Chapter B.
(by Dr Jan Pajak)

In 1985 I developed a new scientific theory which I named the “Concept of Dipolar Gravity”. This theory is already well described in a number of monographs, including these written in the Polish language which in chapter G are marked as [1], [1/2], [1/3], [3], [3/2], and [8], as well as these written in the English language which are marked over there as [1E] and [2E]. There is even a relatively extensive presentation of this theory available in the Italian language see chapter D in monograph [1I], pages 61 to 89.


(The most recent and also the most comprehensive presentation of this theory is contained in monograph [1/3] which is available in the Polish language only.)


In order to summarize this theory briefly: It describes the nature of a gravitational field in an opposite (alternative) manner from the old manner that gravity was described by science to-date. The old interpretation of gravity, which is still stubbornly used by science even today, is based on a very old (and entirely wrong) founding assumption. This assumption states that “the gravitational field is a monopolar type of field”. Although no-one before expressed it openly in any official scientific document, this assumption laid the foundations for every to-date work regarding gravity, and therefore it is indirectly embedded in all scientific ideas which are dealing with gravitational field.


Because of this wrong assumption, the gravitational field is still treated by almost all scientists as if it is produced by “gravity monopoles”, and as if in every aspect it resembles all other static monopolar fields, e.g. electrical field or pressure field. This assumption was accepted “a priori”, i.e. without any experimental verification. Therefore so-far no scientist even bothered to check if gravity in fact displays all attributes of monopolar fields. Because of this wrong founding assumption, the to-date understanding of gravity can be called the old “concept of monopolar gravity”.

In my research concerning the gravitational field, I noted quite long ago that this field does not resemble static monopolar fields at all. For example, in the static monopolar fields all like particles always repel each other (e.g. consider electrical fields in which positives always repel other positives). But in the gravitational field all particles of matter are attracting each other thus creating the well known “gravity pull” which squeezes matter towards the centre of gravity. Thus, after completing a thorough analysis, and after collecting numerous evidence, I have managed to prove conclusively that the nature of a gravitational field is totally different from that described by the old concept of monopolar gravity. I found gravity to be a dynamic dipolar type of field (i.e. not a static monopolar as the to-date science is claiming).


My research indicated that the gravitational field is like a magnetic field (or like a dynamic field formed by circulating streams of fluids), and that it has two separate poles, inlet “I” and outlet “O”, which are gravitational equivalents to N and S from magnetism, or to inlet and outlet in circulating steams of fluids. (Note that in our world the inlet “I” gravitational pole prevails.)


At the inlet pole of the gravitational field, a characteristic “dynamic pressure” is formed which in hydromechanics is described by the well-known “Bernoulli’s equation” that applies to all dynamic dipolar fields (a good example of Bernoulli’s “dynamic pressure” are squeezing forces which in a fountain keep the ping-pong ball suspended in the middle of stream of water -in the gravity field the some type of “dynamic pressure” is responsible for forming the gravity pull which squeezes together particles of matter).


In order to accommodate this new re-classification of gravity into dipolar type of fields, my new Concept of Dipolar Gravity needed to be developed in 1985. After it was developed, it revealed various implications which it has for science, philosophy, morality, religion, ... and also for the alien occupation of Earth and telepathic pyramid discussed in this treatise.


Some of these implications will be discussed in this chapter.

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B1. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the connection between how tall we are and where we evolved

The re-classification of gravity into the dipolar type of fields introduces significant changes to our understanding of everything around us. For example in my new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the universe is more similar to that described by religions, parapsychology, or acupuncture, than to that disseminated by present physics or astronomy. After all, if this field has a dynamic dipolar character, than because of the concentric nature of gravity, the other pole of gravitational field must disappear from our world and reappear into a different counter-world which exists parallel to our set of dimensions.


This other world, which in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity exists parallel to ours, must be filled with a very unique substance, named “counter-matter”. The primary principle which rules counter-matter is that in every aspect, in every property, and in every behavior, it is reversely-mirroring (or forming an opposite to) matter from our world. Therefore every property which only we can define in our matter, has a reversed property in counter-matter. This reversed property of counter-matter is an exact reversal, or an exact opposite, of the given property from our matter. For example, counter-matter must have no mass - because our matter displays mass, and also it must show no friction - because our matter is characterized by the existence of friction.


Of course, most important in counter-matter are the intellectual properties: This substance must be capable of “thinking” in its natural constitution because our matter naturally is unable to think, and also it must be capable of “memorising” because our matter normally is unable to memorize. Therefore the whole counter-world thinks and remembers like one huge computer, thus forming an omnipresent intellect (by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity called the “universal intellect”) which displays attributes that various religions assigned to the idea of God.

One useful scientific idea, which was introduced by this new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the disclosure of hierarchical structure of our universe. According to this idea, everything in our universe is arranged into a hierarchical manner, where on the top there is some kind of “parental” primary principle or phenomena, which in turn defines a series of its “children” - i.e. principles or phenomena of the secondary level, which in turn are “parents” to further principles or phenomena of the tertiary level, etc. If one applies this hierarchical structure to various types of fields, then there are only two primary fields in the universe, one of which is the gravity field.


(The other primary field, which still remains unknown to official human science, is the moral field described also in subsection B4. However, even though it is officially unknown, we are able to perceive with our senses the action of this moral field. This is because it causes that “doing everything that is morally correct requires putting an effort into it”, i.e. exactly the same as with the gravity field in which everything that moves upward also requires putting in an effort. Thus, when we do moral things, we move upwards in this moral field, while when we do immoral things, we move downwards in this moral field.)

By being one of primary fields, the gravity field lies on the very top of this hierarchical pyramid. Then electrical and magnetic fields are secondary ones, which represent children resulting from the gravitational one, then the next level are pressure and force fields, which are children of the electrical and magnetic fields, etc. The result is that the gravitational field, being a primary for all physical fields of our universe, by acting through this pyramid of subordinate fields, has an influence on everything else. Thus, everything around us that involves some form of energy, in fact is dependent on the gravitational field, even if so-far we have not realized this.

According to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the influence of the gravitational field on everything around us extends even to such areas as: how long we live (i.e. to our longevity), how intelligent we are, how heavy we become, or how tall we can grow. Although so-far our science has not considered such influences of gravity, the existence of this influence can be proven not only mathematically and logically (and this is done so in subsection II6 of monograph [1/3]), but also experimentally or empirically. Although the more extensive justification for this influence is provided in subsections II6.1 to II6.4 of monograph [1/3], just for a scientific exactitude let us review here a brief illustration of the matter.


Let us consider a hypothetical situation that two identical human beings are standing in two identical points on the surface of two geometrically identical, but gravitationally different planets (e.g. one planet, let us call it “Terra”, is made of a heavy metal, while the other, let us call it “Earth”, is made of light, porous lava and soil). Because masses “m” of both beings and radiuses “r” of both planets are identical, the potential energies of both beings could be expressed with the same equations ET=mgTr and EE=mgEr.


However, in spite that both beings have identical masses and both planets have identical dimensions, the differences in gravitational fields cause that the potential energies of these beings are not identical, and must fulfill the equation: ET/gT = EE/gE, or the equation ET/EE = gT/gE.


Of course, the fact that two identical beings positioned in two geometrically identical planets (i.e. planets which only differ by the value of their gravity fields: gT, and gE), have two different energies, must bear an important influence on these two beings. After all, from biology we know that the density of energy in a given organism influences all functions of this organism. This influence is analyzed in subsection II6 of monograph [1/3].


To reveal here its essence, it causes that if these two beings are living on such gravitationally differing planets, then their intelligence, longevity, height, mass, etc., also must differ, and can be expressed by a set of so-called “gravity equations”. One of these gravity equations, called the “equation of height”, mathematically describes how tall these two beings would grow if they evolve on such geometrically similar but gravitationally different planets.


It takes the following form (see [1/3], subsection II6.3):

hE/hT = ch(T/E)2 (1B1)

Equation (1B1) indicates that the heights “hE” and “hT” to which two identical (in every other aspect) beings would grow, if their evolutions occurred on two planets which have different strengths of their gravitational fields “T” and “E”, where T>E, are reversely proportional to the square of gravity strengths prevailing on their planets (T/E)2, and depend also on the gravity-sizing coefficient “ch” which for the height of human race assumes the value of around ch = 0.14.


In the above equation (1B1) subsequent symbols have the following meaning: “hE” is the height to which a being would grow that evolved on planet with gravity “E” (e.g. on the planet “Earth”), “hT” is the height to which a being would grow that evolved on planet with gravity “T” (e.g. on the planet “Terra” of much higher than Earth gravity), “E” and “T” are strengths of the gravity fields which prevail on both planets (e.g. on “Earth” and on “Terra”) at which these two beings evolved, while “ch” is a non-dimensional coefficient of gravitational sizing (which assumes a different value for each race of living creatures, as well as for each dimension of a given race; the value of around 0.14 is valid for the height dimension of the human race).

