11 - Weather Modification Engineering & Technology

Operation Certain Sentinel

Okay. Weather modification. The weather modification operation is called Operation Certain Sentinel. Factions in world intelligence are in control of this operation from space and from the moon. On October 25, 1979 it was reported in the press that a satellite had monitored a low-yield nuclear explosion on September 22, 1979.


On February 21, 1980 it was claimed by CBS news that this 1979 explosion was "Israel's first atomic bomb test" which was assisted by the government of South Africa. This was not true. No radiation. No fallout. No gamma rays, x-rays or neutrons were produced. According to the Andromedans, what they had seen was a twin-firing of particle beam weapons at an area in the ocean from the moon.


This event was part of a weather modification test of the ability to create large storms at sea, and then in the future, to guide the storms to the shores of a specific not-so-favored nation. According to the Andromedans, much of the rain in the midwest, and the tornadoes and snow storms this past winter were aggravated and exaggerated by weather modification stations on the moon.


[ Editor Note: The "El Niņo" cycle in 1998 was overlaid with these type of operations from the moon ]


Production of Weather Changes: The Process

According to Morenae, "Currently, in your hierarchy, there is a secret project called the TX Project that is under way. We will give you more information on this." Well, I haven't got that specific information yet, but I'm sharing with you what I have.

Here's how they do it. Weapons on the moon enable storms to be generated artificially at sea, or over large lakes, then guided to a specific target or location by modifying upper atmosphere electrical charges. Hurricane Alan was created in this way on August 3rd, when it hit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Andromedans.


Now, I remember this storm. It hit the Gulf coast with 125 mph winds. And, it appeared almost out of no where. It was very early in the season, and it was seen as a "fluke". Now, they're doing this on purpose. They want to create weather catastrophes all over the planet so that we all become stuck in survival mode, and to get is to come together and approve a one-world government to "protect and save us."


Production of Artificial Earthquakes

Now, natural earthquakes are one thing. If you remember during the lectures, I said that many earthquakes would not be natural ones. However, natural earthquakes can be triggered by artificial induction. The Northridge quake is a good example of this. Many people remember seeing a flash of light before this quake started.


This is exactly what Morenae was describing when he talked about the use of particle beam weapons. All they have to do is generate beams from two points and cross them at a specific location on the planet. It creates a "flash" and a pressure will move down into the earth, reverberate somewhere in the crust and come back up and induce an earthquake. Now, one of the only things keeping the United States economy together is the State of California.


Devastate that, the United States economy is history. Most overseas transactions from China, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines come through Los Angeles and San Francisco.


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12 - On Creation

This information was given to me on February 4, 1988. It is from Vissaeus and it is about creation. Now, this is word-for-word and I apologize if you have trouble understanding it. This is the first time I am reading it in public.

"Your scientists understand the atom to contain neutrons, protons and electrons. Combining in various ways and bonds to create the basic building blocks of your nature. From this starting point, atoms combine to form molecules and on we go up the scale to you'll reach
a blue whale. But consider the atom. First, let us explain to you its properties from the standpoint of motion as we see it.


Are the atom and its elements composed in a pre-determined structure, with the neutrons, protons and electrons all obediently lining up and counting off? The answer is no. What you have is a mad dance. An entirely unpredictable one. As the electrons jump from point to point, within the limits of this sphere, never stopping, never falling into any consistent pattern or ritual."

"Now, consider this, Alex. The smallest, most basic unit of physical matter is one entirely unpredictable. Constantly spinning and dancing. What does this tell you about the solidity of your precious physical matter? There's an answer. But to return to your atom, where do these tiny building blocks, these minute elements, come from? Are they in fact the smallest unit of matter, or can we divide them further and further?


This question is unanswerable in your scientific terms. It presupposes that the origin of all of your physical third density matter is physical matter. That stuff must come from stuff. This is not the case. Intent is the origin of physical matter. Intent. It is as if there were an invisible membrane on one side of the physical reality that you know, and on the other side is invisible machinery, the intent of the Is-ness, which makes it all possible."

"Intent is the key word for you and your other teachers. Desire, if you prefer, can also be used, but it is the Is-ness whose desire and intent to explore itself in all possible manifestations that creates your physical world. That intent begins at the very smallest unit of matter. An electron then is the first hesitant physical manifestation of your intent, as it eases through the membrane into physical life and begins to joyfully dance."

"There are pockets, then, gaps in that membrane which when energized with enough intent, transform that intent into a physical unit. And once an electron has been given birth, in such a manner, it calls back to the Is-ness and sends its own intent back to the Is-ness, begging for its 'playmates' to join it. So, that can create and assist you in creating a brave new world. This makes it easier for other units of matter to follow, as they are denser and therefore created by a stronger burst of intent than the electrons."

Now, let's talk about that. What he's saying is that our intent to manifest in the physical creates electrons. Electrons then create and copy themselves. Okay, but what happens is they copy the original intent. Now, if you remember, I have tried to share with you their viewpoint that most of us have gotten so caught up in the idea of being in the creation, maintaining the creation, that we forgot to strive toward the creator. So, we are expending so much energy trying to keep this together, as opposed to changing it and creating something much better. Do you follow? It's so subtle. And this is how we have been controlled and manipulated.

