Chapter D.

Many thanks to Daniela for describing her fascinating experience and presenting her admirable struggle to complete the pyramid. Now I am going to take over the narration in order to explain how her telepathic pyramid works.


This chapter is going to describe:

(1) principles applied in the operation of her telepathic pyramid

(2) phenomena that these principles are based upon

(3) pyramid’s main components, their purpose, functioning, and cooperation/connection with other components during the operation of this device

(4) the most significant historic background on which the explanations of these principles and phenomena were developed

The principles of pyramid’s operation, the basic components and circuits of this device, and the phenomena that this pyramid employs, were published for the first time quite a long ago. By now they have been disseminated in a number of monographs. Initially they were published in the monograph [3] (in Polish), which was available to the interested readers as from 1996. Then in 1997 the improved formulation of these principles was published in monograph [3/2]. More recently (i.e. as from 1998), the further improved explanation of these principles was published in chapter N of monographs [1/2] and [1/3].


Unfortunately all these previous publications were available in the Polish language only. Therefore descriptions from this chapter were prepared as translation of the relevant sections from monograph [1/3] (mainly from chapter N of [1/3], but partially also chapter K and subsection H3 of [1/3]). Due to completion of this translation, descriptions of the pyramid’s principles of operation could be made available also to investigators familiar with languages other then Polish.

Before the technical explanations are started, we should introduce a general name for the large category of devices which are to transmit and receive telepathic messages. The telepathic pyramid from this treatise will be only a single example in the wide family of such devices. The reason for introducing here such name is that calling them “devices which transmit and receive telepathic messages” is rather long and clumsy. To call them with a shorter name, a word “telepathyser” is proposed here.


This word does not have the aspiration to permanently enter the human terminology, and is introduced here only to make the descriptions which follow to be more compact and easy to understand. “Telepathyser” originates from the word “telepathy”, i.e. from the type of communication waves which devices of this type are going to transmit and to receive, supplemented with the ending “er” which in English is quite frequently used to denominate technical devices.

Similarly as this was the case with our radio-transmitters and receivers, also in case of telepathysers with the elapse of time our civilization most probably will develop numerous versions of them. Each of these versions will be working on different principles and utilizing different components. Of course, as this is always with making totally new paths, the construction of the first of them poses the greatest difficulty. When this first is already build and operational, it will allow us to research more deeply into the technical aspects of telepathy, therefore it will open for us the path for building more perfect versions of such devices. In the sense of perfection, our first telepathyser will be an equivalent to old crystal-radios, which allowed the reception of voice propagated through electromagnetic waves, but which had vary primitive design and operation.

It does not need to be emphasized here that telepathysers will operate on principles drastically different from principles employed in present radio-communication devices. This is because the carrier of messages in the telepathysers are telepathic waves (more thoroughly described in subsection H13 of monograph [1/3]; but only summarized in subsection D2.1.1 of this treatise), while the carrier of the messages in our radio-technology are electromagnetic waves.


The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains that differences between telepathic waves and electromagnetic waves are such as between sonic vibrations that propagate across the water of an ocean, and sea waves that appear on the surface of this ocean. As such, the information transmitted via telepathysers will characterize itself with many new attributes, for example it will not be detectable nor perceivable by our present radio-tele-communication devices, it will propagate with infinitive velocity (i.e. arrives instantaneously to every corner of the universe), reaches every place (e.g. even inside of steel containers where electromagnetic waves are not able to penetrate), etc.


In addition to these attributes, telepathysers will allow for the exchange of information directly from one mind into another mind, with complete elimination of speech. In this way they will allow us to communicate, amongst others, with deaf and deaf-mute, with unconscientious, with aliens, with animals, and also with all other inhabitants of our universe.

The discovery of nature of telepathic waves, and the complete formulation of principles of telepathy, took place on 11 November 1994 - see subsection A4. But from the first moment when the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity was formulated in 1985, I felt intuitively that the path to telepathy leads through some kind of magnetic vibrations, and also that the oscillatory chamber which I invented on 3rd January 1984 (described in subsection A4 and shown in Figure A1) is the first magnetic resonator which indicated the general principle on which the future telepathysers are going to operate.


This is because the oscillatory chamber can modulate the pulsating magnetic field that it generates - of course if it is appropriately adapted for such a modulation. In turn from the mechanism of telepathic waves it is known that this pulsating magnetic field instigate later the telepathic waves that propagate across the counter-world (see descriptions form subsection H13 of monograph [1/3]).


Thus such a chamber can modulate the telepathic waves in a manner similar to the way present radio-transmitters modulate the pulsating electric field with a sonic signal, and then transmit this signal via electromagnetic waves that propagate along the border between our world and counter-world. Unfortunately, oscillatory chambers of the first generation, which at the moment are closest to the completion, are going to have rather ineffective control over the produced field.


Therefore, in the first stage of their completion, the modulation of their magnetic field with human thoughts, most probably will be difficult -if not completely impossible. Only the more advanced oscillatory chambers of the second and third generations (see subsection C8.3 in monograph [1/3]) will make possible the technical realization of telepathysers, which become in-build into the design of these devices.

The present difficulties with the mental modulation of oscillatory chambers cause that we need to look for a different magnetic resonator which would enable us to complete our first working telepathyser. The goal is to find a magnetic resonator which would also allow us to achieve the same effect of mental modulation of magnetic vibrations, but which would require much less research.


This subsection presents the history of formulating the idea of such device (i.e. the evolution of a telepathyser), and the review of future characteristics, operation, and applications of this device.

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D1. Introductory discoveries and inventions

In chapter B of this treatise (as well as in subsection A4) my new scientific theory was described which I call the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In order to briefly summarize this theory, it was formulated in 1985 in order to describe the nature of gravitational field in an alternative manner to the description of this nature by the to-date science. All to-date descriptions of gravity imposed the non-written assumption that the gravitational field has a monopolar character.

