by Barbara Aho
January 1, 2006

extracted from Death of The Phoenix - Final Act for The United States of America





SCENE I - Atlantis

Enter The Nephilim


Jewish Kabbalists believe that the ancient civilization which God judged was advanced far beyond our own due to the enlightenment of its inhabitants by an extraterrestrial race of gods - those fallen angels who mated with human women in Genesis 6. 


So far advanced were the Atlanteans, say the Kabbalists, that they functioned as demi-gods, possessing knowledge of even manipulating the weather.


Which begs the question, if the ancient "gods" of Atlantis could control the weather, how was an inferior Demiurge able to destroy their civilization?


The answer to this enigma, according to the Kabbalists, is that the Atlanteans disregarded the wisdom of the great initiated teachers, the Ascended Masters, and, preferring power and materialism to the transcendent state, brought destruction on the world.


Plato wrote the first account of this ancient civilization in the 4th century B.C.

"By Plato's account, Poseidon, god of the sea, sired five pairs of male twins with mortal women.


Poseidon appointed the eldest of these sons, Atlas the Titan, ruler of his beautiful island domain. Atlas became the personification of the mountains or pillars that held up the sky.


"The Greek word Atlantis means the 'Island of Atlas', just as the word Atlantic means the 'Ocean of Atlas'. The firstborn, Atlas, had the continent and the surrounding ocean named for him. Poseidon divided the land into ten sections, each to be ruled by a son, or his heirs.


"The capital city of Atlantis was a marvel of architecture and engineering. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and canals. At the very center was a hill, and on top of the hill a temple to Poseidon. Inside was a gold statue of the God of the Sea showing him driving six winged horses.


"Around 9000 years before the time of Plato, after the people of Atlantis became corrupt and greedy, the Gods decided to destroy them.


A violent earthquake shook the land, giant waves rolled over the shores, and the island sank into the sea never to be seen again."

[Theories About Atlantis]

According to Jewish Kabbalist, Ellie Crystal, the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant was an inferior Ark that had been modeled after an original "Ark of the Covenant" in Atlantis. 


This original Ark represented a covenant between the fallen angels and mankind.    

"When the Anaki first arrived from their home planet, they brought with them a crucible called an Ark of the Covenant. This Ark contained a peculiar pulsating crystal infused with a living light.


Under guidance, it emitted rays of force. It was constructed so as to become an instrument, a device, a store-house, containing the power to generate the very highest creative cosmic frequencies, capable of transforming matter into pure energy-force and energy-force into matter.


It was called an Ark of the Covenant because it possessed the potential of harmonizing its divine potencies with the material frequencies of Earth, a covenant of love and peace between the Sons of God who brought it and the sons of men, the Earthborn.


Thus it was the manifestation of a promise that the Sons of God would never forsake the Earthborn sons of men. The covenant was the pledge of eternal guidance and vigilance."

(Sirius, Anunnaki, Pyramid, Ark of the Covenant)

It gets worse. 


In his "Atlantis," Plato had posited that the lost continent was located in the Atlantic Ocean, however, in 1904, Theosophist William Scott-Elliot proposed that the southern islands of Atlantis were the original homeland of the Jews, who were a "sub-race of Atlantean sorcerers"!

"As to the land of Poseidonis (or Atlantis as it is now called).


Apparently it consisted originally of either a single large island-continent (or, according to the theosophist, Scott-Elliot, of two joint-islands; the larger being Daitya, and the slightly smaller one being Poseidonis) together with various minor islands, especially on its western side (toward the Mesoamerican sub-continent)...


It is also interesting to note that Scott-Elliot claimed that the other Atlantean island of Daitya was the original homeland of the Semites, who were then a sub-race of Atlantean sorcerers!"

("The Story of Atlantis and The Lost Lemuria")

The ancient kingdom of Atlantis had ten regions. 


The agenda behind the Templars discovery of the New World was to recreate, not ultimately a New Jerusalem, but a New Atlantis also with ten regions. 


If this sounds like the global redistricting program of the Beast described in Bible prophecy, that is precisely what it is:

"And the ten horns... are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast."