We are not seeing ourselves beyond our physical selves. Okay. Like a game of tug-o-war, the electrons send back its desire to engage in the joy of physical creation. This desire helps ease creation in to its brethren elements. Now, they talk funny and I can't help that.


And so, in a wondrous exchange, not only is physical matter created out of desire of the Is-ness itself, but also the joyful song of physical matter reaches back through space and time and connects with the body of intent, and across that invisible membrane, and pulls more of itself into being. Physical matter then creates itself, but only after we originally create the intent. The exuberance of the atom.

Now, just focus on your intent. The more you believe it, the further it will manifest itself because you, with your intent and your belief, will give that energy to the physical intent that you just created and allow itself to simply manifest. You create your reality, now your neighbor's. We had a three hour lecture on the words intent, wish and want.


And, when you say I wish something, or I want something, you're manifesting that you don't have it. But, when you're saying I intend and attempt, you're manifesting and you have it. The word intent is a command. So, let's just say a large percentage of people say, "there will be no earthquake this year", the "chances" drop. The problem is that most people do not realize the power they have.

Now, where was I? Okay, Vissaeus continues:

"The exuberance of the atom is multiplied in the wonder of a molecule which astonishes itself in the miracle, with a single-celled organism and on and on up the ladder to these simply unimaginable, complex organisms that is you, and all of your brothers on Earth. You are all composed of uncountable such atoms and molecules.


Every one of them jumping for joy to join in the partnership to create who you think you are. We emphasize that the natural state of the world is one in which love and fulfillment are the easiest paths to follow."

"It is much more work to bring yourself negative experiences that it is to deny beauty and wonder. So, don't deny the beauty and wonder of your own beings or turn deaf ears on a song of molecules that compose you, that you stray from the path of fulfillment."


The Problem with Clones and Spirit

"Now, the grid, your energy field, is a grid of intent. Your energy field is what keeps you together because you are literally created from your own intent. That is why Spirit can attach to us. Do you follow? If an organism or a structure is created, cloned or copied, Spirit cannot attach to it.


This is the problem the Greys have with the hybrids, and this is why the human clones do not have an energy field, because Spirit can't attach to it, and this is also because there was no intent in it's creation (in terms of self-maintaining conscious- ness). There was, in your terms, no spiritual intent to create it."

"The non-physical pattern of your body is composed of virtually uncountable 'blocks' of intent. Each assigned a particular function, and each specifically directed toward a creation and sustenance of a particular part of your body."

"As long as you restrict your inquiry only to the physical forms perceivable, you will all have questions and no answers. Just as the atom is constructed or originates out of intent, and not physical matter, so does the body find its origin in a plane quite hidden from your scientific instruments. The blueprint for the body is not contained in a genetic structure.


The chromosomes simply reflect the greater origin or the intent. It is the grid-work, the structuring of intent and desire that serves as the blueprint for your bodies. And, that intent is then literally flushed out to create the shape of the body."

Q: Do all organisms have a soul?

A: No. Apparently they have intent, but the "chief cook and bottle washer" of all that intent is the Soul. Some lifeforms, as a group, have 'herd souls'. An example of this in practice is when you see a flock of birds all turn at the same time. These type of 'souls', however, are not like our individualized Souls. They are more like a collective consciousness.

Q: So in actuality, what is actually controlling the sustenance of the human body in the normal human is our own consciousness, projected from the 11th dimension, which is in fact us.

A: Yes. You know.. well, you're already having the intent because you are not vaporizing in front of us. I think the whole point in them sharing all of this with us is for us to be able to trace back where the intent is actually coming from, and for us to see ourselves for who we really are.

Q: As the population increases, does that mean that there are more souls...

A: There is more intent. Other beings who want to express themselves here. The soul creates the intent. The intent is you. A population increase is just more souls wanting to have intent here. According to the Andromedans, there were the same amount of Souls or Spirits in our universe until March 23,1994, when several new ones apparently stepped in. This was when the new 12th density started to create itself, because of the intent of the Is-ness.

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13 - Colonies on Mars


Secret Colonies on Mars

I want to thank all of you for coming here and allowing me the space to share this with you, so I don't have to carry it any longer by myself. The purpose of the lectures is to inform you specifically of the extraterrestrial intervention in our development and the development of mankind. Mankind has been fascinated with Mars ever since time began. The story of Mars that has been shared with me by the Andromedans is both compelling and quite fascinating.

Unlike some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the moon of Earth and the planet Venus, Mars actually originated in our solar system. It is 6.1 billion years old, and its inner sun, which all planets have or had, is burned out. So, the inside is cold, dark and wet. The surface appears to be desolate, sandy and windy. However, Mars is changing, and it has been changing for the last 30 years. The Andromedans say that Mars is getting closer to the sun every three years, and the 200 mile-an-hour storms are becoming less and less frequent. Every year, the polar caps are showing more and more of a change of seasons.