Equation (1B1) mathematically expresses the mutual ratio of heights for two humanoids which evolved on two different planets. For example let us consider a humanoid which evolved on a hypothetical planet named “Terra” that has a gravity field over 4 times stronger than the field of our Earth (i.e. for which the ratio (T/E)=4.47). Let us also assume that this humanoid from Terra grows to my height, namely to hT=1.76 meters. These assumptions allow us to determine the height of an identical humanoid which would evolve on our Earth. According to the equation (1B1), such an identical humanoid which evolved on Earth (instead of Terra), would need to reach the height of a giant being almost hE=5 meters tall.

The most important practical consequence of equation (1B1) is its significance for the situation when a given race of living organisms evolved on one planet, but later emigrated onto another planet (or were exiled onto another planet). For example, let us hypothetically assume that the human race evolved not on Earth, but on that hypothetical planet “Terra” which has the gravity field over four times stronger than the field of Earth (i.e. for which T/E=4.47). After the emigration to Earth, someone like myself, which on Terra would be hT=1.76 meters tall, on Earth would try to grow to the height which is appropriate to the gravitational field of Earth, namely to the height of almost hE=5 meters.


However, such a person would have a genetic binding written into the genes which would not allow him to grow taller than his evolutionary height, i.e. not taller than 1.76 meters. But the Earth’s gravitational field would challenge this genetic binding, trying to overcome it and to stretch the height of this person to almost 5 meters. This would cause the height to which this person grows, to be in a very instable state. If anything happened on Earth that would accidentally destroy this genetic binding which keeps the height of this person at the 1.76 meters level, then his/her height would blow to the gigantic size of 5 meters tall.


As the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains, there is a lot of phenomena that can destroy the genetic binding which keeps the unstable height of people at the original level. For example this binding can be rapidly destroyed by a long-term exposure to a special type of counter-matter vibrations (which usually is known under the name of “pyramid energy”), it can be destroyed by powerful flashes of the telekinetic field, it can be destroyed by a powerful nuclear explosion, it can gradually erode in the effect of long-term exposure to electric or to magnetic fields, etc.


One of these destructive factors, namely a powerful flash of telekinetic field, was released in New Zealand fairly recently, i.e. during the Tapanui explosion of 1178. Thus, if in New Zealand there were at that time some organisms or beings which originally evolved on a planet other than Earth, the genetic binding of these beings would be destroyed, and thus their height would explode to gigantic sizes (i.e. to sizes which could be from around 4 to 20 times larger than the normal sizes of the same organisms).

The above explanations provide the theoretical foundations which indicate: firstly what would be the most simple proof that humanity is farmed on Earth by our cosmic parasite, and secondly where we should seek this proof. According to this indication, if some life forms which are currently populating our Earth, including humans, originally evolved on a hypothetical planet Terra which has the gravitational field over 4 times stronger than the field of Earth, then these life forms would have the tendency to grow on Earth to gigantic sizes. Fortunately for them, their genetic structure includes a kind of binding which in normal circumstances does not allow them to grow any bigger than they grow on the planet Terra.


However, if any explosion occurs on Earth, which accidentally destroys these genetic bindings, then the affected individuals amongst these life forms would blow to gigantic sizes. Because in our past several such explosions in fact did take place, therefore after each of these explosions mutations appeared on Earth, the height of which reached gigantic sizes. One of these explosions took place near Tapanui in New Zealand in 1178 AD - see [5]. Its consequence was that, amongst others, it created gigantic life forms which roamed this land until around the 1800s before they become extinct.


Therefore in order to prove that the theories explained in this treatise are correct, and that in fact the human race together with other life forms was planted on Earth, it is sufficient to prove that after 1178 an array of gigantic life forms mutated in New Zealand.





B1.1. Gigantic creatures of New Zealand and their evidential value

My research completed to-date on New Zealand fauna revealed that these special circumstances of 1178 AD in fact did cause numerous mutations of gigantic organisms. Actually, almost every creature which lived then on the New Zealand territory produced a gravity-sized mutation which was from around 4 to 20 times bigger than the creature’s normal-sized relatives.

Because in 1178 New Zealand was inhabited mainly with birds, after the Tapanui explosion almost every native bird of that country appeared in at least two versions, i.e.: normal-sized, and gigantic.


In order to provide here the most widely known examples of these two versions of New Zealand birds, we can list:

  • presently extinct small Kiwi bird - and the giant Kiwi which is still leaving at the moment in New Zealand

  • presently extinct little Bush Moa (size of a small turkey)

  • the extinct by now Giant Moa, the size of a giraffe (actually the little Bush Moa mutated into several different sizes, thus creating a whole family of 11 gigantic Moas, out of which the Giant Moa was the largest one)

  • a small still living owl called Morepork - and identical to it huge extinct Laughing Owl

  • still living “Weka” bird which is the size of chicken - and identical to it

  • the gigantic “Adzebill” which is extinct by now

  • the normal size Harrier Eagle

  • the gigantic eagle called “Harpagornis Morei” which is already extinct

  • one typical Seagull, the size of a pigeon

  • the famous in New Zealand gigantic Royal Albatross which looks identical to a Seagull but reaches the size of goose and is considered to be one of the world’s largest sea birds

Of course, after 1178 explosion there used to be much more such birds with at least two sizes. They include even birds which present science is not acknowledging as having a gigantic mutation. An example of such a bird is takahe still living in New Zealand until today, which in normal size is like a hen having the footprint much smaller then 2 inches in length. But in [1B1.1]


The Oamaru Mail newspaper, Friday, 11 January 1889, page 3, in the article called “Inter-Provincial News”, the last part of “Invercargill, January 10” news, the following statement was published, quote:

“During the tour of Hall’s party on the West Coast, they found tracks recently made which are believed to be these of the takahe (notornis mantelli). The footprints of the bird measured eight inches from tip to tip.”

The tracks of a takahe measuring 8 inches certify that there was also a giant version of this bird, still unacknowledged by our science, which was at least 4 times bigger then normal, and which lived in New Zealand up to at least 1889.

Similarly to birds New Zealand have two versions of shell-fish, normal-size and gigantic. To indicate here the commonly known examples of such shell-fish, they include: a “Common Toheroa” -which reaches only around 11 cm, and the giant Toheroa from Oreti Beach near Invercargill - which reaches up to 40 cm, a Small Paua, and the Giant Paua which is around 4 times larger.


Similarly, in the ocean that surrounds New Zealand there live normal-size squids of maximum up to 40 cm long, and the giant-squids (Maori name “wheke” or “arkatipua”) which can reach 27 foot long (i.e. around 8 meters) and weigh around 120 kilograms. There are also normal size insects, and gigantic insects (e.g. New Zealand fly appears in two such sizes).


In New Zealand also there lives normal size mushrooms and gigantic, at least 16-times larger-than-normal mushrooms reported in the article [2B1.1] “Sprouting puff-balls”, the description and photograph of which appeared on page 11 of the Otago Daily Times, Thursday, 26 March 1998 issue. Of course, there are numerous further such examples.

I should add here that according to my theory, these special circumstances have not ceased to exist in New Zealand even now, although they gradually weaken with time according to a “half-life” curve (that is known from radioactivity). For example it is widely known that trees in New Zealand still grow around 5 times faster than the same trees in Europe.


Therefore the invisible force which is still active in that country causes that inch by inch the entire population of New Zealand is getting bigger and bigger. This is one of many reasons why the research on giants and alien occupation of Earth should be taken quite seriously, as apart from revealing the truth on our past, it may also provide some insight and some solutions which relate to our future. After all, the old Polish saying goes, “if you wish to see the future, look carefully into the past”.

One group of victims of this gravity-sized mutation were also people who lived in New Zealand at that time (i.e. in 1178), who by some are referred to as Moa Hunters, by others as Morioris, and sometimes as Waitaha people. My theory states that apart from the normal-sized such Moa Hunters (or Morioris, or Waitaha people, or whatever someone wishes to call them as some people in New Zealand are very sensitive regarding these names) these special conditions of 1178 also produced gravity-sized “mutation tribes” or “mutation races” which were of gigantic sizes. And actually there is a wealth of evidence which certifies that such gigantic people in fact did live in New Zealand until quite recently. But giant human mutations became extinct shortly before European settlers arrived in New Zealand (i.e. shortly before 1840s - thus the last giants roamed New Zealand when Europe was roamed by Napoleon Bonaparte).

The best source of evidence that there were also human giants still living in New Zealand just prior to European emigration, is New Zealand mythology. Actually Maori legends are overflowing with descriptions of various human giants. A comprehensive list of giants from the Maori folklore can be prepared on basis of the book [3B1.1] by Margaret Orbell, “A concise encyclopedia of Maori myths and legends”, Canterbury University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-90881256-6, 219 pages, pb.


Apart of written legends, numerous Maoris still live in New Zealand who know about giants from descriptions of their parents or grandparents. For example Mr John Terangihita in his interview on “Mana News” at NZ National Radio, 810 kHz, on Wednesday, 23 August 2000, at 6:35 am, described gigantic human bones owned, or examined, probably by his own father. These bones had so huge scull that a normal human head could fit completely into the scull’s mouth (thus this giant must be at least 5 meters tall). I am shocked that no scientist in New Zealand actually follows up with archaeological diggings such highly evidential stories.