Because of this assumption, which turned out to be rather fatal in consequences, the to-date scientific descriptions of gravity I can call the old concept of monopolar gravity. It treats the gravitational field exactly the same as all other monopolar fields, namely as electrical field, pressure field, etc. However, after thorough analyses I discovered, and later proved conclusively, that gravitational field has a dipolar character (not a monopolar one as our to-date science claims it).


It turned out that gravity has two poles, something like (N) and (S) in magnets, or like inlet (I) and outlet (O) in pumps, thus displaying similarity to magnetic fields, to fields formed by circulating streams of fluids, or to rotation of air put in motion by a propeller. In turn such reclassification of gravitational field introduces numerous consequences. The most important of these is that in dipolar gravity the universe must be composed of two opposite worlds, in which two drastically opposite substances prevail. In each of these two worlds and substances different phenomena must take place, and different laws must prevail.

One of the important and new phenomena which was postulated from very beginning by this new Concept of Dipolar Gravity was the so-called “Telekinetic Effect” described in subsection D2.1.2. The existence of this phenomena allows to construct a special type of free energy devices, which I call “telekinetic batteries”, or “telekinetic cells”. The fist such battery I invented in 1989 and described in 1990, and since that time I am describing it in almost every work that I publish - see treatises [6], [6E], and also descriptions in chapter K of monographs [1/3] and [1/2].

Another important phenomena which was revealed by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that in each of these two worlds different types of vibrations must propagate themselves. In our world, the most well known spectrum of vibrations is known as “acoustic waves” or “sounds”. In other spectra, vibrations from our world are called differently, depending on their frequency, medium in which propagate, etc. Thus they can be called: “ocean waves”, “mechanical vibrations”, “earthquakes”, “oscillations”, “ultrasounds”, etc. In turn vibrations which propagate along the boundaries (border surfaces) between both worlds are called “electromagnetic waves”. Finally vibrations that propagate within the counter-world are called “telepathic waves” for their further descriptions see subsection D2.1.1.

Although various researchers for a long time detected empirically the existence of telepathic waves, our stuffy physics based on this old concept of monopolar gravity did not allow to justify that any type of waves could exist that still would remain unknown to scientists. It was only the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity which theoretically disclosed that there is a whole counter-world about which our science know nothing, and that this counter-world must support various types of vibrations that still remain undiscovered (e.g. apart from the telepathic waves described in subsection D2.1.1, we already know that the counter-world supports also totally different types of vibrations that are involved in process of permanent telekinetising -as described in subsection J2.2.2.1 of monograph [1/3]).


Therefore with the dissemination of my new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the empirical search for telepathy become fully justified and started to have a theoretical basis.

Both these basic phenomena which take places in the counter-world, namely the “Telekinetic Effect”, and the “telepathic waves”, together with two key devices which I invented on basis of these phenomena, namely with the “telekinetic battery”, and the “remote mind reader”, proved to be extremely vital for my understanding the operation of the Daniela’s telepathic pyramid described in this treatise. For this reason I will tell more about them in two subsections that follow.





D1.1. The telekinetic battery

The first step in the direction of working out and explaining principles and phenomena involved in the operation of the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise, was the invention of a device which I named the “telekinetic battery” (also called the “telekinetic cell”). Here is the brief description of history of this invention.

Theoretically I was aware of enormous potentials that the Telekinetic Effect introduces to the production of free energy, from the very moment when I discovered this effect and realized that it represents the exact reversal of friction -i.e. since 1985. But the technical idea which explained how practically we can utilize this effect for the generation of free energy come to my mind only in 1989.


In that year I was working on the scientific paper entitled “Premises for the feasibility of motors utilizing principles of telekinesis” which I was to present at the ANZAAS Congress (session on Energy and the Greenhouse Effect), University of Tasmania, Hobart, 14-16 February 1990. (Address of the organizers of that Congress: Organizing Secretary, 1990 ANZAAS Congress, University of Tasmania, GPO Box 252C, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7001.)


My paper was mainly about Johnson’s “permanent magnet motor” - i.e. a motor which uses only permanent magnets, about De Palma’s “N-Machine” - i.e. a generator which utilizes a solid magnetic disk firstly introduced by M. Faraday, and about Methernitha’s “Thesta-Distatica” - i.e. a telekinetic aggregate which utilizes electrostatic interactions.


However, during writing it I realized that the Telekinetic Effect can also be released inside of a coil composed of conductive wires. In case of such a release, all free electrons that saturate this coil, would be pushed to flow in one direction, and this would produce a significant electric current. In this way the telekinetic battery was invented. A good idea as how such a battery works, the reader can obtain from subsection D2.4 which describes the practical application of the battery’s principles in the Daniela’s telepathic pyramid (the coils in which the telekinetic generation of electricity takes place in that pyramid are inductors I1 and I2 shown in Figures C3 and D1). I provided the description of the “telekinetic battery” in the content of my Tasmania paper.


The paper received a positive reference and was included into the congress’ program. However, the Otago University in Dunedin, by which at that time I was employed, in the last moment refused the financial support for attending this congress, in spite that this support was promised to me from the first moment I proposed my paper. This is because the timing of the Tasmania congress was coinciding with the culmination point of the hysteric outcry that my scientific colleagues at the Otago University were carrying out in the response to my discovery of the UFO explosion in Tapanui - as described in subsection A4.


As my scholarly superiors and colleagues were telling it to me verbally at that time, they were refusing to finance my participation in that congress because my paper, similarly to treatise [5E] describing the Tapanui explosion, “are contradictive to the existing knowledge”, and the presentation of this paper at the congress would introduce a threat for the authority of the Otago University (interesting that the referees working for the organizers of that congress did not share this opinion and accepted my paper to be presented at the congress).