The blueprint for the Rosicrucian experiment to reproduce Atlantis was outlined  by Francis Bacon in his 1627 volume, The New Atlantis.


Because the Rosicrucians were descendants of the Templar Jews, the centerpiece of this project was, of course, rebuilding the Temple of Solomon!

"[Elias] Ashmole and William Lilly founded a Rosicrucian lodge in London in 1646 based on the utopian ideal of the creation of a new Atlantis, which symbolized the golden age before the Fall when humanity was spiritually perfect, and the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple as revered in the Templar tradition.


Ashmole and Lilly may have been influenced by the beliefs of Sir Francis Bacon, who was the Viscount of St Albans, and had written The New Atlantis which promoted the Rosicrucian manifesto."

(Occult Conspiracy, 25:57)

The Utopian delusion as conceived by the Rosicrucians is the subject of Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries by Peter Dawkins, a recognized guru of the Rosicrucian philosophies and Ancient Wisdom teachings.


Dawkins states that another name for the soon-to-be resurrected Atlantis is Arcadia, which should ring a bell - Arcadia in Nova Scotia, abode of the Acadiens who were deported to Louisiana.

"Arcadia was one of the primary mystery names given to the state of the world in a Golden Age, and the whole Arcadian imagery and allegory is that of a Utopia or Paradise on earth that might be achieved.


The world is on the threshold of that achievement now, according to the way the evolutionary cycles of divine law work. Jesus Christ and the Buddha prepared us for it in an outstanding way; Francis Bacon... and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood have inaugurated it.


All have used Arcadian imagery, the meaning of which pierces deep, right to the heart of all mysteries."

- 889:15

Francis Bacon wrote The New Atlantis in 1627 and, shortly thereafter, in 1647, Nicholas Poussin gave visual expression to the Rosicrucian quest in his painting, "Et In Arcadia Ego." 


Poussin’s imagery of a tomb leading to the "dead but dreaming" lost civilization is described in Holy Blood, Holy Grail as the doorway to the underworld (Hell) surmounted by a "skull" : 

"...the specific phrase in Poussin’s painting - ‘Et in Arcadia Ego’...appeared in an earlier painting by Poussin, in which the tomb is surmounted by a skull and does not constitute an edifice of its own, but is embedded in the side of a cliff.


In the foreground of this painting a bearded water deity reposes in an attitude of brooding moroseness - the river god Alpheus, lord of the underground stream..."

- 31:139-140;177,180-2

The Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred, "a mad poet of Sanaa, in Yemen," is a "Book of Dead Names" about the ancient demi-gods of Atlantis who were drowned in the Great Deluge. 


This original Necronomicon disclosed that the wicked angels taught humans how to control the natural elements.


Also revealed was their ulterior motive: revenge.

"For as Abdul writes of The Necronomicon ‘civilizations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.’


This is the deed that must be avenged, the memory of which slumbers in the blood of their human offspring - just as they slumber beneath the Earth, waiting for the day that the stars will be right again, and their descendants will perform the rites which will bring them up from the depths to reclaim their kingdom, and the Age of the Gods will begin anew: The New Atlantis, the New Jerusalem, the New World Order."

- 922  

To avenge their deaths, the Atlanteans would to instruct humans how to call forth their spirits from the dead and, in the process, these chaotic spirits would wreak havoc on the earth. 


This explains why the alchemical science of "weathermancing" was assiduously studied during the 18th century Rosicrucian Enlightenment. 


According to Spiritual Politics: Changing the World From the Inside Out,

"A sect of English Druids called the Dragons, which also included Sir Walter Raleigh, John Dee...sought to renew the ancient wisdom of earth energies..."


Rosicrucian Grand Master John Dee wrote an English version of the Arabian Necronomicon, the full title of which reveals that weathermancers "conjure all manner of chaotic spirits":

"Grimoirium Imperium or The Book of the Law and Practices of the Sleeping Dead Learned by Doctor John Dee from the works of Abd Al-Hazred, including The Conjuration of All Manner of Chaotic Spirits, Secret Seals and Talismen, The Truth of the Old Spirits and The Ultimate Keys to Life and Death and the Universe."

