by Jonathan Eisen
from Scribd Website






Section I

The Suppression of Alternative Medical Therapies

  1. Does Medicine Have a Bad Attitude?

  2. The Great Fluoridation Hoax

  3. Deadly Mercury - How It Became Your Dentist's Darling

  4. The Alzheimer's Cover-Up

  5. Vaccinations - Adverse Reactions Cover-Up?

  6. AIDS and Ebola - Where Did They Really Come From?

  7. Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS

  8. Oxygen Therapies, The Virus Destroyers

  9. Oxygen Therapy - The Empire Strikes Back

  10. The FDA

  11. Harry Hoxsey - The AMA's Successful Attempt to Suppress My Cure for Cancer

  12. Royal Raymond Rife and the Cancer Cure That Worked!

  13. The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens

  14. Dr. Max Gerson's Nutritional Therapy for Cancer and Other Diseases


Section II

The Suppression of Unorthodox Science

  1. Science as Credo

  2. Sigmund Freud and the Cover-Up of "The Aetiology of Hysteria"

  3. The Burial of Living Technology

  4. Egyptian History and Cosmic Catastrophe

  5. Archaeological Cover-Ups?

  6. Introduction to Bread From Stones

  7. Scientist With an Attitude - Wilhelm Reich

  8. The AMA's Charge on the Light Brigade

  9. The Neurophone





Section III

The Suppression of UFO Technologies and Extraterrestrial Contact

  1. Breakthrough as Boffins Beat Gravity

  2. Antigravity on the Rocks - The T.T. Brown Story

  3. Did NASA Sabotage Its Own Space Capsule?

  4. Extraterrestrial Exposure Law Already Passed by Congress

  5. The Stonewalling of High Strangeness

  6. UFOs and the U.S. Air Force

  7. UFOs and the CIA - Anatomy of a Cover-Up

  8. NASA

  9. UFO Phenomena and the Self-Censorship of Science

  10. Mars - The Telescopic Evidence

  11. Never a Straight Answer - A Book Review of NASA Mooned America!


Section IV

The Suppression of Fuel Savers and Alternate Energy Resources

  1. Nikola Tesla - A Brief Introduction

  2. Tesla's Controversial Life and Death

  3. Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires

  4. From the Archives of Lester J. Hendershot

  5. Gunfire in the Laboratory - T. Henry Moray and the Free Energy Machine

  6. Sunbeams From Cucumbers

  7. Archie Blue

  8. The Story of Francisco Pacheco

  9. Amazing Locomotion and Energy Super Technology and Carburetors

  10. The Charles Pogue Story

  11. News Clips on Suppressed Fuel Savers


  1. A Selection of Alternative Energy Patents

  2. A Selection of Antigravity Patents

  3. Recommended Reading