After I realized that I am not able to participate in that congress I turned to the only person from New Zealand who was also attending it (this person was then a director for research and development in “Electricorp” corporation of New Zealand - i.e. an institution that should be specially interested to learn and promote the idea of telekinetic generation of electricity). I asked him to present my paper on my behalf, providing him will all slides, copies of the paper, and other materials plus explanations necessary for this purpose. But instead of presenting my paper, he without any prior consultations with me, withdrawn the paper from the congress’ program. In this way the person who actually was drawing his salary for promoting the progress in the area of electricity generation, judged my newly born “telekinetic batteries”, and convicted them to be burned on stake.

After this first attempt of presenting the “telekinetic batteries” to scientific fraternity has failed, gradually I started to discover the fact that our planet is occupied by the parasitic UFOnauts - as this is described in subsection A4. This discovery was rather a lengthy process. Because it was so revolutionary and so shocking, even with my open-minded philosophy it still required a lot of time to get through, as it firstly needed to shatter totally my entire old believe system. With the elapse of time I also gradually discovered that these our cosmic parasites are intensively blocking our knowledge in every area that could significantly advance our civilization.

So I come to conclusion that there is no way I could present such a revolutionary idea at any official scientific forum, and I decided to present my battery through other channel, namely via my “resistance literature” -i.e. treatises and monographs that I published privately outside of the scientific mainstream. Thus, since I invented the “telekinetic battery”, I am describing this invention in almost all my treatises and monographs that are published after 1990 - see treatises [6] and [6E], monographs [2E], [3], [3/2], [1/2], and [1/3]. The most comprehensive and the most up-to-date description of the telekinetic battery is now provided in subsection K2.4 of my monograph [1/3].

The principles of the telekinetic battery are employing the phenomenon which takes place only in the counter-world, namely the reversal of friction named the “Telekinetic Effect” and described in subsection D2.1.2. The discovery of this Telekinetic Effect introduced significant implications to all heat and motion related sciences.


This is because mastery of the reversal of friction could be compared to a capability of eliminating friction itself. For example this new phenomenon allows to abandon the to-date principles of conventional heat machines which must build-up a significant gradient of temperature in order to convert a flow of thermal energy into motion. Machines utilizing the Telekinetic Effect, including the telekinetic batteries described here, do not require any temperature gradient and still are able to extract thermal energy from the environment and convert this energy directly into motion.


The operation of these new machines involves:

  1. the technical release of the Telekinetic Effect

  2. the absorption of thermal energy contained in the environment and its transformation into a useful form of motion

  3. the channeling of the produced motion so that it moves a stream of electrons inside of coils made of a conductive wire. In turn this stream of electrons, in our world constitutes a technically useful flow of electric current

The application of this current allows to obtain a free source of unlimited electrical energy (hence the expression that the telekinetic batteries are “free energy generators”).

For a long time I did not repeat my efforts to present the telekinetic battery to scientific fraternity, as I knew that our cosmic parasites would again find a way to make such a presentation impossible, and thus all my perseverance in this direction would prove to be just a waste of time and energy. I know jolly well how hopeless such efforts could be, because continually since 1980 I was trying to publish a scientific (refereed) article or paper about my magnocraft, and all these years of my perseverance proved themselves totally unsuccessful.


But in 1997 I decided to have another go with the telekinetic battery, mainly because at that time I was researching these undetectable methods which UFOnauts use to put us down, and I was curious to find out what method this time UFOnauts will use to make impossible the presentation of my battery. So in 1997 I proposed a scientific paper entitled “The Telekinetic Effect - a phenomenon which converts thermal energy directly into motion” to be presented at the 11th International Heat Transfer Conference in Kyongju, Korea, which was to take place on 23 to 28 August 1998.


(The address of organizers of that conference was: Prof. J.S. Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea, E-mail:; while the address of the representative for the South Pacific (Australia, Asia, Malaysia, etc.) through whom I forwarded my paper was: Professor Graham de Vahl Davis, Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia, E-mail: g.devahldavis@unswayed).


At that time I was a professor at university in Borneo, the finances for my participation in that particular conference were promised to me in writing, and also being taught by my previous experiences I wrote my paper very, very carefully. But still on 24 November 1997, I received a letter from the representative of that conference.


The letter was dated on 11 November 1997 and was telling, quote:

“I have now received the reviewer’s report on your paper “The Telekinetic Effect - a phenomenon which converts thermal energy directly into motion” and enclose a copy. Under the circumstances, I regret that I have no option but to reject your paper. Thank you for your interest in the 11th International Heat Transfer Conference. Yours sincerely, ...”.

There was a small piece of paper enclosed with this letter, which held no signature nor any details of the writer, and which supposed to represent this negative “reviewer’s report”. This piece contained several very badly formulated sentences, which I am quoting here in their exact wording (including the machine and stylistic mistakes which they contained):

“This paper is a list of claims that a wide range of phenomena in thermodynamics and biology can be explained by the existence of a parallel universe with inverse properties to the normal universe.


The paper is a series of undocumented claims an out the power of the telekinetic effect e.g.

---- “telekinetic motion is like forcing an object to move by shifting its reflection in a mirror so that this re-located reflection causes the object to move also” --- .


--- “women subjected to telekinetic effect action, or to the action of telekinetized substances are improving their fertility”, and many similar claims. The testing of the telekinetic effect is not documented. The one claim to the existence of a machine that demonstrated the effect is an interpretation by Mr Pajak of the machine’s operation that is not supported by the designer of the machine. I would suggest that the author concentrate on actually demonstrating one of the myriad of benefits that he claims can be derived from this new phenomena before publishing such earth shattering papers as this.”

