he makes the connection between Atlantis and Orion:

"The Minoan civilization on Crete, part of the Sumer Empire, was another serpent-bull culture. They called its line of Aryan 'Minos' kings the Sons of the Serpent Goddess because, once again, the Aryan line is the purest of the reptilian hybrids.


These were the Serpent Kings who ruled Atlantis and the later Sumer Empire. Ancient Crete, as with other connected centers, was famous for its labyrinth, a word meaning 'House of the Double Axe' or 'House of the Serpent Goddess'". [4]


Figure 7-3

Robert Ghost Wolf

So here Icke is telling us the same thing:

the Aryan bloodline is the 'purest' of the Reptilian hybrids (humans).

The 'Reptilians' in this case are those who adapted the Matriarch, which is the serpent Kundalini, the female energy.


Icke is basically repeating what EA himself thought, and how he wanted humans to evolve. ENLIL and his Sirian Overlords didn't mind that Project Elohim consisted of mainly Aryan blood as long as they could create the effect that was necessary for the Sirians to take advantage of it.

The Planet Venus was apparently of importance both to the Atlanteans and the Lemurians when the Matriarchs built temples.


Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf writes:

"It is interesting to note that wherever these Kumara Priest Kings, Priests of the Dragon Lords born of Lemurian and Atlantean cultures; they built temples aligned with our sister planet Venus the bright and morning star and the planet itself became associated with saviors and the immortals." [5]

EA is considered being Lucifer by many (including this author), in the Bible referred to as the 'Morning Star' - another name for Venus.


Does Venus have anything to do with Sirian plans, involving us and our future 'ascension'? Some organizations who are working behind the scenes today say that indeed it does, and that humankind will find out about it on a broader scale before the end of the year 2012.


The Sirians are allegedly involved in this supposed event, which is said to be just around the corner. We will see. If there is any substance to it, I will announce it on my blog. [6]


Venus also plays a leading spiritual role in many North and South American Indian cultures, interestingly enough, something Dr. Ghost Wolf also emphases. [7]



3. Elitism in Atlantis

EA, after had announced the ten Kings to rule over ten districts of Atlantis, formed a governing council, which I here will call the 'Royal Governing Council of Atlantis' (the 'RGCA' [def] for short).


These Kings worked under the pretense that they were of the Divine and therefore had the 'divine right to rule' over others. Under them were the shamans and their High Priests and Priestesses, which I here will call the 'Lesser Council'. [def]

Thus, Poseidon, in contrast to his Aryan heritage, had now created Elitism amongst humans in standard Sirian style.


This was not done by accident; remember I have said many times that the 'gods have long thoughts'; a term which I've borrowed from Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest and their book, 'The Prism of Lyra', and it's an excellent term to describe the alien mind.


They don't die like we do, so therefore they often plan a long time into the future; sometimes thousands of years.


EA knew that one day he and the Sirians may have to return to the stars, and while they are gone, they wanted a ruling class of human hybrids left here on Earth to rule over the less fortunate.


However, what it seems is that they never really left, except for a few hundred years in the beginning of the Common Era.


Other than that, many of them left, but a skeleton crew remained here on Earth (some embodied and some in spirit) and continued ruling humans behind the scenes, often interdimensionally, and used the hybrids (today's Global Elite) to execute their plans.

Most people think that the Global Elite was created by the Sirians (or the 'Anunnaki' if we talk Sitchin language), but it was not. In fact, EA was the one who came up with the idea, and this governing system is applied still today.


We call it autocracy when a country or region is ruled by one person, such as a King or a President (although we also know that there are always those of secret powers who rule behind the scenes - so called 'Shadow Governments' - and behind them, interdimensional powers pull the strings).


Figure 7-4

Hillary Clinton being healed

by a Native Indian shaman?

Interestingly enough, perhaps twelve years ago there was a picture circling around on the Internet; a picture I believe originated from one of Fritz Springmeier's books.


It showed Hillary Clinton being healed by an alleged Native Indian shaman (fig. 7-4). People were very upset over that picture, because they saw that the President of the United States (in this case Bill Clinton) and his wife were caught up in 'shamanism'.


This, however, is a rule rather than an exception, but what is remarkable about that picture is that the Global Elite still hold on to a similar structure they did in Atlantis, where the RGCA had access to shamans at all times.


4. Atlantean Shamanism

In the early days of Atlantis, although he had quite a patriarchal mindset, EA endorsed shamanism for all the reasons we've discussed earlier.


Therefore, the humans who had the Fire of the Goddess inside of them were free to practice the matriarchal religion, not understanding that when they succeeded, Sirians in the Astral tuned into their vibration and gained their own power from the efforts of the humans.


Shamanism quite soon also turned into worship rather than just religious practice and rituals, based upon a connection with the Goddess Universe.