- 922  

"The Merovingian Signature of the Hurricanes" presents evidence that mankind has developed the technology to control weather and that the U.S. government is presently using this technology for ethnic cleansing. 


To demonstrate the precision with which the modern weathermancers are able to control hurricanes, at the same time revealing their identity to their fellow occultists, Part II noted that the path of Hurricane Jeanne formed a perfect letter "P" in the Atlantic Ocean.  At the time we figured the "P" probably stood for "Prieuré." 


The next year, a satellite image of Hurricane Wilma showed a letter "S" in the eye. Weathermen said this was unusual, but we were not surprised. 


The "S" was for "Sion"!!! 





Prior to Jeanne's landfall, a mysterious sword ritual was conducted by a Charismatic group called Transformation Florida, which belongs to the U.S. Strategic Prayer Network directed by Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce.


The sword ritual calls forth the chaotic spirits from the four corners of the earth.  Parents should be advised that weather-mancing is being popularized among young people along with vampirism:


Druids - Taken - Angel in Shadows
"Ones with nature, they are not formidable in healing or offensive magic. But they are capable of summoning beasts to their side, and sometimes altering weather at their command.


They also have some healing magics and are enable to summon spirit weapons instead of being allowed to be equiped with weapons.


A lot of them are hand to hand fighters and use martial arts skills. They are marvelous fighters and once they upgrade they become even more formidable.


They upgrade to the Werewolf Class and the Weathermancer Class."


The Rosicrucian delusion of godhood extends far beyond weather control to the total manipulation and transformation of nature.


According to Prof. Amerio Romano of the Academy of Lugano, Switzerland, as cited by Suzanne Rini, medieval alchemy (magic) evolved into modern technology:


"Nowhere is the Atlantean injunction and belief system more apparent than in genetic engineering.


A votary of the Atlanteans was the philosopher, Francis Bacon, who is alleged by historians of the occult with having sent to America, soon after the Pilgrims arrived, a contingent of his brotherhood, who would reconstruct the New Atlantis on the new continent…


The following, written by Amerio Romano, in his Iota Unum: A Study of the Changes in the Catholic Church Since Vatican II, reveals the convergence  of genetic engineering and Baconian, Rosicrucian dreams of Atlantis:

"‘It is generally recognized that the ruling principle of contemporary society is technology, seen as a means of controlling and transforming nature. It is Bacon’s principle of  ‘the extension of the limits of human control to the maximum possible.’


When technology was first developed out of magic, leaving its chrysalis behind, Bacon and Campanella set their sights on artificially producing rain, flying machines, changes of sex, new species of plants, and synthetic substances that would satisfy hunger and thirst.


The only thing that they did not propose to produce mechanically was man, since they had seen that even a machine with the appearance of consciousness would still be only a machine…


[M]odern technology has realized these fantasies of the Renaissance period. The fact that rain was artificially produced during the Vietnam war to block the Ho Chi Minh trail is recognized by the treaty of May 1977 between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. banning meteorological warfare.


Thanks to the limitless growth of atomic power, artificial earthquakes are now a possibility, as is the colonization of the moon contemplated by Kepler.


It would only require a further change in degree, rather than in kind, to alter the axis of the earth and change climatic zones, thus realizing Dante’s hypothesis:

The greater the departure from the vertical, the more the arrangement of the earth would move up or down. (Paradiso,X, 19-21)’" 

("Of Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood," Suzanne Rini, Against the Grain, Fall 1999, pp. 2-3)





SCENE II - Ancient Egypt

Enter  Hermes Trismegistus aka Ham

It is alleged that after the Deluge, the Atlantean Ark was transported by survivors to Egypt where it is now hidden in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. 


This so-called Atlantean Ark of the Covenant will, according to Kabbalist legend, one day "levitate" the missing capstone to the top of the Pyramid!!


