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Number Sightings
Last Updated December 14, 2008


Are there certain numbers that you consider to be “your” numbers? Do you find that when you glance at the clock it always seems to be at a certain time?


Take it a step further, and have you even gotten the same particular numbers that appear on various things that you come into contact with? If so, that would be what I call “number sightings”, for lack of a better term. It’s a very real phenomenon, and one that goes above mere chance and statistical probability, as I will show.

Numbers and symbolisms are a universal language to communicate to anybody, no matter what their culture or what language they speak. And in our modern, technology-based society, numbers are everywhere.


With the digital age we have an increase in the ways in which numbers can appear to us - digital numbers on your cell phone, alarm clock, computer, car dashboard clock, DVD player, television, stereo, iPod, video game system… numbers, numbers, everywhere, and plenty of opportunity for the universe to get through and communicate.


I find it interesting that the New Age idea of evolving to a higher realm and spiraling out of consciousness, with numbers such as 11:11 supposedly acting as a signpost of this, happened to come about in this modern technology advanced society… where digital numbers make these signposts possible. With so much digital numbering going on around us, probability would have it that number sightings would naturally be on the increase.


The more techno gadgets we own and come into contact with, the more opportunities there are for sightings. So are the increase in number sightings a natural result of the digital age, or is something higher taking advantage of the digital age to communicate? Can consciousness also take advantage of the technology to synchronistically draw to itself various sorts of phenomenon, including numbers? I think it can be any one of those theories, depending.

A good place to start for anybody who’s researching this subject is to learn a little about numerology, the meaning of numbers. Numbers have symbolic meanings, as well as a vibrational frequency, and once you understand the basics of what numbers mean you can begin applying those meanings to the numbers that consistently come up for you.


It’s a starting point. Without the foundation of what a number means, you might have a hard time getting to the bottom of why a particular number/sequence keeps appearing to you. The more you “learn the language,” the more you will notice, and the more symbolism will come your way.

Here’s a rundown of common number meanings to get you started if you’re unfamiliar with this.


(And just to note that I didn’t come up with these meanings. At the end of this piece I cite several sources of research if the reader is interested. But I realized I should make note of that after seeing the following copied and pasted and passed around the ‘net on blogs and message-boards, with people acting as if I came up with this…)

0 - Timelessness, super consciousness, God.
1 - Beginnings, origins, conception, individuality, the ego.
2 - Union, partnership, two halves of a whole, coming together, duality - male, female, yin and yang, good and evil.
3 - Life, inner strength, creativity, planning, developing, constructing, striving, the divine Trinity, past present and future, mother father and child.
4 - Stability, work, labor, structure, foundation, earthly things, the cube, the square. Being satiated.
5 - Action, change of course, daring and bold nature, the five human senses, material excess, Man and primal urges. In occultism, think of the pentagram.
6 - Tranquility, harmony, balance, love, perfection, things are flowing and being in the flow.
7 - High spiritual achievement, mental perfection. Other sources define 7 as the waiting period, being stuck, unable to move forward, a time of evaluation, the unstable period before inevitable change…think of Genesis - and on the seventh day, God rested.
8 - Power, authority, will, material gains, success, energy, karma, entering a new phase. The sign for “infinity” is a figure 8 tipped on its side.
9 - Endings, rebirth, reformation, recovery, things coming full circle. The circle is 360 degrees - 3 + 6 + 0 = 9.
10 - Closure of a cycle, transformation, beginning anew, possibly on a higher level. Also, computer binary code, indicative of “a program”, is the repeating 10101010.
11 - The initiate, mastery of a domain, spirituality, enlightenment, potential to achieve. Many MANY people have reported consistently spotting a variation of this, which is 11:11, namely on clocks. Two interesting theories include 11:11 being a trigger code to wake us up and raise ourselves out of the illusion; or, being in the flow and on the right track, with things lining up, as evidenced by the parallel line structure of 1111. In trying to figure out how people came to decide that 11:11 is a “trigger code” of some sort, I came across a definition of the number 11 in Mary Summer Rain’s “Guide to Dream Symbols” book. She claims that 11 represents misplaced values. I thought that was interesting since she’s pretty much the only source saying this. If 11 represents misplaced values, then getting 11:11’d could be a reminder to rethink our values and strive for something better.
12 - Spiritual strength, divine protection. It’s a related form of 3, since when it’s broken down, 1 + 2 equals 3.
13 - Obstacles to overcome, death, destruction, end and beginning.
28 - The moon cycle, the feminine cycle. 28 is 2 + 8, which is 10. Think of the meaning of the number 10 and how it matches with the concept of the moon and feminine cycles.
33 - High potential, mastery of spiritual consciousness. The 33rd rite of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry is the highest level one can achieve. Jesus died at 33. (but then again, the bible was supposedly re-written by Freemasons who inserted that in.

For me, the main numbers that have followed me around for the longest time have been 119, 948, and 141. 119, for my birthday, 11/9. 9:48, for the time I was born.


And 141…well, it wasn’t originally my number, but it transferred over to me. But more on that in a moment. In 2003, as my awareness grew, the number sightings branched out to include repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 1111, etc., sequence numbers such as 123, 234 and 1234, and even more unusual yet meaningful numbers such as 1133, 1010 and 1212.

So, about the whole 141 transfer thing: 141 had been my brother’s personal number, something that supposedly followed him around. With Joe it was always “141 this” and “141 that”, although I never saw any proof of this, I just took his word for it that it was happening. I myself didn’t have numbers that followed me around like that. However, once I moved up to Portland, Oregon in November 2001, that started to change.


Not too long after arriving in Portland where I was roommates with my brother (who was a mind controlled “MILAB” pawn/abductee, see my book “Chasing Phantoms” for more on this) I began to notice that I was seeing 11:09 an awful lot on the clocks. I’d get the urge to glance at my digital alarm clock at home or at the computer clock at work right when it was 11:09.


My birthday is 11/9, so the number meant something to me. Coincidentally, before starting to see these numbers in Portland, I’d recently begun “assigning” the numbers 119 and 948 to myself, usually within passwords and stuff. So I’d consciously reached out to those numbers you could say, which plays a big part in how the phenomenon can happen I think.


This is a point I’ll return to again at the end of this piece, when I discuss the important role that awareness seems to play in drawing number sightings to oneself.

It was during this time period in 2001 that I discovered that my dad’s phone extension at work back in Connecticut is now…141. My first thought when I heard the voice mail recording at his company announcing his name and “141” attached to it was to think, “oh great, now they got to you too.” :/ When I told my brother about it he just stared at me deadpan. It was so incredible he made me redial the number just so he could hear for himself.

Then the night Joe was arrested in Portland, caught breaking into a building with stolen items on him from a previous burglary, everything changed. (That just came out of left field, huh? Oh, the drama….) It’s a long story, which I won’t get into here, but that was the night that 141 transferred over to me. Five minutes before the cops showed up with my brother in the back of their car I got another 11:09 on the clock.


It literally made me stop in my tracks, frozen in place for a few seconds realizing,

“Okay….this isn’t right…something is happening…”

Then the doorbell rang. How right I was.


Almost an hour an a half later when they were asking me to sign a warrant for them to search my belongings (since I roomed with him and was considered equally as guilty until proven innocent) I had to put the date and time on the paperwork. I glanced at the clock, which said 12:21. A mirror number, the same backwards and forward. Not only that, but my full given name adds up to 84 in numerology, and 8+4 = 12. Joe’s adds up to 21, without having to break it down.) Pretty clever.


Both 12 and 21 also equal 3 when you add 1+2, so together we’re “33,” and 12+21 = 33.

“But wait…there’s more!” 1221 also happens to break down to:

1 2+2 1
1 4 1

When the cops were finally leaving I glanced at the clock for only the third time that evening. And it was 1:41 a.m. exactly. The cops were leaving at 1:41, with my brother in tow, but the fun had only just begun.

141, and the other two numbers, came up repeatedly throughout the course of that insane weekend. Every time I had the urge to glance at the clock that weekend it was 10:41, 11:41, 1:41, 11:09, 9:48, or some combination, such as 4:11, 10:14, 11:14, 1:14, 11:19 or 9:11.


Even when I had the urge to look at my mileage odometer. I was sitting in my car in the Rite Aid parking lot intensely contemplating whether to bail my brother out of jail - yet again - then I had the urge to glance at the odometer, something I rarely pay any attention to. And it just so happened to be at exactly 119,974. My birthday is 11/9/1974.


Close enough for horseshoes. It was absolutely out of control, and at the time I had the feeling that there was a “tug of war” going on between 119 and 141. 119, my number, me, and 141, my brother’s number, him, who was dragging me down in life and who I was trying to make a break from.

141 has been a regular part of my life ever since that weekend. I would also come to discover that 141 is embedded within my brother’s birthday. 1/31/1981.


Breaking it down numerology style, which reduces numbers down to single digits, we get:

3 + 1 = 4
1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19 (= 10 = 1)

Pretty clever, if I do say so myself. Hyperdimensional fingerprints?

So, with that in mind, let’s review some of the more intriguing highlights of my number sightings taken from my personal log book so you can see what I’m talking about. My log books are filled with many an entry that simply states that I had the urge to glance at the clock right when it was a certain time, whether it be 11:09, 1:41, or some form of those numbers.


While that’s definitely important and it’s the exact type of situation you could document if you were set about to log your own number sightings, I won’t bore you to tears by listing all of those entries. It gets repetitive, and you get the point. So instead, I will focus on the more intriguing and bizarre examples, taken from my book with some minor edits for clarity.


Bonus photos for illustrative proof are mixed in throughout, and following the log excerpts is a summary conclusion section, and some possible answers for what it all means and how it all works.

So what does it mean?
After all of that, some may be wondering what the Bigger Picture is regarding this phenomenon. What in the frickity frack does it mean?? And how does it all happen, anyway??

For starters, much of this phenomenon seems to be beyond time. The way in which things to come my way, or align on key number moments, clearly indicates something operating outside of the constraints of linear time. So that’s the first important thing to note.

After six years of getting these numbers, I’ve noticed that I’ve never received 141 in a way that was positive. 141, compared to 119, is always “loud” and in my face, appearing in creepy surreal ways that defy statistical chance. When something negative is coming up, I have a warning in the form of a big ol’ 141…or multiple 141’s… which seem to pop up everywhere.


A very psychic acquaintance who listened to my story said that 141 could also be a sign of being off track in life. Not listening to intuition, making bad choices, not keeping myself spiritually “up to par,” and going against the flow. I like that theory too and believe both have validity, depending on the situation. On the flip side, the 119s tend to be quiet, hovering in the background, making their presence quietly heard before ducking aside again. It is usually intricately connected to the 141, but far more unobtrusive.


What I’ve noticed is that sometimes I get a 119/1109 first, followed by the 141…and sometimes another 119/1109 after. Somebody recently mentioned to me in an email that they view 119’s as being 911 in reverse….so basically, disaster/emergency averted. When I heard that I was like, “!!! Of course!!!!” Definitely one possibility. 119/1109 may also refer to something neutral or positive, a learning lesson if you will, also generated by my own Higher Self.


Maybe when it’s attached to the “negative” 141 it indicates that the negative experience is a learning lesson. Who knows. Although at this point I’m really liking the 911 in reverse/disaster averted theory. 9:48 in turn occurs rarely, but when it does it’s usually always linked with a time when I’m going through positive changes, growth, or, “rebirth.”


I was born at 9:48, so it makes sense. A new beginning.

These are just theories, but that’s what all the evidence is pointing to, for me. I started out with no theory at all, and have worked my way up to this. If evidence comes in which can further prove or disprove it, I’m always open to it.

But getting back onto the subject of time - as noted in my “Synchronicities” write up, I’ve recently realized something that others have noted as well - that time seems to be flowing backwards. These negative “141 events” have already happened, and the effects of them are spilling backwards in the timeline. To read more about this, see the Synchs write up.


But in those instances, the 141’s can be a useful head’s up, alerting me to something coming up, so I can be more aware of my own thoughts and actions/reactions, and thus, sidestep something. (And in case you’re wondering whether the negative meddling trouble/negative event spilling backwards in the timeline is set in stone, totally unavoidable, the answer to that is a resounding “NO.”


All it means is that there is potential for problems and mishaps, but the outcome depends on us, and how we react [or, don’t react, in some cases] to whatever happens. Ultimately we’re all in charge of our own actions and reactions. The Toltecs call this “stalking” yourself, where you closely watch, analyze and modify your thoughts, words and actions. It’s a very good habit to get into, and necessary for waking up.)


However, in the repeated cases of having the urge to glance at the clock at key times, (most of which I didn’t even mention in the above excerpts due to the redundant nature of it) it seems to be more spur of the moment, a “taking advantage of an opportunity” sort of thing. Like getting a poke in the ribs to “look!”


Although that “something” poking me in the ribs was definitely outside of time I would imagine.


And then there’s the idea that sometimes these numbers may just be the universe’s way of getting your attention, like a hand waving in front of your face. Once it gets your attention, causing you to look closer at the phenomena, then maybe you’ll start to look a little closer at other things going on in your reality and start to wake up.