The conclusions which I reached by analyzing mind boggling aspects of this “reviewer’s report” (e.g. strange emotions which are permeating through these few sentences, the fact that the “referee” calls me “Mr Pajak” in spite that the paper was providing my full scientific credentials -including the information that at that time I was an university professor, and in spite of fact that in correspondence between scientists it is customary to provide at least one, i.e. the highest, title) I published in subsection K4 of monograph [1/3].

It is interesting that if a given negative phenomenon becomes so dominating that the society starts to clearly notice it, firstly films are made about it, then books are written, next popular jokes are told, and finally movements and rebellions began which try to curb it. About the close-mindedness and impracticality of today scientists already films were made and books were written. Recently popular jokes also started to appear. Here is one of them. In a TV competition which depended on inventing and telling an event which would be the most improbable to happen in reality, took part: an economist, a politician, and a scientist.


The economist said,

“after suggestions postulated by a famous economist were implemented, the situation of the country in fact did improve”.

Jury was convinced - yes, economists of that caliber do not exist any more. Then the politician had his go. “Our leading politician in fact did fulfilled all the election promises after become a leader”. Jury was impressed -yes, politicians of that caliber are already extinct species. Finally the scientist had his turn. “Once upon a time there was an open-minded scientists ...” he started. Jury stand up from their sits in the expression of appreciation - without letting him finish. Yes, this event wins the competition, as everyone knows that it never could happen...

The to-date history of the “telekinetic battery” reveals that our cosmic parasites are equally determined to block the development of this device as they are determined to block the development of the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise, and that these parasites will resort to anything what turns necessary to stop human developments in that direction. This is no any surprise for me, as if the telekinetic battery is ever completed, our civilization would be lifted to such a level of awareness that the further invisible occupation of Earth by this parasite would become impossible.





D1.1.1. Theory behind the telekinetic battery

The main principle which the telekinetic battery is utilizing for the operation, is the ability of an oscillatory motion to intercept and to accumulate energy which is supplied to it in small doses. In order to explain what I mean by this ability, let us use an example of lifting a child high up into the air. If this lifting is to be done with the use of continuous motion, the whole energy required must be supplied at a single go. Thus, in order to lift such a child with a continuous motion, a real powerful athlete is required.


But if we use an oscillatory motion, for example by putting this child on a swing, then the same effect can be obtained gradually. Therefore, even someone as weak as other child, is able to supply the required energy to that swing in small portions. This is because the oscillatory motion allows the swing to intercept energy slowly and gradually, in small portions, throughout a longer period of time. So if someone pushes the swing only slightly, but continually, the final effect will also be that the swing will go high up into the air.

In our technology we use one type of the oscillatory motion which is very susceptive for this type of gradual supply of energy. This is AC electricity - i.e. “alternating current”. Such an AC current can be generated not only by electricity generators, but also by a special kind of electronic circuits, called “oscillatory circuits”. My analyses carried out in 1989 indicated that such oscillatory circuits, after they are supplied with two components which produce the Telekinetic Effect (namely with two magnet inductors I1 and I2 described in subsection D2.4), are the most suitable devices to be used as the core components for telekinetic batteries.


Oscillatory circuits generate AC electricity via utilizing extremely weak but continuous energy pushes. Thus, these circuits work in a manner very similar to that explained in the above example of a child lifted by a swing. So, if we could find such an oscillatory circuit that would continuously utilize the Telekinetic Effect to generate small energy portions that it would be feeding back into the electric oscillations which occur inside of this circuit, we would have an infinitive supply of AC electricity.

Thus such a circuit would constitute a telekinetic battery. Of course, not every oscillatory circuit is suitable for being turned into such a battery, similarly like not every piece of machinery that people were able to made constituted a steam engine. The circuit which can work as such a battery must display several unique properties, and must meet a set of rather unique conditions. In 1989 I worked out a theory which must stand behind the telekinetic battery. This theory explains what are the conditions that must be met in order a given oscillatory circuit is able to gradually intercept and accumulate small portions of oscillatory energy, and therefore is able to work as a telekinetic battery.

The whole theory behind the telekinetic battery is outlined in subsection K2.4 of my monograph [1/3]. Because the explanations which are to be provided here are not theoretically oriented, I limit myself to explaining here only these fragments of the theory which are necessary to understand why the oscillatory circuit used in the telepathic pyramid is perfectly working as a telekinetic battery as well.


The key to this understanding, is a main property of the telekinetic battery which I call with the use of the technical term “reciprocal”, although it would be expressed even better with such common terms as “returning back”, “giving back”, or “self-instigating its own oscillations”. A “reciprocal” oscillatory circuit is a circuit which is capable to self-initiate and self maintain regular oscillations each time it is supplied with any energy at a required level, even if parameters of this energy each time are different.


To put it in another words, the reason why a reciprocal oscillatory circuit is perfect for constituting a telekinetic battery, is that if it is supplied with any possible energy impulses, no matter how small and chaotic these impulses would be, and no matter what their parameters would be, it still has the capability to transform these impulses into a regular AC electricity oscillations. In order for any oscillatory circuit to be reciprocal, it needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. it must crate oscillations which are characterized by at least two degrees of freedom (although the more degrees, the more reciprocal a given circuit is)

  2. it contains inside a “reversible component” which supplies it with inertia

  3. it is capable to self-initiate its oscillations from zero, if the energy input is provided (i.e. it starts to oscillate all by itself, each time it receives some energy input). Let us now discuss separately each of these conditions

We can say that an oscillatory circuit is having two degrees of freedom, if in this circuit two different types of oscillations can coexist at the same time. In order to provide some examples, a swing with metal arms and ball bearings has only one degree of freedom, as it can only oscillate in one manner, namely swinging forth and back. But a curved blade of a stiff grass has more then one degree of freedom, as apart from swinging forth and back, it can also wobble sideways.