The technology does exist today to enable Mars to sustain human life as we know it. According to the Andromedans, given the correct coordination of events in terms of technological applications, Mars could be fully habitable for human life in only 20 years. One of the moons of Saturn also offers us this possibility.

Mars has a part very similar to that of Earth. It has a history of repeated colonization and life. According to Morenae, Mars was the first planet in our solar system to explored and colonized. When civilizations were coming to our solar system, they stopped first at Mars. Mars at one time had an ocean and an atmosphere. It was also in a different orbit than it is now. It had plant life and some very basic life forms which didn't evolve there, but were brought to both Mars and Earth 189 million years ago by traders, explorers and miners from Alpha Draconis, Ursa Major and Minor, Lyrae, the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli and Sirius.

Now, there have been some other groups that have passed through here, but those groups were predominantly those who worked our system for minerals, ores, biological samples and all kinds of things. When they came, they always seemed to leave something behind. Some of the life forms that have been and will be discovered on Mars are exactly identical to life forms we have here on Earth.


Space travel has existed in our galaxy for 4.4 billion years, according to what the Andromedans have said. The fossil records of both Earth and Mars apparently show that most life forms have had very little actual evolution and appear almost fully formed. In other words, there just suddenly appeared on the scene because they were brought here, according to the Andromedans, by early space explorers and biological engineers. Every time they came, they tinkered with life forms.

Apparently, 69.3 million years ago a very large planetary asteroid came through our solar system, laden with a lot of debris. This asteroid, according to Vissaeus, was so magnetically powerful that as it came through it ripped Mars from its original orbit (which was nearer to the Earth) and pulled it 19 million miles further out.


All this happened in a very short period of time, and this devastated everything on the planet, ripping off the atmosphere and causing three successive polar shifts in as many days. Although this asteroid left Earth's atmosphere reasonably intact, Mars would take tens of millions of years before it was able to host even the most basic life forms. According to the Andromedans, Mars even had dinosaurs on it at one time, and the fossils of these beasts have been found by the teams that have been sent there. Eventually we will hear about this when and if things become more open.

According to the Andromedans, Mars has been periodically inhabited for 3.8 billion years, and that there are ruins all over the planet. Most of the ruins are buried under hundreds of feet of sand, just like here on Earth in the Gobi desert, where there are ruins of ancient cities. Now, most of us have heard about Cydonia and the pyramids on Mars. There are also war ruins in the Cydonia region that have not been found yet.

It is interesting that the word al quahir, the Egyptian word that means Cairo, also means Mars, and that this has been in the Egyptian language for thousands of years. Strange coincidence.


Ruins on Mars

The area known as the Tharsis Ridge contains ruins of an ancient city approximately 69 million years old. The Utopia region also holds the ruins of a city equally as old. These cities have been buried for 69 million years.


A really interesting area is called Mariner Valley Canyon, where there is an ancient Lyraen city that has been buried for 113 million years. There is a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns under this area. This area is where the Earth bases Eve is located.


Earth Base Eve

The Earth base on Mars called Eve is a vast complex built originally millions of years ago, reactivated with the help of the Greys for the Earth world government. It stretches over an area of 118 miles and is three levels deep in some places. It housed approximately 300,000 human beings, and the deepest portion is 6,200 feet below the surface.


It has four openings to the surface consisting of two elevator shafts and two pressurized hangar entrances, complete with elevators. In other words, if you're flying in a ship, you fly into a hangar, which closes, and you're pressurized, dropping you down into living quarters. That's how the whole thing is done.


Earth Base Adam

Much of the hardware taken to Mars, as I mentioned once before, came from the moon first, via Russia and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The area known as Chryse Planitia, or the Plains of Gold, is the location of the earth colony, and east of there is a city dubbed Adam. There used to be a large fresh water lake in this area long in the past.

There are essentially three large domed structures built into the mountain range there. The largest of these domes stretches 2.6 miles in diameter, and the other two average a mile in diameter. Each of these domed structures is connected by tunnels to the other domes. The largest dome is built 1,000 feet into the surface of Mars.


Underneath the mountain range where Adam is located, there is another tunnel which leads to a cavern area that is seven square miles in size. They don't have any idea what is inside this cavern area, because the Orion Group has a force field which shields them from view. Nobody can see what they're doing in there.


Orion Group Redoux

In March 1989, the Russian Phobos probe took pictures of mother ships landing on the surface of Mars, as well as a picture of one of the scout craft firing at the probe, just before it exploded. One of these large ships, 250 miles long, landed at an old Orion Group base that has been reactivated.


The base is more than 1 million years old and is completely underground, occupies 64 square miles, contains five levels and extends to 8,500 feet below the surface. It was fully operational as of June 1994, and contains 2111 scout craft and over 100,000 Orion and Draconian troops. The Andromedans are real specific when they say "troops'.

The Cyndonia region was the last based occupied by the Pleiadians, Lyraens and Sirians when our solar system fell to the Orion Group about 317,000 B.C. That base was partially destroyed in that attack.