Of course, human giants not only were described in Maori stories, but from time to time their bones were also unearthed by European settlers who started to populate New Zealand after the 1840s. Unfortunately, these settlers did not know about the existence and activities of invaders from space who keep destroying every evidence of alien activities on Earth, and thus allowed that all the gigantic human bones always were secretly annihilated. In 1999 I was researching a history of one such gigantic skeleton being discovered in 1875 in Timaru, i.e. in a New Zealand town in which I lived at that time.


As local verbal rumors claim, this Timaru skeleton belonged to a giant which supposedly was around 8 meters tall (its actual size was not recorded in writing, thus it may happen that it grew with the elapse of time like a fish grows in subsequent stories of a fisherman, originally being “only” e.g. 5 meters tall). Unfortunately, as all others, this skeleton was also destroyed (probably with a small assistance from our cosmic parasites), and by now there is no slightest trace of it.


Here is what about this discovery writes the local newspaper, Timaru Herald, 24th February 1875 edition, page 3:

“Discovery of Human Remains.

A very large skeleton was found yesterday, about 7 feet below the surface of the sand on the Saltwater Creek spit. Mr Bullock, the carter, in removing some sand for building purposes, dropped across this relic of a past age and brought the fragments to town. We have had an opportunity of inspecting them, and were struck by their symmetry no less than their great size. They appear to have belonged to a man of gigantic statue; but are so far incomplete as to render it difficult to ascertain the dimensions of his frame. The bones are much decayed, a fact which taken in connection with the dryness of the situation where they were found, probably indicates for them a great antiquity. We shell have some more to say about this interesting discovery in our next issue.”

(I reviewed this next issue, and many further issues of the Timaru Herald, but they say practically nothing more, although they return twice to the discovery of this giant skeleton - on 26 February 1875, and on 12 March 1875, and although they stress and emphasize the gigantic size of the skeleton.)

Apart from that historically recorded Timaru giant skeleton of 1875, an information about thigh-bones of another human giant, which was also discovered around that time but in a different part of New Zealand - i.e. in the area called Marlborough, is contained on page 52 of a book [4B1.1] by Frederick George Hall-Jones, “Early Timaru”, published in 1956 by the Southland Historical Committee (C/o Box 48, Invercargill).


In addition to these two historically documented sources, I have heard verbally of a whole multitude of stories referring to the discovery of human giant remains in New Zealand, which usually took a tragically similar course, namely:

  1. someone discovered bones of human giants in some part of New Zealand

  2. authorities were notified about the finding, and took care of the bones

  3. bones never were seen again and mysteriously disappeared without a trace

In order to give some examples of such cases, around 1965 in the area of Timaru called “Maori Park”, 3 complete skeletons of human giants were unearthed during the excavating of soil for a public swimming pool.


They disappeared without a trace soon afterwards. Also in 1960s several giant skeletons were discovered in various caves near Waitomo and Hamilton. There was even a newspaper article [5B1.1] entitled “Caves could reveal secret of tall Maoris”, and published in N.Z. Truth, issue on Wednesday, 29 September 1965, page 13.


The article describes burial caves discovered near the Port Waikato, 70 miles South of Auckland, which originally contained giant human skeletons. By now these skeletons also disappeared without a trace. There is one further information which I feel obliged to add to the above details: the majority of gigantic skeletons which were discovered in New Zealand in fact did have human sculls. Thus they dismiss the debunking strategy so popular recently amongst local scientists that they were bones of other gigantic creatures.


Actually one of many authentic stories which I have heard on this topic, goes that around 1972 to 1974 at the Canterbury University in Christchurch there was a student of Anthropology by friends called “Bill”. Unusual thing about Bill was that he owned a gigantic jawbone from a human skeleton. From a report of an eye witness who examined this jawbone several times and told me how it compared to his own face and head, it appears to me that the giant from whom it originated was around 5 meters tall. Unfortunately, when I tried trace down that particular Bill, it turned out that he left New Zealand soon after he finished his studies, emigrating overseas. New Zealand is a strange country. It is full of mysteries which have a direct link with the alien occupation of Earth, but it is also full of people who are allowing these aliens to manipulate themselves into attacking and destroying everyone who is trying to investigate these mysteries.

One of numerous stories on New Zealand giants that I encountered, concerned an area looking like a “cemetery” with large number of gigantic human remains. This “cemetery” was in sands below the sea surface, in the north part of the North Island of New Zealand, in the area called Mangawhai Harbour -geographical coordinates: 36°08’S, 174°34’E. This harbor is slightly south of the town of Whangarei and south of the Bream Tail (Bream Tail is a small stony peninsular located on this part of the eastern sea shore).


A person who lived in the tiny settlement of Mangawhai, told me the following story regarding this “cemetery” of giants, which I am repeating here.

“One year during spring time there was a very low tide. The tide uncovered sea bed in the area of Mangawhai Harbour. To the shock of locals, from this sea bed numerous fragments of huge human skeletons were sticking out. These skeletons had human skulls of enormous sizes. The individual bones were disconnected and mixed with the sand, so that the size of these humans could not be measured. But from fragments that were visible they were estimated to be at least 3 meters tall.


There was a large number of them - literally hundreds. When the news spread out, local Maoris hired a bulldozer and covered the skeletons with a layer of sand. But before they were buried again, someone managed to take a sample of these bones to subject them to research - supposedly the results indicated that bones do not belong to neither Maoris, nor to any other race of people known to populate New Zealand.”

The interesting aspect of the evidence on giants and on other gigantic creatures is that it does not seem to be limited to New Zealand only. For example the book [6B1.1] by Anthony Roberts, “Sowers of Thunder” a large number of material, historical, and mythological evidence on human giants is examined and documented. According to this book, such evidence is continually being discovered throughout the world. The amazing fate of all these countless examples of evidence is that it always is officially ignored, and always is subsequently destroyed.

At the end of this brief subsection which reveals that there is a wealth of material and genetic evidence directly certifying for our origin from other star system, I would like to comment on the mysterious disappearance of this important evidence. In my opinion it is not an accident that all skeletons of human giants which were discovered in New Zealand soon mysteriously disappeared. It is also not a coincident that for almost every species of birds or animals which used to live in New Zealand in two sizes, by the time when white settlers arrived to this country around 1840s, at least one of these two sizes become extinct.


In my opinion, the reason why all this happened is the systematic destruction of evidence carried out by our cosmic invader. We already know that such a destruction of evidence is a standard behavior of our cosmic parasites in all UFO cases (to verify if it is true consider any UFO case which left on Earth some material remains or imprints that were brought to the attention of general public).


After all, this invader knows jolly well that such animal giants, and human giants, represent powerful material and genetic evidence for our origin from stars, and thus also for the alien occupation of Earth.





B2. An alternative history of the human race

If one believes in the scholarly textbooks, the human race evolved on Earth, gradually transforming all its aspects from the level of monkeys into the level of civilized men. If one believes in church teachings, the human race was created on Earth by God, from very beginning receiving the present capacity of brain, present morals, and present religious knowledge, while with the progress of time developing only its technical advancement. In most cases these two alternatives exhaust all options considered by people.


However, from the most recent research into UFO phenomena, a third possibility started to emerge, which was not considered as yet, but which is supported by the ever increasing wealth of material evidence. This subsection is to present this third alternative together with the most important evidence which supports it, as well as to examine the validity of this evidence. (The analysis of the entire evidence gathered so-far in support of this hypothesis is provided in monograph [1/3] and in treatise [3B].) One of the most important reasons for presenting here this third possibility, is that it confirms the occupation of Earth by a cosmic parasite.

According to the recent UFO research, the human race, as well as many other organisms which currently populate Earth, evolved not on Earth itself, but on a different planet which was originally called “Terra”. Only after these organisms achieved their present form, they were gradually replanted to Earth which at that time was barren and lifeless. Terra was located thousands of light years from Earth.


It circulated around a small star which is not visible from Earth by a naked eye, but which supposedly can be seen by powerful telescopes, as it is located somewhere within the Vega system in “Lute” (Polish “Lutnia”) star constellation. The planet Terra had gravity over 4 times bigger than planet Earth (i.e. the exact ratio of Terra/Earth gravity fields was T/E=4.47).


The ancestors of human race developed on Terra an advanced civilization, which mastered telekinetic (instant) space travel, and which organized human colonies on a number of planets in free space. Unfortunately they adopted a very destructive philosophy, in subsection B5 described under the name “parasitism”, which causes that in their society all stronger citizens unscrupulously exploited all weaker citizens, and also they constantly fought amongst themselves. Before the final destructive war broke out on Terra, our ancestors were preparing planet Earth to held a next human colony, gradually replenishing life on it, but Earth was not populated yet.


However, one of such human colonies was already established in Earth’s neighborhood on the planet named “Zem” which encircled a non-existing today star called Sirius D. Finally, several million years ago, a destructive war erupted on Terra. In the killing frenzy, our ancestors so thoroughly tried to destroy each other that they blow up the whole planet Terra. Therefore this planet, and almost 20 billion of its inhabitants, vanished totally. Our original civilization from Terra totally disappeared together with its planet. The only survivors of the war were those who populated Terra’s colonies located on other planets, including the colony from planet “Zem” in Sirius D. After the destruction of Terra, colonists from Zem in Sirius D continued the preparation of Earth for colonization.


