INTRODUCTION (by Dr Jan Pajak)

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It took a lot of courage to write this treatise, but it requires even more courage to read it.

Disclaimer: Although I limitlessly believe that every word that I wrote in this publication was true enough to justify the tough time, which according to my previous experience, I needed to go through to express such condemnable views, still this treatise presents only my personal opinion which in the process of verification may, or may not, turn to be true, and which from the scientific point of view is only an unproven hypothesis that I needed to present in order to subject it to scrutiny and consideration of other researchers.

If we look backward, it was only in 1800s when the first railway networks were built. Before that time people used to do everything with their own muscles, or with muscles of domesticated animals. So, in around 200 years, we shifted from horses into space shuttles. Now let us consider what would happen if we are allowed to develop freely for a million years. It is easy to imagine that our technical capabilities will almost have no limits.


For example we could have propelling devices which would be the size of grains of sand, and which would be inserted surgically into our bones. These devices not only would shift us instantly to any place we wish, but would also allow us to walk through windows, walls, airplane propellers, furniture, and all other types of solid or destructive barriers, without harming ourselves or damaging these barriers.


The same miniature propelling devices would enable us to turn on our invisibility shields whenever we so wished, and to become invisible to the naked eye and to cameras. We would also have communication devices which would be inserted surgically into our brains and which would allow us the instant telepathic communication with others of our kind, as well as allow us to instantly hypnotize, erase memory, or put any telepathic command directly into the mind of all lower life forms, including less-developed humans.


We would live in a noiseless spaceship which could shift us instantly and silently to any point of the universe that we could wish to see, as well as shift us in time to any point of the past or future that we would like to see or live through again. The above would represent only some of the countless technical capabilities that would be at our disposal in a million years time -if we are allowed to develop freely. (Now imagine how developed must be the civilization whose member 550 million years ago made the imprint shown in Figure B1 - as even so long ago it already mastered interstellar travel and was able to plant new life on then-unfertile Earth!)

Let us now look at our moral path. If things continue this way that they go now (i.e. according to the philosophy of parasitism described in subsection B5, which presently is dominating Earth), at the time that we would experience all these astonishing technical advancements, our moral situation would sink to the deepest depths. We would become extremely lazy, because the most repetitive jobs would be done by machines and robots, and we would be expecting to spend our lives mainly resting and experiencing all the pleasures available to such advanced beings.


But it is unfortunate that the majority of pleasures we expect in our lives, are being supplied by other people. After all, there are other people who give us sex, who keep us healthy, who maintain our social life and our civilization, who do for us all these non-repetitive works and services which cannot be done by machines, such as cooking, housework, raising our children, repairing, controlling and programming our robots, running our production factories, working in mines, etc. So in order to enjoy all these pleasurable things which need to be provided by other people, we would need slaves.


The only way of having such slaves without any moral hangover, would be to purposely farm people who are less developed then us. For doing this, we could choose an empty planet somewhere in deep space, then populate this planet with our own kind -because it is only our own kind that could supply us with all these pleasures that we would seek. Populating such planet would be an easy task, because one of our leaders or politicians would simply propose to spread our kind beyond our system, and everyone would agree quite happily.


In turn, transforming such a populated planet into our slave farm would also be an easy task, because another our leader or politician could raise the alarm that these our relatives are growing barbaric and not up to our standards, thus they require our invisible guidance and supervision. In this way, within a few generations from the moment of planting this new civilization, we would become a kind of cosmic parasite, exploiters, and invaders of a planet which would be populated with our own relatives. In order to keep our slaves under control, we would make sure that they are much less developed then us, and they do not know about our existence. So we would constantly hide from them.


For this we would use our advanced technology, making sure that all the time when we are on this planet we switch on our invisibility shield so that our less advanced relatives would not be able to realize that we do exist. Of course, we would not farm these slaves just for fun, but we would parasite on them and exploit them in any imaginable manner that would be convenient for us. For example we would milk them of their sperm and ovule, and then clone from this “inferior” reproductive material a genetically altered kind of slave that we could openly exploit on our own planet.


We would call these genetically altered slaves “biorobots” in order to not feel guilty that they are our relatives and we still exploit them so ruthlessly. We would use these bio-robots to do all dirty work that we would not be prepared to do ourselves and also that could not be done by machines. So these bio-robots would work as servants in our houses, as our prostitutes and sex slaves, as surrogate mothers to our children because bearing a child is a tiresome task and our (used to comforts) women would refuse to do it, they would also work in our factories and in our mines, explore free space for us, die for us as our soldiers, and do everything that is either unpleasant, dangerous, or immoral.


When they got sick, injured, unable to work any more, or old, we would dispose of them similarly as we do with unwanted animals, i.e. using gas chambers to put them to sleep, and crematoriums to get rid of their bodies. These we would develop on some unattended planet just to solve the problem of industrial disposal of millions of these bio-robots (a “licence” for this efficient method of fast disposal of unwanted bio-robots we could later telepathically pass to some local Hitler from the occupied planet, so that he would not need to invent it from scratch).


Of course the planet that we would farm to gain these slaves, would slowly try to develop itself, thus threatening that its inhabitants will discover our existence and parasitic activities. So to keep it under permanent control we would fabricate various disasters which would periodically push down their civilization and keep it in a constant darkness. One time we would explode our spaceship on their planet, thus destroying the majority of that civilization, the other time we would hit them with a redirected planetoid, sometimes we would cause a heavy destruction of their natural environment so that most of them would die out from pollution and cosmic radiation, etc.

In this way we would keep them forever in the state of stupidity and unawareness of being exploited. On top of this, we would systematically murder all those on the farmed planet who would seem to be too inquisitive and trying to deduct our existence. We would also hold back the technical and scientific progress of this planet by telepathically misleading its top scientists, by implanting various destructive ideas and fanatic religions, etc. In order to carry out all this sabotage we would use our own people who would mix with locals and utilize our advanced technology to control them as well as to gain their admiration.


They would work unnoticed because they would look like locals (after all, we would farm our own kind), while for misleading our farmed slaves, we would develop in them the belief that aliens from space must look drastically different. To develop this belief we would arrange a few theatrical spectacles in which we would make land on this planet some strange looking creatures which locals would take for aliens. These our local-looking saboteurs could pretend to be magicians, because they would be able to walk through walls or jump through airplane propellers, without getting hurt. They could also pretend to have psychic powers, because they could bend spoons, bend little pendants while these are still hanging from someone’s neck, and move objects just by looking at them.