Who knows...

However, as “useful” as the numbers may be for forewarning of impending events, something that’s always nagged at me is the viral nature of them. The way in which they spread from person to person. 141 was never my number. But it became my number once I started hearing about it over and over. Then it became my boyfriend Tom’s number, after hearing about it from me.


And now 141 has spread onto people who’ve since read about it on my site. Conversely, the number “137” has also spread to Tom from a guy we both met through Tom’s old message board forum. After hearing about 137 this and 137 that, wouldn’t you know it….it spread to him starting in 2007.

On the David Icke message board forum there was a thread started by a poster named “aaaa555” called “Get off the signal!” having to do with numbers, synchs, symbols, etc. and I found his ideas on the subject to be worth noting. I asked him if I could quote him on my site, but as it typically goes on the “David Icke Forum of Chaos and Mayhem” he never came back to post in his own thread that he started.


But since it was posted publicly on a forum in the first place, I’m going to quote what he said here:

“If you are making ‘associations’ with signs, numbers, symbols or other forms, events or things around you, you are running the risk of getting on the signals. The signals are not divine - they’re just electromagnetic radiation pulses that can be perceived as information by you. You are your own person - you do not need signals to tell you what is right or wrong or what to do.


You can act on your own accord. If you are on the signal you are subject to the signal and eventually you won’t be you anymore. The signal will be you and your body will be taken over by something not of this world - not human. This is the game played by them - you look at something that they manifest in the world and energy courses through your body binding you to the sign.


You do this over and over again for years and eventually you’ll be the signal - you’ll be ‘them’.”

Might sound a little crazy to some, I’m sure, but I do understand what he’s talking about. The longer these things happen, the more you notice and pay attention, the easier it is to “become” it.


Soon it’s happening all the time, and your reality is defined by it.


An excerpt from part of my response in that thread:

“I’ve had other people’s numbers transfer over to me, and in turn, my numbers have suddenly become other people’s numbers. The common denominator was awareness. In a way it becomes like a virus. […] What I’ve clearly seen for myself is that the more you pay attention, the more weird “stuff” starts happening.


On the one hand my tendency has been to describe it as part of the awakening process. You know, you start to emerge from the trance-like slumber that this society’s got everybody in, and the universe in turn responds. Now you’ve got signs and road posts and such, guiding you on your way. […] But on the other hand… there was no denying the slightly viral aspect of it all. That’s always nagged at me.


So for that reason there’s not a black and white, polarized situation of either the numbers/signs/synchs/symbols are all bad, or, it’s all some positive fluffy new age divine guide post. It can be a mix of both, but I’ll be honest… I’d love it if the numbers would stop. It was novel for the first few years, and utterly amazing sometimes with the way some of these number sightings occurred, but I’m totally over it by this point….”

So, some food for thought there. I think we are helping to make this phenomenon possible, whether for good or bad. I still haven’t decided which one it is. Although if I never had another number sighting again I wouldn’t miss it, that’s for sure, despite how “helpful” it may be.


And that’s pretty telling I guess.

Ear Tones

Last Updated November 21, 2009

  • “Ear tones” are intermittent short lived tones, occurring in either ear, which many people seem to experience. Often times they are preluded by a pronounced muting effect, where the sound in the room seems to abruptly shut out as the tone then fades in. So it’s a tone that fades in, goes on for a bit, then fades back out.


    But it’s not to be confused with tinnitus, the chronic condition of damaged eardrums where one’s ear(s) constantly ring or hum, (as I understand it).

    Click in below audio-media for a simulation of what a muting followed by an ear tone sounds like.



    This was created by my boyfriend, and it’s so accurate that it’s kind of scary!!


    It’s amazing that he was able to create this. When I hear it, it causes me to poke at my ears, that’s how realistic it is.

    Ear tones can also leave residual after effects. For me, I’ve experienced a burning “fried” feeling in my ears on several occasions when they’ve occurred, much like I’d been chatting on a cell phone for several hours. Sometimes the tone itself causes physical discomfort in the ear, making one cringe.


    Related to this, I’ve experienced something akin to a “tuning fork,” where the sound was coming from just outside my ear and sounded identical to a tuning fork. It felt like I was literally being “gonged” and caused dizziness and disorientation for a few seconds afterwards.

    Other related aspects to ear ringings are ear clickings, “thwumpings,” (for lack of a better way to describe it) and muted pressure without a tone.


  • “Clickings” are just that: clicking noises that seem to come from deep within the ear. My boyfriend has experienced this, which is how I heard about it, and has proven for himself that it’s not natural or some biological malfunction.


    Often times these clickings occur when he’s not consciously focused… yet they stop as soon as he focuses in on them. He also used to run a highly trafficked messageboard forum and noticed that he would get clickings in his ears at the exact time that certain troublemakers were logged onto the forum, either causing problems or apparently just having negative thoughts towards him, which would later become evident in their various postings.


    (This theory was further supported when he began to notice that the clickings consistently occurred with the same people; he’d get clickings, then check the forum, and see that yet again, it was the same certain people logged in.)


    So for him clickings are associated with negative thoughts/energy being directed his way, whatever the source may be, human or otherwise.


  • “Thwumpings” feel very similar to the effect of having fingers flicked in front of your ears according to those I know who have described it to me.

    The “muted pressure” is when the sound goes mute in an ear, accompanied by a pressure that usually feels quite uncomfortable. But no ringing or tone follows.


    This actually seems to be one new mode of operation within my own ear tone adventures, interestingly enough. Since putting this write up out there on the ‘net, not only are some of my ear tones now much fainter and shorter than they ever used to be, but there’s also this new muted pressure thing as well.


    Another abductee I know who experiences the tones has recently noticed this “change in operations” as well.

And a new one that a reader just informed me about are ear tones that sound like “Morse code.”


To quote from her email (with permission):

“…These are very very frequent for me, and in fact if I listen quietly enough, I can hear it running deep in the background most of the time. It is a series of two different notes or positive/negative sounds… tone semitone tone, in varying lengths of short and long. Morse code is the only thing I can liken it to…”

I thought this was interesting enough to be worth mentioning, in case anybody else reading this also experiences it.

But the most important factor, which can’t be stressed enough, is the uncanny synchronistic timing of ear tones. They often happen during key moments, in conjunction with a specific comment said by somebody, or maybe a number sighting or a déjà vu. It is this aspect of ear tones that really got my attention and proved to me that they weren’t a natural, random biological happening with some scientific explanation.

What’s interesting is that this ear tones write up has generated probably the most emails from people in the past 3 1/2 years out of all my write ups (not counting the write ups having to do with movies).


Something about this subject really gets to people, many people can relate to it and have an opinion on it, although nobody is in full agreement as to what it means and how it works. What kind of peeves me though are those who don’t fully read what I’ve noted in this write up and then email me with a know-it-all tone of voice, telling me with absolute authority what’s going on in ALL cases of ear tones, including mine.  Like, “Psssh, didn’t you know?? Duh!”


I documented what’s gone on in my own situation, as the reader will see with the log book entries coming up, and tried to come up with various theories based on what that log book information was indicating. So it’s always a bit irksome when people don’t take that moment to read what I’ve written before firing off a know-it-all email.


Brainstorming and trading ideas is good…being a know-it-all who jumps the gun before reading what somebody has written and before considering other evidence is not!!

I’ve had sporadic ear tones throughout my life, but the issue became so prevalent during 2002, due to what I was involved with in life, that I created an entire section of my log book devoted solely to documenting it.


The log book contained the following information, if possible:

  • The date and exact time the ringing/tone happened

  • Which ear it occurred in

  • What the tone sounded like, (high, low, strong, faint, short lived, long lived and going on and on, tuning fork, hum, etc.)

  • Whether there was any muting involved, and physical after effects

  • What exactly I was doing/saying at the time it happened. What was I thinking about? Who was I talking to? Where was I?

Through documenting this information, I was able to determine over enough time that these ear tones are definitely not random, nor the result of a natural, biological problem with my ears, and most definitely did point to some external situation happening.


I was also able to determine that there was a difference in meaning for right ear versus left ear. For me, the left ear has been negative, usually indicating straight up monitoring, or warning me that something is “off” about a person or situation, while the right was positive, sometimes seeming to confirm or reaffirm something I’m thinking or reading. In fact I just came across a reference to ear tones in the book Masquerade Party at Secret Canyon by Jeannine Marie Steiner.


The book is one psychic woman’s personal experiences into the realm of abductions, mind control, and MILAB harassment, and on page 73 she says:

“On my way back to Ventura, I drove past Pt. Mugu Naval Base. Stopping at the red traffic light, suddenly, in my left ear I got a very loud ringing noise. To a psychic that’s a strong warning that means something is very, very wrong. It means red alert. (Ringing in the left ear is a warning and ringing right ear is positive.)“

That was exciting to find someone else noting the same thing I’ve experienced… and who has independently come to the same conclusion as myself as to the meaning of left ear vs. right.


Then again, I have a ‘net acquaintance who noticed that for him, left is positive while right is negative. So everybody will probably be different.

The more you log, the more you can determine for yourself what may be happening with you and what it means. It’s all about logging your stuff - I can’t stress it enough. Documenting things focuses your awareness, and in doing so you gain more power over your life.

Following is a sampling of some of the most interesting ear tone events taken from my log books over the past three years so you can see what it’s all about, if you don’t already know. Consider these my “Ear Tone Hall of Fame” moments.

Afterwards, I’ll get into the who’s, how’s and why’s behind it all…

What interests me in particular from the above excerpts are anything that directly affects and alters the mental and physical state, such as the “tuning fork” phenomenon, the residual burned out “fried” feeling, and the ear tone/noise disturbance designed to scramble my brain and interfere with meditation.


If anything proves that it isn’t just a random meaningless biological occurrence, then these instances would be it. Those times I’ve gotten “gonged” as I call it was a strange sensation, just the way the body reverberated, the dizziness, and sounding as if it was coming from the air around me. It was quite literally like there was an invisible being standing right there next to me, creating this sensation, or at least orchestrating it from a neighboring realm.

Now, if you can rule out tinnitus and you’ve definitely noted a pattern and meaningful synchronistic timing to your ear ringings, then what’s the source and meaning of it all?


There are several possibilities:


  • Monitoring and/or implants

    If you know for certain that you’re an abductee then it’s practically given that you’re going to have some form of implants going on, be it physical or etheric, for the purposes of tracking/monitoring and physical/behavioral modification.


    According to the research, many times the physical implants are located deep within the ears, the base of the skull/cerebellum area, or embedded up in the nose. And etheric implants and techno gadgetry can occur anywhere on the body it seems.


    So with that in mind it makes sense why so many of these ear tones occur for abductees when having “unusual” thoughts about the “weird” stuff, talking to certain people, or during key times and dates.


    (For example, during one particular 24-hour period between December 1-2, 2007 I experienced three ear tones, which is very unusual for me. That for me means something is up on the personal front. And by December 3-4 I was involved in a “hiccup” misunderstanding between myself and a male abductee that my boyfriend and I have known since about 2005, which had the potential to result in a permanent parting of the ways on negative terms with burnt bridges.


    In other words: timeline split. The guy in question runs several websites about UFO/abduction/alien researchers…as well as promoting my website on his various websites, which gives me a lot of traffic, and is much appreciated. And he also happens to be the target of some heavy duty harassment, and it’s not the first time that I’ve gotten ear tones revolving around him.


    VERY interesting, to say the least. But this is why logging my ear tone occurrences was vital - only after the fact could I look back and see what happened around the time that I got them. In this instance it seemed quite clear why the sudden monitoring going on within a day of our weird misunderstanding and near parting of the ways.)


  • The body’s own self-generated mechanism of alert

    Again, pertaining to abductees: another explanation I’ve encountered is that the outside monitoring itself is silent and does not create an audible noise, but rather, the ear tones are the body’s own self-generated mechanism for alerting you that you’re being monitored/interfered with.


    In that case, “right ear” versus “left ear” could actually be the body’s own self designated code to distinguish the different sources and intent behind the monitoring. (see opening introduction where I talk about left seeming to be negative for me in my own case, while right seems to be neutral and/or positive.)


    So the ear tones which have left my ears feeling hot and “fried out,” and the tuning fork hum “gongs” which cause disorientation and dizziness could be a result from a physical implant or even something in a neighboring realm affecting me, while the more benign, painless tones could be my body’s own self-generated warning system.


  • Head’s up warning

    And recently a reader from India emailed me to report that for her:

    • “I’ve found that there is a large natural calamity (Tsunami, flood, earthquake) about 2-3 days after I hear it.”


    So I thought that was interesting and worth mentioning. Also noted in her email, she doesn’t have the abductions thing going on the way I do because she’s in India.


    The whole MILABs and alien abduction phenomenon seem to be running rampant in America from what I’ve learned, probably because the shadow government sold out the American public decades ago in exchange for technology and power. But I digress. So for those in other countries where MILABS and alien abductions aren’t prevalent, then ear tones may have other meanings, such as this.

    There’s an article over at Terra Research talking about this very subject. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions emit scalar waves that can be detected by animals and sensitive people, which in turn can set off ear tones, apparently (as well as migraines and other physical problems in sensitive people, as the article notes.)