Therefore a blade of grass is more “reciprocal” then a swing, as for example chaotic blows of wind which are NOT able to put swing into oscillations, are easily making such a grass uniformly buzzing (I hope that the reader remembers observing in childhood a blade of stiff grass buzzing uniformly in a wind).
In turn the reversible component, is a single part of a given “reciprocal” circuit, which has a capability of simultaneous working in both directions. Namely it can transform the energy of oscillations into energy of motion, and it can also transform energy of motion into energy of oscillations.


Both these transformations must be carried out with the same ease, without a need for any adaptation or switching. A best example of a reversible component is a spring in an old mechanical clock, which can transform the winding motion into energy that propels the clock, but also can transform the energy which is frozen in its coil into the slow motion of unwinding.


Other examples of reversible components are: some types of speakers which can operate as microphones as well as microphones which can work as speakers, electric capacitors connected to inductive coils, generators of electricity which without any adaptation can work as electric motors, quarts crystals capable of executing two-directional piezoelectric effect (i.e. allowing the physical displacement to be converted into electrical impulse, or electrical impulse to be converted into physical displacement), hydraulic pumps which can also work as hydraulic motors, thermocells which simultaneously can work as electric heaters, and wheels in old locomotives.


These locomotive wheels, because they are joined with pistons via connecting rods, are causing that when pistons are moving, the wheels transform the energy of pistons’ oscillations into the motion of a whole train. In turn when pistons are motionless (i.e. after they reach the so-called “dead points” in cylinders) the wheels are transforming the motion of the whole train into the oscillations of pistons.


The wheels of old locomotives are the best example of what is the purpose of reversible components in all reciprocal systems. These components are necessary because they provide an inertia to the systems. In turn this inertia converts the chaotic energy impulses that are supplied to the reciprocal systems, into a series of orderly oscillations.

Finally the ability to self-initiate the oscillations from zero, is the property of reciprocal oscillating systems which causes that they are able to start oscillating entirely by themselves, each time some external energy is supplied to them, even if at the moment of starting they are totally motionless. To give here some examples, pistons in the combustion engines used in our cars are not able to self-initiate their oscillations from zero.


This is why we need starters in our cars. Thus, the ability of combustion engines to self initiate their oscillations is none. So, oscillatory circuits similar to such engines would not be able to work as telekinetic batteries. But pistons in old railway steam engines were able to initiate their oscillations from zero, this is why old steam engines never did have starters like our present cars do, and still they initiated their run each time the steam was supplied to their pistons.

The old railway steam engines provide an excellent clue as how the self-initiation attribute can be achieved in all reciprocal oscillatory systems. It turns out that every oscillatory system is having so-called “dead points”, or “dead locks”, namely phases of their oscillatory motion in which the system tends to stop and is unable to start again. In case of single-piston steam engines, they have two “dead locks” located in the turning points when the piston finishes motion in one direction and starts to move in an opposite direction (but note that an ordinary swing has such dead points located differently - namely in the middle of strokes). Therefore, if one builds a locomotive which has only a single piston, and if somehow it would happen that such a locomotive stops in an unfortunate manner that the piston is located in one of these dead points, then the locomotive would not be able to start again.


This is reason why each old steam locomotive used to have two pistons, one on each side, and both of them were joined via connecting rods with the same pair of locomotive wheels. The key design point was that these two pistons were always working with mutual phase shift equal to half of their stroke (i.e. to 90°). Therefore, if one piston was just in a dead point, the other was right in the centre of the self-initiating capability, and vice versa. In this way locomotives with two pistons, which (the pistons) are shifted in phase by 90° and mutually joined in parallel via two connecting rods and a pair of wheels, are the oldest example of a fully “reciprocal” technological system that was ever invented on Earth.


Even today these old steam locomotives provide the best illustration of the principles by utilizing which the “reciprocal” systems can be build. For example they indicate that in order to increase the ability of these systems to self-initiate their oscillations, all what it takes is to use more then one (the more the better) oscillatory components, such as pistons in these locomotives, and then join these components together via a parallel connection in a manner which guarantees that they work with significant phase shifts.


Our present combustion engines from today motor-vehicles are proofs that this principle works in practice. This is because for example car engines which have more then one piston linked in parallel via a crankshaft, are much easier to start, then let say one-piston motorbike engines.

To summarize the above, in order to obtain an oscillatory circuit which is able to work as a telekinetic battery, we need to design a “reciprocal” electronic circuit which:

  1. is able to sustain oscillations that have more then one degree of freedom - e.g. that are composed of a multitude of vibrations

  2. includes a reversible component -such as a quartz crystal producing a piezoelectric effect

  3. which contains a high number of oscillatory components that are connected together in parallel with a mutual phase shift -such as numerous salt crystals connected together via mercury

As it turns out, the circuit used in the telekinetic pyramid which is described in subsection D2.4 and illustrated in Figure D1, fulfils all these requirements. How it is accomplished I am going to briefly describe in subsection D2.4.





D1.2. The remote mind reader

The next, and most probably also the most important, step in the direction of working out and describing the principles involved in the operation of telepathic pyramid, was the invention of, and experiments with, a device which I called the “remote mind reader”. Here is the history of this invention.

When my Concept of Dipolar Gravity was published in the article [1D1.2] “Gravitation als Dipolare Felder”, from the West-German Journal Raum & Zeit, No 34, June/July 1988, pages 57 to 69, one of the scientists who contacted me was the late Werner Kropp of WEKROMA Laboratory (Via Storta 78, CH-6645 Brione s/M, Switzerland). Because of the similarity of our research interests we later became acquainted with each other and I had the honor of considering myself to be one of his close friends. Unfortunately Mr Kropp passed away on Sunday, 5 February 1995, i.e. shortly after the writing of treatise [7] was finished.


