by Morris K. Jessup


Bantam Books, New York
Transcribed by The Quantum Future Group
Castelnau-Barbarens, France

from Cassiopaea Website


Anyone reading this book would have to KNOW that Electron quantum, Within Molecular structures, are similar in scope of “field” as Planets orbits. They Would Have to know that.

Electrons in Metal go across, What in Planetary Systems, would be BILLIONS OF MILES, Leaving three a Gravitational field, Dead-spot or Node, or Vortice or Neutral as this one thing is variously called.

Realizing this as Dr. Albert Einstein did, it shows clearly how solids may become Energy or Dissolute AND How then they May Pass easily out of Visual scope instantly.
This is Merely one Clue gleamed from Einstein's Theory of a Unified Magnetic Field through all substances AND throughout Whole inter-Galactic-Universe. U.S. EXPERIMENTS, 1943 ON ONE PART OF IT PROVED PLENTY!



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