    It’s also the same reason why strange cloud formations have been known to form over regions just prior to earthquakes and such. I recently heard from a reader (November 2009) who noticed a correlation between ear tones/partial facial paralysis along with premonition dreams, tying into some natural disaster or big issue happening about three days after-words.


    A near identical situation as the woman who wrote me from India, which is why she was prompted to write me in fact. So, that’s something important to keep in mind and gives credence to the scalar waves theory. However the person who emailed me also noted that she’d gotten the tones and dreams just prior to 9/11, which is obviously a man-made problem, not a natural disaster.


    So it means there is more to the story here, and not just one simple explanation for all situations across the board. Continuing away from the idea of abduction-related happenings we get to…..


  • Angel happenings/Ascension Tones, etc..

    This one needs to be addressed as it’s something you’ll see mentioned elsewhere on the ‘net. But many people have a New Age spirituality take on the subject of ear tones, believing the source(s) are solely angels, higher positive beings, etc., or that the tones are exclusively associated with the process of ascension.


    I can’t personally say what the deal is for everybody else, I can’t even verify whether ascension is really real, I just know that in my own case there definitely seems to be dark undertones - no pun intended - going on with the tones sometimes, as evidenced by several of the above log book entries.


    However I am open to the idea that the more positively associated tones may very well originate from higher positive beings. Who knows, anything is possible. But on the other hand I also feel that many aspects of the new age movement are dis/misinformation, leading people astray.


    Specifically, pushing only fluffy feel-good concepts (with no support whatsoever backing up their various claims and points of view) and purposely steering people away from anything that might be considered “negative”….but which actually may be the truth of what’s happening.


    So you have all these new agers believing only one super positive fluffy explanation for various phenomenon, in this case,

    • “Hearing the tones means you’re tuning into ascension, and the angels and ascended masters are guiding you!”


    Sure, maybe sometimes, for some people. But that’s definitely not all that’s going on here in every case.


    Sorry to burst any new age bubbles, but, sometimes these tones seem to indicate monitoring and interference (or as noted in the previous bullet point, reacting to scalar waves.) Which is why, once again, it’s so important to log your stuff and look for patterns and the bigger picture.


    Don’t just take some fluffy feel good new age source tell you how it is, determine for yourself what’s going on in your own situation.

And related to this is how I’ve had several people email me over the past two years trying to refer me on to the work of the Higher Balance Institute, who claim that there’s a “universal background tone” of sorts that one can tune into. (So if you’re thinking of being yet another person who emails me with a Higher Balance Institute recommendation and invite….don’t. Not interested.)


I have no input either way on the idea of a universal background tone, that’s for the reader to decide for themselves based on their own experiences. However what I do know is that my own situation is not a match for what the HBI is describing. Totally different situation, as clearly evidenced by any of the log book entries noted above.


Problem is, the message I was getting in at least one of these HBI recommendation emails was that there is only one explanation for these tones - the HBI explanation. Sorry, but, X! There’s definitely more to the puzzle here than just that one limited explanation.


And if I’ve proven in my own case that there’s more going on here, then it means the same would go for others.

In my own situation I learned how to utilize my ear tones as a head’s up warning system.


When they occur in the middle of the night, that’s not a good sign. Abductions for me are a middle of the night/early morning occurrence, and so when I’ve gotten an ear tone at 3 a.m. it usually meant somebody was lookin’ for me.


Ear tones for me are many times accompanied by other phenomenon throughout the day, such as synchs, number sightings, etc., and taken together, indicates that “something is up.” That’s why it’s so important to really pay attention to these things and keep a log of your phenomenon, and to pool everything together to see the Big Picture. To discover what it all means you have to start somewhere, and that’s one logged entry at a time.


Then later you can go back over it all and see what was happening on what particular days. (And you don’t want to force square pegs into rounds holes, trying to make your personal situation conform with preconceived ideas, whether it’s abductions/monitoring, ascension, angels, predictions of natural disasters, universal background tones, etc. Just log your stuff, step back, and let the information itself do the talking.)

When sleuthing out the patterns, look at everything you can possibly look at. Pay particular attention to the days of the week, the number of the day of the month, the times when things happened…everything. Maybe there’s a pattern to when “stuff” is happening to you. There almost always is. And numbers are the best place to start - dates and times.


Through documenting my various anomalous physical phenomenon, I soon learned that my pattern involved the 1st - 3rd of the month, and the 20th - 23rd for abductions.

On a closing note, something that can’t be stressed enough here is the need to not get caught up in crazy paranoia regarding this, and other unusual phenomenon. Try your best to view it with an alert, attentive but yet, detached neutrality. When you start wigging out about things your frequency plummets and you become an easy target.


“Stuff” loves nothing more than somebody who’s freaked out, paranoid, or angry about the things that are happening to them, taking violent swings at empty air in the dark. Not good. If you’re being monitored, there’s probably not much you can do about it, unless you’ve figured out a way to put up blocks and stop it.


Otherwise try to view your ear ringings as a tool, a head’s up advantage, a game. If nothing else at least they make life interesting, and prove to you that there’s a whole lot more to this reality then the mainstream world would have you believe. They help keep you awake and on your toes, paying closer attention to your life than you would have otherwise, which is always a good thing.


So, try to maintain a positive, balanced perspective on it all.


Déjà vus
Last Updated May 16, 2010

A déjà vu, as most probably know, is a strange physical sensation that you’re experiencing something you’ve already done before. Not just that you’ve done something similar…but that you’re actually repeating yourself in the same exact way. The sensation usually appears out of nowhere, last for several seconds or longer, and then fades out again.

Thanks to the 1999 movie “The Matrix,” many people now jokingly (or seriously…) think of déjà vus as something being changed in the program of reality. Mainstream science would have us believe that déjà vus are nothing more than a meaningless and explainable biological phenomena centered in the brain, with no known reason for why or how they happen.


And at one point in my life I would have accepted the scientific explanation and dismissed the idea of déjà vus having some special “woo woo!” meaning behind them. Not anymore!

Rather than write out an explanation of why I no longer accept the mainstream scientific explanation for them, I’ll just let my log book do the talking.


Below are excerpts of some of the more notable and outstanding instances of déjà vus that have happened to me over the past few years, followed by some theories as to what it all means…

March, 2002

I was working at _____ Restaurant, (waitress, Florida) and was in the kitchen in the middle of the dinner rush, making a salad at the salad bar. Suddenly I knew that I was going to have a déjà vu. I even paused what I was doing and waited for it (!) like, okay, where is it……come on……THERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!! And when it hit, it REALLY hit. It was THE strongest most crazy déjà vu I’ve ever had, ever. Just insane. Plus, the fact that I had a premonition about it beforehand was amazing, and has never happened before.

November 12, 2002

Tom, Rob, Mike and I were all hanging out, and found ourselves at the Coral Ridge mall. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida.) We were talking about getting something to eat. Mike had suggested Denny’s earlier, and I remembered that I had all these coupons for Denny’s, courtesy of Ryan at work. Ryan had given them to me two weeks earlier, and I’d been holding on to them. These were really good coupons too, for like free meals and half off the ticket, and all that. Free food, basically. Pretty tempting.


We started considering going back to my apartment to get the coupons, when suddenly, Tom had a MAJOR, MAJOR déjà vu, probably his strongest ever. It went above and beyond any normal déjà vu, because not only did he have the feeling that we’d been there before, having that same conversation, but, he actually saw everything that came after……which technically had yet to even happen.


He actually saw us all driving back to my apartment, in his car, sitting at red lights in traffic, then getting the coupons, and pausing to hang out for a bit, playing with my cat and talking. I’ve never heard of that, where the déjà vu memory continues, and you have the entire memory of what has yet to occur. So, starting off as a déjà vu, then turning into a premonition, basically.

Well, because of that, I became suspicious and said, You know what, let’s forget Denny’s why don’t we? Besides, I don’t feel like driving ALL the way back home, just to get some coupons, when we can just go to IHOP instead, which is right down the road. IHOP has better food anyway. AND, factor in the weird lightning storm that was going on outside, out of nowhere, on the same day that all four of us just so happen to come together to hang out in the same place, and this entire thing is MAJORLY suspicious.


So, you know what, forget it. We’re not goin’ to Denny’s, we decided. And we didn’t.

January 16, 2003

Minor déjà vu while talking to Tom on the phone. Then shortly afterwards I had an ear ringing in my right ear. This is an interesting one because this is the night we came THIS close to breaking up. Up until this point there were things going unsaid, and this night was when it all came out. And coincidentally, I get an ear ringing, AND a déjà vu during this conversation?? !

Friday, March 21, 2003
1:05 - 1:10 a.m. approx.

Was talking on the phone to Tom when I had a déjà vu out of nowhere. It was a weird one. Something involving a TV screen and something I was watching on TV on September 11th……?? So I could directly remember the exact date of when this déjà vu connected to. It wasn’t a normal déjà vu where I thought I’d had this conversation before. Instead, it was a déjà vu that didn’t have anything to do with the conversation we were having, but rather, involved that particular moment somehow connecting to September 11th. I’ve never heard of that, but, it could definitely be an indicator of a timeloop, that’s for sure, of merging realities.


April 18, 2003 - Friday

Déjà vu when I got home. Parked my car next to some van that was there for my neighbor, a vendor or repair man or delivery guy or something. I got out, and had a strong, short, déjà vu. I know logically that this incident hasn’t happened before, that was the first time I came home to find that van and that delivery guy there. But yet I also knew that this had happened before.

If anything, the déjà vu may have had something to do with the fact that on the way home, I was faced with a “fork in the road” decision moment, however small, anyway. I was exiting onto the 441 heading home, and had to decide whether to go to the bank to cash my check, or just go to the post office then home. I opted to just go to the post office and home, didn’t feel like standing in line at the bank. Maybe that decision was a timeline altering one?? Who knows.

Monday January 5, 2004
11:53 p.m.

Had a déjà vu simultaneously with an ear ringing in my right ear.
And people believe that déjà vus mean nothing, or else are just natural occurrences of the brain.

Thursday February 5, 2004

Two mini déjà vu things at night while we were sitting at the kitchen table finishing up our food and talking. The first happened at about 7:30 or so. The second happened at…


In the ear ringing log there are two separate incidents of me getting ear ringings in my left ear at exactly 7:39. One a.m., one p.m., with the a.m. one coinciding with a helicopter flying right overhead. Now I got a déjà vu at that time.

NOTE: Tom’s had déjà vus here and there all week as well, so it’s not just me.

Monday, April 12, 2004
12:44 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.
Déjà vus in the middle of ear ringings (?!?!?)

Ear ringing, right ear, faint, high tone at 12:44 a.m.

Another strange one, in my right ear at 2:30 a.m. exactly on the nose. Had a déjà vu in the middle of both ear ringings. On a side note, there was also a storm that night which originated in Naples, while we were over on that side of Florida visiting this guy named Cameron. The storm followed us back to Ft. Lauderdale.

Monday and Tuesday, April 26 - 27, 2004
“Parallel Universes”

Déjà vu on 4/26 while at Whole Food Market at about 9 p.m.

Déjà vu when typing on the computer at home on 4/27 at about 7:30 p.m.

THEN…Tom and I were hanging out talking after my first déjà vu, and I mentioned that I had come up with a great idea for a thread topic (for the message board he runs) while I was at lunch today, but now, I can’t remember what it was. Completely forgot it, poof, gone. And it bothered me because I knew it was a cool idea. So then a little while later when we were talking, he tells me that he’s getting a déjà vu, which lasted for a few seconds. I say, “Oh my god!” kind of kidding around, like, Wow!! Whoa!!! Cool. When I said that, he responded with, “Okay, now it’s over. I know you didn’t say THAT in a parallel universe.” A little humor about déjà vus being related to timeline manipulation.

But that’s exactly what my idea was at lunch. A thread about parallel universes/alternate timelines. That exact phrase. And I wouldn’t have remembered it had he not had his déjà vu.

But that was a first…a déjà vu resulting in a specific phrase that connects synchronistically to something I had thought about earlier in the day. And the subject I’d forgotten about relating to a déjà vu itself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Had a REALLY strong déjà vu this afternoon while walking back to work from Aspen ice cream. It stopped me in my tracks right there on the sidewalk as I looked around, curiously. Then it slowly faded out, and I continued on my way. This déjà vu was the day before we left the state. Obviously tied into that. [NOTE: Hurricane Frances was offshore at this time, and we were in the process of getting ready to leave the state, which we did. We didn’t just evacuate, we actually full on left the state and moved to Virginia, so this was a HUGE transitionary period in our lives, and it makes sense that I would experience such a strong and intense déjà vu the day before we moved. There was also other weirdness going on all week leading up to our leaving.]

November 8, 2004

Seemed to have a déjà vu while making a post to the Goro forum (it was a post concerning combining all the theories of Creationism, Darwinism and Intelligent Design…) It was also my 33rd post there, and after I posted and went back in later to re-read it, I was the 141st viewer for that particular thread. The déjà vu lasted for awhile, and everything about what I was doing looked like I’d “done it before” …sitting at the computer in the late morning, cloudy and cold outside, the lighting, and what I was writing about as well.