NSA Lands on Mars in 1959

The first Martian landing by the NSA 'black government' was in March 1959, when three craft were sent to the Cydonia region. Only 29 military and scientific personnel went on this first mission. The 'fortress' area housed the craft and the workers while Eve was being reopened with the assistance of the Greys.


The construction that was done was performed by the same groups that had done construction on the moon, the Army Corps of Engineers, Bechtel, A.A. Matthews, Robbins Corporation, Psi Corps, and scientists and engineers from JPL.

All of the personnel in this project had no families to worry about them, and all records on their existence, except for personal memories of people on earth, have been wiped clean by the NSA Ultra and Blue Moon units (Alpha I and II), who recruited personnel for this mission. All this was done on the premise that the Earth was going to self-destruct due to pollution, population and disappearing natural resources. The bases were completed in 1968. The Andromedans have said that the 'black government' would do anything to maintain secrecy on this matter.

In March of 1989, thirty years to the month of the landing on Mars, a group of Orion and Draconian forces invaded the Martian colonies and all communication between the moon bases and Mars ceased. Some of the greatest talent and minds are stuck on Mars. Three hundred thousand humans out of communication.

The American and Russian Mars probes were sent, subsequently, to see what they could observe on Mars, and they were destroyed or taken out of action from the surface of Mars.

Q: When we start to see ships in the skies, whose will they be?

A: I've been told that the very first mass sighting of ships that will be seen in the United States will be our own. They'll be the ones that our government has actually built. It won't be the aliens. It will be our own. The first real big signs will be in the area of New Mexico, because it is the area most controlled by the government and the Greys. They have that area so sealed up that nothing could go wrong there.

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4 - The Holographic Record of Christianity

(Spanish version)

Q: Can you be specific on what the Andromedan viewpoint is on Christianity, especially in view of the fact that they have holographic access to all events that have happened on Earth? I mean, what are some of the specifics?

A: You know, I don't like talking about this, because I was raised a Catholic. I was an altar boy. The truth broke my heart. You know, to find out that what I thought was reality really wasn't. Where I'm at with it is very personal, but I'm not counting on anybody to come down and save me. The Andromedan perspective of the whole scenario is really different that what we've been told.

Q: Well, it's apparent that there were several characters in history with the name Yeshua, translated loosely as "Jesus". There's Yeshua Ben Joseph, etc. How did all this develop?

A: Okay. Basically what happened was that the Catholic church created a composite character, because at the time they were expending a lot of resources putting out religious wars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but like many things it got perverted. Yeshua Ben Joseph, was a Jewish rabbi who lived from 70BC to 9 BC. He was apparently crucified at some point, charged with being a thief.


Prior to that there was a man by the name of  Rabbi Hallel who apparently died in 100BC. Rabbi Hallel was called "The Great Teacher". Many Christians are led to believe that a man named Jesus was called this, when in fact it was Rabbi Hallel. Now, what happened was that the New Testament composite character of "Jesus The Christ" was created by the Council of Nicea.


Most of the words that are attributed to this composite character, referred to colloquially as "Jesus", were in fact spoken by Apollonius of Tyana, who the Bible calls "Paul of Tarsus". Because Rome had their armies scattered all over the place and all these wars were over the subject of religion, what the Council of Nicea decided to do is essentially create a "State Religion".


So, what they did was combine the religions of the east and the west, both of which were concerned with Sun worship. Those in the West worshipped Hesos, also called Hess. Those in the East that worshipped the Sun worshipped Krishna, which in Greek is called Kristos. The very first "Bible" that was put together in 325AD.


They took some books that Apollonius of Tyana had brought back from Burma, called the Codes of the Initiates (which concerned themselves with man's relationship to the seasons, among other things) containing lessons that were handed down to those particular Holy Men in India during that particular period in history. The Codes of the Initiates allegedly contained words that were spoken by Krishna. The very first "Bible" was called the Helios Biblios, which means "The Sun Book". This is what they did in the very beginning.


Q: When was the Helios Biblios assembled?

Between 324 and 355 AD, by the Council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine The Great. Then they slowly developed a "God", a personage, to replace the Sun, and slowly changed the books, disposing of the material detailing reincarnation and many of the other teachings. They changed meanings, and every scribe that worked on this thing kept changing things as belief systems were revised with the prevailing times.

Q: How about things ascribed to the historical "Jesus" such as the Sermon on the Mount?

A: The exact words ascribed to the historical "Jesus" with reference to the Sermon on the Mount were found in a Turkish museum, authored by a Greek Senator in 64 AD. The Church went out a gathered all the information they could at various times in history, and they suppressed what they didn't agree with or what they didn't want the people to know.

Q: Then, who was the healer in this whole scenario?

A: That was Apollonius of Tyana, who the Catholic Church referred to as the "Anti-Christ", despite the fact that he was also known as Paul of Tarsus, mainly because he encouraged rebellion against Roman tyranny.

Q: And Yeshua Ben Joseph?

