1. An Essay on the Concept of Leadership

  2. An Essay on the Relationship With the Is-ness

  3. More on the Characteristics of the Evolution of New Densities

  4. Dealing With Current Social Crisis

  5. Some Historical Aspects of Human Physiology and Genetics

  6. A Telepathic Statement from Morenae on Election Eve, Nov 1996

  7. Greys and the Earth Agenda - A 1995 Lecture

  8. Our Solar System and Earth's Future - A 1995 Lecture

  9. Current Moon Bases and Their History - A 1995 Lecture

  10. Clones and Creation of Ourselves

  11. Weather Modification and Engineering Technology

  12. On Creation

  13. Colonies on Mars

  14. The Holographic Record of Christianity

  15. Creation of Our Universe

  16. Inside the Planet: The Hollow Earth

  17. Fourth and Fifth Density: 2013

  18. Changing Consciousness

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