July 19, 2005

Minor, but noticeable déjà vu while at my (brief) temp job for _____. Turned out to be my last day there. I voluntarily gave up the assignment because it didn’t feel right and it wasn’t work I wanted to do. I wondered if the déjà vu had to do with that or not. It could be a major fork in the road moment I suppose, whether I keep the job or go for something else and go down a different path. [NOTE: It was DEFINITELY a major fork in the road moment. I threw away this job and wound up getting an assignment that was literally, a million times better and was exactly where I needed to be at that time, teaching me all kinds of nifty tips and tricks that I would later use to generate my book. I wasn’t supposed to be at the other assignment.]

November 15, 2005
Déjà vu “Time loop memory”

“Deja vu” while training at my new temp job….although this was something above and beyond. It was an actual memory of having played through the current scene before, but now the memory, the experience, was “plowed under,” or “over written” if you well….yet fragments were still there. Déjà vus create that weird “sensation” in the mind……this had no sensation. It was a fragment of a real memory.

I was sitting at the receptionist desk, training, and while gazing off into the air in front of me I could feel the memory of doing this entire scene before already. It was on the tip of my brain, just far enough away that I couldn’t fully pull it up. I felt like I could remember the memory…just couldn’t fully access it. Again, no weird “déjà vu sensation” accompanied it, it was just an actual tangible memory that wanted to fully emerge but couldn’t. Plowed under. Over written. I could only glimpse one tiny fragment…..enough to know that this scene had already existed before, and I was doing it again.

This whole month has been weird in general, and the idea of “time loops” has been a BIG theme, with a few people we know. So I’m thinking that one major possibility for this particular déjà vu involves time loops. A lot of people don’t have any sort of knowledge or experience with the idea of “higher schtuff” playing around with our timeline, inserting things in, changing things around….over writing with a new version of events….but in my opinion it’s a very real thing. It’s a “timeline tug of war” you could say, and it’s been going on for thousands of years. I believe it only because I’ve seen my own personal proof for it, and not just with “déjà vus.”

July 19-21, 2006

Both Tom and I were getting déjà vus off and on for this three day time period. Then on July 21st I narrowly dodged, via some “outside help,” being in a car accident with a car that ran its very red light and which would have T-boned my driver’s side. Not only would my car have been wrecked, but I would probably have been hurt. The other car wasn’t going terribly fast….but fast enough to do some damage, that’s for sure. There’s more surrounding this incident, much more, and it’s multi-layered, since Friday July 21st was the weekend before I was going to upload my book to Lulu Press and make it available for purchase on my website in hardcopy form…including new, very important material that hadn’t been in the initial electronic free PDF version. Then this “accident” attempted to happen just prior to this, preluded by a number of déjà vus between both Tom and I? hmm. Further says to me that déjà vus are about timeline alteration. In this instance, it’s an event that would have affected him as well, hence, his déjà vus at the same time.

Those are the highlights, the best of the best and weirdest and a sampling of the different types of déjà vus. They illustrate that for me at least, déjà vus are not natural, meaningless and random occurrences.

So, what are déjà vus then?

Letting the incidents above speak for themselves, we find several repeating underlying themes happening:

  1. A fork in the road moment - choices and decisions being made; Relationship about to break up, about to move, about to quit my job, even taking a different route home from work and changing my plans

  2. Premonition of the déjà vu, or a déjà vu that segues into a premonition

  3. Déjà vus simultaneously coinciding with number sightings and ear ringings

“Fork in the road” moments of choices and decisions being made are definitely one major component behind the meaning of déjà vus.


A fork in the road is really a timeline split - things are branching, parallel timelines are forming. So in “The Matrix”, when Trinity explains that déjà vus mean “they changed something” in the program, in a way, it’s actually a bit accurate. Something is changing, or the probability is sky high that it’s about to at any second, and the future timeline is literally, hanging in the balance.

Connected to this are the premonitions connected to déjà vus, indictating timeloops.


How many times have we looped through an event that we can now “remember” that the déjà vu is about to hit, (as with my March 2002 “Super Déjà Vu”) or remember what happens after the déjà vu (as with Tom’s November 12, 2002 occurrence) ? Or even worse…my November 15, 2005 déjà vu memory of the scene unfolding before me, where the recollection was on the tip of my brain. Like it had been plowed under, or rewritten over. There’s a scary thought, if that’s indeed what’s happening.


This particular aspect of déjà vus interests me the most.

There are theories that our lives are actually a series of time loops; we repeatedly cycle through these loops until the choices we make can break us out of them. When we’re in a loop, we experience the déjà vu, or the sensation of having done this all before…because we actually have. We “move forward” and break out after we do something “right” I guess…until we hit the next time-loop snag.! So breaking out of a time-loop is actually creating a new and branching timeline, as one moves forward in life.

We won’t remember all the times we cycle through a loop over and over again - we only remember the final version, much like editing a Word document 100 times. The reader only sees the final version, not the 100 draft versions that came and went before.

I’d be inclined to think this version of reality was a bit, um, far fetched, except how else can I explain knowing and expecting and waiting for a déjà vu before it even happened?? I put my salad plate down, looking around for it…bracing myself, because I knew it was going to be a doozy. Kind of like I’d been through it so many times by that point that I knew the drill. A little weird, if you ask me. And highly indicative of a reality that was on repeat mode for some reason.

Then we have déjà vus happening either at the exact moment of ear ringings and number sightings , or else clustered closely around these phenomenon. Since ear ringings for me have to do with monitoring and abductions, to have a déjà vu coinciding with one, or centered around “my numbers”, is indicative of manipulation and interference by something that’s trying to meddle in my life and steer me onto an undesirable future path. So, in that regard, it’s an artificially created timeline split.

So at the core, déjà vus seem to be all about…timelines and time-loops. Whether branching naturally or via negative meddling influences, or being caught in a repeating time loop, at the core, it seems to be all about time lines.

I’ve heard that science can duplicate the sensation of a déjà vu by stimulating the temporal lobe of the brain - temporal = of or pertaining to time. However, a brain surgeon can also poke your brain in various spots and make you smell smells that aren’t actually there, like coffee, or flowers, or burning fireplace logs.


So does it mean that every time you smell something burning then someone is poking your brain with a scalpel? Nope. Same logic applies with a déjà vu.


They may be able to artificially recreate the sensation, but it doesn’t negate the validity of it when it happens for real. It just means that for whatever reason, when “stuff” happens on the timeline, and things are shifting and changing, and we’re breaking out of a time loop, etc., that it creates a tangible physical sensation with an actual corresponding source location in the temporal/“time” area of the brain, which scientists have been able to pinpoint.

So if déjà vus are a regular occurrence for you, then same as everything else, I recommend keeping a trusty log book to document your experiences. Nothing works better than a log book to get to the bottom of what something means for you personally.

Recommended link: Philip K. Dick reveals the existence of the ‘matrix’ back in 1977. At the end he gets into déjà vus, and their role in branching timelines/worlds and the program being overwritten.

Last Updated May 7, 2010

So much has been written about the nature of synchronicity that I don’t pretend to be an innovator in the subject.


But what I can do is offer up several theories as to why - and possibly even how - synchronicity manifests, and narrow my focus to that. Because if you are someone who experiences ear ringings, déjà vus, or frequent number sightings, or if you consider yourself to be an abductee with a lifelong history of the “weird stuff” happening, then it’s safe to assume that synchronicity is another phenomenon occurring in your life.

Synchronicity, as defined by Carl Jung, is,

“the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a supposedly meaningful manner.”

We all experiences coincidences in our lives, and many of them probably occur by statistical chance.


But every so often there are those that are just so pointed and tailored to a particular detail and to something about you, specifically, that you can’t dismiss it. When that happens, “statistical probability” doesn’t matter. Throw it out the window. The only thing that matters at that point is whether it has meaning for you.


For example, reading a word right as it’s said out loud next to you - the more unusual the word, the more it means something; Objects coming your way or crossing your path/field of view that coincide with an idea or theme you have been thinking about, or matching up to something that has personal meaning for you, and so on.

Synchs are often time multi-layered. Meaning, they happen several at a time, all connecting together in a cluster that can sometimes even connect to other strange happenings around you. I have a term for it all, which I call “lining up.”


When you experience several synchs clustered together within a day or a few days’ time, then it really can feel like reality is aligning in some way.


So an important question is, what is the approximate amount of time that should transpire between both events for them to be considered synch connections? Jung’s definition makes sure to include the phrase “occurring together“ but how soon is “together”? Ten minutes? Five hours? A day? A week?


I can only speak for myself, but for me I’ve noticed that it’s usually within an hour to several hours, to at most, a day. And the ones that are a day apart are usually so fantastical as to not be dismissed as random coincidence. (Since the longer the amount of time between the two events the easier it is to dismiss it all as mere chance.) But usually it’s right away, within several hours.


It almost seems that it has to be that way, in order to make sure it’s getting our attention and to make sure that not so much time has transpired that we’ve forgotten about the previous object/person/event it’s referencing, or that we can’t just dismiss it. Although that implies that there is some sort intelligence driving it all, that even is trying to get our attention or convince us of its validity.


I don’t necessarily believe that. I think that the process is driven by our own consciousness processes, and so therefore it means synchs would naturally cluster together due to the nature of how our consciousness interacts with reality.

Following is a nice sampling of the various types of synchronicities that can occur, all taken from my own log book to use as illustration. After that I get into some of the possible theories as to how and why this happens…

I also have some interesting MILAB/abduction related synchronicities that I talk about in my book “Chasing Phantoms,” so I won’t retread over those here.


And another common happening are “message board synchs,” when message board participants are thinking about a particular subject, only to log onto their favorite forum and see that somebody has just started a thread about that very subject, or written a post making mention of it.


This has happened to me on numerous occasions, and is pretty freaky deaky. Even weirder is when several people are all thinking about a particular topic that then gets addressed by somebody in the group.

So why do synchs happen, and what’s behind them?


Nobody knows for certain, myself included, however there are various theories:


  • Glimpsing the interconnectedness of reality

    I saw this in the book “The Holographic Universe“ by Michael Talbot and thought it was a great theory on synchronicity, and it actually ties into the bullet points below concerning one’s personal timeline being changed, which I’ll get to in a moment.


    Talbot ties the theory of a holographic universe into everything from how the brain works and psychology, to the workings of the physical body, timelines, synchronicity, and many more things.


    Several excerpts pertaining to synchronicity in the book:

    • “Jung encountered many such meaningful coincidences during his psychotherapeutic work and noticed that they almost always accompanied periods of emotional intensity and transformation: fundamental changes in belief, sudden and new insights, deaths, births, even changes in profession.


      He also noticed that they tended to peak when the new realization or insight was just about to surface in the patient’s consciousness.”


      “[physicist F. David] Peat believes that synchronicities are therefore “flaws” in the fabric of reality, momentary fissures that allow us a brief glimpse of the immense and unitary order underlying all of nature. […]


      Thus the relative scarcity of synchronous experiences in our lives shows not only the extent to which we have fragmented ourselves from the general field of consciousness, but also the degree to which we have sealed ourselves off from the infinite and dazzling potential of the deeper orders of mind and reality.”

    So basically when you’re stagnating in life, closed off in your cocoon and disconnected/fragmented, living the same old life, day in and day out, then you’re not opening yourself up to being connected to the unified whole.


    But when you’re changing and evolving, learning new things, coming out of your cocoon, expanding, and experiencing a life that’s more connected to the whole, then you’re opening yourself up to glimpsing the universe, and thus, synchronicities will be on the increase. I can definitely confirm that this seems to be the case in my own experiences. Times of great inner and outer change, especially when it’s positive, mean lots more synchronicities.


    Times of stagnation….nothing seems to happen. I noticed this on my own, but with my own personal angle/interpretation of it all, as we’ll see in the next bullet point:


  • Timeline alteration

    Life changing, and/or 3rd density reality being shifted around. The reasons for the change could either be because you yourself are creating your own personal change and growth, which puts you on a new timeline, or, it could be artificially “helped along” by hyperdimensional, behind-the-scenes beings.


    Abductees and those who have experiences with non-human entities and the paranormal will be the ones most likely to relate to the second point. For those who haven’t and can’t, don’t worry about it, and just stick to the first point. But I noticed that I’ve gotten lots of synchs during time periods when my personal reality and timeline seems to be shifting onto something new.


    Same thing as the bullet point above, just a different way of noticing it. Other things such as number sightings and déjà vus will also be on the increase during those times of change, whether natural and self-induced, or artificially imposed.

    And on a related note:


  • Time moving backwards

    Yes, this is quite the mind bender, but I realized something… these synchs seem to be moving backwards in time. The “future” event is working backwards to cause the synch that happened moments before, in the “past.”


    My thoughts and actions were influenced at that present moment to where I was “put into position” like a chess piece you could say in order to create a synch that lined up to something moments in the future. The future is creating the now.