Alternatively, they could pretend to be sent by God, because they could make miracles, disappear from view, revive the dead (by shifting backward their time), etc. By doing such extraordinary things, which would appear supernatural to locals, our saboteurs would gain their attention, obtain access to the top circles, and have a significant influence on the political life of the planet that we would farm. Therefore they could help to make decisions which would be fatal for locals and would push them down.


Of course, having our advanced telepathic technology we would make sure that we also use it to our advantage. We would place a satellite in the orbit of our farmed planet, and make this satellite to telepathically order every single local to scoff, ridicule, and to burn on the stake all those who try to research the existence of our spaceship, or try to establish the reality of our abductions. In this way, even if someone on the farmed planet would get to realize the seriousness of their situation, all others would only scoff at him/her, never believing what he/she is saying, and then quickly burn him/her on the stake.

Of course, as it always happens in the crowded universe, there would be some civilizations which would have a more totalistic philosophy from that parasitic one adhered by us. Thus instead of admiring us, these adversary civilizations would rather help those primitive humans that we would farm as our slaves. These our adversaries would telepathically instigate our slaves, giving them the telepathic instructions as to how develop various defense devices. These devices would allow our slaves to see us, or to raise their technology to the level that we would not be able to dominate them easily.


The existence of such telepathic deliveries of weapons to our slaves would threaten our parasitic interests over the farmed planet. In order to neutralize the activities of these totalistic civilizations, we would place our warships around the exploited planet, and not allow any other civilization to visit our slaves. We would also check who from the farmed people received the telepathic instructions which reveal how to build the forbidden defense devices, and then we would give a special treatment to those selected people.


For example we would make them so preoccupied with something, that they would not have time left to build the defense devices, we would put any possible obstacle in front of them, and also we would induce various psychoses which would scare them and turn others off them. Our favorite trick would be to fake telepathic supplies of defense instructions, by choosing another set of people and supplying them with information which would sound very scientific, but which would turn in action to be complete rubbish. In this way we would confuse our slaves, completely demobilizing their reception of defense instructions from our adversaries.

Now let us reverse the point of view. Let us consider the situation that this is us who are these slaves kept under constant control and who are exploited ruthlessly. Let us consider the situation that some are our relatives, who are technically more advanced then us by almost 600 million years, but are degenerated morally, are farming us for slave labor and for biological resources. Let us also consider that other civilizations are trying to help us telepathically at a distance. What should we do and how should we realize our situation?


Also when we realize what is going on, how should we start to alarm other people and disclose to them the reality of our situation? How should we break through the telepathic barrier which is ordering our fellow humans to burn on the stake everyone who notices the existence of our cosmic parasites? After all, our cosmic parasite is not going to allow us to act freely - it has already preprogrammed telepathically minds of other humans to not believe what we are saying. This is why this treatise needs to be written. This is also why this treatise needs to be read attentively.


By learning what it has to say, we may save your children and grandchildren from the doomed fate to which we are so used that we are suffering without even realizing it.





A1. Why we need to address the problem of invisible occupation of Earth

Before elaborating on details of invisible alien occupation of Earth, I should start by explaining what prompted me to address such “unscientific” and “condemnable” subject. After all, discussing openly the matter of alien occupation of Earth actually represents a declaration of resistance against the powerful cosmic invader. In turn, someone’s participation in any resistance movement, whoever the oppressor would be, is an extremely dangerous thing to do.


As this can be realized from subsection A4, in my case, because of my acting against the cosmic invader, I am constantly being persecuted, my life is in permanent danger, I keep loosing my job, I am being forced to continually change abode, employer, occupation, etc. Well, there are numerous reasons which urge me to address the subject of alien occupation of Earth, and I outline below some of the most important of them.


Here they are, listed in separate items A to E:

  1. The security and survival of humanity is at stake.

    It is well known that every invader is interested in keeping the invaded people at as low level of knowledge and technology as possible. The reason is that the “stupid are always more easy to be controlled and exploited”. As this will be explained in chapter B, our cosmic invader keeps us in darkness and under control by systematic plaguing Earth with various catastrophes which push humanity down in its development.


    The next such catastrophe (this time environmental and social) seems to be already planned and is on its way (it is only a matter of time until it happens). In turn each such catastrophe is killing countless people, destroying our planet and exposing humanity to the danger of total extinction. Therefore, it is in the best interest of our survival as a civilization, to take very seriously the possibility that such an invader in fact does exist, to research the activities of this our cosmic parasite, and to try to escape the doomed fate that it prepares for us.


    Because such an enormous price is to be paid if I am right but no notice is taken of what I am trying to say here, it is my strong belief that we should look into the matter even if there is almost no chance that it may turn to be correct.


  2. There is overwhelming evidence at planetary level which certifies that the invisible occupation of Earth is a fact.

    Actually, contradictive to what officially is indoctrinated into us, there is an overwhelming evidence already accumulated and available (if someone actively seeks it), which certifies for the alien occupation of Earth. In turn, since there is such evidence, we have an obligation to examine it, as people who do not consider it, simply are playing an ostrich (which puts its head into sand and pretends that the problem does not exist).


    Unfortunately, noticing the evidence of alien invisible occupation of Earth is a bit like noticing traces of human activities in European forests. If one visits forests in any European country, one soon learns that almost all of them were planted by humans, because the natural “jungle-type” woodlands are already cut out long ago. Yet, if someone local, who does not know the characteristics of natural types of forests, needs to go into such a human-planted forest just after a fall of fresh snow (such a fresh snow reveals all tracks made by everything that moves), then after the return home such person may claim “I have not seen even a slightest sign of human activity in that forest.


    The reason is that during the march through this forest such a person did not see either any tracks made in snow by a human being, nor see a passing human vehicle, nor notice the slightest other sign of nearby presence of humans. However, if to the same forest another person is sent, who exactly knows how natural jungles look, this better educated person after the return home is going to say “I have seen nothing but signs of human activities”.


    If someone asks him/her,


    • “what type of signs actually did you see”, the answer would be “everything around me certified the human activities: trees were planted in squares and all were the same type, only the most valuable commercial timber was farmed, undergrowth was trimmed down and under control, grass was utilized for human cattle, roads were straight and preplanned by humans, water flows were controlled and carefully designed, wild life was selective and commercially managed, etc.”.