Not even the selected Kings (Poseidon's sons with the human female, Cleito), knew everything about the plans of EA and
the Sirian Overlords. They were still hybrids and of lower rank than the full-blooded extraterrestrials.


They did not know how to extract the energies of the 96% from the female shamans. And Poseidon, when he had set up his Atlantean Empire, was rarely seen above ground, spending most of his time under the ocean floor where he had his genetic laboratories.

When EA was gone, some of the Kings who were curious and jealous of the shamanic powers some females had, wanted to know how to gain those same powers. Also, they felt threatened by the shamans as well.


If they had that much power, who said they couldn't overthrow their King? Yes, the Kings could use the shamans for certain things like healing, blessing an area etc., but no real power came back to them.

So some Kings started kidnapping Women of Fire to find out from where they got all these mysterious abilities.


Was there an unknown God somewhere who gave them the power? The Kings started asking the women who possessed the Fire how they did what they did, but when the shamans couldn't really explain it in other terms than that they just 'had the ability', the Kings got frustrated and started torturing the shamans in hope for them to 'tell the truth'.


When the women still couldn't tell them, the Kings and their soldiers started raping them. This became ongoing when they heard rumors that men could gain some powers from having intercourse with a woman and take in the energies when the female had her orgasm. [8]

When rape didn't do it (hardly any women had orgasms during rape), the Patriarchal Kings used other tactics.


They rewarded Women of Fire who had great results from their shamanism and had them move into the King's castle. They made it a privilege to have sex with the King, and by manipulating the women in this fashion, some believed this to be an honor, and they were dressed up to have sex with the ruler. After a while, the Kings who practiced this kind of manipulation soon had collected their own harems, from where they could pick and choose whom to have sex with.


They found that with practice, the Kings could actually tune into the 96% for the short moment the female had an orgasm, and that energy built up in their bodies for a while, but they were not able to sustain it, which frustrated them.

After a while, some female shamans were tortured and raped to death or used in black magick rituals of a kind that is still practiced today amongst the Global Elite.


They induced fear and terror in the victim and when the female was on the height of terror, they killed her and drank her blood. This, they noticed, gave them huge power rushes and they got access to realms they otherwise could not reach. After had practiced this kind of human sacrifice for a while they took it a bit further; they started raping young girls who still had not reached puberty.


The same thing was done to these young girls; when they vibrated on the highest terror level they were killed, and the perpetrators drank their blood, getting an additional kick from the adrenaline rush of the victim.

The late Sir Laurence Gardner said that the ones who were set up to rule for the 'Anunnaki' (Sirians) as kings, presidents, dictators, or whatnot, drank menstrual blood called 'Star Fire', but never mentioned that they still do the same thing today.


This was discussed in one of David Icke's books.[*]


It's interesting, however, that Gardner, who had an incredible insider knowledge, used the word 'Star Fire', which is exactly what it is. When they practiced their rituals and drank the menstrual blood (and blood in general) from the Women and Men of Fire, they drank the 'blood of the Goddess'.

Gaining the power they did by practicing this, the Kings felt they were strong enough to expand their Kingdom. Thus, wars broke out between regions, or countries, in a fight over real estate.


Whether Poseidon did something about this or not is unknown to me, but wars were common in Atlantis, so either he was not able to stop them, or he didn't bother. Neither did he bother when the Lesser Councils started standing up against the Kings, rebelling over how they were treated, and even killed.


Maybe this was a part of the Experiment; to see how it would all develop on its own and from there make further adjustments in the human programming.


Figure 7-5

Sometimes Enki came up from the ocean floor
in his 'flying saucer' and hovered over the land.

This is probably how he thought, for he made a lot of adjustments, working hard in his laboratories under seas.


Every now and then he came to the surface in his saucer shaped craft and landed outside his palace, or hovered over the land. People recognized it because it was distinct from the Sirian ships which they used in the atmosphere and when traveling across the solar system.


The Sirian craft looked more like super modern airplanes, but used zero point energy and could stand still in the air, just like EA's ships could. When NIN-HUR-SAG joined him in his laboratories, there was some serious genetic work going on.

Although many wars eventually subsided and diminished to mere conflicts with sudden outbreaks, the Kings (and the males in general who tried to understand feminine power) never gave up in their attempts to gain the power and wisdom many women were born with. Life, however, went on, and the female shamans continued reigning as the masters in some ways of looking at it. In public, the priestesses dressed in robes of white linen.


They were grand experts in plants and medical potions. [9]

It is clear that Poseidon wanted a patriarchal regime, but to let the females do their own thing to develop what they all needed for future purposes. There were Sirians, however, who settled down in certain parts of Atlantis as well, and they were always eager to suck the life energy out of the females, and dark rituals were often the game for the day.


However, knowing the power of the Universe, they also chose special days and went to special sacred places to perform their horrific rituals, and they and their hybrid offspring (today's Elite) are doing the same thing in present time.