    But when I say that my thoughts and actions were “influenced,” influenced by what exactly? I honestly don’t know. I just know that there have been enough instances where I’ve been having stuff go through my mind, which at the time seemed like my own thoughts, only to have my thoughts line up to something that suddenly appeared in front of me.


    And my first reaction to this has always been,

    • “oh, so I guess it wasn’t really my own thought.”


    To me it just further proves the importance of getting a handle on one’s thoughts, and being mindful and focused, instead of letting one’s thoughts run wild as I often do.


    If you’re mindful at all times of where your mind is at then hopefully it reduces the probability for that sort of thing to happen. So I still don’t have any answers as to what’s going on there, and how that “influencing” is taking place, but it all seems to be spilling backwards, with the past getting itself “positioned.”


    On a message board forum I used to participate in, one of the regular posters shared his personal experience with his higher self telling him one night that “time is moving backwards.” I’m independently seeing evidence for this myself, so I can believe it.


    This theory, along with inserting blocks of events into the timeline seem to be the most fitting explanations for so many of these synchs.


  • Moving “up” towards a higher realm thoughts are almost instantaneously manifesting, and reality is more variable? Just a possibility and theory.


    No sooner did you think something, and boom, it appears to you in some way. I’ve gone through periods of my life where synchronicities are almost out of control for me you could say. In fact, during one particular two week time period where I was diligently working on writing this website everyday, I had more synchronicities than I’ve had in years.


    I’d think something and then there something was in front of me, reflecting that thought, like an object in a store window or whatever. I’d think another thought then somebody would pass by me and say that phrase out loud. The synchs were happening one after the other after the other, piling on top of each other.


    It got to the point where I wanted to cover my head, curl up in a ball and go “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and block out reality, make it stop. It was just too much. But see… this also can tie into the first bullet point, which is that when we’re coming out of a closed off cocoon, expanding and changing and learning new things, being connected up to the whole, then we’re tapping into the unified whole, allowing for synchs to manifest.


    This is exactly what was happening when I was writing my website, so, it matches. So who knows, it’s just a theory.


  • Synchronicities as a message from something higher

    Not all synchs are caused by timeline changes and realm shifts in my opinion. I think quite often they’re used as a tool by our higher selves/guides/protectors, (whatever works for you) to get important messages to us. Maybe something we need to hear at a particular junction in our lives and so on can be conveyed through “meaningful coincidences” to get a point across to us.

    One example of a positive message synch was back in 2003, when I had been talking to my boyfriend about a well known internet personality/conspiracy writer/channeler who was one of those “all gloom and doom, all the time” people. This person is forever wallowing in a “woe is me” victim mindset, grumping about everything that was wrong and ugly in the world.


    They even run one of those infamous alternative news headline sites, under the guise of “informing” us. I told my boyfriend that I just can’t be that way.


    No matter what’s going on around me in life, I can still usually see what’s good and right about things. (I thought about my picture taking as I said this, which is all about admiring everything that’s beautiful in the world around us….including taking pics of things that most people wouldn’t find worthy of photographing, let’s just put it that way.


    But to me it’s interesting, and that’s why way back when I liked the movie “Pecker,” and then “American Beauty.” So me and my camera taking pictures of everything from colorful flowers and the ocean, to used needles lying next to a piece of tinfoil covered in brown drug residue on a sidewalk in the ghetto area of Portland could totally relate to those movies…..)

    So as we were talking, I saw the unopened fortune cookie lying on the counter from our Chinese take out the night before. I had forgotten to eat my cookie with my meal, so I ripped into it now as we talked.

    The fortune synchronistically said:

    • “You find the beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.”

    Had I opened the cookie the night before with my dinner then this synch wouldn’t have happened. So, an important, positive, helpful message being conveyed through a very obvious case of synchronicity. Freewill isn’t being violated, and everybody wins.

    Another amazing case of fortune cookie synchronicity happened on January 18, 2008. For about two weeks I’d been worrying to myself that maybe by sticking with my temp agency (who I’d been with at that point for four years now…) I was somehow limiting myself, and “putting all my eggs in one basket.”


    I wasn’t sure what I should be doing, if I was doing the right thing or not by staying with them and hoping they’d come up with another assignment for me.


    Then I received a fortune cookie on 1/18 from our favorite Chinese buffet that said,

    • “No harm in putting all your eggs in one basket - just watch it closely.”


    Really, what are the odds?


    Sychronistic message from something higher, obviously, answering me back. It made me smile though, and shortly thereafter I did receive another, kind of primo assignment from my agency, and thus continued to stick around with them. But still, I keep a close eye on the basket.


    There are even more of these amazing synchronous fortune cookie messages, but these ones are good examples to illustrate. I don’t consider these to be coincidental at all, and for me they have been a direct “oracle” tool for receiving bits of important advise and insight.


    But, that’s just me! I know skeptics would disagree.


  • Artificial synchronicity for negative manipulative purposes, usually tying into abduction/hyperdimensional happenings

    (And when I say abduction, I’m referring to both so-called “alien” and military)


    I get into this in my book, and it’s something that abductees need to be mindful of.


    But sometimes synchs will be artificially generated to try to manipulate or reinforce to the target a particular decision or life path choice they’re in the process of making. Not all synchs mean that you’re on the right path or that a particular decision is the right one to be making, so always question everything.


    Or related to this, sometimes people will cross an abductee’s path, synchronistically saying things that match up to unusual subject matter that the abductee has just been thinking/talking about. (See the one synch logged earlier in this piece called “Boulder is Better” for the perfect example.)


    This is something to be suspicious of, not just naively fall for.

    In the book, The Alien Love Bite by Eve Lorgen, she details alien involvement into human love relationships, which always entails synchronicity to some extent. Two targets will be brought together and bitten with the “love bite,” falling into a passionate - and very manipulated - affair, then broken apart, all so that the aliens can feed on the resulting intense emotions of it all.


    And what initially helps reinforce to these targets that they “should” be together are unbelievable synchronicities, psychic happenings, and so on. So, that’s another thing to keep in mind if you’re an abductee and begin experiencing some far out synchs and strange happenings with a romantic interest.


    It very well may be artificial and manipulated.

The idea of messages being conveyed to us through meaningful symbolism and synchronicity actually overlaps with my piece about dreamtime versus our waking lives, and the idea of interpreting the symbols around you in life the same as you would a dream, complete with dream dictionary and all.


Synchronicities in themselves may have individual symbolic meaning, as well as being indicative of something bigger going on in general.


The universe is always speaking to us, it’s just a matter of whether we’re paying attention or not.


Dreamtime and Waking Life - Two sides of the same coin...
Last Updated 3/20/2008

I used to be somebody who felt that dreamtime was distinctly different from our waking time - one was real, the other was clearly not.


I wasn’t into analyzing my dreams, because I felt they were just nonsense that our brains invented to keep it entertained while the body rested. Now I have a completely different perspective on the matter, but it didn’t happen overnight.


Over the past few years as I’ve become more conscious and have incorporated a more spiritual view into my reality, my dreams have evolved, to reflect the change. Because of that, I’ve come to realize that there is definitely more to dreaming than just nonsense brain firing.


In fact, there are several possibilities that can happen when you lay down for that nap:


  • Brain gunk

    Bits and pieces of things we saw, heard or did throughout the previous couple of days can manifest in our dreams in strange and bizarre fractured sequences.


    It’s the mind’s way of processing all the miscellaneous tidbits that our brains captured, but didn’t do anything with. (On a related note… our brains do this while awake as well, which I’ll get into in a moment.)


    This would be considered the “nonsense” aspect of dreaming. Add in those dreams where you believe you’re at work and are racing against some deadline or impossible work load, and the “looping” dreams where you or a dream fragment keep repeating itself over and over, until you finally wake up like, AHHHH! Yup…brain gunk.


  • Meaningful messages

    Then there are the meaningful symbolic dreams, the ones with some semblance of plot, chock full of objects and vivid situations that can all be found in a handy dandy dream dictionary. Those are the fun dreams, the ones where your subconscious and/or higher self is speaking to you through the universal language of symbols.


    The trick is to remember them, which is why dream logs can be handy, if you have the time and are so inclined. Something is trying to talk and convey a message to you, so you may as well listen.


  • Portals to other realms

    Moving up from dreams with plot and vivid situations are dreams that go into the category of virtual reality. Dreams where you were visiting places you’ve never been, but yet it felt so real to you in the dream that it was like you were really there.


    And who knows…maybe you were. Dreams where you meet up with people you know and maybe haven’t seen in a long time…or who may even be dead, but are paying you a visit. This is when dreams begin to act as actual portals. It’s the sort of thing I didn’t used to know about or believe in when I was younger, but have since had experiences which have shown me otherwise.


    Another aspect of dreaming can involve visiting parallel realities that we have, because for every choice we or our parents made for us, there’s the choice we/they didn’t make, which exists somewhere, out there. So I think we can connect to those parallel realities when we sleep, we get to see what we would be doing if we were “over there” instead of “over here.”


    Some do this via astral travel as well, leaving their bodies and flying around. When we sleep there’s that great potential to flit around, meeting up with people, having pow wows you could call it, going to other realms, learning things, even if we don’t consciously remember them when we wake. Many people also describe going to “class rooms” where they are taught things while they sleep.


    And they may very well be doing just that.


  • Screen memories

    “Dreams” which are very real feeling, vivid and strange, involving aliens, whatever they actually are, UFOs and military personnel abductions can also possibly be screen memories of an abduction, for those of you who are abductees. The number one place to get clues about your abductions if you can’t consciously recall things would be in your dreams.


    They can often be real and semi-altered memories of events that took place, or at least a screen that has been put in place by you, or them.

So apparently, a lot can happen when you sleep…much more than I ever realized when I was younger.


Pay close attention to your dreams and sleep experiences to get clues. A dream log is a useful tool, and I finally got around to getting one going this year (2008) after previously claiming to never have enough time in the mornings. For the past three months I’ve been in self discipline mode, and a big part of that is getting up 2-3 hours before I’m due to be at work. !!


A miracle for me, somebody who loves their sleep.


So logging dreams, when I can remember them, is now a part of my daily checklist of discipline to engage in. The more you log, the more you seem to have I’ve noticed, once reality realizes you’re paying attention.


What I’ve also found amazing is the way in which many times, a group of objects or symbolisms or actions/happenings will appear in a dream and on the surface they don’t seem connected, yet, when I look up their meaning in a dream dictionary it turns out they all connect and relate together. !!! How it’s possible for the subconscious to know these symbolisms’ meanings when the conscious doesn’t is beyond me, but it’s amazing.

So once you acknowledge that your dreams are chock full of meaningful symbolism and otherworldly occurrences, what about your waking life? Is it really all that separate from the dreamtime? Should you tackle your waking life the way you would when you analyze your dreams, complete with a dream dictionary and all??

If you’d asked me that question even five years ago, I would have laughed and thought that was ridiculous. Not anymore. I pay attention and have also recorded the things that happen in my waking life, as evidenced by this site. You’ll see excerpts from my logs regarding number sightings, ear ringings, déjà vus and synchronicities…all of it is tackled the way one would when analyzing their dreams.


Anything unusual that manifests in my reality, any objects, animals, numbers, names, etc. which appear in a strange way, I look them up and analyze it exactly as I would any dream.


Because our waking life isn’t really that much different from our sleeping state.


Some would say there’s no difference at all. I say there is a difference, but it’s small. In your dreams, you don’t “really” get injured or die, nor do you “really” do the things that you do, but yet there is that potential for connecting to parallel realities, meeting up with others, astral travel or having premonitions about things that do end up happening when you’re awake. So in that sense, reality and fiction become blurred during dreamtime.

Same as our waking state. Things are more solid and real when you’re awake versus in a dream, you can get hurt, bleed, die, and are actually interacting with people, but yet, there are so many glitch in the matrix moments, and surreal times when bizarre stuff is happening that it leads one to question….exactly how real is this, anyway??

Our dream state and waking state are really just two sides of the same coin. And this becomes very evident when you try to be as conscious and aware as possible while you’re awake. I’ve been trying to do this off and on for the past three months and it’s been... eye opening, to say the least.


Time and again I’ll have the intent for things I want to do during my day as well as things I don’t want to do, such as time wasting bad habits, and time and again I’ll realize that I completely bungled it all up.


How? By falling “asleep” even though I was awake. !!! It’s exactly the same way we lose ourselves when we fall asleep and enter into the dream state. When you slip off into dreamland you lose control over yourself and your mind, and forget most everything you are as a person when you’re awake. Your whole daytime life just goes… poof, gone.


Unless you’ve mastered lucid dreaming, then you’ll just be like most people who get swept up in your dreamtime happenings with silly plots and strange adventures and random characters, being taken along for the ride instead of being in charge and directing how things go. And that’s exactly what can happen during the day as well, if one is not completely conscious and aware at all times, every second of every moment.


With myself, there I’ll be in front of the computer, intending to write something maybe, or print something out, or look something up as research, and then I get a whim to click on a different website instead, which leads to another and another and another, then I’ll have the urge to open my music folder and start playing some tunes, and next thing I know two hours has gone by and I still haven’t done any of my original plans. Instead I wasted time.