If someone, who does not know about the invisible occupation of Earth, seeks signs of alien activities on our planet, then the outcome is similar to the comments of this person who does not know about natural jungles: “I am not able to see any signs of alien activities on Earth”. But if someone is knowing about the alien occupation of Earth and about manifestations of this occupation, then such person knows what to look at. In such cases it turns out that wherever you look, you always see signs of intensive and planned alien activities on Earth.

Although it is impossible to even list in such a short treatise all signs (evidence) of alien occupation of Earth, I will try to indicate here the most important categories. For a much wider, and much better explained, list of such evidence, see monograph marked as [1/3] in chapter G.

Here is the list of the most important evidence which certifies the alien occupation of Earth:

  1. (B1) Human body.

    As this will be explained in subsections B1 and B2 on the base of “gravity equations”, if someone knows what to look at, he/she finds out that the parameters of our body prove the human race was not evolved on Earth, but on a different planet “Terra” about which we know now had a gravity around 4.47 times higher than the gravity of Earth. This means that our race was planted, and then farmed on Earth, in order to be exploited.


    The evidence which supports this includes:


    1. We are too small for planet Earth:

      If we evolved on our planet we would be around 5 meters tall. Our present height is adequate for a planet with around 4.47 stronger gravity than that of Earth.


    2. Our brains use only around 5% of their capacity:

      This means that we evolved on a planet which had gravity 4.47 times stronger than Earth and thus which required the whole capacity of our brains, and only then we were replanted to Earth.


    3. Our pre-ancestor Adam lived 930 Earth years, which is a lifespan typical for a person who arrived from a planet with a higher gravity - see subsection B2.


  2. (B2) The slave-oriented development of human societies.

    This development is typical for a situation of the controlled maneuvering of humanity into slavery by some invisible invader. As it is easier to exploit and to control stupid people, this invisible occupant continually pushes us down in our development.


    Here is the list of evidence which certifies that some invisible invader is arranging us as a civilization of slaves:


    1. Contra-evolution of humanity:

      It turns out that in prehistoric times humanity had a much higher level of science and technology then it has at the moment. It built a spaceship which traveled to stars, constructed pyramids, and even could move Earth’s moons. But whenever humanity experiences any significant development, our cosmic parasite pushed us down by causing a technically-made cataclysm.

    2. The presence of castes and hierarchy in ancient societies:

      If society evolved naturally, they started from family groups and then gradually developed a hierarchical structure, as their need to exploit each other was emerging slowly. But all old societies on Earth, Including India, Egypt, and America, already had castes and hierarchical structure from the very beginning, thus certifying that someone prepared it for exploitation from the very start of human societies.

    3. Using the knowledge as a tool of oppression:

      In societies of slaves the access to knowledge is allowed only for a small group of privileged, because knowledge is a key to power and a tool of control. If one analyses the ancient societies on Earth, one soon learns that knowledge was available only to a small group of high priests and rulers. This indicates that from very beginning humanity was organized into a society of slaves.

  3. (B3) The suppression of our development in strategic areas.

    The alien forces which occupy our planet are interested in having technological advantage in various strategic areas. Therefore they suppress the development of humanity in these areas.


    Here is the list of evidence which supports this:


    1. The suppression of our technical development:

      If one is interested in technical inventions, he/she soon realizes that there is an enormous suppression of inventions going on.

      Practically the majority of our inventions are never completed or disseminated, usually because someone or something destroys the inventor before he has the time to finish his task. The effect is that these sparse inventions which finally break through the hermetic barriers imposed by our invisible invader, actually must be reinvented several times by different inventors.


      For example airplane: It was probably a third attempt by the Wright brothers which succeeded, and this happened only because of the favorable set of coincidences (e.g. the field where the Wright brothers were conducting their test flights was located next to a busy railway line, thus many travelers saw first flights with their own eyes and then spread the word in spite of the alien blockade over official media coverage).


      Before the Wright brothers, a New Zealand inventor, Richard Pearce, also built an airplane, and successfully flew it, but was quickly “burned on the stake” by hypnotically excited New Zealanders, and finished in a mental asylum. Before Richard Pearce a Russian inventor (unfortunately by now I forgotten his name) also built an airplane, which by the way used a very light steam engine, and successfully flew it, but his invention was suffocated by bureaucrats of the Tsar’s Russia.

    2. The suppression of the development of knowledge in all strategic disciplines:

      There is a list of disciplines which are not allowed to progress on Earth. These forbidden disciplines are either leading directly to the discovery of alien occupation of our planet, or to the gradual working out to our technological or scientific advantage over the parasitic aliens, or to the development of philosophical and moral incompatibility of humans with cosmic invaders.


      To name some of these restrained disciplines, on the top of list - which is so intensively blocked that even our institutional science actively contributes towards suppressing it, are positioned: UFOs, free energy devices, renewable energy resources, magnetic propulsion systems, hypnosis, telepathy, plus all areas explained in this treatise (e.g. the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, totalism, moral laws, moral field, counter world, universal intellect, etc.).


      In turn, down on the list, in the areas which are formally recognized and pursued by the institutional science, but are doomed by our parasite to have near-zero achievements, the blocked disciplines include amongst others:


      • astronomy (this is why, until recently, astronomers not only were prepared to almost swear officially that apart from humans there are no intelligent life forms in the entire universe, but could not even agree if planets do exist in other star systems - although the sure existence of planets in every large cosmic system seems to be such an obvious conclusion)

      • gravity (this is why present science not only still insists that gravity field is a monopolar one when even a school child can tell that gravity does not display the properties of monopolar fields, but also refuses to acknowledge that at the other pole of the dipolar gravitational field another intelligent world exists which for thousands of years was already being described by our religions)

      • climatology (this is why we still are unable to not only to distinguish between a tornado or hurricane caused by nature from a tornado or hurricane technically formed by UFOs, but also are unable to predict sufficiently in advance where such a tornado or hurricane is going to strike)

      • prehistory (this is why our historians not only misrepresent human history in times when newspapers were not invented yet, but they even fail to learn and convey to us any meaningful moral lessons from times which already are described in old newspapers)

      • and many others...