(By the way, the futuristic research that he was carrying out, the strange fact that the date of his death coincided with publishing treatise [7] about the telepathic pyramid which almost for sure he would try to develop, as well as circumstances of his death, qualify him to be one of countless victims of assassinations by aliens, as explained in subsections A4 and B2.)


He was a brilliant scientists working in very unconventional areas, and if not his premature death he would contribute significantly to the progress of our civilization. Amongst many results of his interesting research which he then shared with me, was also the concept of what could be called a “telepathic sensor”. The operation of this sensor is quite complex as it involves a new theory behind of what Kropp called the “K-field”. However, if one sets aside the technical details, the telepathic sensor is simply a glass ampoule of 0.9% solution of kitchen salt in distilled water (i.e. in water extremely pure chemically and also unaffected magnetically).


If such an ampoule is placed in a beam of electromagnetic radiation, the spectrometric properties of this solution are continually modified by the thoughts of a nearby person. This extremely important discovery of the late Werner Kropp inspired me to invent the “remote mind reader”, i.e. a parental idea to “Though Recognition Interfaces” described in subsection D3 of this treatise, as well as the device which helped me to understand the operation of the Daniela’s telepathic pyramid. The “remote mind reader” was a device which would read at a distance thoughts of a given person and then output these thoughts in a written form.

My invention of the remote mind reader was based on the following principle.


Thinking about each different (but known to us) idea, modifies the properties of the “telepathic sensor” according to a separate curve which is unique to this particular idea. This curve is input to a computer during the “scaling” of the telepathic sensor, and stored in its “bank of thoughts” together with the known idea which this bank describes. The later comparing this initially input curve with all other curves coming in via the same sensor, makes it possible to recognize the moment when a newly incoming curve is identical to the curve we already know.


Achieving such a recognition would mean that the sensor just detected someone thinking about this known idea (i.e. the idea already known to us and stored in the computer’s “bank of thoughts”). My “remote mind reader” invented in this manner turned out to be very similar in operation to the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise. For example the pyramid is also a device which reads someone’s thoughts, it also uses a “telepathic sensor” which takes the form of a glass ampoule filled with salt and mercury (only that this time salt is “mixed” with mercury, not “dissolved” in water), and also this sensor is placed in the beam of electromagnetic radiation which allows to monitor its properties which keep changing in the rhythm of someone’s thoughts see (T) in Figure C3.

Werner Kropp also worked on an invention (although his device served another purpose and was based on a principle which significantly differed from mine) which utilized this “telepathic sensor”. His invention concerned inter-dimensional communication and was designed to pass messages with the use of signals type Morse’s code. Thus after further correspondence we decided to experimentally test the feasibility of both our inventions. We wanted to use the research station which he set up in his laboratory and which included an interferometer linked on-line with a computer via analogue-digital convertor/interface. In this research we tried to achieve the following mechanism of my “remote mind reader’s” operation (note that only by using a different “decoding program” the same mechanism allowed also the simultaneous testing the “inter-dimensional communicator” invented by Werner Kropp).


The thought pattern of a nearby person, which corresponds to a given idea (e.g. this person thinking of number “8”) changes the properties of salt solution in the “telepathic sensor” according to an unique curve. The curve of these changes is detected by the interferometer which cyclically probes the sensor. Then the curve is passed to the convertor/interface. The convertor/interface transforms this curve into a series of numbers. These numbers are passed to the computer linked on-line with the convertor/interface and then analyzed by the “decoding program”.


The decoding program working in real-time analyses the incoming series of numbers and recognizes what thought these series represent (this recognizing depends on “matching” the newly incoming series of numbers with the series representing ideas already known and contained in the “bank of thoughts” of this computer which was created during scaling of the whole system). After decoding the incoming thought, the program writes on the screen the key word corresponding to a given idea (in our case the digit “8”). In this way, after “teaching” the decoding program how to recognize the most basic ideas (i.e. after supplying its “bank of thoughts” in these basic ideas), it would be possible to use the system which I invented for reading at a distance thoughts of a selected person.

In 1991 I designated my summer holidays to fly from New Zealand to Switzerland and to experimentally test with Werner Kropp my invention of the “remote mind reader” as well as his invention of the “inter-dimensional communicator”. We used the testing stations combined in his laboratory (i.e. his interferometer, convertor/interface, and computer) and “decoding programs” personally designed and written by myself. In the case of my own invention of the “remote mind reader”, these testing proved to be only partially successful, because I managed to work out the decoding program which sometimes recognized my own thoughts type “one digit number” (i.e. a number between 1 to 9) but failed to filter my thoughts from other noise signals which at random bombarded the “telepathic sensor”.


The analyses of results of this research indicated that for complete success it was necessary to introduce the modification to the telepathic sensor which would allow it to be “tuned” to the thoughts of a selected (single) person and thus which would eliminate the noise signals which come from outside. This is because the sensor used by us registered simultaneously thoughts of all people present in the vicinity, and therefore my decoding program worked relatively well only when I was alone in the laboratory, and began to fail immediately after Kropp appeared in there and our thoughts began to mix.


This “tuning modification” of the telepathic sensor turned to be difficult to invent and it was not ready until I learned the design of the pyramid described in this treatise. The pyramid solves this problem in an extremely simple and very effective manner -i.e. the user holds the telepathic pyramid in his/her hands, thus only the user’s thought are modulating the pyramid’s sensor.

Because of the distance from Wekroma laboratory and costs of travel (which, due to the lack of official support for this research, I need to finance from my private funds), since 1991 until the completion of this treatise I have had no opportunity to continue any experiments with my “remote mind reader”. However, this invention, together with the invention of the “telekinetic battery”, turned out to be extremely important for the working out of the design and operation of the pyramid described here.