"When the massive structure was first constructed, the final portion to be levitated into place was the gleaming gold and crystal capstone containing the original Ark of the Covenant, brought from Atlantis. [Atlantis is a parallel grid program running at the same time as our reality.


If you connect with it - your soul is experiencing in both realities at the same time.] This Ark and capstone graced the very summit of Knut [the Great Pyramid].


Once this floating capstone was so placed, the Great Ones created several lesser Arks.

"The voltage of a second Ark was integrated into the structure of the open granite sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.


Since granite is saturated with minute crystals, it was not difficult to charge the initiatory coffer with incredible cosmic force. [The Ark - in this instance - is an energy generator for the EM program].


Hence the uninitiated unprotected sons of Earth were not permitted to touch the Ark because of its radiating voltage, placed there by generated cosmic rays.


The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore protective garments. But they were themselves charged with cosmic power."

(The Ark of the Covenant)

So the search for the Ark of the Covenant and the quest for the "Holy Grail" are really the search for the lost "Ark of Atlantis" which, according to this account, will function as a super duper flux capacitor and "levitate" the missing Capstone onto the Great Pyramid of Egypt! 


This lying wonder will supposedly connect mankind with the lost civilization of Atlantis. 


As explained by Ellie Crystal,

"Of course, gold is highly conductive, and the gold plating must have been instrumental in the functioning of the Ark as a machine.

The superconductive properties of the gold in the Ark of the Covenant are the subject of Laurence Gardner’s book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold.


Gardner correlates the power of the Ark to the teleportation of the pharaohs in the chambers of the Egyptian pyramids to the star Sirius. 

"From the royal tombs of pharaonic Egypt, to the laboratories of modern science, comes the extraordinary account of gravity defiance and teleportation in the ancient world.


The Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is now determined as a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy.


Liaising with modern physicists, Laurence Gardner has ascertained that mfkzt (known today as monatomic gold) was the secret of the pharaohs rite of passage to the Afterlife, and was directly associated with the pyramids and the biblical Ark of the Covenant, as revealed by inscriptions at the Sinai mountain temple of Moses...


"In the field of quantum mechanics, NASA scientists have recently confirmed that matter can indeed be in two places at once. It is now an established fact that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact. 


Space-time can now be manipulated; teleportation is becoming a reality; gravity-resistant material is now heralded for air transport, and virtual science has led to a greater understanding of hyper-dimensional existence.


In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner reveals that the keys to all this are:

(a) Mfkzt - referred to by the Institute of Advanced Studies as exotic monatomic matter

(b) the amazing technology of Superconductivity - acclaimed by the Center for Advanced Study as the most remarkable physical property in the universe.

(Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark)

[Note the symbols on this site: the Phoenix in a nest of flames, the Celtic Cross and quartered circle]

When the spurious Ark of the Covenant is found, will it contain the Ten Commandments?  Probably not. 


Occultists claim that the Egyptian Ark of the Covenant contained the Emerald Tablets on which Hermes, the Egyptian demi-god who escaped from Atlantis, inscribed the ancient wisdom for future generations.

"We are reminded of the mountain upon which (or within which) Moses acquired the Tablets of Testimony.


In occult lore these tablets are traditionally equated with the Emerald Tablet as well, for there is a secret legend which states that Moses acquired the Tablet from the priests of Egypt prior to the Exodus."

(The Real Tomb of God: The Grail, the Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind)

Since Moses received the Tablets of Testimony from God on Mount Sinai in Egypt, and the Ark was in all probability stored by Alexandrian Jews at St. Catherine's monastery at the foot of Mt. Sinai, we expect that Jewish Kabbalists will claim that Moses was a magician in Pharaoh’s court, as he was depicted in the popular movie, The Prince of Egypt. 


Rabbi Moshe Reiss states that, according to Jewish tradition, Moses will return as the Messiah:

"As noted in Silver, D.J. Images of Moses... numerous books written apparently in the first century BCE are entitled The Secret Book of Moses, Key of Moses, The Chemistry of Moses’, The Maza of Moses and The Diptosis of Moses, all suggesting Moses as a wizard and magician.