5. Atlantean Technology

Contrary to Mu, the Kings of Atlantis learned both Aryan and Sirian technology and soon built more sophisticated cities and aircraft to fly between places.


These machines were not allowed, or designed to leave the Earth's atmosphere, for they couldn't penetrate the Grid. Only certain hand-picked people had the clearance to leave Earth and travel through the solar system. Sometimes they needed miners on one of the other planets in the solar system, and these slave workers had to have certain clearance to become part of the 'Solar Mission'.


This was nothing anyone applied for (who would?), but "Solar Officers' of the 'Solar Command' chose from the population the strongest and healthiest males, who could accomplish the task. You could see hundreds of people leaving in big space hangers and disappear up into the skies.


The Sirians who had chosen them had no mercy and didn't distinguish between those who had family and those who didn't. Often enough, the family members never saw their father, brother, or spouse again, as most of them were worked to death, as usual.


There was also a genetically engineered species of 'worker ants', whom we call the 'Grays', who were created in the Vega solar system, back engineered here in ARIDU,[def] and particularly programmed to be worker ants for the Sirian Overlords. They are still working closely together with them up until this very day, and when we see Grays, the Sirians are not far away.


The space uniform the human workers wore were dark blue and had the winged sun disk tattooed on the sleeve.


Figure 7-6

The 'High Priestess' in the tarot card

shows her dressed in a robe of white linen.

In many ways, the Atlantean technology superseded the technology we have today, but we are not too far behind.


It is concerning that we are going in the same direction as the Atlanteans did. Unbeknownst to most humans, we have the technology to travel across the solar system, but just like in ancient time, humans in general are not allowed to use this technology.


Again, only hand-picked Elite are allowed to penetrate the Grid, but together with Sirians only.


The Atlantean computer systems were in certain terms more sophisticated than ours today, but just like us, they were using crystals to store computer memory.


We used quartz crystal to store computer memory back in the 1940s, but the Atlanteans had a more brilliant system when using crystals. They had the ability to tune into the resonance of Earth's natural crystal forests, deep down under the surface of the planet and could thus store as much memory as they wanted.


The difference between then and now is that in Atlantis, only a chosen few had access to the computer network.


Computers were not for everyday man.


Figure 7-7

Atlantean King being entertained

by his harem of Women of Fire.

Just like in Mu, the shamanic priestesses could communicate with the animals and spent a lot of time especially with dolphins and whales.


These highly intelligent animals were more than eager to help humans with whatever they needed, and they were often used both as couriers of physical material between land and those who lived under the surface of the ocean, but also for special telepathic messages.


The shamans and many people of Fire had developed telepathic and remote viewing abilities, and were using those to help people.


The predecessors of the modern tarot cards were used to make things look more sophisticated; the same thing with the crystal ball. None of this was needed, but those who didn't have access to the power of the 96% appreciated when they could relate to something physical (like a crystal ball or a deck of cards) when the Atlantean Priesthood used their psychic abilities. It made it more real to them.

If the Atlantean technologies, handed over to the human hybrids of power, had been limited to computers and the like, it probably wouldn't have been so bad, but they were also introduced to weaponry of different kinds.


Gone were the days when they used arrows and bows and swords to defend themselves; these Kingdoms had access to laser weapons and nuclear power like we have in today's world. Although nuclear weapons weren't used to begin with, it created additional tension between the nations to know that the neighbor had them.


Who had the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction? This induced fear.


6. Lucifer's Rebellion and his 'Pleiadian' Angels

Lucifer's rebellion, as it is described in the Urantia Book and other older scriptures, occurred long before Earth was even created. We have already talked about earlier that EA/Poseidon is the Aryan Prince who rebelled against the God(dess) in Heaven.


EA in this sense is Lucifer, while ENLIL is Satan (despite the fact that I wrote that Marduk probably is Satan in 'Level I'), who also rebelled against the Forces of Light (the Mother Goddess) and they were both cast out of 'Heaven' (Orion) by 'Archangel Michael', who of course must have been an Aryan MAKH [def] warrior, or perhaps the symbol for a whole Aryan Elite Force?


Both Lucifer and Satan had their followers, and whether they were Satan's followers, or Lucifer's, they were all what we call 'Fallen Angels'.


Figure 7-8

Archangel Michael and his MAKH warriors

casting out the rebels from 'Heaven'/Orion

(painting by Gustave Dore).

The Urantia Book distinguish between Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil. They are clearly three different personalities. [1]


Translated into hidden history, the Devil (Caligastia) corresponds best with Marduk, EA's son, even if the Urantia Book doesn't clearly tell us so. Marduk, just like Caligastia, was later killed here on Earth, and Alexander the Great, who is said to have been Marduk's hybrid son, saw his father dead in a coffin.


However, because these star beings jump bodies, Marduk didn't stay 'dead' for long.