They especially intensified this preparation since their star, Sirius D, together with their planet Zem, was gradually being sucked into a black hole, to disappear totally around 10 000 years ago. After a success with small pilot colonies in several areas of Earth, around 34 000 years ago they sent the bulk settlement of 6,000 colonists to populate Earth, which landed around the present Gulf of Mexico, and started to develop an advanced civilization. At that time Earth still had two moons (out of the original three). Around a thousand years later these colonists so multiplied that they spread around whole our planet and established on Earth a very advanced megalithic civilization.


Characteristic attribute of this civilization was that it used stones as the natural building material. Therefore their cities and administrative centers had walls, buildings, temples, pyramids, and sculptures, which all were cut out of huge stones as if these were pieces of butter, and then fit together with enormous precision. Amongst many areas on Earth, several such megalithic centers were also build within the boundaries of present New Zealand. At that time New Zealand had a very mild climate and was part of the western coast of a huge continent called “Lemuria”.


Also present South America was a part of the some continent (but the present Australia was not part of it). Unfortunately the life in these megalithic civilization centers was very miserable, as their inhabitants were ruthlessly exploited, enslaved, and oppressed in any imaginable manner. Therefore many people run out of these centers and roam the wilderness as wondering groups of hunters and gatherers which lived primitive but free of oppression and happy lives.

Around 30 000 years ago the members of that advanced megalithic civilization decided to use one of the two remaining moons that encircled Earth, to increase the Earth’s gravity and to fine tune the Earth’s orbiting parameters. They purposely hit the surface of Earth with this moon, for the time of disturbances and flooding temporally evacuating the entire population in space. The impact area was in the ocean, west of Australia and New Zealand.


The effect was as desired. Of course, it also caused various geological and climatic changes on the surface of our planet, but this advanced civilization was prepared for them and simply relocated its centers to different areas. For example the south pole of Earth shifted to the middle of Lemuria continent, thus settling to east from present New Zealand, roughly a half-way between present New Zealand and present Patagonia. In the effect the whole former Lemuria, including New Zealand and Patagonia, become covered with thick glacier plate, and it looked like presently looks Antarctic.

The gradual building up the weight of that glacier pressed down the central part of Lemuria, so that only present New Zealand and Patagonia, which were located at the edges of this glacier, remained above the level of ocean, although even they were covered with a very thick layer of ice. This glacier, slowly creeping outwards along the surface of New Zealand, caused all rocky mountains to be carved into rounded aerodynamic shapes, as well as destroyed almost completely all traces of megalithic civilization centers that previously existed here. Also the climate of the rest of our planet rapidly changed. The members of advanced megalithic civilization were prepared for these changes, so after the relocation of their cities, continued their life on Earth.

In meantime, the major population of Zem emigrated to a planet named “Whistheen” which is encircling around the star Beta in the constellation of Boötes (Polish “Wolarz”). Unfortunately around 13.5 thousands years ago, another destructive war erupted between the block of people who populated Earth, Sirius, and the planet Whistheen, and another block which consisted of several other human colonies, as well as groups of different races of intelligent humanoids.


This another block populated a differed part of the universe, included planets located in the direction of Andromeda, Dogs, and several other constellations, and was more advanced technologically - as it mastered time travel. People on planet Earth took an active part in this war, standing on the side of their relatives from Whistheen. In the result of this war, the planet Whistheen was destroyed and nuclearly polluted so badly that the life was possible over there only in the underground shelters.


Therefore, the majority of survivors, around 13.5 thousands years ago abandoned Whistheen and emigrated to another planet called “Nea” which is located in the star “Epsilon” from the constellation Boötes (Polish “Wolarz”) located not far from the northern pole of the night sky. The distance of Nea from Earth is estimated at around 114 light years. They live on Nea until today, sometimes trying to get in touch with us. One of contacts with Nea representatives, during which a significant part of history described in this subsection was conveyed to us, is reported in treatise [3B].

Simultaneously with the destruction of Whistheen, all centers of civilization on Earth were also thoroughly destroyed in that war (including the “capitol” of Earth, an advanced civilization centre named Atlantis). The only survivors on Earth were a few groups of hunters and escapees from civilization centers. In the result, there was a total break down in human civilization, and Earthlings literally “returned to trees” starting everything from the very beginning. It later took humanity 13.5 thousand of years to reach our present level of development, which still is much lower than the level we had before that destructive war.


The bombardment and explosions, which in that war torn apart all civilization centers on Earth, were so powerful that they caused the polar shift (this shift rotated the Earth’s crust over the Earth’s core, without the change in Earth’s orbit). Both poles of Earth shifted quite significantly, taking the positions which differed only around 7 degrees from places they occupy today (to their present positions the poles of Earth were shifted only after the year 1178, in the effect of UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand).


This in turn caused enormous climatic changes and relocation of continents. The huge glacier which occupied the centre of Lemuria rapidly melted down, although most of the submerged land remained under the ocean. But New Zealand emerged from under the ice, this time in form of two separate islands. Life started again on them. Because of polar, icy conditions that prevailed so long in New Zealand, almost the only forms of fauna that inhabited the newly emerging country were birds and insects.

Although the above history portraits on the fate of whole human race, not just on New Zealand, the descriptions above reveal that the history of New Zealand is very representative to the history of whole mankind. In the last 40 000 years New Zealand experienced as many as four major changes of shape, climate, continental belonging, and the geographic coordinates within our planet. Initially, until up to around 30 000 years ago, New Zealand was a part of a large continent Lemuria and had a mild, Mediterranean type of climate. It was populated by megalithic civilization which at the area of present New Zealand had at least several large centers (I have heard of remains of at least three of such centers located in the North Island, and possibly remains of further two in the South Island) and the total population by some estimated at not less then 50 000 people.


Then, since around 30 000 years ago, until around 13 500 years ago, New Zealand become a part of the large, Antarctic-type icy continent, totally covered with a very thick, moving glacier. Almost all life in New Zealand ceased, and only some primitive birds, insects, and wondering groups of Moa Hunters kept living on surface of the New Zealand glaciers during that icy age. Then around 13 500 years ago New Zealand emerged from the ice and turn into hot, sub-tropical islands. Life started to bloom again, although only birds, insects, wild giants, Moa Hunters, and later Waitaha people roamed this land. Finally, after the year 1178, New Zealand shifted in its present position to assume its present form and much cooler climate (it was around that time Maori people arrived to this land).

In the course of these major changes, New Zealand experienced also three powerful flashes of what is known as “telekinetic field”. Each of these flashes was powerful enough to cause the destruction of genetic binding. For this reason each one of them was producing gigantic mutations of living organisms, including human giants. Therefore, if ever a thorough and truth-seeking scientific research of New Zealand past is carried out, as many as three different races of giants should be found, each one originating from a different flash of the telekinetic field.


These three races of giants can already be detected in New Zealand mythology. For example on the list which I intend to publish in subsection B1.1 of another treatise [5B], Te Kahui Tipua ancient tribe of New Zealand giants most probably mutated during the telekinetic flash that occurred around 30 000 years ago, Maui and Hine-nui-o-Te-Po represent the race of giants which mutated in the flash from 13 500 years ago, while the giant named Hotumauea mutated after 1178 flash.

Simultaneously with New Zealand, also all other areas of Earth three times experienced powerful cataclysms in the last 40 000 years. The human-planned and well executed cataclysm from around 30 000 years ago, was the one which in Bible was described as the Great Deluge, with allegoric Noe and his family (submissive humans that populated megalithic civilization centers) being ordered to build the ark and to evacuate in that ark not only well behaving people but also all important animals which could be exposed to extinction. The cataclysm from 13 500 years ago was the one which destroyed Atlantis, turned Sahara from a blooming garden into sandy desert, and turned Siberia from a sub-tropical forest into permanent ice (permice). In turn the polar shift after 1178 caused the so-called Little Ice Age in Europe, melted the icy bridge that spanned the Bering Straits, and turned paddocks of Greenland into glaciers - thus killing the Viking colony that at that time occupied Greenland.

Of course, everyone who reads the above history of the human race, immediately starts to have various doubts. After all, our school textbooks say nothing about Terra or the emigration of human race from other star systems, while the majority of typical scientists are a short step from swearing publicly that apart for us, there are no other intelligent beings in the entire universe. Well, shockingly, there is an abundance of evidence available, which confirms that this history is true. A majority of this evidence is detailed in monograph [1/3]. Therefore I summarize here the major categories only.


Here they are:

  1. Mythology.

    Although 13.5 thousands years ago our civilization practically was destroyed, various myths still survived which describe previous times. These myths tell us about wars which were carried out in heavens, about other planets populated by people, about life on planets from the Sirius system, about the emigration to Earth, and also about an advanced civilization which Earth had then, and which was capable of building flying machines controlled with human thoughts, which could travel to stars, which could cut huge stones like we cut butter and made them fly into the required positions, etc.