A: From what I understand, he was of the royal line, but he tried to create rebellion against Roman tyranny as well. Now, there was also another Yeshua.

Q: Another Yeshua?

A: Yes. It was a very common name than in Judea. He was a rabbi who was also a rebel, of sorts. He died at Massada in 64 AD, and his presence at Massada was why Massada was attacked. His name was Yeshua Malathiel. The bottom line is there was no "Jesus Christ" in history at all. It was a composite character, and history reveals this fact.

Q: Now, Robert Morning Sky revealed that the specific crucifixion that involved a Yeshua was a mock crucifixion, in that the person did not really die, because he was given an herbal mixture to simulate death, and that Bar Abbas was in fact the son of the Yeshua concerned here.

A: Yes, if you take the name Bar Abbas, which is a two-word name (not Barrabas, as in the Biblical product of the Roman Church), and you go back to the ancient Hebrew, it means "Son of the Teacher" or "Son of the Master".

Q: So whose son was Bar Abbas?

A: Yeshua Melethiel.

Q: His son.

A: Yes, and from that grew the lineage in France.

Q: The lineage in France? That is where Alex Christopher's book Pandora's Box picks the trail up. The so-called "bloodline of Christ" that related to the mission of the Templars.

A: That's right. It related not to Yeshua (Jesus) Malathiel himself, who died at Massada in 64 AD, but to his son, Bar Abbas, who survived and went to France.

Q: This is also connected with the "blue-bloods" and extraterrestrial genetics?

A: That's exactly right.

Q: So Yeshua Malathiel was a "blue-blood"?

A: Yes, he was, and he was connected to the House of David, and if you go all the way back through the line, through David, and you get to Moses, who was a human-extraterrestrial "half-breed".

Q: So, was it Yeshua Malathiel who was involved in the "cross scenario"?

A: I don't know for sure. The only place I have heard of the story that Robert is talking about is from a book called Crucifixion By An Eyewitness (which does not at all imply that Robert got his data from that book, just that the book mentions it)

But, the Essenes were herbalists and knew how to mix potions and knew about this kind of thing. Of course, the real secrets about all of this lie in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Q: Which the Israeli government have locked up, or at least most of them, and will only let a few select people see a few of them.

A: Yes, by the Israeli's and the Roman Church, because what the Dead Sea Scrolls show, according to the Andromedans, are that "Christianity" and "Judaism" were really one thing, one religion, and they also tell the true story of who Yeshua was, as we have spoken about here.

Q: Yeshua Malathiel?

A: Right. Rabbi Wise in the 1950's and 1960's did an extensive study of the death warrants and death certificates of those who were crucified during that time period, as the Romans kept records, and the only Yeshua listed as being crucified was a man coincidentally named Yeshua Malathiel, who was listed as a traitor and a thief. Mary of the house of Magdelana was the wife of Yeshua Malathiel.


She came from a very well-to-do family who raised doves for sacrifices put on by the Pharisees at the temples. I think the book Holy Grail talks a little about that, too. The Jewish tradition was at that time that any man 13 years of age, who was a rabbi, must take a wife and have children. That was the law.

Q: How did the crucifixion scenario arise with Yeshua Malathiel and his son, Bar Abbas?

A: Well, the story behind that is that they took Bar Abbas because they knew that the father, Yeshua, would come after his son. The story goes on to say that a ransom was paid, and they did a "mock" crucifixion in order to hide the fact of a payoff to the Romans.


Malathiel did not leave the area. He continued to do what he did and died at Massada. There is apparently a scroll which is in the possession of the Russians that proves this, and the son, Bar Abbas, was escorted to France with the rest of the family.

So, presuming that somewhere along the line Christians or Jews would read this material, what would you say to them if they feel concerned by it?

A: Well, all I would say is that true history does not support the idea or the proof that a "Jesus Christ" lived. It does prove that Apollonius of Tyana was real, and the other thing I would say is, "you've been duped". There is no middle man between you and the Creator, and your relationship is directly with the Creator.

Q: Of course, this is why Gnosticism has been so suppressed throughout history.

A: Yes. These "churches" exist only because people "believe in them" and support them financially. If you take that away and say, "my relationship is with the Creator, I don't need a middle man", then "there is no need for you." Let's face it, the church is politics and a form of government.


The Andromedans share very much the same viewpoint as some of the Pleaidian groups - that all religions on our planet are forms of government, and they don't see any difference between government and politics (power-brokering), in their perspective. I mean, people used to have to pay priests in order to "assure their place in heaven".

Q: Are there any religious systems on this planet that are at all beneficial?

A: There are two religious systems they say have been beneficial, and they were the original form of Buddhism and the original form of Shinto. All the other stuff is designed to hold you back and control you. That is their perception.

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15 - Creation of Our Universe

Q: Why would the group consciousness of the Paa Tal come into third density?

A: The Draconian legends, according to the Andromedans, talk about wars with the Paa Tal, who created the human form of physicality. Now, let's just pretend here that we (as the Paa Tal) knew as a race that there was no way we were ever going to destroy this reptilian race.