In the Urantia Book, Paper 53, it says that there was no obvious reason for Lucifer to rebel against the system, and no one suggested such a rebellion to him. The book suggests that Lucifer simply was an advocate of "self-assertion and liberty". [11]


His Manifesto became to teach humankind that the God(dess) did not exist, which became more prominent after the Flood, when different religions took form after first had been instigated by EA's High Priests.


Eventually, worshipping or dedicating oneself to the Mother Goddess Religion became outlawed or ridiculed, and spiritual darkness reigned on Earth. If humans who possessed the Fire could freely apply their religion, it could clearly become a threat to the authority. Therefore, the knowledge of the Women of Fire and the original goal for the Human Experiment became extremely hidden and only known by a select few, on a need-to-know basis.


But more about this later...

What is known is that EA preferred the Sirian lifestyle and lived most of his life with his stepfather, ANU. He plotted with Satan (ENLIL) and put their plan into action and descended to Earth. However, there were also Vegans (from the Lyra star system) who supported EA and ENLIL in their rebellion against the Mother Goddess.


This faction of Lyran heritage fled to the Pleiades during the Wars in Heaven and resided there ever since. So at one point during the Atlantean Era, EA left Earth and went back to the Pleiades to bring some of his loyal officers back with him to Earth.


In the Pleiades he showed them holograms of how life was on Earth and that he wanted to use the Lyran/'Pleiadian' DNA to further advance humankind.


When some of the 'Pleiadians' saw how beautiful these Women of Fire (and women in general) were, they said,

"Let's go down there and have sex!". [12]

So, instead of just contributing with their DNA to EA directly while staying in the Pleiades, 199 ''Pleiadians'' followed EA back to Earth to have sex with human women, but also to help EA with his genetic experiments.


These were the 200 Fallen Angels (EA included), the 'Watchers' whom are mentioned in the 'Book of Enoch'.


Like we discussed earlier, they took human male bodies here on Earth and seduced women to have sex with them. It clearly states in the booklet 'The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs', which is allegedly originating from the twelve sons of Jacob, that it was not the Watchers in the shape of giants who seduced Earth women. [13]

In fact, the 'Pleiadians', who were Giants on their home planet(s), could not travel through space and the dimensions with their original biological bodies, and therefore had to genetically engineer and manipulate DNA to create a whole new species which could then meet the harsh space conditions and be able to go through stargates and different dimensions without being destroyed.


This is the common way for most star races to travel long distance.


The "Gray" body type has many robust qualities and can withstand the space conditions; the Reptilian template is another. Once on Earth, however, they simply jumped bodies and started using human bodies to have sex with human females.


They started with having sex with women in thought - in their minds - but the encounters became more and more physical:

"Thus they allured the Watchmen before the flood, for as these continually beheld them, they lusted after them and conceived the act in their mind; for they changed themselves into the shape of men and appeared to them when they were with their husbands; and the women, lusting in their minds after their forms, gave birth to giants." [14]

In the Bible it says they came down here as beautiful male angels, irresistible to many human females.


It's said they had wings and muscular, attractive bodies. This may very well be true, because in the laboratories, which they shared with ENKI and the Sirians, they could create whatever they wanted to look attractive and powerful to the human females. However, using human male bodies to have sex with women did not create giant offspring.


After a while, the 'Pleiadians' genetically engineered their own 3D bodies, with or without wings, but more commonly, their souls hovered over human females, whom they knew would carry good looking male offspring, and made sure their soul inhabited the chosen fetus.


That way, the Fallen Ones could be born into human bodies, just like you and I, but grow up with full memories and interdimensional abilities. I am sure these same beings are coming back today and in fact are already here, born into regular human bodies.

More than just having sex with human females, they followed EA down to his laboratories under the ocean and they started manipulating Lyran/'Pleiadian' DNA; the DNA of giants.


These offspring became the biblical Nephilim and spread out over the world and settled down both in Mu and Atlantis (among other places), approximately at the same time.



7. Genetic Experiments Out of Mind

Lord ENLIL was never happy with this new creation.


He talked to EA and expressed his concern that there were too many chefs and it defeated the purpose with the whole Experiment. Besides, the Nephilim had a tendency to stick their nose in everything and were 'degraded' compared to the humans. EA told his brother to bide his time; this was just the beginning of a test experiment, and if it didn't work, EA would discontinue it.


This was not the only experiment EA had going, he told the Sirian Overlord.


ENLIL left after given EA a long look...


Figure 7-9

The reader is probably familiar with these pictures by now.

But they deserve to be shown again, because these skulls
(or some of them) may very well be skulls of the Nephilim giants.

However, Lord EA and his team experimented extensively
with genetics during the Atlantean area, and all these different skulls

could actually be remnants of different projects he had
going at the same time;

some of them which he rather quickly abandoned.

ENLIL was right, however, although he himself used giants frequently for different kinds of missions, often as a 'police force' or a 'military force'.