In Samaritan tradition Moses is to return as the Messiah... It is likely that the idea of Moses returning as the Messiah was an old Jewish tradition."

According to Laurence Gardner, the author of the Emerald Tablets, Hermes, was Noahs rebellious son, Ham, who was spared in the Flood but dishonored his father, who pronounced a curse on his descendants. 


For this reason, Ham/Hermes is revered by occultists as the preserver and teacher of the ancient wisdom to the Merovingian bloodline. According to Gardners Genesis of the Grail Kings, the Tables of Testimony given by God and  placed in the Ark of the Covenant were not the Ten Commandments as stated in Exodus 20.


Also, according to Gardner, the Atlantean Ark of the Covenant contained the "Tablet of Destiny" of the Anunnaki, which sounds a lot like the mysterious Stone of Destiny upon which all Grail Kings are crowned:

"The Tables of Testimony...not to be confused with the Ten Commandments...are rather more associated with the original Table of Destiny of the Anunnaki...


This ancient archive is directly associated with the Emerald Table of Thoth/Hermes, and, as detailed in alchemical records of Egypt, the author of the preserved writings was the Biblical Ham, a great Archon of the Grail bloodline.


He was the essential founder of the esoteric and arcane 'underground stream' which flowed through the ages and his Greek name, Hermes, was directly related to the science of pyramid construction, deriving from the word herma, which relates to a 'pile of stones'."


Notwithstanding that the Bible records the Hermetic magicians of Pharaohs court were thoroughly outdone by the power of God working through Moses, Jewish Kabbalists portray Moses as one of their own. 


They will soon be claiming that the Tables of Testimony were not really the Ten Commandments but a miraculous rock which roars when the true Grail King, the Antichrist, is enthroned in the rebuilt Temple of Israel. 


According to the Atlantean legend, Hermes gave Egypt the Hermetic sciences, a blend of magic and science which reflects the Hermetic axiom "as above, so below." 


In Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Peter Dawkins wrote that ancient Egypt was really an alchemical experiment to reproduce the mystical culture of Atlantis. There the Hermetic science of alchemy was taught by the gods to recover and preserve the lost arts and sciences of the pre-flood civilization.  


However, the Egyptian experiment failed to reproduce the lost civilization of Atlantis; in fact Egypt would never again be a world power.  By the 1070 B.C., the power of the pharaohs had waned and, in the 6th century B.C., the prophet Ezekiel foretold its devastation by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.


Although Egypt would continue to exist, the prophet wrote:

"...they shall be there a base kingdom. It shall be the basest of the kingdoms; neither shall it exalt itself any more above the nations."

(Ezek. 29:12-15)

Since that ancient period, Egypt has never recovered its influence or power.





SCENE III - New Atlantis

Enter The Nephilim and The "Forgotten Father"

This Egyptian connection explains why the Arcadians who lived in Arcadia (Nova Scotia) - where the Ark had possibly been relocated from Scotland - changed their name to "Acadiens," which sounds very much like "Akkadians," the latter being the ancient demi-gods who survived the Great Flood and established the ancient cultures of Babylon and Egypt. 


But there is even more to this Atlantean mythology. 


According to Theosophist, H.P. Blavatsky, the Akkadians, the race of demi-gods sired by the fallen angels, were the "Aryan" master race:

"The Chaldeans are a tribe of the Akkadians…who lived in Babylonia from the earliest times. They… instructed the Babylonians into the first notions of religion. But these same Akkadians, who were they? …


The only tradition worthy of credence is that these Akkadians instructed the Babylonians in the Mysteries, and taught them the sacerdotal or Mystery-language.


These Akkadians were then simply a tribe of the Hindu-Brahmans, now called Aryans - their vernacular language, the Sanscrit of the Vedas; and the sacred or Mystery-language, that which, even in our own age, is used by the Hindu fakirs and initiated Brahmans in their magical evocations.


It has been, from time immemorial, and still is employed by the initiates of all countries."