    3. The suppression of our religious views:

      As this is explained in subsection B5, the way one sees the properties and functioning of universal intellect (God ) constitutes the essence of differences between atheistic philosophy of parasitism, which is adhered by our cosmic invaders, and the deistic (but secular) philosophy of totalism, which is adhered by the adversaries of our cosmic invaders.


      Therefore aliens who occupy Earth are trying very hard to reinforce amongst people their atheistic philosophy, and to squash in the seed every sign of a totalistic outlook. To accomplish this, they suppress on Earth all development of new religious ideas. For example, they spread crude atheism through our science, and they also spread a subtle form of atheism through formation of various barbaric cults and immoral religions which prevent the development of totalistic outlooks (one of the methods of our cosmic parasite is to “combat through promoting contradictive”).


      I wonder if the reader ever noticed that whenever a new religion or cult is formed, it always does inhumane and repulsive things which turns everyone against the possibilities of searching for new and more scientific ways of obeying the universal intellect (God ). Because of such devious activities, our parasite in religions is portrayed as “devil”, while its methods are described as “satanic”.

  4. (B4) The fulfillment of alien requirements.

    Our societies are always manipulated into adopting such policies and public standards, which are best suiting our cosmic invaders.

    Examples include, amongst others:


    1. The promotion of overpopulation, and the suppression of birth control:

      Because it is convenient for our invader to have as many slaves as possible, and also because nations which are overpopulated are poor, uneducated, and thus easy to exploit and to control, our cosmic parasite suppresses the birth control in every possible manner.


      For example it included the suppression of birth control in almost every religion, claiming that using contraceptives is “unnatural” (interesting that the same religious leaders who claim this, use cars and airplanes for their travel, instead of using the “natural” walking on their own feet). Our invaders also instigate various fanatic groups to make troubles in all matters regarding birth control.

    2. The promotion of an “ideal slave model”:

      Our cosmic parasite is the same willing to see various intellectuals, philosophers, moralists, or inventors, amongst people whom it is farming on Earth, as a breeder of horses would be pleased to see his stallions being preoccupied with writing scientific treatises. Therefore this parasite has a well developed model as to how an “ideal slave” should look like and behave, and vigorously tries to implement this model on Earth (description of attributes of an “ideal slave” is contained in monograph [1/3]).


      Thus no-one should be surprised that in recent years a clear tendency become noticeable, which is vigorously reinforced by our television, newspapers, sport institutions, fashion, current laws, costs of education, internal policies of governments, etc. It encourages people to build their muscles and physical fitness, but simultaneously in any way available it discourages them from developing their intellect or technical capabilities.


      For example, when in 1999 I returned to New Zealand after several years of absence in this country, I was shocked how much the implementation of this model was advanced in the meantime.

    3. The promotion of only immoral role models:

      I wonder if the reader ever noticed that only immorality is fashionable on Earth all the time. In turn moral models of behavior are always punished, burned on the stake or thrown to lions, kept in shadows, etc. If we look into our past, almost all rulers and upper class members promoted immoral life, both through their own example and through the way in which they led their nations.


      If one looks into present the day, the majority of people who are allowed to become famous, in one way or the other promote immorality. Our mass media is overflowing with tiny details regarding various idols, whose main achievements are numerous immoral things that they have done. On the other hand, moral people are almost never mentioned, while the moral way of living is almost never emphasized.


      Even our children are playing with toys which teach them how to kill, and are reading books which teach them how to cheat. This is not a natural state of things, as immorality runs against the direction set by natural laws of universe. Thus the only explanation for so deviated a course of our development is that the cosmic parasite is interested in promoting on Earth the immoral idols, immoral role models, and immoral behavior.

    4. The manipulation of public opinion and the suppression of free exchange of ideas:

      Our civilization is also displaying clear signs that the public views about certain strategic topics are hypnotically and telepathically manipulated and forced upon us. As an example consider the behavior of people, including scientists, when they are confronted with the topic of UFOs.


      They do not react naturally nor rationally, but display all attributes of post-hypnotic emotional programming. For example even the most respectable scientists, if confronted with the UFO topic, sometimes behave like children confronted with sex. There are many areas in which our views are clearly manipulated, and thus in which the free development and exchange of ideas is being suppressed.


      Apart from UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms, other examples include ghosts and spiritual phenomena, life after death, hypnosis, telepathy, universal intellect (God ), myths and folklore, astrology, paleo-astronautics, free energy, and many others. Actually if one wishes to recognize areas that are manipulated by our cosmic parasite, these areas include everything about which most people would feel embarrassed to buy a book publicly while being watched by their colleagues from work (or by friends).


      This is because of this continuous suppression, Nicholas Copernicus ordered his revolutionary book to be published only after his death, and still his body was removed from the grave and desecrated (so that in spite of what our civilization owns to his brilliant mind, his grave remains empty, while his body never will be resting in peace).

  5. (B5) The controlled existence.

    Our civilization is experiencing continuously all these destructive events which a planet of slaves should experience. Such unfortunate selection of events which constantly happens to human civilization, and which is characteristic to every community that lives under someone’s ruthless occupation, in monograph [1/3] I call the “occupation model”.


    This model realizes that the course of events on Earth is not natural, but is directed by someone towards keeping our civilization in continuous slavery. Although our level of science and technology is still too low to enable us to catch our hidden parasite on doing these awful things to us, still the combination of events that affects us is too meaningful to be ignored.

    Here are some examples of such destructive events:


    1. The systematic assassination of the best human minds:

      As this is explained in subsection A4, all the best people on Earth who fight for progress and who contribute totalistic views, are systematically assassinated in an unnoticeable manner. The result is that hardly any progressive scientist or politician on Earth lives the whole productive life, and thus almost all significant contribution to our civilization must be done by relatively young people.


      For example, only out of these sparse researchers that are mentioned in this small treatise, most probably at least one person was successfully assassinated by aliens (i.e. note David W. Davenport and his works discussed in subsections C4 and C7, note his premature and unexpected death caused by the brain tumor - which is a favorite method of assassination by aliens, and also note that his research efforts had such a nature that it qualified him for a first priority target of assassination by our cosmic parasites).

    2. The systematic diversion of the best human minds from the fields in which they are most competent:

      During the years of my UFO research I encountered numerous cases, when very capable and promising experts were rapidly diverted from the areas to which they contributed significant progress.