Lord ENLIL was their 'Commander' (get the implications of today's military as well, where we still use the term 'Commander'. Ponder the meaning of 'Commander' in today's world). These giants were unpredictable.


Some of them, who had more Sirian genes than others, were quite aggressive, and eventually went into cannibalism, while others were mellower and began a positive relationship with humans. Again, EA in all his elitist manner, picked out some of the wisest and most trustworthy of the Nephilim to rule Kingdoms in certain parts of the world.


The more aggressive ones were recruited by EA's selected human hybrids (from hereon called 'The Bloodlines') [def] and used as military leaders and front soldiers in battles (one such giant was the infamous Goliath).


The Zadokite Document (also called the 'Damascus Document', or the 'Damascus Rules'), who are supposedly the most interesting of all the Dead Sea Scrolls, tell the story of how the children of the Fallen Angels fell, as well as their 'parents', the Watchers:

"Because they walked in the stubbornness of their hearts, the Watchers of heaven fell; 8. yea, they were caught thereby because they kept not the commandments of God."

"So too their sons, whose height was like the lofty cedars and whose bodies were as mountains. 9. They also fell." [15]

The Earth must have been a very strange place, indeed, in these days, with all these prototypes walking around on the surface and underground.


It seems like EA and NIN were greatly inspired to experiment after the 'Pleiadians' came, and humans were crossed with animals again, but this time in even more sophisticated ways.


One could see human bodies with bull heads (a 'Pleiadian' trait), bird heads (more 'Pleiadian'), and other grotesque abnormalities.


Figure 7-10

A horned skull. One of EA's abandoned genetic experiments,
using mainly Sirian DNA?


Figure 7-11

Was this how they approximately looked like with flesh on?
(Here we have Enkidu, the android, to the left and Gilgamesh to the right;
he who wanted th
e immortality of the gods.



8. Misuse of Energy

What do we mean, exactly, when we talk about misuse of energy?


Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it's done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and misuse of sexual energies.

There is nothing wrong with technology; if we wish to remain an advanced society who wants some kind of assistance with managing our basic needs on a comfortable level, certain technology can be beneficial. Some say the washing machine is the greatest invention of mankind. I don't know if I agree, but I can't really argue with it, either - it is a great invention.


There are other great inventions that mankind could take advantage of; many of them were developed by Nikola Tesla, whose inventions were taken over and misused by the government.


However, some researchers have started to look into Tesla some more and have begun to take off the 'god-spell' of this man by showing that Tesla to some larger or lesser degree was working with the government on some not-so-benevolent projects.


Time will tell to what extent that may have been...

When technology is being used to control others, for warfare, spying, and mind control etc, or only accessible to a few selected groups, it's starting to get misused. With Sirians present, this has a tendency to always happen. It's up to we humans to see through their manipulation, or we will end up in a much worse situation than the Atlanteans did.


At least they were stopped by the Flood, or we would probably not be here today.


I am not excusing how ENLIL manipulated events to create the Deluge; I am just saying that when the Sirians have a finger in things, they really go out of hand after a while. It always seems inevitable. This is why I don't trust them, in spite of what people say.

In Atlantis, the technology was a little different from the one we are using today, but there are also similarities.


We have already mentioned the computers, but they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the Universe in general, and they flew to the Moon and to Mars, and probably other planets within the solar system as well.


In many way, they were more advanced than we are now.


The Sirian Overlords and their minions fed off fear, and in addition to setting up the Grid and the trap system, they also used technology to control people's minds and their thoughts. A relatively small population, which yet hadn't reached a billion, was much easier to control than today's seven billion people.


They taught humans about warfare and instigated wars to create mass events which the Sirians could energetically feed off. Sometimes the wars were for that purpose only, and sometimes it was over real estate, or some petty conflict between Sirian authorities. This was nothing new; the Sirians, just like we humans, couldn't even be peaceful with each other, and conflicts and wars were very common.


Just like Zecharia Sitchin so well describes in his book, 'The Wars of Gods and Men', they used human soldiers as cannon fodder for their silly wars, which sometimes could start because of jealousy between 'gods', or just as a 'show-off'; who was the most powerful and fearless?

The jealousy between the gods of Sirius is well documented, so we don't need to go into details here.


We know that crystals had a lot to do with it, because crystals (especially the ones they called Me, pronounced 'Mesh') contain memory and knowledge. They were also a communication device between gods; almost like today's cell phones, but they worked on longer distances.


Today's cell phone is watered-down Atlantean technology, by the way, but we can see how quickly our cell phones get more and more advanced, like if someone has epiphanies after epiphanies and invents new technology on a weekly basis.


Of course, this is not the case; the cell phone technology, the way it's intended to be used in the future, is already fully developed since long. In fact, it's not human inventions, but achieved via TTP [def] (Technology Transfer Programs).