    For example Jewish mythology very exactly describes the Garden of Eden. It tells that this garden was concentrically structured, had 7 main compartments, and 7 gates. When the appearance, designation, and content of these 7 subsequent compartments are analyzed, it turns out that the Garden of Eden in fact is identically constructed as UFO vehicles type K7, which are being described by present UFO abductees (the systematic comparison of the Garden of Eden and K7 type of UFO is contained in monograph [1/3]). Thus it appears that Jewish mythology describes the arrival of Adam and Eve to Earth in a UFO vehicle.


  2. Prehistoric human footprints and artifacts.

    There is an increasingly large bulk of evidence available, which documents that humans were already on Earth simultaneously with the first life forms. For example, there are human footprints found embedded in rocks millions of years ago (numerous such footprints are described in chapter O of monograph [1/3]) - see Figure B1. Also there are various technical devices being discovered in old rocks and coal deposits. This could be only possible if, in fact, Earth was being prepared for future colonization, and human race from a distant planet Terra was, in fact, planting various organisms on Earth, leaving some evidence of these early activities.


  3. Palaeotological evidence.

    Even official scientific research into history of our planet provides ever increasing evidence that human race was settled on Earth only around 40,000 years ago. Unfortunately scientists interpret this fact in a different (biased) manner. In order to give here some example of this evidence, the most commonly know of it includes so-called “missing link”. This missing link is simply a lack of scientific evidence that human race evolved on Earth (scientists biasely explain this lack by claiming that such evidence does exist, but was not found yet, while the history from this subsection states that it never is going to be found simply because human race did not evolve on Earth).


    Another example of such evidence includes the rapid mass extinction of the so-called “Neanderthal Man”. It took place around 30 000 years ago, i.e. shortly after the human race was settled on Earth. This man had a genetic structure very similar to human beings (after all, it was the product of previous unsuccessful attempt of aliens to populate Earth), thus it could cross-breed with humans while its inferior genetic material, especially its very low intellectual capabilities, could spoil the usefulness of human race as slaves for cosmic parasites. Therefore it needed to be eliminated from Earth (although this elimination was not total, and some individuals, which probably were already born in the effect of mix-breeding, survived the cull).


    Another example of such evidence includes the rapid extinction of large predatory animals, which represented a significant threat to newly introduced humans. At the time when human race was settled on Earth, all huge predators that were dangerous to humans, such as Cave Tiger, Cave Bear, and a huge predatory bird of America, rapidly become extinct.


  4. Human body.

    Human body must obey “gravity equations” explained before. For example the “equation of height” presented as (1B1) in subsection B1, states that the height of our body is defined by the laws of gravity. These laws cause that if we originate from Terra, the gravity of which was 4.47 times larger than that of Earth, and if somehow is destroyed our genetic binding of size, then our height must explode to the size of around 5 meters.


    Therefore, all these skeletons of human giants that were discovered in New Zealand (as described in subsection B1.1), and mysteriously destroyed soon afterwards, constitute a very convincing “touchable” material evidence that we in fact do originate from the planet Terra. If any of such skeletons is again found, and then secured to everyone’s inspection, we would not need any more convincing proof that we originate from Terra (this is why our cosmic parasite so thoroughly destroys every giant skeleton, and every other evidence on giants, that was found so far).


    Of course, the “equation of height” discussed before as (1B1), is only one of several different “gravity equations” which convey the message that our body in fact does not originate from the planet Earth.

Other gravity equations, which in a very powerful manner tell us exactly the same message, are the “equation of longevity”, and the “equation of intelligence”. Let us start from looking at the equation of longevity.


It takes the form:

lT/lE = cl(T/E)2  (1B2)

It states, amongst others, that if the human race would arrive from another planet - in this case from the planet Zem to Earth, the lifespan of this race must drop down by around (T/E)2 times. Let us express with “lT” (in Earthly years) the average length of human lifespan/longevity on Zem. We also know that the average human lifespan on Earth is equal to around “lE=80 years”.


Although we do not know for sure what the ratio of gravity strength (T) of Zem, in comparison to gravity strength (Z) of Earth was, we know that it was not much lower than that of Terra, so for simplicity we can assume that it was around “T/E = 3.4”. This allows us to calculate the lifespan of someone like our pre-ancestors Adam and Eve, who were born on Zem, and thus whose bodies were saturated with the life energy according to the Zem’s gravity field. If Adam and Eve were born on Zem which would have the gravity field around T/E=3.4 times higher than the gravity of Earth, then after being transported to Earth they should still live the lifespan which is characteristic for Zem. Equation (1B2) allows us to determine what should be their longevity.


If we assume that their average lifespan after being born in the Earth’s gravity field would be around lE=80 years, then equation (1B2) states that after being born in T/E=3.4 stronger field, they should live around “lT=930 years”. And in fact this was the case. Our Bible states that Adam lived exactly 930 years (see Bible, Genesis 5:5). We do not know for sure how long Eve lived, however we know that she had the first baby when she was 200 years old.


This again confirms the correctness of deductions above, because born on the planet Zem with T/E=3.4, and having 200 years, according to the same equation (1B2) she was physically developed only to the level of today’s 18-years-old female teenagers - so she was just achieving the right age when she could have her first baby. Thus the longevity of Adam and Eve discussed above, is another example of the numerous evidence coded into our body which confirms that in fact we did emigrate to Earth from another planet.

Let us now repeat the similar analysis, but this time let us base these deductions on the “equation of intelligence”, which takes the form:

IT/IE = cI(T/E)2 (2B2)

This equation states, amongst others, that if the human race would originally evolve on Terra, and only later gradually emigrate from Terra to its present destination Earth, the intelligence of this race would drop down. If by factor “IT” we mark the average intelligence of this race on Terra, while by factor “IE” we mark the average intelligence of this race on Earth, equation (2B2) tells us that the total drop of intelligence resulting from this emigration would be equal to around (T/E)2 = (4.47)2 = 20 times.


This means that our intelligence would drop to a level of only around 5% of the original intelligence that our race evolved on Terra. To put it in another words, the price for shifting from the initial planet Terra, to the final planet Earth (i.e. to decrease the gravity by factor T/E=4.47 times), was to turn around “IT/IE = 20 times” more stupid. And in fact it is a widely known secret that the human race on our planet uses only around 5% of its brain capacity. Thus, our use of only around 5% of the brain capacity, is another example of the numerous evidence coded into our body, which confirms that in fact we did arrive to Earth from Terra.

The above descriptions only list major categories of evidence which certify for our origin from the planet Terra. The more detailed description of this evidence is contained in monograph [1/3]. If one accepts this evidence, it is impossible to dismiss further the shocking truth:

we are not originating from Earth, but we arrived here from other planets and then lost an important war which totally destroyed our advanced civilization”.

The above disclosure still does not exhaust all shocking facts which we do not know about ourselves. The next shocking information which we are to learn, is that not knowing about this, until today we still are paying the price for loosing that war 13.5 thousands years ago. This is because until today we are practically enslaved and imprisoned on Earth by a technically very advanced confederation of our distant relatives who wan that war. These our distant relatives practically occupy our planet ever since, in a very similar manner as Nazi Germans occupied Poland, and exploit humanity in a very similar manner as in the times of slavery masters exploited their slaves.


Of course, they keep us under their occupation for a clear purpose. Because they adhere to the “parasitic” philosophy described in subsection B5, they unscrupulously rob us from many biological resources which we are generating. To give some examples as to what they rob from us, they extract from us the life energy, they also extract from us the moral energy which in subsection B4 is called “zwow”, we provide them with ovules and sperm which they utilize to clone their “bio-robots”, etc.


Life energy which they rob from us, is an unique kind of energy which cannot be generated technically and cannot be passed to humans from anyone else than other humans, thus which can be used to extend their lives only if our lives are simultaneously shortened. If we are not robbed from this energy, we should live on Earth in average around 120 years, while we live in average only 80 years. Thus around 40 years of life is robbed from each person on Earth by these our cosmic parasites.


The procedure and devices which they utilize to extract this life energy from us, and then to use it for their revitalization, are described in treatise [3B]. In turn “biorobots” are names which our cosmic parasites assigned to human children which are being cloned on their planets on massive scale from eggs/ovule and sperm taken from people. They call them “biorobots” to create a psychological excuse to exploit these human offsprings in a manner we exploit our dogs or horses.


These “biorobots” work on their planets in the most difficult and dirty occupations, for example in running their mines and building their constructions, also cooking, cleaning, serving as their sex slaves, etc. But in spite of being called “bio-robots”, they are humans as we do, they also feel pain and suffer exactly as we do. Of course, described above are only some of the countless atrocities which these our cosmic invaders and parasites are committing on us. Many more of these are described in monograph [1/3].

The objection which the reader probably developed by now, is a doubt which could be expressed with wording along the lines:

“if we are still occupied and exploited by this our cosmic parasite, how it is possible that we do not know anything about this occupation and exploitation nor about the parasite itself”.

Well the answer to this doubt is that our cosmic parasite is around 20 times more intelligent than us, therefore it does not act according to our crude ways. Although the seriousness of our situation demands that I explain thoroughly how actually it operates, simply speaking the major principle of its behavior is to operate in such a manner that normally humans do not notice its existence, neither humans notice the fact that it exploits them. It accomplishes this by continually hiding from us.