(H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, Vol. II, p. 16)

This revelation unveils the identity of the "Aryan race" and the Aryan race theory which was popularized by Blavatsky in the 19th century, which maintained there was a seven step process of human evolution in which successive races evolve from a lower to a higher form of life.


Blavatsky called these stages "root races" and identified our current Aryan root race as the fifth, which followed the fourth race known as the Atlantean.


According to the Aryan root race view of history, survivors of the highly developed lost civilization of Atlantis would one day endow "initiates" with esoteric powers and wisdom and these initiates would use their occult powers to create a new race of Aryan supermen who would eliminate all inferior races.


Adolf Hitler's lineage as a Merovingian Jew of the Rothschild bloodline renders his obsession with reproducing a master race, the Aryan race, perfectly understandable. 


In fact, the mysterious Thule Society to which Hitler belonged was named in honor of an island in ancient Atlantis.

"The Thule Society took its name from the mythical hyperborean island which once existed in the north Atlantic between Scandinavia and Greenland.


It was believed by occultists that this island had once been part of Atlantis and was the source of the occult wisdom of the Northern Mystery Tradition


Another source for the master race theory in the early days of the Nazi Party was the occultist Alfred Rosenberg... was convinced that the Aryan race had originated in the lost continent of Atlantis which was the source of all ancient occult beliefs."

(Occult Conspiracy, 25:125,129-30)

The raison dętre of the Thule Society, of which the Order of Skull & Bones is the American branch, was to create a race of Supermen of "Aryan" stock who would exterminate inferior races


Which explains why these secret societies have called their order the "Brotherhood of Death."


According to the Aryan Root Race theory, as the pre-flood Nephilim sired the Merovingian race, fallen angels will yet again introduce their "divine" DNA into the human gene pool by mating with humans. 


This frightening prospect was anticipated by psychology guru, Carl Jung:

"Dr. Carl Jung believed that these UFO sightings are a product of our unconscious veiling of an ancient human experience...


This bringing to earth of the Sangraal by UFOs is the modern day equivalent of the Nephilim, the Outer Ones, or the Elohim earthling knowledge and siring a new race of kingly beings for this world. Kingly i.e., the Merovingians.


The Merovingian blood is the blood of kings, the kings or gods from ancient Sumeria and beyond... the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians."

- Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos

 The return of the Nephilim gives new meaning to Jesus’ words,

"But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

(Matt. 24:37)

Interestingly, an alternative spelling for the constellation Orion is "Arion" i.e., "Aryan,"  according to Richard Allen Hinckley’s Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning:

"[The Roman poet] Catullus transcribed Oarion from Pindar, shortened to Arion and sometimes changed to Aorion..."


Which may explain why the master Aryan race of Atlantean gods are claimed to have relocated to the star system, Sirius, in the constellation of Orion - which Hinckley also believed was the ‘soul of Osiris’ and the sun-god of the Akkadians:

"Egyptian mythology laid to rest in this constellation the soul of Osiris...and, again, in the Book of the Dead we read: Osiris N is the constellation Orion; In this connection, Orion was known as Smati Osiris, the Barley God...


"Saturnus has been another title, but it's connection here I cannot learn, although I hazard the guess that as this divinity was the sun-god of the Phoenicians, his name might naturally be used for Uruanna-Orion, the sun-god of the Akkadians."


The quest for the Holy Grail and the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant are one and the same project - to restore Lucifer and his fallen angels as the rulers of a New Atlantis. 


Undaunted by past failures, the occult societies remain faithful to their Dark Lord, Lucifer, whose host of "dead but dreaming" fallen angels they have vowed to resurrect. 


According to Shirley McCune and Norma Milanovich, authors of The Light Shall Set You Free, legions of advance men called the Ascended Masters have been commissioned to assist the initiated masters in establishing contact with Atlantis. 

"The Ascended Masters...comprise the membership of the reincarnated Atlantean souls who have returned to Earth to establish the electromagnetic grid...


There are 144,000 spiritual Masters who have been brought into the Earth's electromagnetic grid, each carrying a part of the geometric forms of the Universal Language of Light...[which] operates on a resonance basis.