In the Atlantean times, the gods fought over these devices to steal knowledge from each other and to get access to each other's secrets.


It was such a big deal that people got killed over them, as discussed in details in 'Level I'.



9. The Wars of Gods and Men

In contrast to ENLIL, Lord EA was somewhat pleased with his own and the 'Pleiadians'' creation of giants.


They were impressive and could be used for both labor, teaching, military purposes, and to rule. More and more so, EA started putting pure-blooded human hybrids to rule over some smaller Kingdoms.


However, as time went by, some of these kings showed to be quite skilled in warfare, and were quite curious explorers.


While the Kingdoms of Atlantis had formed over the millennia, other tribes, which EA had told to spread out over the world, had formed their own cities and kingdoms in different parts of the planet, mostly minding their own business.

However, as we have discussed earlier, fear is something the Sirians feed off, and it became important to instigate these kinds of survival emotions in ignorant humans, who didn't have the wisdom of shamans and High Priests/Priestesses.


The problem with elitism is that power corrupts, so the Lemurian cultures (or many or them) were quite unique in the sense that they could still keep a good relationship between the Priesthood and the people.


Not so in many other parts of the world; there it was more an exception than a rule that this unique relationship prevailed.


Soon enough (and as a part of the plan), the shamanic leadership started taking advantage of the power they felt they had due to the knowledge and wisdom they possessed and began campaigns to dumb down the people.


This was part of EA's genius; he understood the human mindset, because he had created it. Hence, he didn't have to be there for this particular elitism to develop; it became a natural process on the most part.


By whispering secrets to a chosen few, they automatically felt they were 'God's Chosen People', and therefore for more than the rest of mankind.

When this was achieved, fear, uncertainty, and confusion could be instigated into these societies. The Priesthoods told the people that there were dangers out there in the woods; other tribes were hostile and could any time come and kill or kidnap you; there were monsters and unseen forces everywhere who could engulf you, and the list goes on.


People became quite superstitious and gave their power away to the Priesthood, who became their 'protectors from evil'.


The Priesthood became more powerful, and this power in its turn was used by the Sirians, who stole it from the Priesthood by feeding off the vibrations of fear amongst the general people, and by sucking energy from the Priesthood, only to let them keep enough to feel they were for more than the people.

Then, when this basic structure was in place, the rest was easy. The Kings, whether they were direct hybrid sons of EA, or hybrids of the second or third generation, could easily manipulate the masses. And the best way to feed off fear and terror is through warfare and conquest.


Thus, wars and conflicts became commonplace, and the Atlantic Empire with its ten major Kingdoms started conquering other parts of the world to expand their domains.


Thus, parts of today's Egypt and Western Europe were conquered and fell under the banner of the Atlantic Kings.


Already existing cities or kingdoms were either totally destroyed and everyone was killed or driven off, or they surrendered and became part of Atlantis, many of the conquered people becoming slaves under the Atlantean Kings.

In addition to the above, grotesque and horrific rituals were performed by the Sirians; many times as revenge when one Sirian family was in dispute with another, or just to show off their power.


When I first read about this is Sitchin's 'The Wars of Gods and Men', I was stunned over their cruelty and total lack of love and compassion.


I wrote about this in 'Level I', but for those who really want to understand the Sirian mindset in this regard, I would suggest they read this particular Sitchin book.



10. Experiment Contaminated

So far, so good.


Lord ENLIL didn't mind that the Atlanteans expanded eastward, because he and his people were mostly settled in South Africa, South America, and the Near and Middle East. His own main residence was in Mesopotamia, today's Iraq.


Besides, he took advantage of all the bloodshed that took place and fed off of it like everybody else amongst the gods. Until one day, when he started getting threatened...

Shuruppak was a city situated about 35 miles south of Nippur on the banks of the Euphrates in modern Iraq. It was later, after the Flood, dedicated to NINLIL, who was ENLIL's Aryan wife.


Although none of the two particularly dwelled there in Atlantean days, it was located deadly close to ENLIL's main residence.


So, when one day around 49,000 BC, [16] EA decided to put one of his hybrid Kings of the throne of Shuruppak, because it was strategically located and would be a perfect outpost in the little game called 'war' that he played, this infuriated ENLIL.

First of all, this was way too close to home, and also, he thought that EA gave his hybrids way too much power and had given them too much knowledge. In other words, he felt threatened that the humans would become more and more like the gods.


In addition, he had a lot to say about the 'Pleiadian' Experiment, which he saw as a contamination of the original Aryan/Sirian Experiment that he and EA had planned and started. [17]


He told EA that the giants were like monstrous savages who ruined the genetic library. He accused his brother for having abandoned their plan and started working with the 'Pleiadians' in favor of the Sirians and therefore started his own Experiment, and by doing so, polluted the original one.