In order to understand better the behavior of this our cosmic parasite, let us firstly analyze the ways that humans from Earth (i.e. these which use only 5% of their brains) enslave and exploit other humans. Well, humans use for this a brute force. They use guns, torture chambers, prisons, and whips, to keep their slaves and colonies under control. However, because they are clearly visible, their slaves very soon start to hate them, rebel, and after a more or less lengthy struggle, liberate themselves. Therefore, humans from Earth are not able to keep any other humans enslaved for longer than around 5 generations. But our cosmic parasite is more clever than us. After all it uses 100% of the brain.


Also it has technology which is much more advanced than ours thus which allows it to effectively hide from us. For example it has technical devices which allow it to totally disappear from our view (this effect of disappearing is obtained through the so-called “state of telekinetic flickering” which depends on a very fast blinking between the material and non-material constitution), or to turn into a kind of misty figure. It also has the devices which allows it to fly through solid objects such as jet engines, glass windows, iron walls, trees, or mountains, without damaging itself nor these solid objects. Furthermore, at any wish it can instantly hypnotize us, and also put telepathically any command or idea directly into our brain (principle and devices which allow to accomplish this are described in subsections D3.3 and D5.2). The powers of these beings are so enormous that we cannot even imagine them at our level of technology.

Of course, apart from technology, our technically very advanced, but morally decayed, cosmic parasite also developed a set of very effective methods of operation, and principles of conduct, which allows it to enslave humans from Earth and exploit them for tens of thousands of years without even being noticed.


The complete list of these is provided in monograph [1/3]. Below are summarized only the most representative examples of methods and principles which our cosmic parasites obey very strictly in their occupation of Earth:

  1. Keep hiding.

    Whenever our cosmic parasites are present on Earth, they strictly obey the principle that they cannot be seen by humans. Therefore they operate mainly after midnight when the most of people sleep. If they fly or operate during the daylight, their vehicles and themselves switch on their invisibility shield. When they do something to humans firstly they hypnotize them and later they thoroughly erase their memories. If they need to appear to someone, always they make sure that no other witness is present around, so that other people never believe in words of those who actually seen the parasite.

  2. Disseminate a false and confusing picture of aliens.

    One of the basic principles of hiding from people which is implemented by our invader, depends on disseminating amongst people completely false picture of our parasites. According to this picture, aliens must differ from people in every aspect, and have no right to be identical to humans (in reality the race of aliens which most benefit from our occupation, is actually identical to us).


    Thus aliens supposedly differ from us in appearance, in being non-material, in laws of nature that apply to them, in the worlds from which they come to us, in set of dimensions in which they operate, etc. There is several elements of this picture, which are disseminated on Earth since thousands of years.


    The most important of these include:


    1. Manipulate people into a belief that aliens are non-material beings, e.g. which belong to the spiritual world. (According to this view, aliens supposedly are not physical beings as people do, i.e. aliens supposedly do not have physical bodies which, due to their technological advancement, are capable of put into the state of telekinetic flickering thus making an impression that they are non-material.)


      The dissemination of this false view is very beneficial for the occupational interests of our cosmic parasite, therefore its reinforcing amongst people has the highest priority. After all, such a view paralyses all our attempts to defend ourselves from the beings that occupy us, and also it discourages any attempts to understand the nature of these beings.


      This is because how one could possibly understand the nature of someone who e.g. originates from the same realm as God. In turn, how then we could defend ourselves from someone whose nature we are not able to understand scientifically, and whom we would not be able to fight simply by advancing our science and technology. In order to disseminate this false view, UFOnauts continually used, and still use now, various collaborators who in many ways persuade people the non-materiality of our cosmic invaders. For example in the medieval times these collaborators were telling people about the “non-materiality” of devils and angels.


      At a later date they kept Hitler in believe that misty figures which used to give him instructions, and which he supposedly was very scared, are etheric and non-material. Currently such collaborators propagate various theories which claim that UFOnauts originate from a different set of dimensions, that they do not have bodies, that they exist only in our imagination, etc. In present days people who disseminate this false picture of UFOnauts, most frequently originate from circles of prominent UFO investigators - e.g. one of them was Allen Hynek. However, it should again be highlighted that such views are manipulated into us by the parasites in order to paralyze our defense, and as such we should vigorously eliminate them.


    2. Dissemination of the view that aliens must differ in appearance from people. For example they must have a different structure of bodies, carry antennas or horns, etc. Therefore, according to this view, an aliens should not be able to mix with the crowd without immediately being recognized. In order to disseminate this view, from time to time our parasites are organizing a spectacle, in which people are allowed to see various strange creatures.

  3. Always use undetectable methods.

    Whenever our cosmic invaders intend to accomplish any effect which differs from human intentions, they are only permitted to use such methods of acting which must be completely undetectable for humans. Therefore each single method or principle of conduct which is explained in this list (especially in next items that follow), in normal circumstances is not detectable for us. Of course, this list does not exhaust all invisible methods that our cosmic parasite uses on us.


    There are numerous further which I already identified but the detailed explanation of which would take too much space. Perhaps I only give here two examples of most frequently used ones, namely: “delay until time runs out”, and “combat through promoting contradictive”. The method “delay until time runs out” depends on creating various obstacles which delay the fulfillment of someone’s intentions, until time runs out for this fulfillment. For example if someone has a deadline for a job application, and our cosmic parasite does not want this person to get this job, it will initially spoil the computer so that application cannot be written, then makes him/her preoccupied with some other important matter, while in the last days makes this person fall sick.


    The result is that the deadline passes and the application is not submitted. In turn method “combat through promoting contradictive” works on principle that whenever something is established that runs against interests of our parasite, this parasite inspires his collaborators to create another similar thing but with totally contradictive attributes, and then instigates this new creation to fight out the original establishment. For example, to extinguish the idea of crop circles being made by landed UFOs, our parasite introduced the idea of pranksters making these circles as a joke.


    To suppress research on technical telepathy, it promoted radio communication. To preempt the impact of name “Totalism” for the positive philosophy adhered by adversaries of our parasites, which subsequently was to be disseminated on Earth, it introduced the term “totalitarianism” which carries the completely opposite meaning. Etc, etc.

  4. Remove the evidence.

    Whenever by accident they leave on Earth any sign or trace of their activity, they have the strict rule that they need to neutralize in the eyes of people the meaning of this sign or trace. Therefore if they leave a material evidence of their action, they either must come back and somehow destroy this evidence, or they must hypnotically preprogram some submissive collaborators on Earth who either vandalize this evidence for them, or claim that they manufactured this evidence for a joke, or scientifically explain this evidence as of a “natural origin”, etc.


    Thus, in the result of hiding and such continuous destruction of the evidence, humans always are left in uncertainty as to whether our cosmic parasite does exist at all. In order to give some examples of evidence which in New Zealand is continually being destroyed in this manner, it includes: (a) UFO landing sites which either are declared by “Holmes” TV program as being manufactured by pranksters from Ashburton, or are declared by scientists as “mushroom rings”, or simply are being ignored by the affected UFO abductees in spite that they keep appearing behind windows of their bedrooms; (b) skeletons of giants which each time after being discovered are destroyed in some mysterious manner - as it is described in subsection B1.1.

  5. Operate via collaborators.

    If they need to do something on Earth that leaves visible products, they never do it themselves, as sooner or later people would deduct from these products the fact of their existence. Therefore whatever they do on Earth and the effects of this are to be seen, they always do it with hands of especially preprogrammed human collaborators. To accomplish the cooperation of these collaborators, our cosmic parasites abduct them on their spaceship, give them post-hypnotic suggestions, and upon return to Earth these collaborators complete exactly what they were preprogrammed to do for aliens (e.g. propose new theories which explain “crop circles”, or invent Occam’s Razor, or disseminate the Theory of Relativity, or destroy skeletons of giants, etc.).

  6. Destroy with forces of nature.

    If they decide to destroy something on Earth, and they cannot use for this purpose collaborators preprogrammed hypnotically, then they use artificially released forces of nature. Thus they create with their advanced technology either floods, or mud-slides, or volcano eruptions, or earthquakes, or hurricanes, or tornados, or lightnings, or dense fogs, or just ordinary fires, and by appropriately directing these forces they destroy whatever they wish to.

  7. Block progress and periodically shift humanity back in the development.

    The technical and technological advantage that our cosmic parasite has over us, is only valid if our own civilization does not progress above certain level. Therefore one of the main principles of our cosmic parasite, is to continually block our progress, and also to periodically cause various disasters on Earth which keep shifting our civilization backwards when it progresses too much. In order to fulfill this principle, our alien invader uses tens of different methods and approaches (see also the descriptions in subsection A1).


    The most important of these include:


    1. generation of numerous obstacles on path of those who try to introduce anything new

    2. politically, socially, or economically oppressing the best brains amongst Earth people

    3. reorienting of human interests towards inferior technologies and theories (e.g. towards radio communication technology instead of telepathic communication, towards rocket propulsion instead of magnetic propulsion, towards combustible energy resources instead of free energy devices, towards the old concept of monopolar gravity instead of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and many more)

    4. instigation of destructive wars which always destroy most developed countries

    5. systematic exploding of time vehicles on Earth; etc...