This war would go on forever. Now, being the spiritual beings that we could be, and here's just a concept or an idea, it could be that we realized that the only way to take care of the negative polarity in our universe was to come and incarnate at its lowest point, its lowest frequency, and alter that frequency so much that everything in its path would evolve. You could do this so none of the negativity could hide or defend itself.


The transformation would be so fast, so instantaneous that suddenly they would be light. You've ended all wars. There's no more death and suddenly everybody is an enlightened being. There has only been a period of 200 years during the last 2000 years when there hasn't been a war on Earth.

Q: But isn't that "forcing" enlightenment?

A: Well, we hold a frequency of war, and this frequency emanates into space. Now, if this is truly us, then our minds are creating, firing or triggering other like consciousness everywhere. We're the catalyst. It's not by force. They have a choice. You change the catalyst and there's no more fuel for anything else.


Everything else just burns out. For example, look at what is going on in Bosnia, and who is giving both sides the weapons of war. You take away the weapons and there is no war. Somebody is paying them to do this. So, you have to take away the fire. Right now, we are the fuel, and the Draconians, Greys, the Orion Group and others are benefiting by this fuel.


It starts right here, and other galaxies are sending ambassadors to come and watch what is happening here - what is going to happen in 2013. We have one side saying 'no way' and one side cheering us on.

Q: Who's cheering us on?

A: The benevolence. Just in our galaxy alone there are 139 different races and planetary systems that want us to evolve because they are sick and tired of war and defending themselves, and having to worry about us. Everything affects everything else in the universe.

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16 - Inside the Planet: The Hollow Earth


The Hollow Earth

All planets, suns and moons that are real, that were created by part of the creation, are hollow. There are no exceptions. I want you to look for Life magazine, an issue that was published on November 10, 1967. It shows a photograph of the Earth taken by the lunar orbiter, which shows a 1,600 mile diameter egress into the planet at the north polar area.

Now, we are always taught that the Earth is round, a sphere. Being somewhat pear-shaped, this is mostly true. However, persisted legends of flat areas. The top of the planet, having been hit a glancing blow by a planetary body billions of years ago, is very flat.


Most space photographs of the Earth either delete the top of the planet to some degree, or the photo's are doctored to show what the public expects to see. The magnetic north pole is at 23.5 degrees latitude. About 200 miles south of the circular dip at the top of the planet is a 78 mile diameter opening into the planet. It's technically in northern Canada.

Now, according to the Andromedans, the nature of gravity is different than we are told. We are told that because a planet spins on its axis, the centrifugal force "creates gravity". Well, according to the Andromedans, that is not at all accurate, and that gravity is produced by highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum at a frequency of about 1 trillion cycles per second.

Because our planet is hollow, it contains different caverns throughout its shell. It can support many times the life we think it can because there is a lot more livable surface area than we are taught there is. The following is a description of what it is like to descend into the interior of the Earth, given to me by the Andromedans:

"When you go five miles into your Earth, you will rapidly lose body weight. The reason for this is the limited ability of gravity radiations and the gravity radiations and gravity effects of the Earth above counteract the gravity effects of the Earth below.


Their counteracting effects are enhanced by the mass of the Earth above which will transform some of the infrared radiations emanated by matter into a gravity-producing radiation per the laws of redistribution. When you reach a depth of ten miles, you will notice that it begins to get lighter around you"

Vissaeus said that there are no shadows to be found anywhere in the interior of the Earth at a depth of 100 miles because the light is contained in the particles that come from all directions and not a single source. In other words, the air itself seems to glow, along with everything else.


Plant and animal forms flourish and grow larger than on the surface of the planet. At a depth of some 700 to 729 miles, one reaches a space of almost zero gravity because of the screening effect of soft particles. Going further about another 700 miles or so, you break out into the surface of the inner sphere, which has gravity due to the mechanics of the soft electrons and other balancing forces. An inner sun has formed because the particles of light concentrate at the center.

Now, the orbit of the Earth has been changed three times, according to the Andromedans. During the time of Atlantis, is was possible to see both of the suns in our solar system, and the benefit of this is that you had day and twilight instead of day and night. But then, the planet was moved.

Q: Why was the planet moved?

A: I don't know. That's a question the Pleiadians will have to answer. It was moved into its current orbit about 14,300 years ago. We cannot see the other sun now, and apparently is was done on purpose according to a larger agenda. This movement of the planet caused a lot of geological activity and flooding.

A One World System That Works

The Andromedans have a planetary government, but the entire purpose for the existence of this world government is to make sure that everything on their worlds evolve. That is the only purpose of it. No other objective. To make sure that every life form evolves.


It's run by the people themselves, and everybody volunteers to hold a position in it, which is easy for them because they live a couple of thousand years. But, there is no such thing as a "professional politician" on their world. No such animal. All of their children go to school, and all the education is free. They spend an average of 150 years in school.


On Varying ET Information

Now, I know that there are other extraterrestrial groups talking to people. Vissaeus and Morenae are talking to three other people. Rumor has it that Pleaidian groups are talking to at least 30 people.