EA defended himself and said that the original plan was still in effect and the creation of the Nephilim would not interfere with their common goal. ENLIL, however, thought EA was wrong and started plotting against humanity, letting his own plans take shape in his head, plans which would eventually lead to the demise of mankind.


So, he started his own war against the Atlanteans and included heavier battery in his warfare.


Thus, we had the conflict between the ENLILITES and the ENKIITES (The Ram Clan and the Serpent Clan, respectively. See 'The First Level of Learning'). One of ENLIL's purposes was to use mankind as foot soldiers and simply let them destroy each other.

EA could see what ENLIL was trying to do, but the Lord of Command was determined. EA's son, Marduk, who supported his father, were at this point the King in Babylon, not too far from ENLIL's domains. Half Sirian (from his mother) and half Aryan (from his father), Marduk was more aggressive than his father and started fighting back more ferociously than EA had anticipated; in fact, EA wanted to reestablish peace between the clans to save his creations.

Wars and battles came and went, but wars didn't kill off enough humans to put an end to the Experiment, ENLIL noticed.


EA had let humans breed without restrictions, and the population grew exponentially all over the world. Unless ENLIL used nuclear weapons, mankind, like a virus, would increase in numbers and contaminate the planet. Not to speak of the giants. ENLIL had to reconsider.

So for a while, the wars were not as intense anymore, although they never totally stopped because they had become self-propelled by peoples' ideas of each other, and who was superior to whom.

Marduk, still located in Babylon, gathered a lot of humans around him, loving the fact that he was being worshipped, and he ruled Babylon with an iron fist. In the meantime, EA, who was known to be pretty promiscuous with human females, both for the purpose of sex in general, but also of course to gain power from Sacred Sexual Rituals, had lots of affairs.


From one of these escapades, a human hybrid was born. His name was Utnapischtim, better known as Noah.


He became one of EA's favorites and in his adult years he resided with EA's son Marduk in Babylon. ENLIL didn't like that Marduk gathered so many humans around him, not trusting his intentions and anticipating a future attack from Marduk.

So, when Marduk was on a mission in another part of the world, ENLIL used as authority his title as the Lord of Commands and decided to starve the Babylonians to death by cutting off their communication systems and let no food supplies reach them from outside.


He also refused to give aid to sick people in Babylon. Utnapischtim, however, managed to get a message out to his father, EA, about what was happening in Babylon. The Kingdom was now basically occupied by ENLIL. Also, Utnapischtim tried to tell the people to stop worshipping the 'gods' and grant themselves more power over their own lives.


Still, it was fruitless, because very few dared to go against ENLIL's authority.

EA, however, started smuggling in water, medicine, and food supplies to the Babylonians, unbeknownst to ENLIL, and also taught them how to fish and become self-sufficient.


When the Lord of Commands noticed that no one was starving anymore, he immediately accused EA, because Marduk was ordered by EA to complete his mission elsewhere before he returned to Babylon (he was most likely afraid Marduk was going to get furious and attack ENLIL again if he was let back in Babylon, which was more than plausible).


EA lied and said that the Babylonians had learned themselves how to fish and become self-sufficient. ENLIL didn't believe him for one second and once again became furious and decided that something needed to be done.


The Experiment had to come to an end and be restarted all over again; this time under his authority!


11. Atlantean Technology at its Peak and the Atlantean Resistance

In the meantime, technology had reached its peak in the Atlantean Empire.


Their scientists had started playing with nuclear energy and set off nuclear bombs in deserted areas, and even in the ocean, very similar to what we have been doing in modern times. Others were exploring the Inner Earth and stumbled upon ancient beings who resided there, mostly survivors of older experiments, both before the original Terra blew up, and others more recent.


The Atlanteans found that the underground world was teeming with intelligent life forms, and huge caverns, tunnel systems and even cities were everywhere.


The Priesthood, who still had psychic powers enough to be able to explore other realities, also sensed there were civilizations living there residing in other dimensions.

And of course, wars broke out, and conflicts were created. Some of the 'deep dwellers' claimed that those living above ground were intruders and their own species were the rightful heirs of the planet, something that amused some of the humans, while others got insulted.


No one, however, took time to find out if the deep dwellers were correct or not.


And even if they were, no one would want to admit to it anyway.


Figure 7-12

Here are old hieroglyphs clearly showing that the ancients had already invented
much of the machinery and technologies we have today. This hieroglyph shows a helicopter,
a Sirian aircraft and some kind of vehicle used on the ground.


When the deep dwellers didn't want to allow those from the surface to invade their peaceful territory, the Atlanteans proceeded by force.


Troops were sent down to either kill those who were resistant, or threaten to kill them. Either way, the Atlanteans proceeded and explored more and more of the underground worlds.


To their great surprise, they found some of the deep dweller being of a totally different genetic setup than themselves; some of them Reptilians and Reptoids, while others were giants, and some dwarfs and goblin-like.