I “lost myself,” and “fell asleep” even though I was wide awake. It’s alarming, once you begin noticing it and are trying to not be that way!

Although when it comes to this, certainly everybody is going to be varying degrees of worse or better than others. I may beat myself up for being easily sidetracked by the computer, but then I have to keep in mind two of my male supervisors at my latest temp gig (early 2008), who seem very much asleep at the wheel and often times are kind of glazed over and “lalala.”


They come across as very pliable and easily spun off into any direction, to the point where I have to be careful not to inadvertently change their minds or confuse them about anything, because their minds will just go wherever I nudge them. It’s really scary actually. And I think a lot of people out there in the world are that way, it’s not just my two supervisors, and it’s why someone like Derren Brown for instance, the illusionist/mind control manipulator from Channel 4 in England, is so successful at his tricks.

This morning, 3/20/08, I embarked on an exercise in mental awareness where I paid attention to every single movement I made. It’s hard, that’s all I can say, as the brain relies on autopilot to accomplish most tasks that are second nature. You have to consciously slow yourself down in order to keep up with monitoring your every movement, as well as tracking your every thought that pops into your mind.


And what I noticed with the whole thought tracking thing in particular is that while much of my internal dialogue chatter could be traced to its triggering origins, some of it however could not… and in fact was merely random neuron firing. !!! Just nonsense flashes that popped into my head with no traceable origins for what triggered it, which is exactly what happens when we sleep many times. Very eye opening.


So yes, it’s even more proof for me that sleeping/dreaming and our awake daily lives are just two sides of the same coin.


Real life dream-like symbolisms
For a period of time in 2004 I kept encountering stuff relating to RV’s (recreational vehicles) as I went about life.


First I had a dream about being in an RV, going up a huge mountain on a gorgeous sunny day with piercing blue sky, so high up that it seemed like we were flying.


Next, about a week later, my boyfriend found himself doing some web design work for a couple who were putting together a website regarding their travels in an RV. Finally, I had a bad roller balding accident on Summer Solstice, where I was - flying - along on my roller blades and wiped out in front of an RV that was idling in a driveway.


I either sprained or fractured my wrist during that wipeout - again, on Summer Solstice no less - and it all occurred in front of yet another RV. By the second RV occurrence I’d already stopped to take notice, but by the third… I actually looked it up in the dream dictionary to see what the flip was going on. !

Then there were the silver dimes. At the beginning of 2004 I’d been thinking about old silver coin money prior to 1964, and I had the offhand joking realization that I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a silver dime. In fact, I wondered if there were even any in existence! And wouldn’t it be cool to see one? Boy, I want to see a silver dime!

Soon after that, I began receiving silver dimes… but only at certain key moments in my life.


I don’t just get them at random times for no good reason. I’ve only gotten them during times I made an extremely positive change in my life, or positive choices that lead me in a good direction where I need to be going. Then coincidentally, within a day, I’d get a silver dime in my change, or find one in my wallet. In fact, the weekend I had the bright idea to formulate this website I received a silver dime.


I have four total now in my possession, and all of them came my way at key times.

Dimes are denominations of 10. Two dimes: 1010. The dates on all the dimes I have happen to be 1964. 1+9 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10. 1010. During the time that I received my first two silver dimes, I began getting 1010 synchronicities as well, which overlaps with meaningful number sightings too I guess, including the date when I purchased the domain name for this website… October 10, 2005. 10/10.


At any rate, I looked up all the symbolisms in a dream dictionary - silver, dimes, coins, and 10, tackling the situation as if I were interpreting a dream.

At the tail end of 2003, going into the first week or two of 2004 paramedic/fire truck sirens and car alarms were everywhere, at every turn. Car alarms going off in the middle of the night repeatedly, paramedic and fire truck sirens frequently day and night. It got so obnoxious and noticeable that I looked it up and interpreted it as a dream symbol.


Sirens are a normal part of life in an urban area, but this was something else. It was happening so often to such an extent that there was just no dismissing it. Only when I finally acknowledged it and looked into it…did it cease.

Another time I’d had a very crazy, vivid MILABS-related dream. After I awoke and got ready for work, I left my apartment to head to my car, and then found a baseball cap lying on my car. A blue New England Patriots cap just lying there, on the hood, waiting for me. The whole thing was just so bizarre, especially considering the dream I’d woken up from only a half an hour before.


As I approached my car, seeing something lying there on the hood, it felt surreal, dreamlike. I ended up interpreting that incident using my intuition and the trusty dream dictionary - hat, cap, the color blue, car hood, patriots, football / game, anything I could think of relating to it, as well as interpreting the dream I’d had. All of it was lumped together in one big group, and I treated the hat incident as if it was just one continuous extension of the dream… because in reality, it was.


Interestingly enough, the symbolisms of hat and car hood are actually closely related. Both have to do with concealing and hiding something…which tied into another recurring dream symbolism I’d been having during that time period involving yellow eyes…yellow, as in coward, eyes, as in seeing. Being afraid to see something. And here I had a hat lying on the car hood…stuff that was hidden, concealed. A little too coincidental.


But there are no coincidences really. Consequently, two months later when the Super Bowl was going on, I predicted the Patriots would win, only because the hat had been lying on my car hood two months before. And they did. Too bad I didn’t make any bets.

Many people reading this may already be familiar with another website called Crystalinks, put out by Ellie Crystal


For awhile, (back when I used to read the site on a regular basis) the content of her daily blog would just so happen to coincide with stuff that I, and many of her other readers, had either recently been thinking about, dreaming about, or directly experiencing. The first time it was cool, but the second, third and fourth time this happened, it was just uncanny. I mean, what is going on here that we’re all experiencing, seeing, thinking or dreaming the same things, the same symbolisms, the same general themes?


In a nutshell, it’s a grid-wide symbolism you could call it, something which is out there in the program, the collective unconscious, however you choose to define it, and which many are simultaneously picking up on at the same time. Kind of like “The theme of the week”, as I call it.


The reason I mention this is because there have been a few occasions where I experienced unusual symbolism in my waking life which I took note of and looked up in a dream dictionary, only to find the same symbolism being mentioned on Ellie’s daily blog. One time the symbolism involved feathers. During the same time period where feathers were a topic on Crystalinks, I also had a feather encounter.


I was with my boyfriend at a Laundromat and we were planning to go sit down at the base of the stairs to read while we waited for our clothes, and at the very spot where we planned to sit, there were two different types of feathers waiting for us on the ground. Another time the symbolism involved ducks, of all things…..! Yes, ducks. Kept seeing ducks all over, and then one flew directly across the road in front of my car while I was driving down the street to my apartment.


It seemed so pointed and unusual that I took note of it, then found Ellie talking about unusual duck encounters as well on her site that week. So the grid-wide theme of the week was “ducks”.

Indigenous people are noted for being very in touch with their environment and nature, and that includes interpreting the things that happen around them. Everything is taken to mean something, which contrasts greatly with our modern Western world where nobody notices anything it seems. Unless it involves money, nifty gadget toys, clothes, cars, TV, the movies, celebrities or entertainment, people don’t notice or care.


One time during 2005 I was at a get together with a group of about twenty people, one of whom included a woman of Cherokee decent.


She was psychic and very in tune with things. When a wasp appeared in the room, hovering about in one particular corner, everybody else just perceived it as a pest to get rid of. For her, it was a pest as well as a symbolic omen.


She stated that it was a bad sign, and for her it indicated that someone present in the room was closed off and negative. Interestingly enough, the wasp was focused over one particular man who always sat there, arms folded, closed off, and who illicited ear ringings from my boyfriend every time he spoke. He would later turn out to be greatly incompatible with the group and would have a temporary falling out with them.

They say that reality is a shared dream of the masses. They also talk about reality being a grid, a program, a “matrix,” zoo and experiment.


I think it’s a little of all of those. It’s definitely not what mainstream science and school conditions us to believe it is. If a particular animal, object, number or theme pops up in your life in an unusual way, then it might mean something. Especially if it happens more than once.


So why not pick up a copy of a good dream dictionary and see what you find when you start looking.

Parallel Timelines and the Nature of Time
Last Updated March 12, 2008

[ Note: Recently I was re-watching a downloaded episode of “Stargate SG-1” from season 3, called “Point of View,” original air date July 30, 1999 which deals with….parallel timelines/realities and alternate universes. It’s a repeating theme on the show actually, with several other episodes revolving around that concept. The world of SG-1 is clearly not the only way in which reality could have worked out for the characters, or for the people of Earth… and various episodes show the other possibilities that are out there. Very cool!


But that particular episode basically says what I say here, almost word for word even. But the thing is, I don’t own a TV, and never watched this series until a year ago, during the winter of 2006-2007 when my boyfriend downloaded them from the ‘net and we began watching them on our computer. So, I didn’t copy this from an SG-1 episode. ! The first time I ever pondered parallel timelines was when I was 17, in California, back in ’92, which I get into later on in this write up.


Then again when I was 23-34….interestingly enough, somewhere between ’98 and ’99, roughly around the time when that SG-1 episode originally aired. But I purposely didn’t own a TV back then either, and so definitely had never watched it. In fact, I didn’t even hear of this series until 2001. I know what triggered me at 17 to ponder all of this, but I can’t recall anymore why I was thinking about it at 23. I just remember lying on the bed in a blank state, staring at the wall, pondering what I talk about here. It came from somewhere though, but where though, I don’t know.


( February 2009 additional add-on: The whole opening monologue of the 1991 Richard Linklater movie “Slacker” also talks about everything I note here. Was only just watching this movie for the first time this month, 2/09….)


But I felt it was important to note this, as I don’t want people thinking I’m just copying some sci-fi TV show. Okay and yet another note: The entire premise of the TV series “Fringe” which debuted in 2008 is turning out to be…..parallel universes, as they call it. I wrote about the ‘parallels’ between Fringe and the things I’ve been writing about on this site in my “Thoughts” section under the heading “The surge of conspiratorial/mind control/gov’t experimentation/abductions material in the media,” so just click on that link to get to it.


But needless to say I wrote this write up, and the website, two years before the show aired.]

For every choice you make in life, there exists the choice you didn’t make, or the road not taken.


But you actually did take it - on what’s known as another timeline. Do I quit my job? Or do I stay? Do I move here, or do I move there?…Or not move at all? Do I hook up with so-and-so? Or stay single?…Or choose him/her over there instead?


Each and every choice creates a fork in the road, down to whether you chose to wear one shirt to work or another.


Some timelines are so closely identical with such insignificant divergences that they pretty much blend together. Others are based on choices that are so vastly polarizing and far reaching that it’s a complete branching, and formulates a new version of yourself you could almost say. On some level, you wind up living out all the possible choices available to you in any given situation.


But since you can’t be in two places at the same time - or ten million places, or more - you experience each individual timeline as if it’s the only one. To experience them all simultaneously is too much for the human mind to handle.

The future with all its possibilities has already played itself out. It’s not “out there” in some far off future that hasn’t happened. It’s already happened. There is no time, and the past, present and future is happening simultaneously. If it wasn’t, then psychic people or those in a trance state wouldn’t be able to connect with people who are currently alive “in the past”, and people with intuitive abilities wouldn’t be able to glimpse future events via visions and premonition dreams.


I figured this one out when I was about 17.


I’d had several instances of glimpsing something before it happened, seeing it verbatim, down to the littlest detail, as if I had had peeked through a window into the future. Then the event would play itself out exactly as I’d seen.


It occurred to me that in order for me to see something before it happens means….that it must have already happened.

  • So what does this say about the nature of free will, destiny, fate and how much power we have over our own lives?

  • If events have already played themselves out then are we just going through life as a puppet that just thinks they are sovereign???

  • When we hop in our car and drive to the store, or pick up the phone to call a friend, or head to the beach on a whim because it’s a sunny day, are we really in control?

  • What if you glimpsed an upcoming event, however mundane, via a vision, then you find yourself several hours later in the middle of it and everything is going down exactly as you foresaw… can you now change and alter what you do, what you say, and how the scenario goes in general?



Why? Because there is no one set future.


There are multiple probable realities, all of which have played themselves out. When you have a premonition about a future event, you’re seeing the most likely outcome, based on if things keep going the way they’re currently going. That’s all. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

When you make a choice to either go along with reality as you foresaw it or take a different path, you’re selecting one of those realities and bringing it into the spotlight so to speak, and making it the highlighted reality. So to some extent we’re not exactly a puppet with no control over what we’re doing.


We do have some leeway with our freewill. You could go to the store. Or you could stay home. You can quit your job, or you can keep going. You could pick up the phone and call your friend or go read a book instead. It’s up to you. All those possibilities have already played themselves out. It’s just a matter of which one you decide to choose and highlight and bring into the spotlight.

If you have the gift, and you’re able, you can tap into those other timelines and visit yourself, glimpsing how you turned out in other realities, where you made other choices and decisions. I’ve done it, accidentally, and it’s always been an interesting experience.

In my own life, my parents created a major, MAJOR “timeline divergence” when they decided to leave New York and move to Massachusetts. In retrospect it made no sense to do that. They were experiencing “marital issues” and I’m not sure whose idea it was to just up and completely leave the state they called home and completely start over in another state that neither had ever been to.