Q: But the information the Pleiadians are giving out is totally different than what you are giving out.

A: It's a different perspective, yes, but a lot of information (between the two sources, or many of the sources) is compatible. It's just that the Pleiadians are telling the whole story about their involvement in things. They're hiding it, which the Andromedans feel isn't the right thing to do. They think that everybody should put all their cards on the table, right now, and deal with it.


General Questions and Answers

Q: Can the Andromedans teleport themselves?

A: Yes, they can go anywhere they want. All you have to do, according to them, is have a destination and speed up the atomic structure of the body and you just disappear. The atoms are projected to where you want to go and you just appear there. They are thousands and thousands of years ahead of us in evolution.

Q: Do you go through a physical change when you are with the Andromedans?

A: Do I go through a change? Not one that is really noticeable, except that sometimes I feel depressed when I have to come back.

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17 - Fourth and Fifth Density: 2013 AD

(Spanish version)


2013 AD

If you remember in earlier lectures, we talked about the new vibration, the new color-sound vibration that is coming out of the black holes. The reason I bring this up is because everything in our world has been set up. Everything. You're going to see things start to move. You're going to see some incredibly positive things and some incredibly negative things.


Now, it is important to understand this. The "negative", or what we call "negative", is really blocked energy. Where this energy is, whether it is in us or in the planet, doesn't matter. The fact that it is blocked does matter.

Now, these new frequencies are hitting our planet, and we are moving up. The physical is being bombarded with energy. This frequency is first hitting our main sun, and the Sun is speeding up in vibration. This is why there are more solar flares happening right now.


When in third density a Sun goes to the nova state, our scientists (being material reductionists) view it as "dying out". To the Andromedans, however, what is happening is that it is leaving third density and moving into fifth. It is now a sun on fifth density. What we are seeing is its "release" when it moves into the new vibration. The physical third density part of it cannot exist at the same time as the physical fifth density manifestation of it.

There's a great misconception about fourth density, and a lot of people throw that term out there because it seems "hip", but they don't really know what it means. Now, fourth density is a state of consciousness, awareness and being. It's about knowing yourself completely. It's about becoming real. The result of moving into this state is like everybody suddenly becoming psychic. It will just happen. Not everybody will physically survive the changes in a way they expect.

Now, according to the Andromedans, the Earth has tried to get into 4th density, with humanity on it, twice before. Twice before, there was a terrible war. The last time was during the time of the sinking of Atlantis, and the other time was a situation with Lemuria when it sank due to a conflict with Atlantis. Now, if you look at the book of Revelations, it predicts a terrible war. The Andromedans have often said that everything is a belief system, and if we buy into a belief system, we will self-fulfill that belief system, because we are creators.

They say that major changes will start to be observed between 2004 and 2009. Some of us will "be there" sooner. An example of "being there" is that if the phone rings, you will know who it is. If someone knocks on the door, you will know who it is. You think of a family member and they will call. As it progresses, you'll be "in tune" all the time. You will not be in a position to say, "it's just coincidence", because you will have come into a position of knowing this. It's not coincidence, but it is divine order. In other words, we'll be "in the flow".

Now, this doesn't mean we are not going to have our challenges. There's going to be war on the planet. There is still going to be crime, for a while. There are still going to be people who don't understand what is happening. There will still be people clinging to religions and begging for someone to come and save them. Be your own Savior.


That is the only permanent way to evolve. It's the only way. Even those who were perceived as "saviors" in the past didn't come to "save", but they came to teach. Because of religious belief systems, there are millions of people who expect that somebody is going to come down here and solve all the problems. It isn't going to be like that at all.


If there was a "Jesus Christ", and he did "come back", he would be pissed off. I can just picture "Jesus Christ" walking into the Vatican and saying,

"Look what you did with what I gave you. What is all this gold for? What are all these paintings for? What are all these stupid hats you wear for? What is all this shit? This isn't what I gave you!".

Now, what will happen when the Earth moves into 4th density herself? She will start to heal herself, which means she won't need our help. This is why it is paramount that between now and 2004, we do everything we can, at least on a conscious level, to be consciously aware.


They say that by the year 2004, the obituary pages will be very long because some people can't handle this. The children will be the least affected in a negative manner. As I have said before, the most affected will be men, because male energy has been totally irresponsible at this point.


The Earth is female in nature. When she starts blowing off this energy, it's not going to be selective. When this energy comes up, they said that a lot of males will have brain strokes, sudden heart attacks and just cross over. They will also be some females affected in this way, but it will predominantly affect a large portion of the male population, which is at least half the population of the planet.

The two polarities will become more pronounced, particularly between now and 2004. A lot of folks will act on the need to move out of cities and into small communities. A lot of this will be done in the mode of trying to be ready for survival. Last week we talked a bit about the viruses that are coming and the TB outbreaks in major cities.


You will have people in your life just leave. You might be letting go of people in your life because they're of a different vibratory nature, and there will be people who will judge you because from their perception and point of view, you are not waiting for a savior, or for other reasons. Let these people go from your life.