The Atlanteans used laser weapons and even small nuclear weapons to terminate any resistance against the conquerors.

However, not everybody in Atlantis agreed to the direction things were taken. There were those who formed resistant groups, training themselves to overthrow some of the Atlantean Kings. On occasion, coups were attempted but always failed, leading to smaller civil wars until the resistance was taken care of and those opposing the system were executed.

Albeit, there was an even more secret operation behind the scenes.

Some much evolved beings within the Priesthood could see the ramifications of things and what was inevitable. These beings were incarnated Naml'u and Titans, who still had quite some memories intact of ancient times due to that they knew how to get access to them from the Akashic Records even though they, too, were born with amnesia.


They had certain ways (perhaps we can call it 'triggers') during their upbringing, which reminded them of whom they were and how to proceed to secretly retrieve forbidden memories.


Instead of building groups to overthrow the blood-thirsty governments, they worked with nature, and performed old, sacred rituals, directed descending from the original Mother Goddess Religion.


They worked with Mother Gaia (Earth) herself in an effort to keep things in balance.


This gave humankind some time, but when they realized what ENLIL eventually planned, there was very little they could do about it except trying to escape through the Grid and certain stargates they managed to open just before hell broke loose.


Not all managed to escape, and some are still being recycled/reincarnated here on Earth, but a few succeeded and have ever since overlooked the progress of mankind, up to this very day. They have formed one or more groups in other dimensions and go under many different names.


However, none of these names is correct, but still represent the same groups of ascended masters.



12. ENLIL's Final Solution

The solution suddenly came to ENLIL.


Reports started coming in that a.AM.e was rapidly approaching the solar system, and after had calculated its orbit, it looked like the planet was going to come pretty close to Earth this time around. ENLIL jumped on this and traveled to what today is close to Cape Horn in South Africa, where the Sirians had a huge astronomical center.


He wanted to know exactly what this implied, because it could potentially take care of all his problems.


The astronomers said that the icecaps in Antarctica and the Arctic would melt, there would be huge weather changes with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and eventually flooding. If they didn't do something, oceans would sweep in over land and take everything with it.


Big parts of the world would be flooded, and everybody had to evacuate soon. Fortunately, however, with help from technology and monoliths in space, the scientists could steer the big incoming planet in a slightly different direction and perhaps save Earth.

While the whole Sirian science community was working on a solution, an upcoming catastrophe was good news for ENLIL. He told the head scientists to hold off on any further attempts to save Earth. The scientists were baffled and protested, but when ENLIL got threatening, their voices silenced.

ENLIL called upon his brother and explained his plans. a.AM.e was going to be allowed to come close to Earth and create flooding and weather changes. He told EA that he wanted all humanity and Nephilim to drown in the Flood and no one was to be forewarned.


As a Commander, he ordered EA to obey. Only his own, less developed humans, still working in the mines and as slaves and servants to the gods, were to be saved and taken to high ground or off the planet, temporarily; moved to one of the platforms, circling around Earth.


Both Project Elohim and Project Erectus were to be terminated.

EA protested loudly and a long arguments followed, although EA knew that his hands were tied; he had to follow orders, because his brother was in charge. In great fury, EA left ENLIL's abode.

As the incoming planet came closer, great earth changes started happening. There were sudden unusual and numerous earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, and other highly unusual phenomena taking place. EA decided to go against his brother after all, and went to his son, Utnapischtim, and told him what was about to happen.


He told his son to build an ark to save himself, his family, as many people as he could (the ones of Fire), and warn others and tell them to quickly move up to the highest grounds they could think of.


However, the rest of the population (the absolute majority) were left to perish.

When a.AM.e approached Earth and reached its closest point, hell broke loose on Earth. Enormous tidal waves swept over the lands and swallowed everything in its way. Millions of people and animals died, not understanding what was going on.


The Sirians had already left the planet, and ENLIL was quite contempt, not understanding that EA had saved his own Men and Women of Fire.

Until a.AM.e finally got far enough from Earth to no longer pull on the magnetic field, Earth to a large degree was covered with water. In other places, mountain ranges that had previously been under water now came to the surface and land and ocean changed position. Then, the water subsided and the land eventually dried out.


Those who had survived slowly moved themselves down to lower ground again.


And in time, the gods came back and ENLIL brought his own humans back to Earth and planned on having them rebuild the planet and start a new species. This time, humans would be less intelligent and more obedient, i.e. there would be no enhanced humans anymore, and EA would not be allowed to recreate them.


Little did he know how wrong he was. Little did he know that both enhanced humans and some giants had survived the Deluge.

When he found out, his rage was beyond imagination!


[] Some say that the original EA was a female, and that may very well be true, and if so being separate from ENKI, which then becomes a totally different character. However, the name EA is normally related to ENKI, and it is in that respect I am using that term for ENKI in this later part of human history.

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