But nevertheless, that’s what they did. So when I was two months old we moved to Westfield, Massachusetts. Both of my parents were born and raised in New York City, (my dad in Manhattan, my mom in Brooklyn) and both grew up in the city, and then later in small communities about an hour north of the city. Both their parental sets were born and raised in New York City.


All their family resided in either New York City or in those small communities around the city. They were New Yorkers through and through, complete with the accents and the lingo / slang, attitude and food preferences.

But now... they were in Massachusetts. And later moved on to Connecticut. Then later to California, just my mom, brother and myself, after the divorce.

Does it mean though that there ceased to be an existence for them in New York? No. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There was a timeline divergence, and one part of themselves lived out the choice where they remained in New York, while this other aspect of themselves went off to create a new world in Massachusetts, Connecticut and beyond.


In fact, there is the timeline where my dad went through with becoming a New York City police officer. In this timeline he passed the test and was accepted, but changed his mind…then wound up leaving New York altogether. In the other he followed through, and I’m the daughter of a New York cop.

I had no understanding of this nature of reality growing up in Connecticut, yet was inexplicably connected to New York City. Partly what triggered it was a class trip to NYC in 6th grade, which I’ll always be thankful for, and also the fact that I had a couple of operations at the age of 12 and 13 that took place at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.


The operations required pre and post op visits, along with the actual operations themselves, so provided a few opportunities for NYC visits that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. So those things provided the opportunity, but what was most telling was my reaction to NYC… to say I was “excited’ to be there is an absolute understatement.


I had such butterflies in my stomach, such sheer giddy joy that’s indescribable, of which my 6th grade classmates didn’t seem to feel, and which my parents found amusing. It was the best place I’d ever been.


On the 6th grade class trip we visited the World Trade Center. I took pictures looking up at the building and also from the rooftop. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever done at that point… and I also immediately was struck with the idea of the buildings falling over. I didn’t envision them going down Las Vegas Hotel TNT style the way they actually did on 9/11, (due to being imploded from within…but I digress….) but I was struck with the idea of them falling over.


I became obsessed (on a small scale) with the WTC’s each and every visit, collecting up postcards that had their image, and taking pics of them. What’s interesting is that I visited the Sears Tower while on a road trip in 1995 and felt nothing about it…and technically it was a taller structure, with an even better view, being that it’s on Lake Michigan. So it wasn’t the size of the buildings that affected me, it was something specific about the WTCs that I was tapping into.

On my last visit to NYC in 1994 I hung out the back of my dad’s car and took what would be my last picture of the WTCs, running obsessive thought loops in my mind about them falling over the entire time. Buildings of that size…going down??? The thought of how that would be on the ground as that happened….totally scary. Unimaginable. But I could feel it. Remember, the past, present and future is happening simultaneously.

There are so many telling things I could mention which show that parallel timeline link I’ve always had to NYC.


Instead of getting into them all, I’ll just relay how, at the age of 26, while emailing with a friend named Julie and discussing places I’d like to move to, she suggested NYC. I’d never mentioned anything about New York to her…in fact, I don’t think she even knew I was born in New York….yet there she was, telling me I should move to NYC.


Curious and “tipped off” to something weird happening I asked her why she thought NYC.


Her response?

“I don’t know. I just feel like you belong there.”

Julie had latent psychic skills that would pop up from time to time. This was one of those times. She felt I “belonged” in NYC. Me, who had never mentioned New York even once. Now THAT was interesting!

And I have my one “memory.” It happened around this same period, when I was 26, and out of the blue I had a flash glimpse of myself entering a pizza parlor in what felt to me like Brooklyn. It was pretty vivid, and seemed to be live time. Like I temporarily jumped into another body, and was seeing / feeling everything in that one moment in time. It was night time, and I walked through the front doors, to the fluorescent lit pizza lit joint. It was tiny.


More like a place where you pick up your pizza and take it with you, rather than eating it there. I can see the stainless steel counter tops, and most importantly, the two guys who worked there. The black haired Sicilian looking guy at the front counter, and the shorter, dark blond guy behind the counter making the pizzas. Both wore these white apron things.


They both recognized me and I in turn knew them. There was pleasant mellow recognition. I could feel that I was a regular there.

It was just a moment in time. Nothing special. Just walking into my favorite pizza joint in what felt possibly like Brooklyn. If not, then it was Manhattan. I really REALLY dug that flash though, it meant a lot to me to spontaneously experience that from a completely different life in California. I also had to chuckle because of the fact that in this timeline, I’m always in pursuit of New York style pizza. And cannolis.

I get into all of this to illustrate the connections that can occur between two vastly different timelines.


My family had a divergence when I was two months old, but the connection to NYC never ended. And I will say this: My connection to New York feels more real to me than this life ever did. This one has ALWAYS felt like a surreal dream…and for many years growing up in Connecticut, a surreal nightmare. It’s also interesting to note that my younger brother spent so much time trying to get to New York City.


He was born in Massachusetts and grew up in Connecticut, California, then back to Connecticut. Yet there he was - always trying to get to NYC. At fourteen he ran away, with the goal of getting to NYC. Didn’t pan out. Then in high school he was stealing cars with his friends and using them to take trips into NYC. Brooklyn, and New Rochelle.


Trying to get back, is probably more like it. Even he felt it. Just like Julie felt that I “belonged” in NYC, he also felt that he belonged there. And as a consequence, he was always trying to leave “here” to get back “over there.”

The kicker is, I’m sure my New York self feels it’s the only self. It can’t even imagine that there’s “another me” out there, who turned out so different…and yet, still very similar in many ways.


I’m sure she’s heard stories from Dad, occasionally mentioning that,

“You know, me and your mother considered leaving New York when you were a baby. We almost did, we were going to go to Massachusetts, but we didn’t. You could’ve been raised in Massachusetts. Think about that one…”

And I do…and it’s a wild idea. ! And to be honest, I CAN’T imagine it. It’s too different.


So I put it aside and go on my way. And New York is all I know.

So why the split then?? In this timeline my family totally fell apart, and many “negative” things happened. No doubt it didn’t end well. Me, my brother, mom and dad are now completely scattered to the wind and none of us will ever see the other again, let alone all four of us be in the same room together at the same time. The last time we were was July 16, 1991.


And that was it. It’s beyond fractured, it’s like something set a bomb off and blew us all to bits. Completely destroyed. So WHY then? WHY would this timeline, which makes absolutely no sense when you think about it, be created in the first place? Why didn’t my parents just stay in New York where they belonged, where all of their family was, where they grew up?

I used to speculate that maybe there were lessons that could be gleaned “over here” that just couldn’t be gleaned “over there.” But now I don’t know. With everything that’s gone on in my life, much of which has been documented all around this site, that simplistic spiritual-based explanation doesn’t seem to suffice. I think things are wilder than I could ever imagine.


Whatever the reason, it was kind of like getting two lives for the price of one. But that’s how it works for everybody who’s real I imagine. More so if you’re somebody who moves around a lot and shuffles their life around on a frequent basis.

The more you move around in life and the less stagnant you are, then the more timelines you create for yourself. I do wonder about this actually - Nowadays, people move around more so than ever before in recent history. Job hopping, moving from place to place, relationship hopping, we live in a very mobile society, with more opportunity and choices than ever before - what effects does this have on the timelines we create for ourselves?! It has to be pretty interesting.


Things may even start to get a little “tangled.” I have a “me” that is still in New York, as well as the me right here right now in Virginia. But there’s also the me who stayed in Southern California. A me who moved up to the Bay area. A me who stayed in Portland Oregon. A me who’s still in south Florida. A me in Massachusetts. A me in Connecticut. And quite a few others beyond that. And quite a few me’s who’ve already died.


I have “me’s” all over the country, quite literally, because that’s how much I’ve moved around in life. And having had more jobs in life than my age (31) that only adds to the confusion.

When one is split so many times in this way, does it have an effect on how “real” your life feels? Can this contribute to reality feeling dream-like and surreal? I know that’s how my life feels - is this one possible reason why?

What about the idea of crossing paths with the same person/people on different timelines, in different states? When and if you do, will you feel like you already know them? Will there be an instant connection? If you branch yourself off onto a new timeline, pulling you away from meeting somebody that you would’ve met on that timeline, will reality find a way to get you to cross paths anyway? That’s something interesting worth investigating I think.


Look at the people in your life, (family aside) who’ve been meaningful to you. Looking back over your lives, are there any places/people/jobs/schools, etc. that you have in common? Some way where it’s plausible that you would have run into each other “over there” as well? In this highly mobile and connected society we live in, the chances are greatly increased that some of the people we connect with are people we may know in a parallel timeline, under revised circumstances.

If you’re somebody who believes in reincarnation, but reincarnation doesn’t seem to explain some of the quirks for why you’re drawn to certain places, or why you may feel connected to certain people that you meet, then parallel timelines is very useful explanation to consider. To me, it actually has more validity than reincarnation.


I can see more personal proof for it, although I still do believe in reincarnation. I’ve always had this connection to NYC… but I don’t necessarily feel like I had a “past life” there or something… my connection isn’t to a New York in the distant past… it’s right now, in this time period, running concurrent with my own life. And as already illustrated, I have my own situation involving a clear “fork in the road” branching moment occurring with my family leaving New York when I was a baby. So for me, I tend to think this is the major explanation for what’s happening here.

Realizing the concept of parallel timelines and connecting to your alternate selves is like moving to a whole new level in the game. Reality doubles in size and suddenly becomes a much more interesting place to be!


Especially if you thought you had it all figured out…only to find out that you didn’t even know the half of it, and the fun has only just begun.

New Add On
Several months ago I was watching a video on YouTube of black urban girls and women doing double dutch jump rope in Central Park, NYC. According to the vid explanation these girls would do their jump roping thing during the summer in the Park in front of the spectator crowds.


And in watching the vid I just felt mesmerized…getting the entire “feel” of the scene and wishing to be there. I could see myself as one of the spectators walking through the Park in the warm late afternoons and early evenings, the sound of the city all around, the people, the entire vibe of it all. It’s home to me on some other level.


And being here in Virginia is just so horrendously… wrong when I’m connected up to that other life, wherever/whatever it is. To the point where I can’t even believe I’m living here in this vague mundanity when I “should” be “over there.” So once again, I felt completely thrown for a loop with regards to my inexplicable connection to NYC, a place I’ve never lived, only visited. This feeling/connection was so strong in fact I went to lie down on my bed and try to meditate on it all. I knew without question there was a me who is there. I wanted to connect to that me, get some answers.


And it was apparently working too, because I felt myself slipping into a trance state, in the beginning throws of connecting up to something….and right then my cat bursts into the room, doing her little squeaky meows, (her “trilling”) and decides to get up on the bed with me, having to be around me, right at that moment. So much for that. I pet her and slipped out of the trance, and was never able to regain the moment again, even after she left about 15 minutes later. So close to seeing something and getting some answers… but something obviously didn’t want me to “go there,” oh well.

So this led to a fascinating discussion about it all later on with my boyfriend, who for those who don’t know, runs a website on all things metaphysical and “matrix” related, as well as alternative science and some conspiracy.


So if you’re going to be discussing “What in the frickity frack is going ON with this whole deal?!?” then he’s one of the best to do that with.


The summary of what we brainstormed for over an hour, a conversation that gave me waves of chills, was the idea of over writing a previous timeline. Not a timeline splitting off, but rather, something higher/more advanced “going back” and rewriting it completely with a new version, to change the outcome of events.


There was slightly more to it than that, but that’s the gist that I’m willing to talk about here. And suddenly the pieces fell into place. SO many random pieces of various aspects of my life that separately made no sense… but which all came together with this theory. That connection to NYC, the alternate self I’ve felt and glimpsed and who my friend Julie back in Cali even picked up on was most likely the original life that I had during the “first go around.”


This reality just very well may be the overwritten version of a previous version. And it’s why it’s never felt fully real or right to me, and why I don’t belong. Total fish out of water, flopping around, lost. I probably had a whole life that I lived out “over there,” a very real life that I loved, which I’ve glimpsed in flashes and in dreams and in strange intuitive feelings, but it’s been over written and plowed under, and no, I don’t like it!!


There’s such a strong desire to be “over there” during those times when I feel connected up to it, yet at the same time I know that I couldn’t “get it back” and recapture it were I to just say, up and move to NYC tomorrow. It wouldn’t be the same version I feel connected up to. So it would have to be under the same context of the original version.


Even a very psychic friend of mine didn’t deny that there was a NYC me out there. When I broached the subject about two years ago she prodded me to try to connect up to it, in particular, to see how my brother Joe turned out “over there” versus over here. I knew her enough to know that she wasn’t humoring me and trying to be supportive of some strange idea I had, but that she knew it to be true and was able to “see” it as well.


At the time I wasn’t up for doing something like that, the entire thing scared me. I’ve gotten much braver since then, as evidenced by the attempt at trying to connect to it all during a recent trance meditation state, foiled by my kitty.