Higher symbols can be received only by the souls who resonate on a higher frequency or octave."


Scripture states that the False Christ will possess extraordinary supernatural powers:

"And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.


And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power:... And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand..."

(Dan. 8:22-24)  (See also Revelation 13) 

According to Dragon Key Press, it will be the Antichrist who summons Lucifer, who in turn will call forth his host of fallen angels to return to earth to reclaim their kingdom:  

"Thus, the sleeping, half-dead gods who inhabit the subterranean tombs of Saturn, Satan, Hermes, Hercules, and even Christian Rosenkreutz (as an embodiment of Osiris, the solar god-king) could all mythically represent the same fallen kingdom, which, having lost the Grail and its mandate to rule, has occulted itself, gone underground, become invisible, or fallen asleep, until such time as the proper individual [the Antichrist] shall come along to liberate him/it.  


Then the sunken kingdom shall rise, the dreaming lord shall awake, the phoenix emerge from the ashes [of the United States], and the proper universal balance shall be restored.


In the meantime, the secret royal doctrine is kept alive by the initiates/descendants of that sleeping god (the same doctrine that is written upon the Grail in its form as the Emerald Tablet, or Gorral).


"The Forgotten Father [Lucifer/Satan] was also in many traditions buried with a magic stone (the stone that fell from Heaven, the Emerald Tablet, the loadstone that repopulated the Earth, etc.), which contained secret wisdom teachings, possessed strange electromagnetic properties, and was itself associated with the re-population, as well as the vessel (the Grail or Ark) that carried it.


Thus, all of these things: the stone/tablet, the ark/vessel, and the bloodline of the Forgotten Father - came eventually to be called the Grail, while in certain cultures, the myth of the dead but dreaming lord and his magnetic stone evolved into the Lord of the Earth and the Black Sun ruling over a subterranean kingdom."

(The Real Tomb of God: The Grail, the Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind)

Once the sunken kingdom is resurrected, the fallen angels will teach mankind the Hermetic sciences of sorcery, magic and divination, as they did the pre-flood civilization. 


The ensuing signs and lying wonders will be universally acclaimed as signs from God






ENTER Ignatius Donnelly and The Archaeologists

In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly published Atlantis - The Antediluvian World, in which he agreed with Plato that Atlantis had been located in the Atlantic Ocean:

"As I have already hinted, the filling of the Mediterranean might have been a long-term follow-up event from the same tectonic collapse that sank Atlantis, as the lower strata of the local crustal area shifted and settled even further.


"This flooding itself might easily have been the origin of the Old World 'Deluge' legend. But it still doesn’t account for the legend of a very similar 'Deluge' in the Asia-Pacific region. There is, nevertheless, traditional evidence for a 'Deluge' in the Americas.


"Donnelly mentions such an American 'Deluge' in his chapter on 'The Deluges of America':

'Atlantis and the western continent had from an immemorial age held intercourse with each other: the great nations of America were simply colonies of Atlantis, sharing in its civilization, language, religion, and blood.


From Mexico to the peninsula of Yucatan, from the shores of Brazil to the heights of Bolivia and Peru, from the gulf of Mexico to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, the colonies of Atlantis extended; and therefore it is not strange to find, as Alfred Maury says, American traditions of the Deluge coming nearer to that of the Bible and the Chaldean record than those of any peoples of the Old World'."


Numerous articles, before and after Katrina, have compared Louisiana to Atlantis, the obvious parallel being that both were submerged by floods. There are, however, other unusual correspondences. 


Atlantis is believed by New Agers to have been located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, and one theory places it in proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. 


It is therefore interesting to find in Plato’s "Atlantis" a temple of Poseidon surrounded by concentric rings which bears an uncanny resemblance to an ancient site in northeastern Louisiana having concentric ridges. 


The Louisiana earthwork is dated between 1000 - 2000 B.C. which was roughly a thousand years after the Flood (2500-2300 B.C.).




