by Mark Sircus
June 17, 2013

from DrSircus Website








I know itís a little late to come to a 2012 party, and I did finally see 2012 the movie just the other night.


It is half way through 2013 already and most of us are still alive, but if you want to see everything from the film happening (up to a point) just look at the news about all the volcanoes that have gone into high states of activity.


Put them all together and what do we have - huge tonnages of earth materials being thrown into the atmosphere threatening to increase global cooling.


Global dimming (cooling effect) is a real phenomenon caused by human activity (lots of planes) but just one big blow from one volcano can send world temperatures into the gutter. More than several are threatening to blow their stacks.


Even with present activity from dozens of highly active volcanoes the outlook is not good in terms of climate.


In the mainstream press the conversation,

"is no longer solely about how to save the planet by cutting carbon emissions. Itís becoming more about how to save ourselves from the warming planetís wild weather."

In March, President Barack Obamaís science advisers sent him a list of recommendations on climate change.


No. 1 on the list: "Focus on national preparedness for climate change."


After years of losing the fight against rising global emissions of heat-trapping gases, governments around the world are emphasizing what a U.N. Foundation scientific report calls "managing the unavoidable." Cities are making plans to defend their citizens and billions are needed just when the world runs out of money that has any value.


It is getting pretty crazy out there with fewer and fewer places left to hide.


As we threaten ourselves though our huge gap in human intelligence (allowing bankers, politicians and corporate barons to rule the roost) the natural world is collaborating with human darkness by throwing us increasingly intense "unavoidable" curve balls.


There are cracks forming and sink holes opening and the strangest things happening such as booming sounds that no one can explain, and locusts, floods, plagues, record breaking tornadoes and more earthquakes.


Violent climate change has become the norm and in a very real sense it does not matter in the short term if we are experiencing global heating or cooling - the fact is we are changing in an increasingly violent way.


I donít think theories matter much anymore and itís hard to argue when we see so many floods and increasing extremes in the weather. Violent weather change is a growing threat for a planet of diminishing resources and still increasing population.


Seven billion men, women and children are facing a collective future, but there are people (the rich of course) who believe and act as if they are not part of the collective.





This particular volcano is near Mexico City and is a threat, like others, to millions of people who live near them.


NASA administrator Charles Bolden, recently spoke before scientists and industry members at a space weather conference, which was held at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


Bolden began his address with the acknowledgement that space weather events (such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, coronal holes, filaments, gamma ray burst, and galactic cosmic rays),

"can be as devastating to the planet as serious tornadoes and other natural disasters."

Scientists are studying how our galaxy Milky Way and our Sun produce far reaching consequences here on Earth.


Few people bother to meditate on the fact that we are all living in a vast sea of electromagnetic energy and beyond. The beyond is best comprehended with a study of scalar energies that many scientists have shown interest in including Einstein.


NOAAís Acting Administrator, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan presented an orientation of how important it is for all of us (and all nations) to work together on preparedness acknowledging that natural earth changing events are escalating and may continue for some time as we venture through this cycle.


There are people, asserting that there is a relationship/correlation between magnetic (charged particles) and events/changes that go on at the earthís core. Meaning also that there are direct causal effects between charged particles generated from various sources and their role on celestial orbs such as planets, comets, and asteroids.


These same people understand other important relationships addressing our attention to the fact that Earthquakes and volcanoes - most of which occur on the ocean floor, is the key source of cooling the mantle.


Furthermore, as the result of increased submarine volcanoes, ocean temperatures rise causing a fluctuation in ocean and jet stream currents causing "extreme weather".





Even suns can be affected.


All the light from all the other suns in the universe are pouring gamma rays out that spread everywhere and are thus present in every square inch of space.


That includes the space at the center of our sun and the center of our planet. It also includes the space inside of DNA meaning in the middle not only of our biological existence but our mental and spiritual existence as well.


It's enough to flip almost anyone out to contemplate the reality that all of this light (intercepting in each inch of space) is dark.


The color of space is black because it so full, not empty as everyone would like to believe.





This is another in Japan that on 6-13-2013 was blowing.


I think people would get tired if I posted all the volcanoes that have been showing increased activity this year. I am showing only a few of many that have been reported on in the last two to three weeks of May-June, 2013.


The point of this essay is about change - earth changes and the changes being effected in us and our living conditions. Being prepared for change is not something that comes easy to a race of beings that do not like to change.


We love stability and we have easily gotten fat on modern civilization with all its comforts and perversions.

"Never before in recorded history have there been so many potential threats facing so many people. The Earth is in crisis," writes the Extinction Protocol.

Events are not pretty to watch if you count in your heart with the human suffering involved.


What is probably happening is that we are heating and cooling at the same time. Heating at the center of the earth and cooling from above in the stratosphere and that is leading to extremes on the planetís surface.





World War Three


Amazingly, in the middle of all these earth-shattering events humans are on the warpath again.


You can read it now in the news as different countries align themselves on opposing sides in Syria. Russian President Putin is slam-dunking Obama for providing support to the rebels because some of them are demonstrating cannibalistic tendencies.


Like a black hole sucks event in this civil war is spreading and threatening to morph into the conflict of our worst nightmares.





Conditions in the United States


Heavy rains and major flooding have upturned states from Florida to the Midwest and up and down the East Coast, causing havoc for millions of people recently.


Yet drought still affects 44 percent of the United States. Despite the torrential rains of the last couple weeks, 2013 is off to an even drier start than 2012 or 2011. Over half of the lower 48 states are still enduring abnormally dry conditions.


In seven states, more than 80 percent of the land is considered to be in "severe drought," with Colorado now fighting its worst fire in its Stateís history.


The result for 2013 so far is that the cost of food is expected to go up by four percent.


Winter wheat crops were seriously damaged by the "flash drought" pattern; as of June 9, just 31 percent of the nationís crop was in good or excellent condition. Beef is selling at record highs and prices are expected to climb; demand has risen at the same time supply has dropped.


The countryís cattle herd is the smallest itís been since 1952 and its feed - grasses, corn and soybeans - are far more expensive thanks to small yields due to the drought.