      One day they were making a fabulous discovery in some leading field of science or technology, the other day they buried themselves in some natural lifestyle, or in a totally non-progressive discipline. For example I personally know a computer microprocessor designer (who is one of the main brains behind the floating-point co-processor used in modern space technology) who rapidly lost his interest in electronics and become an archaeologist, thus instead of pushing forward our technological progress, he is now talking about mummies (not even digging them).


      When I investigated reasons why these people so rapidly changed their interests and professions, in the majority of cases it happened because they were abducted by UFOs and then successfully convinced by aliens that their lives will be much happier and more fulfilled when they drastically change their profession into some “more spiritual” one.


      Because we know that aliens try to hold back our technical progress, and also because we know that they investigate our future to detect and to discriminate all those individuals who are going to significantly lift our civilization, it is easy to predict that these particular people were to contribute some significant discoveries to human development, but were discouraged from making these discoveries by being diverted into another, less “threatening” for aliens, discipline.


      Of course, it was perhaps much safer for them to change the discipline, for if they insisted on making their discoveries known most probably the aliens would assassinate them (see subsection A4).

  6. (B6) The continuous presence of aliens on Earth.

    From the beginning of time, our planet was, and still is, systematically infiltrated by various extraterrestrials, who look exactly as humans do, and who interfere with every aspect of human life. Unfortunately we do not notice them most of the time because they blend with the rest of us, and also they are technologically so advanced that they can make themselves invisible to human eyes, and escape our attention whenever they wish so.


    The evidence which confirms the continuity of this infiltration includes, amongst others:


    1. All “gods” from ancient times, including Greek gods, Roman gods, Hindu gods, etc.

    2. All devils and angels from medieval times (e.g. old descriptions of “devils” very well coincide with present reports of UFO abductees concerning physical appearance of various races of aliens which continually are invading our space and homes)

    3. All witches, wizards, fairies, mist people, etc., from previous centuries

    4. All UFO sightings from recent years (plus the continuous presence on Earth all these alien saboteurs and spies, who mix with people pretending to be magicians, psychics, miracle makers, religious gurus, etc.)

  7. (B7) The physical traces and material evidence of alien activities on Earth.

    Although aliens work very hard to either systematically destroy this evidence, or to convince people that it has a “natural” origin, some of it has the reoccurring character (for example UFO landing sites which every year are produced in crops of England, and thus which cannot be destroyed), or is contradictive to natural occurrences (large lumps of ice falling from heaven), or is too permanent to be destroyed (for example see underground tunnels shown in Figure A5).


    Examples of such physical traces and material evidence which certify for the continuous operation of UFOs on Earth, include:


    1. UFO landing sites - see Figure A3.

    2. UFO explosion sites - see Figure A4.

    3. Tunnels made underground by UFOs - see Figure A5.

    4. Substances lost by UFOs (e.g. Angel’s Hair, “onion charcoal”, droplets of tin falling from sky, lumps of ice falling from sky).

    5. Various objects lost by aliens, including parts of their spaceship.

    6. Imprints of human foots in very old rocks - see Figure B1.

  8. (B8) The objects and scars in our bodies.

    Because we are the subjects of alien exploitation, they do various inhumane things to us. They implant various communication devices in our bodies so that they could identify and find us more easily, or control us better, they cut us and probe us, leaving numerous scars, etc. There is a whole array of visible evidence of such treatment.


    Here are examples of some of it:


    1. Scar on the leg which is described in subsection B3.

    2. Implant in our head above the left temple, which can be objectively detected with the use of “Magnetic Implant Response” test, and usually is the starting point of migraines.

    3. Various blue or black painless bruises which people discover on the morning after an abduction and numerous other marks on our bodies described in subsection B6.


  9. (B9) Continuous hiding of aliens from being noticed.

    In spite of the fact that aliens constantly operate on Earth, they very effectively hide from us. In turn, even small children know that “if someone hides from us, this someone has something important to hide”.


    On top of the evidence explained in subsection B2, such hiding also certifies:


    1. All this controversy which accompanies observation of UFOs, where the majority of people are not sure whether UFOs do exist or not.

    2. All this controversy which accompanies abductions by aliens, where the majority of people are not sure whether these abductions are real or just imagination.

    3. The fact that scientists are obviously manipulated by UFOs to refuse any official and constructive research on UFO phenomenon, in spite that this phenomenon is so prominent and impacts our civilization in such a multidimensional manner (so far it seems that the only action scientists are capable regarding UFOs, is negating).

    4. The fact that almost all governments are denying the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts, despite logic telling us that there must be intelligent life forms in free space, despite hat the manifestations of alien presence on Earth being reported in almost every newspaper, and despite the same governments spending millions on the mock searching in space for intelligent life forms.

  10. (B10) Cutting out our planet from other cosmic intelligences.

    A first thing that every occupant does, is to cut out the invaded nation from contact with the rest of the world. For example Germans during World War II were executing people for possessing a radio receiver, while Communists, and many present regimes, either do not permit satellite TVs at all, or only allow the viewing of specially coded satellite TV for which all programmes are strictly censored.


    We know already that there are millions of intelligent civilizations in free space. Some of them even are contacting us at a distance via telepathic projectors described in subsection D5.2 (which put pictures and words directly into the mind of a receiving person). But the warships of our cosmic parasites so tightly cut Earth from access to other civilizations, that our invaders are the only aliens who have a physical presence on Earth.


    The evidence which confirms this cutting us out, is as follows:


    1. We never experience a physical visit from a friendly extraterrestrial civilization.

    2. We are bombarded with telepathic contacts from friendly civilizations: These contacts most frequently are carried out via specially chosen people called “contactees” (note, however, that UFOs who occupy our planet, are also arranging hoaxed contacts of the same type in order to develop the stereotype opinion that such contacts are invalid, useless, and maintained only by rather queer people).

    3. Our allies from free space are even sending us the descriptions of how to build technical devices which would allow us to defend ourselves from our cosmic invaders: The description of one such device is the topic of this treatise. Other similar self-defense devices are published in monograph [1/3] and in treatises [7E], [7B]. Unfortunately our cosmic invaders successfully blocked the completion or distribution of these devices on Earth.

  1. There is overwhelming evidence affecting selected individual people which also confirms the invisible occupation of Earth.

    The list of evidence for alien occupation of Earth from previous item B describes facts which affect our whole planet and whole civilization, thus which could be experienced or verified practically by every person.