"Satellite photos of a salt marsh region known as Marisma de Hinojos near the city of Cadiz [southern Spain] show two rectangular structures in the mud and parts of concentric rings that may once have surrounded them.

‘Plato wrote of an island of five stades (925m) diameter that was surrounded by several circular structures - concentric rings - some consisting of Earth and the others of water. We have in the photos concentric rings just as Plato described,’ Dr Kuehne told BBC News Online.

"Dr Kuehne believes the rectangular features could be the remains of a ‘silver’ temple devoted to the sea god Poseidon and a ‘golden’ temple devoted to Cleito and Poseidon - all described in Plato’s dialogue Critias."

(Atlantis in the News)


Archaeologists Identify Oldest Existing Mound Complex In New World

"Poverty Point National Monument, Louisiana.


Located in northeastern Louisiana, this park commemorates a culture that thrived during the first and second millennia B.C.


"This site, which contains some of the largest prehistoric earth works in North America, is managed by the state of Louisiana and open to the public...

"Poverty Point Site; a reconstruction drawing indicating houses situated upon the six concentric man-made ridges as they abut the Bayou Maçon...

"Archaeologists believe the 37-acre central plaza formed by the mounds may have been used for religious and other public ceremonies.

"...obviously the Poverty Point peoples liked the margins of ridges like Macon Ridge. This has afforded them high ground relatively immune from flooding,...

"The PP earthworks were originally constructed around 1800 years BC, but we know that they were not the first earthworks built by Native Americans in Louisiana.


For example, nearby to PP, a little bit west of Monroe, LA, the Watson Break earthworks were constructed as early as 3300 years BC."

("Those Sophisticated Cave Men - Poverty Point National Monument")



"For as Abdul writes of The Necronomicon,

‘civilizations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.’

This is the deed that must be avenged, the memory of which slumbers in the blood of their human offspring..."

Was the flooding of New Orleans an act of vengeance for the flooding of Atlantis?


If so, it was only the beginning of the systematic destruction of the United States. Dr. Steven M. Greer, a Jewish Bahai mystic and UFOlogist, anticipates that the vengeance of the gods (Mother Gaia) will soon begin in earnest.


Note that after America is re-wilded by flooding and tidal waves,

"New land will appear off the coast of North America."

Atlantis rising...?



If a tidal wave is of continental proportions, it can truly cause tens of millions of deaths in seconds with very little time for a warning.


The devastation caused by such a continental Tidal Wave would dwarf almost every other kind of natural disaster and would easily and quickly "re-wild" the land it inundates. As you look at the map, below, you can see how the areas covered by the ocean waters would be immediately "re-wilded"...

Now, let us look at the New Age warnings of massive earth flooding.


As previously stated, this theme of earth destruction resounds through many of the New Age and Occult prophecies. One of the first to foretell of coming cataclysms at the end of this century was Edgar Cayce, who was known as "The Sleeping Prophet".


Cayce’s predictions concerning this issue his predictions were very explicit:

  1. Shift of the Earth on its axis

  2. Inundation of many coastal regions

  3. London will be on the coast

  4. Loss of much of Japan

  5. Flooding of Northern Europe

  6. Greenland disappears

  7. New land appears off the coast of North America

  8. Widespread destruction - L. A., SF. - New York City disappears

  9. Land bridge from South America to Antarctica

  10. Warming of cool areas - cooling of warm areas

  11. WW III - Followed by New Age" (Skinner, Stephen. "Millennium Prophecies", Longmeadow Press, Stamford, CT, 1994)






As you can see, the ocean waters are shown in dark blue

and cover much of our continent.

This map is a composite which shows (in dark blue)

an approximate depiction of land areas predicted

by several of the New Age prophets to be flooded by rising oceans.

This map is not shown to relay any one prediction with 100% accuracy,

but is very similar to the majority of published earth changes maps.



More "future" maps here.


They demonstrates the belief that Mother Gaia is going to trigger massive earth changes in her strenuous effort to "cleanse" the earth of our Industrial Civilization and get rid of all humans not fully in sync.


Gordon-Michael Scallion predicts earthquake activity will begin this flooding.