Thus, after receiving from Daniela the descriptions of this pyramid I immediately recognized in it various elements of my own inventions, and without difficulty determined what phenomena and principles this pyramid utilizes in its operation.





D2. The telepathic pyramid

On 27 June 1993 - i.e. in over three years after inventing telekinetic batteries, and around two years after finishing experiments with the remote mind reader, I was informed via a letter about another device (the pyramid) which also fulfilled majority of functions of these two my devices. My acquaintance with this new device occurred in the effect of a whole chain of rather unusual “coincidences”, which themselves would be worth to be researched. This new device I will call here the “telepathic pyramid”. It represents one of many possible technical implementations of a telepathyser.

Immediate after receiving the description of the telepathic pyramid I recognized in this device the elements of two my previous inventions, namely the remote mind reader, and the telekinetic battery. Thus without difficulty I determined the principle and phenomena on which the operation of this device is based. For example the telepathic pyramid also is used for intercepting thoughts, it also uses a telepathic sensor which is an ampoule filled up with a mixture of salt (only that this time salt is mixed with mercury), and also its telepathic sensor is placed in the beam of electromagnetic waves (light) which allows optical monitoring its properties that are changing in harmony with the user’s thoughts - see (T) in Figure C3.


In addition to this, the design of this pyramid in a very simple but effective manner solves the “tuning problem” that was preventing the completion of my remote mind reader. (This tuning depends on closing with the volume of this pyramid a gap in the user’s biofield - see the manner this pyramid is held shown in the top part of Figures C1 and C2.)


Therefore the thoughts of a user are more dominant then any noise signals that the sensor of this pyramid could accidentally intercept from the environment. As such, the telepathic pyramid represents the device which is much more perfect from the remote mind reader, and therefore which deserves to be completed at the highest priority. Simultaneously, as this is going to be explained in subsection D3, the realization of this pyramid will open the path to the formation of an improved version of the remote mind reader that I originally invented.


This improved version of the remote mind reader I call the “Thought Recognition Interface” or “TRI” and its comprehensive description I provided in subsections D3.1 to D3.4. TRI was also described in my scientific paper [1D2] entitled “Thought Recognition Interface” - presented at the “National Conference on Cognitive Science (CSC’98)”, The Mines Beach Resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 29-30 September 1998.


(Subsequently it was also published on pages 245-252 of Proceedings for this Conference. The address of Organizing Committee: Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia.)

The construction of the telepathic pyramid I learned from my long term pen-pal, Daniela the coauthor of this treatise. I have corresponded with Daniela since 1988. (Due to a “coincidence”, the time when we started our correspondence, matched approximately the time when I invented my “remote mind reader” described in subsection D1.2, the operation of which is very similar to the operation of the telepathic pyramid.) But it was only on 27 June 1993 when she wrote to me a break-through letter in which she admitted that a little being with blue eyes “disclosed” to her the description of a “pyramid”, and ordered her to build it.


(At the time when I received this letter I had just finished the analyses of experiments on my “remote mind reader” and I reached the level of knowledge required to understand this pyramid and to appreciate its superiority over my own invention. Thus, because of another “coincidence”, the “delay” of Daniela in telling me about her device coincided exactly with the time I needed to accumulate the appropriate level of knowledge and experience.)


After learning the details, this pyramid turned out to be an improved realization of my remote mind reader. Thus, after some discussions and consultations, we both decided to publish its description. In this way the previous treatise [7] was published, and also the concept of writing this treatise was born.

Soon after the previous treatise [7] was published, I started to experience multitude of strange events, which were happening in such unusual way that they all were preventing the completion of the telepathic pyramid, and also were making impossible the publication of our second treatise [7/2]. After these events were thoroughly investigated, it turned out that they were caused by UFOnauts themselves, with the use of their very difficult to detect methods of interference with our affairs. Of course, the discovery that UFOnauts try to prevent the completion of the telepathic pyramid, initially was a big surprise for me.


This is because when I learned about this device, I was believing - or rather I was being talked into the belief, that it was given to us by UFOnauts. Even when I was writing previous treatise [7], I implied in it that the pyramid was probably given to us by UFOnauts. Thus, when finally I discovered that UFOnauts are these ones who desperately try to hold back the completion of this device, I also realized that this pyramid, as well as many other similar defense devices, was not given to us by UFOnauts who occupy our planet, but by anonymous “cosmic allies” who sympathize with the gloomy fate of humans and try to help us in our struggle for freedom.


Thus one of the consequences of holding back by UFOnauts the development of this pyramid, was a whole series of discoveries, namely that the civilizations that populate universe are divided into two camps or philosophical poles (i.e. totallists and parasitists), that totallists have no physical access to Earth thus must help us at a distance, that our totalistic allies are organizing “supply of weapons” for us (i.e. teach us how to build the breakthrough technical devices which significantly lift the level of human technology and thus allow us to initiate our defense from the cosmic parasite), etc.

Contrary to what was the case with my “magnocraft”, “oscillatory chamber”, “telekinetic cell”, or “remote mind reader”, which all were invented on Earth, the “telepathic pyramid” was given to us in a ready form by the representative of our “cosmic allies”. The further parts of this subsection are to describe how it is to be used, how it operates, how we should go about building it, etc.





D2.1. Phenomena employed in the telepathic pyramid

The telepathic pyramid described in this treatise employs two totally new phenomena, which until the formulation of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity remained unknown to our science. Even now, i.e. many years after they have been discovered, described, and disseminated in numerous publications, these basic phenomena still remain unacknowledged by the majority of orthodox scientists.


They include:

  1. telepathic waves

  2. telekinetic motion

Both of them are quite easy to explain and to understand, if someone is prepared to learn about the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity (briefly described in subsections A4, B1, and B4).