    But, apart from these, there is also a different class of evidence which affects only selected individual people. This other class results from the extremely vicious oppression that is experienced by all those individuals who somehow act against the interests of our cosmic invader and parasite. To put this in other words, every person on Earth who somehow threatens the interests of our parasite, is subjected to all these forms of oppression, discrimination, hostilities, and health problems, which our logic tells us should be experienced by someone who fights against a very powerful, invisible, diabolic, and totally immoral enemy. In turn, because these selected individuals in fact do experience hostilities that the logic says they should experience, this practically means that our occupation is real.

    In my to-date research I observed the fate of numerous people that knowingly or unknowingly acted against our cosmic invader. And I noted that such hostile events affect practically each one of them. In order to familiarize readers with examples of incidents that affect the fighters with an invisible enemy, I am going to briefly describe some events which most frequently are experienced by myself. Of course, while reading these examples one needs to bear in mind that I am using my cases for convenience only (and also because of privacy issue if I were to use examples of other people).


    But I already confirmed that exactly the same, or very similar events, are continually plaguing other fighters with this powerful enemy.


    1. (C1) Brushes with death.

      In my own case, the most unpleasant of these hostile events are strange accidents, which meet the conditions of alien assassinations - as described in subsection A4. I already counted almost 30 of them, i.e. too many for comfort. The result is that I need to hurry through every publication and every research effort, as I do not know if I am going to live long enough to have the time to finish properly what I am doing.


    2. (C2) Health problems.

      Each time I am in the most critical stage of writing and publishing a new treatise about our cosmic parasite, for sure some kind of serious health problems is going to affect me. To make it even more strange, these health problems usually display several attributes which seem to indicate that their cause is some type of selectively acting “biological warfare” used by our cosmic parasite.


      For example:


      1. they tend to appear or intensify on Saturday morning or just before any longer holiday;

      2. during nights which proceed their appearing or intensifying some strange events usually take place which are manifestations of invisible UFO entering my bedroom (as these described in subsection B6);

      3. they always have the consequence that they make more difficult or impossible the finishing of the publication that I am working on;

      4. they are almost non-curable with our present medications; therefore they usually last stubbornly until the further work on a given publication is finished;

      5. differently to normal illnesses, these health problems affect selectively only myself and are not infectious to other people who work with me in the same office, or sleep with me in the same bedroom (i.e. we can only envy the full control the parasites have over their “biological warfare” as this warfare successfully accomplishes the objective of “neutralizing” selected individual victims but never starts an epidemics).


      It is interesting that the revengeful habit of UFOnauts to cause unusual medical problems is contained in the believe system of “Dayaks” tribe from Borneo. Dayaks believe that,


      • “one never should offend these invisible beings because they are very revengeful, and those people who are offending them always experience some kind of nasty illness which even the best doctors are unable to heal”.


      In order to give here an example of health problems which affected me personally, in the last stage of finishing this treatise, shortly before the Easter holiday of April 2000 (which I planned to designate entirely for writing this treatise), my lungs were affected with a rather severe case of infection - one of the most severe that I remember in my whole life.


      The strange attribute of this infection was that it started on Thursday, 20/4/00, after the night when the “smoke alarms” in by bedroom bleeped without any apparent reason (UFO can trigger smoke alarms - see subsection B6). The infection caused regular attacks of cough and vomiting, which were still there two months later when I was writing this paragraph. On top of this cough and vomiting, I had also fungal infections in various moist parts of my body - which were very difficult to heal.


      For example these infections were resistant against majority of typical antifungal medicine, e.g. popular “Daktarin”, and the only medicine I noted effective was “Canesten” by BAYER.


      All these coincidences and symptoms suggested that a selective kind of a “biological warfare” probably was used against me, and that this warfare possibly took the form of periodic spreading in my bedroom fungal spores which were attacking my lungs. However, my doctor would not discuss a possibility of fungal infection of my lungs which I tried to suggest to him, considering it to be a preposterous idea (of course, because of his traditional outlook, I never would dare to even mention to him UFOs and “biological warfare”).


      After I received from my doctor a standard dose of antibiotic “Doxycycline HCL” 100 mg capsules, instead improve my situation the antibiotic only intensified the cough and vomiting. Also traditional remedies appeared to have no effect. At the beginning of June 2000 the subsequent bleeping of my “smoke alarm” proceeding the “long weekend” (Queens Birthday, 3-5 June) again intensified my attacks of cough and vomiting. At that time my vomiting was so strong that almost entire content of my stomach was vomited after each meal. I felt as my life force is gradually slipping away from me. Unfortunately, for the reasons described in item (C7) that follow, I was too intimidated and scared to take a sick leave, so I continued work.


      On 20 June 2000 my health situation was so serious that I started to believe that I am just experiencing another assassination attempt. I started to seriously wonder weather my health would improve, if I abandon my work on this treatise. On that day I decided to ignore the doctors opinion on physical impossibility of a fungal infection of lungs, and on my own responsibility I purchased antifungal lozenges “Fungilin” by the Australian company SQUIBB, which I started to take immediately. (During this purchase I felt like a criminal, because I tried to buy a pharmacy only medicine without having a prescription.)


      For a few days these lozenges managed to turn around my downward trend. However, on Friday evening, 23 June, they unexpectedly lost their power - probably UFOnauts changed the organism into a new one which was resistant to “Fungilin”. After all, a next weekend was approaching and they could not allow to spend it on working with this treatise. So I was again in the starting point, and I had no choice but to make a drastic decision regarding this treatise.


      When in the effect of a rapid attack of vomiting which took place on Saturday, 24 June, chunks from the stomach blocked my respiratory track causing that I started to suffocate and almost parted with life, I decided that I was not be able to withstand this battle for the quality of the treatise any longer, and that I needed to publish it as soon as I could in the state as it was at that stage, for the simple reason that I did not want to die for it.


      The above experience allow to draw several conclusions, e.g.


      1. that in fact some kind of “biological warfare” is being used by UFOs - which in my case was very selective and seemed to have my name written on it

      2. that in UFO matters there are no “experts” because our knowledge is inadequate and too limited if compared with alien technology and immorality

      3. that in matters relating to UFOs we should start taking notice what the logical deductions and scientific analyses are telling us, even if these appear to be contradictive to the current state of our knowledge

    3. (C3) Blockades of correspondence.