  8. Kill all those people who positively contribute to humanity.

    As this was indicated in subsection A4, the aliens who occupy our planet are very deadly. If there is any person who is to positively contribute to the development of humanity, by either reinforcing on Earth the totalistic philosophy, or by contributing vital knowledge or invention, aliens ruthlessly assassinate this person. This is because of these countless assassinations that almost every outstanding and positive man on Earth, who carries the potential to contribute something important to our future, never lives to the end of his/her productive life.


    Due to them, whenever we read about someone who did something rather positive and important, and who displayed even greater potentials for the future, soon we learn that this person died prematurely and tragically. For example note the fate of David W. Davenport whose research are discussed in subsections C4 and C7, or Werner Kropp referred to in subsection D1.2. Also consider other well-known deaths in human history. For example consider what would happen if Jesus was not put on the cross (and when still turned out to be alive - taken to heaven), so that everyone was allowed to freely follow his teachings.

    (Note that some old church paintings show cross with Jesus surrounded with UFO vehicles that hanged in skies - for example see Figure B2.)


    Where our development would go if Abraham Lincoln is not shot dead and was allowed to implement his totalistic ideas of equality and harmony. How our civilization would look now if Lenin is not assassinated and replaced with Stalin. What influence on our politics and social progress would have the successful implementation of the Mahatma’s Gandhi “doctrine of nonviolence” if he would not be shot dead by a Hindu fanatic on 30 January 1948, i.e. only a year after he negotiated an autonomous Indian state; also what would happen if his descendants who were devoted to implement his nonviolence doctrine would not be subsequently assassinated.


    How much less tensed racial coexistence would be on Earth if Martin Luther King is not shot dead. Where our civilization would be if J.F. Kennedy is not shot while all other members of his family capable of assuming the political power and continuing his totalistic traditions are not systematically killed. What would John Lennon from Beatles do for UFO research, if he would not have been shot dead in 1980, after he saw a UFO over New York and indicated his devotion for finding truth about these strange vehicles. Etc., etc. - there is no end to this stream of deaths.

    It is also my hypothesis, although at that stage I am not able to provide any evidence to support it, that the well-known phenomenon that if these is someone extremely bright, moral, and promising, such a person dies tragically and prematurely as a teenager in the effect of alien assassination. In Poland there is even a saying based on this phenomenon, which in reference of such prematurely dead people states something along the lines “he was too good to live long” (I believe that also in English there is a similar saying stating “the good die young”).


    My explanation for this phenomenon is that our cosmic parasite analyses the future in order to learn who contributed the most towards the progress of our civilization. Then they neutralize this contribution by assassinating these outstanding people when they are still very young. Because most significantly to our civilization contribute people who are extremely capable, or who are growing in climate of progressive tradition (like teenagers from the Kennedy’s family, or descendants of Mahatma Gandhi), this explains why so many extraordinary capable teenagers are dying tragically in mysterious circumstances.


    (The event which directly prompted me to write the above controversial hypothesis was a news item in TVNZ 1 broadcasted in the evening news around 22/3/00, in which such an exceptionally promising New Zealand teenager was buried with full fire-brigade honors and with extreme sorrow of those who had the honor to know him. Of course, also before this broadcast took place I encountered numerous other cases when intellectually very bright and morally exceptional young people died tragically and prematurely this broadcast prompted me only to gain the courage of expressing such disturbing hypothesis.)

    If our cosmic invaders choose to kill someone, they have a choice of numerous assassination methods which so far were (and still are) undetectable for humans.


    The most popular of these methods include:


    1. making the victim to have a cancer, or die from any other “natural” illness (as it is described in subsection D5.2, such illnesses can easily be induced by a technical device called a “telepathic projector”),

    2. program a religious or a political fanatic to kill this victim,

    3. manipulate a powerful (usually foreign) institution or agency into believe that a given person is a threat, so it assassinates him (e.g. in New Zealand I heard rumors that Norman Kirk - a fighter for interests of common people, was assassinated by such an institution), or

    4. use one of numerous undetectable assassination scenarios, e.g. cause that this victim is on the spot where a destructive disaster strikes (e.g. he/she goes for a sea cruise on “Titanic”, or visits a friend in “Ara Moana”). The scary thing about these alien assassinations is that they are repeated, and never cease. Since once they start against someone, they systematically continue until the victim is dead. Most probably aliens keep special “death squad” on Earth which does nothing else but invisibly assassinates all selected people.


    Fact, that UFOnauts on purpose infect people with various illnesses, is not just the most recent discovery. In Buchara (Uzbekistan), exists something called “riszta” which is around 120 centimeters long threaded worm which lives under the human skin eating people alive. The Latin name of this riszta is Dracunculus (=Filaria) medinensis.


    According to Uzbekian legends, in every pitch dark, moonless night a huge dragon was arriving, and sow these threaded worms over people. Because “dragon” is one of numerous different names that in old times were attributed to what today is known as UFOs (probably because of the crusted “onion charcoal” which covers the hulk of these vehicles and which after starting to glow looks like a fiery snake’s skin), the above legend most probably was simply an eye-witness report which noted these worms being spread by UFOs and which notified people about this fact.


    The above legend is described in a Polish book [1B2] by Barbara Klimuszko, “Biologia 5/6”, Warszawa 1998, ISBN 83-85722-77-7, while the biological data regarding riszta are described in the book by Czeslaw Jura, “Bezkregowce”, Warszawa 1983, ISBN 83-01-04489-6.

    Apart from assassinations, our cosmic parasites sometimes use also other ways of terminal neutralizing inconvenient people. In some cases the way of complete demobilizing them depends on the destruction of eyesight, e.g. by causing a cataract. In other cases, such inconvenient people are neutralized forever by being taken away into a different planet (“ascension”). At present stage one only can speculate why selected people are being taken away, instead of assassinated.


    For example, one reason could be that all assassination attempts have failed (e.g. the karma of these people does not allow them to die in a manner prepared by the parasites), so the only way of stopping actions of these people on Earth is to take them away. The other reason for taking them away could be the type of activities which these people carry out, and which can bear results that depend on the current situation (as for example it is the case with some politicians); the parasites may try to keep open the possibility that they could return back these people -should the development of situation require this.

    Therefore, there were numerous cases when some people (including many politicians) simply disappeared without a slightest trace, with no-one knowing what actually happened to them. A book [2B2] by Rodney DaviesSupernatural Disappearances” is filled with descriptions of such cases that took place in human history. The more recent famous case of this type was when the Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, disappeared without a trace on 17 December 1967, while in the sight of two women he decided to enter sea in Melbourne.


    In New Zealand there was also a famous disappearance in 1970s, when a person named Robin Fisk from Oropi on the outskirts of Tauranga, disappeared from his car parked in the Mamakus forest near Rotorua at the roadside of the State Highway 5. Afterwards a half-eaten sandwich and a cup of tea was found in his car, certifying that aliens abducted him when he was having his meal. No trace of him or his belongings was ever found. Of course, apart from him, statistically around 2000 people disappears in New Zealand every year (while the total population of New Zealand is only around 3.5 million).


    Probably the most spectacular was the disappearance of the Sandringham Company at Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915, when the company of around 200 soldiers walked into a yellow mist to never be seen again. The Sandringham Company was the élite force, formed from workers and servants of the English King’s private country residence, i.e. by people who after the war could have a significant influence on politics of the British empire.


    The story of this company was recreated in the British TV drama “All the King’s Men” (broadcasted by TVNZ 1, on 23/4/00, at 8:15-10:05 pm).

  9. Terrorize any thought of resistance.

    In order to squash from very beginning every attempt of humans to work towards their independence, our cosmic parasite developed a diabolic system which is based on “paralysing with fear”. This system scares people by executing examples of severe punishment which is served to everyone who tries to do anything that runs against the interest of our cosmic parasite.


    In turn to execute this punishment, our cosmic parasite continually organizes on Earth various institutions which do nothing else but punish, and also it continually creates on Earth a type of disapproving atmosphere which selects victims for this punishment and induces a social hysteria against all those humans who threaten interests of aliens. In order to give here some examples of such punishing institutions and disapproving atmospheres created by our cosmic parasites, in past they included the religious Inquisition and the social atmosphere which allowed to accuse of witchcraft everyone who was having any progressive ideas.


    In turn currently in New Zealand such institution and atmosphere instigated by our cosmic invaders is the Skeptic Society and the atmosphere of punishing everyone who does any research concerning aliens or UFOs (one of numerous victims of this institution and atmosphere was myself, when I was “persuaded” to leave the Otago University as described in subsection A4). This is because of this spread of terror that present days almost no-one dares to openly talk or publish anything constructive concerning UFOs.

  10. Control human minds and feelings.

    They continually beam towards Earth a telepathic message which states something along the lines,


    • “UFOs or other cosmic intelligences do not exist, therefore scoff, ridicule, and attack everyone who claims otherwise, and also feel personally offended and get very angry if everyone mentions UFOs in your presence”.