In two subsections that follow, presented are both these basic phenomena used in operation of the telepathic pyramid. The presentation of these phenomena is conducted in a systematic, chronological order, so that the reader not only may understand why something occurs or manifests itself, but also how I learned about it, which laws of the universe cause it to manifest itself that way, how it can be utilized by our civilization, etc.





D2.1.1. Telepathic waves

The first physical phenomenon on which the operation of this telepathic pyramid is based, is that of telepathic waves. The existence of these waves directly results from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In subsections B1 and B4 an unique substance which fills up the counter-world and which is named “counter-matter” was described. (It is worth stressing, that under various names this substance is postulated for centuries by various scientists, e.g. ether, orgone, etc. However, these scientists always made a basic error by placing it in our world and thus implying that it coexists with mater - what is untrue. For example in subsection C9 Daniela is referring to researchers who describe the counter-matter under the name “bioplasm”.)


The physical properties of this substance include weightlessness, the lack of inertia, and an ideal elasticity. Of course, as every other substance, also this counter-matter is prone to vibrations. Especially that it is perfectly elastic. Therefore it supports waves of vibrations which continually propagate throughout the entire counter-world. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls them the “telepathic waves”. In a physical sense, these telepathic vibrations are very similar to sonic vibrations (sound waves) that propagate through our matter. Of course, some of their properties differ from sounds, because physical properties of counter-matter differ from properties of our matter. For example telepathic waves move with the infinitive velocity, thus they reach instantaneously every corner of our universe.

Telepathic waves display various physical properties which can be investigated and described by our science. For example they can be deflected from flat aluminium surfaces in the same way as sonic waves are deflected from polished stones, can be conducted through copper wires in a manner as sonic waves were conducted in pneumatic tubes from old-time pneumophones utilized for voice communication purposes, and they can make various objects vibrate in a manner as sonic waves make vibrate membranes in our microphones.


The practical utilization of these physical properties of telepathic waves and substances affected by them, allow to construct telepathic microphones, telepathic speakers, telepathic antennas, and many other components that are utilized in the pyramid described in this treatise.

Similarly to our sonic waves, also telepathic waves are capable to carry out messages.

Such telepathic messages are similar to our spoken words, except that they propagate in the counter-world instead of our world, and except that they are modulated into telepathic vibrations of counter-matter instead of mechanical vibrations of our matter. Because they are composed of articulated sonic-like waves, they create a kind of universal language (in my treatises called ULT - i.e. Universal Language of Thoughts). Messages in this ULT language are continually emitted by our brains, as well as by brains of all other living creatures, whenever these brains are operative.


As it is revealed in chapter H of treatises [1/3] and [1/2], the same ULT language is used by all creatures that populate our universe. Therefore, at the telepathic level which utilizes this ULT, humans are able to communicate not only with all races of aliens that populate our universe, but also with animals, and even with plants. The basic vocabulary of ULT are elementary telepathic messages which describe various feelings. Because of these properties of telepathic waves, and because of properties of messages which are conveyed through these waves, from the communication point of view telepathy could be defined as,

“messages expressed in the ULT language and propagated through the counter-world via sound-like waves of counter-matter vibrations”.

Of course, as such telepathic messages can be emitted and received not only by our minds, but also by technical devices. One of the simplest devices build to send and receive such messages is the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise. Telepathy can also be defined in a purely physical sense - and this was done in chapter H of treatise [1/3]. If we omit the lengthy theoretical explanations which are provided over there, and which explain what actually magnetic field is in pure physical sense (i.e. that “magnetic field is a circulating stream of counter-matter”), then the telepathic waves can be defined as “waves of magnetic vibrations”.


To put it in another words, if a magnetic field vibrates at a specific frequency, it creates a magnetic wave which propagates through the counter-matter and which can be called a telepathic wave. Of course this magnetic waves must then become modulated with thought messages to become telepathic waves, otherwise they are just simply a “telepathic noise”.

Telepathic waves exert a very powerful influence on all living organisms, even that at the moment we do not realize that there is such influence. Actually they have similar effect as sounds do, only that sounds we can hear consciously and thus estimate their influence on us, while telepathic waves we don’t hear thus we do not know how they act on us. Similarly as sounds can be subdivided into destructive and beneficial for us, also telepathic waves can be subdivided into destructive “noise” and beneficial “accords”.


Destructive noise are all these telepathic waves which have some harmful influence on us, or on selected living organisms. For example they prevent the growth of people or these organisms, cause illness, and in drastic cases they can even kill them. In turn beneficial accords are all telepathic waves which have positive influence on us or on other selected living organisms. For example they can inspire the growth, bring health, increase vigor, induce good feelings, etc. Therefore, from our point of view it is important to avoid negative areas in which prevail telepathic noise, or keep distance from activities or devices which generate a lot of destructive telepathic noise.


Simultaneously we should try to spend time in positive areas in which beneficial telepathic accords are concentrated, and promote activities and devices which generate such accords. There is an ancient Chinese body of knowledge, known under a popular name “Feng Shui”, which is providing practical instructions how to avoid such negative areas and find positive ones. At the moment also some sources of destructive telepathic noise are already identified. As it turns out, one of the most destructive and powerful source of such noise, are electric sparks.


Nuclear explosions also seem to generate very powerful waves of such noise, which later reverberate in the Earth’s atmosphere for many decades, inducing chaos in human bodies and in other living organisms. Sun spots are powerful sources of this noise. All high-power AC electric devices, such as high-voltage transformers, high-tension power lines, etc., seem to be sources of such noise.


It is also produced by the friction of flowing water, and by the flow of counter-matter around our planet resulting from the Earth’s rotation and from the action of Earth’s magnetic field (this type of noise is forming a kind of grid, or net, around the surface of our planet, which in radiesthesia usually is called “Swiss Net” ).