      Wherever I go, something, or someone, is blocking my correspondence, opening or destroying my letters, returning them back to the senders, forcing me to continually change addresses, etc. (Similar story is with my emails, which for example sometimes may refuse to open informing in an error message that someone else is currently reading them.)


      For example only within one year since I arrived to assume my job in Timaru, New Zealand, I was forced to change my postal address 4 times, because each subsequent address that I used turned out to be unsafe for my correspondence. Even when I used my employer address, my letters still were opened or misdirected, not mentioning that a financial persuasion was applied to discourage the use of my office address.


      Previously I also experienced pressures to not use my office address at the University of Otago - I remember the case of my Professor directly ordering me at a departmental meeting to stop allowing my correspondents to direct their letters at the University address. The result is that my link with the rest of the world is constantly being interrupted, thus paralyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of my research and publishing activities.

    4. (C4) Continuous technical problems,

      with almost every piece of equipment that I need to use in order to do my UFO research and publications, and with almost every activity that I need to carry out to disclose our parasites. In order to describe only the most representative technical problems that I experience always when I am doing my research and publishing, in monograph [1/3] I needed to write a small chapter (V).


      For example when I was writing this treatise I was continually backing up its copies into the memories of 3 computers, because my computers continually tend to break, disks become demagnetized, keyboards refuse to work, something causes my files to get deleted, etc. At the time when this treatise entered the final stage, the magnetic cards recorder which feeds all photocopying machines that I use, mysteriously failed and needed to be replaced by being imported from the USA -thus totally demobilizing my photocopying.


      When I was entering the final stage of the previous treatise [7], my access to computer printers was denied, thus forcing me to find an outside printer. When I drive to do a field research, cars that I am driving mysteriously refuse to start even when they work perfectly at all other times, traffic lights get jammed holding me at street crossings, my cameras and microphones mysteriously are demobilized, photographs are under-exposed or over-exposed, strange, dense milk like fog is wrapping up me and my companions causing that we get lost, etc.


      Coincidentally all these technical problems are somehow occurring in such a manner that in the final outcome they always delay the publication, or research, on our cosmic parasite that I am working on at a given time.

    5. (C5) Continuous problems at work and in private life,

      distract me from my research. It is difficult to find a period in my life during which there would not be something occurring which eventually would not interrupt the research that I am carrying out on our cosmic invaders. The problems, which our parasites proved in action as costing me an enormous amount of time and energy, and thus proved extremely effective in slowing down or completely paralyzing my research, are massive complaints or libels which plague me continually.


      Although each time the complaining UFO-collaborators are different, and although in each case they complain or libel about something different, always they do it in a manner which indicates an excellent knowledge of the situation, always use arguments which in a given environment turn to be the most destructive - even if many cases are untrue, always attack me in a manner which is extremely difficult to defend and which is almost impossible to prove to be untrue, always are arranged in a manner which is the most effective in given circumstances, and always are delivered to those people who for some reason are more then happy to take a hostile action against me.


      Of course, because I am a teacher, in my case all complaints are written by my students who most frequently accuse me of not being able to teach them, failing them, etc. (in case of other fighters with our cosmic enemy, such complaints or libels are based on their current situation). To make it even more strange, these complaints are usually written by people whose norm would not allow to produce such masterpieces of intrigue and hostility.


      The only explanation for these technically perfect (although morally degenerate) complaints lies in the results of my research (e.g. see subsection D5.2), which state that telepathic or hypnotic manipulation of human minds is the strongest weapon and skill of our cosmic parasites, and that the effect which is the most easy to accomplish via this manipulation is to make selected “collaborators” launch a well designed complaint. Of course, apart from these explained above, also numerous other kinds of problems which distract me from UFO research are constantly plaguing me.


      For example, it is a tradition that during every longer break in teaching I am completing some laborious research or writing project on UFOs. But also it is a tradition that when such a break approaches, somehow I am falling sick in a manner that is disorganizing my research, even if there is no apparent reason to get sick.

      Subsection B4 describes the so-called “moral laws” (e.g. the “Boomerang Principle”). My studies of these laws revealed that in typical cases they provide moral returns to a given action only after lengthy time-delays, which may take many years. However, I noted that in case of immoral actions of UFO collaborators, the return from these laws seems to be very swift.


      Only from the group of those collaborators who caused problems related to this treatise, I noted several cases when only a few months later those involved were experiencing exactly the same fate which they originally prepared for me. In other cases of UFO collaborators which I observed, when the response of moral laws was not so swift, the final punishment turned to be much more severe.


      Unfortunately I do not know other investigators who would study the action of moral laws, so I am not able to compare my findings with their observations. But it would be interesting to determine if this swift and severe action of moral laws towards collaborators who execute UFO satanic plots, is a general rule or just an exception.

    6. (C6) Repetitive setting up, aimed at undermining my integrity, honor, moral perception by others, etc.

      Every time when serious problems are stirred up in my life, a function of the “last straw” is to perform a carefully designed and extremely vicious setting up. Each such setting up is so designed that affects me at a moment when I am most vulnerable, and also is so selected that it always introduces a heavy atmosphere of mutual suspicions, checking each other, distrust, etc. In order to give here a good example what kind of setting up I have in mind, perhaps I should describe a real event which took place in 1984 when my fate was about to be decided in the first steady job after my emigration to New Zealand.


      Just a few days before my job was to be confirmed as permanent (I still was on a probationary period), one night around 1 am someone got into the campus where I worked at that time, and used the telephone in a lift of one of the buildings. This someone was talking to Poland for several hours, incurring a substantial telephone bill. It was never established who actually did it. But I was the only person on campus who was freshly arrived from Poland. A dense atmosphere of suspicion enveloped me, in spite of the fact that at that stage I had no idea that lifts usually have telephones, nor I knew how to make an international call to Poland (especially from a lift telephone and in the middle of night).


      Of course, whenever an attack on me is in a climax point, always this type of setting up takes place, only each time the scenario is different, and some new means of inducing suspicion is used. It appears that such “setting up” of people is a vital component of the destructive methods used by our parasite.

    7. (C7) Impossibility of work in a steady job.

      Although I achieved the highest level of education that a mere mortal can obtain (i.e. a professorial level in as many as two different disciplines), although I accumulated such wealth of experience that even a jungle monkey would become a good teacher, and although I adhere to totalism (see subsection B5) which at the moment probably is one of the most moral philosophies on Earth, I experience extreme difficulty with having the same job for a period longer then two years.