    This message uses unknown to human science means of propagation, namely the telepathic signals (the pyramid described in this treatise would be the first communication device on Earth which would utilize this previously unknown means of propagation), therefore it is intercepted directly by everyone’s brain, and also it is undetectable for our primitive radio technology. But it strongly affects people of low intellect, who do exactly what it is saying, and who aggressively attack all those researchers that could detect the existence of our cosmic parasites.


    Devices which are capable of carrying out such beaming of messages directly into our minds are described in subsection D5.2.

  11. Divide, and instigate fighting.

    Another diabolic method of our cosmic parasite, is to continually divide humans into various races, religions, countries, ideologies, fractions, sides, adherers, believers, etc., and then instigate each of them to fight with others. In this way it manages to topple down almost every progressive idea and almost every progressive group of people. This particular method of keeping us suppressed was introduced from the very beginning, because instead of settling on Earth a single race of humans, our cosmic parasite introduced several races simultaneously.


    Also instead of introducing a single religion, this parasite created several different religions and cults, then turned them against each other. On a smaller scale our parasite suppresses with this method also all progressive ideas. For example whenever a new idea is born, immediately this parasite hypnotically programs some collaborators to come out with a contradictive backward idea, and then instigates these collaborators to fight against the progressive idea.

  12. Keep checking the future for blocking the presence.

    Parasitic civilizations that currently occupy and exploit our planet already mastered the time travel. Therefore they utilize this travel for keeping us under better control. For this purpose they constantly travel back and forth in time. When they arrive to future, they always check which past events on Earth have the undesired influence on their interests, then after returning to these events they try to block them from taking place. In this way they very effectively slow down our progress and keep us under control.

  13. Manipulate the whole civilization through controlling individual people.

    Because the insight into future gives our invader the exact indication who, and how, is going to affect its parasitic interests on Earth, the basic method of keeping us all under control, is to manipulate leading individuals. Therefore, on the basis of future, our cosmic invader selects most important people who are shaping our civilization, and then concentrates on suppressing, eliminating, or manipulating these people.


    In these way all leading politicians, religion and cult leaders, outstanding scientists, journalists and film makers, book writers, commercial advertisers, company managers, and all other individuals who have significant influence on our civilization, are in a discrete and invisible manner being manipulated and misguided so that unknowingly they serve the interests of our parasite.

    By using such advanced, highly intelligent, and satanically mischievous methods, our cosmic parasite managed to keep us under control for tens of thousands of years. It is only recently that some of us started to wake up from our lethargy, and started to see what is going on. However, it probably takes many further years before we liberate ourselves from this parasite, because it still has a powerful grip over a majority of people, and it is still very capable of squashing every sign of resistance. However the process of our eye opening already began.


    I do hope that this treatise adds its own contribution to the honorable fight for truth by speaking to all those, the minds of whose are sufficiently open to enable them to listen and to apply their logic.

When one realizes that such cunning methods are constantly used on us, one starts to wonder, how to determine where is the truth. After all, so-far we used to determine truth only by tracing facts. But all the above methods are so cunningly designed that they twist facts and make them totally misleading.


Here are two methods which so far I managed to identify, which are useful for tracing the truth in spite that UFOnauts continually twist facts:

  1. The tracing of coincidences method (i.e. where we trace coincidences instead of tracing facts).

    This approach I use myself quite frequently. It appears to be rather effective in working out what parasites are up to.


    It states that,


    • “in all matters which can be the subject of manipulation by our cosmic parasite we should not concentrate on facts only, but also carefully investigate coincidences which are connected with these facts and which usually indicate what is going on”.


    To explain this on an example, in order to see an intention of aliens, we should not look only at individual facts taking place whenever we try to complete a specific task, such as someone getting sick, a computer breaking down, or some distant family raiding our house for the weekend which we planned to spend on this task, but also take the notice of coincidences which link all these facts, such as timing or common effect (in our case these coincidences would indicate someone trying to hold back the completion of the task).


  2. The matching of scenarios method (i.e. when scenarios of tragic events which affected different people match each other).

    It is effective in establishing who and for what was assassinated by UFOs. It states that “if decisive fragments of fate of different people are fulfilling the same general scenario, and allow us to determine a cause-effect mechanism in which causes are activities of these people which run against interests of our cosmic parasites, while effects are events which terminate these activities, then the fate represents an assassination which was purposely arranged by our cosmic invader”.


    This method is an outcome of the fact that our cosmic invader is realizing its intentions with the use of a limited number of well tested methods, the effectiveness of which was proven in action on numerous occasions. Therefore, whatever this parasite is doing, always its activities are unfolding according to a strictly defined scenario which represents one of these methods. So if we learn and describe these “scenarios” then we are able to recognize situations when one of them is used on someone.


    An example of such matching of scenarios, is the discovery that my own brother was a victim of UFO assassination similar to John Britten - as it is described in subsection A4, and also that the family of Kennedys and family of Gandhis both fell down victims of our invader from space.

If one analyses thoroughly the list of methods used by our cosmic parasites which is described here, then soon must notice that they sound very familiar. This familiarity results from our religious teachings. If one looks beyond the old terminology which previous generations of people used in order to describe the ways that religious devils operate, then it turns out that these old religious devils used exactly the same methods of acting as our present cosmic parasite does. In New Zealand newspaper “The Timaru Herald”, issue dated 12 August 2000, page 8, published is a small essay which tries to illustrate the present methods of Satan. If one analyses this essay, it strikes that in a religious manner it tries to describe exactly the same trends which in subsection A1 of this treatise are described in a scientific manner.

Although the above description should convince our logic, we usually would also like to see a proof that all this is true. Of course, as a scientist I would not state the above shocking facts if I would not have evidence in support that they are true. The bulk of this evidence I presented in monograph [1/3]. But in order to indicate also here an example of such evidence, the most commonly available mark is described in this treatise. It takes the shape of a small scar, usually only around 2 millimeters in diameter, which is visible on a leg of every third person. This mark carries a special significance, and it needs to be explained here. Some people are selected by our cosmic parasite for a special type of exploitation which requires very frequent processing.

From the to-date research it appears that they are donors of ovule and sperm. They are being taken on decks of flying reproductive factories with a Swiss-watch precision systematically every three months, and their reproductive resources are being milked out. Therefore in order to find these people whenever their time for a next turn of exploitation, they have small telepathic implants inserted into their bones in legs.


These implants are similar to a miniature radio transmitters which our scientists are placing in collars of wild animals when they wish to trace them. Of course, when these implants are being inserted into bones in legs, small scars remain, even if the memory of the implanted person is thoroughly being erased. Sizes and visibility of these scars depend on individual susceptibility for healing, but for the majority of UFO abductees they can be noticed quite easily. This small scar is the evidence which can be first-handily seen by everyone, thus which is able to prove to everyone that what is being said here is the truth (according to the saying “seeing is believing”).


It can be find on a leg of every third person on Earth. It is located around 27.5 cm from the floor (±3 cm), in men on the right side of their right leg, while in women on the left side of their left leg. The best method of finding it is to mark the distance of 27.5 cm from the floor and then to look for a small scar within 3 cm from the level of this marking. However, for some people the healing capabilities can be so powerful that this scar can be noticed only during the examination of leg under the angle of light reflection. In case of such people, I would recommend sensing this scar firstly with the touch before we seek it with our eyes.


This is because right under this scar, there is usually present also a significant cavity in the muscle tissue, so that an experienced researcher can detect them even with closed eyes simply by rubbing a finger along the side of the leg under examination (in comparison, this cavity cannot be detected in the same area of the other leg). This cavity can be felt as a kind of hole or groove in the leg muscle. In case when someone is seeking this scar for the first time, in order to realize how it feels when touched, I would suggest to try firstly the same place on the leg of someone who has a clearly visible scar of the type discussed here.

The above indicates that if someone does not believe what was stated in this treatise, the proof can be obtained easily. After all if he/she does not have this scar on his/her own leg, always amongst his/her loved ones there will be someone who carries this mark and thus who is systematically being abducted by aliens (these abductions can also be detected with appropriate devices - see subsection B6).


Of course there is much more evidence like this, for example there is a test named “magnetic implant response” which with the use of 2000 gauss permanent magnet detects a similar implant inserted in heads of selected abductees. This test was developed by Nicholas A. Reiter (541 West Stone Street, Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431, USA). However, to save on the volume of this treatise, it is not possible to describe it here. Thus those wishing to learn more about it, should either read monograph [1/3], or contact directly Mr Reiter.

Of course, there is much more to this alternative history of mankind then it can be disclosed in such a short subsection. Unfortunately, to reveal more facts it would require to write a whole voluminous treatise devoted solely to this topic, not just to insert a small subsection into a treatise devoted to another topic. Also note that the alternative history of mankind described here is not closed yet.


Even if we are not aware of it, around us an invisible battle is continually being fought, the result of which is to decide about our future. In order to allow us to choose the correct side in this battle, subsections that are to follow are explaining what this battle is about, what sides are taking part in it, and what could be our contribution to the fight for free mankind.