Just bless them, love them and send them on their way, because the space will be filled by others of like mind. Like minds attract each other. Positivity attracts more positivity. Negativity attracts more of the same.


The Next Step: 2 + 1 = 12

Now, we have mentioned that we used to have 12 strands of DNA, and that strands were removed leaving us with 2 in order to limit our capabilities. The strands that were removed dealt with spiritual energies and remembrance of those energies, and the racial and genetic memories of our forefathers.


From the Andromedan perspective, we don't need the 12 strands any more. We are basically going to be transforming into a three-strand system which will encompass the range of the 10 strands that were removed from our system.

You remember that the Andromedan Council issued an edict that all ET influence was to be off this planet by August 12, 2003? Since telepathic races use symbols, it is easy to understand why the Andromedans indicate that part of the function of the crop circles we are seeing is to let them know they must leave. Another aspect of the crop circles is to inform the Earth entity about the process for dimensional shifting.


There's going to be a period between 2003 and 2009, four to five years, where we will be on our own, because they want to see how we interact with each other without ET manipulation. This will be our test.


[Editor note: In this light, it is interesting that the current political administration falls just short of that point in the time stream]


Fifth Density

How many people will move into fifth density? The last time I asked the question, which was about a year ago, the Andromedans said that between 435 and 510 million people will literally move into 5th density by December 3, 2013. In 5th density you can create and manifest anything you want directly. Our "bodies" will become energy form, although we could "materialize" into matter forms if we chose to do so.


You won't need to eat food. All you will need is the energy from the Sun, which will supply your life force. When we move into 5th density, our solar system will have 27 planets on that frequency. Jupiter, as I have said before, will itself be a light-blue Sun. Earth's physical form will experience a pole shift, and the new North Pole will be in Saudi Arabia. The South Pole will be off the coast of South America.


The Earth will experience a lot of rain and a lot of changes. Not everybody will move into 5th at the same time. There will be some who are still physical from our 3rd density point of view. There will appear to be a 10,000 fold increase in the number of stars visible in the sky.

We will discover billions of different life forms that have been on the planet that we have not previously been able to perceive as we go through these frequency changes. As it gets close to that time for 5th density, people will begin to see more ghost-like images. Many drugs that we have now will no longer work the same because the physical body will be shifting. All of major medicine is going to have to shift to a light-color-sound format, because nothing else will work properly. It has to move in that direction, because that is what we are becoming.

Being spiritually evolved doesn't mean that you listen to every lecture, buy every book, retain all the notes and watched all the movies. Spiritual evolution comes out of experience only, because only out of experience do you gain wisdom.


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18 - Changing Consciousness


Becoming a Leader
Because we are essentially like hamsters inside a cage, spinning on the wheel, we are not moving because we are still inside the cage. Even if you jump off the wheel, you are still inside the cage. The idea is to eliminate the cage completely.

Practice not being in a survival mode of consciousness. Just do it for 15 minutes a day, if you can, then try extending the period of time. Get into a space where you have everything you need in your life. Everything is right there. Now, all thought creates reality. So, for 15 minutes a day, you just convince yourself, and if you can't pretend, then pretend to pretend. Whatever it takes. Do you know what will happen?


That 15 minute period will start to happen many times a day, all by itself, and you won't even realize it. It will just be a mode of being that will become part of your life. Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to take yourself from 11th density and focus in to this little box? This tiny box. It's awesome.

The Law of Consistency is that everybody evolves together. No one falls behind. If one is held back, then we are all held back. This is what 4th density is. It's essentially a group mind where we honestly care about each other. It's not about money, power, greed, material things, sex, religion and all of that. This part of me that you see is only one percent of who I am. You are seeing a copy. You are seeing a holographic projection and image that I have projected from myself that has materialized in 3rd density. You may come up and shake my hand, but your not shaking all of me.

Now, there is a lot of change coming. A lot of folks are not prepared for it. You have it within you to help to be teachers. To help pull the race together. There are outside influences here already and more of them coming that are going to try and divide us as a race. We can lose, but we can forestall graduation. We don't want to do that if we can help it. You must stand in your power. You have to do that yourself, and there is only one requirement - to believe in yourselves. If you don't believe in yourself, go back and look at everything everybody ever told you culturally and just erase it, because it is a lie. It's a lie. They were wrong.

Again, stand in your strength. Stand in your love. Be who you are. Remember that the word warrior meant a person who is not afraid to be who they are. To be who you are every single moment, whether somebody likes it or not. It doesn't matter what other people think if you are being impeccable. As long as you don't do something to hurt them, consciously, it doesn't matter what they think. How many of you that have been shaped by peer pressure are happier because of it? None of you.

The New World Order will do anything to formulate itself. It will in fact do that, but it's life will be short-lived. In other words, they will set up the structure and framework for a manipulative world order, but just when they think they have it nailed down, the rug will be pulled out from under them, and the people will then rise up and assume the leadership role on the planet.

Just Do It!


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