      An interesting observation I made recently is that my changes of job seem almost to be carefully planned by someone in order to make me very busy with subsequent shifting to different places, so that I do not have much time left for the research, and also that I disperse my research resources. Although the reasons why I am constantly forced to change my jobs almost in each case are different, the effect is always the same - after a period of around 2 years, when I stabilize enough that I could do some research on our cosmic parasite, I am entering a sizable period of instability, job searching, shifting to another city or country, and thus am unable to carry out my strategic research or publishing.


      Most frequently the reasons for changing my job are circumstances of my employment, which are so defined from the very beginning that I am employed for a short period of time only, and then my contract expires forcing me to move. In one case explained in subsection A4, I was fired from my job after 2 years of work. Once I had a stable job, but my girlfriend forced me to resign and move to another job and area, because she wanted to live in a bigger city (although she broke with me immediately when I resigned from my job, and she hasn’t moved with me to a bigger city - now, looking back, I can believe that the only purpose of our relationship was to make me resign from my steady job).


      In one case I lost a steady job because of my emigration from Poland to New Zealand. As explained in chapter B and subsection D5.2, technology and control over people, which are at the disposal of our cosmic parasite, make it possible that all these changes of jobs are purposely “arranged”.

      The interesting observation which somehow seems to confirm that perhaps my jobs are “arranged” for me, is that the polytechnic at which I was employed for the time of writing this treatise, had a “zero complaints policy” - i.e. it used to fire lecturers, if students complained about any academic matter relating to the teaching. This polytechnic was the only educational institution in which I worked so far, that had this policy towards complaints of an academic nature.


      The reason is that in practice such a policy turns to be sufficiently destructive to disorganize the whole teaching (one can easily imagine what is happening in the situation when students know jolly well that every lecturer can be fired because of their complaint, and for example a lecturer tries to execute a laborious assignment, a difficult test, or simply is not liked by one of his/her students).


      Thus, such a policy is also extremely oppressive for all academic staff. Unfortunately, I learned that it exists, only when I was in the final stage of writing this treatise (although my students know about it from the very beginning). As it used to happen every time when I was about to finish a publication regarding our cosmic parasites, also at that time “all hell broke loose” around me.


      I was constantly bombarded with all sorts of attacks and distractions. Of course, one of the heaviest distractions turned out to be a complaint claiming that I failed to teach my students, signed by all four students which participated in my class on programming in C++. In the light of that “zero complaints policy”, I was put into a defensive position, and I was at risk of instant dismissal. Fortunately the “peaceful resistance” method described in subsection B4 (see the moral law named “Principle of Counterpolarity”) proved itself to be extremely effective also this time, and with the strong support from almost all my professional colleagues I managed to escape the instant dismissal.


      However, our parasite accomplished its goal, because it forced me to abandon work on this treatise, and to concentrate on my defense during the period extending from around 20 March (when the student’s complaint emerged and affected me), until 5 April 2000 (when the final verdict regarding ways in which to punish me were announced). Also various further repercussions of this complaint (such as my obligation to additional attend teaching courses in my personal time, or the constant supervision and monitoring I was subjected to) significantly limited my time left for this treatise.

    8. (C8) Raising survival problems at each crucial time.

      One of the most troublesome methods of deterring people from completing activities that run against the interests of our cosmic parasite, is to raise survival problems for these people at the most crucial times. A good example of problems that can be raised in such crucial times, is the attempt to fire me from my job, as described above, which coincided with the time when this treatise was in the final stage of preparation.


      Unfortunately this event is not an exception, but a repetitive pattern which in my case occurs each time when I am about to publish a new treatise regarding our cosmic parasites. Another excellent example of survival problems caused by our parasites are those raised when I was in the last stage of preparation of the treatise [7B] (treatise [7B] describes another self-defense device given to us by our cosmic allies). I lectured at that time in tropical Borneo, and lived in a small settlement called “7 Miles” that was located at the edge of the jungle.


      I had a significant problem with food in that place, because the food that was available locally was inedible for me. So I used to bring a lot of European supplies from Kuala Lumpur distant by around two hours of fly by a jet plane, and kept in my fridge months of food supply. But one night my packed with food fridge died, and no technician was able to revive it. My months of food supply went bad, and I needed to travel each day to distant Kuching to find something edible thus having almost no time left for finishing treatise [7B].


      Of course, one could blame this failure of my fridge in such a crucial time as a coincidence. But at the exact hour when my fridge failed on the ground floor (around 1 am), my bedroom located on the second floor was so freezed that the frost woke me up and gained my attention. In turn I knew that in tropical Borneo there is no such thing as a night frost, while the research on telekinesis described in subsection D2.1.2 reveals that the Telekinetic Effect released by propulsors of a UFO of the second generation is able to cause a rapid drop of temperature in a room, if such an invisible UFO flies into that room.

      Although the above descriptions are based on events which happened to me, my observations of other fighters who act against the interests of our parasite indicate that all people are “treated” in a very similar manner, i.e. hostile events that affect them can be slightly different, but the general method and scenario remain the same. Therefore, it is very probably that the reader may recognize in these descriptions some events which actually happened to him/her. Of course, it is amazing how our cosmic parasite managed to confuse us that such obviously alien activities remained unnoticeable.



  2. Knowledge is responsibility.

    The philosophy of totalism, to which I adhere, teaches us that those people who received the opportunity of gaining a specific knowledge, are also carrying the responsibility for a proper use of this knowledge. Somehow it happened that it is me who received the honor of discovering that our planet is under an invisible occupation of technically advanced but morally decayed alien relatives of humans.


    Therefore it is also my obligation to initiate the alarm and to notify other people of this shocking discovery. I am morally obliged to start such an alarm even though I already experienced it to be connected with a multitude of dangers. But as soon as I expose the situation to other people, then it becomes also their responsibility to react accordingly to their capabilities. Therefore further reason why such an “unscientific” topic as alien occupation of Earth is raised here, is my sense of responsibility for notifying others about this tremendously vital fact.


  3. Our self-defense must be initiated.

    If our situation is ever to improve, we need to wake up from the present lethargy, and initiate our self-defense. Therefore, one of the reasons of openly addressing the problem of our occupation by alien forces, is to realize that we need to begin our self-defense.