Hypderdimensional manipulation. Time loops. Rewriting. Playing with reality and space time. But especially time-loops. In my “Deja Vus” above section I talked about at least one so-called déjà vu that was actually a time-loop memory. So if mini time-loops can happen, then what’s to say that all of one’s personal reality isn’t one giant “going back and over writing the old version” time-loop? Mini time-loops within bigger time-loops.


I still believe in the concept of probable time lines that branch apart according to life choices, since I’ve witnessed this, but there’s more to the puzzle here. That’s only one part of it.

For those who aren’t even remotely familiar with these concepts, this is going to sound absolutely insane. And that’s okay. I’m not writing this for them.


I’m putting this out there for the few who do know what I’m talking about…

Reality Glitches
Last Updated May 16, 2010

So what constitutes a “Glitch in the Matrix”?


A glitch is what it sounds like - when something does what it shouldn’t be able to do, when you see something behave in such a way that shouldn’t technically be possible, according to known laws of physics and reality. When the impossible is happening right before your eyes. When reality jumps, and you have missing time in between. When things appear or disappear out of nowhere… when you should be dead but are still alive.

What I’ve learned is that whatever we’ve been taught about reality isn’t accurate. Things are not what they seem to be. Reality isn’t what they’re telling us it is. The scientists don’t know as much as they believe they do about what’s going on here, but they cling to their scientific laws and truths anyway, maybe because it’s comforting, or it’s truly all they have ever seen.


(Sometimes their unwillingness to look at the stranger side of life and their need to keep perpetuating a worldview that’s strictly material in nature seems almost like programming. I’ve seen them referred to as “robots” in that regard who can not be reasoned with.)


But if you look around at your own life, review your own history, I’m sure you can come up with a few examples of moments that defied science, where things happened that shouldn’t have been possible.


Following are three good examples from my own experiences that I can think of to illustrate a “glitch in the matrix” moment:

I was en route to moving to Portland, Oregon, from Orange County California. Having checked out of my motel room in Bakersfield California near noon, I drove down the street to get to the 5 Freeway North on ramp. I found it, no problem, but then saw a Carl’s Jr. hamburger place. Umm! Food!


So I sidetracked over to the Carl’s drive thru first, to get lunch before hitting the road. Ten minutes later I’m exiting the drive thru, back onto the road to get to the onramp. Got my hamburger, my Coke, my cat in my lap, life is good. I get to where the onramp is…and now it’s closed. It’s blocked with orange road safety cones and a sign that reads “Onramp Closed.” And to top it all off, it was now freshly paved.

I just sat there in my car, in the middle of the road, mouth open, stunned. It made no sense. This was the same onramp from only ten minutes before!!! There were no construction workers to indicate where all this suddenly came from. There were no people around in general who could have even done this. And the icing on the whole deal was when I looked up to the top of the on ramp…and saw a police car just sitting there, on the shoulder of the road. Like a guard, you could say.

Confused, I drove off down the road, thinking there must be another on ramp to use.

Nope. There was only the 5 Freeway South on ramp. That was it.

I drove back to the northbound on ramp and sat there in my car in the middle of the road, frowning intensely, experiencing what was at the point, the most confusion and disbelief I’d ever felt for anything. This whole thing wasn’t right. It couldn’t be real. I frowned at the freshly paved on ramp, with nobody else around, and the cop at the top. What to do…what to do…


Whatever this was, it was almost a perfect guarantee to ensure that I wouldn’t use the ramp. Because who in their right mind would drive their treasured car over wet asphalt with a flippin’ cop sitting right there? Nobody!

It’s not real, I decided. It can’t be. This is just so ridiculous and over the top, there’s no way it can be real.

And I took my foot off the brake, drove around the orange cone, over what was supposed to be fresh wet asphalt, up the ramp, past the cop, and onto the 5 north.

Nothing happened.

I didn’t feel anything weird going on with my car after driving through wet asphalt.

My heart was racing as I checked my rearview, expecting the cop strobes to start going. Nothing. The cop just sat there.

My heart rate slowed as the cop car grew smaller and smaller in my rearview. Still frowning, I slowly began to eat my hamburger and “recover” from the incident. All I could do, like most things, was just put it aside. Move forward. Not obsess over it. Answers would come, I was sure. Eventually.

In retrospect, I realize now that of course I could have gotten on the 5 south, and turned around at the next exit to go back north. But I was just so confused over wet pavement and orange cones and cop cars appearing from nowhere within 10 minutes’ time that I couldn’t think clearly. There’s just no stopping me though when I want to do something, and so off I went, despite it all. And lo and behold, it wasn’t real. There was no damage to my car, and the cop didn’t come after me.


Because there was no wet pavement, and there was no cop. In my opinion.

New add on
This was about 1999 or so - back when I didn’t log things - and I commuted from Rancho Santa Margarita (California) to Irvine, to my job as a receptionist at the Newport Gateway Towers on MacArthur.


I took the 241 toll road, exiting at Jeffrey Road, which eventually turned into University Drive. And it’s at this exact point in the road, when Jeffrey makes a right hand curve becoming University, that I began to experience my daily morning glitch in the matrix.


(I had to Map Quest this sucker because by this point in 2008 I couldn’t remember what the road names were. It’s nine years and three states later. But as soon as I saw the map I remembered and was able to retrace my old route.)

At that point in the road, where it makes a sweeping curve, I began noticing that there would be an old man on the shoulder of the road riding this three wheeled bike, the kind where you sit low to the ground with your legs outstretched, the pedals positioned in front of you, versus below you as with a standard two wheel bike. There he was one sunny morning shortly before 8 a.m. as I hit that portion of the road with the early sun coming up over the apartments and shopping plazas that lined University Drive.

And there he was again the next day in the same exact spot on the curve of the road, peddling along.

And the next day. In the same exact spot on the curve. And the next. And the next. And the next.

No matter what random time I hit that part of the curve in the road, it could be say, 7:48 a.m., 7:55, 7:37, 7:43, it didn’t matter… he was always there in the same exact spot peddling that three wheel bike. Never any further ahead or behind in the road. Which is completely impossible.

Eventually even I had to notice this after a bit, and I was pretty oblivious and asleep at the wheel at the time. It did weird me out, no doubt, I’d get a look like o_0 on my face every time I’d see him there, like, What the hell?!?

I don’t remember what ever happened with it all though. As suddenly as he started appearing there one day he must have just stopped. Again I unfortunately didn’t log stuff back then and didn’t pay attention, I was drifting along in this half asleep daze. I really wish I had paid more attention though…

Another example…..

In the early part of 2000, probably March or April or so, (not really sure because at that time I wasn’t keeping a log of events like I do now) but back in early 2000 I was riding passenger in a car driven by my brother. We were heading south on the 5 freeway from L.A. back into Orange County, where we lived at the time. We got to where the junction of the 91 freeway was, on the left side of the road.


Because of the construction work, there was a concrete barrier separating the onramp of the 91 from the rest of the 5. My brother had been spacing out at the wheel, and by the time he noticed that the road forked and that there was the end of a concrete barrier point right in front of the car - which by the way was going 70 miles per hour - it was too late.

Or was it?

I’m still here, writing this. So what happened?

The concrete barrier was several feet in front of the hood of the car. It was happening so fast I didn’t even have time to emotionally react and have an adrenaline rush.


But I remember my eyes focusing on the pointed barrier straight in front of the hood, and then my eyes getting wide with surprise. It was so close, I can still see it in my mind, right there. And then next thing we know, the car slid sideways back onto the 5 freeway, and that was that. We were traveling south again on the 5, smooth and effortlessly, as if nothing had happened. It was a technically impossible feat, being that the barrier was right there in front of the car.


There was no time to jerk the car over, and even if my brother had tried to do that, we would have flipped being that we were going at least 70 mph. It would have been a hell of job gaining control over the car again, especially 1980’s model Nissan Sentra, which is high off the ground and not a lowered “road hugger.”

I sat there, too stunned to say anything. It had all happened so fast I still hadn’t comprehended what just happened. Or almost happened. Then it began sinking in, and I glanced bug eyed over at my brother who looked back at me, equally as bug eyed. Neither of us said a word. Not then, nor for the entire ride home, or for several months after the fact. We just didn’t talk about it.


Several months later I broached the subject finally and his reaction was the same as mine - something bizarre had indeed happened, but who was responsible and how it all worked was beyond us. He didn’t want to talk about it, and we dropped the subject.

So, those are three of the more interesting examples of glitches worthy of sharing that perfectly illustrate this phenomena. The more I’ve talked to people, either in person, or via the internet, the more stories I’ve heard about this sort of thing. It seems everybody - well, all the real people anyway - have a story or two. Many aren’t willing to talk about it though, for several reasons.


The major one being that many people surrounding us in life seem to act as “sheep herders” if you will, keeping those around them in line with the “correct” way of thinking. And let’s face it, this subject definitely isn’t the “correct” way to think.


So people talking about this sort of thing may be met with attitudes of disapproval, complete disinterest/apathy/boredom, or even kneejerk skepticism that dismisses it with a wave of the hand. “You’re somehow mistaken in what you think happened. There’s a rational, logical explanation for everything.” The majority seem either uncomfortable thinking about these subjects, uninterested, or downright unwilling to hear it - to where you have to wonder what’s going on there.


I myself have always been a curious and questioning mind, unconsciously searching for something without realizing that I was. And so years back when living in boring, soulless Orange County California I was desperate to encounter anybody who could say something weird, unusual or thought provoking. Anything, just somebody PLEASE say something unusual, even if it’s not true! I don’t care!


Because at least it’s interesting! Anything but this boring soulless humdrum that drones on and on, day in and day out! There has to be more to life than just this! That was my mindset, anyway. But as I’ve discovered, many don’t share it. Consequently, there’s no outlet for many people to talk about their experiences, nobody to have a really in-depth juicy discussion with about it all.


And so eventually it maybe gets shoved aside, denied, forgotten.

If you’re reading this and remembering your own random weird glitch moments that have been shoved aside for a long time, then why not stop, right now, and go write it all down or type it up on the computer? (Do what I didn’t do back then but should have!)


Even if you only have one or two experiences…that’s fine, it’s absolutely something worth documenting and reflecting on. Write everything you can surrounding the incident(s), all the details you can remember, what was happening before, during and after, who was involved, what the weather was like, any other related weirdness connected to it, and so on, then stop and really ponder the implications of it all.


Even if the implications are pointing to something REEEALLY far out there…just go with it. The trick is to listen to what your experiences are telling you about reality…not what mainstream science and the “real” world are telling you. The skeptics and mainstream world are irrelevant - they’re out there operating in full force, trying to debunk everything and everyone using “provable science.”


I know, I used to date one of them. ! But ultimately, your life is your proof. The events that happen to you are your proof. That’s all that you need, along with an open mind, level-headed mindset, some intuition and discernment.

So what causes a “glitch” ? Who’s behind it, and how does it happen?

It depends on what your belief system is. God. Aliens. Your Higher Self. Angels. Hyperdimensional behind-the-scenes manipulators. Spirit guides. Jesus. Whatever works for you, depending on what your particular situation is.


Some people apparently have aliens who are highly “involved” in their lives, to put it mildly, to the point of being an “alien’s pet” as I like to call it, and thus believe that aliens are always there, hovering in the wings, steering their lives. Related to this, there are the people who’ve seen the various reptilians, non-physical entities and higher realms that are interwoven with our own reality, and know about the hyperdimensional manipulators, both “good” and “bad” and tend to see this as one major source affecting things in their life.


Others are in touch with their Higher Selves on a regular basis, whom they request guidance and protection from; Religious types who are adamant believers in a God being, and christians who seek out Jesus and angels will “know” that’s who is behind their intervention and moments of glitchiness.

But whatever it is, no doubt it’s something higher than 3rd density, something outside of time and the laws of physics. And when glitches happen, it just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s more to reality than they’d have us believe, and there’s definitely something higher out there looking out for us. So the implications of glitches are huge.


Sometimes all it takes is one big glitchy moment to turn someone around 180 degrees from being an apathetic non-believer in metaphysics/spirituality to having total knowing.

Like all the “weird” topics, it’s important to not get obsessive about things.


Paying attention and documenting is good - but obsessively going in circles is not. Problems arise for many when they can’t get definitive answers as to the who, where, how and why of it all. Let’s face it - we may never get the full story. Some things may be too mind-blowing for us to fully accept and comprehend.


So if you’ve experienced glitches that show reality is a little stranger than you thought, and feel like you’re going batty from lack of answers, then relax and just take things at their face value - it was an event that occurred which showed you that there’s something more going on here.


Make whatever deductions you can based on the knowledge that you currently have, intend that you’ll receive more information and answers, and then just put it on the backburner. More information or corroboration may come in at a later date, someone may cross your path who has the next piece of the puzzle, answers will come. They usually do. If you’re aware and awake enough to be having glitches, then reality is usually not so cruel as to leave you permanently hanging on the line like that.


Definitely be patient. I’ve sometimes had to wait several years to find corroboration or the next piece of the puzzle in regards to something, but it did come around eventually. And when it did, it was well worth the wait.


And it usually happened when I was “ready.”


Sometimes we think we’re ready, but we’re actually not, we’re still missing some key in-between pieces, still have to go through a few more things that will better prepare us.